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Hey Pia! I really enjoy reading all your stories (especially the Fae Tales Verse ugh it's so good) and just how diverse all the characters are and how their personality and characters in general are all so different. I was just wondering how you normally get the ideas for writing your stories. How do you normally create a personality for your characters? Does it just like... progress with the story or what?

Hiya anon!

Glad you’re enjoying all the stories! *bounces happily*

Hmm… normally I create characters before the story (not always, but certainly enough of the time that I can brainstorm characters and then the world comes second).

I’m trying to think of a good example. So I’m going to look at the Perth Shifters series. Specifically, let’s look at the book Little Star, which I haven’t written yet, but will probably come after Blackwood.

For that, I came up with the characters first. In fact one character per book ends up my ‘focal character’ and then I build their partner, and the story, around them.

I knew I wanted a young, driven chocolatier who enjoys sweet things and vintage music. Why? I just had an image of this guy with pastel painted nails sweeping out his cafe/chocolaterie at the end of a day, and quietly singing along to Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Someone to Watch Over Me.’ I knew he was deeply romantic, but very unlucky in love, so he surrounds himself with other forms of romance, and forgets about it. He has a great friend in Braden, his room-mate, so it’s not like he’s lacking for love.

He’s a wolf shifter, an omega, but he doesn’t have time for his heats, so he takes suppressants. Sometimes he’ll use beta scent maskers too. His cafe is ‘shifter friendly’ - but most of his clients are tourists, since the chocolate he makes his critically acclaimed throughout Australia for its quality.

Over time, I was like okay, but why do we care about him? What’s his love story? What’s his back story? Where’s the plot?

I knew - with me wanting trauma in the background of most of my characters - that he’d have child abuse in his history. But he never talks about it, and he pretends it’s not there. He’s in a complex situation with his family now, and his brother hates him (for reasons that will be revealed). It’s also why Aodhan has issues being an omega, he’s internalised some crap around what he was told about it. Yet another reason he struggles to open up to people, because he’s sensitive about dragging his baggage into relationships.

Then I imagined a second character - the other main character - Leo, a very successful sculptor who travels around for inspiration. He’s a beta, and a pretty well-adjusted shifter, who thinks it’s amazing that he doesn’t have to hide who he is, like his parents did. He’s been coming to Aodhan’s chocolaterie, Little Star, for a long time now, and they’re loose friends. Leo finds Aodhan gorgeous, and would like to date him, but he senses that Aodhan either doesn’t date, or something else is going on there. He’s not someone to push, he doesn’t want to alienate his friend. Aodhan loves looking at pictures of Leo’s sculptures, and thinks he has the most beautiful hands. But soon Leo is off again, to teach another course on sculpting, and Aodhan forgets about him.

Except that lately, Aodhan has been thinking about Leo more and more. He knows he’s demisexual, and it’s occurred to him that being around Leo as a friend, on and off, for a couple of years, has actually allowed him to trust Leo enough to want more from him. But how would that happen? Leo travels, and Aodhan hasn’t been in a successful relationship before. Leo seems carefree and spirited, and Aodhan is tied by invisible ropes to his family, and has a business to run, and doesn’t really get ‘time off.’ Where’s the romance in that? Aodhan wants things to be romantic and beautiful all the time, but Leo understands that in order to make a wonderful sculpture, you have to sometimes make some ugly things first, or go through an ‘ugly phase.’

It’s a good thing Leo knows that, because he’ll be able to help Aodhan through this part, as they find their way together. 

Therefore, the plot will centre around: Aodhan’s issues with his family, and delinking from them when he can, alongside learning how to deal with Leo’s frequent absences, and learning how to have a relationship while still keeping his love for romance alive. I want him to be happy, therefore, it will be a romance with a happy ending.

This is how you might go from character to plot, as opposed to plot to character.


So there you go, this is kind of what my process looks like. Or can look like. Aodhan comes first. I have a glimmer of an image first, not even all the bits and pieces of his character. (I still don’t have them, I love learning a character as I write them).

