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I made this Victuuri video using the song “Arms” by Christina Perri because I feel the lyrics really fit beautifully to their relationship [especially since they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, aka ‘you put your arms around me and I’m home’ <3]. So if you’re desperately in need of some heart-explodingly gooey lovey Victuuri but you don’t want to/have time to watch a full ep (or lets be real just binge watch the whole season again) then this is for you! I really tried to tell their story with the clips I chose (obviously I couldn’t fit in ALL of my favourite Victuuri moments) and made it fit with the lyrics so I think if you live for Victuuri you’ll really like this video :)

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hi! I was wondering, at what age do women stop working in this industry?

Um?? The same as men?

This question comes off to me as a bit sexist and whether that was intentional or not, it is mindsets like that that make it harder for women to be respected in the workforce, especially film.

However, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re simply curious as to statistics or are looking into a career path.

What is the average retirement age for women in the US? 62 years old.
For men? 64.

Why the difference? Statistically, women tend to retire earlier to take care of elderly relatives. This is changing, however, as there has been an upward trend showing women are retiring later and later while men have remained fairly constant.

When do filmmakers tend to retire?
Whenever they want to stop making films. So sometimes never. Many that retire end up coming out of retirement in a few years time.

There are plenty of filmmakers who make films well beyond the average retirement age. Here are some notable female filmmakers who ignore that average.

-Agnès Varda (Cleo 5 to 7, Vagabond) 88 yrs old, 60+ years working

-Lina Wertmüller (The Seduction of Mimi, Love and Anarchy) 88 yrs old, 50+ years working

-Barbara Streisand (Yentl) 74 yrs old, 50+ years working

-Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) 65 yrs old, nearly 40 years working

-Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle) nearly 40 yrs working right up to her death at age 71

Film is a career but it’s also an art. It’s harder to give up an art than to quit a job.



ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)

“i wish you’d never retire” fucks me up every time……. like its so romantic like yuuri is like “please take care of me until i retire” and viktor off the cuff comes back with -i wish i could be with you forever- like????? goddamn?????? if i was yuuri id be crying too how is that not the most romantic fucking thing youve ever heard holy shit


Sawamura Eijun: Captain + Cleanup AU

Mbti Types as Grandmas

DISCLAIMER: I’m not even sorry lol, hope it’s a fun read at least  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ: the ‘cookie baking, scrapbook making, sits on the porch with grandpa staring at the sunset then straight to bed’ grandma

INFJ: the ‘sweater knitting, money giving, ‘oh honey, it’ll all be okay’’ grandma

ISFP: the ‘pottery painting, salsa dancing, retired composer but music never retires so I’m just gonna continue composing anyway’ grandma

ESFJ: the ‘Thanksgiving dinner organizing, grandkids’ gossip subscribing, you just know she used to have a pilates butt’ grandma

INFP: the 'outdoors fearing, nagging grandkids to call everyday, I’m still learning how to use Twitter/Facebook/this smartphone which isnt very smart btw’ grandma

INTJ: the 'book reading, random stuff collecting/hoarding, strategic gambler that somehow wins every time’ grandma

ISTJ: the 'diligent chore doing, every Wednesday at 3pm bingo playing, been attending Sunday mass for 70 years now and a hip replacement ain’t gonna stop me sucka’ grandma

ISTP: the 'kitchen fire starting, 4 dogs owning just because the grandkids’ parents won’t let them have dogs, can teach level 2 water aquatics even better than the instructor’ grandma

INTP: the 'has random bruises everywhere from banging their knee on the desk accidentally repeatedly for 60 years, too awkward to converse with grandkids, sleep inducing tenured professor who refuses to retire because RESEARCHHH’ grandma

ENFJ: the 'book club organizing, soup kitchen volunteering because who else will train the new generation how to be compassionate, insightful advice dispenser 27/7 but also guilt trip queen’ grandma

ESFP: the 'colourful outfit wearing, sassy insult giving, all of your problems can be solved with a little bit of alcohol honey’ grandma

