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(I’ve started a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!! I’d advise that you go look at the other kid’s stuff to avoid confusion)

The next of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to is Alsafi

  • It had only been 11 months since adopting Cassiopeia and 10 months since taking in Teddy (January 2006) 
  • & these two weren’t exactly planning on adopting another child soon
  • Narcissa had, howeverbrought up the topic of surrogacy around the twin’s fourth birthday (bc she loves the whole grandkids thing and wants them to have like 20 kids, but she wanted at least one to be blood related)
  • “I’ve recently reconnected with Ignatius, you know Draco, Lucretia’s husband. You remember her don’t you? Perhaps not, you met her when you were quite young. She’s dead now, of course, rest her. Anyways, she and Ignatius have a grand-daughter named Eudora Black. She’s your third cousin. Even still, she does look a great deal like you, you know. And I’ve heard of this new type of medicine St. Mungo Healers are doing -borrowed it from the muggles. I was thinking that if Harry and Eudora had a child for you two, they’d be related to both of you.”
  • While Narcissa said this whole speech, Harry and Draco couldn’t get a word in sideways & there was a very long silence after she finally stopped talking. 
  • They just kind of blinked at her. 
  • And finally Draco slowly was just “So… let me get this straight… you want Harry -my Harry-  to- to- have a baby with a woman…who is my third cousin?” He’s just totally perplexed by the idea.
  • And Cissa just nods excitedly and says “I’ve already spoken to Eudora and she says she’d be happy to be your surrogate.” And again, there’s this long silence while Draco tries not to get annoyed bc she talked to this girl before talking to them ?!
  • He through his teeth he just says “Of course she would want a child with the precious savior.”
  • “Oh you don’t understand Draco ! It wouldn’t be her child. It would be yours and Harrys’!” And she turns to Harry, who’s been very quiet up until now, hoping to get an ally. “I know how much you love the Weasleys, Harry. The child would also be related them. Ignatius is Molly’s uncle. Not to mention he was also Sirius’ uncle.”
  • And it takes an arm and a leg to explain the process to Draco. 
  • Throughout the whole thing Cissa and Draco are very blunt and unabashed. 
  • But Harry on the other hand, every time the word “Sperm” is mentioned, his entire face would turn beat red.
  • eventually they go for though, because it seems like a pretty ideal situation relation-wise
  • But their one big concern is the other kids. they don’t want them to feel like this child will be more important than them just because of blood relations
  • So they agree to sit the kids down and talk to them when the baby is born (because at the time the girls are only four + Cassiopeia is 2 so they’re not entirely sure what “Talking to them” would really do + and they wanted to talk to all of them at the same time)
  • They meet Eudora and she really does look startlingly like Draco. Except the fact that her hair is red, instead of blonde. 
  • They get all the necessary paperwork done and 
  • Nine months pass, in which time they acquire another child (Eltanin - next post)
  • And finally, after a load of built up anticipation from the Potter-Malfoys and Draco’s parents and the Weasleys and all of Harry + Draco’s friends, the baby is born on October 31st. It’s a boy and he’s the spitting image of Harry. 
  • Except for his hair which is bright red and his lips, which are identical to Dracos’ (and Eudora’s)
  • They hadn’t talked a lot about names up to the birth. They had thrown around ideas like Cygnus perhaps but nothing really stuck
  • but Harry had been doing some research of his own and suggests Alsafi (Al-suh-fy) 
  • Draco’s a bit confused because “that’s a bit of an odd name. badass, but odd.”
  • And Harry explains to him that Alsafi is a star in the Draco Constellation 
  • And Draco just cries. literally cries
  • Draco had a lot of unvoiced nerves about the baby before he was born.
  • He thought perhaps he wouldn’t feel the same Harry did for their son because he wasn’t really Dracos. 
  • or maybe, even worse, he’s harbour some sort of awful jealousy in the child
  • but when he holds Alsafi he feels nothing but overwhelming love for him.
  • He’s extremely hyper + the dads do not know how to deal with him at all.
  • As soon as he was able to roll that’s all he did. They couldn’t take theirs eyes off of him or he’d roll right off a bed.
  • Harry even gave up trying to keep him settled in public and got a muggle backpack leash. (Draco was, to say the least, quite concerned that Harry had bought a leash for their child, but was thankful immediately on their next outing)
  • The kids are just fascinated and delighted. 
  • they’ve never seen kids so small + the twins just keep petting him.
  • They end up referring to him as “Allie” upon Anita’s request
  • When he gets older, it’s very clear to Harry that this kid had inherited many traits from James and Lily as well as the Black side of the family
  • He’s clever and snarky and gets moody + can get extremely mean
  • He generally keeps a relative light air though, making jokes and pulling pranks
  • + Alsafi is outgoing af and charming
  • It becomes clear as he grows older that, though no one denies his looking like Harry, he’s kind of like… Harry 2.O
  • I mean, his face looks identical to Harrys but at the same time extremely pretty, more delicate looking and Merlin, he is tall
  • he turns out to have the height of Draco’s family. lean and by the time he stops growing he’s 6′6, taller than both his dads
  • His hair is not as messy as Harry’s, but rather nicely curly, and it’s usually kept long (like Draco’s) with an undercut.
  • He’s a Slytherin, really to no one’s surprise.
  • He becomes rather good friends with Lyrik Zabini, and Adhara Finnigan (Dean and Seamus’ kid), fellow slytherins
  • He’s a whiz at Potions as well as DADA. Slughorn is just floored “just like his fathers, I tell you! both were fantastic potioneers you know”
  • He’s also a damn good  beater, becoming a dream team™ with his sister
  • He ends up going by “Potter”
Full on Love pt.1

Thor x plus size/chubby fem. reader 

a/n: super fluffy. mentions of alcohol and getting drunk. Part 2 I’m hoping to add some smut, we’ll see. My first chubby/curvy/plus size reader fic! Also I prefer long hair Thor (I’m still sad over his new haircut)

Summary: The reader is new to the team. Thor can’t keep his eyes off of her.  

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

“Good morning Thor!”

“Good morning Lady y/n, you are looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you.” you said, while continuing to mix the batter you were preparing.

You shook your head, smiling. He was always such a sweetheart. You had just got out of bed, wearing only a tank top and cute sleeping shorts. You weren’t sure what Thor’s idea of lovely is, but you thanked him anyway.

“I was about to make french toast, would you like some?” you asked, as he rummaged through the fridge.  

Thor peeked his head over the refrigerator door, “I would!“ 

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Your relationship with Taeil from his POV


Taeil’s one wasn’t requested like at all lmfao and I know it probably won’t get many notes either because its Taeil like wtf do u lot have against him why don’t u like reading about him :( So I didn’t spend too long on this :( but somehow this is about 2,600 words long lol

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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The Start of Something New (Jughead x Reader)

In which Jughead gets in a fight with the gang and makes an unusual friend in his exile. Out of everyone in Riverdale, he should know that appearances are not always what they seem.

“The Riverdale School Library will close in fifteen minutes. Thank you.”

It had been three days since The Incident. Jughead hadn’t spoken to his former best friends (which will hitherto be referred to as Defendants 1, 2, and 3 as he could not think their names without gagging). During the hours when Jughead wasn’t crammed into the uncomfortably close classrooms or attic bedrooms with the three defendants, he found his solitude in the library. The drive-in would have been much preferred, but that was a paradise of time’s past. Very past.

“Come on now, what is it?“

Jughead looked up from a checked-out textbook about film theory to the girl sitting across the table. For three days Jughead has sat at one of the only not-gummed up tables in the whole library. For three days this girl sat across from him, her own book in hand. For three days, they haven’t said a word to each other.

Until today.

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She Is A Very Good Muse

Originally posted by bangmybox


Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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Suspect: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (we’re getting there)
Word Count: 2.5K
Warnings: Angst, death (lil’ graphic), mentions of previous same sex relationship (should that even be a warning?), swearing

A/N: I was hoping to have this posted a few days ago, but I got lazy, sorry! Thanks for being patient!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After hours of tossing and turning, you gave up. You couldn’t get your mind off what you had witnessed on the bridge, the man - if he could be called that - was heartless, cold, bloodthirsty, and above all, a killer.

Still dressed in the same clothes, you grabbed your bag and a jacket, knowing exactly where you were headed, but unsure if you’d be able to find anything. The streets were mostly empty, as to be expected at 4am, so the drive to the DCPD building was quick and quiet.

The security officer jolts away as your steps click towards him, “Hey Shaun,” you say, giving him a kind smile,

“Detective Y/L/N,” he says with a groggy voice, “I was just… Resting my eyes,”

You force a chuckle, making him relax as you scan your key card and make your way to the elevator, not wanting to stand around and chat. You’re getting impatient, and your foot unconsciously taps as the elevator seems to crawl upwards. Finally the doors open and you make a beeline for your desk.

Once logged in, you repeat the same process that you had at home; searching for anything and everything you could find that related to yesterday’s events. This time you had more luck. Your search seemed to return one file, labelled S.H.I.E.L.D.

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anonymous asked:

You know what I think about often? A JayTim harem au. Can you imagine Tim covered in gold and jewels, in crisp blue silks? Lithe muscle made for performing. And Jason, adorned more simply in charcoals and deep reds, less ornamented but still just as catching. Jason the bad boy who's always testing the rules ;D

UMM YESSS?? but like you have no idea, I LOOOOVE these types of things, like what if Tim was like a new addition and what if Jason had a problem with like, fraternizing with visitors/clientele and he gets CAUGHT and has to go hiding from the guards or whatnot…

“I didn’t think anyone ever came in here,” Jason says, waving a hand near his face the create a breeze. “It’s so fucking hot.”

“So leave,” Tim tells him, not lifting his gaze from the book in his hand. The place is a greenhouse, after all.

Jason squints, mouth devolving to an irritated pout. He stalks towards Tim, who’s seated at the pool’s end, wearing jewels that match the water’s languid color. Jason leans over, close enough to read the text, and snorts.


He’s in Tim’s space, and Tim simply rolls his eyes and shifts the book leftward, where Jason’s slanted jaw doesn’t block his view.

