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From now on, I’m the only one allowed to touch sea charts!!

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Do you have any unfinished sketches you’ve got lying around that we can see?

Well, I drew these one time, and ended up not liking them, so I never posted them. Does this count?

I wonder if I’m ever on your mind, cause I can’t seem to get you off mine.
—  Tenari Ioapo

okay!! so

i have no idea how late i am to the party (if i’m late at all…) but i decided to have a go at colouring some of the @btscoloringbookproject!! it took me a while because i had to make myself a homemade lightbox situation in order to be able to reink these pieces on watercolour paper so i could paint them!! so first of all, i want to apologise for any butchering of inking that i did during that process. i tried my best and went as slow as i could so i hope you can forgive me.

it also kind of forced me to be slower when picking colours and the technique i’d use so that was a new and interesting way of doing it, too. i’d definitely suggest using the colouring book as a colour practice. it’s definitely what i’m going to use it for.

without further ado!! i present to you hyungline + some close-ups of certain details i’m v proud of!!

the first piece is by @debrenner, the second by @iliketoothpaste, the third by @robins-art and the last by @ask-kimdaily!!

I think we all wish to only see the good in the people we love and sometimes we forget that they’re only human. Therefore they too will have flaws, doubts, traits we may not be in favour of. That some days they may not be at their best, they need you to be the supportive person in times of their struggles. We can so easily forget that people we love are not entirely perfect but they weren’t meant to be.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Expectation vs. Reality

nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

if you want to be happy (in a million ways)

summary: “You’re leaving me for an entire week, Phil? What am I supposed to do, just sit around and watch my socks dry?”

Yes, Dan, you can come too.”

Or, Dan and Phil’s first (real) Lester family Christmas.

rating: G

word count: 2557

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  • Remember to wash- trust me I understand when you’re feeling low & fatigued to the point where you don’t leave bed. But once you start wallowing in your sadness it’ll get harder to leave that little secure space you’ve created. It’ll be like washing off all the negitivity. (Baths are the best type of self-care)
  • Drink water (!!) - I cannot emphasise this point enough. I remember for me, I would go days with out drinking water, or fresh water because I either just didn’t have the energy or I kept the same bottle for a few days & that isn’t healthy nor benefitting for you at all.
  • Care for your skin - even if you don’t on a regular basis as many don’t either, you can buy little face masks & bottles of moisturiser for a small amount of money & you won’t regret it. It’s such a relaxing task & will help relax your mind !
  • Write down what’s bothering you - if you’re anything like me, I journal a lot during my day to day, but while I’m in my low moods I tend to neglect this part of my self care & after I realise I binge on it to help relieve all of the negative thoughts I still have in my head.
  • Go for a walk - even if it’s to the bathroom or kitchen in order to stretch your legs, do it. Long walks with music or a good book helps me a lot. It’s very peaceful & can be quite soothing.
  • Remember to eat (!!) just like drinking water is a necessity as is eating. Whether it’s cereal or a meal. Anything is better than nothing. Try your best & eat what you can but as long as it’s something so your strength isn’t deminished.
  • Talk to someone (MOST IMPORTANT) I cannot emphasise this point enough. Talking to someone about anything whether it’s to do with your low mood or the weather is so helpful. As humans we need interaction with other humans to keep us functioning & as much as curling up into hibernation sounds better; in the long run it isn’t. Ring someone, send a text, get someone over for a movie. Just please don’t let yourself sit alone while you’re at you’re lowest. THIS IS THE BEST TYPE OF CARE YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF.
  • Sleep - I know once you’re in this frame of mind it’s hard to keep a regular sleeping pattern. Try to build up how many hours you’re getting a night, rather than sleeping through past the morning. Go to bed earlier. Put your phone down. Try not to binge watch that show. It’ll all benefit you eventually.
  • Clean your room - if you’re anything like I am, for some reason a massive mess just somehow forms in my room while I’m feeling low & I tend to find that once I’m cleaning it, it’s kinda like I’m cleaning out he bad thoughts & the negative. It helps a lot (it can take a lot of energy though so always try to eat beforehead so you don’t wear yourself out or exhaust yourself!)
  • Open your curtains/window - closing yourself off to the world may seem like a good idea but it really isn’t. You need fresh air & some sunlight to help ease your mind. It makes the world of a difference honestly. Even if it’s at night time first, any thing is better than nothing; remember that.

just remember to take care of yourself first & always. And remember also to be kind to yourself.

10 JAN 2018

“As soon as class is over, he heads straight to the little cafe down the street. It’s his escape from this new and stressful city life.”
//A little Highschool!AU fanart because i need to practice backgrounds ㅜㅜ it’s not great but..
Hopefully I’ll be back on asks soon!