never runnin


This is like a pattern with you, you know that? You always leavin’, runnin’. You never stay… ‘cause if you did, then you’d want it. You’d need it. And then you could get hurt. And left…or not left.

Why don’t you stay? Stay.

Watch / E.D

Word Count: 1,229

Warnings: cussing

A/N: I know this is bad but i haven’t wrote in a long ass time so I hope y’all enjoy! Also, this song was based off of Watch by Billie Eilish


Lips meet teeth and tongue

My heart skips eight beats at once

If we were meant to be, we would have been by now

See what you wanna see, but all I see is him right now

”You know he cheated on you. You have to get over him.”

You breathed out, running your fingers through your hair, the memory of your ex boyfriend, Ethan Dolan, on top of another girl haunted you how ghosts haunted shaggy and scooby daily.

“I just, I just miss him.” You whispered, the cup of coffee in your hand becoming more interesting.

“I know you do.” She whispered, placing her hand on top of yours, “But what he did was terrible. However,” she chipped in, “there is a party tonight. How about you go and find a new guy!”

“I don’t think I can.”

Your friend pulled her hand back, letting a sigh escape her lips as her arms folded in front of her. She did not understand what went through your mind daily. Every little thing reminded you of Ethan and nothing could stop that. Little things made you feel that you two could possibly happen, but, if you two were meant to be then you would have been together by now.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

I’ll sit and watch your car burn

With the fire that you started in me

But you never came back to ask it out

Go ahead and watch my heart burn

With the fire that you started in me

But I’ll never let you back to put it out

The party was booming, the sound of screams, laughs, and music echoed throughout the house. You smoothed down your wine colored burgundy dress and glanced around.

“What’re you doing? Let’s loosen up!” Your friend yelled over the music, grabbing your hand.

You grumbled underneath your breath, sighing as she placed a red solo cup in your hand. You took small sips and leaned against the counter, your eyes immediately falling on his curls. Your hands began trembling, your heart racing as if it was in its own race itself, and he did not know that you were there.

“I-Um-I have to go to the bathroom.” You chocked out, sitting your cup on the counter.

You pushed through the crowd and made your way to the bathroom. You jerked open the door, immediately grimacing as a couple was making out in the bathroom.

“Move or i’ll throw up on you guys.”

They pushed past you and scoffed but before you could close the door a large hand wrapped around your arm.

“Get off me!”

You turned around and came face to face with the one boy you didnt want to contact with; Ethan Dolan.

“Can we talk?” He whispered.

“I don’t know, Ethan.”

You looked down at the ground, your feet becoming more interesting. You watched as his hand slid into yours, your feet following behind him but your mind wanted different.

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.” You cried out trying to pry Ethan’s fingers away from your arm.

“What is your problem, (y/n)?! We’re just talking!”

You jumped back in shock, glancing around as everyone’s eyes were on you two. Tears were threatening to fall but somehow you managed to keep them in. Ethan let out a sigh, pulling you up the stairs anyways.

Your love feels so fake

And my demands aren’t high to make

If I could get to sleep, I would have slept by now

Your lies will never keep, I think you need to blow ‘em out

Ethan shut the door behind you, making sure to lock the door.

“You know I never meant to hurt you, right?”

You looked up from the floor, your eyes brimming once again with tears but the only thing running through your body was hatred.

“You didn’t mean to? Ethan, I walked in with you on top of someone! How the hell am I suppose to take that?!” You shook your head and wiped the tears before they ruined your makeup.

“She came onto me first! I swear!”

“But she was still in your room, Ethan!! I don’t know why you decided to break up with me, it’s like I became ugly to you or some shit but hell, it fucking hurt and it’s hurting even more now that you’re sitting here trying to lie and cover your ass up!”

Ethan’s jaw clenched and so did your fist. You could swing at any time and you knew he was fixing to snap because he did not like being told off.

“I’m not lying, (y/n)! Why don’t you understand that I still love you?!”

“Just stop…” you whispered.

Ethan’s eyes caught yours, his mouth slowly dropping, and your heart beating faster than it ever was before.

