never planning on finding her soulmate

Chapter Two: Our First Everything

Lafayette x Reader 

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Note: Okay so I have to mention a couple of things, firstly I had to give Lafayette glasses because I can’t stop thinking about how cute Daveed looks in his glasses lately and I don’t know why and secondly I borrowed @writeyourwayoutofhell head cannons of what Lafayette is like when he sleeps. Also this basically has no plot it’s just cute moments and stuff between Lafayette and the reader? Like getting coffee when they first meet, the reader meeting his friends stuff like that. 

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Warnings: Swearing, Implied smut (I was too lazy to actually write the smut)

Word Count: 2,192

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Y/N grew up learning French, determined to learn it when she found out that her soulmate tattoo was written in French. She took French all through school, even when all her friends dropped the subject she stuck with it. She had to learn, had to be able to speak to her soulmate when she met them. Whoever they were.

Hercules stops a few steps ahead and looks back to see what’s keep Lafayette, he frowns when he notices his friend frozen staring at the girl. He comes to stand next to Lafayette and waves his hand in front of his friends face.

“Laf? Helloooo you okay there?” Hercules asks until he notices that his friend and the mystery girl are staring at each other’s exposed forearms. “Oh! Oh shit okay well, I’m gonna go and meet Alex and John you two stay here and get to know each other. Have fun buddy” Hercules pats Lafayette on the shoulder before heading off down the street.

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Colorless | 01

Summary: The world is split in two, there are the colorless, and then there are the gifted, as in gifted with the sight of colors. Apparently, once you find your soulmate, when you really accept him or her, or when you finally realize that it’s true love, the colorless are supposed to be able to see color.

Genre: Soulmate!AU

Member: Namjoon x reader

Word Count: 2,770

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so I’m a bit upset right now. I planned on having a new Between Worlds chapter out a couple of nights ago, and I was super sure that I put it in my queue, but nothing. It never uploaded and it’s nowhere to be found and I wrote the chapter on my brother’s laptop which he apparently deleted so now I’m stuck with absolutely nothing, I have to start chapter four COMPLETELY from scratch. I dunno, and I felt really bad and sad and just overall disappointed so I thought of making a short oneshot soulmate series for all the members, but please be patient because honestly, I have a hard time writing for other members, so I’ll be making them in order from who I have the hardest time writing about to the easiest . huhuhu sorry, but I’m gonna work on maybe Jin’s or J-Hope’s after I get at least 4 pages done on my 40 page term paper in Labor Economics, LOL school first. BTW, has anyone ever noticed how blessed Namjoon was by puberty? 

Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

“Namjoon was just the new student assistant at the library, so why does he keep giving you books on flowers?” 

You sat in class staring out the window watching the class next door playing PE. They ran around as mud splashed their clothes disgusted by the brown mess they were making. You looked at the girl sitting next you you who sighed dreamily at your teacher.

You poked her shoulder, “Yah, are you actually attracted to him?” You looked at the teacher who you admit was handsome, he had platinum blonde hair, how he got away with it was beyond you, and he looked a few years older than you, he just was not someone who was worth getting in trouble over.

The girl next to you quickly regains her composure and clears her throat, “he’s kind of nice isn’t he? He tells really funny jokes.” She giggles probably remembering one of them.

And you think back on those jokes, and no, they really weren’t funny, cheesy maybe or perfect for someone like your father. The sound of the school bells catches your attention and has you jumping up to stand before the teacher could even dismiss you. You grab your bag and start making your way out the door, giving a playful salute to Mr. Kim on your way out.

“Thanks for that lesson on Julius Caesar Mr. Kim! I guess you could say he wanted to rule over Rome TOGA-ther with Cleopatra!” You heard the girl behind you make a joke that instantly brought Mr. Kim’s laugh; something that may have sounded forced but was not, it really sounded like a windshield wiper.

You took your time walking through the corridor, having to wait after school for your mom to pick you up, turning corners you had memorized from spending so many days there after school, and then you stop in front of two large doors, the library.

