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tree bros prompt where evan works at a la mode and connor comes in with his family and is really shy and embarrassed bc oh look there's a new worker and he's really cute

yoyo mayo this got a lot longer than i planned it to be but hope u like it nd thanks for the prompt, anon!

Connor’s day went from bad to worse once his parents broke down the news that they’re going for a “family treat” at A La Mode. Once he saw the smiling face of his mother - and the calm one of his sister, and the content one of his father - his nose scrunched. Was it of disgust, or of annoyance - because it’s like they were rubbing it in his face that they’re all perfect, except for him - or perhaps both, he didn’t know. All he was aware of was the hopeful glint in Cynthia’s eyes while she looked at him as if she was begging him to go.

He sighed, putting down his phone (because “staring at your phone while someone is talking to you is very impolite, Connor!”) and facing his mom with a tired expression.

“Do I have to?”

Cynthia clapped her hands together, obviously delighted that she did not receive a blatant “no.”

“It could be useful.” She said. “You could meet someone!”

“Yeah. Maybe you find a real friend in a person. You know, a human being. Not weed.” Zoe added nonchalantly. “Besides, you could use some family time. You’ve been locked in your hole of a room since the beginning of the summer.”

“No one would want to have family time with someone like you, Zo.” Connor snarled, his hand already reaching for his phone so he can get up and get the hell away from everyone.

“Zoe. Don’t be mean to your brother.”

“She’s right, you know.” Larry interrupted, earning a glare from Connor.

Cynthia sighed (once again) and unclasped her hands to place one on Connor’s shoulder. “Look, Connor. You really should find someone to be friends with. It helps to not be alone.”

“Friendship isn’t going to cure me.” Connor scoffed, shrugging her hand away.

“I never said it would cure you. I said it would help.” Cynthia drew back her hand, a sad look on her face. “Just try it. Were going to A La Mode, and if you don’t like it there, you won’t have to go ever again, okay?”

Connor actually considered it. It was a pleasing offer, after all. One afternoon with this hell of a family and then never again? Sign me up!

“Alright, okay. Sure. Ill try it.”

“Good.” His mom nodded, happy and content and gross. “Go get ready, you too Zoe! I want you both in front of the car in 15 minutes!”


Connor regretted everything. The deal, what he decided to wear, his chipped nail polish… Everything was absolute shit.

The car was way too hot for resting in the sun all day, and the black leather of the seat stuck to him like glue.The seat belt was basically carving his chest, but he had to wear it because “Traffic safety is important, Connor!” Ugh.

Some obnoxious pop song was playing - thanks to Zoe’s terrible taste in music - and he thought his ears are going to bleed. Literally.

“Can you turn that shit down?” He yelled over it, annoyed and so done with this bullshit.

“That “shit” is the number 1 song on the pop songs chart, thank you very much.” Zoe retorted, and Connor saw red flash before his eyes.

“Alright, you two, we’re here.”

Connor felt like throwing up at the sight. Everything was pastel and cute and adorable and disgusting. More disgusting than he remembered. Baby pink posters poked his eyes like literal thorns, and the bright blue walls weren’t much better.

“Who designed this thing? A toddler?”

Cynthia flinched at the snarky comment, but said nothing except: “Be nice.”

Connor felt relief wash over him once he realized the place was mostly empty. There was a pair sitting in a corner and a girl sitting alone to his far left. He took the chance and ran for the table to his farthest right, not wasting any time on waiting for his parents and Zoe. He didn’t bother to look at the menu, they came here way too often for him to not be a regular.

The four of them sat in absolute silence for about 5 minutes, Larry being the only one who actually looked at the menu. “I want to try something new out.” He said, which was weird, because he was a pretty plain guy. Vanilla or chocolate. No joking around.

“G-good afternoon, can I h-have your order?”

“I’ll have, um, cookie dough.”


“Vanilla.” It was Larry, of course. That much about trying out something new.

“I’ll just have the regular.” Connor said simply, eyes still fixated on his phone.

“A-ah, um, sorry, I don’t usually w-work here…”

Only then did Connor actually look up, and to his surprise, saw that, yeah, that wasn’t the usual employee who worked here. It was someone much cuter.

The boy in front of him wore a blue polo shirt accompanied with a white apron, his eyes were soft brown - the prettiest brown Connor had ever seen - his hair was dirty blonde, and dear god, he had the cutest awkward smile plastered on his face.

Connor was at loss of words at this point, he kept opening his mouth - but nothing would come out.

“He’ll just have chocolate.” Zoe cut in, carrying an apologetic smile. “Sorry, he’s a bit awkward.”

“O-oh.” The cute boy stuttered, his smile suddenly dropping. “It’s okay! I-I am too!”

The the four of them (without Connor) shared a laugh before the adorable stranger left to get their orders done.

After a minute of being in a trance, Connor’s head whipped to Zoe. “I don’t even like chocolate!”

“That’s for the ugly remark about my favourite song.” She said, flipping him a bird from under the table.

Shit, Connor thought, I didn’t even get his name.

Thankfully, when he came back, Connor caught the name on the tag that sat on the strap of his apron. It was Evan. A cute name for a cute individual.

Evan smiled politely while handing the ice cream over to Connor, and damn, it was cute and aimed at him, the Connor Murphy who wore black chipped nail polish and smelled like weed half of the time and was a failure in practically everything, and a cute boy was smiling at him, just at him.

Connor ate his ice cream as if he had starved for months - which earned him quite a few brain freezes - and as soon as he was done with it, he scrambled up to his feet and walked to the counter. He leaned his elbow on it and gathered all the confidence he had to try and seem as casual as possible.

The cute boy - Evan - was in front of him as soon as he appeared, wearing that same smile, and god, it made Connor’s heart melt.

“Can I have a refill?” Connor slid his cup casually, despite his brain screaming at him that he’s going to fuck something up. “And your number?”

It took every single atom of strength in Connor’s body to prevent him from exploding at the spot. He expected rejection - the soft kind though, Evan seemed like that guy who would feel bad and apologize for rejecting you - and it was eating him alive.

Instead of spitting out a “no”, Evan just blushed and smiled even wider, and shit, Connor was far too gone now.

Once Evan came back with Connor’s ice cream, and seemingly nothing else, Connor’s heart dropped into his stomach. Evan handed him the cup - his hand was shaking just slightly, which made him even cuter - and Connor silently accepted it. You really fucked everything up now.

And then, out of thin air - or more precisely, the front pocket of his apron - Evan pulled out a yellow post-it note and planted it in front of Connor.

“I-I’m free every day e-except Mondays and Wednesdays.” He said, and Connor instantly put up a mental reminder to remember that.

“Uh, thanks. For the ice cream, I mean.” Connor grabbed the note, holding it between his fingers. “This too, of course.”

There was a beat of awkward silence and then: “I n-never got your name.”

Connor winced. “Oh! Of course, ah, it’s Connor. Sorry.”

Evan smiled again - dear lord he smiles a lot is he trying to kill me - and nodded. “It’s okay. I should expect a message, then?” He said, seeming almost surprised that he didn’t stutter.

Connor winked before leaning a bit closer.

“Turn your volume up.”

Evan flushed and Connor turned on his heel, walking away with a grin on his face and a post-it note in his pocket.

Maybe he should listen to his mom more.

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could you do where betty's mom gets physical with her and shes got like marks or bruises and jughead gets concerned or where jughead sees it happen?(or both lol) thanks!!

Sure! It’s an angsty one guys!
It was the last week of school, summer was right around the corner and it was hotter than it had ever been.
The entire football team was walking to class shirtless and girls skirts seemed to get shorter and shorter, even Jughead had settled with a plain black tank top, skipping his usual flannel.
When he had walked into school without his usual beanie, Kevin had nearly fainted

“It’s too hot.” Jughead had said simply shrugging off his friends

Veronica and Cheryl wore shorts that could have been classified as underwear and strappy tank tops.

But Betty? Something wasn’t completely right with Betty’s wardrobe choice. Of course everyone know Betty was modest, so it was no surprise when she walked in with a pretty, blue floral print skirt that hung a little past mid thigh, the weird thing was the top of outfit. She had on a short sleeved white t shirt covered with a light blue cardigan, her chest and arms completely covered. She also had on a bit more makeup than she usually wore. She looked beautiful that was indisputable, but she looked hot. And not in the good way.

“B? Aren’t you dying ?! Your gonna get sunstroke in that top?” Veronica reached over and tugged on her cardigan.

She just laughed nervously “you know me Ronnie, I run cold.” She shook off her concerned friends hand and turned to Cheryl, changing the topic.

Jughead watched her all through lunch, she wasn’t cold. The way she occasionally would pull the sleeves of her sweater up before quickly pulling the down, or when she would lift the neck line of her top away from her body giving herself some air. And then of course there was that damn bead of sweat that was a constant on her neck. While it was probably the sexiest thing Jughead had ever seen, he knew it was a sure sign she was heating up under those layers.

He was relieved when the warning bell rang, he could finally get her alone and get to the bottom of all this nonsense.

“Hey bets? I need your help with an essay I’m working on, we both have free period, do you wanna head to the blue and gold?”

Betty just smiled softly, giggling “juggie we always go to the blue and gold during free period, you don’t have to ask.”
He smiled at her raising his shoulders and walking side by side.

As soon as they entered the office, Betty took her place at her desk. The air conditioner in the school had broken down and it was worse in here than it had been outside. Jughead figured he would give it a few minutes before he jumped right into it but when he saw the way Betty swiped her forehead of sweat he couldn’t hold back.

“Ya know, it’s just us in here Betty, you don’t have to wear your cardigan, you’re gonna catch heat stroke in that thing.”

Her head snapped up nervously, and she laughed shakily
“Oh no I’m fine! I’m not hot.”

He got up from his desk and stood directly across from her, placing the back of his hand to her sweaty forehead.
“Oh really? Cuz feels like you’re burning up to me.” He raised a brow and stared her in her bright green eyes.

She dropped his gaze and looked back to the papers in front of her “just drop it juggie.” She whispered.

Enough was enough, snatching the papers from in front of her, he moved them out of her reach.
Her eyes finally caught his again. This time irritation seeping through

“Hey! Give those back, I need to work on them.”

He shook his head “and I need to know why you’re wearing a cardigan in ninety degree weather.” He shot back
“It’s not a big deal!”
“Clearly it is, since you’re lying to me.”
“I’m not lying!”
“Well you’re not telling the truth, I’d consider that lying!”

Finally pulling away in anger she slipped the blue cardigan off, revealing bruised arms, harsh finger shaped circles marring her soft tan skin.
“There! Are you happy?! I didn’t want everyone seeing! Everyone asking questions! I know how uncomfortable this would make people so I wore the stupid cardigan. Can I put it back on now?”
She panted out, her eyes shining with unshed tears and her hands shaking reaching to grab the sweater.

He stopped her quickly, gently grabbing her wrist and running his fingers lightly over the bruises. “Who?” He whispered so quietly Betty hardly heard him.
“It doesn’t matter.” She whispered, looking away and trying to tug her arm free.
His eyes shot up and grabbed her face, finally noticing the light purple outline under the makeup she had on.
“You know that’s not true. You know it matters to me, you have to tell me Betty. Please tell me.” He was pleading with her. His eyes were angry. She had never seen Jughead jones angry and it was definitely more than a little intense.
“It’s just. It’s my mom.” Jugheads back straightened , he didn’t care that it was a woman, didn’t care that it was her mother. He was gonna kill her. He was gonna kill her and kill Betty’s father for letting this happen.
“She’s just stressed!” Betty started “with it being sophomore year and all I have to start looking at colleges and I mentioned that I didn’t want to go to Harvard or Yale, I like riverdale community, I could be a teacher right here in riverdale. She didn’t like that. She got angry, she gets angry a lot now.” She whispered
Jughead stared at her “this isn’t going to happen again Betty. I’m not going to let her touch you again. Where’s your dad?” He said softly stroking her cheek.

She closed her eyes leaning into his touch.
“He’s away on a journalism conference, he comes home tommorow.”

Jughead nodded “you’ll stay with me tonight, dads not home, don’t know where he is. You’ll stay with me and then tomorrow we’ll go talk to your parents. I can’t promise I’m going to be nice. In fact I promise I won’t be. She hurt you Betty. I can’t just let that slide. I hate this, I hate seeing these on your skin.” He ran the back of his hand over the bruise on her cheek. “It’s not gonna happen again.” He repeated with finality. Assuring himself and her at the same time.