Then other characters often form (I imagined Mosk before I imagined Eran, Braden before Coll, etc.) and from there, I get a sense of the world, and where the major conflict points might be. Conflict points are normally internal, rather than external. They tend to come from the character, as opposed to being random things like a mugging that happen outside of the character. With the exception of Fae Tales, that has a mixture of both.

For really big stories, the process takes a lot longer. For example with Cold Red Light, which is an upcoming Bull/Cullen fic, I have ‘Cullen first’ and ‘then Bull’ and then ‘other ensemble characters’ (Dorian), and then plot. And I’m still formulating some of the major plot points around them. I won’t really feel comfortable starting the story until I have those. Sometimes major plot/conflict points are just big emotional points for the characters.


As for the images of the characters, sometimes I really have to search for them, and sometimes they’re spontaneous. They just appear, like I’m seeing a highlights reel from a movie.

Aodhan in the cafe, sunlight streaming through as the sun sets, wearing his apron and smeared in bits of chocolate and smiling to himself, his strawberry blond hair going in every direction? I didn’t ‘build’ a character to fit that, he was just there. I needed to find his name, and I needed to figure out what to call his chocolaterie, but the…essence of his personality and his sweetness, that appeared.

In the demon series I’m thinking about working on, I had an image of a young man holding a locket, turning it over and over in hands that were covered in ink and callouses and little cuts. He has wild red hair and very sharp eyes, and he’s up in an attic, and you can hear yelling and banging beneath him, so he must be a thief who’s just stolen yet another thing. You might even assume the locket has been stolen, but it hasn’t been. It’s a relic of his family history, and he’s determined to make his grandfather turn in his grave. A slow, wicked smile moves across his face, and he crosses the attic to look out of the tiny, dusty window at the Mage-craft school that he’s temporarily escaped yet again. He’s going to show all of them, he’s going to make them regret underestimating him.

His name? No idea. Details? Pfft. Who knows. His partner? Only the vaguest of vagaries.

But that will be enough for me to start thinking about how to build a novel, lol.

I do get visions of an awful lot of characters I never end up writing something for. And I have a backlog of characters and half-formed stories at any one time.

Um, otherwise, I’ll invent characters as I need them (Ondine and Gulvi were ‘suddenly invented characters’ and look at them now, lol), and I can generally trust that plot will figure itself out.

The Ice Plague was very difficult in some respects because I needed to get a lot plotted, and so much of the plot is actually external events happening to the characters. I think that’s why it’s taken so much longer to get started, tbh, and also why I seem so insecure about it. Because it’s so very different to how I normally do things. *thumbs up*

Not sure this rambling has helped anyone, but yall basically have a summary for Little Star now! Lol.

This is by far the project I’ve spent the most time on

nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob

Supernatural Preferences: When You're Pregnant

Sam: As soon as you found out, you began plotting how you were going to tell him. Of course he noticed the slightly different things you did, resulting in him pestering you to see what’s wrong. After you told him the news he began prepping for the baby immediately. Regardless of the fact you two had nine months to get everything ready. Guess excitement overtakes people’s senses.

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Dean: The minute-no the second you told Dean, he began to treat you as though you were going to explode. Taking junk food from you because “it could hurt the baby”. Not letting you lift anything. Barley even a book or glass of water. Once you started to show more and more he refused to hug you…or even sleep in the same bed with you once you further progressed because “what if I roll over onto you?”, even though he never had before. Luckily for you, once the baby was born he directed all that paranoid attention to the munchkin.

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Castiel: It’s no surprise that he found out before you did. He was in a state of complete shock and awe from the second he heard a second heartbeat lingering inside of you. At first you thought it was cool or adorable how he could check in on you. That was until he was doing it every other hour to make sure nothing was wrong. It only got worse when the little being inside of you grew to be bigger. Any movement you made, or small noise at the feeling of a kick in your ribs, Cas had to give you the full examination. Sooner or later he realized that everything was going to be fine and he could stop worrying so much. That didn’t happen until a week before your due date.

