never said it was an elaborate plan

·         So Sirius is super jumpy

·         Like, tapping him on the shoulder can make him stick to the ceiling

·         That works in his favor because his friends never scare him

·         It’s not fun to them because it happens so often

·         They kind of give him a free pass

·         And Sirius uses this to his advantage

·         Planning elaborate jump scares and pranks every day

·         He literally has notebooks full

·         And the other marauders never get revenge because they could do that by saying hi when he isn’t expecting it

·         Until they finally have enough

·         He went too far when he almost made Peter pass out

·         It’s revenge time

·         Sirius gets a text from James that instructs him to meet the others in the shrieking shack

·         So he goes alone because the text said the others would already be there

·         He gets there and calls out but no on answers

·         He goes up the stairs, assuming they didn’t hear him

·         The silence is starting to unsettle him

·         He enters the first room

·         No one there

·         He continues to the second and freezes

·         There is something peeking out of the corner at him

·         He feels a shiver run down his spine

·         He takes another tentative step forward

·         The thing shoot out toward him

·         It’s a clown

·         A fucking clown

·         Sirius lets out a shriek and runs full speed all the way back to the castle

·         When he gets back to the castle and interrogates James, he swears he was in the common room all night with Remus and Peter

·         He swears up and down that he didn’t send the text

·         Sirius spends the next year refusing to go back to the shack, insisting there’s a boggart in there and that’s the only explanation

·         The other marauders never mention that they set it up

·         Or that they caught the entire thing on a muggle camcorder


He wasn’t going home...

To propose (alternate theory) to this post

That hopefully makes it less sad. He was using the day that Emma and Henry were out on the canoes (seriously?) to run the errands of A) buying the ring and B) talking to Archie when his FFIL (future-father-in-law) waylaid him with “Hey, need your help tracking down my demons” business. And of course he had to help because of that whole “being old fashioned and wanting David’s approval” thing. 

So he’d never gotten home in time to hide it. 

Because Killian was going to have an elaborate proposal, and it certainly wasn’t going to take place on a night when Emma’s plans included watching a movie with Henry, Milk Duds and popcorn. 

That kid was going to be at Regina’s for starters. Because after she said yes, we would FOR SURE have the answer to @has-captain-swan-banged-yet

No, we don’t know FOR CERTAIN what’s going on with the kiss, however…

I have ZERO trouble believing that, having just been reunited after being separated AGAIN via magic crap, one of them just said “to hell with this” and just says, “hey I want to spend the rest of my life with you” right there in front of Granny’s. Because LBR, they never get TIME for someone to plan an elaborate date or anything. There is always the NEXT thing. And Killian himself said that they should take the quiet moments where they could get them.

Pausing before going into the big celebration party to declare your undying love and devotion feels right for them. :)

And if it’s not? That’s STILL one hell of a kiss. :)
Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Pranks are Not Funny. And No, I Do Not Need to Lighten Up.
They are just mean. I know that’s an unpopular opinion, and I know that many of you will tell me to lighten up or that it’s just a joke. You're wrong.

I 100% agree with this.

I’ve never understood why this bit is so popular. My only guess is that the majority of people who find it funny are non-parents. Because why would any parent revel in intentionally abusing a child’s trust? 

Remember that douchebag who pranked his wife by making it look like their son died in a fiery wreck? I said this about that:

I’ve never liked pranks. Here’s why: It takes no amount of intelligence or wit to abuse someone’s trust. No matter how elaborate or how much planning was needed to, say, make your wife think you blew up your kid, the punchline is that you are taking advantage of something good—someone’s natural instinct to trust humanity. And if you abuse that trust enough, you create a cynic.

Now, apply that to your own child—the child who’s heart is genuinely broken every time you have to work late or can’t go to the fair because your finances are stretched thin. These are things that can’t be avoided.

But, to then purposefully make them believe you took something about which they care deeply, even for a moment, then laugh about it… well, that just makes you a fucking asshole. And it chips away at the trust you’re supposed to nurture and protect with your child. Parents who participate in the annual prank vids are emotionally bullying their own children, making them cry, then sharing the pain they caused with the world via Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Let me be clear: If you are a parent who thinks making kids cry so the world can laugh at them is okay, you are an idiot and total shit-stain of a human.

If you have a relationship with your child in which pranks or jokes are established, that’s one thing. But, these Jimmy Kimmel pranks are not that type of scenario. They’re just fucking mean.

Don’t fucking do cruel shit to your own kids! Seriously, it’s like Parenting 101.

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