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RFA HEADCANONS: They Get Jealous~

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RFA~ they get jealous. V+Saeran included.



Yoosung has always been a more jealous type. Literally, if he even sees you talking to anyone other than him, he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

So, he would go to the restroom for a brief few seconds, and when he gets back..

You’re. Talking. To. Another. Guy??

Now, he didn’t know that this ‘other guy’ was a cousin you haven’t seen in a while.

His stomach goes in knots, and he balls up his fists, wanting nothing more than to go push the guy away from you.

Sadly, he is probably too shy to just walk up there, but for a few moments, he tries to gather up his courage to go take you back.

When he realizes he’s just too nervous, he starts to think that he lost you, and starts tearing up a bit.

At this point, you’d be like “damn boi, how long it take to pee?” And start to look around..well, o shit, your cute blondie is just standing all the way back there.

“Yoosung? Come over here! I’d like you to meet my cousin…wait, are you crying?”

“Wha- cousin?! Oh..! Uhm..I- I wasn’t crying..!! I yawned! Aha. Hi. Nice to meet you, (C/N)..!”



Uhm. Who are you talking to?

He is pissed off when he see’s you talking to one of his better looking security guards.


He’s probably gonna start getting really touchy on you, (kink) and grip you by the waist h a r d.

Casually starts questioning the security guard as to wHY WAS HE TALKING TO YOU?

you’d get really embarrassed, and tell jumin to stop making a scene, buT HE IS JUST “NO” NO ONE ELSE CAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT?

Straight out fires the guy. Oops.

“Jumin, what the hell?! Why would you fire him? He wasn’t trying to steal me away! I love you, and only you.”

“…Hm. I don’t like people eyeing you like that. That’s for me to do, no one else. ..(Y/N) know I love you. I only want what’s best for you.”



You two will be at one of Zen’s musicals, just enjoying the show..wheN THIS IDIOT JUST DECIDES TO START FLIRTING WITH YOU???

You try to tell the guy, you don’t swing that way?? But he doesn’t listen??

Jaehee goes into extreme jealous woman mode, and actually lashes out on the guy.

“She said she doesn’t go that way. Do you not get what she meant? Are you that idiotic? Do I seriously have to show you who she BELONGS to?”

Will casually start making out with you right then and there.

The guy will scoff and walk off, giving Jaehee the middle finger.

Jaehee awkwardly pulls away, refusing to make eye contact. She’ll probably start nervously running her hand though her hair.

She apologizes??

Nono, sweetie. No need to apologize. You’re a d o r a b l e.

You both end up leaving the theater, just so you can cuddle the rest of the night in peace.

“Jaehee, it’s fine. If anything, I thought it was, come here and love me, baby girl~”

Will high key melt at being called baby girl.

“I’m glad that you could just put the situation behind you so quickly..but, I’m warning you. Next time, I may not be so calm. You’re mine, (Y/N).”



Everywhere you went you seemed to get hit on in one way or another. Normally, Zen would brush it off, knowing that you only had eyes for him.

But oh.

One day. ONE DAY. He’s just had enough.

“Hey, cutie~ I lost my number, mind if I-”

“Yeah, she does mind, actually. Back. Off.”

He would roll his sleeves up, intimidating the guy with his muscles.

“Woah, chill. I was just being nice to the lad-”

“well, that lady happens to be taken. Now, if you ever so kindly..back the hell off, that would be great.”




He’s already a big fan on Pda, but ohhh, it’s gonna increase.

You practically can’t be farther than 5 inches away from him from then on.

“Zen, you know you’re the only one I see..”

“I know, Princess. I’m sorry, it’s just becoming so frequent..I want people to know not to mess with you.”



You two will be joking around, and then you’ll probably trip into someone. (Klutz.)

They’ll help you up, and give you a cheeky smile.


They’ll pull some lame pick up line, like “oh, you fell for me kdkfkfk ha.”


B A C K O F F M Y W I F E???

His normally cheerful attitude is gonna change real quick.

He will get really serious, and pull you closer to him, making sure you aren’t hurt from falling, first. (Or diseased from the guy.)

High key starts sassing the guy.

Starts to laugh, and gives the guy a lil chest bump thing, as they 'make up’

Yeah, well. Seven stole his wallet out of his pocket.

That guy just lost everything, lol.

His money, his ID card, his credit card, business cards.


“Well, you got over that fast. I’m impressed.”

“Heh. Babe, look what I got!”

“IS THAT HIS- oh my god. You’re evil. I love it.”



He’s so gentle, he just stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight on a different foot, waiting for you to hurry up.

You were at an art museum, and this guy came up to you, trying to show you the “best art works” there. He started cracking jokes, and yOU WERE LAUGHING AT THEM?

you didn’t know it was bothering V so much, but he was literally starting to tear up?

He wanted to step in, but if you were having fun, and you were happy.. He would stand it.

He actually felt his heart sink when the guy gave you his email address.

“Yeah, email me sometime. I can teach you a lot more!”

You sighed the moment the guy left, and crumpled up the paper, tossing it in the trash.

“What a waste. I didn’t want to be rude, but God..he was showing the worst pi- V? What’s wrong?”

“Oh..Nothing. Don’t worry about me. Shall we go over here?”



Saeran: (Mild spoiler?? Maybe??)

Literally doesn’t like you talking to anyone.


He’s not the kind of guy that is like “oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” But it’s easy to get him jealous.

In fact, he got jealous of his own brother.


“Yeah? Well if you like his jokes so much, why don’t you just date him instead?!”

Ends up getting in a huge fight with Saeyoung.

Low key starts trying to crack jokes (and fails) to keep up with his brother.

He starts getting so frustrated, thinking he was never going to be as good as his brother. That you would leave him for Saeyoung.

Poor smol bean. You had to reassure him that he was the only Choi for fact, he was the only one at all for you.

“Saeran. You know that I love you, right?”



“… you too, I guess..”

“YOU GUESS? IS OUR LOVE IN QUESTION.” (He freaks out a bit when you say this, lel)

“Wha- no! No.. I..Uhm, I love you, (Y/N). I really do.”

Intertwined (Bucky x reader)

Summary: Bucky Barnes loves Y/N L/N with all his heart; their souls are intertwined, he’s sure of it. So, when he discovers her wedding pictures, his heart shatters and Y/N has no choice but to unveil her scarred past.

Warnings: untrue accusations of cheating (no actual cheating); minor character death; descriptions of grief; angst; kissing; swearing; crying; (this sounds really angsty but there’s a happy ending!)

I’ve had this idea for so long and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out! I hope you all enjoy it and any feedback would be hugely appreciated :)

Requests are open, as is the tag list - don’t be shy!

*Y/F/F = your favourite flowers
*Y/E/C = your eye colour

He couldn’t tear his gaze from her. 

Everything about her was entrancing to him; the curve of her lips, the slight glint in her eyes, the melody of her voice. He had spent so long just observing her, wishing he could muster the courage to introduce himself, to sit beside her and witness the soft ripples in her Y/E/C eyes up close. Instead, he simply hid himself in the most isolated corner of the coffee shop, eyes drawn to her like moths to a flame. She was late today, he noticed, but as she ordered her drink he could only be relieved as his earlier concern at her absence dissolved. 

The café had become quite the second home for Bucky; it was quaint, with a rustic interior that was nothing but welcoming. A fireplace stood proudly at the forefront of the room, casting hues of red and orange across the vintage carpet that covered the floor. When the rain pounded on the frosted windows, when arguments erupted on the road side, disruptive and violent, or even when the outside world just seemed a bit too scary, Bucky could walk through those doors and immediately become wrapped in the promise of fresh coffee and a warm seat. 

Bucky’s thoughts were interrupted when a gentle voice sounded from behind him, shy in a way that made it difficult to hear. He turned around, breath hitching when he realised it was her

“Hi… I, um, I usually sit just over there,” she pointed to the seat his eyes had learned to find almost immediately when he entered the shop, “but I-I was a bit late today and most of the seats are taken, I’ve seen you around a few times and I wondered if it would be ok if I… maybe… sit with you? It’s just you seem nice and- God, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked, I’m sorry, I’ll just-“

Bucky interrupted her, a soft smile curling his lips upward as he moved his mug further towards himself. “I don’t mind.” His voice was as timid as hers, yet she still heard him and smiled gratefully as she took the seat across from him.

“Thank you. My name’s Y/N, by the way.”

“Y/N…” Bucky whispered, still awestruck by the presence before him. “I- I’m James. Or Bucky. Whichever you prefer.” 

The pair lay together atop the lonely hill, basking in each other’s embrace as they gazed into the night sky. It was moments like this where Bucky felt a painfully deep connection with Y/N, as if their souls were intertwined much like the stars in the galaxy, and it took everything in him not to attach his lips to hers in a moment of love and lust that he’d been resisting ever since he first laid eyes on her. 

Weeks had passed since the first day the two had spoken; they had shared so much together since then that Bucky often found himself awake at night with his hands covering his face, unable to comprehend just how lucky he was to be the one who wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm as they lay beneath the stars.

Y/N untangled her fingers from Bucky’s delicate strands, stroking them down his neck as he lifted his head from her chest and looked into her eyes, sparkling in the moonlight. She didn’t look at him, instead sighing deeply and wrapping her free hand around his metal one.