Jason remembers why he and Tim never talk; no matter how pretty the kid is, he’s obviously got a stick up his ass, and isn’t concerned about having friends.

“The master give you that or something?” Jason tries a different angle, because he’s seen ones like Tim come and go, fledgling servants desperate for praise and competitive, like they think they’ll get masters to love them or some other horseshit.

Tim surprises him by saying, “No.”

Jason snorts. “He’s gonna be pissed you took it then,” he says, because the library is off limits and that’s the only place anyone can find reading material.

At that, Tim’s eyes lift and there’s a sharpness there that seems, all at once, daunting.

“As pissed as he’ll be at you for fraternizing?”

Jason wants to laugh, because hell - who would have thought that the little find off Drakeshore had such a mouth on him, but he’s got a reputation to keep and he can’t let these prettier captives think they know their way around him.

Reaching forward, he pokes Tim two-fingered against the chest, just enough to make Tim lose his balance and go flailing backwards. He snags the book before Tim splashes back into the crisp waters, and rights himself to smirk, as if he’s proven a point.

When Tim emerges and pushes up to his feet, Jason laughs. Something in his throat catches when Tim drags hair back from his face, making the pale pallor of his skin more evident, his eyes more piercing.

He looks familiar, and Jason’s struck with an undeniable fear he can’t place.

“I hate you,” Tim says, and Jason can’t help but feel the words are loaded.

…have they met before?

“Yeah, well,” Jason takes a few steps backwards and sets the book on a glass table, almost nostalgic for the way real bound-leather feels against his calloused fingers. “I’ll remember that when you come asking for help.”

Tim looks livid. “I’d never come to you for help.”

It’s hard not to feel bad for Tim; he’s so much like the others, under an odd notion that they carry any type of control. It’s only a matter of time before Tim breaks, Jason thinks, and realizes he’s owned.

Jason offers a knowing, two fingered salute, knowing that will only piss Tim off more.

You’ll come, it seems to say, and when Tim whirls his head to huff, Jason can’t help but see something like fire in Tim’s eyes.

It’s alluring, and he hopes it will last.

Is It Arranged Love? Chanyeol x Reader [Requested] Pt. 1

By: Gen

Word Count: 3344

Genre: Fluff

Request: Female reader x Chanyeol or Baekhyun where in you are an international idol and you were paired to them in We Got Married and ends up falling for you. A little fluffy in the end if it’s okay. Thanks!

A/N: I got you fam!! Sorry for the long wait. Lots of research and switch up of writers… Here it is!! Part 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Originally posted by chanshine

Chanyeol POV:

My legs shivered as they came in contact with the cold bench. I made sure to have a content look on my face at all times. It would be on broadcast soon, many fans are already angry when they found out I was gonna be on the show, We Got Married.

I fiddled my fingers, thinking of the mystery girl I am supposed to be married to. Well, at least in the show.

“I hope she’s nice…and beautiful,” I remember admitting in the interview, “I hope she can take care of herself, but at times I can be the one to care for her,” I shared.

Waiting for the camera crew to get ready, a man brought me a box. I muttered a quick ‘thank you’ and curled my linen-covered fingers around the edge of the box cap. As I started to pull it up, a makeup artist almost screamed. I look up with panic, she bows and apologizes, realizing that she had caused a scene in the small park.

“You can’t open it until we film, Chanyeol,” she voiced.

“O-ok…” damn, why am I so awkward, I think to myself. I let the box go and put it to the side of me. I clasped my hands together, attempting to avoid looking in the box.

“Okay,” the director says, “let’s get this started.” I stand up. I brush the imaginary dust off of my coat.

“ACTION,” yells the director. A big grin shines on my face. I have to present myself well to my fans.

“Oh, I’m so nervous,” I say, honestly. I hear my stomach growl faintly, but it seems like the entire film crew could tell I was hungry.

“Maybe once I meet my wife, we can go get something to eat,” I anticipated.

I shuffled around quietly, trying to figure out what to do.

“Chanyeol-shi,” whispered the same makeup artist, “get the box.”

A box? Oh! The box!! I remember. I pick it up and finally get to lift the red covering off. In the box was an iPhone, a red scarf, and a tiny note with a poem:

'Use the tech
to find me
as I am the one with the freezing neck’

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Behind the Scenes (19/21)

Author’s note: Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, things are like all over the place right now. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst/Flufff?????? But is it really? (Suga)

Word count:4678

City: Bangkok, Thailand

Summary: Jimin has his own feelings about Y/n and Jungkook’s date night and Suga finally get Y/n to talk to him.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


He couldn’t stop staring at them. It was the first thing that came up on his phone and all he could do was just stare.

Y/n looked beautiful in her red dress and Jungkook looks as fine as ever. Seeing Jungkook hold Y/n in his arms, made Jimin’s chest tighten. It was the exact poses they did for the last comeback and he felt just as jealous of Y/n as the day he was glaring from the sidelines of the photoshoot about a year ago.

He knew he had no right to feel the way he was feeling. He knew this was all part of their “show”, to make their fake relationship look as genuine as possible. But, in those pictures, at least to him, they just looked too…real.

Jungkook’s hands were much lower on Y/n’s body than he’d ever witnessed. Jimin continued to torture himself by zooming in on Jungkook’s beautiful face only to notice his lips curling into a smile, a smile that wasn’t in the original pose. Just in general, the was the Jungkook was holding her was much closer than before. In the second picture, the one where Y/n was holding onto Jungkook by his hair, Jimin felt his heart hurt more. Still there was a slight smile on Jungkook’s face, one too subtle to be fake. Unlike the original photoshoot, y/n’s lips were actually on Jungkook’s neck and that’s when Jimin tossed the phone to the other side of the bed. He couldn’t look at it anymore, it was making him physically sick.

“Why are those pictures affecting me this way?!?” he sniffled. “They are just stupid pictures! There is a shit ton of other ones of them together! Why does this hurt so much?” he whimpered.

He sat up. “Ya! Stop thinking this way!” he told himself. “There is nothing going on between them. Y/n wouldn’t do that to me. Even if she did like him, she would have told me. I can trust her, she is my friend… And besides… These feelings are pointless anyway, he’s never going to love me back.”


The two hour plane ride from Kuala Lumpar wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best. The up side to the whole ride was that it was only you and Jungkook that sat together. There were no worries about feeling too much guilt compared to when you were actually next to Jimin. However, you had to deal with Jungkook constantly pestering you the whole time to go down in him in the bathroom. You slept with him only once and he got his greasy persona with you right back. Because of it, it wasn’t entirely easy to say no to him. The way he was wording everything was tempting, but it was more fun to deny him. Each time he came up with either a more persuasive argument or resorted to ridiculous begging. Despite his entertaining actions, the biggest reason you always said no was because you were scared the two of you would get caught by other plane passengers, or worse, any of the other boys.

The only upsetting part of the plane ride was that you and Jungkook sat behind Suga. Suga wasn’t his usual plane riding self. Without fail he was the type to put his headphones in and go to sleep, especially when he was hungover. However, today he was different. Of course, he was hungover, but this time he kept himself awake. From time to time, your giggling got a bit loud and each time it happened, you would see his bloodshot eyes peek back at the two of you through the plane seats. You got an ugly feeling in your stomach every time you noticed him.


“Jungkook, your hands!” you giggled

“What about them?”

“We haven’t even been in this hotel room for five seconds and your hands are already on my ass!” you said as you turned around to face him.

“I can’t help it!”

“I know! The-“ his lips interrupted you. “whole plane - ride you were – trying to – get me to – “join the mile high”- “club”. Ya, Jungkook!”


“I’m still mad at you!” you laughed


“Yes! You let me wake up all alone!”

Jungkook sat at the edge of the king sized bed and pulled you close. “But I was brushing my teeth!”

“But you didn’t even wake me up with a good morning like you always do! I couldn’t help but get freaked out… Plus, it felt like the first time we slept together and I woke up all alone and I didn’t like that feeling.” You pouted.

He groaned and fell back on the bed. “But you looked so cute sleeping! I didn’t want to wake you up.”

You crawled onto the bed and grabbed the one if the biggest pillows. You brought it over your head and threw it down at the unsuspecting boy’s chest. “I know, but then you had that fuck boys mirk of yours when I finally found you!” you grunted as you landed a heavy blow in him again.

“Ooooooh ok! That second hit was uncalled for!” he smiled. “Hit me one more time and see what happens!” he threatened with a bunny smile.

Without a second thought, you smacked the fluffy pillow on his face.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” His body rolled across the bed and he armed himself with the biggest pillow in the pile. “This calls for war!” he shouted, swinging the pillow aimlessly.


“C’mon Tae, open up, open up!” he thought. He peeked back over his shoulder towards Hiro’s room, paranoid that the disgusting ma was going to walk out at any moment. “Dammit Tae!”

“What’s up?” Finally V’s shining face appeared at the door.

“Hey, can I stay with you for a few hours? Hiro has been throwing looks at me since we left Malaysia.”

“No problem, but why don’t we go to Y/n and Jungkook’s room? She was looking better this morning. Plus, their room is on the other side of the hall”

“Yeah, let’s go, like now. I am too fucking paranoid.”

As they made it closer to Jungkook and Y/n’s room, they could hear muffled sounds coming from somewhere.

“Do you hear that?” V asked.

“Yeah, I wonder where it is coming from.”

“I bet there is some honeymooning couple here or something. Sounds too “odd” to be something innocent.” V smirked.

Jimin squinted at him. “I’m sorry, I thought I was walking around with Tae, not Jungkook.” He laughed.

The sounds only grew louder as they came to their destination. Both he and V threw each other a look as they heard the sounds more clearly. “What is that pounding sound?” V whispered.

Instantly, Jimin felt the failure pain in his chest. It felt like someone was squeezing his heart.

“Is that squealing- no, screaming?!?” V asked suddenly worried.

Jimin couldn’t get himself to listen anymore, he just began knocking frantically.

Suddenly a messy haired Y/n busted out of the room. “Save me!” she begged as she jumped behind the two of them. She laughed as she used them as a shield and put the pillow over her head for more protection.