You walk in without hesitation and a huge grin on your face with squinted eyes, “Hey Mrs. Lee! I hope you don’t mind, not like you’ve minded before but I’ll be staying here agai-” you settled your elbows on the librarians table counter and put your head in your hands only to come face to face with a blonde haired, blank faced boy who stared right back at you, blinking slowly.

You stared at him, seeing the grey outline around his iris, he was a colorless, you shake your head, “Sorry, uh, I thought it was just Mrs. Lee today. I shouldn’t be any trouble; I only stay for an hour or two, three max.”

He blinks a few more times at you, simply looking away and waving you off, “It’s fine, my name is Kim Namjoon, and before you ask, no I’m not related to Mr. Kim, I just transferred here.”

You start walking away, “You’ll like it here.” You find the familiar seat right next to the large Non-Fiction collection and you grab a random book, getting started on the first chapter.

The atmosphere was slightly awkward, seeing as all Namjoon did the first hour was stand around the librarian’s table, you looked around and realized he still had a lot of books he needed to get sorted and if he stayed there the whole time, he would stay here until night time.

“Hey.” You instantly catch his attention, “I don’t know if you know this or not, but Mrs. Lee usually organizes the book since almost nobody comes in here.”

“But what if someone comes in?”

You laugh out loud suddenly at his comment earning a confused look from Namjoon, “I’m not being rude or anything, but I swear, almost nobody ever comes here. And if anybody does, they’ll ring the little bell on the table.” He looked at you unsure, “If you’re really that worried, I could even help you and call you when somebody does come in.” You give him a wink.

He doesn’t answer but simply walks away from the table, pushing one of many book carts along with him. He doesn’t say much, but you come to realize that he must not be too strict when you find him rapping along to a song while organized the books, and that’s how the rest of the time is spent; listening to Namjoon rap while pretending to read.

The days following that week, he wasn’t there, but come Wednesday after that week, you come face to face with him once again. Except, this time, he had a yellow book clutched tightly in his hand.

“Wow, alone once again. Mrs. Lee must trust you with her precious books.” You laugh.

“Here.” He slides the book your way.

You stare at the book in confusion, “I wasn’t reading this though.”

“I know.” He steps away from the table and continues on with organizing the books.

You slowly take your seat and look around finding he was too far to see what you were doing, so you opened the book and found that it was a book on Acacias, that and Namjoon had already stamped a return date on it, for next Thursday. You tilted your head and swayed it from left to right, trying to figure out what Namjoon was doing. So instead of reading like you had planned, you spent the entire time watching Namjoon, while unknown to you, he smiled slyly to himself. You realize that day that Namjoon was really tall. Two months pass by with that routine of yours, Namjoon hands you a book he borrowed in your name, and you sit around pretending to read while secretly watching him.

The following week, on Tuesday, you don’t forget the book he borrowed in your name, you didn’t exactly read it, but you did keep it tucked away in your backpack, not letting anyone see it or get it dirty.

You walk in the library straight to the librarian’s table with the book tightly clutched in your arms. “Hi Namjoon, I wanted to ask why you gave this to me- oh, another one? Okay.” You’re caught off guard when he shoves another book in your arms after grabbing the yellow book he’d given you from last week, today; you notice his dimples while he smiled at your confused face.

You looked down at the book; the cover was red with gold lettering on the front, “A History on Tulips?” You looked at Namjoon unsurely, “Let me guess, I’ll be returning it next week?”

The following week, Namjoon wasn’t there, instead, it was Mrs. Lee, who greeted you with a dark red book with the word CARNATIONS on the front, “He asked me to give you this, because he has tutoring today.” She smiled kindly at you.

You smiled back and you turned, only to turn back around and look at her, “Sorry, but do you know which room he’s in?”