“You ruined me, Ethan.” You whispered, playing with your nails which distracted you from his stare. “Every time I go out, something reminds me of you and every time I go to our favorite store for some damn reason our favorite song plays but you’re not mine anymore.”

Ethan walked over, placing his hand underneath your chin, bringing your head up.

“(Y/n), please look at me.”

Your eyes connected with him, your heart immediately breaking as your saw tears forming in his soft brown irises. You slowly pushed his hand away, his breath shaking.

“Please stop. I know you don’t love me..”

When you call my name

Do you think I’ll come runnin’?

You never did the same

So good at givin’ me nothin’

When you close your eyes, do you picture me?

When you fantasize, am I your fantasy?

Now you know

Now I’m free

“(Y/n), please stop!! I fucking love you, do not walk out!”

Your eyes connected with him, your heart immediately breaking as your saw tears forming in his soft brown irises. You slowly pushed his hand away, his breath shaking.

“Please stop. I know you don’t love me..”

When you call my name

Do you think I’ll come runnin’?

You never did the same

So good at givin’ me nothin’

When you close your eyes, do you picture me?

When you fantasize, am I your fantasy?

Now you know

Now I’m free

“(Y/n), please stop!! I fucking love you, do not walk out!”

You sighed, turned around and running your fingers through your hair once again.

“Ethan, I’m not running back to you for the fear of me walking in and finding you cheating once again. I can’t bear another heartbreak and I sure as hell do not want another one from you.”

Ethan walked over to you, pushing your body up against the wall with his, his hands immediately finding their way to your waist.

“Ethan please…” You whispered

“Please let me do this.” He licked his bottom lip.

He leaned in, pressing his soft lips against yours. Fireworks shot off but they did not feel the same as they one did. You broke the kiss, a sob escaping your mouth.

“Fuck…” Ethan whispered, his thumb and first finger finding their way to his forehead.

You covered your mouth and continued to sob as he sat there pacing back and forth.

“I-I was hoping that there was still something there because I fucking miss you. You were my fucking sunshine and without you i’ve been a complete mess. You make me the happiest guy alive and I want you back, (y/n). Will you please be my girlfriend again?”

You looked up and shook your head.

“I can’t.”

You turned around and unlocked the door, pressing your forehead against the door as you heard Ethan break out into a sob.

“I’m so sorry, Ethan.”

You raced out the bedroom and jogged to your car. You looked back and broke out into another sob, realizing that was the last time you’d see Ethan.

✘。— now or never

( you know we’re runnin’ out of time. )

now or never! (alea) – the one where harry and y/n love each other, but never at the right time.

extra extra! (read all about it) – this is a new mini-fic based on the original netflix show, lovesick, and also my first harry imagine ever, so !! i don’t know how many parts it’ll have because i just have so much planned for it and don’t know how to include everything while keeping it concise, so that’s currently up in the air. one thing i do know for certain, though, is that every part will have a playlist of songs that, if this were a show, would definitely be playing in the background, and that is available on spotify right HERE. also, i used this post on astrology to help me create y/n and harry’s relationship. also x2, a massive thank you to laney for putting up with me and this hot mess of a plot.

twitter fingers! (turn to trigger fingers) - no triggers i think should be mentioned, but if someone happens upon something please contact me and i’ll change this.

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Watching Out - Harry Hook x Evie

[Requested by @heather-l-wood ]

The streets of the Isle were extremely dangerous, especially when they had to watch their backs and the King’s. Ben had decided that walking away from Mal’s apartment was his best option when in reality that was the most stupid thing he could do. “Mal, it’s Evie. Let’s talk for a minute,” Evie said into the pipe that ran all the way up to Mal’s apartment.

“Go away!” Mal yelled out and Evie held back a cry as she too started walking away. She didn’t mean to go as far as she did, but she saw Ben knocked out and being dragged away by two pirates. She went to scream, hoping to alert Jay and Carlos, but before she could a piece of cold metal was pressed to her lips and the one they call Harry Hook stepped from behind her, a crazed grin on his face. He pulled the hook from her mouth but gestured her to be quiet.

“Harry,” she breathed out and her eyes filled with tears upon seeing the boy she once liked more manic since the month away from the Isle. He grinned and let out a chuckle.