Next Jungkook appeared, a pillow loaded above his head. “Oh hey guys!” he beamed, hiding the pillow behind his back.

Y/n giggled behind them, mostly clinging to V.

“What are you guys doing?” Jimin asked. All worries faded away seeing Y/n finally smiling. “Finally, she seems happy again.” He thought. “How could I have been jealous of those pictures. I should have been happy that Y/n even left the room. Now that I think about it, she looked happy in those pictures. What matters it that she is happy again.”

“Um, nothing.” Jungkook mumblied trying to catch his breath.

He looked over at again. Her twinkling eyes were peeking over his shoulder. “You liar!” She squeaked.

He put an arm around her. “Don’t tell me you are attacking our precious Y/n with a pillow!” Quickly, Y/n’s face fell, probably playing along with what he was starting.

“Um… No…” Jungkook huffed.

Jimin made intense eye contact with his fellow 95 liner. “Tae, you know what to do.” He said in a low voice.

V gave back an ominous nod. With a serious aura, he turned to y/n and held him hand out. “Pillow please.” Once equipped, he turned to the maknae. “Prepare to die.”

At exactly the same time, the two boys began attacking each other with their puffy weapons. He and Y/n watching as V got Jungkook to retreat back into the room. It wasn’t long before Jungkook got the upper hand and had him backed into the closet.

This was the moment where Jimin was able to make his move. He ran up behind Jungkook and pinned his arms behind his back.

“Jimin?!? What are you doing?!? Cheater!”

“Tae, quick!” He grunted as he struggled to hold back the boy he cared for so much.

Tae jumped out of the closet and took his revenge, unleashing his worst.

“Aaaaaaaah! Ouh! Noooooo, not the face!” Jungkook screamed with every hit. “Stop! Fake Jagi, help! Avenge me!”

“ok!” he ran back and grabbed Jungkook’s fallen pillow. “she quickly returned and began attacking him too.

“How dare you! How dare my fake jagi betray me!”

“You said to help, so I’m helping Tae!” she laughed.

“Agh! I surrender!” Jungkook cried as he collapsed dramatically

Jungkook’s limp body fell deeper into his arms and he enjoyed every second of it. He didn’t care that he was getting stray hit here and there from V and Y/n, he just like being so close to Jungkook.


Every day you faced the likes of a guilty Suga. He never came up to you, he only ever just stared at you with sad and heavy eyes. You couldn’t stand it. There was a horrible mix of emotions every time you spotted him. It didn’t help that your other senses picked up on the presence of Rap monster’s boisterous last victim, Boonsri. Boonsri was a lot like Eunhee in that she was what one would consider “hot”. She was also not the shy type in any way, however she was probably the most naïve of all the girls. Rap monster played her like a flute and it was terrifying, no matter what he was saying she hung onto every word. Still, you felt guilty of her inevitable doom and the loss of the other girls was still heavy on your mind. You felt like what was happening to them was your fault. you had the chance to tell them to run, t you never did. you were always to scared what your consequence was going to be. In the end, you still wished it was all you instead.

There was only one way that you coped with it all and that was by throwing yourself all over Jungkook. Almost every night since the “anniversary” date, you willingly took part in playing with each other’s bodies to get everything out of your head. It never really worked, at least not for long anyway. It was always after doing the deed that a whole new set of worries came into your head. The thoughts of “Why the fuck did I do that?”, “How would Jimin react to this? Can I ever tell him? What do I do?”, “What if Namjoon busted in right now and caught us?”, “Why can’t I stop thinking about Yoongi?”, always haunted you.


This night was no different from the last. Jungkook had barely closed the door to the room closed and his hands were already on you.

You smiled. “Finally we are alone.” You said as you turned around to pull him into a kiss. You walked back to your bed, pulling Jungkook with you until he was on top of you.

You nipped his neck immediately getting a reaction out of him. “Oh someone is feisty tonight.” He whispered into your ear.

“And what’s so wrong with that? You aren’t tired, are you?” you teased.

“I’m never too tired for you baby.”

Your hands went to unbuckled his pants, already feeling him hard against you.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Shit!” you both hissed. You both froze, waiting for another sound. For a long moment there was nothing. Jungkook spoke first. “… Ok, I think-“  again there was a knock.

“Who could it be?” you whispered.

“Um… You go check… I got a situation going on down here.” He said looking down at himself.

You slid off the bed, fixing your clothes as you looked through the peephole. Although you couldn’t see his face, the blotch of dyed hair gave away who he was. You quickly walked away from the door not wanting to see him. “It’s just Suga.” You huffed.

“Don’t tell me he wants our beer again.”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” You mumbled as you walked up to him.

Again there was a knock at the door. Jungkook looked at the door annoyed. “Let’s just ignore it. He’ll leave and annoy someone else.”

You had more frustration inside you that you wanted to let it out. You jumped on top of him, straddling his thighs and took his hands, placing them under your shirt. “Now where were we?”

You let out a yelp as he flipped you onto the bed and got back on top of you. He threw off his shirt and his lips came crashing down on you.

Again there was a knock on the door, this time followed by a call on Jungkook’s phone. Now you were out of the mood, upset even more. “Just answer the damn phone.” you grumbled. “It could be the monster.”

With much annoyance, Jungkook pulled out his phone, but quickly tossed it on the bed when he saw the caller ID. “Nope, it’s the drunk.”

“Let’s just get this over with.” Not caring for Jungkook’s protests, you got back up and opened the door. Coming face to face with a frowning Suga brought up the mix of feelings back up, but you maintained your blank expression.

“Y/n…” his voice gave out too soon. “… Y/n can we talk?”

You stuck to your word of not speaking to him and you only glared at him not saying anything.

His nerves intensified under your dark gaze and he looked all over, trying to find the courage to talk again. “Y/n… I-I… I need to apologize…” He finally said.

“For what?” Jungkook’s voice came up behind you.

Suga let out a frustrated sigh. “I just need to talk to her.”

“Y/n, do you want to talk to him?” Jungkook asked you in a way that was practically picking on Suga.

You couldn’t even get yourself to say no, you just closed the door in his face. Immediately Suga began knocking on the door frantically. “Y/n please!” you heard.

“Jagi, you don’t have to talk to him.” Jungkook reassured

You looked at the door. You couldn’t help but doubt yourself and part of you wanted to talk to him. “Yeah, I know.” You barely let out.

There was a weak knock at the door, signaling he was about to give up.

“Fuck it!” again you opened the door

Suga stood surprised that you actually opened up again.

You stared at him waiting for him to say something, say anything really.

“S-so can we talk?”

You nodded.

“Really?… Can we t-talk alone? Maybe in my room?” again he was scared to ask.

You turned around and faced Jungkook who was behind you. “You stay here, I’m going to his room.”

“You sure? What if Namjoon comes?”

“Then just take him to Suga’s room!” you instructed. You didn’t see the point in him worrying so much, you knew you weren’t going to be gone long, at least you weren’t going to let yourself be.


You sat on one end of his couch annoyed. “Why did he want to talk? Why can’t he just let me be mad at him?!? And seriously of all the times of the day, like now? Now he wants to talk?!?”

Suga sat about 2 feet away from you, still struggling to find the words to speak first.  “So, uh… I’m… Well y/n… I first want to say sorry about what happened in Kuala Lumpar…”

You crossed your arms. “And what for exactly?” you asked harshly.

“Well, I had the necklace fixed!” He quickly got up and retrieved a small white cardboard box out of his laptop bag. He sat back down and offered it to you.

You looked down at the little jewelry box in his hand. You scoffed at him, “I don’t give a fuck about the damn necklace.”

His frown returned and he placed the box down on the coffee table.  “…I’m sorry for getting drunk…” Finally he said an apology you actually wanted to hear.

You looked up at him “And?”

“And for doing so even after what you told us… I should have been there for you after that night… I fucked up…”

“You sure did!”

He hung his head low. “…I know…”

“I broke down in front of the two of you and neither one of you gave a fuck, neither one of you quit your shit for me!” you spat.

“I know…”

“Why? Why?!? If you knew, then why do it?!? If you know I hate it so much, if you know I need you guys?!? This is what I meant! You guys aren’t my friends! You guys don’t care about me! You only care about yourselves! Just tell me why! Why don’t I mean anything to you?!? Why make me feel close to you guys when neither of you fucking care?!?” you wiped away the tears that spilled out, not wanting to waste anymore on him.

Suga didn’t say anything, he just kept his head down.

“Well?!?… Seriously? You aren’t even going to fucking say anything?!?” You stood up from the couch. “You know what? Fuck you! I’m going back to my room!”


You turned back to him. The shrunken version of the man you loved, now only stood a few feet in front of you. “Why the fuck should I?!?”

“Just let me explain? Please? Just please?”

“…Fine, but after this, I’m leaving!” you stated as you sat back down on the couch.

Suga sat down, this time a bit closer than before. He ran his hands over his blushed face before he spoke again. “Ugh, I know what I’m about to say isn’t a good enough reason…” He said softly. “Especially to you of all people… It’s just… I just… I-I can’t take any of it anymore… I’m still so stressed. This tour is taking a lot out of me… but a lot of it all deals with you… I hate seeing you and Jungkook together… I know it’s all fake but I hate it! I hate that I don’t trust you with the maknaes even when they are the ones that have been looking after you. I hate that my attempts to get Hiro to back off didn’t work, that he still hurt you. And for the life of me, I can’t stand the fact that you won’t talk to me, that you don’t trust me. I feel like I failed you…” his voice trembled.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked away from him.

“I mostly hate myself!” his voice cracked. His eyes were red and watery, “I hate that I couldn’t step up to the plate and be there for you when I should have. I lost sight of things and you are the one that’s getting hurt… What’s really getting to me lately is that I hate myself for what I let happened to Aik- Ai-“ He couldn’t even say her name before he broke.

You teared up too, remembering your interactions with Aiko and all the others. “So why do it, huh?!? Why didn’t you just pay her off?!? I was at that meeting too! Namjoon said you can just pay them! You have money! Why didn’t you do that?!?”

