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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy

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bc i'm a dick i'm going to ask for your detailed opinion on 91 days, your fav characters, possible least fav-characters, anything that you can think of!! include pics too!! and would you recommend it to your followers??

bby u arent a dick u the best. u loyal. i appreciate u. and this ask. (pistin vähä paremmaks ko pistän gifei enkä kuvii;P en vaa oikeest jaksa tallentaa mitää kuvii HEH)

anyway.. lol SPOILERS!!
91 days!!! what a magnificent story.

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i honestly can not believe they were able to do all that in just 12 episodes. that they were able to make me care for so many of the characters so quick. i absolutely love angelo’s character. he’s not good at all by any means but still his quest to avenge for the death of his father, mother and little brother really makes you feel for him. he’s so bitter and empty and just really interesting in my opinion. the fact that he was so perfectly able to claim nero’s trust is amazing to me. the whole time i was watching the show i mostly felt bad for almost every character i saw on screen. i’ve never been too interested in media that contains mafia or something like that.. the whole concept of mafia is so disgusting to me i rarely enjoy anything that has something to do with it. but 91 days was one of the only “mafia shows” i’ve ever enjoyed. and even though alcohol was a big topic in this anime i managed not to care about it too much so that’s also good lmao.

even if the animation was kind of shit most of the time (i feel like that’s the case with most animes nowadays tbh) i rly enjoyed the style and the character designs. especially angelo, corteo, vanno and nero! the eyes were brilliant and i liked the old timey clothes and shit oh man. also the expressions of the characters at some points (especially angelo’s) were just absolutely perfect and they really created a nice atmosphere for the scenes.

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fave character’s must be angelo and vanno. i also really liked corteo, nero, volpe, fio, frate, cerotto and luce lol. these characters were the ones that i felt the most for and i would’ve hugged them all if i could have the chance lol. and i rly enjoyed fango even tho he was creepy lmao!! i wouldn’t call him one of my faves but his character was interesting. honestly i wish we could’ve had more interactions between some of the characters for example nero and vanno!

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my least faves…. hhmm. probably going to go with vincent. he had too little screen time and whenever he was on screen he was either dying of coughing or he was just boring. i kind of rly wanted him to be more than he was. he just… said a few words and then got a rly anti-climactic end????? i felt bad for nero but god i would’ve maybe felt even worse if i would’ve known anything about vincent.

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idk what else to say without spoiling tooooooooo much of the anime!!!! i rly enjoyed it and i’m glad @kimonofuck and @oikawaiiii made me watch it. i had planned to watch it when it came out but then i didn’t have any energy lol, anyway.. the anime left a few questions unanswered but i guess that’s not a bad thing! i just rly hope i could’ve know a bit more about the characters and the story but yeah.. 

i would totally suggest watching it if you like these kind of animes.
maybe if you only enjoy moe stuff and shit like that then this anime might not be your cup of tea but!!! to anyone who likes mysteries and mafias and complex characters this might be a nice anime^^

anyway bby thank for this ask i hope this is a good answer<3


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Smol Tooru with his Iwa-Cactus dreaming about space.  🌟  🌟  🌟
For @eclecticinkling​, based on a photomanip by @accidentalskeletons ♡ (thank you for letting me redraw it :>)


that was a perfect shot, too.


“David and Gillian…it was like a marriage. And marriage is work - you have to work at it. And David and Gillian had to work at their relationship. And that last scene at the motel room, basically they’re fugitives from justice. And you can just see in their faces. How much they truly do love each other.

And that wasn’t just Dana and Fox; that was David and Gillian. They truly, truly loved each other. I never saw anything like it. I’ve been in this business all my life. And I think David and Gillian’s relationship – Scully and Mulder – is one of the greatest Male/Female relationships in TV history.”

~ Director Kim Manners, behind the scenes of ‘The X Files – The Truth’   [x]

“It was the first time I’d ever seen the Radio City Music Hall.  And it was like entering heaven.  I just never saw anything so beautiful in my life.” (Woody Allen’s narration in “Radio Days”)  To mark the last day of winter, I am posting a photo of the magnificent “Fountain of Youth” mural by Ezra Winter:)  (Photo taken on January 26, 2017)

when i first started seeing posts about monster factory i just thought it was a game that was like pocket mortys but instead of the characters you get being “_____ morty” they were all like “_____ boy” because i never saw anything but posts about their use of the word “boy”

ok the asset protection guy who was at my work just left and i’m really upset because he was so fucking iconic. i met him during my orientation by walking into his office and he had two posters on the wall: one was a call of duty poster,  the other was a zootopia poster. he was like “i’m trying something out here. imagine you’re handcuffed and sitting on that bench there… would this zootopia poster calm you down a little bit?” and ever since that day i referred to him as zootopia poster guy to sam bc that’s so fucking funny like i love it he was so chill too he was so calm when he had to confront shoplifters i never saw him get mad or anything he’d just be like come on, i know you stole that…. you can’t do that. but anyway he left and i was walking by his office and the ZOOTOPIA POSTER WAS IN THE TRASHCAN OUTSIDE OF HIS OFFICE… THE SYMBOLISM

He Finds You Masturbating With a Cucumber

I kinda just want to ask why this was requested


He walks into your bedroom without knocking then immediately notices the cucumber, leaving him with a disgusted face and no words to say to you.