“Hello, Princess,” Harry said the word with so much venom that Evie took a step back in shock. “How’s Auradon be treatin’ you? Good, eh?” his smile softened for a minute before his eyes glazed over and became manic again. “Well unfortunately for you Princess I’m going to have to use you for bait, just encouragement for Mal to join our little party.”

“Harry, you don’t have to do this,” Evie told him as she went to put her hand on his shoulder. He tensed and went to take a stab and her hand with his hook making her jerk her hand back. “Okay, not a fan of contact, note to self,” Harry growled at her and grabbed her arm with an iron grip.

“Now, now, Princess. Maybe if you be a good little girl Uma’ll go easy on you, eh. Just keep your mouth shut and this will be over faster than you think.” Harry dragged her back down the way she came and she heard Carlos and Jay’s relieved voices, believing she was coming back with Ben.

“Guys, don’t scare us like that!” Carlos’ panicked voice drifted to the ears of Evie and Harry making the latter smirk.

“Don’t scare you? That’s my specialty,” Harry grinned, pulling Evie into the light and showing her off like a prize to Jay and Carlos to show he could easily hurt her if they did they wrong thing.

“Harry! Give Evie back to us,” Jay looked around the crazy pirate, “What did you do with Ben?” Harry grinned and used his other hand to gesture backward.

“Um, we nicked him, mhm. And if you want to see him again ‘ave Mal come to the Chip Shoppe. Tonight. Alone… or else this pretty princess might not be so pretty anymore.” He stroked her cheek with his hook, adding a bit of pressure on her cheek to show he wasn’t afraid to get a little blood on him.

“Okay, okay, we get it, we’ll get Mal,” Carlos said as Jay proceeded to climb up to Mal’s apartment. Harry grinned at Evie and started walking with her backward, keeping her at an angle that would rip open her throat if she tried to run.

He whistled “Chillin’ Like A Villain” as he went and Evie scowled in annoyance, knowing he heard them telling Ben how to blend in earlier. “Ya know, Princess, I don’t fancy hurtin’ you. It’ll be in both of our best interests if you just follow orders, mine or Uma’s, and hopefully, this’ll all blow over in no time.” Harry pushed open the doors of Ursula’s Fish N Chips Shoppe.

“Look what the pirate dragged in!” Uma giggled as she took in the appearance of Evie. The blue-haired princess tried to not make eye contact with anyone, choosing to look at the ground instead. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Princess,” her tone shouldn’t have surprised Evie, it was the same one Harry used when he said the word.

“Hello Uma,” Evie’s greeting was short as Harry dragged her to another room where Ben was tied up. “Ben!” she shouted at the same moment he said her name.

“I’m going to leave you two here if either of you tries to escape… I’ll hook you,” Harry’s voice was cold and sharp as he walked away from the room where he left the two figures tied to opposite poles.

“We’re going to get out of here, Evie. I’d like to believe that Mal will come for us,” Ben told her with a determined look on his face. Evie’s eyes dropped to the ground once more as she let out a strangled breath.

“I’m not going to lie Ben. I’m scared. I didn’t want to get stuck here—” Evie was cut off by Ben.

“We’re not going to get stuck here, Mal will come for us.” The determination in his voice made Evie want to believe him. As she went to response Harry came strolling back through the door.

“I’ve changed my mind. You,” he pointed to Evie, “are comin’ with me so I can keep an eye on you.” He walked over and proceeded to untie Evie from the pole before retying her wrists and ankles. “It’ll be better for the both of you to be kept separately,” he giggled with a certain mania to his tone, “keeps the hope from growing too much.”

Harry dragged Evie to another room this one was farther away from all but two other rooms and had a hammock, chest, and walk-in closet in it. Harry’s Room.

“My, I think you own more clothes than I do, Hook. And I am the daughter of the Evil Queen,” she gave him a soft smile that he returned. He walked over slowly lifting his hook but giving a reassuring glance as he swiftly brought down the hook, splitting the bindings on her wrists in half. Evie breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn’t going to cut her in half.