Suga shook his head. “She wouldn’t take it!” he whimpered. “When we all reported to Namjoon I told him Aiko wouldn’t take money. I didn’t have time to find anyone else, so he-he gave me no other choice than to coax her in!”

Your blood boiled. Every part of you wanted to physically slap some sense into him, but you didn’t. “Then you should have lied to him!” you practically screamed. “You should have told him you’d pay her and he would have backed off!”

“I didn’t think about that! It didn’t even come to me until it was too damn late! I was too tired and too stressed to think!” he cried.

“Bullshit! You “fought so hard for me”! Why didn’t you fight for her?!? Why didn’t you fight for Aik-“ even you couldn’t say her name. “…Why not for her? You seemed to care so much for her. Why did you let it all happen?!?”

“I did try!” He finally looked up at you. His eyes were as red as could be, even more so than when he’s hungover, the rest of his face was red as well and streaked with tears. “I tried so hard, but in the end, I didn’t want you hurt!”

You moved up to him. “I don’t care about being the fucking mule! I would have gladly done it so they didn’t have to!” you shouted, poking at his chest with every word.

“This wasn’t about being the fucking mule y/n!” he shouted over you. “I was selfish and I chose to protect you!”

Your face cringed at him. “What do you mean you chose me?!?”

“What do you think it means?!?… I went to Namjoon before we took off for the tour. I begged him to let Aiko walk away… Time after time, I begged him and every-single-mother-fucking -time he gave me the same ultimatum…” his voice fell. “He told me that if Aiko walks- If she walked, he’d kill you.” His bottom lips trembled. “I had to choose between you or Aiko… Y/n, I love you! I fucking love you and the thought of not having you in my life killed me! I was selfish and I wasn’t gonna let him take you from me!”

You looked at him through watery eyes not too sure of you could believe what he just said. Your lack of words got to him and he got off the couch and turned away from you.

You sat silently, taking in everything. Your mind was going a million miles an hour as you tried to wrap your head around everything. “Was that why Namjoon hasn’t killed me yet?!? Did Yoongi just say what I thought he said? Why didn’t he ever tell me this? Did he really mean it, does he actually love me?” Quickly your thoughts began to snowball and eventually you came to one major thought. “Would I have done the same thing for him?!?” you looked over at Suga who still had his back to you. “If I had to choose between Yoongi and someone else, who would I choose? Can I be without Yoongi?” Even these past weeks of not talking to him hurt so much. No matter how mad you were, you can’t picture a day without him around.

You walked up to him. Without notice, you hugged him. You couldn’t stand being away from him anymore.

He jumped at your touch and turned around. “Huh?”

“I love you.”

“What?” He asked in disbelief.

“I love you!” you repeated. You didn’t care anymore, you tiptoed so your lips could reach his.

Thankfully, he kissed back and you swore you felt a spark. The same spark you felt the first time you kissed. A spark you never felt with Jungkook no matter how many times you told yourself it was there.

He pulled out of the kiss making your heart fall, but he still held you close. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.” His voice trembled.

“It’s okay.”

“No! I fucked up! I fucked everything up!”

“Shhh, it’s okay.” You whispered as you wiped his face with your sleeve.

He went through a small series of whimpers before he began to weep on your shoulder. You held him tight combing your fingers through his hair until he let it all out.

By the time he was calm, you both had moved to the couch. The two of you sat quietly letting everything sink in. You held his hand and eventually felt his thumb glide across your skin

You looked up at him, “Are you okay now?” you asked softly.

He shrugged “… That depends…” He voice was softer than yours.


“Can you forgive me?” He was nervous to ask, it was obvious that he was.

You nodded. “But… are you ever gonna quit drinking?”

His answer wasn’t an immediate one and that didn’t make you feel so good. He thought about it for a bit before finally he answered with, “Yes… I’ll try”

“Yoongi, if you ever pull shit like that again, I will stop talking to you.” you said sternly. “I hate when you are drunk and I not going to waste whatever time I have left on your drunk ass. If you drink because you are upset, then come to me and tell me about. For whatever pushes you drink, you come to me instead.”

“…Ok” he said giving your hand a squeeze. He inched closer and you rested your head on his shoulder.

Again, there was silence for a long while until he broke it once more. “Y/n”


“When we get back to Seoul tomorrow, I’ll be getting started on the album not long after the final concert… So I won’t be coming home with you guys for a while. I won’t really be home a lot in general…”

“…That’s fine” you lied. It hurt that you put so much space between the two of you and now that things were better, he’d be busy. Almost instantly did you throw away the idea of him sobering up. You knew how hard he pushed himself and that was one of the many reasons he drank. This whole making up thing was too good to be true.

“I’ll do my best to make time for you.” He reassured.

“You better!” you tried to smile, but you just couldn’t. “But make time to sleep and eat too.”

The corners of his lips curled up. “I will.” Finally, a smile, that was something you haven’t gotten out of him in a long time.

You looked down at your hand in his, feeling complete for the first time in a long time, but it was just then that you remembered your relationship with Jungkook. “…Also, let’s not have anyone know about our feelings for each other, not even Hoseok. I don’t wasn’t the monster finding out…” Nor did you want Jungkook ever knowing about the two of you. “…But also, I want to take this slow. I need some time to trust you again.”

“Yeah, of course.”


“You were gone for a while; how did it go?” Jungkook asked you as you walked past him.

You did what you could to avoid his eyes. “Uh… emotional.”

He appeared next to you with a look of concern on his face. “A good emotional or a bad emotional?”

You shrugged, still not looking him in the eye. “Good… We are cool now.”

He nodded, not looking too happy about your answer. You felt him grab your wrist and he pulled you into a hug, but you didn’t reciprocate. “Well, I’m proud of you Jagi. It must have been hard to have to talk things out with him.”

You no longer felt comfortable by his touch. It all of a sudden felt so wrong now. You had to break up with him, but now wasn’t the best time. “I’ll do it when we are back in Seoul.” You thought. You pulled away from him. “Um… Let’s go to sleep before Namjoon gets back. I’m really tired now anyway. It’s been a long night.” You told him.

So… How do you guys feel about that confession? Do you guys like this Suga x y/n thing or do you want her to stay with Jungkook???????

Live in Dreams

Show: The 100

Ship: Kabby - College AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own them!

Note: I’M BACK, BITCHES *Octavia voice*. Listen to Live in Dreams by Wild Nothing!! Sorry for any grammar mistakes!

The first fight they find themselves in is when he’s barely been in his new apartment for a month. Upon watching him move him, she had found him attractive, for a stranger, but she had pushed those thoughts from her head immediately. She had a boyfriend, and a serious one at that.

It’s nearly three o’clock in the morning, and the screaming just won’t stop. She figures he’s either showing off, or the girl he’s got in his bed just can’t keep her damn mouth shut. Normally, stuff like this wouldn’t bother her.

Whoever and whatever he does in his apartment is his business, but she’s got clinical rotations in less than four hours and hasn’t managed to get any sleep thus far.

Wide awake and annoyed beyond all reason, she rolls up a pair of running shorts, pulls on a tight fitting tank top, and stalks over to his apartment door, right across the hall from her own.

It only takes three bangs of her fist against the heavy wood before the girl stops screaming. The next thing she hears is footsteps growing closer and closer, until his door sweeps open and she’s met with a bare chested Marcus Kane.

“Can I help you,” he impatiently asks, his hair a wild mess and parts of his neck glistening with the dim hallway light.

“Yeah. You can stick something in that mouth of her’s so all of us around here can get some sleep.”

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The Charmer: Bloom

This chapter is named after a song by The Paper Kites called “Bloom”. Listen to it and you’ll understand why.

Part 3

Y/N jolted up in bed, the sound of her own screaming waking her up. She quickly cut off the sound hoping no one else had heard. The adrenaline from her dream was still shaking through her muscles begging her to run, hide, fight, or do anything to save herself from her imagined attackers. She tried to take deep breaths to settle her nerves but it was no use. With a resigned sigh she got out of bed and strolled through her quarters. She’d been here two weeks now. Steve stopped asking her questions about the terrorist group last week. The trail has gone cold on them, but she wasn’t surprised. With or without her that group was good at hiding, until of course they decide to launch an attack. The lack of news on the terrorist group meant the only person really talking to her was Wanda, and occasionally Steve; Natasha and Tony seemed like two busy people. There was another person she’d seen on the common floor with Wanda once or twice, he was red, and often wearing some kind of sweater. Y/N found his appearance unsettling and usually retreated at the sight of him. Wanda was good company though, she did most of the talking, and when Y/N found something to comment on she’d jump in, but it was a good change of pace from her previous silence. Wanda liked going through music with her, there were so many different artists that she’d never been exposed to. Y/N caught sight of a clock in the front room, it was nearly 4 AM. She sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote to her stereo and turned it on. The CD inside was a present from Wanda by a band called The Paper Kites, not Y/N’s usual type of band but upon listening to the first song she decided it wasn’t too bad. Wanda came to visit her long after the sun was up, Y/N was cooking when she came in.

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alex has always been the one person to ground kara. she has given up so much of herself for kara - a childhood, an adulthood, parents, and even now, alex would sacrifice herself for her little sister.

she was always the one who would go through hell to save kara - the only one who could save kara.

so it would only be appropriate that when kara finally lost it - when a combination of some synthetic kryptonite mixed with too many emotions to hold in her arms caused kara to just break - alex would be the one there.

it was months after the daximite invasion. the world was still only slightly turned upside down and things were getting back to normal. but the more kara had to put on a smile and push through her emotions, the more she struggled to hold onto all the weight on her shoulder.

with james and mon-el and saving the world, she felt that she could forget about everything. forget about home, krypton. forget about all the things she refuses to talk about. forget about the weight that has always been on her shoulders.

being super girl, kara could just forget.

and she kind of forgot about diana.

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The Final Countdown (Bucky x Reader)

 Word count: 1100   

     “I have a bad feeling about this, Bucky.” You whispered to him as you walked into the vacant HYDRA base. “I don’t have a good feeling at all.”