She looked at you for a second and rummaged through her table pulling out what looked like a post-it, she squinted as she tried to read the messy handwriting, “I believe this says 227”

“Thanks Mrs. Lee!” You give her a wave and you start running, scanning the room number you pass by on the second floor.

When you get to 227, you’re panting and your feet are throbbing from running so much but that doesn’t stop you from scanning the students sitting on the chairs, you furrow your eyebrows when you realize Namjoon isn’t there, but instead, it’s filled with a bunch of fourth years, you spot Yoongi dozing off and Hoseok sticking notes on Yoongi’s back. You take a deep breath, realizing Namjoon’s probably just running late and hold the doorknob, when you find the courage to open the door; everyone’s already looking at you.

You bow quickly and state loudly, “I was hoping to get some advanced lessons!”

The room is dead quiet but a single voice has you opening your mouth like a fish, “Okay, just take whatever seat, the topic today is thermodynamics.”

Apparently, contrary to what you believed, Namjoon wasn’t taking tutoring classes, he was giving them, and that’s how you found yourself sitting in a three hour session staring at Kim Namjoon as he talked about what he called laws of Thermodynamics. When the class was over, you got up stretching only to be patted on the shoulder by Yoongi.

“Don’t get yourself into situations you can’t get yourself out of kid.” He chuckled.

You instantly blushed at Yoongi, who was ever the observant one, “So, what are you doing in a senior tutoring class?” You heard the smile in his voice.

“I just- I was going to- I wanted to ask you about late return fees because I might not be here to return these next week.” You quickly make up an excuse, why did you come here?

“Well it’s the same fees that are posted up on the front door; you must’ve seen it before right?” He laughed, “Is your mom pocking you up again?”

You look up at him and shake your head completely at loss for words.

“Great, let’s go, I’ll walk you home.” He grabbed your bag and books, taking a second to look at the book he’d borrowed for you with a smile.

The walk home wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t one filled with conversation either. You stared at your bag, the one filled with books and the one currently being carried by one Kim Namjoon.

“I can carry that, it’s kind of heav-”

“Exactly, it is heavy, so I mist imagine you’ve been carrying it all day. I can do it.” He slapped your hand away lightly.

“I didn’t know you were a senior.” You looked up at him, “I-I mean you have the height of one but seniors don’t really help out at the library, since they have more things to worry about than overdue library books.”

He chuckled and stared at the ground, “I’m not.” He looked over at you, “I’m a junior just like you.”

He kept staring which had you turning red and looking away, “So why are you tutoring a bunch of seniors on thermodynamics?”

“And Trigonometry and basic Calculus.” He stated in a matter of factly voice.


“I’m tutoring seniors in Thermodynamics, Trigonometry and basic Calculus.” He corrected.

“Oh, you must be pretty smart then.” You try to make small talk, “Your eyes. I mean, if it’s not a sensitive topic, you’re colorless right?”

He looks at you quietly and blinking his eyes, “It’s not and I am.”

“How is it? I read a few books on it, but it’s probably not as detailed coming from someone who’s actually explaining it.”

He started to walk slowly, “It’s kind of dull actually. You wake up to grey and you go to sleep to grey and every time you see someone you find yourself attracted to, it’s like you’re just wishing for color to explode right before your eyes. But it doesn’t and that’s just soul wrenching.” He looks at your worried face, “But I’ve come to find life has gotten tremendously brighter lately.”

“This is my stop.” You smile at him, “Thanks for walking me home.”

He scratches the back of his head, “Thanks for letting me.” He lets out a nervous laugh and hands you your bag and books, “Be sure to bring that on Monday next week.” He points at the book.

“Will do. Bye Namjoon.” You stare at his retreating figure, which to your surprise, hasn’t turned back around to walk the right way, he continues waving until he hits the mailbox and completely topples over it quickly standing back up and running back from where you had just come from.

You realize that day that Namjoon was practically a genius and he was clumsy, but in a cute way, definitely cute.