“Bucky… there’s something I want to tell you but I, um, I don’t know how.”

The silence was broken by Y/N’s mumble, her voice laced with an insecurity that Bucky had quickly come to love.

“You can tell me anything, Y/N. I promise.”

It wasn’t the lack of confidence carrying her words that worried Bucky, he was used to that by now. Instead, it was the nerves that radiated from her, waves of anxiety flooding the previously peaceful atmosphere that had consumed them both.

“Ever since I first spoke to you, and maybe even before then, I’ve… I’ve really liked you.” Y/N’s voice got smaller as she spoke, any confidence she had gathered quickly getting lost in the rush of words.

Bucky’s heart began to beat faster in his chest, thumping wildly. He sat up completely and hovered above her, eyes crinkling from the weight of his smile. “I… I like you too, Y/N- no, I love you.”

Y/N mirrored Bucky’s grin as he carefully shut his eyes and brought his lips closer to hers and finally, after so long, their lips met and Bucky couldn’t believe that kissing her was so much better than he had imagined it would be. 

From then on, Bucky was even happier than he thought was possible. He shared so much with her; his thoughts, his dreams, his fears, everything. He took her out to all the places her loved, both from his past and his later life, telling her stories from the 40s and thanking his lucky stars that he had her to share them with. He took her to meet Steve, who was more than pleased to meet the famed Y/N that Bucky would never shut up about, something that he didn’t fail to mention much to Bucky’s chagrin. 

Bucky Barnes was so in love, something he never thought he’d experience, and every time he looked at her he couldn’t escape the all-encompassing feeling of utter euphoria that drowned his heart and flooded his lungs – in the best way possible.

Bucky stood outside Y/N’s apartment, smoothing down his tie and rearranging the Y/F/F he’d bought for what seemed like the millionth time, trying to make sure they were perfect for her. He raised a shaking hand and rapped his knuckles across the wood, steadying his deep breaths. Of course, he’d taken her out on dates, but never anything this extravagant. They’d spent hours at the park together, lay in each other’s arms beneath the shade of the trees; they’d browsed every corner of the local record shop, picking out their favourite records and buying them for one another; they’d even shared the same bed at the tower as Bucky curled himself around Y/N and kissed the shell of her ear. But, he’d never taken her on an official date, and it had to be perfect. For her.

Y/N opened the door, eyes brightening the second they met Bucky’s. “H- hey Buck, come in- are they Y/F/F?”

Bucky grinned and nodded, placing the flowers in Y/N’s hands as he stepped inside.

“Oh Bucky, they’re so gorgeous, I… I love them. Thank you.” She didn’t look at him as she spoke, mesmerised by the array of colour leaking from each green stem and smiling widely. “I’m just gonna get a vase for these. I’ll be right back, ok?”

Bucky smiled and nodded, watching Y/N as she walked down the hall with a skip in her step. He took the opportunity to stroll further into the apartment, lips permanently curved upwards at just how Y/N it was. He wandered to the large table that stood beside the nearest wall, the faded antique wood blending beautifully with the surrounding décor. 

The table was decorated with an array of trinkets and photo frames; pictures of Y/N with her friends, her family, even a few with her dog that made Bucky smile even wider. 

The pictures at the centre of the table were what really caught Bucky’s eye. He stood before them, eyes scanning the frames as his heart dropped and his smile fell.


Oh please God, no.

The frames held a variety of pictures, each of Y/N with the same man. In some they were kissing, in others they were pecking one another’s cheek or simply staring into each other’s eyes with a gaze that mirrored the look Bucky would give her. One picture stood out from the rest, standing proudly at the forefront of the table. It was Y/N, draped in a lace wedding dress that made her look as beautiful as Bucky had imagined when he envisaged this day, their day, only it wasn’t; because he was stood behind her in a suit and tie and a look in his eyes that broke Bucky’s heart. 

She was married.

Bucky’s previously unwavering focus on the pictures was broken when Y/N walked back towards him, concern masking her features. His head snapped up towards her, trembling lips catching the salty tears that were climbing down his cheeks as he tried to say something, anything, in spite of his dry throat.

“Bucky? What’s the matter, are you ok?”

Y/N reached her hand out, retracting it when Bucky stepped back from her.

“You’re… You’re married?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as they flickered to the pictures on the table, a sigh escaping her lips at the realisation that Bucky had seem them. “Bucky, no, it’s not what it looks like I-“

Bucky cut her off with a pained laugh, swallowing harshly and shaking his head “It’s not what it looks like? Because it looks pretty damn clear to me, Y/N! What, was I just a toy to you? Something to distract you when you got bored of your husband?”

“No Buck that’s not-“

“I love you. I fucking love you and I told you that, and all this time you were just using me. Do you have any idea how that feels? You’re the whole goddamn world to me, Y/N. Do I even mean anything to you?”

“Of course you do! Bucky, you mean so much to me, please don’t do this. Please don’t leave. I can explain.”

A second of longing flashed behind Bucky’s eyes as he felt that familiar pull towards her, wanting nothing more than to pull her close just like he always did at times like this, when the world felt like it was crashing down.

“No. No. I have to. This isn’t fair. It’s not fucking fair, Y/N! I love you, but you have someone else who loves you too and I refuse to be the other guy. I can’t do that. You need to tell him what you’ve done, he doesn’t deserve this.”

With that, Bucky left the apartment, ignoring Y/N’s desperate shouts after him as he shut the elevator doors without letting her in, despite his mind screaming at him to turn back, to realise that he needs her no matter what the circumstances. But he couldn’t do that. It was too wrong, he’d done enough damage as it was.

The coffee shop didn’t feel quite the same since then. Nothing did. He supposed he still went every morning because it was the only sense of her that he could get. No matter what had happened, he still loved her. Every night since he’d found out she was married had been filled with endless screaming, breaking down in his room as he mourned the loss of the only true love he had ever known. The coffee shop allowed him to be closer to her, as much as he could be. She hadn’t returned to the place since that day, Bucky wasn’t sure if it was because she didn’t want to see him anymore or if it was too painful for her. A small, sick part of him hoped it was the latter, that she felt for him what he did for her, that she was as broken as he was.

Bucky hadn’t even noticed someone sitting across from him, too absorbed in his thoughts. A small cough got his attention, sickness brewing in his stomach when he glanced up at the Y/E/C eyes he adored so much staring back at him.

“Bucky… please hear me out.”

Bucky said nothing, timidly directing his gaze to the mug in his hands but nodding slightly, will power escaping him.

“I want you to meet him.”

Bucky became much more alert at this, looking at her so quickly it hurt his neck.

“You.. you what?”

“I want you to meet my husband. I know that sounds strange and I know you won’t want to but I just… I need you to trust me, ok? I just want you to meet him and then I won’t ask any more of you, just- please do this.”

Bucky just stared at her, struggling to grasp an understanding of what was going on. After much consideration, however, Bucky sighed to himself as he realised that in spite of everything, he was still willing to follow her to the ends of the earth. So, he stood up and tried not to smirk at the way Y/N’s eyes lit up as she pulled him towards her car.

Y/N pulled up outside of a huge gate, a plaque that read ‘Manhattan Cemetery’ adorning the front. Bucky said nothing, although his chest tightened as he looked at Y/N, her features suddenly solemn. They pair left the car and ventured into the cemetery, navigating their way through the clusters of gravestones.

“He’s just further down here.” Y/N muttered, voice wavering slightly. Shortly after she halted, turning to Bucky and nodding toward the gravestone that stood before them. “Bucky, I- I’d like you to meet Dan. Dan, this is the guy I was telling you about.”

Bucky looked back and forth between Y/N and the stone, engraved with the words ‘here lies Daniel Wilson, a beloved son, brother and husband’. His heart broke as he watched Y/N choke back a sob as she read the words, hand covering her mouth as she cried to herself.

“You can go now, if you want. I just thought you should know.”

Bucky shook his head at this, barely able to keep his own tears from falling. He reached out for Y/N’s trembling hand, tugging at it slightly as he lowered himself to sit before the grave. She followed, leaning in to him and curling her free arm around her knees.

The two had been sat in that position for what could have been hours, although time always did seem to stand still when they were together. Y/N’s tears had since faded, leaving dried streaks in their wake. She took a deep breath, readjusting her head on Bucky’s shoulder and squeezing his hand.

“We met at college. I- I wasn’t the most confident kid, but neither was he. I guess that’s why we clicked. He had an old soul, he was kind; he used to bring me books from the library and read them to me until I fell asleep. He was smart too, when we left college he got offered a job at a University in Manhattan, so we moved and started a life together here. I thought… I thought we were gonna be so happy. We were, I suppose, just not for as long as we would’ve liked. It was only a few months after we moved that we found out he… he…” A sob ripped from her throat, painfully tearing at Bucky’s heart. He wanted to console her so badly, to tell her everything was going to be ok, but he knew he couldn’t take her grievance from her. He could only listen. “He had cancer. Hell, the doc only gave him a few months left. It hurt so much at first, we spent every night crying and wishing things were different. But they weren’t, we accepted that, and we decided to make the most of whatever time we had left. We travelled, we married, we lived. It was amazing, the best months of my life, but it all came crashing down far too soon and before I knew it he wasn’t next to me anymore.” Y/N took a deep breath, desperate to control her tears as she looked at Bucky with a pained smile.

