never over ~don't set your face on fire again

anonymous asked:

I need your advice with a boy situation... My ex and I were together for two years. We were best friends but "long distance was too much for him." Now after six months, he has been texting me about his new girlfriend and all these amazing things he's doing. He wants to remain friends but I want to. I was so in love and so heartbroken. I'd like to think I'm over him but I don't know how to respond to his texts. How do you feel about staying in touch with your first love?

im still friends with my first love/boyfriend/kiss/all of that. we were on and off and i was in horrific pain when it ended the first time. i never thought i could be ok again. we didnt try to be friends right away and i would have set his life on fire (in my mind) if he was throwing his fabulous new life/girlfriend in my face. you are 100% justified in your feelings about this situation. 

im the kind of person that wants to stay friends as long as nothing too tragic (violence/cheating/the really really bad stuff that changes how i see them) happens. ive been the one thats been broken up with and jealous of a “new life” and ive been the one that moves on fast and doesnt consider feelings. he might be genuinely happy or he could be trying to keep you interested/jealous. we can’t really know that but i think it is in your best interest to take a step back.

take care of yourself first. dont make a big show of it or say anything about how you want your relationship to be. just kind of fade out. slip out the back door and dont think about it. focus on what is around you. he is pushing this stuff in your face and it is bringing you down. simple. its out of your hands. there are better things to have in your head and in your life. someday the feelings will settle down and youll have a huge life that has nothing to do with him and if youre supposed to be friends you will be. let it be easy.