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Resistance Lance comes in many hair colors apparently, and yes he’s been in space long enough being chased by the galra I think he’d have a cyber leg. Gosh he’s a sweetie and I love him.

I worked on this last week but didn’t post it for some reason

  • bucky: *is mad at Steve*
  • tony: c'mon man don't give him the cold shoulder
  • bucky:
  • tony:
  • steve:
  • bucky:
  • tony:
  • tony: get it

Listen. One of us has to stay down here and blow up a lot of silly tin men, and one of has to go up there and look after a lot of very scared people, day after day, for the rest of their lives, and keep them safe. Now the question is this, Nardole: which one of us is stronger?


you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it

I can’t fight for Robb and my father both.


“You told me not to follow you. To live on and be happy. You were the light of my life, but your flame is gone, extinguished by the sea. I’m so cold without you. I’m so lost without you.”
“I will always be with you, in every ray of sun, in every spark and flame. You’ll never walk alone.”

So YOU are telling ME that TYRANNUS BASILTON GRIMM-PITCH would NEVER use his wand to make a HAIR BUN and every time he needs his wand he’ll DRAMATICALLY let his hair down FLAWLESSLY brushing down his neck and shoulders??? THE FUCK?

I really like puns and I want more bros hangin’ out being bros ya know.

Also, yes, my current Pandora playlist is actually named “grab some toast.” And I lazy colored this from a scanned sketchbook page because I didn’t feel like redoing the whole thing digitally, fight me.

I kind of suppose this could be considered a companion to the shitty comic in this sketch dump, but also not really. Just Adrien punning around.

Let me know if you can’t read my handwriting.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Steinunn: Wait-

Stefán: Don’t record this, Steina.

Steinunn: Stebbi, aren’t you gonna come inside?

Stefán: I’m not coming inside, dear, I’m gonna spend the night here.

Steinunn: Why?

Stefán: [scandalized] Why? I won’t let the baby plants be alone in the greenhouse, not for the first nights at least. Goodnight, dear. [to the plants] Hiiiiiiii