Monday the following week rolls around but you find yourself sick, so you lay in bed all day texting your classmates for the homework, they said they’d bring it over, but it’s already past 7 and they’re lack of presence has you doubting on whether they even remembered. 

“Aren’t you just the handsomest thing!?” You hear your mother’s shrill voice coo at an unknown person making you sit up.

“Honey! I’m opening the door!” She calls out and all you do is cough in response.

You expected to find Changkyun, or maybe even Hanbin if she called him handsome, but to your surprise, it was Namjoon, carrying all the books he’d borrowed in your name the past few months and a stack of papers, which was probably your homework.

“Hi.” You stared at him with wide eyes.

“I dropped by your class to pick up your homework since I heard from Mr. Kim that you were out sick, and I even brought a few books for you to read.” He said sheepishly.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Your mother squealed at you two giving you a wink that had your face heating up despite the chills you were currently experiencing.

“Thanks for the homework.” You laugh, “I thought my classmates forgot about me.”

He settles on the chair near you study table after placing the books near your bed, “I saw them on my way to see you so I just insisted that I’d take it to you instead.” He fiddles with the rubics cube on the desk.

“I already borrowed a bunch of these books.”

He quickly stands up and looks at the books, “Here. You haven’t borrowed this one.” He hands you the deep red cover with the title, “Roses, the flowers of love”

“Thanks.” You look at the books, “You know I haven’t actually read any of these right?” You laugh.

“Yeah, so you better get started, they’re all due next week.” He hands you another book, “Here, this might help you understand why I’ve been giving you books.” You looked at the cover and realize it’s a book on Flowers and their meaning.

You furrow your eyebrows but still smile shyly at him, “Why do you borrow books for me? Especially since you know I don’t read them.”

He slowly looks up at you, “Well I know you don’t read them, but I at least expected you to skim them.” He laughs, “But you didn’t so that’s why I came here with all these books.

He goes to the first one, and opens it up, "Yellow Acacias mean concealed love.” He takes out a flattened yellow acacia, handing it to you. You blindly take it staring at him in utter shock.

He takes the second book, the one on tulips and takes out the tulip with the corresponding color, and so on with the rest.

“And finally.” He takes the book on roses and opens it taking out the deep red rose flattened by the pages, “A red Rose means passionate love. The most cliché and utterly cheesy flower that there is.” He looks at your shocked face and laughs, “Here, go ahead that take this.” He hands you the rose.

By this time, your hands were filled with a bouquet of flattened flowers of all different colors and kind with only one meaning.


“H-h-how?” You find the voice the speak, but it’s only a whimper of a question.

“When I saw you that day in the library when I first started there, it was as if all this color exploded right before my eyes, and then I realized, it was you.” You continued to stare dumbfounded at him, “Your hair was a mess probably from running your hands over it so many times, your eyes were bright as if you were somewhere far away in that library, and even though most people would say you looked like a mess that day, to me you looked absolutely beautiful, especially because your eyes glowed a little brown instead of the usual black I saw and your lips were red from biting them so much, and all that there was, was you.” He sat on the bed near your feet.

“I don’t know how I lasted so long without you.” He whispered before he leaned in and kissed you.

Even though you could see all these colors, when he kissed you, it’s like everything exploded all over, as if you finally understood everything Namjoon had been telling you for weeks.

You rested you forehead on his and smiled, “I love you too, Namjoon.”

“I’m pretty sure you can get a special student assistant extension on these books’ due dates.” He joked.

Come the following week, you couldn’t exactly put your classmates in their places when they started teasing you about Namjoon, especially when he picked you up from class to take you to the library, all you could do was take his hand and be led to the very room you first fell in love, you couldn’t exactly complain, and even if you could, you didn’t want to.

Elephants (Taehyung x Reader, pt 3)

a/n: as if it didn’t take me long enough.

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“I don’t know how this works.”

You furrow your brow at him.

“Not like I know how this works any more than you do. Are we just,” you fumble for words. “Are we just supposed to like, already date now? Am I supposed to be suddenly in love with you?”