“When he died, he made me promise that I wouldn’t close myself away. He made me promise that I’d find someone again, someone who made me smile, because ‘someone needs to do it when he’s not there,’” she smiled to herself as she recalled what her husband had said.

“I don’t think I can ever forget him. I don’t want to. But when I met you, I thought that just maybe I’d found someone; someone who made me smile, who made my heart beat faster, who made me happy again.”

Both their faces were stained with tears, although neither of them seemed to care. Bucky lifted a hand to Y/N’s cheek, gliding his knuckled across the skin and brushing his thumb beneath her welling eyes. He smiled at her, a strong smile that resisted the sadness brewing within him at the sound of her voice and the pain it leaked.

“I love you, Y/N L/N. You are truly the kindest, most beautiful soul I’ve ever met, and I think that Daniel was right. You deserve so much, my love, and if you’ll have me, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you smile.”

Bucky never let Y/N forget Daniel. He didn’t ask her to throw away the pictures, he watched with nothing less than a look of adoration as she recalled memories of her past love, and he spent his sleepless nights praying that he was good enough for her, that he lived up to everything Daniel had been for her.

And Y/N? Well, she hadn’t been this happy in a long time. She had found love again; it was strong and passionate and full, and it was one of the greatest things she had ever experienced. Bucky was so supportive of her, always encouraging her to remember her past rather than run from it, as she did him.

The two found new life in one another, their souls intertwined and their hearts inseparable. Y/N knew that Daniel would be so happy, so proud that she was able to stay afloat, a thought that brought tears to her eyes as she stared into the night sky, knowing that he was up there somewhere. It was in those moments, that Bucky would wrap his arms around her waist and hug himself closer to her, a reminder that what she lost had planted the seeds for something wonderful to grow.

And now, there were two pictures that stood proudly before the others, side by side. One, of Y/N and her first love as they married, two innocent souls so wrapped up in love and so defied by fate. The other of Y/N and Bucky, also on their wedding day; dead roots brought back to life by a shared love and light that reflected in the hues of their eyes until the day they died.




summary: a lot can happen in one night. 

His fingers trailed down the page of his textbook in deep concentration. The dim light set in the room made it a bit hard to see but it was doable. He couldn’t really complain since he was still capable of doing his work.

“You’ve b-been at this for 3 hours now.” Bill chimed from his spot on the bed. “Why can’t we do something t-that’s, I don’t know, fun?”

Eddie looked up from his book and over to his friend who laid upside down with his phone centimeters from his face. He had his tongue stuck out and seemed to be in deep concentration. There was no doubt his friend had been texting his crush, Stan.

“I apologize that my studying is such a mood killer. There’s the door.”

Bill gave him a look.

The boy shrugged. What did Bill expect when he came over? His life was consumed by studying and getting the right marks in hopes that one day he could leave his wrenched home. He wasn’t the one to have fun or spend time chatting about crushes. He didn’t have time for that. It wasn’t apart of his step-by-step plan of becoming free from his overprotective mom that did nothing but breathe down his neck.

His friend rolled off the bed, “You know what?”

Eddie raised his brow. No, he didn’t know what but he could tell by the shimmer in Bill’s eye that he wouldn’t like it nor want to know.

“We should g–”

“Don’t even finish that sentence.” He said.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.” The boy said with a scoff of bewilderment. “For all you know I could’ve been suggesting McDonalds.”

Eddie spun his chair around and faced his friend.  “Were you?”  

“N-no.” Bill deflated.  

“Exactly.” The response was dragged and quiet.

Eddie turned around and went back to work. He scanned over his notes and annotations that were neatly scattered all over the page. He had to continue or else he’d never learn the information he needed to in order to pass the test. The boy was set in another spiral of deep concentration till Bill spoke up.

“Aren’t you curious?”


“The party!”

“Not really.” A shrug. He could honestly care less about catching diseases, getting drunk, and being in such an enclosed space with numerous of people. The idea wasn’t exactly his cup of tea. He was perfectly fine at home and studying. But, it seemed like Bill had other plans.

“C’mon, Eddie!”

“Don’t ‘C’mon, Eddie’ me, Bill.”

He grunted. “This is s-so disappointing.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” He smiled coyly. “I am not going to his party, I can’t risk getting a bad grade on my mid-term.” He turned to face his friend again.

Bill looked at his friend with his mouth agape, “The mid-term isn’t until Monday.” He told him, Eddie was about to say something but the boy continued, “T-today is Friday.”

“Exactly.” He pointed at him while holding his book in the other hand, “Which means I only have two days to study.” Two fingers were raised to indicated his point.

“Cut the c-crap, E-E-Eddie.” Bill snapped at his friend.

Eddie’s brows furrowed as his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. It seemed the words were stuck in his throat and he didn’t know how to react to Bill’s sudden outburst.

“Y-you work your ass off and you’re the o-only person I know t-that studies for this s-s-shit.” He ranted, “You need to give yourself a break and go have fun, staying cooped up inside your house all day i-isn’t healthy. H-have fun. Be r-r-reckless.”

Eddie went to say something but his friend was quick to cut him off.

“Y-your mom keeps you cooped up like some f-frail animal but you’re not! You should be able to do this! Have fun! T-t-think of you! What do you want E-E-Eddie? Stay here and c-continue to live in your little bubble or j-j-join the real world. Think about y-y-you.”

Eddie mulled it over. If he went to the party that would set him back on his studying hours. Not to mention the germs. Oh God, the germs that could come from a place where the core event was sexual activities. Herpes. AIDs. Hepatitis B. Freaking STDs in general. Just the thought of catching one of them made him pull out his inhaler and take a puff of breath. It didn’t help that there was the possibility of his mother finding out. His mother would freak and he’d be stuck in the hospital for the whole week. He wouldn’t be able to go out or do anything and his mother would breathe down his neck more than she already did.

Another puff.

Yet, a voice at the back of his mind reminded, he needed to be free. Maybe this night would be just that. One night to have fun and be out of his mother’s grasp. Perhaps take a risk or two. After all, he did need more forms of human interaction that didn’t consist of just Bill. And, while he hated to admit, the idea sounded appealing. To get out for a change and have a chance to do something besides an endless cycle of studying and school. He’d never done anything like this before, it terrified and excited him at the same time.

“Okay,” He concluded.

Bill’s eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. “Ar- are you sure you sure about th-this?”

He rolled his eyes, “Yes, I’m sure. This is what I want to do.”

The latter held up his hands in surrender, “As long a-as you’re sure.”

Eddie nodded. “I’m certain.”

“If that’s the c-case.” Bill looked at his friend up and down. “Y-you can’t go in that.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” He frowned and looked down at his outfit. He thought he looked decent enough and it wasn’t like he wanted to impress anyone. A simple pair of blue jeans and an over-sized white t-shirt should do.

“Everything,” Bill ruffled his friends neatly combed back hair and Eddie attempted to swat his hand away. “I-It seems we have our work cut out for us.”

[⦁] [⦁] [⦁]

They arrived at the party and Eddie wanted to find the nearest bush for his bundled nerves.

“It’ll be fine,” Bill assured and turned off the car engine.

He hummed in acknowledgment and wiped his hands off on his jeans. “Let’s get this over with.”

The car doors slammed shut and they walked up through the gravel to the steps of the house.

It was now or never and even though he preferred never, he had agreed to come. No backing out now.

Bill bit his lip and opened the door.

The hallway was dark, Eddie noted as they ventured into the home. The atmosphere was slick on his skin and the music played at a soft tempo instead of the loud tempo he expected. He took notice of blue LED lights that seemed to light up the rooms.  

Heads turned upon their arrival. Some nodded in acknowledgment, some stared, and others shrugged before they went back to what they were doing.

His friend spotted Stan and lead him towards the living room where said person was. They hugged and sat next to each other.

Eddie stood there awkwardly before he noticed an unoccupied chair he could sit in. He took a seat and became attentive to his surroundings.

There were people who sat on the couch with people at their feet. He took particular notice of a girl with fiery hair and a boy who bulked in size.  The girl rested her head on the guy’s knee and she seemed to hang on to every word with a soft smile. They were in their own world, not caring about everyone else. His gaze shifts to a group of boys that barked with laughter in a small circle. Each boy varied from size and range, their smiles made them look carefree.

He wished he could feel that carefree but his mind was hyper-aware of the plastic cups that laid disoriented on the ground and the smoke that clutched the atmosphere. He had the urge to grab a washcloth and scrub till his skin turned pink.

“Hey,” Eddie whispered.

His friend paused the conversation and glanced over at him.

“I’m going to go outside for some fresh air.”

Bill nodded in acknowledgment and gave a knowing smile.

With an eyeroll, he got up from the chair and walked towards the back door.

Eddie closed his eyes and leaned against this side of the house with his hands on his knees. He squeezed tightly and took a shaky breath. His teeth nipped at the dry skin of his bottom lip. The sweater clamped on him like a second skin.

Get it together, Eddie.

He took one final breath and let his head lull to the side. It was going to be okay. Just a few more hours and then he could finally go home and scrub off all the germs.

A boy stood beside him with a cigar popped between his lips. Eddie observed him. He couldn’t see him clearly due to the bad lighting but he could see a faint outline of his disheveled curls and stretched form. The back of his foot rested against the side of the house and his hands were cupped around the cigar. He seemed to struggle with the lighter.

