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Imagine Even having his own season- season 4- which talks about being bipolar and what comes with it. How he deals with school, with living with Isak, how he gets along with Isak’s parents and his own parents. We see more about Isak and Even’s relationship, they talk more and so on- I’d like to go back and have Even face Emma and talk to her about how wrong it was for her to out Isak, we can connect it somehow- and the boy squad (I’d like to see a bit more of Jonas and Mahdi in this season just because they deserve a bit more screentime. Magnus is not dating Vilde anymore, saying something vague that hints at Vilde maybe not being straight…) Then, towards the middle of the season, Mikael is introduced again and they really bring Sana in (she was already present before as a friend and confidant), but now it’s focusing mainly on how relation to Mikael and you actually get to hear from Even and Mikael about what happened at Bakka. Their explanations. No one speaking FOR them- it’s all their words and actions. We get to see Even graduate, and he’s so damn proud because repeating was stressful for him and he doubted if he could really do it- but he did. The final scene is of him and Sana, reminiscing over what happened, with a parallel to the end of s3 where Isak comes in and The Holy Trinity ends season 4.

This introduces Sana as the s5 main and you can cover everything else in the real s4 that Julie actually wants to- her and Yousef (minus the dumb love triangle), the islamophobia, and Sana’s relationship with Islam. We actually get more about the balloon squad and also Elias’ problems that have been established in the real season 4. Vilde is more prominent this season and she actually learns throughout the season about how prejudiced she is and grows and a person and her friendship with Sana is even stronger- enough to feel comfortable talking about certain things with her- by the end of the season. 

This introduces Vilde as the s6 main and there we can learn more about her family situation (her mother, which has been brought up in the real s4). You also finally touch on Vilde’s sexuality and because her relationship with Sana was strengthened in s5, she talks to her about it and Sana is kind and open with her (I live for bisexual Sana). Vilde also seeks advice from Isak and Even, and her friends help her understand her feelings and she becomes comfortable with her sexuality (maybe she gets together with Eva or someone else) and learns that she doesn’t need to follow all societal norms. Finally, get to see how the russ bus goes. Throughout the season she’s organizing things. Maybe you could still use the Pepsi Max squad, but when Sara is islamophobic Vilde calls her out on it (calling back to last season) and they decide to find another solution than to get a bus with the Pepsi Max squad. The girl squad joins with the boy squad and all the mains are together by the end of the season- perfectly ending the series.

was playing overwatch in Japanese when I made an important discovery when I wanted to say “how embarassing”

meanwhile the actual voice actor for Jotaro is over there

俺は早いぜ・・・ (ore wa haiya ze)


neil, you lil shit

happy holidays, foxes! its only been a few months since i joined the fandom, but i can honestly say that it’s the best one i’ve been in; the books and the fandom saved 2016 for me (that and yuri on ice but i digress)

so thank you, foxes, for everything 



desc: Newt is unable to grasp why you would ever find fascination in observing him, which is followed by a heartfelt moment, and admittance of love. 

Kisses and lots of FLUFF! <3 (gif not mine, creds to owner)

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Newt Scamander was an absolute work of art, and simply studying his features helped you relax, so you did. He sat at the polished oak table, his right leg shaking as he focused, his honey colored locks sprawled across his forehead. When he focused, these little crinkles appeared from the furrow of his eyebrows, and he would chew his lower lip whilst deep in thought. A golden beam of sunlight twinkled across his button nose, rosy cheeks, and brilliant blue-green eyes. He reached for his steaming mug of tea, letting the curls of steam crawl over his face before taking a careful sip. Then his lips twitched ever so noticeably, and you could make out the little dimples of his curious smile.

“Why are you staring at me?” he asked, his head still bent into his leather notebook, his white feather quill tight in his hand.

You sat across the table from him, head in palm as you examined him, “because you’re very nice to stare at, Newt.”

This split his lips into a wide grin, and he gently set his quill down before giving his full attention to you. “I can’t focus when you’re devouring me with those eyes.”

You shrugged, giving a small grin, “you’re always staring at me, too.”

Newt’s glimmering eyes crinkled, “well, that’s different.”

“Oh yeah?” you teased, “how so?”

“Well, you see, with you - okay, but - you’re very, well-” New continuously tripped over his words as he fumbled to piece together his thoughts. 

“Go on,” you encouraged, stretching your hand across the table.

Newt brought his eyes down, his hand coming up gently to rest in yours, his fingers intertwining with the most cautious ease. He strung his fingers between yours, his eyes looking over your hands for a good while.

“Newt, you’re doing it again,” you giggled, when he’d gotten distracted and removed his hand to draw patterns all over your palms.

“What? Oh, oh, yes, right,” he sighed, putting his hand back in yours. He looked back up, his cheeks flushing a soft pink. “Erm, well, you are the most fascinatingly charming girl I h-have ever had the pleasure of coming upon,” he began, his cheeks reddening at once. “So y-you see, when I study my creatures, I am always discovering more of their hidden wonders, as I am with you. Sometimes the sunlight will cross different crevices of your face, sometimes your eyes are darker than usual, sometimes a strand of hair falls loose, a-and sometimes you’re smile is so wonderfully mesmerizing that I must always…watch. I can’t miss a moment, you see, I have to study you until I know all you’re little quirks like the back of my hand.” Newts eyes had drifted onto a patch of table around halfway through, unable to hold your gaze.

You squeezed his hand really lightly to get his focus, “Newt.” 

He released your hand and brought his own back down into his lap, shifting in his chair and looking very flustered when he looked back up at you.

“Newt, you’re too good to me,” you whispered, feeling ridiculous for wanting to cry. 

“I’m just so lucky to have you, please know this,” he mumbled hurriedly.

You shook your head with a faint laugh, “what makes you think I have no reason to admire you?”

His jaw clenched a little, and you saw his face droop, “my love, there is nothing special to see.”

That physically pained you to hear.

“Newt!” you gasped, “Please, never say that again.”

He grew instantly worried, “Oh-I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I-”

“Shh,” you cut him off and stood up, heading around the table and taking a seat right beside him, turning your chair toward Newt. He half-heartedly turned to face you as well.

“Newt,” you smiled sadly, raising your palm up to graze his cheek. He twitched nervously under your touch, but you reassured him and rested your hand against his freckle dotted skin.

“Newt, you are the kindest and most amazing person ever, and I hate to see you doubting yourself like this. You are so special Newt, and I wish you could see yourself the way I do; as a sweet, loving, and most definitely heart stoppingly beautiful human being. Yes there are kind folks out there, yes there are gorgeous folks out there, but never have I found someone who is both as gorgeous and compassionate to the extent that you are, which is why I am so deeply in lo-”

You stopped short, realizing you had spoken too much and instantly freezing over. You had never exchanged the three magic words with Newt before, and suddenly it seemed nothing but terrifying.

Newts mouth opened, his skin warming beneath your fingertips, “What?”

“N-nothing,” you mumbled, dropping your hand nervously.

Newt grabbed your hand gently before it could fall, and took it in his own, bringing it right up to his chest. You could feel his steady heartbeat rapidly quickening beneath the fabric of his soft clothes.

“Do you feel that?” he gulped.

You nodded shyly, “Yeah?”