Taehyung shrugs.

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Hey cuties! Here’s an updated list of my works as of today (August 13th, 2015) along with a few important notes.

I’m currently working on only five of my multi-chapters. That means I’ll update these five more often than the remaining. Nevertheless, the others aren’t at all forgotten. I’ll post a chapter once in a while. There are a few surprises coming your way, just so you know…

Aside from the occasional one-shot I feel like writing, I’m also a member of the writing army for stydia-fanfiction, so expect new one-shots from time to time. It also applies to the birthday page I created. For those of you who want to join my birthday list and who ask for a drabble, you’ll get one on your birthday. How neat is that? Find out more about it here :)

On another note, I wrote a PSA. If you haven’t yet, please check it out. It might help you understand why I can’t update sooner, the way you and I both would like me to. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

When reading a fic, please review. Preferably always if you can. It means so much to us writers when you give us feedback, even if it’s just a sentence. It keeps us going. I’m always open to constructive criticism because as I see it, it makes me a better writer. I won’t complain if I get a compliment either :p

You can send me suggestions or ideas for any of my on-going fics but requests for new ones are, for now, not being accepted - my mind is far too creative as it is already. If I get them I’ll save them, don’t worry, but I might not work on them anytime soon, so watch out for that.

Feel free to come to my ask box and talk to me about Stydia or Teen Wolf or vent about whatever. You can also find me on twitter - I’m over there most of the time so follow me and DM me there if you want. I’ll be posting teases for my upcoming updates both on twitter and on tumblr the same way I’ve been doing as of late.

Okay, I’m done rambling! Here’s my list of Stydia fics. Stydia is endgame

Stydia One-shots:

A Christmas dare - She had it all figured out. She was going to kiss him and he was going to kiss her back. She’d tell him it was a dare and they’d pretend everything was the same and their friendship would still be intact, as they always seem to do. She thought of all possible scenarios. What she definitely did not consider was that Stiles wouldn’t want to kiss her back.

Friendship goes a long way - Lydia and Stiles become friends with benefits. How long will it take them to act on their feelings towards each other?

I’m your idiot - Stiles and Lydia get stuck in an elevator. Arguing, one lets out a confession the other is not expecting to hear.

Blundering quarrels - For the prompt: Stiles and Lydia are moving in together and they start to fight about little things and Lydia ends up making Stiles sleep in the couch. But when the night comes she can’t sleep alone in the bed and, in the middle of the night, she goes to the couch and sleeps with him there.

Bluff - When Lydia has to stay with the Stilinski’s for safety reasons Stiles and Lydia soon realize it’s not so easy being under the same roof, especially when their shower schedules conflict.

Not falling short of loveLydia starts wearing flats and Stiles teases her about it.

AmenityStiles and Lydia find comfort in each other after too many loved ones are lost over the years between friends and family, particularly after Lydia loses her mother and Stiles his father.

Ease my pain -  Scott, Stiles, Kira and Lydia get together to remember Allison on the first anniversary of her death. Post S4.

Orange and blue, orange and blue everywhere -  Lydia surprises Stiles on his birthday morning.

A knight in shining armor -  While trying to save Lydia from Eichen House, Stiles is kidnapped. Beaten up, Stiles fights his best to stay conscious for long enough to save his strawberry blonde.

The five multi-chapters I’m currently working on:

Mysterious ways - Things have been quiet in Beacon Hills for a few weeks now. The pack decides to take some time off from all things supernatural in hopes to get a certain duo back together, only things don’t go exactly according to plan… Post S4.

Know better - Lydia is a single mom and has to move miles away to escape her abusive ex-husband. In a new city, her life changes completely when she meets Stiles, a single, funny, hardworking and very, very handsome, but also very tortured man. Stydia AU.

I see you - She has never been kissed. He got expelled from his last school for sleeping with one of his teachers. What happens when they meet? Stydia AU.

