never reaching my goal

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Today is @viria​  Bday, May 13th! And bc of that I wanted to finally draw her sth. After 7 years…. That’s her from her instagram photo click

7 years ago I discovered Viria’s blog, I was a little bun back then. She inspired me to take up on drawing and introduced me to many, many things. I got my tablet bc of her, used sai, started reading Pjo and Haikyuu, bc of her art! I always envied her, her talent, her big tumblr blog, the way she draw. HER ART! But never realised how wrong my thinking was. Now when I’m more mature I realised that  Viria thought me many things. She thought me that I will never be able to draw like someone else, that making mistakes is ok and when I see how shitty my art is its ok, bc now I can see it!! I can improve! That finding my own art style is long process and my art is not bad bc it doesn’t have it’s style. She didn’t thought me how to never give up, but reminded me whenever I gave up on drawing, that I will never reach my goal bc no one will never reach it for me. And now I can trully say, I don’t envy your style, I envy you your power of will to never give up and thank you that you are with us!!!! 

“I’m never going to let anyone stop me from reaching my goals!”

“On one hand, I admire your dedication and that’s very inspirational and all. On the other hand, I feel like that’s how super villains get started.” 

“Man, why do you have to bring everything back to super villains?”

  • coxswain: in 2, weigh enough
  • student athlete: enough?✋🏻😈 ill never have enough until i reach my goals 😤✋🏻😈 I'm chasing dreams☁️ out here ✊🏻✨they said we couldn't do it but we did it anyway 😤✋🏻😈 some watch while others do 👌🏻💯 i stay hungry 🍴😈

So last night I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I was just seeing all these girls who were showing off their beautiful looks, their progress which is always very inspiring to me!! but I found myself starting to pick myself apart wishing I had their hair, skin, curves, muscles, etc. I was thinking about ways I could change myself to try and look like them, and feeling like I wasn’t good enough and why should I even try to reach my goals when I’m never going to look like them. When I caught myself thinking these terrible things about myself, I had to take a step back put the phone down and breath. I reminded myself that no I’m not ever going to look like them and thats OKAY because everyone is different and unique in their own way! And instead of tearing myself down I started to build myself up with kind words and things that make me a good strong person. Social media is a great thing, but is can also be a very toxic place. It’s okay to struggle and have these little moments because it reminds us that we are all human. The most important thing to do is to love yourself, say and think positive things about yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are and you DO NOT need to change yourself what so ever! ❤

anonymous asked:

Hey Sax. I'm currently exhausted. From working, from going to school and from working out. I've never felt this way before. I haven't reached my goals, in fact I've just started out. I fucked up today (ate veery bad, about 1500 calories too much) but I'm picking myself up. Even when I'm tired. Even when I'm physically and emotionally drained. I'll keep going. Thank you so much for being here and providing help.

Hey anon, don’t beat yourself up. 

You’re trying to build a lifestyle, it’s okay to fail on a micro level. You know there is room for improvement, next time you will be more careful.

I highly recommend you to reduce your time working out and focus on getting enough sleep and food. If you mind is healthy, the rest will fall into place.

More motivation:

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I’m SOOOO sooo grateful for 2k followers. It was never my goal to ever reach such a large amount of followers in less than a year and I’m actually so mind blown by this. This is a thank you to all of followers, for all of the love you’ve been giving me throughout the time I’ve had this blog for! It’s also a way for me to show my appreciation by following you back if I haven’t already (if I like your content ofc!).

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Hullo! I’m trying to raise some money to get some dental stuff done! Please contact me via email or thru public askbox if you have any questions! I’ll have two slots open at a time! Unlimited until I reach my goal! >:^)

How can I try to make myself believe that I'm good?

First of all, if you really think that you are bad and you are only trying to make yourself believe that you are good, your mind will tell you that you are only fooling yourself. If you feel that you are bad because ten years ago you did something wrong, or yesterday you did something undivine, then you are creating a problem for yourself with your own mind. You need to change your basic way of thinking about yourself and instead say, “I am God’s child. How can I be really bad?”