“That, (Y/N), is what one who is madly in love feels,” he smiled nervously. “This here, i-is physical proof of how I feel when I’m with you, and how it feels to be head over heels for y-you, my darling.”

You felt your own heartbeat falter before quickening, and Newt asked, “Do you love me too?”

He had said it so quietly that you almost missed it. His lips quivered, his slender fingers trembling as his face sunk into a state of absolute sadness and worry. You couldn’t even speak at the sight, so instead you brought his hand up to your own chest, and lay it against your heart. Newt stretched his fingers slowly across your front, his palm taking in the rapid and intense thrum of your heartbeat.

“You tell me,” you breathed quietly.

He brought his eyes from your heart to your painfully nervous gaze. Once again, his lips twitched and broke into that familiar smile. The sun sent flares across his warm features and illuminated his overjoyed expression.

“I would very much like to kiss you right now, if you would allow me,” he proposed shyly.

You couldn’t help but laugh, your smile stretching wide as you gave him a nod.

Newt pulled a stray hair of yours affectionately behind your ear before tracing down to your jawline and resting his hand beneath your chin. He gave you one last look before tilting his head in with a flutter of his eyelids. Your eyes closed at the moment where your lips made contact. It was only for the briefest of moments, but was plenty enough for you to feel intoxicated by the taste you were given. He was soft and gentle with you, as if you were a fragile piece, and his lips were full, warm, and tasted of delightful sugar sweet joy. You could feel his hand quivering beneath your chin, but you pushed your lips in a little deeper to show you were at ease with him. You felt a rolling crystal droplet trickle down from his eyes and down onto your lips, but the taste of salt in the kiss was one that you knew was from tears of joy. Newt’s timid lips twitched upwards against yours, and he pulled back a second later, forgetting to breathe for a moment. He gulped down the lump in his throat and took a deep breath in whilst opening his bluish green eyes again.

“T-that was-” he stuttered.

“Wonderful,” you smiled and bent forward, dropping a light peck against Newt’s nose. You brought your own head down to Newt’s chest, and burrowed into the crevice of his neck, where you breathed in the scent of flowers and, possibly, niffler. He brought his hand up to hold your head, his free arm coming around your waist and giving you a squeeze. You smiled against his skin and let your eyes come to a close.

Newt sat quietly, formulating sentences but only coming up with one, “I’m just… so lucky to have you,” he whispered again.

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

Jaebum has talked about how he’s pretty confident in the way he looks but that doesn’t mean y'all can’t make him feel insecure sometimes I’m tired of people bringing up the way he dresses or telling him the bucket hat has to go and last vlive he even apologized for wearing no makeup and how it won’t happen again and this recent live he talked about how his skin wasn’t good even though he had makeup on and a filter I’m upset people need to stop picking at him like that and treat him better

A Friendly Favour (M)

Originally posted by taehyyungs

Warning: Smut. Semi-not really-kind of infidelity.

“Absolutely not.” You said sternly, pulling the dishcloth that hung from the string of your apron and swiping the crumbs from the counter into your palm, tossing them mindlessly into the trash bin.

“Why not?” Taehyung whined, one cheek bulging with unchewed French toast.

You squinted at him, your elbows supporting you on the countertop when you leaned closer to him, “Because I don’t want to have sex with you, Taehyung.”

He swallowed the large bite of food with effort, “Do it for me,” he begged around the straw of his milk tea, “I am going on my third date with Yura this weekend and she’s been hinting at some stuff. I don’t wanna go in and make a fool of myself.”

“So, the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is if I sleep with you, right?” You deadpanned.

“You’re one of my closest friends!”

“So?” You scoffed.

“So,” Taehyung continued, “You’re the only girl I’m close enough to that I would trust with something like this. And…” He started, but instantly clamped his mouth shut, looking away from you to focus on stirring his drink.

“And?” You pressed.

“And…” He trailed off, bringing the straw to his lips, but you reached out and snatched the glass from him, giving him an expectant glare.

“And Yoongi’s said some things…” He muttered in a rush.

“What things?” Your voice rose louder than you intended, earning you several glances from different patrons and a few of the waiting staff. You cleared your throat, ducking your head closer to Taehyung to try and hide the blush that no doubt coloured your cheeks.

Taehyung fidgeted in his seat, his fingers tapping the edge of the countertop, “Okay, don’t be mad.”

You just looked at him, and he nodded in understanding before continuing, “I was talking to him like a week ago, and I was asking him about what to do, you know, if things with Yura escalated. And he made references to when you two were together…”

“Oh my God.” You groaned, your hand coming up to cradle your face.

“It wasn’t anything bad!” He waved his arms frantically, as if to lessen the blow, “He just gave me some advice, and he said you were really, um, good?”

“Please stop talking.” You peeked at him through your fingers.

Taehyung nodded again, his lips pressing into a thin line and he watched his fingers. You admired him for a second, your smile hidden behind your hand because he looked positively dejected and completely adorable. You were almost contemplating agreeing with his proposal and you wanted to smack yourself to come back to your senses.

Seconds ticked by; Taehyung remaining silent as you just watched him. Your mind was teetering back and forth, arguing with yourself on whether this was a harmless request, or if it was just going too far. On the one hand, you didn’t want to create any awkwardness between the two of you, you valued your friendship with him too much. On the other hand, he was very obviously attractive, and he only made it sound like it was a one time thing. Another small part of you also may have been thinking about getting back at your ex-boyfriend for gossiping about something as personal as your sex life.

“Okay, I have some conditions,” You said finally, dropping your hand to the counter with a thud. Taehyung perked up instantly, his eyes wide with excitement. “This happens once, okay. That’s it. You don’t get to tell anyone about it. And lastly, after this happens, everything goes back to normal.”

“YesOkayWhatever!” Taehyung cheered in a rush, rising out of his seat so quickly that the stool skidded behind him. He threw his arms around you over the counter, peppering kisses to your cheek.

You struggled in his hold, trying to wedge your hands between your bodies to pry him off of you, but it was no use. Finally, with a particularly firm jab to his ribs with your two fingers, he released you with a grunt.

“So,” He started, his hand rubbing against his sore spot as he looked at any point in the restaurant that wasn’t your face, “When do we do this?”

You shrugged a shoulder, “When’s your date?”

“Tomorrow,” He blinked, eyes finally settling on you.

Your eyes narrowed before slipping closed, tipping your head back with a long sigh, “Then I guess it would have to be tonight.”

“Someone’s eager, hm?” He taunted, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You balled the dishcloth in your hand and flung it at him, hitting him square in the face. Taehyung swatted the cloth away, throwing it to the ground and almost knocking over his drink in the process. “Rude.” He grumbled.

You flashed a quick smile that didn’t meet your eyes, “I’ll be by your place at seven. Get out of here before I change my mind.”

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“I’m sorry.” No. You don’t get to say that to me. Never again. If you felt sorry for leaving, you’d still be here.

Failure to learn


Peter Pan Imagine - “You’re Mine And Mine Alone”

REQUEST: @beenfangirlingsince1997​: May I request an imagine where Peter Pan is really possessive over the reader and he gets jealous really easily and the reader has been badly mentally abused and is a really self conscious shy girl and is really scared of Pan because she’s seen the crueler side of Pan and she gets really fidgety around violence and make it really super angsty. Oh and Pan and the reader aren’t together yet.”