The ways of our love - Lydia left to spend the summer in France and comes back home to find Stuart, someone who’s not Stiles but is exactly like him. Trying to aid the boy find out why he’s in Beacon Hills with the help of rest of the Pack, relationships and emotions will come to surface, especially for Stiles, who was the one to send Lydia away. Post S3. Canon divergence.

As fate would have it -  Lydia and Stiles have been sharing an apartment for two years when Lydia is invited to her cousin Jade’s wedding. (Not so) Accidentally, Jade is told that Lydia will be taking her boyfriend as a plus one, but truth is Lydia is actually single. The duty of having to pretend he’s dating Lydia falls, of course, on Stiles, but as it turns out pretending isn’t really that hard. Post S4.

The other multi-chapters that are, for now, on a semi-hiatus but that you still might want to take a look at:

Not a Valentine’s date - Malia breaks up with Stiles a few weeks before Valentine’s Day and Stiles turns to Lydia for comfort. As they grow closer, he calls her out on her feelings.

Anything After a heated game of “Seven minutes in heaven”, Stiles stoods Lydia up. Even if they hadn’t met until that game, Lydia starts questioning her life choices. Stydia AU.

Inseverable tiesMalia and Stiles are dating when the girl accidentally finds out that her boyfriend used to have a crush on Lydia. Angry, Malia confronts the redhead and ends up hurting her. Lydia, who was not aware that her own feelings for Stiles were so obvious, decides to distance herself from him not to cause more trouble but Stiles, of course, notices that something is wrong.

Unconditional love -  Neia, a friend of the Hales, is threatened by a vicious pack and has to leave BH immediately. Afraid for the safety of her baby and at Derek’s instructions, the child is left at the Sheriff’s doorstep. Unable to reach Derek to ask for an explanation, the pack will have to adjust to their new reality and care for the baby while Neia is away. Will they be able to keep the child safe? Post S3A. Canon divergence.

Everlasting love -  Taking a leap of faith, Stiles and Lydia start dating during senior year. Post S4.

Sentimentality - Part 1 of the “Destined flames” series -  The Martins move to Beacon Hills to start a new life after tragedy hit them. Determined to start senior year focusing on nothing but her grades, Lydia soon learns that things might not go as planned when, in her first day in high school, she literally bumps into her soulmate, making everything in her life come into perspective in ways she never imagined. Soulmate AU.

Wise words -  Stiles finds himself lost, disoriented, confused and worried for his family’s future when someone close to him dies. The traumatic event leads him to meet Lydia, a force of nature he could have never seen coming, someone who helps him get back up in the most unexpected ways. Stydia AU.

Blatant lies - Stiles and Lydia pretend to be a couple for the sake of a mission.

Repeat - For the pompt: Lydia starts becoming more and more depressed after 4x09 and tries calling the pack, but they were all busy, which leads her to breakdown. Eventually Stiles gets ahold of her and she doesn’t sound like herself. The pack then races to find her.

For now, it is all. Please, please take my initial ramblings into consideration. I would be most grateful (✿◠‿◠)

Thank you so much for sticking with me, being patient and following my works. Know that I honestly love you with all my heart 💕

Soul Bruise (Conor AU Request)