               “When do you have good feelings about anything?” Bucky shot back, irritated by the fact that you wouldn’t stop talking. Recently, even though you two were dating, fights had been an everyday occurrence in your relationship.

               “I don’t understand why you have to be so rude about it.” You looked up at him, angrily glaring as he checked your surroundings.

               “I don’t understand why I tolerate you anymore.” Bucky sarcastically shot back, and you felt your heart drop down into your stomach. You two said it to each other all the time, when he would eat the rest of your cereal, or when you would drink the rest of his coffee, but never in this type of situation. He had never, truly, meant it, until now. Bucky felt a tension in the air, and he sighed, knowing that he had upset you. “I’m- “

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Secrets (Modern Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 2,800

Authors Note(s): SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG


‘What’s the worse feeling a human can feel? Love. Love is something that is so rare to find and humans lust over it. It has become a task in life to find love, get married, have children, and die. That isn’t what love is. Love is falling for another person constantly, over and over again. Living for the moments you have together and mourning the moments you aren’t with each other. Love is getting to know someone more than you know yourself and treating them like a priceless artifact because you don’t know what tomorrow brings. If you love someone, you feel like a totally different person without them and you don’t know what to do. This is how I feel towards (Y/N) but I’m afraid she will never notice.’

        Jefferson closes his laptop, finishing the entry for his Creative Writing course. Though it was a measly paragraph, anything that he wrote about her made his heart skip a beat. Seeing her in his Literature classes made his day better in masses. Taking his phone out, he typed in her name and began to text her.


        A phone’s buzzing broke your focus from your work. Reaching to grab your phone, a notification for a text from the group chat you’re in with Angelica, Maria, Aaron, Thomas, and James pops on your home screen.

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Sweet Surprises

I can’t believe I finally finished this holy shit. Well, here’s the fix I promised you all! I hope you like it, as I put a lot of time, effort, and editing into it!

Summary: “If the cat’s away, the mice will play…" When Dan’s out of the house almost every day of the week nowadays, Phil decides to go snooping in Dan’s room to see what’s up. What he finds, however, is rather shocking and he can’t wait to use it against Dan…

Warning: um… it’s really intense. And kinky. No smut, but kinky. Maybe you should read to see how this could be? ;)

Pairing: Phan (Dan/Phil)

Word Count: 7,619 (holy shit)


When Dan went out, Phil got bored.

And when Phil got bored, he tended to do things he regrets.

He regrets visiting the “weird side” of youtube because his suggestions led him there. He regrets sitting flat on his backside and watching television marathons for hours on end until he felt dizzy. He regrets laying on his bed for two hours straight that one time, trying to toss popcorn into his mouth.

But the one thing he regrets the most was the snooping.

Phil knew it was wrong, it was so wrong, but Dan was out for most of the day, nowadays, and the opportunity was just there and-

He decided that it was okay, in the end, simply because they knew everything about each other anyways. But besides every familiar object he came across in Dan’s room, he still couldn’t help but hope for a little something he knew nothing about.

Phil never allowed himself to snoop too much through Dan’s room, though. He usually just chose a spot, like his desk, and looked at the quirky little things hanging off and looked through the drawers. (He once did the same with Dan’s nightstand and he was met with a huge dildo that was an outright shock at the moment, thus quickly ending his snooping session and his cheeks were stained red for the rest of the day). But when he got bored, he would shrug, put everything back where it originally was, and leave to find something else to do.

However, today was different. Not only was Phil bored, but his laptop had died earlier and he found himself too lazy to walk over to his desk to get the charger. Yet apparently, he wasn’t too lazy to roll out of bed and walk across the hall to his best friend’s bedroom to poke around again.

When he looked around today, though, he let out a sigh of despair. Now not only did he know everything about Dan from their four years of friendship, he knew every little thing Dan kept in his room. Aside from a… rather strange assortment of sex toys Dan had hidden away, but that only only served to confuse Phil at the time rather than turn him on.

The noiret let out a breath, flopping back on Dan’s bed and staring at the ceiling. He actually had nothing new to do this time, and Dan’s sudden need to be out of the house more often than not was already starting to become a hindrance to their friendship. Phil shook his head, letting out another sigh as he turned to stare at Dan’s desk. He smirked and sat up quickly as something caught his eye.

Dan’s laptop.

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red cup

because i am here to admit that i don’t think i ever truly got over nerd!harry (aka my main man marcel) this happened. plz don’t come @ me bc BSE is lowkey a good song ok thanks. like listen to it without the video…. it’s pretty above average huh? also, 2013 punk harry killed me in general. but this has nothing to do with the best song ever music video so let’s just get onto it, shall we? 

WARNINGS: extreme fluff and one scene of smut (wet dream, handjob followed with a blowjob wowza) but yeah it’s not based around sex if ya feel me?? bad bitch y/n meets nerd harry in a college environment and you can kinda guess the rest ;) [and by college i am implying free thought on whatever school of your choice but stanford seemed to fit the best for me]

hope you enjoy my work. all the fucking love!

xoxo   - AMANDA



But he’s faced with one of those red solo cups and poor Harry has no idea of what concoction is in the red plastic but he likes Y/N a lot and all he knows is that she’s waiting for him to drink out of the damn red cup.


Harry is a dork and Y/N takes an odd liking towards him.


Y/N would like to think of herself as a nice person.

She was nice to those who were nice to her, but, at the same time, she was also a bitch to people who were a bitch to her.

And it seems that the latter has gotten her a certain reputation. The reputation of - what the hell do they call it nowadays - a bad bitch?

Yeah, she hears that quite frequently. And on occasion, there are the people who would skip saying the first word and simply call her a bitch but Y/N pays no mind to these kind of people.

Most usually they were just petty girlfriends of the boys that ended up unloyally flirting with Y/N. It wasn’t Y/N’s fault per say, but - hey - she reckons she can’t really blame them. She would probably be a bit upset if her boyfriend commented heart eyes on another girl’s Instagram picture too.

But as it goes, Y/N has never had a boyfriend. Like, ever.

Of course, many many boys were more than willing to fill the position.

But Y/N was not one to fall in love. Rather to her liking, be a tease, a flirt, a sure unreachable goal for any man.

And maybe that’s her very problem.

She is as independent as it gets. But when she did take a liking to a certain man, they were always very handsome and well off (basically, she didn’t hook up with losers). She would always go for a man, never a boy who didn’t know how to handle a girl like herself.

A man may not be the correct partner she needs. And as her ‘type’ may be a bit older, tall and muscular with (most usually) loads of money, but maybe she needed someone below her.

She had never payed mind to younger boys and - well, for lack of a better word - nerds. But maybe a nerdy boy was what she wanted after all.

Maybe that boy could fill the position of her love.

She swears love is fake, a myth, something that’s only true in the fairytales.

And, that may be true.

But she might just be proven wrong when her nerdy soulmate in glasses and suspenders walks through the door of her economics class one winter morning on the first day of second semester.

And that nerdy soulmate’s name might just be Harry Styles.

“Mr Styles, it seems as though you are five minutes late.” Professor Hemmen’s voice booms through the lecture hall and all eyes land on Harry.

Harry looks up, fiddling with the straps of his backpack filled with countless amounts of notes, pushing up his glasses before directing his attention back to his professor.

“Sorry, sir. Seems as though I got a bit lost, never been in building C before.”

Professor Hemmen seems annoyed as he rolls his eyes and puts his hands up as to dismiss him. “Never mind that, I don’t tolerate excuses. Take a seat.”

And so Harry does, eyes lingering on the dark wood (lament) floor as he takes the middle stairs up a couple of steps so he wasn’t in the front. He hated attention.

Harry also hates eye contact, seeing as he doesn’t look up not even once on his journey to an empty seat.

Up until his eyes meet with Y/N’s and he nearly trips over a stair because, God she’s so pretty, and he’s about to look away because he never stares at girls that pretty until she smirks back and throws him a wink that may make his heart rate pick up increasingly.

He decides to sit about two levels up from Y/N because he doesn’t know how she would react to him sitting right next to her; there was an empty seat next to her in his defense, but she didn’t look like the kind of girl that usually welcomes kids like Harry to sit next to her.

He sighs a longing sigh for the girl two rows down as he takes his seat, fumbling around in his backpack for the notes he prepared during winter break. He was the biggest over achiever ever. Who studies for a class that hasn’t even started yet? Harry.

“You’re Harry Styles, right?” A boy with black hair and God-like facial structure taps the back of Harry’s shoulder blade, startling him in the process.

Harry turns around hesitantly, never too good with socializing - especially when he’s supposed to be taking notes.

“Uh, yeah.” And the boy smiles a coy smile as he looks Harry up and down, intimidatingly.

“The 18 year old college junior, huh? Graduated high school at 16 as class valedictorian. You got a full ride on scholarship to an American college. Lucky you.”

Harry furrows his eyebrows, because really, why did this boy know so much about him anyway? “I don’t believe in luck actually. Gotta do things for yourself if ya wanna get anywhere in life.”

And with that, Harry turns around and focuses back on the pissy professor that his roommate Niall said is ‘the biggest asshole in the whole world but his class is as interesting as ever’.

Well, up until he comes in contact with the presence of Y/N and she’s peering up at him with a coy look that dares him to lick his lips.

And just like that, Harry realizes he has a crush on Y/N.

Because she’s super pretty and well, hot, and he doesn’t know why her presence is distracting him from taking notes like the thriving student he is but for some reason, he loves it.

And Y/N can admit she likes him too. Maybe a bit too much. Because girls like Y/N aren’t supposed to like boys like Harry but in some instance of the saying, she likes breaking rules anyway so why not break one with Harry?


It’s about three days later when Harry finds himself in the library, scrolling through books S-T when he spots Y/N.

She has earbuds in her ears and her head is bopping to the music which Harry soon realizes is The Rolling Stones from it being so loud and he never would’ve thought someone like Y/N would be studying with countless of books around her only four days after the semester started.

But there’s a lot to Y/N that Harry didn’t know about.

And he would never usually have the guts to approach someone like herself, because fuck is he awkward especially around pretty girls, but he can’t find the damn book he needs and he finally sees it sitting on the table Y/N is studying at.