- Peter Pan x Reader

- Fandom: Once Upon A Time

- Warnings: light cussing, angst

- Length: long af

- Take Note: I’m not used to writing in the point of view of a shy, abused, timid girl because I personally am not any of those, but I tried my best! Also this is my first time writing in the “you” point of view ahhhh

“Hey, (y/n)!”

You look up at the sound of your name to see Devin walking towards you.


“Want to go fishing with me?” he asks. “For dinner?”

“Uhm, sure.” You hesitantly nod. Though you weren’t very good at fishing, it would get you away from camp…away from Pan. It seemed he was always hovering over you. You had hardly any freedom, and his possessiveness over you was becoming suffocating lately. You wanted—no, needed—to get out. You saw Pan nowhere in sight, thank god. A rare and perfect chance to slip away for a little bit. Great timing, Devin.

“Great,” Devin smiles at you, and you smile back. He hands you one of the two fishing spears he’d been holding and you both head out of camp and onto one of the trails. You become more and more joyful with each step. What a great day you were about to have, away from Pan’s scorching eyes and demonic presence.

You and Devin walk side by side along a well-used path, leaving the camp farther and farther behind. You breathe in deeply, joy filling your chest as much as the air. You and Devin made small talk as you walked, until you neared the river, in which you stopped talking to listen to the sound of water rushing and splashing up ahead. Upon first sight, you halt and stare in awe at the sparkling water flowing smoothly, the sunlight reflecting off the water and making it shimmer like diamonds. It wasn’t very often you were able to come to this river.

Devin leads you to an outcrop of large, smooth gray boulders tumbling from the bank and into the river. “This is my favorite spot to fish,” he says as you carefully follow him onto the rocks, watching the water flow beneath you in amazement. Devin crouches low with his spear pointed at the water, posed and ready to strike. You copy his lead, but don’t stare into the river as intently as he does. Instead your gaze travels to the forest around you. So serene, beautiful, so peaceful. An amazing change in scenery compared to the same old camp you were in all day every day. You took it all in as much as you could, once again breathing in deeply and inhaling the wonderful earthy scents and the fresh, moist smell the river gave off. “This is nice,” you murmur.

Devin glances back at you, his lips curved in a teasing smile. “Not as nice as this juicy fish I’m about to catch,” he jokes. You laugh and he laughs, and you feel so much better than you have in a long while. You push away the thought of Pan’s anger that was sure to follow your little day out with Devin, which was very hard to do, but you refused to let it eat away at you and ruin this moment. You try your best to focus all your attention on the beauty around you instead.

“We should do this more often,” Devin comments. “You don’t leave camp much, but you seem to really enjoy being out here.”

“I know. I wish I could do this every day,” you reply, not bothering to hide the longing in your voice.

“Then why don’t you?”

“Pan.” You say bluntly. “He’ll, um, he’ll probably have my head on a spike just for being out here with you right now.”

Devin frowns, his spear lowering in lack of focus to it. “I know Pan is our leader and all, but surely you can’t let him keep you on such a tight leash like that? We have freedom, I don’t see why you can’t.”

“It’s easier said than done, confronting him.” You point out. “Pan…terrifies me. I’ve seen how cruel he can be. You have too.”

“Surely, if you just talk to Pan—”

“That’s not an option,” you interrupt, then immediately feel bad for cutting him off. But you hate how you’re talking about Pan on the one chance you get to be away from him.

“Why not?” Devin asks.

“You know Pan,” you let out a sigh.

“But you’re a girl,” Devin says.  “And the only girl at that. Won’t that give you some benefits?”

Your face creases in disgust. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know, I-I just thought—”

“Devin,” you break him off again, “Have you heard about Wendy?”

“Wendy?” The mood instantly turns grimmer and he stares at you warily . “Um….why?” (photo)

“I’ve been told about Wendy before,” you tell him. “I don’t know any details, I hardly know anything about her at all, actually. Just that she was a girl who came to Neverland, and Pan…” you gulp, your heart starting to beat faster. Man, just thinking about Wendy can make you break out in a cold sweat. “…Pan kept her locked in a cage…” and he did things to her. You don’t know why but you left out that last part.

Devin’s eyes widen briefly, before he swiftly turns back to watching the river, purposely aiming his spear closer to the water. “Never heard of that before. The other boys are just trying to scare you.”

“Don’t play dumb,” you flash.

“I’m not,” he says. “If Pan kept a girl locked in a cage, wouldn’t he do the same to you? What makes you so special?”

You put your mind to work, rolling through all of the vague things the others have told you. “Well, I’ve been told that Wendy didn’t want to stay on Neverland, and that’s why Pan kept her locked up. That Wendy liked her home, her family, wanted to go back. You? Me? We came from bad situations. We were unloved, unwanted, lost…” you trail off, pushing away the awful memories of your life before you were taken to Neverland.

“I know all this,” Devin says. “We’re called the Lost Boys for a reason. But I’ve never heard about this Wendy girl in my life. It doesn’t even make sense. The only children that come here are those who are unloved, so why would Wendy come here in the first place if she was loved and wanted? It’s called logic.”

Devin was either a really good liar or he was telling the truth. You thought about confronting the boys who told you about Wendy, maybe see if you can get more out of them or get them to admit they were lying, but you were not sure you had the confidence to do it. You sure as hell didn’t have the courage to ask Pan about it.

“Okay,” you end the conversation with that, opting you’d rather cherish your precious time here than waste it arguing about Pan and this so-called Wendy, and your painfully low self-esteem.

You move away from Devin and onto a rock a few feet away, peering down at the water with your spear ready to strike. Anything to get your mind off what’s bothering you.

“You’ll never catch a fish like that.”

Your blood turns to ice in your veins. That was not Devin’s voice. Heart pounding, you turn around to see none other than Peter Pan standing on the rocks behind you, arms crossed, glaring at you in a way that was sinister.

“You were leaning too far over the edge,” he says simply, almost sounding bored yet criticizing at the same time. “The fish would’ve been able to see your shadow and never come near the rock.” (gif)

“Pan…” You gasp, standing up slowly. Dread and fear surged through you and your mind blanked in panic. Did he hear any of your conversation? If he did you were fucking dead. That’d be the end of you.

“(Y/n) and I were just fishing,” Devin explains, sounding a little bit defensive. He moves over to your side, holding the spear over his shoulder with his hand resting on it.

“I can see that,” Pan growls, his eyes narrowing and chin lifting. “But what I don’t see is any fish. What have you been doing all this time?”

You take a step back, not liking the jealously that seemed to flow off him in waves. ~ But as you do, you fall off the edge of the rock and into the water below. Cold waves splash over your shocked body as the water sucks you under and utter panic engulfs you. You drown and die.

The end.

Just kiddiiiiinnnggggg……okay resuming where I left off: ~

You’ve seen Pan when he was outraged, and it was not pretty. “I’m sorry,” you begin desperately. “Devin and I were just fishing, what else would we be doing? I’m sorry, Pan, I’m sorry.” You didn’t even have to wonder how he knew your exact location as you remembered Peter Pan knew everything that happened on his island. I’m so stupid! How could I forget? And I’m so dead…

“Stop it, (y/n),” Pan says. “Don’t you remember the first rule of being a Lost Boy? You never apologize.”