“Okay.” Betty whispered. Feeling safe for the first time in ages.

“I wanna hold you right now and not let go for the rest of the day.” He said softly, clutching her hand “but it’s too hot and we might pass out.” He added making her giggle. Leave it to Jughead to lighten the tense atmosphere.
He smiled at the sound of her familiar giggle
“You’re safe with me Betty, I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you.”

She smiled back at him, her first real one in ages

“I know.”

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The suits headcannons are 😩😩🙌🙌WOBDERFUL!! LLIKE SERIOUSLY, THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED THEM WITH SUITS IS JUST 🙏praissee. Please do continue them!!! Possibly terushima, futakuchi, noya, and tanaka?? THANK YOU SOM MUCH

Sure! And I see you have a type. ;3 Bonus Ushijima and Tendou for you.

[The original suits headcanon here]


  • Three-piece, a brown so impossibly dark that under the wrong lighting it’s almost certainly black. Notch lapel and two buttoned, his jacket’s loose and open on top of a pristine white shirt. The kickers are his tie and accessories- a rich, metallic dark gold with matching watch chain and pocket square, highlighting his bronzed skin and blonde undercut. A pair of simple cap toe derbies finish the look.
    • You see, he knows, that you’d expect him to wear something flashy to match his personality and his wicked tongue piercing, but he also knows that he looks like an oasis in a desert in black and gold.
      • He does indulge his flashy side with his surprisingly smart-casual array of clothes- another formal favourite of his is a black and white checkered jacket on top of a simple black turtleneck with black pants and shoes.
    • He’s a naturally slim person, but his suits are structured to give him the confidence to match his smirk. Pants slim fitted to shape around his sleek calves, it makes him look miles tall.
      • His hair, when he actually tries, is slicked back firmer than usual, and there are absolutely no wisps of hair blocking the sinful expression he shoots at you.
    • Playing with his cuffs when he’s bored just doesn’t kick it for him. He prefers to rest his weight on one leg and slide the tips of his fingers into his pant pockets cockily.
      • He’s always the first one to get asked to dance, with his rough undercut and slick outfit, and boy are they all surprised because this man, despite looking like a million dollars, dances like he’s earning his keep dollar by dollar.
        • Give him a pole. Give him a fucking pole, and you’ll be going home a few items of clothing short tonight.

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The Boss Pt.2

It’s a little later than I had planned, but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy part 2! Thank you so much for your kind words on part 1; you’ve given me so much to live up to, haha! (I’m giffing the fuck out of the I’m Dying Up Here trailer).

After your shopping trip with Nat, Bucky wants to see where his money went (4,000 words; 70′s Bucky x Reader; 18+, smut; 70′s Bucky Barnes strip club AU; WOO BLOWJOBS!; Part 1.)

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No Regrets (Part 6)

Here we go again. There is so much pressure for me to write well I don’t know how I’m still alive. I still enjoy it and I do hope you like it!

Word count: 2.5k (geez, more and more every time!)

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Want to catch up? Try Part 5 or here’s No Regrets Masterlist

@shamvictoria11 Is this what you thought would happen?

Originally posted by feueriosa

You needed another couple of days away from work. You’ve barely been back from your days off and you’ve already had enough of the drama. SHIELD used to be such a ‘boring’ place to work! That’s what you loved about it, there wasn’t much of the usual office relationship drama. That is until you allowed yourself to fall for Bucky. Everything went downhill from there.

You tried working from home but there was only so much you could do. There were classified data to be examined and SHIELD’s network had extra security software to make sure this information didn’t leak; you couldn’t risk handling that kind of intel outside a secure server. So as much as you wanted to stay in bed in your pyjamas watching Netflix you now had to get up and go to work. Yeah, it was not a prospect you were looking forward to but let’s be honest here – broken heart is not a real injury. You can’t pull a sickie because of that.

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His Dirty Little Secret..

Prologue( for new readers)

Hailey Wilson is your typical 16 year old. She prefers books over party’s and where she lives most people don’t agree with that such as Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl at school who looks down on everyone and gets every guy she wants and when she wants.

Luke Hemmings is your typical bad boy, he has piercings and tattoos all over his body. He prefers girls or anything and he likes to make peoples life a living hell at school and one of those people happen to be Hailey…

but what happens when they both realise they are each other’s new neighbours??

  • Before you start reading i will let you know a few things..
  • The story has changed a little i have re-written some characters and taken people out.
  • I have changed Haileys attitude and re-written parts.
  • You may have noticed i changed the title as well, the story line is still going to be the same but just a little different.
  • Luke is still going to be the ass he was the first time around.
  • I don’t want to tell you guys too much because that will spoil it..
  • i hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 1-

From the bad boy at school to my next door neighbour..

Hailey’s Pov 

My alarm kept ringing and ringing meaning it was time for school, i groaned as i rolled around and turned it off.

i layed back and stared up at the ceiling.

Weekends go by so fast, i stayed up way to late last night.

i just couldn’t put this new book i got down, it’s so good.

i got it on Saturday when i was out with Sophie and Lauren and i haven’t been able to put it down.

My mum came walking in to my room and said  "Time for school"

i rolled my eyes at her as she walked out, she doesn’t like when i stay in at the weekends reading.

She want’s me to be more like her when she was my age.

which was going out getting drunk and having unprotected sex with guys no one likes, something girls like to do in this generation.

Me on the other hand i don’t enjoy anything like that, not that i’ve ever gotten drunk or even been to a party but if you took one look at me i would get laughed at if i showed up at a party.  

My friend Lauren like’s to go to a party now and again but i never go, she asks but i just laugh at her when she does.

we have been friends for so long she should know by now i would not be seen dead at a party.

i was just glad Sophie wasn’t into party’s, she more like me thankfully.

i got up out of bed finally and i quickly jumped into the shower because i haven’t showered since Saturday and it’s now Monday morning.

i looked at my wardrobe wandering what to wear, the only thing i own is black skinny jeans and plain t-shirts or hoodies.

but even with my choose of clothing i still get called a nerd, i don’t see myself as a nerd yeah of course i do well in school and i have never missed a day but that’s just because i want to do well.

The worst name i do get called in school is Virgin. It’s such a stupid thing to call someone, i know i can’t be the only person in the whole school who is a virgin.

i’m just open about it,most people at my school aren’t. The popular ones call me and my friends Lauren and Sophie the three virgins even though Lauren has had sex.

they just think there better than us which is really stupid. It doesn’t bother me anymore what they call me, i’ve gotten use to it over the years.

I’ve gone with black skinny jeans and a white plain top with my leather jacket and converse, it’s comfy and at least maybe my mother might agree with my choice.

Once i was finished getting ready to walked down stairs to find my mum in the kitchen patiently waiting for me.

Oh god.

“What took you so long?” was all she said once i walked in..

I gave her a weird look and then i looked at the clock, it’s only 8 o'clock i wasn’t that long.

“I was only 45 minutes and i needed a shower” i said to her as i got my bowl and cereal out for breakfast

She rolled her eyes at me and then she turned and was about to walk out but not before saying

“Well hurry up and eat because i have a meeting early this morning so if you want me to drive you, stop with the back cheek and eat” she said and then she left.

I guess she didn’t get enough sleep, it’s always the same with her one minute she is a loving mother and then next minute it is as if she regrets ever giving birth to you and she tries to show it with every word she says or look she gives you. She is hard to read sometimes.

But she is the worst lair, if she thinks i believe her having these meetings in the morning she is really wrong. I know she is meeting up with another one of her guys for whatever it is.

I don’t know his name i just know there is a guy but that is the normal routine with her, i never find out his name because it doesn’t get that far that i meet him unless i catch her out her with tights around her ankles and the guy on top of her, it has happened quite a few times.

By half 8 we were ready to go and i got in the car yawning,even though i am really tired this morning it was worth it and i know when i go home i will want to read more.

i got a text while i just arrived at school from my friends letting me know that they were already inside and so was Luke.

Luke hemmings.

i wished just wished that one day he would take a day off, for being a bad boy he always manages to come to school of course he misses classes but he still makes an appearance every day.

i’ve never hated someone so much than i do him, he is the whole reason why people started calling me a virgin.

It happened a year ago, i stuck up for myself and told him off something no one dares to do at this school but i felt confident and i was sick of him thinking he owned the school and ever since then he hasn’t stopped trying to make my life hell.

He’s the typical bad boy in our school, he has a lip piercing and a tongue piercing and loads of tattoos, his hair is always dyed a different colour each week. He will be bald by the times he’s 20 i bet.

people say when his dad left things changed for him but no one really knows what happened to him 2 years ago.

Mondays aren’t bad for classes i only have 5 and they last 2 hours roughly each, it helps that i’m a good pupil as well so my day goes by quick so i can get back to my book.

i knew my friends were in the cloakroom already but i needed the toilet so i headed their first once i got my books out of my locker.

I walked out of the bathroom but of course my luck i managed to hit someone with the door on my way out.

“I’m so sorry, i didn’t see you” i said as i turned to apologise to whoever i hit and then i realised who it was.

“Watch where you’re going nerd” she said

That was Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl in the school.

She is the one who most people are scared off, she has long blonde hair and the makeup.

She wear the shortest clothes i have ever seen someone wear, if it isn’t a short skirt it’s short tops.

There is something else about her that everyone is scared of,it’s who she hangs around with..

Luke Hemmings.

They are always on and off, it’s hard to tell if they are together or not.

If you ask me they are perfect for one another both as bad as each other.

She looks down at everyone for no reason all because she is the captain of the cheerleader squad, she is second person on my list of people i hate.

i walked to the cloak room and saw my friends

“Good morning”

 Sophia said “ Morning” then she pointed to Lauren who seemed to not know i was there

“Morning….” i sang into her ear making her jump

“Fuck off Hailey, i have a hanging headache"Lauren said still not lifting her head up

Me and Sophie laughed at her, she must have been out last night well she shouldn’t have drank too much.

We went over who had what class etc.. Me and Sophie had Maths together and then i had Art alone then it was break time and then we all had English together but Lauren doesn’t sit with us. She sits with this boy who she has a crush on.. William graham.

she is the most confident one out of us three but when it comes to him she can hardly get a word out, it’s quite entertaining to watch.

then i have R.E alone and Science alone but i am passing these classes, i always have so i am never bored in class.

I have been so busy thinking about what classes i have today i forgot about what happened this morning.

"Your never going what happened before you guys arrived this morning at school” i said to both of them making them looking weirdly at me.

“What?” they both said

“I was coming out of the bathroom and i hit someone with the door on my way out and guess who it was?” i said

They both shrugged their shoulders and then i continued “ It was Ashleigh, i said sorry but once i realised who it was i wasn’t sorry anymore”

They both laughed and then Lauren said “ I would have paid good money to see the look on her face as you hit her, she needs more than just a door to the face if you ask me”

the bell rang meaning it was time for class..

We just got up as Luke and his with along with Ashleigh and her squad walked past us, they gave us dirty looks and Luke said “ look it’s the 3 virgins hurrying to class” they all laughed as they walked past.

Of course he couldn’t walk past us without saying anything, he makes me sick.

i hated how he just walked around this school like he was god’s gift, i can’t believe at one point i had a crush on him. That was before the tattoo’s and piercings of course.

By break time i was so ready to slap Luke and ready for food.

Art class is the only class i hate not because i can’t draw it’s because i have to deal with Luke and his friends alone.

Calum Hood and Michael Clifford.

They are all as bad as each other, Michael doesn’t say much as Luke and Calum would. I have to sit beside Michael in my R.E class and he isn’t as mean or annoying like the other two.

I had been in Art class for almost an hour now and so far i have had 3 pieces of paper thrown at my head by the one and only Luke Hemmings.

Seriously have they not got something better to do? Like um their fucking work.

This is normal routine in Art class, they always throw something at me, a pencil or paper or a rubber. I remember Luke threw a pencil at my head and it hurt and i swore i thought i saw a tiny bit of guilt in his eyes when i turned around angrily at him but he soon covered it up with a smirk.

I picked up one of the pieces Luke threw at me and i opened it to find that he had written Loser in black pen i mean could he not have written something more i don’t know creative?