He groans and mentally curses the higher powers (which would be God, for Harry) for putting him in this situation. What an ass.

So, he hesitantly makes his way over to the now ACDC music booming from her earbuds and taps her shoulder lightly in order to get her attention.

She turns around in confusion because who the hell talks to people with earbuds in? Annoying ass people.

But then she realizes it’s Harry and she doesn’t understand why all her attention goes to his jade eyes under his glasses because this never happened - no boy ever got her attention like this and definitely not someone like Harry - and she takes her earbuds out.

“Uh, hi,” Harry scratches the back of his scalp and he could slap himself for letting his words come out so high pitched. “S’jus looking for The Study of Saturn and it’s not on the bookshelf but I saw it was on your table and, well, it didn’t look like you were currently using it, so like, uh, would you mind if I borrowed it from yeh?”

She smiles and Harry notices she doesn’t have any makeup on today. Now, Harry thought every girl was beautiful in their own way. His mum raised him to think that way. And a girl could be pretty with or without makeup; it was whatever they felt most confident in that made them the prettiest.

But she’s fresh faced and there’s no jet black eyeliner surrounding her big bright eyes and he has to admit he likes this look a lot more. She’s also wearing the school’s sweatshirt with shorts that have little dolphins on them with some fuzzy socks that look so comfy and all he can think about is how damn cute she looks. Much different than what she was wearing last economics class, which consisted of black skinny jeans and a form fitting shirt with a leather jacket.

From badass to a little puppy or something and Harry never thought a girl could be so mesmerizing.

And on the other hand Y/N is a bit embarrassed (which she never was). It’s Saturday night and no one comes to the library on a Saturday night this early into the semester unless they are in serious need of some friends and she’s sitting here in her (basically) pajamas and she doesn’t think anyone has ever really seen her like this.

“You take Astronomy?”

Harry is thrown off with the question because most usually would the person just hand it over without a word but this is the first time he’s heard her say anything and he decided that if he’s not already in love with Y/N he is most definitely in love with her voice.

“Yeah, I do. But it’s just an elective. The study of stars unfortunately cannot get you much in life, to my dismay.”

Y/N smiles at him and he’s surprised by how much he says because he was kind of shy in some instances but he reckons it’s just because he’s nervous and he does ramble when he’s nervous. Y/N makes him nervous. But Harry decides it’s a good nervous.

“Well, I was just about to use it. There’s an essay due on Saturn and I was gonna get that outa the way but if you wanted to join me we could share the book.” Harry loves the idea but he never would’ve guessed she would offer such a thing, “If that’s okay with you, of course.”

And Harry finds himself nodding as he sits down at the chair across from Y/N and he’s smiling (and he wants to giggle but that would probably confuse and disturb Y/N, right?) at what she just said because that Saturn essay is what he’s working on too but that’s not due for 3 months and he really doesn’t know anything about her because he would’ve never pegged Y/N to be one to get things done much ahead of time and be so diligent in her studies.

She sets a stack of blue sticky flags in front of him and he’s confused till she starts explaining, “These things save my life so just tab the pages you need with blue and I’ll do mine in purple, okay? It’ll be more organized that way.”

Harry nods at that because even though he hates sticky tabs, thinks they get in the way and tear away much too easily, he can’t bring himself to comment on his dislike because she loves them and Harry doesn’t think he could ever hate anything Y/N loves.

So the two sit there in silence, writing essays on the stars surrounding Saturn and Harry thinks Y/N is prettier than all the stars in the galaxy.


It’s a Tuesday morning the next week when Harry gets woken up to the sound of someone knocking on his dorm door. He checks the time and grumbles at the display of 6:24 am on the digital clock.

He gets up and rubs his eyes before putting his glasses on so he’s not blind as his feet hit the outdated carpet covered floor of his dorm and he’s just wondering who in the hell would be at his door this early.

He would’ve thought it would be one of his roommate’s friends on a usual day. But Niall was at his girlfriend’s (not that Niall would full on call him and Celine dating but Harry knows better and Niall just hates labels) apartment and Harry doesn’t have too many friends.

He opens up the door to find an overly exuberant Y/N on the other side, dressed in her ‘badass’ attire that Harry previously explained. She’s holding a cup of coffee and a book in her hands and he really wishes he could’ve prepared for her company because his hair is a mess and he’s got some sweats with a coffee stain on and his whole dorm is filled with books and notes and if he didn’t know Y/N was invested in school like he does know he probably would’ve been slightly embarrassed.

“Morning, Harry! Hey did you see the donuts in the PAC? Because I had one and they’re super yummy and I think they were for the choir or something but I stole one anyway-”

“Y/N, Y/N… what’s up? What’re doing here so early?” Harry has to cut her off because it was too early and even though he did enjoy (adore was a better word but Harry wouldn’t admit that) her voice she was talking much too fast, probably from the 3 shots of espresso in her iced coffee, but he needs to process everything through his brain and he just woke up.

“Oh, sorry! S'like really early isn’t it? I have a 7 am today and I totally didn’t even think about the time but I know you need this book and I finished my essay so, here ya go.” She peers at The Study of Saturn and Harry smiles lazily at the memory of the library occurrence.

“How’d you know where my dorm was, petal?” He doesn’t mean for the pet name to come out but it falls from his lips before he can catch it and by the way Y/N shyly smiles he figured it wasn’t a bad slip. But Y/N, shy? On what world… (But also, on what world did Harry call pretty girls by pet names? Not one Harry’s familiar with.)

“Uhm, remember Zayn? The one who asked you all those snooty questions in economics on the first day? Well he told me that Niall was your roommate and, like, Niall told him your guys’ dorm number and so Zayn told me and yeah - just wanted to drop it off with you so you wouldn’t have to check it out yourself.”

Harry really can’t believe she’s standing right outside his dorm. Y/N can’t really either, because she wasn’t usually this nice to a proper stranger. Not that they really were anymore. I mean, the library occurrence, exchanged numbers so they could keep track of the book about Saturn, some glances here and there in economics; they weren’t strangers, right?

Well maybe to Harry they weren’t because he didn’t know too many people but to Y/N they basically were because she did know a lot of people but even then does Y/N feel slightly misguided by that realization - that her and Harry were still perfect strangers if you looked at it - and she disliked that very much.

Harry was different than the other boys. He was kind, opened up doors for her, smiled at her when they passed by, and one time he even leant her a pen in economics when she came unprepared. The other boys would call her hot and make bad pickup lines that never worked. Mostly stuck up assholes and she was finally understanding that love was a myth - in these kinds of boys. Because Harry was far from those kinds and she really liked what kind of boy he was.

“Harry!” she shouts a little too loudly as she remembers something, Harry flinching at the loud noise that she pays no mind to, “My friend is having a party this Friday and, like, I don’t know if you would wanna go but it’s really cool - not like those typical frat parties and I feel like you’d really enjoy it?”

Harry loves when she rambles. A lot. But he’s also never been invited to a party. And that that nerves him. A lot.

“I don’t know, love. I was supposed to study on Friday…”

“Live a little, Styles!” She sets the book in his hands along with the address she jotted down real quick, “Be there, okay?”

And with that, she makes her way out of Harry’s dorm building, heading off to whatever class she took this early in the morning, leaving Harry smiling like the lovesick boy he is.

If only he knew she felt the same way.


Harry was not one to enjoy social gatherings very much. He preferred to be alone for the most part.

Not that he didn’t have any sense of personality, because, he was actually a very cool lad.

Given, it took a lot for him to be able to let out his true character. A lot.

Because Harry thinks only about 10 people had ever seen him for the real and true Harry before.

But he didn’t trust people easily.

So, when he walks into the front door of a frat party he wouldn’t have ever gone to if he were not madly in love with the girl who invited him - well, he thinks he’s gone insane.

There’s a paper due in his social sciences class on Monday and he can’t remember why in the hell he’s at a party instead of studying.

Of course, that is until the one girl that he would do anything for walks down the stairs with a red cup in her hand.

She’s the only one who could’ve ever convinced him to come to a fucking frat party.

“Harry! Oh my God, I thought you wouldn’t show,” she’s brought out of her thought train as she eyes him up and down, his outfit choice of the night much different than what he normally wears. “No glasses?”

And Harry was barely able to choke out a quick “Contacts.” because she’s dressed in a black bodycon dress that hugs every beautiful delight of her body and he really can’t believe a girl could be this sexy.

“You look nice.” Harry blurts out before he can stop himself and she looks up at him with a smirk daring to dance across her pink, plump lips that have Harry thinking everything that shouldn’t be spoken of in Church.

“Why, thank you, Styles. I would say the same for you too.” Because, yeah, he looks very good. A t-shirt with some jeans and it seems his hair is a bit more messy and the no-glasses look is really working for him, she decided. Isn’t there a movie about this? Ahhh, Can’t Buy Me Love 1987. Classic. 

Harry really hated whatever voice she just said that in because on what world was a girl this hot and sexy seductive with a guy like him. He’s glad he wore tight jeans tonight.

He’s barely aware of her hand intertwining with his as she leads him to a room where it appears to be a truth or dare game going on.

Truth or dare games never end well.

“Who’s the new kid? He looks like a freshman.” Y/N’s friend, Liam, questions with an intimidating glare as Harry sits down next to Y/N.

What the hell is he doing here?

“His name is Harry for your information, and he’s really cool.” Y/N always has his back and Harry is internally grateful.

“Fuck, Harry Styles? Man, I feel for you I’d hate to still be a virgin.” Liam pats Harry’s back with a mock sincerity and Harry really wants to go run and hide.

“Like bro! Have you even kissed a girl??”

Yep. Harry really wants to run and hide.

Y/N glares at them which seems to scare them somewhat into quietness and Harry really doesn’t know what he would do without her.

“It’s truth or dare, right? You can ask him when it’s legal if you wish.”

So the game begins and Louis asks the question that makes everyone in the circle chuckle, except for Y/N and Harry of course.