You stop yourself from saying you’re sorry again. As you grope for something else to say, Pan continues: “And do you remember the second rule?” His expression darkens menacingly. “You never disobey me.”

All the color left your face in pure fear. Oh shit. This was not good. You were in extremely deep trouble.

“What did (y/n) do to disobey you?” Devin asks boldly. You turn a pleading gaze on him; speaking out against Pan was sure too get him—you don’t want to think about it—killed.

“Oh, did I not make myself clear?” Pan growls. (gif)

Originally posted by storyofyouandrobbie

He moves closer to you, the faintest of a smirk on one corner of his lips. Your breath hitches in your throat and you gulp, bringing your gaze down but without tilting your head. Pan lifts a hand up to your cheek and you almost flinch, except the movement was slow. His knuckles hover there without touching your skin. He looks over at Devin with a smug grin, slipping a strand of your hair through his fingers. As your hair falls back down, his piercing eyes land on you once more. “(Y/n)….” his breath feels warm on your nose, his voice sending tingles of fright down your spine.

Pan turns his back towards you as he steps away before spinning back around with a devilish, wide smile, his arms out as if presenting something. His voice is boisterous. “You’re mine, and mine alone.” (gif).

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“I-I’m…” yours? You can’t finish the sentence. Your heart is hammering against your chest so hard you’re sure that’s why you’re trembling.

“Don’t be afraid,” Pan purrs (gif). “Be flattered.”

Originally posted by multifandomimagin3s

Later that evening, you were sitting in your tent, reliving the events of that day over and over in your head. After Pan had claimed you as his, he sent you back to camp ahead of him and Devin. You were scared for Devin, and had anxiously waited for his return. When he finally came back with Pan he seemed fine but hardly spoke a word to you. After that you’d gone into your tent and stayed there, even more afraid to see Pan again. More so of being conflicted and confused than the fear of him as a person.

You’re mine and mine alone. What did that mean exactly? Don’t be afraid, be flattered. You take a deep breath. Don’t be afraid. Most of all, that’s what circles round and round in your head. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. Did that mean he wouldn’t hurt you; do things to you that he might’ve done to Wendy?

The tent flap zips open unexpectedly, making you jump with a start. Joseph sticks his head in. “You hungry?” he asks. “Dinner’s been ready for a while now. If you don’t get your butt out here there’ll be nothing left.” Then he leaves, leaving your tent open.

Reluctantly, you crawl out and stand up, your eyes darting around nervously for any sight of Pan. He’s there, sitting by the fire in the midst of the Lost Boys. He’s holding his infamous panpipes, fiddling with them in his hands as if contemplating whether he wants to play them or not. He looks up at you (gif), as if you’d made a big announcement emerging from your tent even though he couldn’t have possibly have heard you come out. Your breath catches in your throat and you avert your gaze.

You see Devin sitting on a log, eating. He’s sitting with Marcus, Kane, and Millard, laughing and chatting. You walk over to them and as you near Devin looks up at you, chews the rest of his meat, swallows, and wipes his arm over his mouth. “Uh, hey, (y/n),” he says rather awkwardly.

“Mind if I join?” You ask.

“As a matter of fact, I do.”

You whip around at the Pan’s voice. Damn, what’s up with him doing that? He’s standing right behind you, his jaw taut. “As you can see, there’s no room on that log anyways,”

“Pan,” you stammer, fizzing with anxiety. “I, uh, I um…” you trail off as you see Pan’s body stiffen. His muscles tense, his eyes loose their irritation as they glaze over, as if he were staring at something we cannot see.

“Pirates,” he growls a few moments later, his gaze clearing. Of course: Pan had just sensed someone arriving in Neverland. He grins—a grin you know all too well. It sends shivers down your spine. “Looks like we have some guests. Lost Boys, get over here!”

At his call, everyone stops what they’re doing and gathers around you and Pan, looking at their leader expectantly. You try to inch away, not comfortable with the way all the boys are closing in around you, tightly packing you in.

“What is it, Pan?” Felix asks.

“Pirates have just arrived,” Pan explains, his eyes shining in a wicked delight. “Ready for some fun, boys?”

They hoot and holler, whilst you cower away at all their excitement for bloodshed. Even Devin joins in, his arm pumping the air in a circular motion as he whoops. You, however, stay quiet. You just can’t understand how everyone finds fighting fun. It terrifies you, in fact. Just the thought of battling ruthless, vicious, grown men with sharp swords makes your heart start to pound.

“Sharpen your knives, boys, we’ve got no time to waste!” Pan declares. “We attack at first light!”

As your campmates disperse, gathering their weapons, you hurry back towards your tent, eager to get away from all this upheaval.

“(Y/n)!” You freeze in your tracks as your name is barked, and turn around to meet Pan’s tyrannizing stare. “Will you be a lad and dip the arrows in dreamshade?”

It was an order disguised as a question. “Yes, Pan,” You obey, not daring to look him in the eye. You leave quickly, afraid to linger around him.

You climb up the handmade ladder to Pan’s tree house, where he keeps the dreamshade poison. Once up, you give the door a slight push and it slowly swings open with a prolonged creak. It’s quiet and dark inside. You walk across the bare room, scanning for the jar of the deadly, thick liquid bound to be on one of the shelves. You don’t like being inside Pan’s den; it gives off a dark feeling. Peter Pan owns the entire island, yes, and everything is his, yes, but this…this, this is his most personal space. Being inside it makes you feel the most vulnerable, if that were even possible. You’re just thankful he isn’t in here with you. You see the dreamshade, but just as you reach out for it, the door behind you shuts.

Your heart skips a beat in surprise and you turn around to see Pan standing there, his eyes focused on you with such intensity you can almost feel it.

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“Pan!” you stutter. You take the jar off the shelf and grip it tightly, trying to suppress your fear. “I was just getting the dreamshade, like you asked.”

“Of course, (y/n),” Pan drawls, walking towards you.

Your breathing becomes labored. You wish you were anywhere else right now, anywhere but here.

“Do you believe it?” he says quietly.

“Believe what?” you ask timidly.

“The story about Wendy.”

You almost drop the jar in your fear and surprise. “H-how did you know?”

“I know everything,” he answers.

Did he overhear you and Devin? “I…I don’t know,” you admit.

Pan is silent, staring at you. You shift uncomfortably, your hands clammy with foreboding.

“I would never do anything like that to you,” he says finally.

You jerk your gaze to him in surprise. You can feel your pulse pounding in your temples.

His eyes are dark in the shadows. “Do you trust me?”

You inhale a shaky breath. “There’s something I see in you. It might kill me.”

Pan’s face lifts in a twisted smile, which scares the shit out of you. When you say that to someone, their response shouldn’t be a crazed smile, right? Right? “I-is it true?”

His smirk never falters. “You’ll figure that one out on your own.”

You desperately try to hide how fearful you are. You can hardly control the tremor in your voice as you say, “Do I want to find out?”

“I won’t hurt you, (y/n).” Pan murmurs. “Have I ever hurt you? Answer the question, (y/n).”

You swallow, your throat dry. “N-no.”

