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Your voltron headcannons cured my cancer and added 12 years to my lifespan

if i applied to med school could i like. cite this as a reference

  • *something happens* lance: “hashtag yikes” 
    • keith: “how about you never say the word ‘hashtag’ out loud again” lance: “um hashtag salty much?”
  • allura and keith will judge each other for making bad decisions while in the process of making the exact same bad decisions
  • *hunk voice* “justice…… is served”
  • shiro mentally refers to every voltron mission as Operation FUBAR
  • [allura decks lotor] “your princess is in another castle”
  • hunk introduces keith to people as Galra Keith. it’s his full title now
  • one time pidge didn’t wanna go to the kitchen for a glass of water so she spent an hour programming a robot to do it for her instead
    • robot: “what is my purpose” pidge: “you get me water” robot: “……..oh my god” pidge: “yeah welcome to the club, pal”
  • coran, holding out his fist for a fist bump: “hunk!! fist me!!!” hunk: “oh man this is really not a conversation i wanna have”
Crying in Front of Him


Very selfless and would do anything to make you feel better. Need a hug? No problem, need a kiss? He’d be honored to. He hates to see your beautiful face in tears. You’d be consoled all night in his arms.


   He might slightly feel like he is the reason why you’re in tears. He discovers that seeing you cry is something he never wants to see again and he holds you and says soothing words until you calmed down.


   He would be upset to see you cry. To make it up to you, he would give you things: a pillow, a cup of tea, a puppy if you wanted? You could have it all! Seeing you cry tore his heart to pieces.


     He would wipe the tears away and let his actions speak for him. Aragorn would hold you to his chest and hum an elvish tune. He would rock you back and forth until you fell asleep or stopped crying completely.

     Frodo would most likely grab a thick blanket and some tea before he hopped under the blanket and held you to him while you sobbed. He would stroke your hair and whisper sweet things.


     Selfless. Whatever you needed he would get it, whatever you wanted him to be, he would be it, if wanted him to leave you forever he found; as long as you were happy again.


Beorn would probably bring you to his animal- pelt-covered bed and cuddle you to him. If you were the only other skin changer in the world, you may be cuddling nude, but it does wonders at bringing you back to reality.

I haven’t seen you in two and a half hours and I’m still smiling. I feel like a little kid. It’s beautiful.
—  i said i wouldn’t fall for you, but i think you’re falling too. i think we should fall together // an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #29
Fall and Aladdin

Jason Todd X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2

When you get back to your hospital room, you and Jason hold each other while you cry.

You listen to Jason’s story, about how he became who he is. You listen to him detail his childhood, and then you listen to how he dies. You cry for him. It touches him, that you’d be willing to cry for him, for his poor tortured and dirty soul. You snap at him to never say those words again. You tell him that he is a good man, and good men don’t stoop to the level of the bad guys. Your request is clear, please don’t kill anyone else.

You don’t ask about the superhero thing often. You treat his wounds, and learn how to stitch him up. But you never ask, because you don’t want to know. In fact, you’ve never set foot in the Batcave. When Bruce’s wife goes down there you stay above level and watch over Faith. The little girl is adorable, and you love holding her and cuddling her, and watching her laugh.

Jason will usually appear by your side in the middle of these sessions and join you. He’ll place kisses on the little girl’s cheeks, or tickle her feet. Sometimes, he’ll appear with a new stuffed animal. In these moments you can’t help but think that Jason will make a wonderful father someday.

Someday, comes a lot sooner than either of you plan. He takes you away on a romantic weekend to one of Bruce’s snow covered cabins. The two of you may get a little bit careless, and well … two months later you’re staring at a little plus sign on a pregnancy test.

You’ve only been together for about a year at this point. The two of you have talked a bit about your future, the possibility of marriage and children, but you’ve always felt that was a ways off. You’re only twenty-four.  

You hide it for a few weeks, not exactly sure how to tell him. Nothing is out of the ordinary for those few weeks; no morning sickness, no bloating, and no mood swings. Then, suddenly, like a light switching on, the morning sickness comes. After four days of waking up to you being sick, Jason is more than a little worried. He eventually, enlists his mother’s help in trying to convince you to go to the doctor.

That’s when you know that jig is up. You assure his mother that everything is fine, before dragging Jason off to your room. It takes you a few minutes to work up the courage to tell him. When you tell him, his face goes a bit slack, and he kind of just sits there.

Eventually, you sit down next to him, and the two of you just sit there for about an hour. His voice is a little shaky as he says, “A baby.” You just nod. “Well, at least we know that it’ll be cute. With us for parents, how could it not be?”

That makes you smile. The two of you spend the next part of the night talking about what you think this child would be like. By the time you’re done, you’re both feeling a bit more relaxed. That night, you fall asleep with your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

You set up a doctor’s appointment the next day. A week later the two of you go in and have your first prenatal appointment. You get to listen to the heart beat. It’s loud and strong, and it makes the fact that you’re growing a person, real.

On your way home the two of you stop by a baby store. The two of you go in and wander around. You feel the fabric of the clothes, and you can’t really imagine anything ever truly being that small. Then again, your baby is the size of a lima bean right now.

You’ve lost sight of Jason at this point, but he pops up a moment later. He’s holding a stuffed tiger, it reminds you of the one from that one Disney movie, with the princess. He just smiles and says, “He’ll make the perfect guardian; don’t you think?”

You smile, taking the little plush animal. It was soft, and the perfect companion for a child. An image of a child, toting it around comes to mind, and you can’t help but buy it. You take it home, and place it on your bed. It’s a reminder of the good that is about to come, and how much love this child is going to experience.