“Look, Evie… there’s no easy way for me to say this, I’m not that good with my feelings or nothing like that, but I know I feel a connection with you. I like you and I wish you’d join Uma’s crew.” Evie’s smile faltered a bit as she lifted her hands to hold onto Harry’s.

“I like you too,” Harry smiled at her, “but we can’t be together.” Evie finished and a cruel snarl made its way onto his face.

“What do you mean we can’t bloody be together?” his voice sounded more hurt than angry which hurt Evie even more.

“First, you’re Mal’s ex-boyfriend so that’s breaking Girl Code, and also my home is Auradon now. I love it there, and although I like you, I wish you’d choose to live there instead of here.”

“Those people would never want a pirate runnin’ round their precious lands. They’d probably curse the ground I walk on and declare someone to drag me back here sooner rather than later.”

He bent down with a suddenness to his movements and cut away the ropes binding her ankles. “I want you to leave, don’t come back when Mal brings the wand, I just want you to get somewhere safe. Can you do that for me?” Evie’s lip quivered as she nodded. Harry gave her a sad grin and cupped her face before giving her a kiss. It was quick and it was bruising and it wouldn’t leave Evie’s mind for a long time to come.

Harry snuck her out through the back of the ship and him being the cunning pirate he is immediately blamed another pirate for the disappearance of the blue-haired princess forcing them to walk the plank.

A few days would pass and only Gil and Uma would question the obvious difference in Harry’s mood. He was never up for scheming, he was never up for anything really. They blamed it on their defeat but Harry would never let it get him down like this. He favored wearing his dark blue undershirts too, instead of his normal ripped gray ones.

It would only be when Harry passed Lady Tremaine’s Curl Up & Dye Shop and saw three Auradon guards walking out with Dizzy would Harry question what was happening to the Isle. He approached the group leading the young girl to the limo parked little ways away. “Where are you heading, young one?” Dizzy at first was shocked by the sudden appearance of the pirate before she grinned and showed him a scroll. She was invited to Auradon by the request of King Ben and his Royal Advisor Evie of the Isle.

“Excuse me, sir,” one of the Auradon guards apparently wanted the attention of Harry as he turned his head to the side and gave a wicked grin. “You wouldn’t happen to be Harry Hook, would you?” Harry laughed and held up the hook.

“What gave it away?” The guard didn’t say anything just handed Harry a scroll that looked similar to Dizzy’s. He was invited too. Maybe Evie was watching out for him.   

Tulip & Viktor’s Relationship

I love that this show has very explicitly neurodivergent protagonists who nevertheless are presented as heroes within the context of the story. We see all three of them become somewhat childlike in the face of realities of life they’re not equipped to deal with bc they never developed the tools in the first place or lost them along the way. The fact that all three of the main characters on the show are allowed to be these damaged mentally unstable people realistically working through trauma but also heroes is a huge deal - I cannot think of many shows that have done anything remotely similar. Usually if it is in a show, it’s not handled realistically or sensitively but they’re really making efforts here. And most importantly they show that they can still have relationships, be heroes, do good things, etc. - they’re not demonized for being fucked up and in fact the viewer should very easily be able to tell why they are the way they are. And their bad actions aren’t excused, but they are explained, and we see them making efforts to both better themselves and weaponize their darkness for their own survival and that of those they care about. I wouldn’t love them as much as I do without their flaws - that’s what makes them so sympathetic and real and makes their relationship an amazing commentary on the human condition and gives the three leads the opportunity to act the hell out of every scene they’re in.

It was particularly interesting to see how Tulip handled her situation over the last two episodes and I’m interested to see how she will deal with it now. 

Tulip’s very much been written as a child of the foster care system. We saw that as early as the Jesse/Tulip flashback in s1ep7 (”He Gone”) where we find out she wets the bed, which is something lots of kids with horrible stressful childhoods do. A lot of her arc reminds me of certain aspects of Sarah Linden’s in The Killing - very different characters but they deal with problems in similar ways and have very similar pasts - she was also someone who got shunted through the foster care system and came out of it with a whole bunch of abandonment issues and a strong personal sense of justice. Her partner and friend said this to her once - “This is like a pattern with you, you know that? You always leavin’, runnin’. You never stay… ‘cause if you did, then you’d want it. You’d need it. And then you could get hurt. And left…or not left. Why don’t you stay? Stay.“ And ultimately, her response to that is “I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car riding around, smoking cigarettes. I think that was everything. I’m sorry. I should have known that you were one person who always stays. And you were my best friend.”

