never saw it coming lyrics

can we talk about the lyrical masterpiece that is State of Grace? the amount of metaphors and similes in this song blow me away and they are all so unique and and well thought out. not to mention taylors voice in this song, the background vocals, the dynamics of this amazing song. let’s talk about the star lyric, “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.” that lyric. THAT LYRIC. it is the truest thing ever. no sugar coating or over demonizing love. telling what love is in its truest way. next, let’s talk about the lyric “mosaic broken hearts.” this lyric is just so unique and pleasing to hear, its been used as so many of my captions for selfies. let’s move on and talk about the lyric “I never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same.” that lyric is so relatable, whether it’s about a significant other, friend, family member, whatever. it tells that people can leave a mark on you and change you in unexpected ways. this song is a lyrical masterpiece that needs to be more widely known in the world. this song is a gift and I am lucky enough to have it grace my ears.