You tell his family later that night. There’s hugs all around, and congratulations. The next several months fly by, and Jason begins hanging back from patrols a bit more often. He attends every appointment, and his face lights up every time he sees the baby on the ultrasound.

Everyone is truly excited about the idea of having a baby around, so your heart breaks when at twenty-eight weeks along, you feel a sharp pain at work. Your bump has just become noticeable at this point, and you know something is wrong. Your co-worker immediately calls an ambulance. You’re taken away in the back of an ambulance in a flurry of activity.

You keep asking for Jason, and he shows up right as the doctor tells you that you’ve gone into premature labor, and that the baby is coming. You can’t help but cry, as Jason squeezes your hand and you’re wheeled back into the operating room.

Your child comes into the world at seven months’ gestation. He’s small, and doesn’t cry as doctors rush him away. You can tell from Jason’s eyes that it’s not good. He doesn’t say anything, just grips your hand and kisses your forehead, as they stitch you up.

You’re not allowed to see your baby for twenty-four hours. When you are allowed, you have to be wheeled down because of the C-section. It’s a boy, a little boy. He weighs only two pounds, and he’s on oxygen. He so much smaller than those little baby clothes you saw on that shopping trip all those months ago.

You and Jason are dressed in gowns, and the doctors encourage you to touch him, to talk to him. You have to reach through these holes on the side of this clear plastic box. You stroke his cheek, and you tell him who you are. You tell him that you’re his mommy, and that you love him so much.

Jason is silent for a few minutes, but then he starts talking. He tells your still unnamed child that he’s his daddy. That he loves him, and then he tells him about everything that the three of you are going to do when he’s a bit bigger, and a whole lot stronger. He brings up tee-ball, and theme parks, and paint ball.

It’s somewhat hard to ever imagine, this tiny child in front of you being big enough for any of that, but Jason’s enthusiasm is easy to share, and you can’t help but do so. You stay in there for hours, until the nurse gently tells you that it’s time to go. Before you leave, Jason lays the plush tiger on the top of the box, and tells your son, “This guy is going to watch over you until mom and dad are allowed back in. He’ll keep you safe, buddy.”

They went separate ways, that doesn’t mean their paths won’t ever cross again.
—  J.B. //Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #39

In real live boys don’t come running back to you in the middle of the night sneaking through the window. They just leave and never say another word to you again

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Choose one--you can never say cuck again OR you have to use the word cuck at least once in every single sentence you say/type/text

never say it again easy that word sucks lmao

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So Bellamy was about to tell Clark how he feels in yesterday episode

oh yeah definitely i mean you don’t have someone you share a deep soul-level emotional connection with call you special over everyone else and then have that person look at you like you’re the most amazing important precious thing in the world like they’re so lucky to have you and THEN say the words

“clarke… if i never see you again-”

like he made it entirely about himself and what he was feeling and you just know he was thinking to himself “it’s now or never” so the fact that they’ve left those thoughts unexplained and unresolved leads me to believe that since this was the first episode of 4b, this is something they’re going to continue to unpack and unravel as the season goes on (especially from a bellamy on bellarke pov) and i feel pretty confident that we’ll see a bellamy confession of some sort by the end of this season


Dating Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) May Include…

“I Love You”

  • You were the first one to say it
  • It was the first time he’s ever heard the words
  • He waited for you to say “Psych!” but you never did
  • “I…Love..You..” The words were drawn out
  • But true, nonetheless
  • He felt super uncomfortable afterwards
  • You both silently agreed to never say the words again, only show them through actions and other variations of words


  • He’s a insecure guy
      • He doesn’t act like it, but he has
      • He’s tried to shape himself into a monster
      • Something that people fear
      • He uses his appearnce to his adavantage
      • But he still wishes to be someone–something–else
  • You always reassure him that no matter how he looks or acts or is, you’ll still be here with him
  • You’d never leave with your own free will
  • You love him


  • His: He isn’t much for nicknames, but he does like calling you Lovely.
      • Because you’re lovely and like the Heaven to his Hell
      • That makes like no sense
      • ha
  • Yours: Dino, Cutie,Godzilla, Scaly-Boo, Boo, Dork, Honey Muffin.


  • Waylon loves hoodies, jackets, sweaters
  • Over the time you’ve known him (and been dating), you’ve gotten him a ton of clothes
      • Some that you’ve stolen
      • Some you actually bought
  • Your favorite thing to do is buy matching clothes
  • You bought him a sweater for Christmas that says “See Ya Later, Alligator” and you got one that said “After A While, Crocodile”
      • He wouldn’t say it
      • But he loved it
  • You also got him a dinosaur onsie
      • *cough* danisnotonfire *cough*


  • Waylon isn’t big on PDA
  • But he does love to hold your hand whenever given the chance
  • And nuzzle his face into your cheek/neck
  • He likes how you smell too
  • But not in the “I’m going to eat you way”
    • I mean, he’ll eat you…but not in that, amiright? (;
    • Well, if you’re a guy he’d just blow you tho
    • Hah
    • Someone kill me
    • I hate myself


  • You had a tough time getting Waylon to move into your apartment
  • He didn’t think he deserved to not be treated like the monster he thought he was
  • The idea of living in a home, with you, was…surreal


  • He likes to hold you close and snuggle his face into your shoulder
  • Your scent gives him peace
  • He hasn’t had a nightmare since he moved in tbh
      • He had nightmares of the sewar
      • And of himself

And I’m blank, oops

DATE: AUG. I 2016
NOTES: Sorry for the wait. I have until Thursday to be all packed and moved out so…