never over how dapper he was

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20, herc and tendo??? Honestly, tendo and anyone. :3c

20. “You’re too damn cute.”

It ran away from me! HALP.


Hercules Hansen has been called many things over the years.

“You’re too damn cute.”

Cute has never been something Herc associated with himself until very recently.

“I’m sorry?” Herc glanced down at the dapper gentleman who was in front of him. He flushed, his face betraying his emotions faster than anything else would.

“I meant the little guy but I think you’re just as cute as he is.” The man continued before he spun on his heel and ordered in rapid-fire in another language. “How about I pay for your coffee?”

“Sure.” Herc shrugged and Chuck giggled at the movement. “I’ll have a cafe, umm… how d'you pronounce that? Th’ one with the milk and a cup of milk for my kid.”

“It’s café con leche, which means it’s coffee with milk in it.” The man offered.

“Oh,” Herc hid his embarrassment by hiding behind adjusting Chuck on his hip. “Thanks.”

They sat together at the only table left, Chuck kicking his feet as he sat in Herc’s lap.

“Tendo Choi but my friends call me Tendo,” He held out his hand and Chuck took it, shaking it with the enthusiasm of a six year old.

“’M Chuck!”

“Hercules Hansen but please, Herc’ll do. This is my son Chuck.”

Tendo smiled and Herc felt his heart thumping inside the wall he put around it two years ago. “Are you new to San Fran?”

“Jus’ visiting-”

“Herc!” Luna called excitedly. “You brought along your mini-me!”

“Wait, you know Luna-”

“-an’ Tamsin an’-”

“-Stacker. Huh. Small world.” Tendo finished with a soft chuckle.

“Unca Stack? Wuna?”

“Of course we’ll go see Stacks, baby. C'mere.” Luna scooped Chuck up and tickled him, snagging his paper cup as she went. The shriek of laughter made Herc crack a rare grin.

Tendo’s cheeks flushed at the sight of it, which only made it grow. Herc decided to thank Luna later as he asked, “After we finish our coffee, d'you wanna show me the city?”

“Yes,” Tendo replied as he fiddled with the beads at his wrist. “How much do you know about dim sum?”

“Absolutely zero but I’m sure you c'n teach me.” Herc teased, the long ache in his heart easing as Tendo gestured with his hands and his expression lit up.