never realized how often he's on the phone in movies


[Listen. Writing these makes me so happy.]

Adam picks up a lot of new words and phrases while in college. He’s introduced to memes and dumb videos, things he never bothered with in Henrietta, since he was busy studying and searching for Glendower. He’d never owned a phone –let alone a computer– to access such things.

Most things he’ll say ironically when he’s around his friends, because they’ll get it. But there’s one thing he ends up saying regularly, without even noticing: dude, same.

Adam says it when he wakes up and it’s pouring outside, when his roommate groans after a rough night out, when he’s grabbing coffee on his way to class and he spots students napping in the courtyard. He doesn’t ever realize how often he says it until Ronan is visiting.

They’re watching a movie on the dorm room’s pull-out couch and there’s a scene where the main character loudly complains about how much school work he has to do. Adam says it, without even thinking, like a reflex.

“Dude, same.”

He’s startled when Ronan quickly pauses the movie and turns in his direction, fingers gently gripping along his jaw. His dark brows are furrowed.

“Babe. If you say that one more time, I’m leaving.”

Adam’s face scrunches up in confusion for a moment, but then he realizes what he’s said and laughs, eyes crinkling. He touches Ronan’s wrist and stifles a grin.

“Blame my friends. They’ve ruined me.”

Ronan’s lip curls.

“They did a good job with your hair and clothes, but not the fucking meme culture. It’s bad enough that Cheng and Gansey text me that shit all the time.”

Adam laughs again.

“I’ll try my best to keep our time together meme free. Okay?”

Ronan seems appeased with that, so he pulls back and starts the movie back up, his arm around Adam’s shoulder. Adam looks at his boyfriend’s still furrowed brows and hides another smile.

“Hey, Ronan?”


“If you don’t have anything you want to do tonight… I was thinking we could go crack open a cold one with the boys?”

Ronan looks likes he’s in actual pain and
Adam cannot stop laughing.

Mistakes, part 6. (Neymar imagine)

The tension between Neymar, Bruna and me is enormous. It feels like an hour before she finally speaks.
‘Just in time.’ She snaps. She walks over to the door and grabs her coat to put in on. I avoid Neymar’s stare, and just look down. Davi is leaning into me, and i put my hand on his head. When the door gets slammed shut, and he’s sure she’s gone, Neymar walks over to me.
'I’m so sorry you had to hear that. I don’t know hy she came to me, i didnt want her to-’ I shake my head.
'That’s none of my business.’ I say.
'I’m just here to drop Dani off.’ I say, and he looks down. He sighs, and gets on his knees.
'What did you do today?’ He asks after hugging him.
'We went ice skating, and we watched a movie.’ Davi says. Neymar looks up to me, and i give him the smallest hint of a smile. 
'I made dinner, do you wanna stay and eat with us?’ He asks, and i frown. I feel Davi’s eyes on me, and i remember what he said today. That, and Neymar just kicked Bruna out of the house in front of me. There’s nothing wrong with staying for dinner. 
'Sure.’ I say, and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. Neymar looks confused and suprised.
'Really?’ He says, and puts his hands in his pocket. 
'Don’t make me change my mind.’ I smile, and when i see Davi’s happy face i’m glad i said yes. 

Neymar made lasagna, and after a long day i was starving. We had a little small talk but most of the time we were eating. At some point it almost felt like before. I try to not get too excited, because i know i’ll get dissapointed again. I’m loading the dishwasher with Neymar in silence. It’s a comfortable silence, and i’m happy we can be together without yelling at each other. Funny how Davi is the only reason we have to be nice to each other, and he isn’t even my son.Well, he isn’t but he does feel like mine. I hear him calling my name from the living room.
'Yes?!’ I yell back.
'Come play fifa with me!’ He yells back. I chuckle, and i feel Neymar looking at me. I look back and he smiles. I don’t know why, but it’s a different kind of smile than he normally gives me. A little bit sadder.
'Ehm, i..’ I point at the door, and he nods.
'I’ll finish.’ He sighs, while putting a cup in the dishwasher. I stand there watching him for a second, till Davi calls me again. I sigh too, and walk over to the living room. 

I just score a goal when Neymar comes and sits next to Davi on the other side of the couch. I’m a little dissapointed he didn’t sit next to me. I realize that if i wanna resist him, i need to be away from him. We sit like that, and play for hours but the time goes by extremely fast. Before Neymar i now it, we’re yelling at the tv while scoring one goal after another. 
'No!’ Neymar yells, and i laugh. I just beat him. He grins at me.
'I let you win on purpose.’ He says, and i chuckle.
'I’m sure you did babe.’ I say, and almost drop my remote when i realize what i said. I feel Neymar looking at me, but i try to focus on the tv. 
Shit! I wanna dissapear and never see him again. I told him i’m not gonna forgive him, but somehow i end up playing fifa with him and his son and i just called him babe! 
'We’re shooting some scenes tomorrow, so i have to go.’ I say, the moment Davi falls asleep in my lap.
'Alright.’ Neymar says, and i stand up. I try not to think about the first time i told him i was casted for this movie, and he was on his phone the whole time. He walks me to the door, and i put on my jacket. 
'I enjoyed today, you can bring Davi to me more often.’ He smiles.
'I never realized how close you two are.’ He says, and i play with my scarf.
'Yeah, he feels like my little brother.’ I say, and smile at the thought of how much i actually like the little guy. 
'No really..’ He says, leaning against the wall.
'I’m thankful you didn’t forget about him, just because we’re ehm-’
'Not together.’ I finish his sentence and he nods. 
When i wanna walk out, he walks over to me and gives me a quick hug. I give him a small kiss and i turn around to walk away. I freeze on his doorstep, and he doesn’t shut the door which means he realises what happened too.

I wanna turn around again. I wanna tell him it was an accident, but when i turn around he’s already standing in front of me. I let out a shaky breath, and before i realize what i’m doing i jump on him and press my lips against his, begging for entrance. He’s startled, which causes him to fall back a little, but he quickly recovers, and opens his lips. He slowly runs his tongue across my lower lip. I wrap my hands around his neck, and he wraps his arms all around me. He holds me so close to him i almost can’t breath. Our kiss is not tender and romantic, it’s full with lust and i wanna rip his clothes off of him. He continues the kiss in my neck, and puts small wet kissed just below my collarbone. I let out a small moan, and as i run my fingers through his hair i realize how much i missed him. I missed his hands, his lips, his eyes and his touch. His touch.. I think. I can’t help but imagine him doing with Bruna everything we’re doing now. I slowly pull away, and he groans. He puts his arm around my waist but i pull away again. He looks at me confused and i wanna kill myself for kissing him. I turn around and walk to my car in a fast pace. I quickly get inside and avoid looking at Neymar, who’s still standing on the doorstep. I bite my lip and start my car. Don’t. cry. in. front. of. him. My subconscious scolds at me. I’m so so stupid. As i enter the highway the tears start to run down my face. I want him so badly, but i can’t. I just can’t.


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