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Kiss Cam (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which you volunteer to go to a basketball game with the guys and end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,351

A/N: Anon requested: Kiss cam at a college game for lessons in love deleted scenes. This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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“Thanks for coming tonight,” Steve says as the two of you walk together to the concession stand. “I owe you.”

“No you don’t.”

He takes your hand, blue eyes steadily staring back at you. “Y/N, you voluntarily chose to come to this game with me so I wouldn’t be stuck with Bucky and Sam. I owe you, big time.”

He makes a good point when he phrases it like that. No one likes to go out alone with Sam and Bucky. They value their sanity far too much for that. “Buy me some snacks and you can consider your debt repaid.”

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And here it is: the worst dialogue I have written in my entire life (for the self-indulgent mitaka pov fic that I’ll probs never post lmao)

“You just need to get that doe field plowed, Dopheld,” said Marissa.

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I really like how you characterize junkenstein and junkrat so differently! Do you think you can do some general NSFW headcanons for them?

Thanks bab! I must admit I think his skins are so different they could be their own people. I also do Fool/Jester and Hayseed/Scarecrow as their own people too. I’m glad you like it bean.


- Doesn’t like to be loud but enjoys when his partner is.

- Prefers foreplay to actual sex, would rather give their s/o all the pleasure and just get enjoyment from the effects he has on them, enjoys all sorts of kinks, such as gagging, bondage, tools.

- Prefers blowjobs to sex also.

- Likes to feel dominant over his s/o when it comes to sex due to how repressed he feels most the time.

- Not as good at expressing what he needs or wants, his s/o will often have to be the one to suggest or start the sessions.

- When it does come to sex he’s good at setting a pace but can be a little clumsy, awkward at first before he gets into the swing of things.

- Enjoys making his partners beg for it, enjoys teasing and having them unable to move, maybe into sensory deprivation.

- The thought of someone catching him scares but arouses him.


- Pretty much up for it alot, always full of energy and it’s a good way to burn him out and get him to sleep at a reasonable time.

-Biter, big into biting, nipping, leaving marks.

- Loud, he will make it obvious what he’s doing and how much he is enjoying it, no shame in his pleasure.

- Prefers sex to foreplay as he knows how to fuck alot better then the other stuff. He’s confident in bed and will often be the one to say he wants it.

- He’s fast paced and rough, animalistic almost when he gets going but will always make sure his partner finishes too, he’s not that selfish.

- Loves dirty talk, will mutter things to you as he plows you, never shuts up.

- Doesn’t take long to cum but will be ready for round two in only a few moments.

- Likes to cum pretty much anywhere and everywhere he can.

i’m reeeally not a fan of penis size shaming, man

there are some pretty awful dudes and I know it’s tempting to tease them about having small penises but what you’re doing is perpetuating the false notion that dick size contributes to the value of a man. what about men with health related issues that causes less than average sized penises? what about men without penises? what about men who are perfectly decent but suffer from the horrible insecurity that they aren’t endowed enough to please their partner?

we’re better than belittling men based on their physical attributes, okay?

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"how about I give you a massage?" with Asra. it's been a busy day at the shop and mc's legs are killing them

can we get the apprentice being fucked roughly into the mattress by asra

The request had been innocent enough. The shop had been busy all day and your legs were sore. Leaning on the counter, Asra had come behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and asking you in a gentle whisper.

You had agreed, letting him walk you to your bed and laying you down. It had started innocent enough too, Asra massaging your legs gently. You had started to doze off, already so tired from your day, when Asra moved the massage higher.

You knew Asra too well to not understand his intent. Letting your legs fall open, you let Asra pull off your clothes. The massage continues, turning risque rather quickly as he prepares you. Your mouth hung open as you grew hotter, gasping in air when Asra decides to change pace.

He climbs over you, stripping down before kissing you. Passionate, it steals your breath away as he enters you. You have to pull away from the kiss, Asra hitting that sweet spot inside of you making it hard to breathe. He picks up the pace, holding onto your leg for a good angle as he thrusts into you.

You think you started cursing at one point. Asra never slowed, plowing into you with abandon until your back arched and came hard. Asra continued to pummel you through your high, sending aftershocks through your body until he finished.

You were going to be so sore tomorrow.

Fuck me,
Take me,
Devil of Hell
Suppot of Lucifer
Take my body
Hold unto my soul,
Let your fingers wander
On my body
Claw me breasts,
Fuck me, fuck me …
Inundates me the vagina of your seed
Leave me in my heart
A burning sensation,
Take me … fuck me …
Whether you come from Hell
Of heaven or the depths of the Earth
I want to feel your cock
I tear the mucous membranes,
I want you to me plows,
As I have never been plowed,
I want your foul breath,
Fuck me … fuck me …
Take me … Empare unto my soul,
Let blow your seed
Enjoy my body
Take me to orgasm, Son of Satan
fuck me … fuck me …
Take me…🔯