I knew he was staring at me because i could feel his eyes on me so i looked over at him with the piece of paper in my hand still, he was smirking at me and then he mouthed

“Loser” to me still smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him not giving him the satisfaction of letting him know he’s bothered me. He is such a dickhead, I could think of more impressive things to call him.

I gave him a dirty look and then i picked up another  piece of paper he threw at me and walked to the bin and turned to look at him as i threw it in the bin and then i rolled my eyes as i walked back to my seat.

He didn’t look to happy but so what? Maybe it will teach him a lesson that throwing paper at me is getting nowhere and he is just wasting his time and mine.

just when i thought i might have gotten rid of him that bastard pushed me into the lockers, seriously?! What a prick.

One day i am going to push him to see how he likes it.

i walked into the canteen mad as hell, Lauren still look hungover but i didn’t care i slammed my bag down on the table as i sat down making her give me the evils.

i told them what happened, they weren’t surprised about it because it is just a normal routine with him.

the rest of the day went by quick thankfully, Luke never said another word to me or pushed me but he was too busy with his tongue down every girl’s throat so i think that’s why.

Sophie’s mum was giving me a lift home, i didn’t feel like walking home like i usually do so i just got a lift. Lauren had detention for being late last week so she had to stay behind.

When i got dropped off at my house there was a big truck that said “Moving out” at the side in big letters on it just next door.

Finally someone has rented the house next door, it has been empty for weeks and it has been creeping me out lately.

I dropped my bag at my door and i walked over to see who the new neighbours would be hoping they are going to be nice.

As i got closer i saw a woman about 5'4 with short blonde hair walk out of the house looking tired.

She seen me and she smiled so i smiled back and i walked closer over to her.

“Hello i’m Hailey, i live just next door” i said as i stopped in front of her

She smiled and held out her hand for me to shake which i did because it is polite and then she spoke

“Hello i’m Liz, me and my son have just moved today, it’s nice to meet you”

She seemed really nice, i hope her son is nice as well.

“My mum will be home soon if you like you can home next door for a cup of tea? I’m sure you could use a break from moving boxes around” i said nicely to her

“Aw thank you sweetheart, that is very kind of you but i’m fine. My son will be here any time now, you should meet him, you are probably the same age” she said

I smiled at her and then all of a sudden a motorbike was heard coming close and then the guy pulled up in the driveway, we both turned to look and Liz smiled.

This must be her son.

“Here is he now” she said

She walked over to him as he was just getting of his bike, i swear i knew that leather jacket from somewhere but i couldn’t figure out where.

He’s very tall and i can tell he is probably attractive.. But i haven’t seen his face yet.

He was just taking off his helmet and Liz waved me over. I kept my head down to the ground because i was shy, i usually am around boys and if he is attractive i don’t want to say something stupid.

The guy turned around just as i approached Liz and then she spoke “ Son this is Hailey Wilson, she is our new neighbour, you guys are around the same age”

I finally lifted my head up to see who her son was and i think i almost died right there.

Her son is Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings who about a couple of hours ago was throwing paper at me and pushed me against the lockers.

Great this is just perfect, i don’t know who looked more shocked.

Me or Luke.

He didn’t smirk at me, he just stared at me. I tore my eyes away from him to see his mum staring between us and then she spoke

“I’m guessing you two know each other already?”

Haha you could say that..

“We um go to the same school” i said quietly

Luke smirked making me wish i was anywhere but here right now

“Oh isn’t this great” Liz said clapping her hands and walking away leaving me and Luke alone.

I took one last look at him before turning, i didn’t want to spend anymore time with him than i needed to.

God not only is he going to make my life hell at school, he is going to make my life at home a living hell too.

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British Invasion | 7

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [Filler chapter.] Riley’s visitor has everyone wondering who he is but more importantly what he is to Riley.
Chapter Five: “Sam I am.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Word Count: 3,279


Riley and Isadora sat on the floor of her bedroom, meticulously going over their shared notes for an upcoming quiz they had. Aside from Zay the only other person Riley didn’t have any weird tension or unresolved issues with was Izzy. And even though Zay is great she was glad to have some girl time even if it was just studying.

The two brunettes easily flowed through their study session and every so often the conversation would derail and they’d find themselves reminiscing or Izzy would ask Riley questions about London and for the duration of time she was there Riley felt as if nothing had changed. Back before her family moved away she very seldom spent any alone time with Isadora and that was mainly because the 6 of their friends were always together that there never really was a time when it was just the two of them. But on the rare occasion where it would be just them they always had a natural chemistry, nothing about their friendship felt forced or fake. If they talked they talked and if they didn’t they didn’t, but it was never weird.

Silence amongst her other friends, especially Maya, meant there was tension, something wasn’t being said which always led to an uncomfortable amount of silence but with Izzy silence just meant she was comfortable around you. She didn’t need to feel the void with mindless conversation, she was more than happy with just having the company.

“Did you hear about Charlie’s Halloween party?” Izzy asks, carefully highlighting a passage in her book.

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An Essay Written by William Blake, a Man Who has Been in Solitary Confinement for Nearly 28 Years.

“You deserve an eternity in hell.”

Onondaga County Supreme Court judge Kevin Mulroy told me this from his bench as I stood before him for sentencing on July 10, 1987. Apparently he had the idea that God was not the only one qualified to make such judgment calls.

Judge Mulroy wanted to “Pump six buck’s worth of electricity into [my] body,” he also said, though I suggest that it wouldn’t have taken six cent’s worth to get me good and dead. He must have wanted to reduce me and The Chair to a pile of ashes. My “friend” Governor Mario Cuomo wouldn’t allow him to do that, though, the judge went on, bemoaning New York State’s lack of a death statute due to the then-Governor’s repeated vetoes of death penalty bills that had been approved by the state legislature. Governor Cuomo’s publicly expressed dudgeon over being called a friend of mine by Judge Mulroy was understandable, given the crimes that I had just been convicted of committing. I didn’t care much for him either, truth be told. He built too many new prisons in my opinion, and cut academic and vocational programs in the prisons already standing.

I know that Judge Mulroy was not nearly alone in wanting to see me executed for the crime I committed when I shot two Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies inside the Town of Dewitt courtroom during a failed escape attempt, killing one and critically wounding the other. There were many people in the Syracuse area who shared his sentiments, to be sure. I read the hateful letters to the editor printed in the local newspapers; I could even feel the anger of the people when I’d go to court, so palpable was it. Even by the standards of my own belief system, such as it was back then, I deserved to die for what I had done. I took the life of a man without just cause, committing an act so monumentally wrong that I could not have argued that it was unfair had I been required to pay with my own life.

What nobody knew or suspected back then, not even I, on that very day I would begin suffering a punishment that I am convinced beyond all doubt is far worse than any death sentence could possibly have been. On July 10, 2012, I finished my 25th consecutive year in solitary confinement, where at the time of this writing I remain. Though it is true that I’ve never died and so don’t know exactly what the experience would entail, for the life of me I cannot fathom how dying any death could be harder or more terrible than living through all that I have been forced to endure for the last quarter-century.

Prisoners call it The Box.

Prison authorities have euphemistically dubbed it the Special Housing Unit, or SHU (pronounced “shoe”) for short. In society it is known as solitary confinement. It is 23-hour a day lock-down in a cell smaller than some closets I’ve seen, with one hour allotted to “recreation” consisting of placement in a concrete enclosed yard by oneself or, in some prisons, a cage made of steel bars. There is nothing in a SHU yard but air: no TV, no balls to bounce, no games to play, no other inmates, nothing. There is very little allowed in a SHU cell, also. Three sets of plain white underwear, one pair of green pants, one green short-sleeved button-up shirt, one green sweatshirt, ten books or magazines total, twenty pictures of the people you love, writing supplies, a bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, one deodorant stick but no shampoo, and that’s about it. No clothes of your own, only prison-made. No food from commissary or packages, only three unappetizing meals a day handed to you through a narrow slot in your cell door. No phone calls, no TV, no luxury items at all. You get a set of cheap headphones to use, and you can pick between the two or three (depending on which prison you’re in) jacks in the cell wall to plug into. You can listen to a TV station in one jack, and use your imagination while trying to figure out what is going on when the music indicates drama but the dialogue doesn’t suffice to tell you anything. Or you can listen to some music, but you’re out of luck if you’re a rock-n-roll fan and find only rap is playing.

Your options in what to do to occupy your time in SHU are scant, but there will be boredom aplenty. You probably think that you understand boredom, know its feel, but really you don’t. What you call boredom would seem a whirlwind of activity to me, choices so many that I’d likely be befuddled in trying to pick one over all the others. You could turn on a TV and watch a movie or some other show; I haven’t seen a TV since the 1980′s. You could go for a walk in the neighborhood; I can’t walk more than a few feet in any direction before I run into a concrete wall or steel bars. You could pick up your phone and call a friend; I don’t know if I’d be able to remember how to make a collect call or even if the process is still the same, so many years it’s been since I’ve used a telephone. Play with your dog or cat and experience their love, or watch your fish in their aquarium; the only creatures I see daily are the mice and cockroaches that infest the unit, and they’re not very lovable and nothing much to look at. There is a pretty good list of options available to you, if you think about it, many things that you could do even when you believe you are so bored. You take them for granted because they are there all the time, but if it were all taken away you’d find yourself missing even the things that right now seem so small and insignificant. Even the smallest stuff can become as large as life when you have had nearly nothing for far too long.

I haven’t been outside in one of the SHU yards in this prison for about four years now. I haven’t seen a tree or blade of grass in all that time, and wouldn’t see these things were I to go to the yard. In Elmira Correctional Facility, where I am presently imprisoned, the SHU yards are about three or four times as big as my cell. There are twelve SHU yards total, each surrounded by concrete walls, one or two of the walls lined with windows. If you look in the windows you’ll see the same SHU company that you live on, and maybe you’ll get a look at a guy who was locked next to you for months that you’ve talked to every day but had never before gotten a look at. If you look up you’ll find bars and a screen covering the yard, and if you’re lucky maybe you can see a bit of blue sky through the mesh, otherwise it’ll be hard to believe that you’re even outside. If it’s a good day you can walk around the SHU yard in small circles staring ahead with your mind on nothingness, like the nothing you’ve got in that lacuna with you. If it’s a bad day, though, maybe your mind will be filled with remembrances of all you used to have that you haven’t seen now for many years, and you’ll be missing it, feeling the loss, feeling it bad.

Life in the box is about an austere sameness that makes it difficult to tell one day from a thousand others. Nothing much and nothing new ever happen to tell you if it’s a Monday or a Friday, March or September, 1987 or 2012. The world turns, technology advances, and things in the streets change and keep changing all the time. Not so in a solitary confinement unit, however. I’ve never seen a cell phone except in pictures in magazines. I’ve never touched a computer in my life, never been on the Internet and wouldn’t know how to get there if you sat me in front of a computer, turned it on for me, and gave me directions. SHU is a timeless place, and I can honestly say that there is not a single thing I’d see looking around right now that is different from what I saw in Shawangunk Correctional Facility’s box when I first arrived there from Syracuse’s county jail in 1987. Indeed, there is probably nothing different in SHU now than in SHU a hundred years ago, save the headphones. Then and now there were a few books, a few prison-made clothing articles, walls and bars and human beings locked in cages… and misery.There is always the misery. If you manage to escape it yourself for a time, there will ever be plenty around in others for you to sense; and though you’ll be unable to look into their eyes and see it, you might hear it in the nighttime when tough guys cry not-so-tough tears that are forced out of them by the unrelenting stress and strain that life in SHU is an exercise in.

I’ve read of the studies done regarding the effects of long-term isolation in solitary confinement on inmates, seen how researchers say it can ruin a man’s mind, and I’ve watched with my own eyes the slow descent of sane men into madness—sometimes not so slow. What I’ve never seen the experts write about, though, is what year after year of abject isolation can do to that immaterial part in our middle where hopes survive or die and the spirit resides. So please allow me to speak to you of what I’ve seen and felt during some of the harder times of my twenty-five-year SHU odyssey.

I’ve experienced times so difficult and felt boredom and loneliness to such a degree that it seemed to be a physical thing inside so thick it felt like it was choking me, trying to squeeze the sanity from my mind, the spirit from my soul, and the life from my body. 