He walks by your room, hearing muffled noises. He slowly opens the door and peeks in. ‘What is she.. is that a fucking cucumber?


Why the fuck are you using a cucumber when you have me around?


I’m just going to back up and pretend like I never saw anything..


‘There’s a fuckin cucumber in her vagina


I don’t know if I should feel disgusted or slightly aroused..


Lay catches you in the act, so he throws his fist into the air. “I caught y-” He starts to yell but then gets a disgusted look on his face. “Is that a cucumber?


Let’s just pretend nothing happened, I was never here..


‘That.. is a cucumber.. Why?’


You’re using a cucumber, oh my god!


Why didn’t you just use this?” Tao asks with a smirk as he waves a dildo in your face.


He never tells you that he caught you, and about a week later, you offer him some cucumber slices. “I’m full..” He says avoiding eye contact as he awkwardly fast walks away.

i would deadass fight people for my mutuals ??? even if we’ve never talked or anything like if i saw any of y’all having some drama on the dashboard ??? i would step in ??? because i love you all ??? i don’t care if we’ve never even so much as reblogged each other’s post like once we’re mutuals, i’d fight a bitch for you

half Japanese half black

growing up i never met or saw anyone who looked anything like me. i never realized how important representation was until i actually had it and was empowered by it. my culture and its density is now one of the most important things to me! happy afad!

Prince Held Me Hostage

I thought about how annoyed I was with Prince today.  I saw him in 2011 and for the first 25 minutes of his show, everyone cried.  Like, thousands of women just were bawling.  No one sang his songs, no one danced, everyone just cried like infants.  I never saw anything like it.  And he played for about 2 hours, hitting every major hit in his catalogue before being lowered down into the stage, disappearing.  What a show!  But 2 minutes later, he was back, in pink fuzzy boots (a new ouftit, I believe number 12 now, as he changed every few songs) and did an encore.  He played maybe 10 minutes, was lowered on the little platform under the stage, and gone again.  Man, THAT was a show!  Nope.  10 minutes later…encore again.  It was about midnight now and I was a little tired, but hey, it was Prince.  He played again, demanding our energy, we weren’t allowed to sit down…and confetti rained from the ceiling and he said good night and was lowered into the stage.   Good night!  No.  He came BACK up, “Oh ya’ll thought I was done?  Hell naw sit your asses down we ain’t done yet!”  Prince was now in an all white get up with glittery pants and then the sounds of sobbing returned from the thousands of fans.  He once again played for about 10-15 minutes and, once again, lowered down.  More confetti, the lights came on, and he was done.  It dawned on me that he didn’t play Purple Rain though, and I grew scared he was coming back.  It was like 2am and I had to get going.  Just as I realized he didn’t play the song…“He didn’t play Purple Rain!” people were saying. “I can’t believe he didn’t play Purple Rai–” AND THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. PRINCE CAME BACK.  DAMN YOU PRINCE I HAVE WORK TOMORROW.  The man came back up, a new outfit, and by now I was cracking up at the ridiculousness.  We were held hostage by Prince.  He wasn’t done.  He STILL HAD SONGS.  I was exhausted.  He played Purple Rain and the lights went on, confetti came, and I’ll be damned if the entire crowd didn’t wait around 30 minutes AFTER the last song to make sure he wasn’t coming back.  That, my friends, is an entertainer.

Why I am not white

(abuse tw)

I might be mixed with white, but I am not “white”. You can call me mixed, or you can call me Japanese or asian, but never white.

I spent most of my life believing I was ugly, regardless of what other people would tell me, because I grew up in the USA as a mixed race person who was never really white passing. The media is full of white people. You can see beautiful white women everywhere. Nearly every important character in movies, on TV shows, and on billboards and advertisements is white. Even when people who look “different” are picked, they’re still almost always white.