That is what Tulip has been looking for all this time. Something reliable, something consistent and reciprocal and loving, something like family because she’s never had one, not really. And after Jesse abandoned her, she might’ve had something approximating that with Viktor and his daughter. As Ruth said, “Tulip feels so strongly for Viktor. He was something steady in her life and I think she’s never had that. To his credit, he sort of rehabilitated her. But also, that was the worst thing he could have done because then she was ready to go back on the road again. I think it broke his heart, really.”

So Tulip climbed out of her depression and decided to redress the problem that started it all - Carlos’ betrayal of her and Jesse and everything that followed. There are all these lingering issues between Tulip and Jesse - he hasn’t told her about the abusive maternal side of his family or how he feels he damned his father to hell for sending her away and that is at the root of all of his behavior and hangups. He has told NO ONE about any of that, ever, and naturally that was going to color any effort he made at moving forward. He loves Tulip dearly but he’s got issues that scare him so much he’s in denial about even having them, and I think that when she miscarried he felt this was just another part of his curse coming back to haunt him which necessitated his return to Annville to fulfill his father’s mission…but they’re going to give us more backstory next week in the “Dallas” episode which may enlighten us further about anything else that may have happened in the wake of Carlos’ betrayal and how it affected the Jesse/Tulip relationship. It’s easy to tell that this whole season is about family and the lengths people will go to find it or reclaim it or maintain it, which is an extension of themes about contentious intergenerational relationships carried over from s1. 

Tulip’s uncle Walter was all Tulip ever had, and that was never enough. She was taken away from the Custers and later she had Jesse but that was precarious and unsteady. She was happy with that but he left her when she was at her lowest point emotionally. As my friend @hermouthslipped put it, “I wouldn’t say that Walter wasn’t enough, because he was never on the table as being enough - in his eyes or Tulip’s. He was always dying - and in that sense, Tulip has only ever had a dying family, if she were to even count it as one at all. This means that what Viktor offered - complex relationships, established dynamics, a LIVING family - was more than even the promise crushed with Jesse. Something that neither Jesse nor Tulip ever imagined them as having - they were just too orphaned to imagine belonging to something like that. It was maybe the only thing that could have rehabilitated her.” We’ll see how she handles the reality of her situation now that she’s moved on in some ways but Viktor hasn’t. And I think it’s pretty clear why she was afraid to tell Jesse - Ruth said it was because she was afraid of how he might judge and shame her but from a practical perspective it also wasn’t a good idea bc like she told Cassidy it would, it only made things worse - because his reaction was to shut her out and sate his own jealous defensiveness over his relationship with her - the only loving one in his life.

Hellfire : 4


Summary:  Beast Boy doesn’t ever disobey direct orders. Beast Boy doesn’t ever disobey Robin’s good judgement. Except for that one time the green changeling decided to follow a certain empath to the fiery pits of a demonic hell, that is. BBRae slow burn.

Rating: T

4. Lesson of Anguish

What did hell look like?

What did it smell like?

These were questions that, sadly, all the Titans were familiar with.

Fire and blood.

Always fire and blood – often choking with the stench of burning, rotting, human flesh. The Titans had seen enough in their line of work to know that those two themes were always of a consistent nature. Hand in hand, like lovers born of the ugliest sin.

Raven faltered – the only Titan to hesitate at the scene of the crime. The others, they’d thrown themselves into the thick of it, determination like well-tempered fury guiding the strength behind their movements. When they took running steps forward, she took a step back, lingering in their shadows. Her eyes, violet stone, reflected the fiery red carnage of the dreadful scene before her.

Unlike so many times before, the team hadn’t merely walked into a bank robbery, or an escaped, super-powered convict, like they were typically accustomed to these days.


They’d left the tower in response to the sudden emergency, and come face to face with a new variation of hell.