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Crowley: From the moment you told The Boy King about your little gift, he had a certain change in him. Whether he saw this as father redemption or was just filled with happiness, you couldn’t tell. The most overprotective he got during your pregnancy was not letting you leave Hell without him. Which was understandable, so you didn’t really put up a fight. Carrying the King of Hell’s child had its perks. Like food whenever you wanted it, and whatever you wanted. Anything you asked for, demons would scramble about trying to get it as quickly as possible. It was really something funny, watching them trip over their fear of not being fast enough. Of course your new little munchkins first outfit had “The prince/princess of Hell” labeled on it. That one you didn’t really have a say on.

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Lucifer: It all started when he sat straight up in bed and just looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Just when you thought your life couldn’t change anymore, it did. On so many levels. Honestly it was really weird knowing that all of Heaven and Hell knew you were with child before you even had a clue. The fact that you had Angels hell bent on killing you, but mainly the baby, didn’t really help with the whole pregnancy stress level chart. As if it wasn’t stressful enough having a human growing inside of you. But Luce was by your side 24/7. Always keeping the Angels or anything that meant to harm you far away. Somewhere between all the baby assassins and pregnancy hormones, the two of you still had time to have a somewhat normal upcoming. Anytime a kick or a movement was going to happen he knew. And he’d be right there to witness it.

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Gabriel: Never had you thought that Gabe and his trickster tendencies would be something you would appreciate. That was until it came handy to have to help hide you from those who meant to cause your unborn child harm. Most of your pregnancy wasn’t spent fighting some war against those who intended to harm you. It was spent fighting another war over what the babies name would be. First idea Gabriel had was “Little Ass Kicker” because for some god awful reason that made sense. Obviously you weren’t about to call any child of yours that, but he was persistent. “What about Lak?” He would ask while you were just about to drift off to sleep. “Lak? The hell kind of name is-…it stands for Little Ass Kicker doesn’t it?” There was no way around it. He’d go to pretty lengthy extents trying to get you to say yes just once so it’d be official. Like rubbing your back for an hour. Or getting you a shit ton of the food you were craving. Long story short…you gave birth to a Little Ass Kicker…

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Tag this with how you’d pass the time and fight off the existential madness of immortality if you were in the 17776 reality

Stargate is honestly the greatest Sci-fi series of all time and i will fight you on this

Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser are two of the greatest female role models in scifi canon. Both are brilliant, super competent at their jobs, not sexualised but not desexualised, and they’re friends with and support each other.  Both are ranking members of the US airforce, and have a core belief of helping people and doing the right thing. But they’re both human. They get to be fallible, they get to be angry, and frustrated, and sad, and flustered, and it never invalidates their abilities or importance.

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Daniel Jackson is the scifi hero we all deserve. He’s kind, gentle, and so damn excited about learning. Just learning more. His life has been so crap any other show would have turned him into a broody mess but no, not Daniel. Even at his lowest and sourest, he still desperatly wants to help others, to preserve other cultures, and save people. He literally dies for it. Multiple times. He’s a scifi explorer who honestly loves exploring. He truly loves it

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And then Jack again could have been the most grizzled anti hero imaginable (hello movie!jack), but instead we have this kind, kooky, sarcastic space hero who just wants to be everyone’s dad and protect people from bad things. But at the same time he never folds on his principles, or who he is.

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Teal’c could have been this hostile angry alien, or this overplayed goofball who doesn’t ‘get’ humanity. But instead they gave us someone serene and gentle, but proud and fierce. Someone who actually believed that they might loose their fight against his oppressors, but was willing to die trying, and willing to help others along the way. 

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And finally general Hammond. He could have been an obstructive burocrat, a pencil pusher with no respect for the other races they encounter, but instead he is the most sensible and level headed man in the series. and he cares  This is a man who has the president on speed dial 2, behind his granddaughters, but he will miss his granddaughters recital if one of his team is missing in the field. This is a man who loves his team so much that he all but admits he would rather have Teal’c die than hand him over to the tortures of the goverment when he goes evil, because he ‘won’t do that to him’. He never over plays it into incompitence though. He is always logical and practicle about his decisions. This is a man who continously strives to do the right thing not just for his people, but for his planet, and his galaxy. 

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I could write a billion love letters to this perfect series that is an example of how amazing Sci-Fi can be if you just have characters who care.