I compared myself to them, like most everyone else does. The problem was, even though I am mixed, I still never saw a single one that looked anything like me. None had my facial features. None had my body shape and type. Some people might think I look close enough that it shouldn’t bother me. But it did. I thought my face was ugly. And when I was thin, my body didn’t look like thin white womens’ bodies. The fat I had sat in different spots, and my belly area was a different shape than everyone on TV, and even different from my peers. Other people might not notice much, but I did, and it had a huge impact on how I saw myself. Clothes never fit the same way on me as they did on my white peers.

I also grew up in an abusive household. My (white) dad was manipulative and abusive. He made sure my mom and I never formed any kind of decent relationship. I’m trying to repair that now, but I don’t think me and her will ever have the same relationship as she has with my sister (who was born later). The best and most important person in my life, until she passed away when I was 12, was my Japanese grandmother. I spent a lot of time at her house, and I looked up to her. I don’t speak Japanese, but she did try to teach me. She would cook for me when I would be at her house, and some of the snacks we had would be food that her brother sent over to her from Japan. The movies she would watch, and the kid’s cartoons and shows she would put on for me would all be from Japan. I don’t remember what they were, but I remember watching them. I remember admiring her beautiful Geisha doll she had displayed in a glass case in the entryway.

It wasn’t until after she passed, and I didn’t see that side of the family much anymore and didn’t see other people that looked like me anymore that I started to have negative views on how I looked. After that, all I saw were white people.

A few years ago, I finally learned how to combat these feelings. If I ever feel myself comparing myself to white people, who I look nothing like, I will do a quick google search for Japanese women. On the first page, I can find multiple women who share some of the same features I have. I can find lots of women who have the same body shape and type, who’s fat rests in the same places as mine does. And though I might be mixed and I might not look completely like they do, and I do have a few features that are considered “white”… I still resemble any of them much more than I resemble any white people I see. And suddenly I feel more beautiful and comfortable with how I look.

Calling me “white” just because I am mixed takes all of that that away from me, as I imagine it does to anyone else who is mixed with any race.

Please don’t call me white.

Please don’t deny anyone of any of the races they are mixed with.


“You can create glamour totally, I think. But a woman in our business generally has some quality of it… Just like Hayworth. She was a very emotional person. Rita was, I would say, not too mentally alert. It was all instinct, and that comes across. It’s alive. Harlow was another like that. They were the products of that period; they thought that way and felt that way, they projected that quality. When they’d come through the door - they’d arrive somehow. They didn’t just walk in the door…you know, saying, ‘Hello, how are you?’ They’d arrive. They’d develop that thing. You’d see them at parties, for instance, cocktail parties, just idle things, but they’d always arrive somehow. I never saw anything like it… It was as if they had internal trumpets that blew for them just as the door opens.”  

- George Hurrell, Hollywood photographer 1920′s - 1960′s, quoted in People Will Talk, John Kobal, 1985


The comments you receive when you gift them road bike tires, from Yomecolle.

Makishima Yuusuke
“Ah, thanks. The rubber on my tires get thin in a different way because of my unique dancing, so you can tell right away which tires are mine, huh? …Even Kanzaki-senpai laughed once in the past, saying that he never saw anything like it at the bike shop. Oh well, this thing is proof of my riding.”

Imaizumi Shunsuke
“(Nickname)… I’m grateful that you want to help out, but that’s not it. You need to use road bike tires for road bikes. Give me that 700… Yeah, that’s it. Thanks… It’s okay, you just have to remember the details one at a time.”

Naruko Shoukichi
“(Nickname), it’s not that black one, give me that one. Which one? …You should know without me having to tell you! The red one! The red tire! Kakaka! I splurged a bit this time… What do you think?! Naniwa’s speedman with his color tires, that makes me stand out even more, right?!”

Toudou Jinpachi
“Sorry! It rolled out of my hands. It was a good thing that (Nickname) passed by! I’m really grateful! …I’m being over the top just over picking up a tire?! Tires are the same thing as life for a road racer! In other words, you’ve saved my life! Wahaha!”

Shinkai Hayato
“Oh, you got me a spare tire? Thanks! I’ll be done with maintenance in just a bit, so wait a little longer for me, will you? …Eh, no winking? Why not? …Because it makes your heartbeat rush? O–Oh…”

Manami Sangaku
“Ah, (Nickname)-chan, perfect timing! Can you grab that tire for me? …Eh, no? Why not? …Hm? Promise? Ahh! It’s already this time?! …Sorry! I’ll be done with maintenance soon… So, can you grab that tire for me?”

Onoda Sakamichi
“I’ve grown able to change the tires on my own lately! Imaizumi-kun taught me how! …You do it like this… Ah! The tire is rolling away…! Wahh! Waaaaait! I–I’ll have to be careful when I’m on top of a hill…”