Raven hung back, rooted to the spot as the demonic monstrosities scurried before her in a blur of red, engaging her friends in a bloody fight. Garfield tore them limb from limb, slashing with his sharp claws in the form of an enraged Grizzly. Nightwing’s blows were more lethal, evidently not caring to hold back against the vile creatures that were overrunning their city. Even Cyborg and Starfire were set to kill.

Not human meant more casualties. Demon spawn like these were beyond negotiation, so primal in their quest, that death was inevitable – it was the only way to stop them.

Kill or be killed.

Her teammates understood that well by now, having encountered a similar army when up against Trigon.

Raven, on the other hand, could not.

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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Flagpole Sitta
Harvey Danger
Flagpole Sitta

“I had visions, I was in them 

I was looking into the mirror 

To see a little bit clearer 
The rottenness and evil in me 
Fingertips have memories 
Mine can’t forget the curves of your body 
And when I feel a bit naughty 
I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes 
(But no one ever does) 
I’m not sick but I’m not well 
And I’m so hot cause I’m in hell 
Been around the world and found 
That only stupid people are breeding 
The cretins cloning and feeding 
And I don’t even own a tv 
Put me in the hospital for nerves 
And then they had to commit me 
You told them all I was crazy 
They cut off my legs now I’m an amputee, god damn you 
I’m not sick but I’m not well 
And I’m so hot cause I’m in hell 
I’m not sick but I’m not well 
And it’s a sin to live so well 
I want to publish ‘zines 
And rage against machines 
I want to pierce my tongue 
It doesn’t hurt, it feels fine 
The trivial sublime 
I’d like to turn off time 
And kill my mind 
You kill my mind 
Paranoia, paranoia 
Everybody’s coming to get me 
Just say you never met me 
I’m runnin’ underground with the moles (digging holes)
Hear the voices in my head 
I swear to god it sounds like they’re snoring 
But if you’re bored then you’re boring 
The agony and the irony, they’re killing me 
I’m not sick but I’m not well 
And I’m so hot cause I’m in hell 
I’m not sick but I’m not well 
And it’s a sin to live this well”

The Signs As A Beyoncé Song

Aries: If I Were A Boy

Taurus: Best Thing I Never Had

Cancer: Runnin (Lose It All) - Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin

Gemini: Drunk In Love

Leo: Yoncé

Virgo: Grown Woman

Libra: Pretty Hurts

Scorpio: Partition

Sagittarius: Signs

Capricorn: Irreplaceable

Aquarius: 7/11

Pisces: Jealous


HE LEFT HER, just like he always left everyone. But he knew she understood, in some way. They were the same kind of creature after all, it was why they were drawn together in the first place. The same kind of violence, of weakness. Both struggling to balance need for freedom and a deep longing for the company of another human to ease their days. It helped them SHARE THE ROAD for a time, longer than either of them expected. Somehow he always thought she would be the one to leave. Maybe he did before she had the chance, like having the last word in an argument. 

He left her and yet here they were again. Another shitty bar by the side of the road, still looking like two people who belonged anywhere else but sitting together at the same table. It was a MIRROR, he thought. Somehow he had never realized. 

“Still runnin’ from home?” the hint of a smile on his lips, one he still STUBBORNLY refused to show.

Sunday Mixtape.

Bones - 3M

Spooky Black - Visions

Father ft.Archibald Slim - Spill

DJ Smokey - Trappin Out Da Forest

OG Maco - New Money

Gucci Mane - Dead People

ASAP Ferg  ft.Big Sean- JA Rule


Father ft.iLoveMakonnen - Nokia 

Yung Simmie ft.Cashy - Popeye

Lil Ugly Mane - Cup Fulla Beetlejuice


“Come on Sophia! You know there are people still watching and waiting for us to take the wrong path!” he said as he tried to walk towards her. “They don’t recognize me because I disguise myself, but if they see us together, they’ll know” he sighed and put his hands on his girlfriend’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, baby” he tried to apologize. 

Sophia shook her head taking a step away from the man. “No, you dont understand Reid. It’s not fair! You get to hang out with Charlie all you want but at the end of the day I have no one else to talk to.” She choked out starting to feel the tears brimming her eyes. Even though she had Nancy and Reid she couldn’t help but feel lonely at times.