“So, Harry, you get truth,” Harry’s sure the rules don’t work like that, “have you ever kissed a girl? That’d be pretty sad if you hadn’t-”

“Yes.” Harry cuts him off because the more Louis talks the more Harry’s cheeks seemed to burn and he didn’t understand how a girl as nice as Y/N could ever hang out with these kinds of people.

“My first kiss was when I was 14 and it was at school.” Harry only lies a little bit because he was actually 17 and it was with the captain of the science club and that wasn’t just his first kiss it was his only kiss but Harry felt like that information wasn’t exactly needed.

“Ah, look at that, Tommo! The nerd beat you to it.” Liam laughs as Louis rolls his eyes.

“Whatever, Li. I was 15, big fucking difference.”

Y/N is thinking about what she did to end up friends with this lot. Because, really, they weren’t so bad once you got to know them and Y/N might even go as far as saying they were pretty cool lads but Harry looks embarrassed and Y/N thinks anything that brings discomfort to Harry would result in hatred. Y/N doesn’t particularly know why she’s so protective over him. Isn’t that usually the guy’s job?

But in the instance of the saying, Y/N hates societal roles anyway, so why not say fuck you to gender roles too? (Because she can be protective over Harry if she fucking wants - even if that was only because she liked him a little too much.)


“Can we get you a drink, man?” Someone says to Harry as Y/N leads him to an unknown area of the mystery frat house and Y/N is nodding for him before he can process that they mean an alcoholic drink.

Y/N has a drink in her hand as well, still the same red solo cup and before Harry knows it, he gets accompanied with the same thing.

“Go ahead, drink up.”

And Harry doesn’t know why it’s scaring him so much but he’s never been proper drunk before - like blackout drunk, can’t see straight till the next morning drunk - he’s only been a little tipsy at his aunt’s wedding a while back when he was 15 and that was the craziest he’s ever gotten.

But he’s faced with one of those red solo cups and poor Harry has no idea of what concoction is in the red plastic but he likes Y/N a lot and all he knows is that she’s waiting for him to drink out of the damn red cup.

So he takes a sip and hopes for the best.


Y/N would admit to expanding her social skills at parties (in the most casual way of saying the phrase). Because she’s very nice to people who want to have a good time and she gives all her love towards the people who truly want to let loose and go wild at something like a party.

She was a party animal, even if she wouldn’t admit to it. She loved parties with all her heart and if she wasn’t so committed to her studies she would be going to a lot more.

Yet, she can’t recall a time where the situation before her has ever occurred.

Yes, she’s woken up in bed with a random boy before, not knowing what happened the last night.

But it’s not just a random boy in the bed next to her.

She’s wearing the boy’s shirt and he’s shirtless but she doesn’t realize it’s Harry of all fucking people until he rolls over as he lets out a sigh of sleepiness.

And Y/N wouldn’t usually call a boy pretty but Harry is laying there in his most natural form and she’s never seen a boy so restful and content in all her life.

But she’s in bed with him. And he’s shirtless.  And she’s not wearing any pants.

“Harry!” She startles him awake and Harry shoots up and nearly falls from the bed until Y/N pulls him back.

“Oh my God,” Harry grumbles and clutches his forehead in pain (he thought being drink was an act of spontaneity last night but now he’s disagreeing with that), “what the hell happened last night?”

And, oh man, if only Harry and Y/N did know what happened last night.

The life of the party, they were.

If Y/N wanted to dance on a table to 90s R&B Harry would get up there with her, not tell her to get down.

If Harry wanted to start the Macarena (like the dork he is), Y/N would be the second in line.

It was a night filled with splendid adventure and delighted craze.

Harry was sure it was the best night of his life because he was finally spontaneous rather than boring and Y/N thinks last night was the best night of her life simply because she found someone who would be just as crazy as her.

And two peas in a pod they were, because everyone loved them. It was like a show, free entertainment for all partygoers. 

But Y/N was always like that. And Harry was the new element of surprise. What kind of nerd goes to frat parties? Harry, apparently

Yet, as it may go, the conclusion of that night was a kind frat boy (thank God that boy was Y/N’s friend or something very different would have probably happened) told them crashing in their “guest room”, which was just an extra room for fucking random people at parties, but Y/N and Harry were thankful for that bed even if it was probably toxic with how many people have used it for it’s actual reason and not just because the life of the party were both tired and it was 4 in the morning and they just ended up there. 

Trick of fate? Maybe. But Harry and Y/N knew better. 


It’s late in the afternoon on a Sunday and Harry is sitting in his dorm, trying to get a bit of studying in. Up until he falls asleep because, let’s be real, economics homework could bore anyone. 

A good nap won’t hurt, what’s the harm in it? 

An innocent, fulfilling rest is just what he needs. 

But he soon comes to realize after he’s far into a deep sleep, the innocent factor would be missing. 

Didn’t J. Cole write a song about this? No, maybe not, but Harry remembers Y/N playing a song called Wet Dreamz in the car when they were going to pick up dinner together one night (not a date, however, they were very much still in the friend zone) and apparently it wasn’t even about the title. Whatever, Harry hates rap anyway. 

But the title was accurate to Harry’s current situation. 

Because in this dirty dream it’s a sweaty mess of desperation and lust and moans and fuck if Harry wishes it were all real. He’s gripping her waist as she swivels her hips down onto him and her moans would have a porn star blushing.  

It’s pure fifth and unadulterated smut, everything that Harry longs for. 

Because in another world, Harry wouldn’t be so damn shy and he wouldn’t be so lame and he wouldn’t be so nerdy. 

He’d be confident and daring and everything Y/N wanted in a man. 

But it seems the world decided to catch up with reality and Harry’s startled awake with a text from the one and only, and after having a damn wet dream about her, he decides he’s undoubtedly and royally fucked. And definitely not the good kind. 

Can you let me into your building? It’s past 9 so it’s all locked up and there’s no one in sight !! HELP MEEEEE

And, God, could Harry evaporate into thin air in a hot second if he could. She of all people has to be here now? And he slept for how long? 

The display on his bedside clock reads 9:13 PM and Harry groans with that realization. Not only had he slept for 4 hours, prohibiting him from doing any of his studies, his distraction was because of the girl waiting outside his dorm building for him. A girl he just had a bloody fuckin’ wet dream over and he has to invite her into his dorm as if he didn’t just dream of her riding him into the sunset. 

That’s what he gets for staring at pretty girls in class. The world is surely playing some sick joke on him. 

Harry hops off his bed in a haze of lust as he has to shake his head because he has to see Y/N after he just witnessed that? He throws on a beanie to tame the birds nest on top of his head and grabs at his glasses while somehow someway (and desperately failing) trying to hide the massive boner straining against the material of his sweats. Dicks are annoying. 

Be right there!

His text sends out and there’s immediately a read receipts underneath his blue bubble, followed by three typing dots. 

Hurry the hell up, it’s proper fucking freezing out here!!!!!!

And as if she remembers her manors, she sends out a “please” to go along. 

If Harry wasn’t so out of it he would’ve chuckled because she’s really damn cute. 

“So, uh, snacks are in that cabinet if you’re hungry,” Harry speaks with a deep breath because nope his hard on is still very much prominent and it’s not helping that he’s staring right at her ass. 

After letting her in to his dorm building, her with a beaming grin and him with a pained and strained smile (because what the hell is he doing anymore) she skipped right up to his dorm. 

“S’Niall not here?” She asks in a confused tone and Harry shakes his head, remembering him saying something about him and Celine “chilling”. 

“Went out with his girlfriend,” His words come out a bit too high pitched when she sits on his bed, him already leaning against his headboard, (or rather lack of because what kind of dorm has a bloody headboard?) her hand resting on his thigh that’s much too close to his bits pleading to be released. 

Harry really would cry if he was allowed. 

Her eyes flicker up to his in a confused and bewildered gaze when he lets a involuntary sigh (but it sounded a lot like a moan) after she moved to cuddle with him. 

Friend zone was a real thing but both Harry and Y/N loved cuddles so who was the one keeping them from snuggling each other? Because, yeah they cuddle all the time (even when Niall groans and calls them gross to which they both give him innocent grins). 

But Harry’s never been fuckin’ hard when he cuddles her and he’s sure she’ll be able to detect the piece of damn rock in his pants. 

He has to do something… anything! She’s about to cuddle into him till her bum is pressed perfectly against him and Harry’s sure he will combust right then and there. God, what had he gotten himself into. 

“L-Love, uhm, ya think we might just talk for a little without laying down jus’ yet?” He stuttering and she’s looking at him to make sure he’s not ill and Harry decided he very well might be. Being this hard for this long is surely not good for you. 

“Somethin’ wrong?” She places a delicate hand to his face and holds him in the embrace to feel if he was running a temperature but he felt fine. Harry almost leans into it, it’s such a sweet gesture but then her other hand rests at his hip and he nearly bucks up into her arm as it drags by his crotch area. 

He’s breathing hard and his eyes are swimming in lust and she has no fucking clue, does she? 

“I’m a bit…” he doesn’t know how to word it, he’s never had to admit having a damn boner before without sounding like either a hormonal teenage boy (which he was) or a creepy pedophile.

“I, uh, wasn’t expecting your company, and like,” she nods for him to continue and he concludes with a big fuck you to the world for putting him in this situation, “m’hard.” 

Her eyes dart down to the bulge in his sweats, thinking how it was possible for her not to have noticed that before. 

She’s biting her lip as her eyes trail back to his once jade now turned forest green eyes and he has no idea what she’s thinking but he hopes it’s nothing like “Ugh, you fuckboy!” or something in that regard. Harry reckons she might not even know it was caused by her and maybe she wouldn’t be so appalled if she knew that. 

So he lies for the sake of his sanity, “Kinda random actually, one of those spontaneous ‘hey buddy, where’d ya come from?’ type.” 

Harry was cringing at his word choice. Did he just call a boner buddy? God, help him

And through getting to know Y/N, he learned that she usually laughed things off. Say something like ‘you’re such a dork, Harry’ or along those lines and that would be that. 

But there’s not even so much as a tug at her lips. Rather, a smirk plumps her full lips daring him to think of other places they could be. 

“I, uh,” she starts but looks into his eyes again, “I could help?” 

