never seen a james bond movie

Deus Ex TF29 Headcanons

-On April Fool’s Day MacReady meticulously empties out all of Adam’s cereal boxes and replaces the contents with healthy, sugar free variants.

-Miller’s hair started turning gray in his early twenties. He has no idea why.

-MacReady owns multiple versions of every James Bond film ever made.

-Adam has never actually seen a James Bond movie in his life. When Mac finds out he forces Adam to marathon them with him on sheer principle alone.

-Eventually Adam has eaten enough cereal to create a box fort. Aria is the only other person allowed in it. There’s a sign outside the fort that reads: AUGS ONLY.

-Adam watches livestreams of puppies on his lunch breaks. Chang thinks he’s doing it to cover something up.

-Aria rivals Miller for best marksman in TF29. It’s why Miller thought her being left working the armory was a waste of her clear talent.

-Adam gives Aria his neuropzyne prescriptions so she always has enough. He lies and tells her that he gets some through Sarif so she doesn’t worry.

-There’s an unofficial competition to get the high score in the latest version of Pac-Man. Miller is currently at the top of the leader board. He doggedly defends the title. This is also true with Call of Duty and the new Splatoon. The latter he only ever loses to his daughter.

I woke up to a note from myself that just said “voltron movie headcanons” because in the middle of the night i realized i wanted to talk about what type of movies and shows the paladins like to watch sO…

Lance is a sucker for action movies. Think Marvel, James Bond, superheroes and spies are his THING. They get him super hyped up. But, he secretly really loves to watch sad movies too. Something about the emotional catharsis is really appealing to him, so he also loves sad romantic movies, like Titanic and the Notebook (personal note: I’ve never seen the Notebook but it’s sad right?).

Hunk, predictably enough, loves cooking shows, especially things like Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. He also really loves comedy, so you’ll catch him watching everything from Spaceballs to RomComs. He’s a firm believer in the idea that a good laugh does wonders for the soul! He also unironically loves soap operas. 

Pidge loves Sci-fi. Hands down, their fave genre. Growing up in a family of hardcore science nerds, there was hardly any choice! But Sci-fi tv shows like Warehouse (personal note: I highly recommend) and the old Star Trek, as well as Star Wars, are their favorites! Pidge also really likes some anime, especially Mecha anime (how meta, amiright ladies?), which Lance makes fun of, but equally enjoys.

Keith doesn’t watch many movies, and he doesn’t watch tv at all, you know, living in a shack… but he does like some classics. Things like the Godfather, older stuff, film noir. He likes black and white movies, too. Lance, however, thinks it’s basically a crime that he doesn’t know like, ANY modern movies, and makes him watch lots of newer stuff. He doesn’t mind Lance’s superhero movies, and thinks some of Hunk’s comedies are really good! But he secretly likes Pidge’s anime a lot.

Shiro is a fantasy nerd. Sci-fi and fantasy. He loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. Our fearless leader is also a big DORK. Catch him watching documentaries too, the history channel is by far his favorite channel, and he pretends not to be into those Ancient Aliens programs, but you know he loves them. 

Even if you’ve somehow never seen a James Bond movie before, you probably still know that the first person to play everyone’s favorite nymphomaniac superspy on film was Sean Connery in Dr. No(1962). The movie turned the already successful literary character into an international sex god, spawning like 80 freaking sequels.

However, the first Bond novel was actually Casino Royale, not Dr. No. Ever wonder why they didn’t adapt that one first?

Because they did, only as a low-budget black-and-white TV movie no one watched, way back in 1954. Before Connery or any of the others, the first onscreen James Bond was … um, some fucking guy. Watch this clip where the villain (Peter Lorre from Casablanca) tortures Bond with a pair of pliers – the most shocking part is that “Jimmy Bond,” as he’s called throughout the movie, has an American accent. Because he’s a U.S. government agent.

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