I’ve seen and felt hope becoming like a foggy ephemeral thing, hard to get ahold of, even harder to keep ahold of as the years and then decades disappeared while I stayed trapped in the emptiness of the SHU world. I’ve seen minds slipping down the slope of sanity, descending into insanity, and I’ve been terrified that I would end up like the guys around me that have cracked and become nuts. It’s a sad thing to watch a human being go insane before your eyes because he can’t handle the pressure that the box exerts on the mind, but it is sadder still to see the spirit shaken from a soul. And it is more disastrous. Sometimes the prison guards find them hanging and blue; sometimes their necks get broken when they jump from their bed, the sheet tied around the neck that’s also wrapped around the grate covering the light in the ceiling snapping taut with a pop. I’ve seen the spirit leaving men in SHU and have witnessed the results.

The box is a place like no other place on planet Earth. It’s a place where men full of rage can stand at their cell gates fulminating on their neighbor or neighbors, yelling and screaming and speaking some of the filthiest words that could ever come from a human mouth, do it for hours on end, and despite it all never suffer the loss of a single tooth, never get his head knocked clean off his shoulders. You will NEVER hear words more despicable or see mouth wars more insane than what occurs all the time in SHU. Not anywhere else in the world. Because there would be serious violence before any person could speak so much foulness for so long. In the box the heavy steel bars allow mouths to run with impunity when they could not otherwise do so, while the ambient is one that is sorely conducive to an exceedingly hot sort of anger that seems to press the lips on to ridiculous extremes. Day and night I have been awakened to the sound of the rage being loosed loudly on SHU gates, and I’d be a liar if I said I haven’t at times been one of the madmen doing the yelling.

I have lived for months where the first thing I became aware of upon waking in the morning is the malodorous funk of human feces, tinged with the acrid stench of days-old urine, where I eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner with that same stink assaulting my senses, and where the last thought I had before falling into unconscious sleep was: “Damn, it smells like shit in here.” I have felt like I was on an island surrounded by vicious sharks, flanked on both sides by mentally ill inmates who would splash their excrement all over their cells, all over the company outside their cells, and even all over themselves. I have went days into weeks that seemed like they’d never end without being able to sleep more than short snatches before I was shocked out of my dreams, and thrown back into a living nightmare, by the screams of sick men who have lost all ability to control themselves, or by the banging of cell bars and walls of these same madmen. I have been so tired when sleep inside was impossible that I went outside into a snowstorm to get some sleep.

The wind blew hard and snowflakes swirled around and around in the small SHU yard at Shawangunk, and I had but one cheap prison-produced coat on and a single set of state clothes beneath. To escape the biting cold I dug into the seven- or eight-foot high mountain of snow that was piled in the center of the yard, the accumulation from inmates shoveling a narrow path to walk along the perimeter. With bare hands gone numb, I dug out a small room in that pile of snow, making myself a sort of igloo. When it was done I crawled inside, rolled onto my back on the snow-covered concrete ground, and almost instantly fell asleep, my bare head pillowed in the snow. I didn’t even have a hat to wear.

An hour or so later I was awakened by the guards come to take me back to the stink and insanity inside: “Blake, rec’s over…” I had gotten an hour’s straight sleep, minus the few minutes it had taken me to dig my igloo. That was more than I had gotten in weeks without being shocked awake by the CA-RACK! of a sneaker being slapped into a plexiglass shield covering the cell of an inmate who had thrown things nasty; or the THUD-THUD-THUD! of an inmate pounding his cell wall, or bars being banged, gates being kicked and rattled, or men screaming like they’re dying and maybe wishing that they were; or to the tirade of an inmate letting loose his pent-up rage on a guard or fellow inmate, sounding every bit the lunatic that too long a time in the mind-breaking confines of the box had caused him to be.

I have been so exhausted physically, mental strength being tested to limits that can cause strong folks to snap, that I have begged God, tough guy I fancy myself, “Please, Lord, make them stop. Please let me get some peace.” As the prayers went ungranted and the insanity around me persisted, I felt my own rage rising above the exhaustion and misery, no longer in a begging mood: “Lord, kill those motherfuckers, why don’t you!” I yelled at the Almighty, my own sanity so close to being gone that it seemed as if I were walking along a precipice and could see down to where I’d be falling, seeing myself shot, sanity a dead thing killed by the fall. I’d be afraid later on, terrified, when I reflected back on how close I had seemed to come to losing my mind, but at that moment all I could do was feel anger of a fiery kind: anger at the maniacs creating the noise and the stink and the madness; anger at my keepers and the real creators of this hell; anger at society for turning a blind eye to the torment and torture going on here that its tax dollars are financing; and perhaps most of all, anger at myself for doing all that I did that never should have been done that put me into the clutches of this beastly prison system to begin with. I would be angry at the world; enraged, actually, so burning hot was what I would be feeling.

I had wet toilet paper stuffed hard into both ears, socks folded up and pressed into my ears, a pillow wrapped around the sides and back of my head covering my ears, and a blanket tied around all that to hold everything in place, lying in bed praying for sleep. But still the noise was incredible, a thunderous cacophony of insanity, sleep impossible. Inmates lost in the throes of lavalike rage firing philippics at one another for even reasons they didn’t know, threatening to kill one another’s mommas, daddies, even the children, too. Nothing is sacred in SHU. It is an environment that is so grossly abnormal, so antithetical to normal human interactions, that it twists the innerds of men all around who for too long dwell there. Their minds, their morals, and their mannerisms get bent badly, ending far off-center. Right becomes whatever and wrong no longer exists. Restraint becomes a burden and is unnecessary with concrete and steel separating everyone, so inmates let it go. Day after day, perhaps year after year, the anger grows, fueled by the pain caused by the conditions till rage is born and burning so hot that it too hurts.

Trying to put into words what is so unlike anything else I know or have ever experienced seems an impossible endeavor, because there is nothing even remotely like it any place else to compare it to, and nothing that will do to you on the inside what so many years in SHU has done to me. All that I am able to articulate about the world of Special Housing Unit and what it is and what it does may seem terrible to you indeed, but the reality of living in this place for a full quarter of a century is yet even more terrible, still. You would have to live it, experience it in all its aspects with the fullness of its days and struggles added up, to really appreciate and understand just how truly terrible this plight of mine has been, and how truly ugly life in the box can be at times, even for just a single day. I spent nine years in Shawangunk’s box, six years in Sullivan’s, six years in Great Meadow’s, and I’ve been here in Elmira’s SHU for four years now, and through all of this time I have never spent a single day in a Mental Health Unit cell because I attempted or threatened suicide, or for any other reason. I have thought about suicide in times past when the days had become exceedingly difficult to handle, but I’m still here. I’ve had some of my SHU neighbors succumb to the suicidal thoughts, though, choosing death over another day of life in the box. I have never bugged out myself, but I’ve known times that I had come too close. I’ve had neighbors who came to SHU normal men, and I’ve seen them leave broken and not anything resembling normal anymore. I’ve seen guys give up on their dreams and lose all hope in the box, but my own hopes and dreams are still alive and well inside me. The insidious workings of the SHU program have yet to get me stuck on that meandering path to internal destruction that I have seen so many of my neighbors end up on, and perhaps this is a miracle; I’d rather be dead than to lose control of my mind.

Had I known in 1987 that I would spend the next quarter-century in solitary confinement, I would have certainly killed myself. If I took a month to die and spent every minute of it in severe pain, it seems to me that on a balance that fate would still be far easier to endure than the last twenty-five years have been. If I try to imagine what kind of death, even a slow one, would be worse than twenty-five years in the box—and I have tried to imagine it—I can come up with nothing. Set me afire, pummel and bludgeon me, cut me to bits, stab me, shoot me, do what you will in the worst of ways, but none of it could come close to making me feel things as cumulatively horrifying as what I’ve experienced through my years in solitary. Dying couldn’t take but a short time if you or the State were to kill me; in SHU I have died a thousand internal deaths. The sum of my quarter-century’s worth of suffering has been that bad.

To some judges sitting on high who’ve never done a day in the box, maybe twenty-five years of this isn’t cruel and unusual. To folks who have an insatiable appetite for vengeance against prisoners who have committed terrible crimes, perhaps it doesn’t even matter how cruel or unusual my plight is or isn’t. For people who cannot let go of hate and know not how to forgive, no amount of remorse would matter, no level of contrition would be quite enough, only endless retribution would be right in their eyes. Like Judge Milroy, only an eternity in hell would satisfy them. Given even that in retribution, though, the unforgiving haters wouldn’t be satisfied that hell was hot enough; they’d want the heat turned up. Thankfully these folks are the few, that in the minds of the many, at a point, enough is enough.

No matter what the world would think about things that they cannot imagine in even their worst nightmares, I know that twenty-five years in solitary confinement is utterly and certainly cruel, more so than death in or by an electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, bullet in the head, or even immolation could possibly be. The sum of the suffering caused by any of these quick deaths would be a small thing next to the sum of the suffering that this quarter-century in SHU has brought to bear on me. Solitary confinement for the length of time that I have endured it, even apart from the inhuman conditions that I have too often been made to endure it in, is torture of a terrible kind; and anyone who doesn’t think so surely knows not what to think.

I Have Served A Sentence Worse Than Death.

“...Who Might You Be?”

Requested by an anon. 

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Dok2, your annoying older brother. He often held that over your head. But you were quite taller. And you loved to hold that over his head. Most of your arguments went the same way. He’d bring up a reason to argue then it would end it. “I’m older!” “I’m taller!” 

Though he got on your nerves at times, he was your brother and you loved him. You were his biggest supporter. He was your biggest supporter. The two of you supporter each other always. Even when you hated him the most, you were still his biggest supporter. 

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Chapter 2

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Chapter’s: 1 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10

Where she went Masterlist

Chibs was the first to stand up and walk over to me before wrapping his arms around me.

“Lassie, we’ve missed you so much, how have you been?” Chibs questioned as I smiled at him before answering his question.

“I’ve missed you guys so much as well and I’ve been good. I stayed in New York for most of my time before coming back home.” I said as we pulled away from each other.

“You’re going to have to tell me all about New York, once you’re all settled in,” Chibs said as I smiled and nodded my head as Bobby and Piney came up and embraced me into a hug as well.

“I sure will,” I said as I pulled away from Bobby as Piney walked up to me next.

“We sure missed you kid,” Piney said as I began to hug the older man.

“I missed you too, Piney,” I said as he pulled away with a smile on his face. I felt Jax’s arm retake it’s placed on my shoulders as he pulled me into his side before beginning to walk towards the dorms with me on his side.

“I-is that John’s original bike?” I questioned as I walked towards the 1946 Harley-Davidson that was put on display. I stood in awe of the beautiful bike as Jax came to stand beside me.

“Yeah, it is. Isn’t she beautiful?” Jax questioned as I nodded my head. “C’mon, we’ve got some settling in and catching up to do,” Jax said as he walked towards his dorm with my suitcase in one of his hands and his keys in the other. I followed him into his dorm to see that it hadn’t changed all that much. Jax still had the American Flag hanging above his bed, he had his two dressers on opposite sides of the room, and his bed looked like it hadn’t been made in days. I smiled to myself as Jax turned towards me with a big smile and wide arms.

“Welcome home.” I chuckled as I walked over to his bed and took a seat.

“It’s just as I remembered,” I said as Jax plopped next to me. “Now, tell me where John is,” I said as I looked at Jax with wondering eyes as he avoided my eye contact.

“A year after you left… Dad was going on a run and… His brakes gave away on his bike and he lost control and… Well… He crashed into semi-truck.” I felt my heart shattered as Jax spoke. If I never had of left this might have never have died.

“W-what?” I stuttered out after a few minutes of complete silence. “W-why didn’t any one t-tell me?” I stuttered out again as Jax sighed.

“We tried to but when you left you never told anyone where you were going or anything,” Jax said as I felt tears brimming the rims of my eyes.

“I never should have left…” I said as I let a few stray tears fall down my face. “It’s all my fault…” I said as I put my head in my hands.

“Hey, hey, it’s not your fault,” Jax said as he pulled me into his chest. “It was bound to happen (Y/N). Whether his brakes gave out or he got shot on that run. John knew what he signed up for and he was ready to fall at any moment. Don’t ever think or try to blame yourself for his death.” I nodded as Jax held me close as I let a few sobs come out.