ENFP: the 'adventurous recipe trying, canes-slow-me-down claiming, will call you at 9pm before their bedtime once a week just to check up on you’ grandma

ESTJ: the 'Rolls Royce driving, strict budget money spending, 50+ rich AF but refuses to quit working until their limbs break off’ grandma

ENTJ: the 'boat driving, grandkids yelling, 50+ wealthy AF but still doesn’t wanna retire because everyone would be doing her job wrong’ grandma

ESTP: the 'quite young looking for her age maybe it’s maybelline, ex professional athlete now training all the young nubs, giving out weekly sex advice on a very very popular youtube channel’ grandma

ENTP: the 'savage/sassy/song lyric debating, fourth most likely to be still having active sex with sexy grandpas, somehow made a million dollars early in life’ grandma

Lio’s been confusing his “jump” and “dance” commands because, when I taught him “dance,” I made the hand cue too similar to his “jump” hand cue.

I introduced the new hand cue for “dance” last night and he’s already got it down!

On another note, HE LOOKS HUGE HERE? Why has he never looked this big to me before??

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Hi, can you please enlighten me on that whole Studio Ghibli closing thing? And Miyazaki's retirement? Like Is he retired now? And is Studio Ghibli closed forever? And what about this "new Ghibli studio" called Studio Ponoc? Too many questions sorry lol and thank you for this amazing blog.

Studio Ghibli has never been closed, but Hayao Miyazaki had officially announced his retirement in 2013 after the release of The Wind Rises. That said, he also retired after the release of Princess Mononoke in 1997, and then went on to make Spirited Away. Hayao Miyazaki has work ethic and animation in every fibre of his being, he will never sit still and retire, no matter how often he announces it. Only one thing will retire him from his work, and hopefully not for decades to come.

Last year he started work on a short film that was to be shown exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum, called Boro the Caterpillar. But it seems that Hayao Miyazaki was unhappy with the short length of the film, and has decided to make it in to a full feature length movie, expected to be released in 2019.

Studio Ponoc is a new animation studio, comprised of animators that used to work for Studio Ghibli. Their first release, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who had directed The Borrower Arrietty and When Marnie was There for Studio Ghibli. Animators need to pay their bills and feed their families, and they can’t sit on their hands for years on end while Studio Ghibli stagnates. So that is why we have Studio Ponoc.

I hope that answers everything ^____^ If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I don’t get many asks these days. xoxox

  • Viktor: [can't find yurio in a crowd]
  • Viktor: hey katsuki yuuri should really retire
  • Viktor: found him

Rebelcaptain | Pacific Rim AU

Cassian was one of the best Jaeger pilots of the PPDC until, during a fight with a huge Kaiju, he felt his co-pilot dying. Key was his best friend, his only friend, and Cassian never recovered, choosing to retire, to escape far from the battlefield.
Burdened by self-pity and an oppressing sense of guilt, Cassian struggles to survive, until one day General Saw Guerrera, his old boss’s co-pilot, finds him, asking him to come back. They need pilots, all those they can find. They need him.
The exact moment Cassian enters the Shatterdome he realizes he’s home.
Jyn Erso is Saw’s adoptive daughter and a great pilot. Or at least she is on paper as Guerrera has always prevented her from piloting one of those metal giants she loves so much. The official excuse? She’s not ready. In reality? He just doesn’t want to lose the one member of the only family he’s ever had.
As Jyn and Cassian try to persuade Saw that they are drift compatible, Bodhi Rook lab technician is trying to find a way to understand Kaiju’s attack’s pattern. His research brings him face to face with organ smuggler and Kaiju enthusiast Orson Krennik. Not his brightest moment.
Bonus: the mighty Jaeger known as Force Alpha is piloted by married couple Chirrut & Baze, Jyn’s old friend and Cassian’s old acquaintances.
Jyn’s and Cassian’s Jaeger is called Rogue One by Bodhi, because “you are both scoundrels”.


Crying? Me?
“Never retire”
Hell yes I am crying