never perfect enough


“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.”

Favourite lines from Made In The A.M.
  • Hey Angel: I come alive when I hear your voice, It's a beautiful sound, it's a beautiful noise
  • Drag Me Down: I got a river for a soul, And baby you're a boat
  • Perfect: RENDEZVOUS
  • Infinity: And now I'm one step closer to being two steps far from you
  • End of the Day: And you'll follow your heart even though it'll break
  • If I Could Fly: For your eyes only, I show you my heart
  • Long Way Down: Built a cathedral, But we never prayed
  • Never Enough: Lips so good I forget my name
  • Olivia: The summertime and butterflies, All belong to your creation
  • What A Feeling: What a feeling to be a king beside you
  • Love You Goodbye: My heart's already breaking, baby, go on, twist the knife
  • I Want To Write You A Song: Everything I need I get from you, Givin' back is all I wanna do
  • History: THIS IS NOT THE END
  • Temporary Fix: We can call this what you like
  • Walking In The Wind: But it's not the end, I'll see your face again
  • Wolves: Headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark
  • A.M.: Won't you stay till the AM? All my favourite conversations always made in the AM
I’ve seen better days, but I’ve also seen worse. I don’t have everything I want, but I have everything I need. I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed.
—  unknown

Chapter 9: Visitors; but way more dramatic XD

Please tell me that Green actually sees through her pain, and it hurts to see her smile because he knows, but despite all that she’s still selfless, putting others before herself; showing concern to those around her, even when they don’t

The words “It’s just been so long since I’ve actually been treated like a person.” echoes in his head; how long has it been since she was last shown respect? He had to, he just had to. 

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We are perfect in every sense
The only problem is we are ‘just friends’
—  Just Friends // JustScribbledWords
We’ve become a generation that defines a good relationship based off of “cute good morning texts” and the perfect combination of emojis. Because respect is texting each other first and being faithful is making sure that you’re their first best friend on snapchat. We grew up to believe that love is money, love is sex, love is popularity, love is the amount of likes on your selfie, love is everything but love. We build ourselves up behind the lenses of our camera phones and the filters on Instagram because beauty is not natural. Beauty is something to be bought so that you can be loved by someone who does not know what love is. We grew up on a foundation of plastic, taught to believe that we are not good enough to be loved. We must cut and dye our hair to the perfect shade and style so that we can be more appealing, we must paint our faces thick with powders and liquids in an attempt to mask our flaws because there is no way we can be loved as long as we have short eye lashes, red cheeks and freckles. We cannot be loved as long as our scale reads above 125 because God forbid we have curves like we were built to have. Health is not important until we are important enough to be loved, and even then, we must continue to mask our flaws for the fear that we will not be loved anymore.

Don’t think about R rubbing the back of his neck, head bent as he presents Enj the painting of him he’s worked on since they met for Valentine’s Day. It’s taken years to finish, because to him, it was never perfect, never god-like enough. They’re finally together and Grantaire realizes Enjolras has imperfections and it’s okay if his painting has some too. Enjolras has been trying to peek at the painting ever since he’s first been to R’s apartment and he sees it now and he is just. He’s breath taken and he’s blushing just a little bit (a lot) and his heart is beating out of his chest impossibly fast and he’s so glad he gave their relationship a chance because he sees how much R loves and how much he cares and he realizes he would never be able to give this fragile thing in between them up.