Soon enough, I felt myself begin to calm down as I pulled myself from Jax’s side. Jax turned to me and raised his hand to my cheek so he could wipe away a few straw tears that were left.

“Are you good?” Jax questioned gently with caution afraid that I might burst into tears again. I nodded my head as she sent me a sympathetic smile. “Listen, I hate to run but I need to get everything set up for your welcome home party.” I nodded my head as he began to stand while I did the same.

“It’s okay, I think I’m going to shower. It’s been a long trip.” I said as Jax nodded before pulling me into a hug.

“Things will turn up for the better soon enough, I promise,” Jax said as he turned and headed for the door before opening and closing it behind him as I sighed.
I stood up and began to shed some of my layers of my clothes as a knock came to the door.

“Knock, knock,” Opie said as he stuck his head in with his hand covering his eyes with his hand. “Are you decent?” Opie said as a smirk came across his face.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before but yes, I am,” I said with a chuckle. Opie removed his hand as he chuckled.

“True. I was just stopping in to see how you were making out and how everything was coming along.” Opie said as he walked further into the room as he took a seat on the bed.

“Everything’s coming along pretty nicely,” I said I look around for a towel.

“Except, I don’t know where Jax keeps his towels,” I said as Opie chuckled.

“In the bathroom.” I nodded my head as Ope began to stand again.

“Well, I’ll let you get to your shower and I will see you tonight. Sound good?” Opie said as I nodded my head.

“Okay, see you soon,” I said as I went up and wrapped my arms around the giant.

“(Y/N), before I go, can I ask you a question?” Opie questioned as I nodded my head.

“Why do you have streaks of black going down your face? Are you trying to become the newest member of KISS because if you are I think you might need to try a little harder on your make up.” Opie said as I began to chuckle.

“No, I’m not,” I said as I kept giggling. “Jax told me about John,” I said as Opie nodded his head.

“He’s gone but not forgotten.” I nodded in agreement as Opie pulled away from our hug. “Enjoy your shower and I’ll see you after.” He said as he went and opened the door before closing it behind him.

“Why did I ever want to leave this place?” I said to myself as I walked into the bathroom before shutting the door behind me.

                                                Time Skip:

I had just finished drying out my hair as getting ready as a knock came from the door.

“Come in,” I said as I took one last glance in the mirror.

“Woah, don’t you look good? I think this plaid shirt looks better on you than it does on me.” Jax had said as he walked into the room. I had thrown on his oversized plaid shirt, while underneath I wore a simple white tank and some plain black leggings with my white converse on my feet. I giggled at Jax’s comment before speaking up;

“But in all honesty, do I look okay?” I questioned as I fiddled with my hands as Jax looked me up and down.

“You look beautiful, darlin’. Now, your party guests await your arrival.” Jax said as he stuck out his arm for me. I giggled before walking up and taking a hold of his arm and walking out of the dorm while shutting the door behind me. We walk down the hall way, giggling like teenagers with a secret.

“Welcome home (Y/N)!” Everyone shouted when we reached the end of the hall.

“Thank you, everyone! I missed all of you… Well, most of you. There are some faces here that I don’t actually recognize.” I said as a few chuckles were shared around the room. Everyone went back to what they were doing as I walked to the bar.

“Can I get a beer?” I asked the guy behind the bar as he nodded his head with a smile.

“Sure thing, sweets.” He replied as he turned around to get my drink. As he did so I began to size him up. He looked like he was about in his twenty’s, he had short shaggy ginger hair and he was wearing a patch that read ‘PROSPECT’.

“Here you are.” He said as he handed me my beer and I took a sip.

“So, you must be the famous (Y/N) I’ve heard so much about.” He said as he leaned down in front of me. I chuckled before nodding my head.

“I am and you must be that famous prospect I heard nothing about,” I said as he chuckled this time. “What’s your name prospect?” I questioned;

“Kip, Kip Epps but everyone calls me Half-Sack. Except Gemma calls me Eddie.” I nodded my head with a confused look.

“Why do they call you Half-Sack?” I questioned as he chuckled.

“Well, you see I used to be in the army and well…” He began as he began to undo his pants before shoving them down and exposing his half nut to me. “I got half of one of my nuts blown off and I gained the nickname Half-Sack.” I could feel bile rising in my throat as I turned away.

“Jesus Christ! You could’ve just told me that!” I said as he chuckled before hauling his pants up and speaking again.

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” He said as I giggled and nodded my head.

“True,”  I said as I took another sip of my beer.

“Well, well, well, what’s a pretty girl like you sitting at the bar all by herself?” I raised my eyebrows at Half-Sack before turning on my stool to see a 5’9 Puerto Rican guy with a shaved Mohawk and two tattoos on either side of his Mohawk. I took notice that he had a Samcro patch on and that he was also a full patched member.

“Well, a pretty girl like me is sitting at the bar all by herself because she’s enjoying her beer and having a nice conversation with her nice bartender. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to that.” I said with a fake smile before turning back to Half-Sack.

“You don’t want to talk to him!” I rolled my eyes at Kip before turning around again.

“And why not?” I questioned as the Mohawk guy smirked at me again.

“Because you could be talking to me.” This time I almost spit my beer out laughing as I attempted to speak up;

“And, why would I want to do that?” I said as I noticed from the corner of my eye Jax had begun to watch us. The Mohawk guy had begun lean in closer to me as he spoke.

“Well, not only am I a better conversationalist but I can also be a good lover as well.” I tried to stifle my laughter as I noticed Jax starting to make his way over to us.

“Listen, Hun, I’m sure you’re a terrific conservationist and an even better lover but there’s a problem with this…” I said as Jax came over and stood right behind the kid.

“And, what would that problem be? Because I’m sure we can get through it together.” Before I could respond Jax spoke up for me.

“That would be me.” I watched as the kid almost went white as he turned around to face Jax.

“Oh, Jax… She’s with you?” He said as Jax nodded his head. “Well, then I better get going.” He said as he began to walk fast in the other direction.

“Thank you so much,” I said as Jax smiled before speaking up.

“Anytime darlin’. Listen, follow me I want to show you something.” I nodded my head as I picked up my beer and followed Jax up the ladder.

Once, we reached the roof Jax walked me over to the edge where he had a couple of lawn chairs laid out. I walked behind Jax before taking a seat in one of the lawn chairs as Jax did the same.

“Wow, Jax… The view is breathtaking.” I said as I over looked the city.

“It is, isn’t it? I love coming up here to clear my mind or just to relax.” Jax said as he lit a cigarette and took a puff.

“So, who was that guy who was flirting with me?” I questioned as I leaned back and looked over at Jax.

“His name is Juan Ortiz but we all call him Juice.” I nodded my head as I thought of the weird names the newest members have.

“So, Teller.” Jax looked over at me as I continued. “You’re now VP and when the last time I saw you, you had just stared prospecting. What else have I missed?” I said as Jax chuckled.

“Well, after you left. I finished high school with Tara and then she just got up and left.” I stared at him in shock.

“She left?!”

“Yeah, she wanted me to go with her but I didn’t want to leave the club and she wasn’t a big fan of the club, you remember that?” I nodded as Jax continued his story. “Well, then after she left I started fucking around with different croweaters and then…” I looked at him as I nodded for him to continue. “I got married…” I felt my mouth and my heart drop as Jax chuckled.

“Okay, it’s bad enough I missed John’s funeral and that skank leaving but now I missed my best friend’s wedding. You’ve got to be shitting me?!” Jax continued to chuckle as I heard footsteps in the distances; I turned to see Opie coming over to us with someone trailing behind him.

“I was wondering where you two went,” Opie said once he finally reached our destination. I began to take notice of who was behind him.

“Donna?!” I questioned as she came into my view.

“(Y/N)?!” I jumped from my chair and ran over to my old best friend before wrapping my arms around her.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much!” She said as I laughed into our embrace.

“I missed you too,” I said once we pulled away. “Now, everyone sits! We have a lot of catching up to do.” I said as they all nodded in agreement. Jax stood up and gave his seat to Donna before taking a seat next to Opie on the ledge. “Jax continues your story,” I said as Jax chuckled.

“Alright, alright. I ended up getting her pregnant but she was addicted to crack and I don’t do crack whores so I divorced her about two months ago.” I nodded as a question sparked up into my head.

“What about the baby? Did she lose it or did she have an abortion?” I questioned as Jax begun to answer.

“Well, she’s still pregnant now but when she has the baby, I’ll get full custody.” He said as I nodded my head before turning towards Opie and Donna.

“What about you guys?” I questioned as Donna giggled.

“Well, Ope and I got married.”

“Are you serious?! I missed my other best friends wedding?!” Opie, Jax, and Donna chuckled as Donna spoke again;

“It’s okay, we only had a small ceremony. I didn’t have any bride’s maids or a maid of honor because she wasn’t there.” I smiled as I grabbed her. “And you knew I was pregnant in high school?”


“Well, I had a beautiful baby girl and we named her Ellie and now I’m pregnant again!”

“Oh my god! Congratulations!” I said as I leaned over and pulled her into a hug before doing the same with Ope.

“Well, what about you?” I looked at her confused. “Why did you leave? Where did you go?” I had a feeling this question was going to come up sooner or later. I glanced over at Jax before speaking up.

“Well, I went to New York before I cam back up here,” I said as Donna nodded.

“And I left because… Well…” Before I could finish what, I was going to say I saw a familiar car begin to pull up onto Teller-Morrow parking lot. The car came to a stop as the driver began to turn off the car and open the door. By now, everyone else had taken notice of what I was looking at, as they all turned around. I watched as the driver began to get out as my heart dropped once again.

“I left because of her,” I said as Tara stood up from her father’s black cutlass and up towards the roof, where we had all been standing staring down at her.

You’re Safe

Prompt from anon: doing the prompt-thing? If so, I’d like to request 2, 18, 86 and 94 for Jughead. Thanks!

2 - “Hey, hey, calm down. He can’t hurt you anymore.”
18 - “What’s the matter, sweetie?”
86 - “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”
94 - “I had a bad dream again.”

A/N: You guys are going to love this if you like emotional. I also changed “they” from the first one into “he”. Hope that’s okay :)

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle (a/n: sorry not sorry)

Warnings: Emotionally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend; talking about it; swearing; forcefully making out; mentions of sex

if you’re in a bad situation, know that I love you and you can always talk to me <3

Italics are either a flashback or a dream.


Originally posted by jughexd-jones

You woke up in the middle of study hall from taking a nap with a jolt. You scanned the area to make sure nobody noticed and it looked like nobody did. It was always the same memory, the same night just replaying in your head.

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Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing?

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night. 
Word Count: 3906
A/N: Thank you to danisnotahobbit for the wonderful prompt and for betaing this for me! And also thank you to whalefairyfandom12 (as always) for cheering me on and correcting my grammar (: You both are awesome! Also, I’ve just reached 3k subscribers today so here’s a celebration fic xD
Song Title


There is a boy who lives across the street from Phil who has brown hair the colour of chocolate, the voice of an angel, and eyes that reflect a million stars. Phil doesn’t know when it first started, but he slowly began to drift to his slightly cracked window every night just to hear the boy sing.

He always sat upon his windowsill, picking at the lint on his pastel jumpers while his lips uttered beautiful melodies that put Vic Fuentes to shame. And Phil didn’t even know the boy’s name, or what he liked to do in his spare time, but he could slowly start to feel himself falling for the boy.

It was idiotic in a way. Phil had never met this brunette beauty before. He never heard his voice besides when he sang in the hours of the night, he never seen him in broad daylight, and he certainly didn’t know a single thing about him. And yet, Phil was in love with a voice and a boy who didn’t even know he existed.

These were the thoughts that haunted him at night, cracking his window open just a sliver before crawling to his bed to browse through Tumblr. He was somewhat embarrassed by how obsessed he had become, but the moment that Phil heard the first few cords of a Pierce the Veil song come from the apartment complex opposite his, Phil’s worries floated away and he leaned back to allow the pretty lyrics into his eardrums to embed in his memory.

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S.Coups: Red strand

Word count: 3,289

Summary: Love or friendship? If you had to choose, which one would you take?

Genre: Angst, Drama, AU!Soulmate (Fluff?)