“Heyyy beautiful” Jack grins jokingly when he walks out of his room.
The pair of you had been best friends since high school and had been inseparable since your first meeting really. Now, you lived with him, his older brother Conor and his good friend Josh. Both of which had become close friends of yours too.
However, something was a little different about your lives to what was seen as the norm. For years now, scientists had battled to understand why children began to be born with bruises. Over two hundred years now. Though, these weren’t just normal bruises. They were all individual. Except when you met your soulmate. And then you would realise that your bruises matched, and there was nothing to do about it.
Your bruise was on the inside of your right ankle. It looked like a sideways horseshoe, or like a C. And to this day, you didn’t like to show anybody. It scared you that your soulmate had already been chosen for you. That you didn’t have to choice to find out who you fell in love with.
Plenty of people had decided that you and Jack would be perfect together. Though, you knew it wouldn’t be true because his bruise was on his hip. You two were just best friends.
“Hellooo?” He waves in front of you and sits down on the couch.
“Oh sorry” You shake your head.
“What you thinking about?”
“Just” You pause as you press your fingers against the bruise on your ankle, “Does it not scare you? That somewhere out there is a girl with your exact same bruise on her hip, just waiting to find you”
“Of course it does, but there’s nothing we can do to change that” Jack comments, “Its how its meant to go and we have to accept that”
“But what if we’ve already met them? What if they’re literally just around the corner or they served you at Nandos one time?” You question, “What if they’re someone we’ve known for ages?”
And just as you say that, Conor walks into the room, singing along to any random song he had become obsessed with that week.
“Hey guys” He smiles and takes out his earphones, “What you talking about?”
“Soulmates” Jack sighs, “(y/n) comes up with theories every other day”
“What can we do about it? It’s fate” Conor repeats what his brother had told you and sits down.
“How does it not scare you?!” You exclaim.
“no, because there’s nothing we can do” Conor points out
“Oh Conor if we want to film today we should probably do it now” Jack comments, brushing past the topic.
They both agree and head off to Jack’s room. It annoyed you sometimes that they didn’t feel the same way you did about these bruises. You always got distracted by them. Seeing anyone in the street and wondering whether they were the one. Wondering whether you would ever know. Seeing who Jack would end up with. Would you like them? Would they really be good enough for him? And they were the same thoughts that buzzed through your brain all the time…
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Still thinking?” Conor asks when he walks back in over an hour later.
“No” You roll your eyes, even if it was true.
Conor smirks and sits down beside you, “I think I lied to you earlier”
You frown and sit up more, wanting to know exactly what he would say.
“It terrifies me” He admits, “Thinking that such an important part of my future is already meant to be planned for me”
“really?” You raise your brows.
“Of course. How can we ever find out? I mean what if my soulmate is living in America but I’ll never actually know that its her. What if I never meet her? Or what if I’ve known her ages and I’ve never even considered it”
You two stay silent for a while. Neither of you knowing what to say.
“Can I see yours?” You finally mumble.
“My bruise?” He asks and you nod in response.
He lifts the material of his jeans from his right ankle and you already feel a lump form in your throat. And then you see it. On the inside of his leg, a sideways horseshoe. A C.
“I always figured its why my parents called me Conor” He chuckles, brushing the pad of his thumb over the purple shape.
You can’t fathom what words to say. Did this mean Conor was your soulmate? How was that possible? Part of you wanted to pinch yourself simply to stop this dream. Except this was nothing less than reality. And that terrified you more than not knowing ever could.
“What’s wrong?” Conor frowns and you seem to look at him in a new way. You noticed the sparkle from the night sky that reflected from his eye. You noticed the small mole beneath it and the freckles that dotted the sides of his cheeks. You saw the pink of his lips and the shape of his jaw.
And subconsciously, you feel yourself lifting your jeans up from your ankle to show the mirrored bruise.
You notice Conor’s reaction match yours too.
“I…” You begin but with no attempt to finish that sentence.
His eyes fixate on yours and slowly but surely he leans in, making sure you felt just as comfortable. And his lips meet yours. Like two pieces of a puzzle. His hand frames your face perfectly. All of a sudden, you realised this felt right. That maybe that science was right. And maybe having your future planned was okay if it meant you two were together. And maybe these bruises were on you for a reason after all. And that reason was okay…
“Con-” Jack begins quietly but stops when he see the pair of you.
Neither of you hear him but his confusion stops when he sees your legs. And part of him too, knows that it was right. That all of those moments he had witnessed weren’t just you two messing around. They were you two slowly realising you loved each other but neither of you really knowing.
And he left that lounge with a smile on his face, knowing his best friends mystery had finally been solved.