Harry thinks he heard that wrong. 

“You what?!” 

She’s a little startled by his outburst, even though it’s anything from mad, it’s more stunned. She smiles and Harry whimpers when her hand brushes over the bulge. 

“S’what friends are for, right? Helping each other out in tough situations.” Harry’s sure typical friends don’t help the other get off. 

But she’s smirking down at him like he’s some sex toy or something and it’s like his whole dream is coming true and maybe, just maybe, wishing upon a star worked for once. 

“You wanna help?” He confirms and she nods, eyes sparkling in mockery.

“I mean, you could do it yourself but I’m here, aren’t I?” 

He nods before he can stop himself and this is absolutely fucking mental. She’s about to give him a handjob? He nearly shudders at the word because how dirty of a word it was, why did it have to sound so raunchy but Harry thinks he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

And once her hand slips past the waistband of his sweats, Harry’s sure he won’t last long. What, given he’s been hard for quite a while and he’s never had any sort of help from anyone - always just been himself - and out of all people it’s Y/N, the girl he just had a fucking wet dream about not even 10 minutes ago. 

He makes a choked sound when she finally wraps her soft delicate hand around him and his eyes go wide at the contact, his fingers digging into the sheets underneath him. 

“Wow, that feels..” his own comment is cut off when she runs her hand up and down against him and he chokes on the last syllable. 

Harry was so used to his own rough, big hand he wasn’t expecting the soft and small hand of Y/N’s to feel so different. But it’s as if velvet is the roughest thing ever in comparison to her hand and Harry would be fine if he were to die right now - at least he would be dying a happy death. 

His eyes are squeezed shut as bites on his lip to keep in a bloody shout when she runs her finger across his tip and he shudders as he puts a hand on her thigh, “So good! But… but not.. there. W-wanna last,” his words are chopped and stuttered. 

Y/N doesn’t really understand why he would want to last. Wouldn’t he want to get this over with and quickly at that? She doesn’t question it further as she resumes his ‘supposed death’. 

“I could, uhm,” she promised help, and help was what he was going to get. She almost feels bad, it’s very obvious he hasn’t had any help in a while - or ever, at that - but Y/N doesn’t ask in fear he would get embarrassed which is exactly the opposite of what she wants. The quiet moans and whimpers are only getting her more turned on and this was all supposed to be a simple friendly hand job. As if this was the most casual thing.

“I could use my.. my mouth?” 

Harry almost combusts right there. 

“Yeah! Fuck - I mean, if you.. if you w-want. Christ, sure, of course.” He’s pleading with her in a way that is all a little too submissive. Because Y/N was not dominate but she decides maybe she could be with Harry. 

“C’mon then,” she breathes soothingly, pulling down his sweats. “Let’s get you out of these.”

Y/N wonders if she’s dissociating a bit to cover up how absurd it is that her hand is on Harry’s fucking dick. 

Harry for the matter, is seemingly given up caring and has embraced his desperation and the sensation of a hand other than his on his dick. 

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” he chants through tightly clenched teeth when she moves down between his legs. This can’t be fucking happening. 

She licks her red lips from biting on them so hard as she’s now bending at the waist and giving the wet head of him a swift lick. Harry’s eyes blow wide as he watches her in a stunned disbelief as the soft, warm, wet tongue of her laps him and his mouth falls open. That burning in his tummy returns tenfold and he mouths choice words.

Y/N hadn’t expected out of this is to like the full, heady taste of him spreading over her tongue. She keeps kitten licking the tip, teasing him to no end it seems, before closing her lips just lightly on top of the head of him and sucking before opening them a bit wider to engulf him. Harry tenses when her tounge comes back into action - the feeling foreign - yet he seems to be spiraling down a staircase of “Why the hell didn’t I ever do this sooner?” 

He tastes good – a bit tangy but with a certain sweetness that has Y/N making goggly eyes (it’s obvious he takes care of himself). She really does not understand what’s possessed her to find this out but she’s glad she did. She’s already helping him times 10, so why not go above and beyond?

She keeps the one hand wrapped around the base of him while the other grips his thigh to keep him steady as she works her mouth and hand together to give him the best sensation. His hands drop down to tuck in her hair, a bit harder than she was used to but Y/N would be lying if she said the slight sting wasn’t a turn on.

Meanwhile, Harry lays (near death, according to him) and stares at her completely mesmerized by the way she’s moving and twisting her mouth and tightening and relaxing the pull of her lips on him. Her mouth pops off him for a second and the image of pre-cum dribbling from her lips is almost enough to finish him off. 

“Feels good?” she ask asks, her hand still working on him making it hard for him to answer in a coherent sentence. 

“Yeah,” he pants, eyes cloudy with lust as she goes back down on him. 

He wants to hear her moan, and watch her bob faster with more desperation seeking his goal with a hungry tongue – but he’s just waited so damn long (for anyone, really, but the fact that it’s Y/N is driving him balmy) and she’s helping to a point of no return that his own fantasies are sending him over the edge, and he feels a tight, coiling sensation deep in him that he’s only ever felt when it’s his own hand was tugging and pulling like a pre-teen boy. 

Yet, here he is with Y/N, casting him into a spiral of sure destruction because she’s literally gagging on his bloody dick and he can’t even proclaim those three words when he feels as though he might just die in her arms. 

“M’gonna….” Harry swallows hard, vision blurry. “M’gonna cum.” 

When her mouth stays around him and coaxes him to a relaxed state he bucks up into her mouth with growing alarm. “M’serious!” He’s warning her with every last restriction he has because not every girl likes to swallow, right? Sure, it’d be hot as fucking hell - the hottest thing he’s ever seen - but he respects her too much to not even let Y/N decide. He’s resorted to pulling her off, yet he sincerely doesn’t want her to go anywhere. His head crashes against the pillow underneath him as a long, almost animalistic groan follows. 

“Fuck! Y/N, God… please!” His abdomen is clenching tightly and he’s breathing hard. He’s so damn close just a little…. 

When she reaches her hand down and squeezes his balls lightly he’s done for. With a low groan of pleading his release fills her mouth and it seems like it just won’t fucking stop. She milks him all the way and when she pops off with a last kiss to his tip he almost thinks he could combust again, if that were possible. 

“Holy shit.” He mutters under his breath as he tries to steady his breathing and Y/N wipes her mouth off before joining him again at the top of his bed. 

She giggles at his astonishment of the situation that just happened. As if she wasn’t the one that just gave him a fuckin’ blow job….

“S’what friends are for, right?” 


It’s when Y/N is sitting all alone in her apartment and Harry is surrounded by countless amounts of notes in his dorm, when they both realize how deeply in love they are with each other. 

Harry always thought he was in love with her. But it’s when he’s sitting there thinking about the way she sticks her tongue out in concentration, when she yawns because the coffee just isn’t helping anymore, the way she giggles when he tickles that one ticklish spot when he wants to see her smile - that’s when he knows he’s in love with her. 

Because when there’s an exam tomorrow and he’d rather think about her smile than any math equations when he knows he cannot fail this fucking test - Harry knows he is irrevocably and madly in love with Y/N. 

Y/N didn’t know he would have as big of an impact in her life as he does now. She thought he was cute, all innocent and everything, and maybe she could teach him a thing or two. 

What she didn’t know is she would be staring blankly at her ceiling fan as it went round and round thinking about his dimples and his cute awkwardness and his overall view on the world at 11 at night. 

They didn’t know falling in love was ever going to be a possible because they come from two different worlds and in Harry’s world there’s no way Y/N would ever fall in love with someone like himself but through some type of fortunate events, they did

So when Harry gets a call from her, he has no idea what to say. 

That is, until she says it for him. 

“I’m not good at this sappy shit - you know that - and I don’t think a boy has ever meant so much to me but you do and,” she pauses to collect her thoughts while Harry tries to understand what is happening, “I love you.” 

“More than a friend?” He asks as if they’re in middle school and he hears her laugh on the other line. 

“Yes, Harry. More than a friend.” 

And maybe Harry was finally getting everything he wished for after all. 

“Well then Y/N, I’m pretty sure I love you too.” 




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Cleaning Service

Prompt by the lovely @yanajoz

You sighed with frustration as you let yourself into Jai Courtney’s home. The place was a total mess. It looked like he had a party at his place last night. He was going to make you earn your money today. You lugged your cleaning supplies into the messy home. As you surveyed the damage, you realize you would need one of your employees here to help. You usually were in and out of Jai’s home in record time but today you knew it was going to be longer and he was going to put you behind schedule.
“Shit!” you muttered to yourself as you started to pick up trash. You had tried to reach your other employees for help. They were either already at a house or were off and did not pick up their phone. You were on your own. It took you a good two hours to get the living room and kitchen clean. There were stains everywhere and God only knew what they were. You headed upstairs to the bathroom and bedrooms. You looked for the note Jai sometimes left on his door telling you not to clean his room that particular day, seeing none you preceded in his bedroom to find a large figure sprawled in the bed with just boxers on.

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Maybe Not As His Partner, 2/2

Part 1 is here


“Coffee, then? There’s a place at the end of the block there.”

“We could get married. County clerk’s office is in the same building.”

“Oh, OK, let’s get right on that,” she says mildly.

That odd word he’d introduced between the two of them some weeks earlier — “marriage.”  Somehow, of all the fantastic things they’ve seen and done together, that word is the strangest, the X-est of files. She’ll go days without thinking of it, then spend an entire weekend goofily pondering the fact that technically they were engaged, she was his fiancee — he’d asked, she’d said yes. Never mind that the deed could never be done — the words had been spoken and it was a fact between them. An incredibly loaded and bizarre fact, but a fact nonetheless.

She knew he was thinking of it, too — she’d be absorbed in work, deep in concentration, and when she looked up, he’d be staring at her, mouth just slightly open, a dreamy look in his eyes. Maybe he was just thinking about what they’d done the night (or morning) before, or what he wanted to do next — he did tend to stare at her at those times, too … but she had a sense, she could tell there was a different quality to his dreaminess when he was thinking of that conversation.

Nothing had changed, and yet.

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