A/N:  This ended up being longer that I planned it to be but well c: Hope you guys like it! Sorry for being a bit inactive here ;_; I’ll try to write more!
Also! If you guys are interested in AU!Soulmates, I kind of connected/cited some of the stories by other admins and mine, so you should check their stories too if you want to read more of these!

| Jeonghan ver. | Seungkwan ver. | Mingyu ver. | Wonwoo ver. | Dino ver. | Hoshi ver. | Woozi ver. |

-Admin Haruna (& admin Syrup editing, thank u so much!)

Friendship, it was something you valued with all your heart. Your best friend, Soo In, was someone strong, charismatic and athletic. You met her when you two were just little kids and she used to be the one to always protect you from mean girls or strange boys who were rude to you, and you always were right behind her, happy to be always rescued by her. Your friendship was so pure and so strong that you thought she was your real lost sister that you got to meet because of destiny.

But time is cruel, and you both had to grow up and realize the world isn’t as gentle as your old fairytales told. You met other people, they became your friends and they found their soulmates before you. Your friend did so too; it was amazing how many ways people could find their soulmates: just by staring into their eyes, by dreaming of them, by drawing onto your skin and having your soulmate see the same drawing, or extreme cases where you needed to find them or you would die. Your friends all experienced different types of ways to find their soulmate, but something that everyone didn’t know was that you knew everything.

You had an amazing power called the “witch eye.” You could see the destiny of the other people, or more likely, the soulmates of other people. You could see that red strand hanging out of other people’s pinkies ever so gently, and this was something only your best friend and family knew: you could change their destiny whenever you wanted to.

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It burns, doesn’t it? [Pt. 2]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

Originally posted by berry852

Prologue Pt. 1 Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I Pt. 6 I Pt. 7 I Pt. 8 I

It wasn’t a dream, it was real yet you couldn’t quite grasp this reality. You had fallen asleep beside him and you were still in his bed. You must have pushed each other away in your sleep because Jungkook was on his back and you were on your side. You rubbed at your eyes and when you looked to the side he was looking up at you like a sleepy child.

“Good morning…” His voice was low and groggy as he grinned sleepily. He couldn’t remember the last time he’s said good morning to someone as soon as he woke up or if he’s ever but it was nice.  

 "Morning…“ You moved so that you were on your back, looking up at the ceiling. He seemed pretty comfortable with you, given he’s just met you. You were put off by the friendliness he’s was so easily displaying, it was as if he’s done it before. Make no mistake, you didn’t know each other; in fact, you were basically strangers who shared the same bed.

 "Is this what you do all day, stare at the ceiling?“ 

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Dean x Reader - MasterPost

Blue Iced Cupcakes- Someone steals your cupcakes

Coincidence Can be Fun- You share a case and a motel with the Winchesters

Forever and Always- Dean made a deal and miracles happen.

Home is Where the Heart Is- Your boyfriend gets to meet your parents and enjoy your hometown

Nightmare- Dean has nightmares of hell

So Much for a Day Off- You meet the guys in a demon infested bar.  

Working at the Car Wash- Cleaning the Impala gets a little messy.

Heat of the Moment- You and Dean have an argument that goes to far.

Lucky to Call you Mine- Dean loves a lot of things about you.

You’re Beautiful- Dean lets you know how he sees you.

You’re Glowing- You are pregnant with Dean’s kid.

Perfect the Way You Are- You worry if you are too clingy.

Maple Syrup- The boys worry over their pregnant girlfriend.

Worst Fear- You get captured by a djinn.

Happy Ending- You have a miscarriage.

A Year On- Both of you need some comfort.

The French Whoopsie (Part 1)- The french mistake with a baby twist.

Electrical Correspondence (Part 2)- Separated for 3 months you email each other.

Had a Bad Day- Dean stays to make sure you feel better.

So Tired- After a long hunt Dean is tired.

Break the Habit- Dean has a problem with your bad habit.

I Don’t Believe in Fate- Childhood friends finally confess feelings.

Riding On- You go horse riding together.

Fidelity- Based on the song by Jasmine Thompson.

Tired- You are exhausted.

Fluster- Dean likes making you blush.

Time for a Real Wedding- An impromptu proposal.

Welcome to High School- A struggling student gets a friend.

Perfect Little Family (Part One)- During labor of having a baby.

Perfect Little Family (Part Two)- Naming the new addition.

Chilled- You use Dean’s Hoodie to warm up.

Accident- During a Fight things get a little aggressive.

Meant to Be- Death bed confessions.

Mark My Words- Comfort after a family death.

I Know You Like It- Inspired by Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.

Aracnophobia- Someone needs to get rid of the spider.

Mistake- Dean cheated.

Work the Engine- You are a mechanic, and Dean likes that.

Feel Like Dancin’- Dean takes too long in the shower.

Real- It took you becoming a ghost for Dean to confess his feelings.

Forethought- You make some dumb decisions sometimes.

Dumb Luck- You don’t like how reckless Dean has been getting.

Waited- Dean has a crush.

Long Time Coming- Years later, he needs you.

Reason (Part One)- Your sister plans a huge wedding after the proposal.

We Don’t Need No Wisdom (Part Two)- Now you are pregnant.

PUDDING and Wisdom Teeth- Dean gets his wisdom teeth out.

God Spent a Little More Time on You- Based on the song by NSYNC

Title- Based on Meghan Trainor’s song.

You- Karaoke at a pub.

White Horse- Based on the song by Taylor Swift.

Much Too Long- Cuddles after Purgatory.

Where are we Now- Dying confessions of love.

The Giving Tree- Based on the song by the Plain White Ts

The Wrong End of the Stick- Dean thinks the wrong person is pregnant.

Please Don’t Say You Love Me- Based on the song by Gabrielle Aplin.

Wherever You Will Go- Based on the song by Charlene Soraia

Young Legs- Sam makes fun of the age gap.

Last Night- Based on the song by The Vamps

Lady (Part One)- Dean helps a young girl come out of her shell.

Fluffsy (Part Two)- Fluff with your new family.

Clumsy- The klutz isn’t allowed on hunts for a reason.

Dancing Queen- You have to join Dancing with the Stars.

Happy Halloween- Fake blood, not a problem. Spiders, problem.

Firstborn (Part One)- Demon Dean still cares for his kid.

Back (Part 2)- Dean gets your kid a puppy.

My Boys- Dean and your son, happy fluff.

Test- Test anxiety and study fluff.

Most Kickass Thing I’ve Seen All Day- Protecting yourself is still scary.

This is Gospel- Based on the song by Panic! at the Disco.

C’mon- Based on the song by Panic! at the Disco.

The Most Important Thing in the World- Dean is scared to hold the baby.

Distance- Dean is scared to show his feelings.

You Just Wait (Part One)- You get jealous at the way Dean looks at other girls.

He’ll Come Around (Part Two)- Demons attack.

Someone Had To- Dean catches customers being rude.

Dada- Your son days his first word.

Sweetest- Dean tries arts and crafts.

Polished Polish- Since when does Dean know Polish?

You Are My Sunshine- Dean dies on a hunt.

Strip Poker- Sam’s teasing gets results.

Keep it Quiet- Their secret relationship gets noticed.

So Important- Depression recovery.

Lessons- Dean tries to teach your sons about his Baby.

Dear Future Husband- Sing-a-long and dancing time.

Really, Actually Here- Dean is back from hell.

All These Years- Bobby is dead and his daughter needs comfort.

Rain- The best kind of weather.

Baby Been Practicing- Teen romance.

Thin Line (Part One)- Teenagers have a prank war.

Manipulated Meeting (Part Two)- Arranged meetings to keep the romance alive.

Busted (Part 3)- They find out about your relationship.

Big T-Shirt- Dean’s flirting turns into more.

Infinite- Movie night and dance parties.

Spellbound- Dean Turns into a woman.

Altercation- Demon Dean gets into a fight.

Waiting for Superman- Dean sings to cheer you up.

The Girl- Dean sings The Girl by City and Colour.

Ghost Sickness- You try to calm him down when he gets  ghost sick.

Waiting- In the Impala bonding.

Present Tense- You would rather die than become a monster.

Ticklish- He finds all the right spots.

Grumpy- Being sick puts anyone in a bad mood.

A Good Run- A Vampire and a Demon can’t date.

Just a Little While Longer- Cuddly Dean Fluff.

Bad Side- Interrogation brings out a different side of you.

Final Trial- You turn Dean human again, at what cost?

Rude- Based on the song by Timefliyes.

Automatic- He doesn’t even realize what he did.

A Shot at Normal- You are working your first real job.

Hound of Hell- Dean’s a little scared of your Hellish pet.

I Ain’t Ever Going Home (Part One)- Based off the song Nina by Ed Sheeran.

Coming Home (Part Two)- Dean comes back.

Waiting a While- A bit of a Dean tease.

Enlighten Me- You don’t like Dean flirting with Jo.

Punk of the Steamy Kind- You have a certain sense of style not all appreciate.

Only Time of the Year- Christmas Caroling in the bunker.  

I’ll Always Come Back to You- Dean isn’t answering his phone on a hunt.

Not Quite Ice Skating- Slipping and sliding on ice.

Illustrate the Point- He doesn’t see you the way you see yourself.

Lost Time- Washing the Impala.

Missed- Best friends to more.

Inanimate Object- Dean spends more time with Baby than you.

Beardy- Facial Hair and Fluff.

Far Away- Based on the song by Nickelback.

Never Cease to Amaze- You have talents they don’t know about.

Trust- A young girl decides to trust Dean.

Immunity- Demon Dean wants you to be his queen.

Considerable Trade- You fight over your age gap.

Best Ever- PMS sucks but your boyfriend is pretty nice.

A Better Plan- Plus sized reader fluff.

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater- When your boyfriend cheats on you, you turn to Dean.

He Had it Coming- Singing and Dancing to Cell Block Tango.

Believe In- You fall from heaven, directly in front of a Winchester.

Snapshot- Dean finds your collection of photos.

Crash- Teen fic based on Crash by You and Me at 6.

Thor, Kitty of Thunder- They surprise you with a present to cheer you up.

Probably a Good Thing- Cliche Milkshakes and proposals.

Not a Sacrifice- You refuse to be a weak sacrifice.

Dancing Queen- At a very formal hunt Dean dances with you.

Bad Habits- You steal a little too much and Dean isn’t happy.

Best I Can Be- Dean needs a queen to rule with him in Hell.

I Won’t Say I’m in Love- Singing Hercules gets Dean to admit it.

Going on a Witch Hunt- Crowley swaps bodies with Dean but still proceeds to flirt.

A Bottle and a Half- When you like Dean his habit of sleeping around hurts.

The Fighter- He helps you when your mental health gets rough.

When You Love Somebody- When you can’t stop thinking he’s here to help.

A Little Past Imaginary Friends- Father Daughter fic, Dean wants to know about your boyfriend.

Sleep Deprived- Dean is working a little too hard.

Glasses- The boys see you in your glasses for the first time.

We’re Okay- You get kicked out when you get into a huge fight with Dean.

Bedside Manner- You are a nurse giving Dean stitches.

The Worst Part of Me- Dean snaps.

The Good Guys (Part One)- You are torn: Queen of Hell or Dean?

It Stings (Part Two)- You are loved demon or not.

Battle Scars (Part Three)- A look into your past.

We Did It (Part Four)- They want to cure you.

An Enjoyable Pastime- A budding teen romance.

A Lot- The Winchester fight for your heart.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop- You can’t skate.

Nothing- Based on the song by The Script.

Our Fairytale Ending- You have a miscarriage of Dean’s kid.

I Don’t Dance- Based on the song by Lee Brice.

Is That a Smile- Dean helps with insecurities.

Trapped- You are stuck in an elevator together.

Womanizer- You refuse to be Dean’s next fling.

Dropping Hints- Dean is taking care of your injuries and you want him to notice your feelings.

It Was Going So Well- Your first date involves kidnapping?

Ache (Part One)- Dean finds out he has a teenage daughter.

In the Right Place (Part Two)- You go on your first hunt.

Complain- You swap bodies with Dean.

Twin Skeletons- Based on the song Twin Skeletons by Fall Out Boy.

Very Interested- A witches spell makes you extra emotional.  

I Hope So- Dean’s mad that you are pregnant.

In the Name- Dean feels guilty for your accident.

Full Marty McFly- When you get sent back in time teen Dean keeps flirting with you.

So Much and Always- Newlywed fluff.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Unconventional- Kitchen appliance shopping.

