never saw this one tho

Some Klangst maybe?

Loved @dimpleforyourthoughts fic ‘Never saw you coming’ and the angst was killer! (don’t worry there’s plenty of fluff as well, which I plan on doing next)

Read it right to left I guess, since Keith’s panel doesn’t make sense the other way (lol im dumb)

Also say hello to my inconsistent art style! (grumbles for 53 years)


#262 Mightyena

actuallyaltaria replied to your post “Who’s that Pokemon?”


Yay you got itttt!! I learned many things about Mightyena while crocheting it, such as the facts that from above it looks like a skunk because there’s no black fur running down the middle (but why?? IDK), it is 90 percent FLUFF, and that a fluffless Mightyena looks like a long-legged Chanel-boot-wearing rabbit(-eared donkey).

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I’ve been wanting to share my opinion on this for so long, but I was waitong for a HQ image to come out. I’ll talk by groups, let’s get going!

●Takeru & Hikari:
•The hell are you guys even supposed to be? They have like skates on their feet?? And Takeru totally MADE Hikari wear that messy hat.
•At least their Digimon look cute and the headset is lovely, Hikari’s has Tailmon’s ear and Takeru’s has Patamon’s ear/wing whatever.
•Takeru is so gay in this one I mean to me he already is my gay son (sorry Takari shippers) but this just confirmed it to me.
•I love how Hikari’d wearing her typical colors and the whistle, well done 👏

●Koushiro & Jou:
•My second favorite group in here!!! They’re the nerds of the gang, I think being sort of DJs really fit them.
•Jou looks SO GOOD oh my God he turned out to be one handsome lad like you goo Joooooo!
•Koushiro’s wearing purple ans Jou’s wearing grey - which made me notice the fact that they’re all wearing their crest’s colors!!! So cute.
•Gomamon wins me over EVERYTIME.

●Sora, Mimi and PEGGY (Meiko):
•The three of them look ADORABLE.
•Mimi’s bow just fits her so well I love how her hair looks in here. I don’t like how stiff Sora’s hair looks ugh.
•Sora as the singer, tho!!!! Never saw that one coming, I’m living!!!! I guess Mimi and Meiko are the chorists?
•Piyomon’s wearing a tiny hat and that just melted my heart I can’t stop crying!!!
•Meiko isn’t blushing for once and I adore her beret!
•Again, I love how their shirts’ color match with their crests’. I’m guessing Meiko’s crest is sort of wine-ish?
•Meicoomon with those two lollipops is adorable I usually don’t like her but she looks cute in here.

●Taichi & Yamato:
•First things’ first, why the heck is Taichi the singer when in canon his voice’s awful 😂 really, Toei? Did you think we’d forget??
•They both look so handsome but specially Yamato like OH MY GOD ISHIDA, CAN YOU NOT.
•Agumon looks drunk, is he okay?
•Is Gabumon singing as well??? Can this get any weirder? 😂
•Yamato!!! And his bass!!! I can’t stop staring!!!!
•The fact that Taichi kept his goggles on even with the costume on?? I approve.
•Again, Taichi’s wearing slight orange and Yamato slight blue. Very nice detail!

I loved this whole idea, very fun to see :)

friendly reminder that it is okay to want to start an interaction with someone/someone’s muse because you like their faceclaim but it is NOT okay to 

a) be gross about said faceclaim (unless ya’ll both are then that’s chill)

b) only care about the faceclaim and ignore everything about the CHARACTER

c) tell them they should be rp’ing a character a certain way bc of their fc

how to murder someone | cth

(photo source)

a/n: inspired by the above photo, but altered slightly. thank you for reading :)

warnings: language & possible angst

word count: 2.3k

Calum has a routine every night, mind you. He 1) performs a show, 2) checks his phone for a text from you, 3) answers quickly, 4) takes a shower, and 5) returns just in time to reply to another message from you. Sometimes, you’ll send him a long string of messages which makes him procrastinate the shower to reply to you which elicits a “whipped!” from Michael who disappears just in time to escape earshot of Calum’s creative reply of “fuck off!” 

You’re a key part of that routine though, so lately it’s morphed into 1) perform, 2) check his phone for zero notifications from you, 3) shower, and 4) return to zero notifications from you. It’s not because he hasn’t started the conversation. In fact, Calum has sent you a string of texts that start as simple a friendly conversation (“show was great today! :) you should have been there x”) and increasingly grow more and more desperate for any form of contact with you (“are you okay? tell me what i did wrong. i’ll do anything to fix it.”). Each text was accompanied with a call, but you made sure to send a denied back every time. Still, though, every course of twenty-four hours lately has failed to provide him with a reply from you. 

“She’s probably studying for finals,” Ashton comforts him one day, clapping a hand on the shoulder of the raven-haired boy seated on the couch.

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                                     EXO Halloween Series ; Kris as Griffin / ɡrɪf.ɪn /

“A legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature; the king of all creatures.

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He's either gay for jamie or miles (most of all the latter one) tho' lmfao i never saw anyone else he gets that close with... speaking of boys...

Hah I think the anon was generally speaking and just judging by Alex’s body language that he’s way too comfortable being close to the same sex and the same sex’s touch, whether it’s these two or someone else xD

The red string of fate is a belief originating from Chinese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. 


Just wanted to say that TATINOF was amazing! Love to @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil for one of the best nights ever! 💜✌🏻️