never saying goodbye to you

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

you were my anchor but now I need to learn how to stay steady without you. when night hits i hit back harder. when morning gets here I’m bruised and aching but I’m still here so it counts it counts it counts.

every time I have a dream about you, I wake up crying. last night you loved me and the night before you didn’t. once you told me you had a dream we were together and I still think about that, but only when I’m trying to convince myself you were good, too.

i’ve never known how to say goodbye so I keep saying hello but you don’t want to hear it anymore so I’ve stopped calling. the cards are in your hands and if I were you I’d throw the deck but this was never my decision it was always yours and you made that pretty clear when you chose her.

i’m not petty I’m just tired. its okay and it’s not. every song hurts but so does silence. i keep trying to wake up but the punches aren’t landing. nothing is impacting.

nothing is impacting.

—  can’t get a grip can’t get better– lily rain
Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown

10 things I learned in 2016

1. Travel, a lot. Buy a ticket, grab a friend, and discover places you’ve never been to.
2. Say goodbye. The friendship you had with someone since Year 1 will change and sometimes you slowly distance yourself from each other.
3. Be kind. We live in a cruel, awful world but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and cold hearted.
4. Write. Take a piece of paper and pour your heart out. Write down everything that comes to your mind, I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwords.
5. Dream. It doesn’t matter whether your goals and wishes seem impossible to reach, just try to follow them.
6. Let go. The past is the past and shouldn’t determine the life you live now.
7. Fail. There is nothing more uplifting than failing and getting up again to succeed. We learn from mistakes and while it’s hard to accept, we grow through them,too.
8. Accept yourself. Barely anyone fits into today’s beauty standards and that’s okay. As long as you feel comfortable and healthy, the opinion of other people with judgement clouded minds shouldn’t matter to you.
9. Get help. It’s okay to ask for help and get the support you need.
10. Be independent. I don’t say that you should break up with your partner or get ride of all your friends but please don’t lose yourself in the process of being in a relationship or friendship for that matters.

You are never ready to say goodbye no matter how many times you try to convince yourself.
—  t.i // Repost from something I wrote a while ago.
Just hearing your voice makes me so happy. I’ve found that once we start talking, I never want to say goodbye. The nights feel ten times lonelier when you don’t call. The days drag on when you take hours to answer my simple texts. Once I get attached, I’m here to stay. And I hope it’s the same way for you, because I don’t know if I would be okay with you coming and going so quickly, with no intentions of letting me know what’s going on in that beautiful, complex mind of yours.
—  slowly becoming attached to you // 11.29.16
I Love You

I love you,
Words I can’t tell you
I love you,
Words you won’t say
I love you,
My feelings repressed
I love you,
Your heart - it’s no longer mine
I love you,
I scream in my mind
I love you,
You said goodbye
I love you,
I’ll never hear you say
I love you,
“I’m sorry”, you say
I love you,
I could only watch you walk away

People be like “why is Laurel crying like this.. they dated like 3 weeks”

I don’t know maybe because she’s been the only person besides Annalise to genuine care about Wes and his well being since season 1? The person she always protected and cared for?

You must have been watching another show because Wes wasn’t only a guy she dated for 3 weeks, he was her best friend and confident. Who she happens to fall in love with in that short time and it’s carrying his child, a child that isn’t going to meet his father. Plus she never got to say goodbye to him.

I don’t know about you but Laurel crying and calling people out it’s perfectly fine and fitting for the whole situation.

and it’ll hurt, it will;
from the moment she says goodbye to realising she’ll never forgive you. from every “ it was a mistake” to “ i’ll make it up to you”
from all the sleepless nights to not-being-able-to-wake up in the’ll realise that you lost her but most importantly, you’ll realise that you can live without her.

one day, you’ll wake up and you’ll finally be able to forgive yourself, you wont think about her as much as you did, and seeing anything that reminds you of her will slowly hurt less.

one day, you’ll wake up and she wont be the first thing that pops into
your head; but until then, the journey is painful, some days you may
feel like you cant make it but you will,
you will.

and it’ll hurt, it’ll hurt until it doesnt.

—  y.z


Love is love is love is love,
but you had to say your goodbyes
when I called you never replied
you messed a life at least within no lies
so many times to fix it I’ve tried.
Love is love is love is love.

Some said it was gone end anyway
others said I deserved a chance
but love is love is love is love
and none got it right
because love is a call, is a lie, is a try, is your name
and love is love is love
is love.

—  I am sorry for the wrong I have done, but I called and you never picked up: please know I still love you. This goes to when I broke his heart and the next day I went talking to everyone about what happened. Love is Love. Some said I deserved a chance, others that love is a waste of time, or ‘please you are too young for that’, ‘you never loved him.’ But no. Love is love. Only love is love.
The only call you are going to get from me is a couple months from now. I’ll be sitting on the floor in a bar bathroom at 2 am, drunk, and someone will have just got done butchering a Fall Out Boy song. In that second I’ll miss being in love with you but that will be it.
—  I’m sorry you hurt me so much

I just have to thank the girls, each one of them, lee chaerin, sandara park, gong minji and park bom. Each one of these girls made me a better person, maybe without them I would not know kpop and it would be just like these people who have prejudice with kpop even without knowing it. Thank you, my angels, I will never leave you, ever! Never say goodbye. With love @bommiie ♡

Fun Fact: In Spanish if you’re aggressively saying goodbye to someone that you never want to see again, you can say hasta nunca “see you never” and I think that’s beautiful.

god korrasami is gonna be the grossest couple ever they’re like gonna be the ones who take an hour saying goodbye and then neither of them wanna hang up so the next morning asami wakes up and the call is still going on like an 8 hour call time and she’s like “korra??” and korra’s like “oh hey good morning” and asami’s like “…why didn’t you just hang up” and korra’d be like “well you fell asleep while i was saying goodbye and you never said bye back…” like sGOD THEY ARE THAT COUPLE THEYRE GONNA BE SO DISGUSTING