 Eddie sighed and gripped the sleeve of his sweater and cleared his throat.  "Smoking is bad for you.“ He didn’t know what compelled him to say that. Usually, he was too afraid to even make a sound.

The guy didn’t seem bothered and instead gave a shrug. "I care because?”

"Do you want to get lung cancer when you’re older?”

He scoffed at the question, “Did you make that comment just so you could lecture me about the fucking dangers of smoking? If so then please fuck off because I have plenty of pamphlets at home for that.”

Eddie went silent and attempted to speak. What he wanted to say didn’t come out and instead, he said: “Did you just compare me to a pamphlet?”

He rolled his eyes. “Just fuck off if you’re going to lecture me.”


“What was that? I don’t think I heard you.” He cupped his hand around his ear and leaned closer to Eddie.


“C’monnnnn, don’t leave me hanging.”

“I said you don’t have to be so fucking rude.” Eddie bit.

“Feisty, aren’t ya?”

Eddie ignored his comment and titled his body away from him. The silence wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t exactly friendly either.

“This really isn’t your scene, is it?”

“What makes you say that?”

“You look nervous as hell and you keep fucking fiddling with that damn wristwatch.”

“I’ve been to a party before.”

“Oh really?” His voice coated in doubt.

“Really! There was Bill’s birthday party when we were eight.”

The guy blinked a few times before a rough sound left his mouth, “You’ve gotta be shitting me, right?”

Annoyed with the boy beside him he mumbled a quiet. “Shut up.”

They sat in another beat of silence.

“Let’s go somewhere.” It was random and nothing more than a slight whisper as they both gazed at the stars.

Eddie’s lips slightly parted. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Well, I’m Richie and you’re…”


“I’m Richie and you’re Eds. Now you know my name and I know yours.”

“Don’t call me that and I still barely know you. For all I know you could be some creepy murderer who preys on innocent people.”

“I also could be genuine.” He smiled and turned so his shoulder pressed up against the wall. “Life’s all about opportunities. Let me show you how much fun you can have. Make up for all those missed opportunities.” A wink.

Eddie hesitated.

“Think about it.” Richie checked his watch. “If you decide you want to have a little bit of fun then meet me out front in 15.”

Richie pushed the butt of the cigar onto the side of the house. He saluted Eddie and walked back inside, his body lost in the vast swarm.

Eddie stared at the space Richie once occupied. This could possibly be the stupidest thing he’s ever done.

He gave himself a shake of his head and walked into the house where he caught sight of Bill.

With laughter in his eyes, and the way his arm brushed against Stan’s, he looked happy. Not wanting to interrupt he decided to go ahead and leave. He’d text Bill later.

Eddie walked out front and searched for Richie.

“Hey!” Someone called and waved their arms in the air. “Over here Eds!”

He had to refrain himself from rolling his eyes as he turned around to face Richie.

Under the porch light, he was able to get a proper look at the boy.  It made him stop in his tracks. He was beautiful. The ripped, oversized, light blue denim jacket made his body look slim. How his curls fanned around his face and became astray on the top of his head. The boyfriend jeans that rested low on his hips and keychains that attached to his belt loop. How his freckles dusted across his face like constellations with his brown eyes that acted as galaxies.

The boy held out his hand. “Up for a little adventure.”

Eddie eyed his hand. God only knows what the night had in store for him. He took a slow, shuddered breath and took the outstretched hand.

Cheers to reckless behavior.

note: this is going to be a multi chapter reddie fanfic au and going to be set in the 21st century. the character will be aged up and are teenagers.

this is also my first fic posted on here so please, be gentle.

 a big thanks goes out to my beta reader @bxxpbxxprichie who gave me amazing feedback. i am beyond thankful for them. 

i hope you enjoy and thank you for giving this fic a chance! it means so much!

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The Nerd.

She was popular. 
He wasn’t.
 She liked parties.
 He didn’t.
 She was pretty.
 He was a nerd.
 She doesn’t notice him.
 He worships the ground she walks on.

She was everything Harry wasn’t and won’t ever be. Everything he won’t ever have and he knew that. A girl like her would never go for a boy like him. 
The thing was that he was in no way like the other boys in school. He was shy and liked reading. He often begins to stutter a bit when he gets nervous. He blushes a lot. He doesn’t play football. He’s never had a girlfriend before. 
And of course the cool boys noticed everything that was ‘wrong’ about him. They picked on him every chance they got. Mocked him for his habit of pushing his glasses up his nose. Laughed when the words wouldn’t roll off his tongue. Shoved him into the lockers whenever they would walk past him in the hallway.
The sad thing was that Harry didn’t defend himself. Ever. He just accepted the fact that he was awkward and nerdy and no one liked him. Especially not Y/N.
What he didn’t know though was that Y/N did like him. Yes, she was popular and pretty and boys swooned over her but she didn’t want any of them. She knew exactly what those boys were after, a bit of fun but never anything serious. And frankly Y/N wasn’t into those things at all. She wanted something serious. Someone who would hold her at night and be there in the morning, waking her up with kisses and sweet whispers.
She wasn’t interested in those loud guys who were always talking and flirting and doing things she didn’t even want to know. And that’s why she noticed Harry. She liked his messy curly hair and his big, round glasses. She liked his green eyes and pink lips. She liked the oversized shirts and the jeans which were tighter than tight he was always wearing. She liked that he was shy and quiet. She liked that he was different than all the other boys.
What she didn’t like about him though was that he never stood up for himself. It broke her heart when she saw him walking in the hallway with his head down and eyes locked on the ground and getting shoved into the lockers. She absolutely hated the frown that would form on his face and how he would rub his arm from the pain.

Today it was especially bad. They mocked and laughed at him even more in class and actually insulted him. She saw the way his eyes welled up with tears but luckily he quickly hid his emotions or else it would have gotten even worse. She’s never been more grateful for lunch after that lesson, not only because she couldn’t listen to another word her history teacher said but also because she knew Harry couldn’t listen to another mean thing those guys said to him.

Like always he was the last one to exit the classroom, getting a sympathetic smile from the teacher on his way out. He was glad when he saw that almost no one was in the hallway, he hurried to his locker and stuffed his things inside and just when he closed it he got smashed against it, his glasses falling to the floor from the force. He heard them laugh and calling ‘loser!’ after him. He sighed when he looked down at the ground and couldn’t see his glasses due to the blurriness of his sight.
“Here.” he heard a female voice and knew immediately who it was.
She gave him his glasses and their fingers brushed and Harry could feel a electric shock at his fingertip.
“Thanks.” he whispered softly because he knew he would have stuttered other wise. 
He was embarrassed not only because he knew that she saw how he got shoved against his locker but also because again he had tears in his eyes. It was just too much today. Just as he pushed his glasses up on his nose the first tear dribbled down his cheek.
“Hey.” Y/N whispered and reached up to brush it away. 
“Don’t let these idiots get to you, yeah? They’re just jealous.” Harrys eyes were glued to hers and his cheek burned in the most wonderful way from her touch. He couldn’t believe she was standing in front of him. Talking to him.
“Why should they be j-jealous?” he shook his head.
“Because they aren’t as smart as you. As cute as you.”
His eyes snapped to hers and widened with shock. Cute? Cute?! 
“Um, well.” she mumbled blushing and looked down at the ground.
“Maybe you would want to get lunch with me? It always breaks my heart when I see you sitting alone.” she asked him hopefully.
“Don’t think thats a g-good idea. D-Don’t want them to p-pick on you as well.” he shook his head, silently cursing himself for stuttering.
“I don’t care what they say. They’re assholes. So what do you say?” 
“Y-You really want to spend time with me?” he studied her closely for any sign of doubt.
“Of course I want to.” she nodded and so he agreed.

As they sat down across from each other, both with a chicken sandwich Harry couldn’t help but squirm. He felt all eyes on them, heard them talk.
“They’re staring.” he let her know quietly.
“Yep, ‘cause you’re cute.” she grinned at him.
Again, Harry blushed and he heard a few people laugh at the color of his cheeks. 
“No. Because I’m weird.” he mumbled.
“Harry, there is absolutely nothing weird about you.” 
God, she really knew his name.
“I actually really like you because you’re different. You’re not stupid like them.” 
And that was the moment he decided to walk past. He was Y/N’s ex. He was considered the most popular and handsome boy in school. He was the worst of them all.
“What the hell are you doing with him? Comforting him ‘cause he was about to pee himself ‘cause someone was mean to him?” 
Harry didn’t say anything and looked down at the table, his shoulders heaving with quick intakes of breath.
“How about you shut up?” Y/N glared at her ex.
He laughed and left, but not before 'accidentally’ hitting Harry’s shoulder.
“God, he’s an asshole.” Y/N sighed. 
Harry didn’t look up from the table though, his eyes still set on whatever distracted him. The thing was that he wasn’t supposed to sit here. His place was in the corner of the room beside all the other nerds. His place was definitely not with her.
“Harry?” she asked him and touched his hand softly with her own.
Harry moved his hand to his lap so she couldn’t touch it, but the tingles the contact caused made their way through his arm nonetheless.
“A-Are you trying t-to make fun of m-me?” 
“This is f-fun for you isn’t it? Why e-else would you be h-here?” 
“Harry, no. No, no, no. I’m not trying to make fun of you. No the slightest bit. I’m here because I like you and because I see what these people do to you. I want to be there for you.” 
Harry knew he should shut up. His heart was screaming shut up, shut up, shut up but his brain simply couldn’t make any sense of the situation.
“Why? Why all of a-a sudden?” 
“Because I can’t keep watching them destroy you. You were crying today, Harry. They are hurting you. That needs to stop.” 
Harry didn’t say anything. He just stared at her. She was the girl of his dreams. He had a crush on her since year six when she had to give a speech in front of the class and was shaking so much she dropped her notes. She was the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. She couldn’t be serious.
“Just let me help you.”