It’s a metaphor.

Made for @tswwwit ​‘s Familiar AU: Faking It. I reread the fic for I think the 4th time yesterday and I’ve realized I’m really going to never grow tired of it. It’s my absolute favourite example of Bill and Dipper’s relationship and honestly  I could go on for hours talking about it (and my friends can attest to that, I’m sure they’re all tired of how much I rant about this story) so I’ll cut this short and sweet:

I give this fic my highest recommendation. Anyone who hasn’t read it (heck I even got someone who doesn’t like billdip to read it and they love it), go read it now. And get ready for the ride of your life because hot dang this au is amazing.

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act


Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager — couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love. ‘Robbers’ is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing. - Matthew Healy

Chapter 50 Eremin Meta/ Theory/Headcanon

So, first, I’ve got to say that I’m really, really, really busy. I’ve got a graduation thesis to finish until next week, so I really can’t do much over here. Btw, I’m so glad Eremin Month and Ex0’s comeback will be after I’m done with that damn thesis, but anyway, let’s get to the topic.

First, I’ve got to say that I didn’t watch the last three or four episodes of Season 2 (I really don’t remember where I stopped, that’s how crazy I am over everything I have to do). In any case, I knew that the chapter 50 episode would come out one of these weeks, and I checked the Eremin tag because, well, I wanted a sneak-peak of how bad it would be. Well, from what I’ve seen, it was bad indeed.

So, I grabbed my volume 12 and went to look again at the scene, just to soothe myself a little (or to scream over how baffling this whole thing is, whichever you prefer), and I noticed something. starts talking and Ere.n looks at Armi.n, we all know it. But then, says the following:

Ere.n is looking at her, alright? Look how cute this Ere//Mika moment is. We can’t deny that it is touching, though I can’t look at it with shipper eyes. Anyway, then, in the next page, we have this:

I don’t think it’s too clear in this image, but in my printed version is it clear enough to me. I’ll point it out: says she’s thankful for Eren being with her and she says “Thank you for teaching me how to live”, as you can see above. Then, Ere.n is looking at her, but in the last panel we have here, you can see that he tilts his body AND face towards Ar.min, while’s back is facing Ar.min, which means Ere,n isn’t looking at her. I’m not here to belittle’s and Ere;n’s relationship. What I wanted to say is: Ere.n hears what says and looks at Ar.min. My shipper goggles say it’s not coincidence. Let’s see why:

From what we’ve seen, Isa.yama has emphasized time and time again that it was Ar.min who has shown Ere.n a new perspective of life, and, from there, Ere.n has a goal in life, he’s not living meaninglessly. Ar.min was responsible for that, and it is explicitly said in the manga more than once. I’ll just throw here one of these moments, so people who don’t pay enough attention won’t say I’m delusional (and because I’m never tired of this scene):

So, what does this all mean? Well, after said that Ere.n taught her how to live, he looks at Ar.min. Coincidence? My shipper goggles say no. What I take from this is: Ere.n looks at Ar.min because, in his case, Ar.min is the one he’s thankful for teaching him how to live, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But this is just a theory to make me feel better about that damn anime, my headcanon. If anyone agrees, great; If not, it’s okay, but if you come to throw shit at me, well, I don’t have time to discuss, but if I had, I have an arsenal of receipts to throw at anyone who comes saying eremin isn’t all that.

Hope we can all overcome this and that Isa;yama proves us again, as he always does, how important they are to each other.


In honor of all the Disney prince charmings that started this whole whump thing for me back when I was just a  kid! I’d see Aladdin drown or John Smith getting shot and I’d get butterflies in ma stomach, freakin’ butterflies! 