“I know where you come from,” he begins. “I know how unloved you were. You withered away, neglected, unwanted, unvalued, lost to everything. It was the same for all my Lost Boys. That’s why they’re here. And since being here, they’ve changed. Came out of their shells. Expressed who they really are. And do you see them? They’re happy. Wild. Free. But here you are, you’re still scared and lonely.”

You close your eyes tight, fighting back the anguish rising in your throat. Ever since you were brought here you’ve buried your past, you’ve tried to burn it to ashes, to wipe it from existence. And now Pan was bringing it all back up again. But you can’t deny that what he’s saying is true.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me,” Pan says, and of all things, he’s smiling mischievously. “I can make you forget about it all. I can make you feel things you’ve never felt before. I promise.”

You can’t believe this is happening. It feels like you can’t get enough air. “Promise is a strong word,” you remark.

“I may not be the most well-behaved boy on the island, but I always keep my promises.”

You push down the fear, forcing it away. You had no need to be scared anymore. He won’t hurt me. “I trust you.” You say it so quietly you aren’t sure he heard, but of course he did.

Pan takes the jar of poison from your hands, his piercing green stare never leaving yours. “I’ll take this off of you now.” He sets it back on the shelf, but as his hand comes back down it touches your shoulder, his finger trailing along the hem of your shirt. He arches an eyebrow, smirking. “And this too.”

Pretty Lies - Part Seven

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven

Word Count: 2,365

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

The door slammed shut behind Jungkook, alerting the members in the dorm that he wasn’t in a good mood. Seokjin poked his head out from the kitchen, mouth opening to scold him for his behavior when he noticed the look on his face. His mouth closed, watching Jungkook trudge across the living room and into his room. As much as Seokjin wanted to pry, he knew that Jungkook needed some time to himself to sort things out. 

Jungkook’s head was pounding and his thoughts were all over the place. After Areum had stumbled into the practice room, he found himself questioning everything. 

‘Hyung and Y/N,’ he thought to himself, trying to imagine it. He had never thought Namjoon had loved you, assuming he was the only one head over heels for you. ‘What am I going to do now?’

He reprimanded himself for letting Areum get to him and letting her kiss him. ‘This is exactly how you lost Y/N, by letting Areum slither her way in and convince you.’

Shaking his head, he plopped onto his bed. He suddenly felt his heart ache for you. Every time he had problems about anything, he always went to you- even before you and him dated. You would always embrace his problems with open arms and talk him through it. Even if you didn’t know the answer to his problems, your voice always soothed him and made him think clearly. 

But now he couldn’t run to you for help.

If he looked back on it, it truly was all his fault. He had known about Areum’s interest in him ever since she had become a trainee and in a way he had fueled that attraction. He didn’t even know why he did it, any reason he came up with was just a pathetic excuse. 

In the end he supposed he was just bored and curious- curious to see if he could make Areum fall for him. He wouldn’t deny her beauty but he had always thought of himself as a loyal boyfriend. ‘Guess you were wrong about that.’

“Jungkook?” Seokjin’s voice floated through the door as he timidly knocked on his door. “Are you alright?”

Jungkook pressed his palms to his eyes, hoping that the pressure he was placing on his eyes would stop the tears from getting through. His throat constricted as he opened his mouth to tell Seokjin he was fine. 

No matter how much he tried to force those words through, his throat refused to voice those thoughts. Maybe he was finally fed up with all the lying.

“I’m not, hyung.” He cringed at how little he sounded, as if he was running off to whine to his mom about some school bullies. He was Jungkook, a world known star whose voice touched millions. But in this moment he was just a boy, confused and afraid to hurt the one he loved.

Seokjin cracked open the door, still trying to be respectful of Jungkook’s space. He knew that Jungkook often didn’t open up to others about his problems, something that he did easily with Y/N that had shocked everyone. He always held it in until it reached a point of explosion around everyone else but Y/N.

He recalled a time in their trainee days where Jungkook couldn’t nail a certain section of the dance, always fumbling over the same spot. Due to his spot in the front, the instructor always scolded him on it, asking whether he was truly serious about their debut or not. He remembered how much it had hurt Jungkook to hear that since he had always worked hard to excel at everything they asked from him. Sometimes it was hard to believe he was only a fifteen year old boy trying to chase his dreams.

Jungkook had stressed over that part for days, never asking for help from others to fix his problems. He always pretended like the instructor’s words didn’t bother him and kept his fears to himself. It wasn’t until Hoseok caught him practicing late into the night that Jungkook spilled his problems. He confessed his fear of never being able to master the dance, that this was the farthest he’d get in achieving his dreams. He told Hoseok about how he thought they were gonna kick him off the group for holding them back this long. 

Hoseok had comforted him and helped him master the dance, breaking down a few of Jungkook’s walls, but Jungkook still preferred to keep his problems to himself. His strong exterior always made the boys forget that Jungkook was still young.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Seokjin knew Jungkook would probably turn him away, but he still wanted to help the maknae. 

Jungkook stayed silent, taking in a shaky breath before he nodded. Seokjin’s eyes widened, Jungkook’s problem had to be major if he was actually requesting advice from someone other than Y/N.

“It’s just, I messed up, hyung,” Jungkook whimpered, his voice cracking as he barely kept the tears at bay. “I messed around with Areum and lost Y/N even though I knew the only person I wanted was Y/N. I let myself mess up two relationships and now I’m scared that Namjoon-hyung and Y/N will get together. 

“I know it’s not fair for me to get angry at them if they choose to get together since I cheated on Y/N, but it doesn’t stop it from hurting. Areum keeps insisting that we should get together but I can’t stop thinking about Y/N.” Jungkook took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

“Jungkook, what have you gotten yourself into?” Seokjin murmured, drawing closer to the distressed boy. He perched himself next to him on the bed, trying to collect his thoughts. “You still love Y/N?”

“More than anything else,” Jungkook answered without hesitation. 

“Then there’s your answer. If you still love her, without a single doubt, then show it to her. Make sure she knows that you were wrong. Apologies only go so far, and your promises aren’t very comforting for her. Her trust in you has been broken so it’s time you start rebuilding it and show her that you are trustworthy and remorseful. Instead of just saying sorry, show her that you’ll never do it again. That’s the only way you’ll win her back,” Seokjin recommended, fiddling with the bracelet he had on. “But if she does decide to move on, you have to respect that. Don’t keep beating yourself up over it and start showing her that you will do better.”

The room fell silent and Seokjin worried he had said too much. Maybe he had overstepped the line and said things he shouldn’t have. 

“Hyung,” Jungkook began, causing Seokjin to flinch in surprise. “Thanks for that. I keep moping about it when I should be doing something about this. I really appreciate you listening to me and helping me out.” Jungkook removed his hands from his eyes and smiled brightly at Seokjin. Seokjin smiled in relief, it seemed like Jungkook had gained his spirit back.

“Good luck, Jungkook. I’ll be rooting for you,” he cheered, slipping out of the room and leaving Jungkook to figure out how to get Y/N back.

Jungkook grabbed his coat, slinging it over his shoulders as he rushed out. He wasn’t going to just sit still anymore, it was time he started doing something.

You let out a sigh as you entered your apartment again. You braced yourself for the onslaught of memories of Jungkook. Memories of endless movie nights and cooking that usually just ended with takeout rushed out of their hiding places deep in your mind and overtook your senses.

It would take a while before you were able to move past this. 

