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Hey! I saw you made fanfics for birthdays and i was wondering if you'd do one for my 16th birthday. It was on august 9 but i was wondering if you'd still make one for me. You dont have to but i've always wanted to read a Juledrien(JulekaxAdrien) fanfic. Thanks!

Hi! I’m so sorry it took me a while to get to this one. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and now I have you on my calendar for next year! :)

“Your hair looks really pretty,” Adrien smiled.

Juleka blinked her one visible eye at him in surprise. “What?”

“Your hair,” he gestured awkwardly. “Did you do something different? The purple looks like a new shade.”


He nodded encouragingly. “Well, it looks really good. I mean, the other purple looked really good too. You just look…” He trailed off, flushing. “It looks very nice.”

Juleka felt her cheeks warm and she shrunk in a little more on herself. “Thanks.”

He nodded, shifting his weight awkwardly. “Well, um, I just wanted to tell you that so I’ll just go back to my seat.” He turned and went back down the steps, sliding into the first row.

Juleka watched him, a happy feeling settling in as she reached up to run her hand along her freshly dyed hair. Maybe today would be a nice day after all. 

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my favorite kind of wincest is backwater towns with humid days in the shade where they’re both sweating and used to it, boys who aren’t only looking but watching for every new scar on each other’s body. nights alone in separate beds in separate rooms because the place they’re at has the extra space but it’s killing them. my favorite kind of wincest is sound of iron and wine lyrics, their music is so perfect for them. you’re not listening. iron and wine. and. radical face is beautiful for them too. are you listening? give me country brothers who have never belonged, or belonged anywhere for that matter, they definitely don’t prefer the city. fuckin spoon feed that shit to me. i want to feel their endless pining that grows as big as the trees they pass on the long way to the next state. listen, you’re not listening, sam and dean were always meant to be together with nothing else in between, they’ll go swimming in the nearest lake when it gets dark out with the crickets and fireflies around them. they’re not afraid. they love each other. listen, listen, i have all of this stashed in my heart,

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What if you found out someone in the real world obsessed over you?

I’d be so touched.Someone obsessing over me for once? Adorable. I’m in a relationship though, so the person who’s obsessed would be a bit dissapointed.

If i knew someone was obsessed with me, i’d just use them for my own gain. Bring me that, buy me this, etc etc. They’d be fine with it on top of it, so who am i to deny someone of basic pleasure?

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listen i love and appreciate every single person out there who has ever read my work and taken the time to leave me a comment/review about it, but the funniest thing to this day remains to be the time I wrote a high fantasy with a writing-based magic and somebody wrote a review about how it was a computer game that developed sentience

hey guys!! just a lil update to let y'all know that although i thought i was going to university next month, i didn’t get into my first choice and although my second is an amazing uni, it just didn’t sit right with me.

my life kind of fell apart last week but i went away to oslo, which although was poorly timed helped me so much. the city is so gorgeous and pretty and clean and relaxed … it cleared my head and calmed me down, and that’s how i decided to take a year out, get a part-time job, re-apply to university, retake some of my exams and hopefully get into my first choice this time around. it’s not the easy option but i think it’s the right one.

It’s painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
—  Wordsbymymind