Day in the Life- You have IBD and things can get tough.

Onyx- Dean’s ex notices his eyes have turned black.

Do Some Good (Part 2)- You learn more about demons.

Later- Dean enjoys you cooking a Sunday roast.

Try to Understand- Dean doesn’t quite get your depression.

Salt and- Dean gets you a kitten?

Us- After going undercover Dean feels guilty.

My Hero- Dean stops you from getting jumped.

Something Else- They feel the same but are too scared to say it.

Underwear- Undergarments are important.

Short Skirt- Its small on purpose.

Chloroform- Midnight chemical runs.

Cereal- Midnight snacking.

Obsessed- Compulsive hand washing.

Mr. Sunshine- Dean keeps going to watch this singer.

Child’s Play- They may be little now but they can still kick bum.

Fill In- When Sam is in the cage Dean meets someone new.

Run for the Hills- Based on the song The Hills by The Weeknd.

I’ll See You Again- After you die you are stuck on your engagement ring.

For a Boy- based on the song Boy by Raelynn.

For All I Knew- They are in a major car accident.

Too Stubborn for Your Own Good- The job makes you go into labor early.

Tear in My Heart- Based on the song by Twenty One Pilots.

Sick and Tired- You get food poisoning.

Bad- Based on the song by The Cab.

Adventure - Part Two to Bad.

Hopped Up - Teen!Dean takes some pain meds and reveals something.

Tense - When you never get a moment to yourselves, how do you expect to release all of that tension?

Intrigue - Demon!Dean + Fallen Angel!Reader. What could possibly go wrong?

Different - Sequel to Intrigue

If You Keep Looking At Me Like That… - It’s been a while since you’ve had some time to yourselves.

Trapped… - You manage to get out of a rather dire situation.

Stupidest Plan - Gambling can’t always end badly, right?

Thunderstorm - You’re trapped during a storm and get bored just waiting it out.

Lost Your Mind - Dean loses the people he loves, and refuses to add you to the list of casualties.

Make Me - Dean gets needy when he’s sick.

Truth Or Dare - Sam and Dean plot together to make the reader admit her feelings.

Silence - Dean steals your chocolate, so you give him the silent treatment.

To Be Young Again - Reminiscing about first kisses.

Camaraderie - He helps you escape from jail after he gets you caught.

Surprise Comeback - You’ve been best friends forever, but after a stint in Hell, will Dean feel the same?

No Control - Based off of the One Direction song.

Step Back - Based off Nice Guys by Chester See, in which the mark is really putting a strain on your relationship.

Reach Out - A sequel piece to Step back.

Babycakes - You think it’s funny to fluster Dean with nicknames.

Real Reality - Dean gets a taster of what life could have been.

Coincidence - A one-night-stand turns into something more when you have something in common: your job.

Touch - Based on the song by Shura.

Take Tomorrow - Underweight!Reader has some self-esteem problems, but Dean will always be there.

Empty Promise - You die on a hunt, but get a twisted second chance.

Branches - After an argument, you storm into the woods and end up in all sorts of touble.

Daddy Issues - Flippant Comments gain Dean a healthy dose of the Cold Shouder

Massive Idiot - Dean makes a grave mistake.

Dumbfounded - Badass!Reader kicks major ass.

Reckless Mistake - After a fight, you run off and get into trouble.

Never Let a Man Do A Woman’s Job - You how the boys how it’s done.

The Rest - It’s Dean’s birthday, and you have to do something to celebrate.

Something Unpleasant - Dean stands up for you around a bunch of blatantly sexist jerks.

A World At Rights - Dean comes home to find you singing his mother’s song.

Bright Lights - based off of the 30 Seconds To Mars song.

Something Only You Would Know - Medium!Reader is able to see Dean during 2.01.

A Desert With No Water - Dean comforts you after a nightmare.

You Know What I Find Funny?

These men. So, let me tell you about my day so far (even though it’s only 11:25am so far). A friend of mine and I conducted a social experiment, she made a seeking arrangement profile and decided to see if it was true that mainly light skinned or white girls would get more messages,more favorite - what have you.

We sat down in my apartment she looked at me and said “my thing is I don’t understand, you’re gorgeous but only get messages here and there.” She proceeded to then say that it couldn’t be a race thing and maybe it’s the way I was wording things. I laughed, obviously. So, she took a picture she had taken when she had just woken up hair like completely a mess and no make up and had a ratty T-shirt on and she posted that as her profile picture only said a few words here and there about herself mainly just I’m just looking for money I don’t want anything to do with you guys-just money.

Now, keep in mind the reason she and I started being friends was people kept telling her she looks like a cavewoman and I stepped in to defend her and you know do all that courageous bullshit. She’s pretty but she does have a unique look about her… In that way? I don’t know if that makes sense but she’s not what people would typically say is pretty and it’s sad because she has to continuously fight to be pretty.

So anyway, my part of the experiment was to upload a new picture of myself basically showcasing my 36DDD boobs and a low-cut shirt and one of my favorite skirts. Along with updating my wording on my profile. I received a six messages. She received 47. A lot of the messages were it’s OK you can have my money and all this other stuff and I was actually shocked, like I have a lot of friends who are signed up on the website and I never really paid attention to anybody’s savings. You know what I mean? I would be like a cool youre getting messages that’s good I’m proud of you slay queen.

But it was literally astounding to see that because my friend was white everything was a lot easier for her on this site (and in life but ya know 🐸☕️)

So, there I was sitting in my emotional what the fuck state and for once in my life I was actually extremely jealous???? I don’t know how to explain it I just know that I was probably more mad and more envious to see that if I only had white skin then being a sugarbaby want to be so much work and so much of a hassle for me.

That’s why I commend the fuck out of all of my black sugar friends who are super successful and have whipped these men into shape like y'all, I fucking love you, you are the best.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect at this whole experience but I definitely have a new full appreciation for all of my black sugar friends who even have other hoe professions like escorts or strippers !

And for those of you who are still struggling do What I did and Sign up for like multiple sites we need all the exposure we can get. Even you’d be surprised how tinder works for finding men with money like two of the main guys I’m talking to right now are both millionaires and they just view that type of “Arrangement” as dating…and they’re cute 😉

Lol, but on A serious note ladies I know how difficult it is to find somebody trust me I might have two in my ring right now but I’m still looking. It is hard enough to be a minority woman even if you aren’t black if you’re just another minority, it is hard out here so get this mentality : you are a fucking queen, they are lucky to get you if they don’t want you fuck it their Dicks are probably small.

And for my white sugar babies, I do love you do not get me wrong but I’ve seen a lot of you taking away from the success of minority sugar babies I don’t know if it’s like jealousy or just being a plain old bitch. But I’ve seen a lot of things that have made me very wary on trusting a lot of you. But please, listen to this commend other sugar babies praise them, everybody’s working hard to get where they are where they want to be let’s make sure we’re all praising each other to the top. Also, please recognize that it is easier for you. I’ve seen so many girls say that it’s not easy just because you’re white like it is honey I’m sorry. But you are the “beauty "therefore the rest of the beautiful girls in the world who are quite white are struggling so please recognize that there is a bit of easiness in this for you.

It’s all love, just thought I’d share.

Winter Sonata

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Jungkook x Reader

Bad boy Jungkook! College AU

Play, Pause, Fast forward, Stop, Repeat.


You met him the first night of winter.

The freezing wind was hitting your face as you were trying to hurry home just to dive into your duvet. Hands stuffed in your pockets and face hidden in your scarf you were walking along the sidewalk when your warm wool hat was swept away by the wind. It landed a few meters in front of you and before you could pick it up someone was handing it to you. Lifting your gaze you met two piercing hazelnuts eyes, messy raven black hairs and broad shoulders. The guy in front of you tilted his head to the side revealing a delicious milk white neck. On his ears shined two small hoop earrings and behind his left ear was a cigarette. He was wearing a  dark hoodie and an equally black leather jacket. Definitely not enough to keep up with the knife-sharp cold of winter night. His aura screamed mystery and confidence and in a matter of second you were hooked. The faint smirk lingering on his mouth paired with the intensity of his stare should have warned you. He was nothing but trouble. You swept back into reality when he dangled your hat in front of your face.

“I believe this is yours”

He spoke in a raspy but clear voice cocking an eyebrow. His low tone resounded in your ribcage and once again your breath hitched and almost stopped. You let out a confused, stuttered thanks before taking your hat and quickly putting it on, in an awkward attempt to hide your rosy cheeks. That’s when you heard it the first time. The sound of his melodic chuckle made you lift your head and you looked at him as a deer caught in headlights. It was so deep, yet soft that your heart skipped a beat.

“You know, it’s dangerous for innocent girls to wander around so late at night”

The playfulness in his voice was evident, yet the subtle warning hiding behind his words increased the uneasiness in your heart. Instinctively you nodded and immediately regretted it when he brought an hand to his face to muffle another giggle. Despite the blasting cold you felt your skin turning hot and your gaze wandered to the street to avoid his eyes.

“You better go home kitty” and as he said that he reached out his hand and lowered the hat on your eyes. You quickly took it off just to see him walking past you with an amused expression plastered on his face. Your cheeks caught on fire as the pet name ringed in your ears once more.

You watched him leaving with wide eyes and then you noticed he was also carrying a guitar. You waited the standing like a fool in the middle of the sidewalk until his back disappeared around the corner. Snapping out of your thoughts you let out a frustrated sigh, Who the hell was he? You were pretty sure you had never seen him around your neighborhood.  


His name was Jeon Jungkook. Apparently, the talk of the entire campus. Everybody knew who he was and after asking a couple of friends you were given all the details. He had been transferred from his previous university -somebody said expelled- a couple of months before, currently majoring in music production and engineering. He spent most of his time alone but sometimes hang out with a couple of other guys form your university with infamous good looks and also a dangerously intriguing reputation. Troublemakers, heart breakers or cold hearted playboy. The perfect depiction of bad boys. The ones your mother had always warned you about, because those kind of guys love themselves and their freedom too much to love someone else. They were those kind of guys boys wanted to be friend with and girls threw themselves at.  Nevertheless, your first impression of Jeon Jungkook had been different. You sure had felt intimidated in a certain way -and uncomfortable because of his good looks- but not scared. After seeing him a couple of times here and there in the university campus you couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person he was. Earphones tucked in his ears he strolled around with book in his hands and without sparing a glance to anyone. On top of his god given looks he was also smart, on top of his class. He surely was a peculiar kind of bad boy.

It didn’t take you much for you to find out that he also played almost every weekend in a little pub downtown with a couple of his friends from the music department. And of course you decided to go  and find out who really this Jeon Jungkook everyone was talking about was. You told yourself you were just curious and that if you could exchange just a few words with him and see for yourself how he really was you would have been content.

So on a weekend you made your way to this pub downtown with one of your girl friend. The place was a brick walled basement with posters hanging everywhere, a little stage in the corner and colorful red, violet mellow lights. Upon entering your eyes immediately scanned the place knowing exactly who to look for. And there he was, right in front of you. Sitting on a high stool in the center of the stage, microphone in his hand. A red beanie covering his dark hair, white t-shirt clinging on his broad chest and a pair of black jeans hugging his tights in all the right places. His gaze wandered in the room when he saw the door opening and then stopped on your face. You swore you could see an unusual twinkle in his eyes when he spotted you. It took you a moment to realize that the velvet voice you were hearing was coming from his mouth. And oh boy, it was almost embarrassing how much it was affecting you. Every words, every note, tickled your skin giving you goosebumps. It was so soft, so deep, so sweet. Maybe it was the combination between is sensual voice and the risk tangled in between his words that got you hypnotize.

The world paused for a moment -or at least yours did- as he gazed at you through half closed eyes. You could feel the blood burning in your veins and your heart beating his own rhythm as his sang:

Kiss me, even if it hurts
Come here, tighten me up
Until it can’t hurt any more
Baby, even if I’m drunk it’s fine, now I drink you in
Deep into my throat, the whiskey that is you.

Fast Forward

You sat at the counter and ordered a beer to cool off your flaming cheeks. Your friend was a few meters from you chatting lively with ‘this guy from art class I had my eyes on for months’ she said.   The lively atmosphere matched the place perfectly and slowly you started to relax and feel comfortable in the smoke filled room. Almost.