And that’s how their friendship started. Y/N drove him to school every morning and didn’t let him walk in the rain. She sat beside him in class and went to lunch with him. She glared at everyone who made fun of him. Yelled at those who were mean to him. 
And Harry was happy. Over the moon even. The mean comments stopped, the bruises on his arms faded and he had a friend. Y/N was an absolute sweetheart and made him feel so loved and cared for.
Only that she didn’t care for him the way he cared for her. He had a crush on her before he knew her and now that he knew her he fell in love with her.
And she would never do that, he was sure of that. She might like him but that’s it. She might find him cute but nothing more.
Harry was fine with that as long as she would stay by his side. She made him happy, made him laugh and made him feel all warm inside. 
What was hard for him though was that she was so affectionate. She loved to play with his hands because they were so soft and warm and big and she just loved to hold them. She loved to hug him and she was one of those people who use their whole bodies while hugging, and Harry loved it. She loved to kiss him too, on his nose and cheek and shoulder and knuckles and just everywhere.
And she caught on to his reactions. How he would blush and squirm slightly whenever it got a bit too much for him and every time she watched with delight. The thing was that she liked him a whole lot. So much that she was sure she was falling for him. She loved his little quirks and how awkward he was. She loved his shyness. She loved everything about him that he hated.
Even though she kind of knew he felt the same way about her she was scared to do anything about it. She knew Harry had no experience with girls. She knew that he had no idea what to do and she was scared that if one of her kisses landed near his mouth he would run away.
It was difficult. So, so difficult. She was scared and he was shy. Where was this supposed to go?

When Y/N was ill for a day because of bad stomach cramps and didn’t come to school Harry wasn’t concerned about him in the slightest but more for her. During the day he noticed though that he should be concerned. The boys treated him like they did before he got Y/N as a friend, if not even worse. He had a cut on his arm from where he got shoved against the lockers so hard that the metal sliced through his skin and he was feeling dizzy from all the insults he had to listen to. It’s never been that bad.
And once he arrived at Y/N’s place with ice cream and heating pads and saw her lying in her bed, her eyebrows furrowed due to the pain he couldn’t stop his tears. They streamed down his cheek and sobs rocked his body and it was all too much. He dropped to the floor and hid his face in his hands so Y/N couldn’t see how weak he was.
For Y/N he wasn’t being weak though. For her he was the strongest person she ever met. She made her way to him and enveloped him in a tight hug, swaying their bodies from side to side.
She tried to calm him with little 'shhh’ sounds and kisses but it took time for his tears to stop streaming down his cheeks and his sobs to die down. But once they did he wrapped his arms around her body and hugged her tightly to his chest. He nuzzled his face into her neck, breathing her scent in and pressing one single kiss to her shoulder. He never did that before, never kissed her before. It was always her who kissed him but he never returned her displays of affection. Not that he didn’t want to but he was nervous. Her kisses made him nervous as well as how close she would be when her lips puckered into a pout to press against his skin. 
What Y/N didn’t know or didn’t notice was how his breathing would quicken when she got close to him. Sometimes he would gasp slightly for breath and sometimes he needed his inhaler. Lately more often than not.
That was another reason why he wouldn’t kiss her. How awkward would it be if he tried to kiss her and then he couldn’t get any air in his lungs and-
"Harry? Harry, hey. I can feel you panicking. C'mon let’s lay down.“ Y/N spoke softly to him and reached out her hand to help him up off the floor. 
Harry lied down in her bed and almost moaned at the smell of her pillow, he loved her shampoo. Y/N lied down beside him and cuddled herself against his chest, wrapping one arm around his waist. She kept her other hand in his hair, scratching his scalp and running her fingers through his soft curls. 
When she tried to get closer by lifting his arm and wrapping it around her body Harry hissed and Y/N knew it wasn’t because she grabbed him to hard because she never touched him with anything but love. She sat up immediately staring at Harry with shock.
"Show me your arm.” she told him gently but with force behind her words.
"I-It’s nothing, really. J-Just a scratch. You know Kitty jumps at m-me sometimes a-and she d-did earlier.“ 
"Harry, show me your arm.” 
Harry closed his eyes briefly and sighed. He sat up and pulled his oversized pullover off his body. She heard her gasp as she saw the cut. It wasn’t bad or too big but it did look a bit scary.
"What happened? What did they do to you?“ she whimpered and traced her fingers over the wound.
"The usual.” Harry shrugged and looked down.
"Oh, darling.“ Y/N cried and hugged him again, so tightly this time that Harry had trouble breathing properly.
"S'okay.” he mumbled into her neck. 
"Was just a bit m-much today. You weren’t there and I-I missed you and then they picked on me again a-and hurt me and then I s-saw you laying there in p-pain and it was just too much.“ 
She pulled back to look at him and stroked his hair from his face. She felt guilty. Guilty for leaving him alone when she knew exactly what would happen.
"I’m sorry. So, so sorry. I should have never stayed at home and-” 
"S'not your f-fault. You were in pain t-today and I wouldn’t have l-let you go to school.“ 
Y/N sighed and nodded before she dropped her head to press her forehead against his. Harry could already feel his lungs struggling and his throat getting dry.
"Harry, I have to tell you something.” she whispered softly and pulled back a bit.
She took his hands in hers and stroked over his knuckles before she intertwined them. Then she took a deep breath.
"I always found you cute, way before we became friends. I found it cute that you would blush a lot and stutter and I liked it that you weren’t as stupid as those other boys. It always broke my heart when those guys were mean to you and I absolutely hated how your eyes would turn sad and how your hands would begin to shake. And once we became friends I found you even cuter. I love how quirky and happy you are around me. I love how I can make you blush and squirm when I kiss you. I love to make you giggle. I love how caring you are. I love how sweet you are. I fell in love with you, Harry. And I would really like it if I could hold your hand in school and hug you in front of everyone without you pulling away because you worry they’ll talk bad about me. And I would really like to kiss you on the mouth. And I would really like to make out with you. And-“ 
"I love you, too. I-I love you so goddamn much. I’ve been in l-love with you for s-so long but never did anything because I was so s-scared but I love you. So much.” he blurted out and grinned at her with the brightest smile she ever saw.
She grinned right back and hugged him quickly, giggling softly into his neck. Then she pulled back and cupped his face in her palms, stroking over his skin softly before she leaned down and pressed the softest kiss ever to his lips.
She pulled back a bit to see his reaction, his eyes were wide with shock and his lips parted. She touched her lips to his again, this time with a bit more force and longer, lingering against his. When she kissed him for the third time she suckled on his bottom lip gently and that was too much for Harry.
His heartbeat increased even more and his lungs felt like they were cramping, loud gasps leaving his mouth and panic flashing over his face.
Y/N got up from his lap immediately and reached into his backpack, searching for his inhaler. As soon as she had it she shook it and pressed it to his lips, Harry breathing in and immediately feeling relief wash over him.
“Better?” Y/N asked when he visibly calmed down and could breath almost normally again.
“Yeah.” he croaked out and closed his eyes for a moment to concentrate on his breathing.
Y/N rubbed his back in soothing circles, careful not to get too close to him so he wouldn’t start panicking again.
“What happened?” she questioned when he calmed down completely.
“Dunno.” he shrugged.
“Always happens when y-you’re close to me. Makes m-me nervous and then I-I can’t breath.” he sighed, his cheeks tinting pink.
“Is it because you don’t want me close?” she wondered.
“No, no. I want you c-close. All the time. B-But it’s the same with m-my stuttering, just happens.”
Y/N nodded and thought for a moment, her bottom lip bitten between her teeth.
“You should have told me you weren’t ready to kiss yet.”
“But I wanted to k-kiss you. I just n-never kissed anyone b-before so I d-don’t know what to do. Don’t want to e-embarrass myself.”
“Harry, you have nothing to worry about. It’s just me. It doesn’t matter if our teeth clash or it’s a bit sloppy. As long as I get to kiss you everything’s perfect.” she reassured him and stroked his cheek.
“Maybe w-we could try again? Without a panic attack?”
Y/N giggled and nodded, swinging one leg over his so she straddles his lap again and was in perfect position to kiss him again.
She cupped his cheeks and leaned in slowly, kind of letting him get used to the idea of being that close to her. Once their noses brushed she rubbed the tip of hers against his in a eskimo kiss before she tilted her head to the side and finally connected their lips. This time Harry followed her movements, doing what he thought he was supposed to do while kissing her. And Y/N appreciated him kissing back and wrapped her arms around his neck to get him closer.
She let him catch his breath then, making sure he was still okay. And he was. He definitely was okay.
He searched for her lips again as soon as she pulled back, pressing his lips to hers again and letting his feelings for her take over. The kiss was so intense that it sent electric shocks through both their bodies, their toes curling.