The Knot
endragh asked:

oh right i also had a prompt. AH OT6: one of the guys has the ability to see the red string of fate, but unknown to them they can’t see their own(they just think they don’t have one), they see that the rest of the guys have stings connecting all of them to each other and decides to help them all get into a relationship. some one else(like burnie, or barbra, or gus(sorry if i spelled any of those wrong) can all see the sting and try and get who ever has the powers with the rest of the guys.

A/N: The sad thing is that this does follow the prompt. Anyways- I know you sent me an ask telling me that I could get rid of this prompt but giving me soulmate aus and then tearing them away is taking apple juice from a baby. Only note I really have is that I didn’t go with the traditional red string of fate.

 There was a red knot in the middle of the room.

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windows | Soulmate!BTS

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1697

Genre: Suspenseful fluff

Summary: Min Yoongi finally faces his dreams; meeting his soulmate who doesn’t exactly react the way he expects…

A/N: Hi! Just letting you know this is part two to this oneshot I wrote beforehand. I would recommend reading that before reading this part!

You hadn’t expected this. Not in the slightest. When T had been joking about scribbling down an address and your soulmate showing up, it had seemed just like that: a joke. You’d never in a million years that you would be staring across the room while a silver-haired boy glanced back at you with a marker in hand and just finishing the words ‘I found you’ across both of your left hands. You had heard about soulmates eventually writing on their bodies to meet up, but never had you intended to actually meet yours today.

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Music Note (pt 2)

Summary: Soulmate AU where a tattoo representing your soulmate appears on your body

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2,045

(pt 1) (pt 3) (pt 4)

A/N: i wasn’t expecting to finish the second part already but i just had it flow right out of me so i didn’t stop writing lol but here it is and i will prob be doing at least one more part, maybe two. enjoy!!

This was not the most ideal situation to meet your soulmate in. In fact, you haven’t even met him, only laid your eyes on him. Has that even happened before; only one of the two knowing that they found their soulmate? You’ve only heard stories of soulmates meeting face to face in a nice, quaint park or a cozy café having a chance to sit and get to know each other, not when they are in the middle of performing in front of a couple hundred people on stage. How were you supposed to meet him? Once he finished performing he would go backstage and who knows when you would ever be able to find him. Fate would be cruel enough to you to only let you see him but not let him see you.

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anonymous asked:

1/2 For me the Robin Hood / Regina plotline will never be convincing for two reasons: 1) The tattoo. RH never had it in the past, and that's CANON on the show, and no amount of ret-conning will change that - so that's BS. 2) He was obviously never important or planned - if he had been they would have got the same actor locked in. He's a completely different person. WHAT A SOULMATE! *rolls eyes*. The business with his wife, Marion, is equally disgraceful. His abandoning of her to chase

2/2 some ass is, like, I don’t even know where to begin. I also find it incredibly hypocritical that people are saying Regina’s / Hoods relationship is fine. RH is basically cheating on his wife with a mistress, yet when Regina was sleeping with Graham, and they were both single, Regina was an ‘evil bitch whore’, yet Robin is a “noble soul. OMG he’s such a dish!” Also, he abandoned his wife so easily - who’s to say he wouldn’t leave Regina if it got too hard? He’s even more redundant than Hook!

Well. Anyone have anything to add?

Keeping Youth (Chapter One)

Camren Kingdom/Soulmate AU where you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soul mate so you can grow old together. Lauren, along with all other royalty, takes advantage of this and kills their soulmate, along with every reincarnation of them so they can live forever. The princess of another kingdom finds a way to change this, but may cause problems between the two kingdoms.

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Matched Ch 2


Summary: Not many people are born with their mark but then again those who are, well it’s even more unlikely to meet the one person in the world who matches.
And Bellamy’s positive he will never find his match.
His soulmate.

But Clarke is determined that everyone finds their soulmate, if only to bring some happiness to drown out all of the darkness.


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