I honestly thought I was the most messed up corrupt human. But alas! The sun had risen and the day has come when I realized there’s a definition for this sort of thing, and a whole lovely community behind it! And now… now I can sleep at night :)

Conclusion, it’s Walt Disney’s fault…

50 life lessons:
1. Happiness is a mood, not a destination
2. If you spend every day wishing and wondering you will only look back on your life and wish and wonder
3. That cookie won’t kill you
4. Neither will that shot of tequila
5. Everything in moderation
6. Exercise will always put you in a better mood
7. A hot shower or a long nap can cure anything
8. Spend days with the people you love
9. Tell people how you feel
10. Never give up on a dream
11. That guy/girl was not your soulmate , soulmates don’t leave you laying in your own tears alone
12. Once a cheater always a cheater
13. People do change
14. But sometimes they just become better liars
15. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day is an amazing thing
16. Wear that bikini, wear that red lipstick, wear whatever the hell you want
17. So what if your thighs jiggle?
18. Never let someone else decide your life for you
19. Don’t have sex with someone you would not want to raise a kid with
20. Buying condoms is less embarrassing than buying a pregnancy test
21. You can always order yourself flowers and buy yourself chocolate
22. Jump off cliffs, go skydiving, make sure you at least feel that thrill once
23. Do not let winter cause you to be lazy and sad
24. Sometimes all you need is to clean and organize things to feel like it’s all back in place
25. Your GPA isn’t the most important thing in your life
26. It is important though, study, focus, but never put your education over your physical well being
27. Go to the doctor and dentist
28. Listen to your gut, it really knows what is best for you
29. Always talk to somebody on the phone while walking alone at night
30. Sometimes all you need to do is laugh at your mistakes and move on
31. Find your comfort food
32. Never be afraid to go home
33. If you are, find a new home
34. Life is not a puzzle, the pieces will never fit perfectly but isn’t that the point?
35. Never dull your enthusiasm
37. Educate yourself on current events, from more than one source
38. Wear sweatpants or dress up, your significant other shouldn’t care what you are wearing
39. Sometimes you just have to act like a child
40. Go to carnivals, go camping, have adventures
41. Go to as many festivals and concerts as possible
42. Learn how to cook simple meals
43. You won’t always have someone there, learn how to do things on your own
44. Treat animals with the respect they deserve
45. Believe in whatever religion you like or don’t, but do not shove your beliefs on others
46. Watch as many movies as you can
47. Music is the gateway to the souls
48. Summer nights with friends are always the best
49. True friends aren’t always true friends, if they talk gossip with you they will talk gossip about you
50. Always smile, always love, never judge, and never dull your passions
“My mom is better than yours” - Batmom x Damian Wayne

Summary : The Kent family have invited your family over for dinner, and of course, as usual, Damian and Jon don’t quite…behave. 

I just wanted to write a short little cute fic with Damian and his mama because I just love the idea of Damian being super proud of his Batmom and blahblahblah maybe it’s a bit too long sorry. I hope you will like it

My masterlist blog :


Bruce thought it was extremely cute, how Damian’s eyes always seem to shine when looking at you. How his face brightens. Even how ashamed he is when you scold him when he’s too cocky, or simply being a plain brat. 

The kid thought you were just the best damn thing on this planet. 

He admired everything you did…

The Batman had to admit it, sometimes, he was a bit jealous. 

But mostly, he just thought it was really cute, to see his boy completely accepting you as his mother. Hell, he was even calling you “Mama” (damn period dramas) now !

You were the one he considered his mom (Talia actually tried to kill you a few times because of that, jealous beyond everything of you and the love “her” son seemed to have for you…She tried harder when Damian told her that she was “never his mom”, that you showed him what a real mother was, and also, when she realized how in love Bruce was with you, while she had to drug him to get him to sleep with her…Yeah, pretty jealous. You always pulled through though, mostly thanks to your boys, husband and superfriends).

Well, to be honest, he never doubted the fact that you’d get along with him. You had a special effect on people. If you really put your mind to it, you can convince anyone to do what you want, you can win anyone’s heart in a little flutter of your damn beautiful eyelashes…

When Damian first met you, he was most disagreeable, and you…grounded him. “Young man, in your room, no dessert for you tonight”, and he was so stunned that he did it, though he didn’t even listen to his father at the time, and thought he knew everything better than everyone ! He knew you only for a few minutes, and he already had more respect for you than for anyone else. 