Once they both ran out of air because they kissed each other’s breath away the pulled back and smiled at each other with dopey smiles.
“Are you sure that was your first kiss?” she teased him.
“Pretty sure, yeah.”
“Then you’re a natural.”
“Think I need more practice though.” he grinned cheekily at her and kissed her lips over and over again.
Y/N squealed with joy, giggling against his mouth.
He didn’t stutter the last time he spoke and even though Harry paid no mind to it because he was too busy kissing his new girlfriend Y/N noticed. She also noticed that he wasn’t scared to embarrass himself anymore while kissing her, he let go of his fears and that was everything Y/N ever wanted him to do.
And she was more than happy that she was by his side during his journey.

It’s Not Him

A/N: I’m back from a writing hiatus as you’ve probably noticed, so here’s some Sam Winchester smut.

Pairing: implied Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester x reader 

Word Count: 3,120

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT. Angst????

Originally posted by couplenotes

His lips on your neck only barely ignite the spark you’d feel if it were the man you’d imagined. Why you’d initiated this bar bathroom quickie was a mystery to you. No one was him. No one came close to being Dean Winchester.

What was this guy’s name? Henry? Harry? Hal? You can’t remember, and quite frankly, you don’t care. Quickies and one night stands only tide over the very strong need for Dean for a day. Is it even worth it?

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Words: 2k398

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ⚤ - s m u t  |  ☁ - f l u f f

Description: He was your best friend, but life wanted you two to be more than that.

Warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, oral sex, fingerling, curse words, dom!jungkook and sub!reader.

A/N: Well… it has been a long time since the last smut I wrote, so I really hope you enjoy it.

M A S T E R L I S T   |   A S K   |   P A R T  1   |   P A R T  2   |   P A R T  3

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F-fuh-Fuck Off, B-Bowers - Bill Denbrough x Reader (IT)

Originally posted by pennywise-fucker

-|| To the anon that requested: tysm ily and I hope you’re having a good day<3 I’m really sorry that the reader walked home from the library in July and not from school in another season. I hope it didn’t tinge your idea. <3 xoxo E ||-

Request: Could you write a bill x reader where she’s walking home from school & the bowers gang shows up and keeps messing with her but bill shows up & just helps her out? I’m a sucker for cliches.

Warnings: Language (haha, oops), Sexual References. Potential bullying triggers (It’s Bowers. I’m sorry)

A/N: Written in both Bill and Y/N’s POV. There are more flashbacks (whoops) but the timeline’s noted. Italics are internal thoughts. ‘Italics with quotes are past quotes.’

Words: 4613

July 1989 - Bill

The warm wind pushed Quarry water across my face as I pedaled home. My hair was plastered to my head, still wet from swimming with the Losers. Silver was kicking up gravel as I rode down Kansas street. As I admired the foliage of the Barrens below I could hear birds chirping in the thick branches. If Stan were there he would’ve told me what bird it was before he could manage to pull out his binoculars. I laughed at the thought as the green street sign for West Broadway appeared on my left. I made a wide curve onto the street and immediately spotted her.

It was Y/N. She was far ahead, nearly at the end of the street, but I could still see the wind sweep through her hair as she made her way south-east, her backpack bobbing with each step. I would have pedaled closer to her, tried to talk maybe, but any conversational topic was water in the desert of my brain, so instead, I rode safely behind her, and with luck she’d turn onto Witcham too. But as I glanced past Y/N, I determined there was no luck on West Broadway street, because where Witcham appeared, so did Henry Bowers.

I could feel anxiety bubbling in my guts like hot, sappy tar. I’d ridden past Bowers before. He–as well as Victor and Belch–had thrown sticks and rocks at Silver’s wheels, trying to get me to fall off. ‘How does it feel to be an ass, you stuttering freak?!’ Henry had yelled. Their laughs echoed in my head as I rode closer to Y/N. A sickening thought emerged from the tar that had made it’s way to my head. What if Bowers does it again? What if he succeeds this time? I thought. What if I eat shit in front of Y/N? The hot tar got hotter. I could feel my feet spinning around Silver’s gears at a slower pace as I subconsciously put off passing him, even if it meant never passing Y/N before she found where she was going.

I was watching the bullies with a concentration I could never muster in class. Y/N was close to them now. Close enough for one of them to reach out and grab her. “You b-better wuh-watch yourself B-Buh-Bowers.” I mumbled to myself, far out of their earshot. I was glad they couldn’t hear me but I was disappointed when I couldn’t hear Henry, who smirked down at Y/N and mumbled something.

It couldn’t have been something nice because Y/N stopped in her tracks and turned to the group. Victor and Belch were giggling to each other, but Henry seemed focused, determined. Like a wild cat studying its next meal. No, I pleaded in my head. No, Y/N don’t stop. Keep moving. God, please. But she didn’t move. She looked up at Henry defiantly as he continued to talk down to her, his eyes dancing over her frame. Something clicked in my head and suddenly I knew what was happening. He must’ve catcalled her. Bowers was trying to get in her pants.

The tar in my stomach was gone. It had bubbled into full-blown fire, fueling my feet which were spinning faster now, around and around the gears. Any trace of fear had vanished, giving way to anger and a longing to protect Y/N. Go ahead, assholes. Touch her, I dare you. I spat in my head. Give me a reason to put you in the hospital. I was surprised by my own courage, but made no effort to stunt it. Y/N was pure, and I’d die before I let those jack-offs tinge her soul.

I was close–within 150 feet at this point–when Henry whipped his arms up and grabbed Y/N by the shoulders. Any confidence that once radiated from her face was gone, leaving behind only fear. She was terrified, and I knew the feeling. She no longer looked like the stunning girl I saw the first day I met her. Instead, she looked like a stunning girl who was afraid. I could remember what she looked like that day. What she felt like. How she made me feel. How she made the world feel right.

May 1989 - Bill

“…and then I said, ‘that’s what your mom said last night,’ and he just wailed on me!”

The Losers burst out laughing at Richie, who was holding the left side of his face. “Well, no wonder he punched you,” Beverly chuckled.

“Hey, don’t trash the trashmouth,” Richie objected before furrowing his eyebrows and looking around. “Where the fuck is Eddie?” Richie turned on the bench in front of Mr.Keene’s pharmacy, still holding his face. With his free hand, he rapped on the glass and yelled inside. “Hey, Eddie Spaghetti! Where’s that ice?!”

Eddie pushed open the glass door and chucked a bag of peas at Richie’s chest. “Hey! It’s cold!” He yelped.

“Of course it’s cold, Einstein. I couldn’t find any bags of ice, but the peas should help. And don’t call me Eddie Spaghetti.”

“You know you love it when I call you that,” Richie chuckled and ripped open the top of the bag. “So how much am I supposed to eat?”

The Losers erupted in laughter again. Eddie threw the palm of his hand against his forehead with a clap. “Dumbass.”

Life felt good as we all laughed at Richie, who was spilling peas all over the sidewalk. The only thing that bothered to interrupt us was the deep rumble of a truck engine making its way down the street. MacPherson Moving Company was printed on the side in big, black letters. We all stared at the truck as it pulled over in front of the pharmacy. It managed to block out almost all of the sun hitting the store window.

None of us knew what to expect in terms of who was going to clamber out of the MacPherson Moving truck, but it wasn’t a young girl, who must’ve been our age, with a dollar bill in one hand and a Walkman in the other. She hopped out of the passenger’s side, gingerly landing on the pavement, then strolled into the pharmacy; and not for a second could I peel my eyes off her.

Ben must’ve noticed because he was giggling. Mike, Stan, and Beverly all joined him. Richie looked over, confused. “What?” He questioned. “What are you dorks giggling at?”

Eddie ducked his head beside Richie’s but didn’t bother to whisper. “Bill’s totally into her.”

Richie’s eyes widened at an alarming speed and he nearly dropped his peas. “Holy fuck!” He turned to me. “Are you into that hottie, Bill?” I could feel my cheeks growing hot. Richie noticed and laughed. “What the shit, dude? Why are you still here? Go in there and talk to her!” The Losers all nodded and mhmm’ed. Anxiety was bubbling in my guts, hot and viscous, like tar, but no matter how much it spat, I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. She was so elegant. So beautiful. So- “Well, Billy? Are you gonna stand there all day?”

I turned to him. “R-Richie, even if I wuh-w-went in th-there and s-said ‘Hi’, what could I p-puh-possibly talk to her ab-bout?” Richie stood up. The bag of peas was completely empty, tossed on the ground near the bench. Richie put one hand on my back and the other on my chest. He leaned into my shoulder and whispered, “Just go in there, buy her a Dr.Pepper or something, and talk about your massive-”

“Richie!” Eddie yelled, disgusted. “That-That’s enough.”

Richie laughed again but was cut off by Mike. “Just ask her if she’s moving to Derry.”

Ben nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good idea! You can offer to give her a tour of Derry. You know, the big tourist sights.”

“Ha!” Richie coughed out. “Ladies and gentlemen; On the left: the Derry Public Library, on the right: Bassey Park, and if you look over here you’ll find my tasty shorts.”

Richie was howling. Stan wasn’t impressed. “Eddie, would you control him.”