Pushing on, you moved further into your apartment, taking the memories in and trying to keep your emotions in check. It hurt to be here, but you weren’t gonna spend your whole life running from your own apartment. It was time to face things and learn to move on.

Moving past the couch you spent countless nights cuddling on, you traveled through the memories and eventually ended up in your bedroom. Cracking the closet door open, you quickly changed out of your clothes and into more comfortable wear for lounging around the house. Something dropped out of the pocket of your jacket, clattering to the ground and bringing your attention down to the innocently placed article of clothing on your closet floor; Jungkook’s iconic white T-shirt.

It was such a small thing and yet it still set you off.

Almost instantly you could feel the tears rising to the surface. God, was this how you were going to get every time anything related to Jungkook came up? You’d never be able to turn the radio on without bursting into tears.

Quickly switching your clothes, you nudged the T-shirt away as if the thing was toxic- slamming the door shut. Taking a shaky breath, you leaned your forehead against the door, giving yourself a moment to organize your emotions. You wouldn’t let this get the best of you. 

You kept the memories at bay as you sluggishly went through the motions of cleaning up your room. It had become a mess after Jungkook and you broke up. 

While you were picking up things off the floor, your door bell went off. Arching your eyebrow at the sudden noise, you proceeded towards the door to check who it was. Namjoon said he’d swing by with takeout but it was a little early for that. Maybe he was bored and decided to come earlier?

You unlocked the door, not bothering to check- a habit of yours that the boys often berated you about. 

Opening your mouth to complain about Namjoon’s early arrival, your voice died off as soon as your eyes landed on the person standing in front of you.

“Jungkook…” you trailed off, not quite sure if you were seeing things correctly. There was no reason for Jungkook to be here, so why was he here?

“Sorry for the sudden visit,” Jungkook mumbled, sounding slightly out of breath as if he had rushed over. “Mind if I come in?”

“Jungkook, what exactly do you want? We already broke up.” Your eyes were downcast as you spoke with him, not wanting to look into his eyes. ‘It’s better this way. Just make him leave and move on.’

“Please, I know what I did was wrong and I don’t deserve your time. But I love you. Areum was a mistake, but you and I are not. I would do anything for you and I want you to know that whatever happened with Areum will never happen again, not with her or anyone else. I only want you,” he pleaded with you and you could hear the tension in his voice, probably from tears. “All I’m asking for is a second chance to show you that I love you more than anything else in the world. I can’t lose you, Y/N.

The crack in his voice broke down all the walls you had put up to keep him away. Others would call you stupid for believing in Jungkook and wanting to keep him, but your heart knew what it wanted.

“One chance,” you mumbled so softly that Jungkook almost didn’t catch it. “That’s all you get. Don’t think everything will return back to the way it was before, I’m just letting you prove that you won’t ever do that again.”

You risked a glance up to see his expression and the joy on his face was indescribable. He looked like he had just won the lottery.

“Thank you so much! You won’t regret this, I’ll prove to you that I’m worth the second chance.” His smile stretched from ear to ear as he tried to contain his joy. His hands twitched at his side as if he wanted to hug you or kiss you but didn’t know what was appropriate. 

“I hope not,” you whispered, looking into the eyes of the boy you loved. A part of you wondered if this was the right choice.

Areum paced around her dorm room, frequently glancing at the phone resting on her desk. Jungkook hadn’t contacted her at all since the kiss they shared in the practice room. She thought she had gotten through to him but maybe she had underestimated his love for you. 

“Areum! Are you done yet? Manager wants us ready to leave in five minutes, hurry up!” One of the older girls called, clearly fed up with Areum’s weird behavior lately. She barely paid attention to her instructors anymore, always running off to do whatever she wanted. 

Areum rolled her eyes, biting down on her lip. She barked back a curt reply and returned to her pacing. Jungkook should have been begging to be with her by now, and yet she hadn’t heard a single word from him.

“Areum!” She let out a groan, plucking her phone off the desk as she grabbed her coat to leave. If Jungkook still insisted on resisting, then he left her no choice.

Areum: We need to talk soon or else this photo may just end up all over the internet.

She smiled to herself as she attached the photo she had taken of Jungkook and her kissing. Tapping the send button, she skipped over to the rest of the trainees. 

“Took you long enough,” grumbled the eldest of the group, raising her eyebrow at Areum’s cheerful aura. “What’s up with you now? You were sulking just an hour ago and now you’re practically glowing.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Areum giggled. “Just solved this problem I was having troubled with earlier. Turns out the answer was quite simple.”

The older girl just furrowed her brow at the cryptic message, shaking her head at the younger girl. She turned back to her task of ushering everyone into the large van, choosing not to question Areum further.

Areum just wanted Jungkook to realize who he really belonged with and if he needed some more convincing then she was more than happy to supply it. 

‘Let’s see you lie your way out of this one, Jungkook.’

a/n: sorry for the long wait! finally got some time to update pretty lies and i hope you guys enjoyed this new chapter! it was kind of fun to play around with areum’s character and i hope you guys don’t hate me too much for making her like this. every story needs a villain. 

Bad Boy x Princess AU

“All I’m saying is that you lend me your wand for one second and-”


“C'mon, princess! Do you have any idea how funny using that… syrup… tsunami thing… in the hallways would be? Janna and Oscar would kill to pull off a prank like that!”

Star rolled her eyes at the boy, picking up her pace as the two headed towards the school. “Your immature prank would have quite the punishment from your administrators.”

Marco scoffed. “And when has that ever stopped me before?”

“You do understand that another large scale prank would result in you leaving the school permanently, yes?”

“Gee, since when did you start to care, princess? Are you finally starting to like having me around?” he asked teasingly, nudging her arm.

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BTS Scenario: I Need U

Jung Hoseok X Reader

“But you’re my everything. I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me.”

Summary: You and Hoseok broke up, and you’d made it clear that it was over. However, he deeply regrets it to the point where it begins to eat him away and he won’t leave you be until he has the chance to prove to you that he needs you back.

Word Count: ~3.4k

I got super into writing this one, it’s a bit longer than I intended, but I hope you guys like it! 

Thank you to @stacey4673 for the request!

***I do not own the gif**

“Are you kidding me?” You quietly cursed yourself for not packing an umbrella before you’d left the house. You hurriedly made your way back to your apartment as the rain began to fall in steady, heavy droplets.

When you finally reached your apartment, you quickly unlocked the door while kicking off your damp shoes and attempting to avoid dripping water all over the floor. You reached into your back pocket to pull out your phone, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing that it wasn’t completely drenched like the rest of you. The screen lit up at once to indicate a new voicemail from none other than – your recent ex-boyfriend. 

Were you even surprised to yet another voicemail from Hoseok? He’d begun to fill your inbox not even two weeks after you broke up. You’d told him you wanted nothing to do with him anymore. However, you couldn’t help but be the slightest bit curious as to what he had to say to you after all the nasty things that were said in your final argument leading up to the split. For all you knew, the messages could be filled with things he’d forgotten to insult you on during the fight, but still, you found yourself pressing the playback button to listen to what he’d left.

