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Resistance Lance comes in many hair colors apparently, and yes he’s been in space long enough being chased by the galra I think he’d have a cyber leg. Gosh he’s a sweetie and I love him.

I worked on this last week but didn’t post it for some reason

Reading under a willow tree…

phew, this took rather long, but I’m done! I actually wanted to do this one for yesterday, but it took too long. So I made that doodle of Toshinori searching for the book he’s reading here!

“Their like ants, you see one in your house and there are a dozen you can’t see.  And I can’t afford and exorcism right now.” 

And I know, that if we do end up together by some miracle, it probably won’t last forever. And I know that when it ends (since I’m being rather pessimistic here), we’ll hate each other, probably never speak again, I’ll graduate high school and leave this place, and you’ll never hear from me again. 

But there’s always the chance that that won’t happen. There’s always the chance that, in five or six or seven years, we’ll be in our first house and newly married and making waffles on a Saturday morning. There’s always the chance that we’ll be happily together through a million ups and downs through the rest of high school and college. There’s always the chance that you’ll be the father of my children. There’s always the chance that we’ll last for the entirety of our lives on this earth.

And I believe in that chance. So, knowing that there’s a good chance my heart will be completely shattered when this is all over, I believe in it. I believe in us. I just hope you do too.

—  an excerpt from a book that i’ll never write #15

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

“Kamila going on adventures with Dipper and Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls” for gavinnersroadie @ Ghost Swap exchange! Dipper, what does that journal of yours say about zombie ghost cats…

so i finished coloring this, finally. i’ve never actually colored anything with sai before, and i rarely color at all anyway, so this was basically an experiment where i tried a bunch of different things and hoped it would work. i think it came out pretty decent. 


G-Eazy: The Pri$e of Fame

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039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on." COLDFLASHHHHH <3

(this is absolute crack and I’m almost sorry)

Barry feels his heart jump up and lodge in his throat when he opens the door to his apartment and is greeted by the sounds of loud, choking sobs. He flashes into the living room, because he can hear the TV running as well – and freezes in the doorway for just a micro-second before he’s kneeling in front of the sofa, in front of his maybe-a-little-bit-boyfriend-but-we-never-said-it. He can distinctly remember Len having his leg broken in three places and still laughing in the face of the meta who nearly killed him (Barry was a lot less amused by the whole situation) – so Len letting tears stream down his face like there’s no hope left in the world? Definitely ranks as ‘serious’ in Barry’s books.

“Hey,” he mutters, trying for a soothing tone, and reaches out to touch Len’s hands, curled into fists in his lap. “What’s wrong?”

Len sobs again and shakes his head; Barry’s heart squeezes in fear as he mentally lists all the people who could’ve been hurt, all the things that could’ve gone to shit in order for Len to react this badly. Barry’s trembling himself by then, mind swirling with the terrifying thoughts of Lisa getting hurt or worse, or the world being destroyed. Courtesy of Iris, Barry’s pretty sure that Lisa was more than fine just a couple of hours ago when he (unintentionally) saw her sitting on Joe’s counter, sipping coffee out of Joe’s mug in just her bra, shameless and amused and apparently content. But Barry also remembers his own adventures in dimension-traveling and wonders if Len has not had to see Lisa die in some other universe, if he hadn’t had to hold his sister while life escaped her breath by breath – Barry remembers that strange paradox of knowing it’s not real and understanding it is.

He squeezes Len’s hand again, and Len’s fingers uncurl enough to tighten around Barry’s palm.

“She’s… she’s…” Len starts and breaks into tears again. Cold fear trickles down Barry’s spine, but he doesn’t let go.

“Who?” he asks, even though he fears the answer. A lot could’ve gone worse in a couple of hours – if something happened to Lisa, Barry wouldn’t even know who to console first, his maybe-boyfriend or his for-sure-sister. He dreads to know, but he has to, he needs to ask-

“Elsa,” Len sobs, and Barry’s eyebrows shoot up to meet his hairline. Wait. What?!


“Elsa. She’s so alone… it’s sad,” Len sniffles. Barry slowly, slowly turns and tunes in to the background noise of the TV set, on which, indeed, Frozen is playing.

“What the fuck,” he exhales, relief and indignation warring in his tone, and shoots Len a suspicious glare. “Have you been hanging out with Sara again?!”

Len sniffs again and gives a reluctant half-shrug, half-pout that says it all. Barry leans closer and yes, there’s a hint of a smell he ignored before, when he was afraid something truly awful happened to Len. Well. Something worse than smoking weed stolen somewhere in the 1970s. Honestly, Barry’s not even sure why they keep doing that: it’s not like it’s so difficult to get something to smoke in their actual time. Sara keeps insisting the old stuff tastes better, but Barry assumes it’s only the illicit daring of going behind Rip Hunter’s back when he explicitly forbids them to steal anything. He can imagine Len going after the thrill of the chase, at the very least.

Unfortunately for him, the fierce hunter turns into a sobbing mess every damn time, and no matter how many times Barry tells him, Len flat out refuses to believe anyone who tells him how he behaves when he’s stoned.

With a sigh, Barry pulls himself up and settles on the sofa next to Len, curling his arm around his sobbing probably-boyfriend.

“Would you like me to watch with you?” he offers, even though he knows he should get mad about this instead of being such a pushover. But then again… it wouldn’t be productive to get mad at someone who wouldn’t even remember it: Barry’s going to save the doghouse for the time when Len sobers up (and likely vomits from all the Chinese takeout he’s likely to order and inhale in the next half hour).

Len snuggles up to him: that’s the one side-effect Barry will never complain about, but also will never admit to liking. With his nose buried in Barry’s slightly stale shirt, Len heaves a content sigh – Barry knows  that another fit of ugly sobbing is about to follow, probably in about five minutes, judging by the progression of the movie… but hey, it’s not the worst movie Len has ever cried about, so Barry’s going to let it pass – at least until Len’s well enough to remember the lecture.