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Hey so I was on Wattpad and someone posted It's My Shirt Now, your sex jokes one but they gave it a title (literally they just call it Sex Jokes), the dirty Jon Moxley text one (again, they gave it a name) and Durable. They give you credit in the fic but they never say that they got your permission to post them.

Hm. I didn’t give them permission. I am not okay with my stuff being reposted anywhere else. Do not do it. Ever. Obviously, reblogs are cool, because who doesn’t love reblogs, right? Those make my day. But you should never repost an author’s work unless you have their express permission to do so.

I would request them to take them down, but I don’t have a Wattpad account or anything. Thank you so much for letting me know, though, I really appreciate this!

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You are just so ridiculously beautiful and I think about you all the time. Sigh.

Hm, considering that I have never posted a selfie, I’m guessing this is someone I know in real life, but I have less than 10 IRL friends on tumblr and only two of whom I would guess to be at all into me.

Anyways, I’m kinda flattered? But also, I’m hella not a good person so you know, maybe find someone who also thinks you’re a ridiculously beautiful person and makes you be the best you that you can be and tell them this to their face.

I would like to say something that I think is important to cosplay and art here on Tumblr.

My friend isaisanisa worked her ass off on a lifesize, hand-painted canvas of Mary Winchester, and all the comments say about it is how terrible of a person she is. Even if you are joking, you need to understand that THERE IS AN ARTIST BEHIND THOSE PHOTOS AND YOU SHOULD RESPECT THEM!

What does this have to do with Marco and Petra? Well, at Holiday Matsuri, I was cosplaying a wedding/angelic Petra, which was pretty sad and cruel all at once. I ran into an angel!Marco as well. Everyone that came up to me said, “I saw your preview on Tumblr! First of all, you look absolutely beautiful, can I have your picture? But second of all, how dare you!” It was very good-natured. I swear I heard this two-dozen times that day.

Please if you’re going to say something mean, even in jest, follow it up with your real thoughts, or a nice comment about the work that went into a project, at the very least. NOT IN THE TAGS. People don’t see those when there are 10k+ notes.

Art is a literal piece of a person, a piece of their creativity or their “soul”, if you will. When it goes out into the world and comes back with all those negative comments, it can really hurt. Think before you comment, please. And maybe go show Isa some love? :)


A week before BBC Radio One’s Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw’s birthday, his popstar boyfriend Louis Tomlinson wore a #TeamGrimmy shirt in one of One Direction’s concerts in America last night. The concert was the last one before One Direction’s two week break from their worldwide stadium tour. Tomlinson is rumoured to spend his well deserved break with his boyfriend Grimshaw, before they both have to get back to work.

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“my aesthetic is cold-numb fingertips with smoke from nearby fires choking the air” - @howlsnteeth
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