“Hello? Jagi, it’s me…I know you won’t pick up the phone and you probably haven’t listened to the other voicemails, but I just wanted to feel like you were still there. I know I’ve said it every message but…I miss you. I just called to say…well, uh…did you see the rain?” he paused for a moment to let out an awkward laugh, “Hey, do you remember when we got caught in the rain without an umbrella because you had told me to bring one, but I was too forgetful? And do you remember how we ran through the rain together hand in hand, and then we laughed at how silly we looked running into that shop with our clothes dripping wet? You scolded me later for it because I ended up getting sick. Although I felt shameful then, I’d do anything to experience that day again.”

The phone beeped, indicating that the message had ended. Hoseok had sounded so upset in his message, but you felt anger bubbling up inside you. He didn’t seem so sorry when you’d broken up, so what was with the sympathy now? Was he trying to make you feel guilty about dumping him? 

You were filled with absolute irritation for your ex-boyfriend, but for some reason, you felt compelled to listen to the other voicemails. You scrolled further down to the first of nearly thirty voicemails that Hoseok had flooded your phone with and pressed play.

“Jagi, I know you told me to never call you again, but I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said, I regret making you cry like that. I miss you so much jagi. It’s only been a week and I feel like I’m dying without you. Please, call me back.”

“Y/N…it’s 3 am. I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you remember when I’d call you in the middle of the night sometimes because I couldn’t sleep and you’d get annoyed with me at first, but then you’d talk to me with your soothing voice until the early hours of the morning? I miss your voice…I can’t sleep without hearing it. Jagi…jagi please call me. Just grant me your sweet voice.”

“Jagi, it’s me. Well, you probably already know that…I couldn’t sleep again, so I went to the studio to write. I remember those nights when you’d insist on staying with me at the studio even though you were exhausted from working all day. You were always so supportive of me, even if it meant you’d have to sacrifice your sleep. I would sit at the desk, scribbling down songs until way after midnight and you’d fall asleep on my shoulder. I really loved that. Did you ever get a chance to read those lyrics I was always writing? They were all about you. You know-”

Hoseok was cut off mid-sentence by the voicemail beeping, indicating that he’d exceeded the amount of space to record the message. 

“Ah, the voicemail cut off…Anyways, I still write about you. If I could see you again, I’d sit with you in the studio and read you every song I wrote you. I want to pour my heart out to you and tell you all the things I couldn’t say before because I was too shy. Please…” Hoseok paused for a moment and you could hear a faint sniffling on the other end before the phone clicked, ending the voicemail.

The messages began to become repetitive as Hoseok stated how much he missed you in each one along with another now aching memory of your relationship. You’d be lying if you said you were completely over Hoseok, and these voicemails were just causing you more pain. Yet you couldn’t stop listening to them because maybe he’d finally tell you he was over it, that he hated you because you never called back, and then you’d be able to get over him.

You skipped ahead to the most recent one that he’d left just yesterday.

“Y/N,” Hoseok spoke raspily over the phone, he sounded awful.

“I’m so tired. I just want to see you, to feel your arms around me and to take in your sweet scent. I don’t eat anymore. Not that I’m trying to make you feel guilty, I just don’t feel hungry because every single thing reminds me of you and it’s all too painful. Do you remember that time I texted you after practice that I was so tired and so hungry that I thought I might die?” He paused to let out a sad chuckle. “I was exaggerating of course, but you got so concerned that you showed up with an absurd amount of food and I felt like I’d never move again after eating everything you cooked for me. I miss that…I don’t think I’ll ever feel as happy as I did that day when my sweet jagi came to take care of me.”

You couldn’t bear to listen to anymore and turned your phone off, tossing it across the room. You held your head in your hands as hot, angry tears spilled from your eyes and rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t handle listening to Hoseok reminding you of all the memories you’d made together; they made your heart ache. The way his voice had sounded so exhausted and detached. It wasn’t the bubbly Hoseok you knew, the one who always had a smile stretched across his face and would never fail to make you smile the same way.

No. You couldn’t think like this, not after the things he said to you when you broke up. He told you he didn’t care and now here he was, flooding your phone with apologies. You’d ignore him, he’d stop eventually and you’d be able to forget him. 

A moment later, you heard your phone ding from where it’d landed across the room. You slowly stood up and made your way over to it, turning it over to see the screen lit up with a text message. The phone dinged again, and again, and again. A string up messages popped up one after the other, each one labeled with Hoseok’s name on it.

“Jagi! Your voicemail box was full and I had to tell you something.”

“I saw something at the store that reminded me of you, do you want to see it?” An image of a cute figurine sitting in the window of a store appeared before Hoseok proceeded to send another string of texts.

“I thought it looked as cute as you! Do you remember the aegyo competitions we used to have? You’d always win of course…” You couldn’t take it anymore, you couldn’t handle seeing him dump his thoughts of you into your phone. This had to end now. 

“Jung Hoseok stop calling me and stop messaging me. I don’t want to see you and I don’t miss you. Leave. Me. Alone.” You pressed send, hoping that breaking his heart like this would be enough for him to finally stop. As an extra precaution, you opened his number on your phone and blocked him from contacting you any longer. 


It had been exactly one week since Hoseok stopped trying to contact you after you blocked his number on your phone. You half expected him to show up at your apartment and sit outside the door until you spoke to him, but you were relieved to see he had some sense left to refrain from doing so. 

You were just beginning to get over him and you had started to be happier knowing that you were recovering. However, nothing good lasts forever as you received a call from a quite distressed Namjoon the following day. At first, when you saw the name on your phone screen, you considered not picking up because Namjoon never called you and he certainly couldn’t have a reason now that you and Hoseok were broken up. However, the fact that he had never tried to call you before made you wonder if he could possibly be in trouble. You hesitantly picked up the phone just before it stopped ringing.

“H-hello?” You spoke nervously, wondering what Namjoon could have needed from you.

“Y/N? It’s Namjoon…” He spoke over the receiver before quietly whispering to someone else in the background. 

“I know it’s you, is there any reason you called me?

“Yeah, listen, I need you to come over to our dorm right now.”

“Excuse me, what? Why?” This was all too suspicious; why did he need you at the dorm? 

“I can’t tell you why, please just come over as soon as you can.” 

“Namjoon, I don’t think I’m really comfortable coming over there. I’m sorry, you have to understand that I just don’t think it would be the best idea for me to-” You were cut off by Namjoon who continued to persuade you all while fighting off whoever was bugging him in the background. 

“Y/N please, I’m begging you. I would never ask you for a favor if I could help it, but you need to come here. Now.” With that, he hung up. You didn’t want to go. What if Hoseok was there? You didn’t know if you could handle seeing him after you’d spent the last week trying so hard to forget everything. Nonetheless, it didn’t seem like Namjoon was really giving you a choice here; he wasn’t going to leave you alone until you complied. You reluctantly gathered your things and headed over to the dorm.


When you arrived, Namjoon met you at the door and silently led you inside.

“Are you going to tell me why you needed me here so urgently now?” You asked, finally breaking the silence as the two of you walked down the hall. 

“I didn’t want to tell you over the phone out fear that you’d refuse to come. Besides, I think it’d be better if you saw it rather than heard from someone else.”

“What are you talking abo-” You stopped speaking mid-sentence when you realized where Namjoon was taking you. He looked down at you hopefully as he gestured towards Hoseok’s closed bedroom door. Immediately, you felt anger and anxiety bubbling up inside you and you turned to storm back home, only to for Namjoon to grab you by the wrist and pull you back. 