“Me?!” Eddie Bleated. “You think I don’t try?!”

I may have laughed at Eddie but I was still thinking about the mystery girl. Though I wasn’t excited to admit it, Richie was right. If I didn’t talk to her soon I would drive myself batshit. I shoved my hand in my right pocket and rooted around, pulling out three dollars and twenty-eight… twenty-nine… thirty cents. Richie was still laughing when I turned and opened the door. The AC bit my chest as I stepped into Mr.Keene’s. She was directly ahead, just arriving at the cashier, her Walkman in her back pocket. I had taken several steps forward before the door shut and the jingle rung. She looked back at me, her eyes locking with mine. Suddenly the tar returned. It was roaring and churning so badly I almost turned and left, but looking back I saw Richie, his mouth hanging open, shocked that I wasn’t copping out.

Don’t back out now, Bill. I thought to myself. I looked at the shelf to my right. The minute-rices were looking extra interesting. I was within ten feet of her. It was an acceptable distance for a conversation, but I still couldn’t muster up the courage to talk, until she spoke first.

“I’m sorry,” She said softly. “How much did you say?”

Mr.Keene adjusted his glasses. “It’s fifty-five cents per cone, young lady. Plus taxes. So that puts us at… well, we can call it a dollar sixteen.

I knew she only had a dollar. I knew I had enough to cover her cost. I knew what to do. I grabbed the closest item I could find. She shook her head at the dollar bill in her open hand. “I’m afraid I only have a dollar. I-“

I tossed two chocolate bars on the counter and handed Mr.Keene the change from my pocket. “I’ll cover b-both of us, M-muh-Mr.Keene.” I whispered, suddenly hyper-aware of my stutter. What if she thinks you’re a freak, Bill? I questioned in my head. The tar broiled and bubbled up to my throat.

Mr.Keene looked down at me with a smirk on his face. He knew what I was doing. “Why, that’s very kind of you, Bill,” He said with a crafty tone. I glanced at the girl, but apparently, she didn’t value being stealthy. She was staring at me in disbelief. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Mr.Keene opened the register with a metallic clank and breathed out through his nose, frustrated. “Would you look at that,” He puffed. “Fresh out of nickels.” He closed the register. “Be right back, kids.” And with that, he turned and stepped into a back room.

I looked at the girl again. She was still staring, but her face had adopted a look of guilt. “You really didn’t have to do that for me.” Her voice washed over my ears like melted gold.

I wanted to pull her into my chest and wrap my arms around her frame, but instead, I forced a chuckle and shook my head. “It’s f-fuh-fuh-f-” I stopped. The word wouldn’t come out. Brush it off, Bill. Try again. Just try again. “I-it’s f-f-f-fuh-” I could feel the pressure of tears beneath my eyes, threatening to emerge and overflow like a burst pipe beneath the bathroom floor. That’s it, Bill. I was surrendering in my mind. You blew it, you freak.

She put a hand on my arm. It was warm and comforting and very surprising. “Thank you.” She confided. “I really appreciate what you did.” She was being genuine, looking in my eyes and suddenly I was the one staring. The tables had turned so quickly they made my head spin, but looking at her made me feel grounded, like I had found my center of gravity. “Mr.Keene said your name was Bill, right?” I didn’t know what to say–even if I could physically say it–so I just nodded. She chuckled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Bill. I’m Y/N.” Y/N, I repeated. There’s a name to the face. That beautiful, beautiful face.

Her eyes were so captivating that I had a hard time looking away, but I managed to glance off so that she didn’t think I was brain dead. Looking out the door I found Richie–surrounded by the rest of the Losers–gawking in the window. Everyone’s mouth was hanging open except for Richie’s, which only mouthed ‘Holy fuck’.

I chuckled, having found security knowing that the Losers were practically there with me. I looked back at Y/N, who was taking in the sight of the group of dorks. “Your friends?” She laughed.

I laughed too. “Y-yuh-yeah.”

She smiled ever so softly and looked at my lips. The tar had given way to pleasant heat. “How long have you had a stutter?” She asked. Her tone shocked me because it wasn’t demeaning or sarcastic. She was being legitimate.

I never had to answer that question to anyone that wasn’t a doctor, and it was odd, but not unpleasant. “E-ever s-ss-since I w-w-wuh-” I was struggling again. Shit.

I looked at her to see if I should just stop and let her finish the sentence herself–Knowing when to stop was the biggest lesson my stutter had taught me. That, and don’t open your mouth around Bowers–but she just smiled and said “It’s ok. Take your time.” It was as if someone had shone a new light on Y/N. In addition to the warm glow she gave off, being a genuine soul, this new light allowed me to see her in her purest form. A kind, soft, beautiful girl, who truly cared, and I could hear wedding bells.

“S-since I w-was y-yuh-young.” I managed to croak. Despite my struggle, I felt a sense of accomplishment in completing the sentence, and in knowing that Y/N didn’t think I was a freak. She was like my favourite sweater and a good book, a source of absolute comfort. A cozy hiding place. I could feel the struggle wearing off my tongue. “Thanks for l-letting me f-fuh-finish.” I managed. “M-most puh-people just think I’m a-an ass.”

She threw her eyebrows up in surprise, then let them down and chuckled. “Well, if they’re dumb enough to bother to tell you that then they’re the real asses.”

Suddenly Mr.Keene appeared with shiny new coins. He handed me my change and my chocolate bars. “Here you go, Bill.” He gave Y/N her ice cream cones.”Miss.” Then he smiled like he had single-handedly saved the world. “Have a good day you two!” And with that, he walked off again.

Y/N chuckled and shifted both packaged ice cream cones to one hand. With a soft precision you could only find in the most talented artists, she raised both arms, gently wrapping them around the tops of my shoulders. Her hug took me by surprise, so it took a second for me to hug her back, though I had no problem doing so. She radiated warmth, like the sun on a perfect summer day. “Thank you again, Bill. I’ll repay you someday.” She cooed into the crook of my shoulder. Fuck, she smelt like happiness. “And if it means anything,” She said, turning and starting for the storefront. “I like the stutter.” She reached the door and smiled back at me once more. ”I think it’s cute.”

I could feel my heart melting, sending waves of heat up to my cheeks. It stopped me from leaving the pharmacy for a few seconds, but I managed to toss the bars in my pocket and step out, just as the truck was pulling away.

All the Losers were in shock. All except the trashmouth. “So, Billy.” Richie chuckled. “You gonna-” He was laughing so hard at himself that he could hardly finish his sentence, but he managed to spit out “You g… bone… new girl?”

Stan scoffed and Eddie wailed but I couldn’t take my eyes off the truck. I realized that I never actually asked her if she was moving Derry. You may never see her again. I cried to myself briefly, before abolishing the thought. She could live across the world… it wasn’t going to stop me. “No, Richie,” I mumbled. “I’m gonna marry her.”

July 1989 - Y/N

You had walked home from the library using West Broadway countless times, but not once had you ever been faced with Henry Bowers. Not once had you been reduced to getting catcalled by a kid with a mullet. Not once had Bowers ever actually scared you… until today, which you figured just wasn’t your day.

You had seen Bowers parading around school like some hillbilly king but never paid him any mind. You knew the stories of things he did to scrawny little kids, but you figured it was all a show, like expensive clothes on a broke kid, or a brave face on a coward. You knew that’s all Bowers was. A coward, a phony, a paper man.

In all the days you passed him getting shit from the principal, or brushing his ratty hair in the window of Belch Huggins’ Trans-Am, you realized that not once had he ever seen you. This realization dawned when you tried to make your way past the group of guys, not far from the junction of West Broadway and Witcham. You figured they wouldn’t give you trouble. You figured you’d be fine at your current distance of seven feet, but as Henry scanned you up and down while Belch Huggins joined Victor Criss in whistling and cawing beside him, you got anxious. Not fine, You thought to yourself. You felt like hot tar was burning and bubbling in your guts. Just let me make it to Witcham, You pleaded. Just let me make it home.

Bowers had waited for the right moment to make his move, and now that you were directly in front of him, he had found it. He smirked down at you from his height and mumbled, “Hey, babe. Penny for a piece of your shorts?”

Just a paper man, Y/N. You reassured yourself. Give him his own medicine. Stopping in your tracks you looked up at Bowers with defiant eyes smeared on fake confidence. “I’ll give you a nickel if you jump in the barrens and never come back, Bowers.”

Belch’s jaw dropped and Victor made a sound that resembled an injured owl. Both were staring at Henry, neither had any clue how he would react. They viewed Henry like a time-bomb under Derry, waiting to blow a hole in the small town without any warning, but Henry knew himself. He knew he wasn’t about to be stood up. Not by anyone. “What,” he spat. “You don’t think could handle a little work like you?”

You forced a chuckle. Another layer on the canvas of fear that you desperately tried to cover with false confidence and various splotches of bravery. “I don’t think you could handle your own little work, Bowers.” That’s good enough. You babbled to yourself. Now’s the time to leave.

Henry threw his arms up and clamped them down on your shoulders, causing you to squeak out in surprise. You quickly became hyper-aware of your surroundings. You could feel the wind pulling on your hair, you could hear the trees rustling in time with the wind-chimes that hung from the porch of the house across the street, and you could see the hatred buried deep in Henry’s eyes. You knew he was leaving red patches on your shoulders where he refused to let go. “You know what, bitch?” He spat. “You should know not to fuck with me. I think you need a lesson on who you’re messing with.”

