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@cogairealta got me thinking about how Vader might discover Obi-Wan’s thought’s RE: Vader’s Fall and his Jedi Master’s role in it.

I’m not entirely sure it’s ever going to come up that Obi-Wan considers Vader’s Fall his fault? Obi-Wan’s already internalized that as a fact - but perhaps someone like Qui-Gon, not knowing any better (Qui-Gon does not, in fact, know that Obi-Wan became Anakin’s master) mentions something about Vader’s unhelpful Jedi master to Vader, only to get a face full of sith lightning because Do NOT badmouth Obi-Wan D O N O T. Only after which everyone discovers the truth and makes the connection to all the really vague and disapproving things that Obi-Wan has said about Vader’s Jedi master. 

bc Obi-Wan has already started subtweeting his thoughts about the subject and given his general interpersonal acuity, people are gonna assume he knows what he’s talking about.

……………….please……………….can we……………………..look just for a second………this……..sweet angel……………….whom I love with a great passion……………………


requested: root and shaw + their endless list of skills (▰˘◡˘▰)

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YOU CAN WRITE AND DRAW??? NEVER KNEW YOU COULD WRITE????? YOU'RE SO GOOD???? I feel blest thank you so much!!!


Tbh tho writing is hard as heck for me bc I’m like rewording sentences or paragraphs like 8 times until it sounds right & then I skim back over it and it’s way too descriptive or there’s too much dialogue rip

another self-indulgent drabble I’ll never finish:

I can’t believe I’ve watched this like 7298 times and didn’t pick up on this

OKAy so in the Dub for ep. 7, at the end of the garage scene 

Yuuri says “You don’t have to say anything, just stay close to me Victor!” 


Just stay close to me Victor

Just Stay Close To Me Victor

“Stay Close To Me” - Victor Nikiforov’s free skate program 

What song did Yuuri skate to that Victor took as a sign to act on his feelings and go to Japan??


In Conclusion: Yuuri asked Victor to stay close to him and Boy Did He 

A single kiss can open a rift in the space time continuum
  • <p> <b>Jeff Davis:</b> The kiss isn't just a kiss...<p/><b>Me 3 years later:</b> YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S NOT.<p/></p>

Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo


Iwaizumi Hajime Wallpapers: Requested by @jeanawei

  • Albus: I don't have a thing for older women!
  • Albus: (muttering under his breath) I don't have a thing for women at all.
  • Scorpius: What was that?
  • Albus: NOThiNg. I SAID N OT H I NG.