“You need to talk to him. Please.”



No. I don’t want to talk to him! I’m going home.” You stated while trying to free yourself from Namjoon’s grip. Of course, this was why he brought you here. How could you have not realized this? 

“Y/N I know you want nothing to do with him, in fact, he told me you blocked his number, but you don’t know what he’s become. He won’t eat and he won’t sleep, he won’t do anything really.”

“Trust me, I know.” You said bitterly, thinking back to the endless voicemails you’d listened to. 

“But you haven’t seen the state he’s in. He looks like hell and he’s always too tired to do anything. He won’t come to practice, and if we force him to, he does terribly. He just stays locked up in his room and refuses to speak to any of us. I know you don’t want to see him, but please talk to him, for our sake. I don’t believe that you don’t hold even a little bit of care for his well being. You were together for a really long time after all.” Namjoon rambled on about all the ways Hoseok had let himself go.

“Okay, fine! I’ll do it,” you said grudgingly as a faint smile of relief appeared on Namjoon’s face. He stepped out of the way and gestured towards the door before turning around and disappearing down the hallway, leaving you alone outside the bedroom. 

You turned towards the door, taking in a deep breath before knocking gingerly on the door. When there was no answer, you carefully turned the knob and swung open the door to see the room empty. Upon closer inspection, you noticed a human shaped lump hidden under a pile of blankets on the bed, which you assumed to be Hoseok as you stepped towards him. You looked around the room, clothes scattered the floor and papers littered the desk; it was a complete pigsty. 

You walked through the room, being careful to step around the mess, until you were standing in front of the bed. A low groan emitted from under the lumped covers as the person underneath them shifted.

“Go away Namjoon. I’m not coming to practice today.” Hoseok spoke raspily. The state he was living in made you furious because he wasn’t taking care of himself which was making the other members’ lives harder. 

You grabbed hold of the covers before yanking them back and glaring down at the figure curled up on the bed. Namjoon was right, he did look like hell. His face was sunken and his hair was a knotted mess. He looked as if he could have shattered upon the slightest touch. Upon seeing him like this, you felt a pang of pity for Hoseok.

Once the covers were pulled off of him, Hoseok turned over to grumble at who he thought was Namjoon, but choked on his words upon seeing you standing there instead. He stared in disbelief for a moment before sitting up at once.

“Shit…is it really you? Or have I begun hallucinating?” Hoseok mumbled to himself as he reached out a hand to touch your arm, checking if you were truly standing before him. You stared at him silently before he continued to speak.

“Y/N…what are you doing here? Shit, I didn’t think you’d have to see me like this. If I knew you were coming I would have attempted to clean up a bit, although I’d have no way of knowing seeing as you blocked my number…” He said sadly staring at the floor while wringing his hands nervously. 

Suddenly you felt tears welling up in your eyes, and the next thing you knew, they were spilling down your cheeks in a steady stream. Hoseok looked up at once when he heard you sniffle and his expression fell even further when he saw the tears staining your skin. 

“Oh no, you’re crying, don’t cry! Please, don’t cry! Jagi…jagi I’m so sorry for what I did, for all that I said. You don’t know how awful I felt that day we fought when you left after telling me it was over…my world was shattered. I didn’t know how to function anymore; all I could think of was you and it ate me away. I didn’t want to do anything anymore if I didn’t have you. I need you. Please…listen to me, give me another chance.” 

All at once, every emotion you had been repressing about this breakup came flooding back and you couldn’t help but break down in front of Hoseok. You sank to the floor, sniffling in between sobs and a moment later you felt a pair of arms wrap themselves tightly around you. You no longer could find the strength to yell at Hoseok for how he’d been treating himself nor could you push him away after he’d begun stroking your hair soothingly. It was him who needed comforting after you saw what he’d become, but here he was, comforting you instead. 

He knew exactly how to make you feel better as he had done many times before; one arm around you, pulling you close to him until you leaned against him. The other was stroking your hair while humming. After a few minutes, Hoseok finally spoke up, keeping his voice low as he whispered calmly into your ear. 

“It breaks my heart to know that I was the cause of this. I never want to see you unhappy and If you will allow me, I want to be the one to make sure you always have a smile on your face.” Every promise you had made yourself during the past two weeks, that you’d never forgive him and that you’d never give him a second chance, came tumbling down. You wanted him back as much as he did because truly, you’d been falling apart too, just not as noticeably as he was. 

You nodded slightly and pulled away to look at him where he sat on the floor in front of you. Just as he couldn’t bear to see you cry, you couldn’t bear to see him as the sickly person he’d allowed himself to turn into; you wanted to be the one to help him recover. You nodded again to show that you’d accepted him. He breathed a sigh of relief before reaching to place his hands on either sides of your face, his thumbs wiping away the last of the tears on your cheeks.

Without another word, he immediately leaned forward to crash his lips to yours while tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling you closer. He smiled into the kiss as he moved to wrap his arms around your waist and then rested his head in the crook of your neck. 

“Thank you, jagi.” He finally spoke up, a huge smile stretching across his face. After a moment, you realized that you couldn’t let Hoseok off the hook so easily – you were still upset at him for how he’d been treating himself during the past few weeks.

“Hey, just because I forgave you, doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get an earful about not taking care of yourself. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like death himself and look at the state of your room! There are papers and clothes everywhere; how can you live like this?” You had just begun scolding Hoseok when he let out a giggle. “Why are you laughing? I’m yelling at you right now!”

“Ah, I’m just happy! If it means I have you back, you can scold me all you want about not eating properly or making a mess. I just want to be with you.” He said lovingly, taking his your hands in his while placing soft kisses on them.

“Oh right, that’s another thing. What were you thinking, skipping all your meals? Did you really think I was going to let you get away with doing that? Your punishment is being fed so much food that you’ll never move again. Now, get up.” You tried to be stern with him, but after seeing the color rush back into his face as he returned to his lively nature, you couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Hoseok let out another laugh before pressing his lips to yours once more and standing up. He grabbed your hands to help you up before pulling you onto his back piggy-back style and running out into the hallway towards the kitchen. The dorm was once more filled with his energetic voice and this was appreciated by you as well as the other members. 

After all, the world could never go around if the sun wasn’t shining. 

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Loving You

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N), Mentions of Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 894

Summary: Love Conquers All. Right?

Warnings: Nothing but fluff…maybe a dust of angst…maybe…

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys! This is my entry for @avasmommy224‘s birthday challenge! I had two prompts! Both can be seen below in bold :) I know it’s a few days late and I apologize immensely for this. I really liked how this turned out! I really hope you all like it! Feedback is greatly appreciated, my loves!! 

Loving You

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Headcanon of the Day

All of the furniture in Byron’s house is made of metal. There are cushions, of course, but all of the supports are metal.   

It’s not an aesthetic decision. When someone asks why, he simply opens his wallet and hands them an old photograph. It features Roark (who couldn’t have been more than 4 at the time), his newly hatched Cranidos, and piles and piles of broken wooden furniture. Turns out Cranidoses don’t see any difference between the trees they headbutt to train and the wood that makes up a dining room table, for example. The pair got through two whole rooms before the destruction was halted.