Sometimes, Bruce suspected that you might be a meta-human, because the power you could have over people with your magnificent aura was…something. But he tested you in every way possible, and he had to admit that, you were just like him. A simple human. A simple human with incredible abilities. 

Yes. Bruce always thought it was extremely cute the way his son, your son to the both of you, almost worshipped you. 

Well, your older kids did too. Again, there was just a way about you…

You started dating Bruce when he first took young Richard Grayson in, about twelve years ago (right after Talia drugged him actually), when he was barely 8 years old and heartbroken because of his parents’ death…And though you were merely twenty, quite younger than Bruce really, you took your job as a surrogate mother for Dick very seriously. Quickly, the boy asked you if he could call you mom, if his own mother would be mad and…well, the hug you gave him was answer enough. Though he was twenty and had his own flat in Bludhaven now, Dick was still quite the momma’s boy. 

It was pretty much the same with Jason. You winked at him and told him it was pretty cool and brave to try and steal the batmobile’s wheels, and boom, you had him wrapped around your little fingers. He lived for your bedtime stories and cuddle when he had trouble sleeping. 

Tim was even easier to treat you like his mom. After only a few months he was already introducing you as his mother, and that was that. Just natural. Unlike Jason and Dick, his birth mother wasn’t exactly…the best, and you gave him a chance to have a real mom. One that would die for her son, do anything for him,  even if it meant staying up all night to sing him soothing songs while he had the flu, putting ridiculous costumes to go trick or treating with him, or, more recently, since he was now 15 (already ?!), gaming with him until you’d both pass out out of exhaustion. 

Quite like Tim, Damian never had the love of a “real” mother. How it should be. The mom taking care of her son, no matter what. Not letting him do whatever he wants, but making sure he’s happy…and so, just like his older brothers before him, he came to simply adore you. 

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BTS: Sexy Zodiac Time 🌝

So I’m super into astrology, and I like to incorporate it into my characters when I write. I was doing some research for some smut and I got this bright idea to share what I think the Bangtan Boiz™️ would be like during sex based on their personalities and 🔮zodiac signs🔮

*This is all based on my intuition/imagination and should be taken light-heartedly


GOT7 version 🌚

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Temptation: Chapter 1 (M)

Based on this request for a lovely anon. Enjoy it mate ;)


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Werewolf! Jungkook, smut

Word count: 4,126 words

Chapter 1 | 2

Bang. Bang. Bang.


No answer.



Still no answer. You didn’t care that an old lady walking behind you gave you a very dirty look before shuffling down the corridor to her own apartment. It was only the manners instilled by your parents that stopped you from shooting daggers right back at her.


“JEON JUNGKOOK! Open the fucking door right now or I -”

Your shouts as well as your fist froze in mid-air when the door whipped open to reveal the man whose name you’d been yelling at the top of your lungs.

“Why the hell are you banging my door down?” Jungkook’s frown and his tone told you that he was irritated, which fueled your anger even more. He had no right to be annoyed at you after the shit he had put you through today.

“Why weren’t you at work?” You managed to lower your volume now that there wasn’t a door separating the two of you, but you made sure that he knew how angry you were.

“I took a day off, but I’m sure you could have gotten that information from the HR.”

His flippant answer didn’t impress you one bit. “You know that isn’t what I’m talking about.”

“Then what are you talking about?” The question came out sounding incredulous, but you didn’t miss the uncomfortable shuffling of the guilty man. He knew what you were talking about. Before you could point it out, however, a high-pitched woman’s voice called from inside his apartment.

“Who’s at the door, babe? Come back to bed, I can’t wait anymore!”

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TERFs: I’d never be attracted to a penis.

me: Lots of trans women hate their penis and don’t use it. Some of them even have a vaginoplasty.

TERFs: Who, in their right mind, would want a relationship without sex? And these are REVERSED PENISES not VAGINAS! Ugh!!

me: *not mentioning the fact that a lesbian should know that there are ways to have sex that don’t involve PiV, and also if all your relationships REQUIRE sex to be happy then I’m sad for you* If they have reversed penises, does that mean trans men who went through phalloplasty have enlarged clitorises and therefore are, by your standards, still attractive?

TERFs: *crickets noises*