I am not saying that when you do something wrong you should fool yourself by saying that you have done everything right. But by thinking, “Oh, I have done wrong, I have done wrong! God will never let me reach my goal. I will just go on and on doing the same wrong thing,” you cannot make any progress. If you constantly think of your wrong actions, can this possibly lead you in the right direction?

If you were supposed to meditate early in the morning at 6:30, but you didn’t get up on time, just by thinking, “I didn’t meditate, I am a worthless fellow,” you only make yourself angry and depressed. If you have missed one opportunity, then say, “Tomorrow I will get another opportunity. Let me try again most sincerely.” Today is not the last day of your life. You can try again tomorrow. But if you tell yourself, “Oh, yesterday I worked very late so today I could not get up. God has to forgive me,” then first you have done the wrong thing and then, by justifying it, you have added strength to your wrong action. You must forget about your wrong actions after resolving not to repeat them. But do not justify them in order to make yourself feel that you are not so bad.

Now today has come and again you have a golden opportunity. If you take it and do the right thing today, you will feel that you have really made some progress. Then, during the day and when you go to bed at night and when you wake up the next morning, think of the good things that you did and try to remember the joy they gave you. This is not a fabrication of the mind. It is the living reality that you consciously created by your right action. Now it is like a luminous child that is growing in you. Or think of your right action as a seed that you sowed in the morning. Now this seed has germinated. A tiny plant is growing, continuously growing. When you can see the growth of that tiny plant throughout the day, you will naturally get satisfaction. This little divine plant that is growing inside you will give you inspiration once again, and you will be able to do something else good and divine. And when you meditate soulfully every day and nourish this divine plant inside you, you will soon see that this tiny plant is growing and growing into a huge banyan tree.

When you have done something wrong, consider that it is over. ‘The past is dust’ is my philosophy. Let us avail ourselves of tomorrow’s golden opportunity to do the right thing. Let us build our foundation on a solid rock. Let us grow from light to more light, to abundant light, to infinite Light. Light is our Source, and from Light we can grow. But if we feed on darkness of negativity we won’t be able to grow at all.

- Sri Chinmoy, The hunger of darkness and the feast of light, part 1

A Faulty Goodbye

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“But I live with my heart in pain. It’s completely unfair.” 

- Bolbbalgan4′s Hard To Love 

Genre: angst

Summary: You’re spending the day at your favorite coffee shop and at some point, you get an uncalled for visit by a familiar face that leads to anything but a happy ending.

Word Count: 1698

Written By: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: So I just wanted to first say thank you to @xiustories for provoking these feelings and for helping me from the beginning to end on this short one shot (u da real MVP boo💕) and to the admins and friends who gave some feedback and insight on this before officially posting it to the blog here! 

So this based on a true story that happened…in a sense. Okay, but more or less, it’s based off on a real experience of mine and I felt that writing this out would somehow make me feel better or just somehow build a small bridge for me to get over this. This is a sensitive topic for me as I’m still in the healing process and I hope that all of you who read this will catch just a small glimpse of what I went through c: & the reason for using this gif is to depict a memory from the past. I felt this was appropriate since this is based on a true story and that while I may still feel some hurt, the happy memories still stay with me and are what I remember most.

ALSO. If you guys haven’t already, definitely listen to Bolbbalgan4′s song Hard To Love just to get in the mood for this fic. It’s also a song that pretty much reflects how I feel/felt about what happened. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this small short piece!

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If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.
—  Timothy Ferriss

anonymous asked:

If my height is 5'4" CW is 124 and my gw is 103, how long will it take to reach my goal?

Forever because you will never reach that goal! Why? Because that’s not a healthy nor sustainable weight for someone 5′4. 115lbs is the lowest you should be aiming for. Unfollow any blogs, and cut out anyone in your life, who is making you think that that is a healthy goal for someone your height, because it is not. For every thinspo blog you unfollow, follow a new healthy living, self love, or body positive blog :) You’re already a completely healthy weight, all you need to worry about is your health at this point and your weight will take care of itself xo 

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