“Oh look who is here” his hoarse voice broke you out of your trance. Turning your head to the side your eyes met Jungkook, a bottle of beer in his hand and a surprised yet cocky expression on his face.

“What are you doing in place like this kitty? There are a lot of wolves around. You should hurry back home”

The way the pet name rolled off his tongue was so natural it neither felt weird nor out of place. You had always thought pat names sounded cheesy and inappropriate, but now after hearing how it sounded coming from his rosy lips you only wished to hear it over and over again.

“What if I want to stay here?” are the first words you said to him after your awkward encounter that night. His mouth tugged into a grin as he propped one elbow on the counter and leaned his head on his hand to look at you.

“Then you shouldn’t talk to strangers” he added, a playful note in his voice

“Like you?”

“That would be wise”

His plain tone surprised you a little but now that you got the chance to talk with him you were not going to back down.

“I’ve never been good at following advice. I like to do things my own way” you tilted your head biting down on your bottom lip to stop a smile.

You faintly recalled the sound of his laugh, yet hearing it again now didn’t fail to make your heart skip a beat again.

“Ouch feisty” Jungkook took a sip of his beer and eyed you cautiously head to tow.

You grew embarrassed under his gaze and shifted uncomfortably on your seat. With your combat boots and oversized sweater you sure were not dressed -to-impress but that was just serving your purpose to get to know him without giving him any wrong idea. You wanted to be cautious. Or at least you were trying to convince yourself you were not another of his fangirl ready to run on hot coals for him. The mix of curiosity and attraction you felt for Jungkook was inexplicable to you too. His bad boy charms, dangerous aura and alluring silence made you want to scratch the surface of his facade and find out what was lying underneath.  

“I’m afraid I didn’t get your name kitty” he spoke suddenly.

You cleared your throat realizing you were yet again staring at his handsome features.

“It’s Y/N”

“Y/N” he repeated your name savoring every syllable. Everytime he spoke felt like he was singing again. “I like how it sounds”


“You really are the innocent type of girl, kitty”

Jungkook was sitting on his motorbike outside the pub a cigarette hanging haphazardly from his lips.


He took a drag and then exhale the smoke slowly from his mouth.

“Nothing, just usually I should be the one running after you trying to lead you astray and not the other way round”

Your felt your face turning red and you bit into your bottom lip avoiding his gaze. It was true that you came to see his performance almost every week for a while now. It was also true that you would usually wait at the counter, a beer in your hand, for him to approach you first. Which he always did. Jungkook also didn’t miss how you would steal glances from him in those rare occasion you had crossed path in the university campus. You were being quite obvious to be honest. But he liked it. The cute way your cheeks would turn into fifty shades of rose after he smirked at you, your fake disinterest that couldn’t taint your clear eyes. Your facade of innocence hid a soul that longed to be free, passionate, daring. And that was a sight he was greedy to see.    

“Come here”

It wasn’t an order, you could have backed out. However, you were inexplicably, unconditionally, violently drawn to him. You stood a few inches away from him and he slowly lifted his hands to grab your waist giving you time to back away, which of course you didn’t. You gave him a questioning look feigning innocence. Jungkook pulled you closer while getting up and immediately dipped his head in the crook of your neck.

“You are going to be the death of me”

His hot breath tickled your ear before he dragged his teeth from your neck to your collarbone making you whimper and squeezing his shoulder tight. You breathed in his musky scent mixed with tobacco and slid your hands up his chest. He repeated the action replacing his teeth with small kisses all over your jawline and winning a satisfied moan from you. You didn’t know when you became so shameless but you didn’t care about anything around you. You were so desperate to let him now how much you wanted him, how long you had been longing for his touch and how he was making you feel. You were always like with Jungkook. He made you feel so alive, like everything was possible and there was nothing to be afraid of. He stirred something inside of you, you didn’t even know was there. When you were together time just stopped and nothing existed beyond you two.

Jungkook left another small kiss at the corner of your mouth and then lifted his head to look at you. You returned his stare through half lidded eyes and  your grip on his shoulders tightened. Feeling audacious you tiptoed closer to him again tangling your hands in his raven hair. You stopped to look at him in the eyes as if asking for permission before slowly leaving a kitten lick at the corner of his mouth. The groan that escaped his throat got you both surprised and excited to know that  you could make him feel frustrated. The vicious grip he had on your waist loosened and before you knew it Jungkook put an helmet on you head and motioned toward his motorbike.

“Hop on, kitty we got some unfinished business”


You met him again the last day of winter.

He was waiting for you to come to the same spot he saw you the first time leaning on his motorbike looking as tempting as ever with his leather jacket and black combat boots. You approached slowly, eyeing him tentatively as cautions as ever in front of him. Jungkook reached out for you and patted the top of your head with slow strokes. You didn’t miss the small twitch of his mouth when you stared at him fondly. Without saying a word he put an helmet on your head and hopped on his bike. You hold onto his strong torso, feeling the raw and consumed leather under you fingertips as you ran trough the city. The weather was getting warmer you noticed.

Spring was coming.

A.N. Ok listen, BTS comeback made me feel some kind of way and just… I have no idea, this happened. There is not going to be a part 2 because I like this scenario as it is! I hope you liked it as well and as always feel free to leave a message or a rant or whatever you want ^^

Oh and the lyrics is from ’Blood Sweat & Tears’ (피 땀 눈물), fuck me this new album is a masterpiece.


I found a diary while I was out hiking in New Hampshire. I have to admit, I’m thoroughly creeped out by what was written inside.

by reddit user iia/ tumblr user unsettlingstories

The diary was from a while ago; 21 years, according to the dates. It was sealed really well in plastic wrap and stuffed in a watertight bag. If I hadn’t hit the thing with my shovel when digging a hole to take a dump, I never would’ve found it. I wish that would’ve been the case because I can’t stop thinking about the stuff I read. I’m only going to share the fucked up parts, but all I’m leaving out is the lady talking about how she and her husband were spending the month camping and having a good time. There, I just saved you 5 pages. Here’s where it got weird:

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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution New Default Outfit Collection


Okay! So we have seen More Outfits now! I shall go through and include the ones we’ve already seen for this comprehensive review of them.


Okay let’s get this one done first. XD I mean he WAS my old main and he seems to be making the most waves.

Here’s the thing; I don’t think the ENTIRE thing is a diaster. I feel that however:

-The tribal short sleeved shirt

-The cheesy tribal design on the pants

Are screwing with it. Take the shirt off, make it sleeveless, lose the decal, or make it a tank top and lose the decal on the pants and I think we’re onto something to be honest.

I mean the tribal designs are like, so dated. Like they’re so ‘90s they bleed Crystal Pepsi and wear flannel. They’re more '90s than blonde femme fatale concepts(HEYOOOOOOOO <3.)

Black hair is fine. People can dye their hair! I mean he’s known for his red but we can still make it red.

LOVE the eyepatch. Actually looks fucking dangerous, like he’s been through some shit.

LOVE the metal boots. I mean like he gets more and more metal on his boots every game. He seriously looks like he’s going to brain a motherfucker. Like jesus they look like they’re going to hurt.

Loving the collar. Yes, the leather collar fits and well with Devil Jin’s bondage now it’s fitting. XD

Sorry JinXiao fans but the costumes have spoken, we all know Hwoarang/Jin are meant to be.

OVERALL: Lose the decals, swap the shirt to sleeveless or a tank top. Honestly I think minus that stuff, it’s really not a bad outfit and indeed makes him look like he went through some serious shit. Or well you could give him his DR black and white card outfit. 

Devil Jin:

Bondage Much? Jesus Devil Jin you’ve outdone yourself. It’s like he jumped into a pool of Final Fantasy with the belts before following up with a shot of a BDSM club. What HAVE you and Hwoarang been doing on your spare time?

That being said, I like the shredded sleeves and the chain. Gives him a sort of insane look. That being said I wish he’d get some new pants and boots; I think he would look pretty awesome with buckled goth-boots worn over some leather pants with that getup.

I realize I tend to prefer my guys with less on the upper body. XD I’m seeing a pattern here, as I’d probably have made that sleeveless as well.

OVERALL: Pretty good I think. I like the bondage, again. XD Change the pants and boots though. Rip the sleeves off the rest of the way. Just go rivethead-bondage with this shit all the way. 


I think Steve Fox may have gotten one of the biggest lucky streaks here. His is really fucking cool. Plain and simple he looks like the boxing champion that he is.

Ripped physique, nice color design, awesome robe, decal on the shorts might not need to be there but all in all I think his is about perfect for him. I mean while I really dig more casual outfits(one of my Steve customs is pretty casual), if they’re going for a 'ring look’ for Steve I think they could have certainly done worse here.

OVERALL: Yeah really, nice job on Steve guys! Though I’m sad he doesn’t have a Union Jack fundoshi. :<


Holy shit it’s a lot better than Waifu-Bot. It actually looks respectable and pretty cute in a non animebot way. The wings look really pretty, her little antenna are cute, it has a very RAcaseal look from Phantasy Star Online(If those who hadn’t played that game, they were the Female Android Ranger/Gunner class. They had the highest accuracy. And now you know and knowing’s half the battle!)

Skirt looks nice, color scheme works, though I will say fan artists are going to have an absolute blast with this one. And by blast I mean 'JESUS ALISA COULD YOU HAVE WORN A LITTLE MORE DETAIL.’

OVERALL: 100% better than the old kawaii-bot guys. I mean Dr. B would probably want to design her as human as possible. Lars would approve highly.


USA! USA! USA! Paul’s is so gaudy, it…fits. XD Like, Hwoarang’s gaudy goes a bit far with the decals and stuff but Paul blatantly wearing American flags is just so damn Paul. Like he’s seriously the only guy in Tekken that can get away with wearing American flags.

This costume is amazing since it’s sort of like Paul dressing like Paul for Halloween or something. The leather, the biker stuff, all fits him. It’s like so overblown, it’s a shoutout to his Tekken 3 outfit all while being unmistakably Paul.

Wonder what’s up with the beard though. Did he dye his beard or does he dye his hair? May have to ask Marshall.

OVERALL: Would have loved to have seen his hair down, but it’s, as I said, very very fitting. And hilarious. 

That covers the new ones! Let’s go back now and do a quick revisit of the others that had been announced:


Awesome, just awesome. So cyberpunk mercenary looking. I missed his more merc look. Would love to see SWAT Bryan as an option again too for a custom!  


Pretty cool, no real opinion either way, don’t care much about the character.


Not bad, I’m amused in my brain from the 3rd Birthday shout-out and yes that’s the shout-out because that game and DbD are about as good as each other. XD Grenades and guns are amusing since with Anna as my sister I’d pack to my wedding as well. Yes she’s marrying Lee or maybe Bryan(that fight in the preview wasn’t a fight, it was foreplay.)


Looks neat, though I’m not quite sure what’s going on with it. It’s like…quasi-bondage? I never really saw Leo as that type. It’s pretty cool looking, though again I’m not quite sure what’s going on with it. (DvJ’s is more clear bondage fun. XD)


Man I love his. He needed some more character IMO, and it looks like Lu Bu which fits Feng to a T. I mean I forever see him as Lu Bu in Warriors now. Excellent job.


They gave him a cape. MAYBE they could have done a little more here? The cape fits, don’t get me wrong, they could have just added more. Maybe his long hair and a few costume tweaks?


Looks very nice overall! I don’t much care about the character(I don’t mind her, she’s just there for me), but she looks pretty in this. Nice outfit design!


VERY fitting. It’s like, something Lili would wear to one of her family’s higher-end meetings or functions. The teacup is a lovely touch. The preview vid looks like Sergei’s working for her because Mr. Rochefort hired him as a bodyguard. It’s awesome. I would have preferred her goth/punk look from DR, but I’ll take this. I hope to be able to customize the goth/punk look.


LOVE IT. Total general now. Like he got promoted because he is a badass. SO fitting. My only change I’d make is tuck the trousers into the boots; the tall boots have a more sort of fitting look, IMO, to a commander type. (Still hope for a great 'field custom’ with a vest, combat boots, cargo type of trousers since that’s my usual custom look in game.)

Okay that about wraps it up I think! All in all, it looks visually very promising. Some things could be changed…but well that’s why customs exist.

And now on THAT note…I will be back in a second blog with the trailer! Oh yes, the trailer…