You had no motivation to throw on the tough-girl act again. They knew that wall had crumbled, and Henry was feeding on it like a starving animal. You caught a look at Victor, who looked a little pale. He had no idea what Henry was about to drag his ass into and it made him antsy. At that point you figured you had two options; The first was delivering a swift kick to Henry’s little work and bolting for it, praying the whole way home that you could out-run them. The second was staying and getting the shit beaten out of you by Bowers. The first option was surely the better of the two, but Henry was still fixed to your frame, and fear had made your knees weak. You knew you couldn’t outrun them. Please, God. You prayed. Please help me out of this. Send a guardian angel to take me home. Please, God just let me get out of this.

As if he heard your plea, God filled your ears with the sweet sound of rubber scraping gravel. He had sent angel on a bike to rescue you, and craning your neck to the side you found your savior; Bill Denbrough. You could remember the first day you met him. You were short on change and swooping through the cold Air Conditioned pharmacy on his golden wings he had rescued you then too. Bowers didn’t let go but you couldn’t feel him anymore. The memories of Bill flooded over you like a warm shower on a cold December night. You remembered how sweet he was, how selfless. You remembered how red his cheeks got when he stuttered. You remembered how he felt like sunshine and smelt like happiness when you hugged him. You could still feel the regret of leaving him in Mr.Keene’s. You could still feel how he made the world feel right.

Bill skidded up to the group. “Hey Buh-B-Bowers,” He struggled. He was nervous but he hid it well. “How about y-you leave h-her a-a-lone?”

Bowers actually let go at that point so that he could turn to the newest challenger. Mocking Bill, he ragged with a bad fake-stutter. “H-huh-how ab-buh-bout y-you fuck off, freak?”

Bill looked at you with concerned eyes. You could see the purity in his face, the worry. Bill genuinely cared about you, and you loved him for it. You made a mental note to kiss him once you were both safely away from these assholes. Henry looked down at you again. It ignited a black fire in the back of your mind. How dare you demean Bill, you scrub. Your thoughts fumed. I hope he tears you apart.

“F-fuh-fuck off, B-Bowers.” Bill snapped.

Not only did it shock you, but it shocked the bullies too. Both you and Bill saw it. Henry–for the briefest amount of time–let fear shine through his unforgiving exterior. Paper man, meet lighter, Bill seemed to say with his stance. He was off his bike at that point.

Belch and Victor repeatedly exchanged glances. They were worried that Henry would do something beyond his usual raging threshold and that he would drag them into trouble whether they liked it or not, and for the first time ever you agreed with them. You all wanted to leave and let Henry fume on his own. Bill acknowledged them by making and maintaining eye contact. ‘We’re not afraid of you.’ He chided silently. ‘So you can quit pretending you enjoy this and leave us alone.’

Victor, who appeared to get the message, tugged on Henry’s sleeve. “What the fuck do you want, pansy?” Bowers shouted.

Victor was clearly more afraid of the punishments Henry would bring upon them than he was of Henry. “Dude, how ‘bout we just get outta here, huh?” He whispered.

Belch nodded. “Yeah, Henry. We were gonna hit Costello, remember?”

Henry’s anger shifted from you and Bill to Victor and Belch. You and Bill caught this, and you weren’t complaining. “You two are a bunch of fuckers, you know that right?” He scolded, before turning to you and leaning down. Henry wasn’t all that taller than you, but he still managed to make you feel minuscule. Thought taking another look at his face allowed you to see that he was tired. Being a brooding asshole really takes it out of you, huh, Bowers? You chirped. The fight was over, and with Bill at your side, the two of you had won. “This isn’t over, you shitheads. We’ll be seeing you soon.”

“Yeah,” Belch added. He seemed proud. “Real soon.” and with a final ‘Shut the fuck up, Reginald.’ from Henry, the gang walked off. You and Bill were free.

July 1989 - Bill

The bullies scuffed off, heading the way both Y/N and I had walked down West Broadway. We watched them walk away, with Henry occasionally looking back at us, flipping us off only once.

I turned to Y/N. I could see the fear melting from her face as she watched Bowers walk away. It was reassuring to the point where I finally felt the weight of what I had done. I turned Bowers away in front of Y/N. Is this what Spider-Man feels like after saving Gwen? I pondered. Y/N turned her head to me. Her cheeks were rosy. All the fear was gone, leaving behind her usual sunshine.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. “You shouldn’t have done that, Bill.” She joked. “Bowers is going to be after the both of us. I owe you big time now.”

I shook my head, unable to wipe the grin off my face. “Y-you don’t o-owe me a-a-anything, Y/N.” I managed, but the temptation to reach out and kiss Y/N was growing in my chest, making me nervous. I was close enough to do it, but God she was too beautiful for me to handle. I could barely handle myself and my stutter, much less her. “W-we can c-c-call i-i-it e-” I couldn’t form my sentence. My head was tumbling and my lips were on Y/N’s.

Looking down I found her hands gently placed around the back of my neck. She had pulled me in, her soft lips on mine. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and thank God.

She pulled away, glanced at my lips again, then looked me in the eyes. “Thank you, Bill.” She said softly. “You may have just saved my life.” The only thing I could think to say was ‘Ditto.’ She chuckled. “I swear you’re my guardian angel.”

I wanted to hold her close and say ‘I’m not the angel here’ but instead I just laughed. Then I remembered that she was making her way somewhere. I don’t care where you go. I thought. As long as I can take you there. Reaching down I grabbed my bike off the concrete. “Need a ride?”

Y/N beamed. She was exhausted and whether or not she wanted to show it, I knew. “I don’t want to trouble you, Bill. I live up Witcham and-”

“Don’t w-worry.” I assured, smiling. “Me too.” I took her hand gently, leading her to the bike. “I’ll t-take you to your house on one c-condition.” She furrowed her eyebrows a little, confused. “You have to promise me I can take you to Bassey Park tomorrow, too.”

She smiled again, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “I’d love that, Bill.” She cooed, sliding on the seat behind me before kissing me on the cheek. Thank God she was behind me because I could feel my cheeks heating up again. She wrapped her arms around my stomach and laid her head on my back as we started again down West Broadway, then Witcham. I yelled “Hi-Ho, Silver. Away!” and off we rode, happy and free.

I adore you all with everything i am and I hope you’re having amazing days, nights and/or work breaks. With love and appreciation: E <3

Read to Me (Peter x reader)

Hey babes! I hope your day is going well, I’m actually about to start a big test so rip me. This was requested by an anon, and I hope where ever you may be, that the fluffiness brings a smile to your face. I love you all, and thank you for sticking around here. xoxo 

Request: A fluffy Peter X Reader where the reader reads a mythology book (of your choice) to Peter on a rainy night in his room and he’s just in her lap, cuddling and kissing and then they both fall asleep together.

Warnings: None


The rain pattered on the window pane, the streaks of water glowing against the moonlight. You were sitting on Peter’s bed, your back against the headboard. He head was laying in your lap, and he was looking up at you in complete awe. 

The two of you had planned to go out to the city tonight, but because of the storm, he decided that it would be best if you both just stayed in. He took you to his room and you scanned over his book shelf, your eye catching a classic book that you loved to read.

As his head was in your lap, you played with his soft, brown locks with one hand while holding the small paperback book to your eye level. You ran your fingers through his hair and moved your hand to cup his face. 

“What?” He looked up at you with that smile that always made you week. 

“Nothing, babe.” You leaned down towards him, and he placed his hand on the back of your neck, bringing you closer to him. He pressed a warm and tender kiss against your lips, sending off fireworks in your head. Every kiss was like the first one. It always felt new, and real. You pulled away and peered into his eyes with your glistening E/C ones. You pecked a kiss on his nose before returning your attention to the book. 

“Come then, put away your sword in its sheath, and let us two go up into my bed so that, lying together in the bed of love, we may then have faith and trust in each other.” Your eyes scanned the words on the page as you read them aloud to Peter. 

“Wait, what are we reading again?” He quirked his eyebrow, earning a dramatic eye roll from you. 

“’The Odyssey’ by Homer.” You couldn’t hold back a smile as you shook your head at him. 

“Ohhh, okay. I got it.” He nodded his head and stared up at you, waiting for you to fill the room again with you soothing voice. You continued to read, but the old script was beginning to tire you. It was lulling you to sleep, as well as your boyfriend. When you put the book down, he didn’t protest. 

Peter lifted himself from your lap and you shifted yourself down, so that your head was resting against his chest. He wrapped his arm around your waist, his thumb slowly drawing up and down your side. You tilted your head towards him and trailed kisses from his jawline to his lips. He smiled against your lips as you gave him a sweet, but passionate kiss. Peter loved the way your lips perfectly fitted to his, and he reveled in your taste, deepening the kiss. You could feel every fiber in your body contract at the sensation. Somehow this boy managed to make your heart explode with the smallest things. 

You pulled away, kissing him on the cheek before placing your head next to his heart. His heartbeat was steady like a drum. 

He whispered against your hair. “God, I love you, F/N L/N.” Peter gently kissed the top of your head, closing his eyes. 

“Mmm, I love you more, Peter Parker.” Your eyelids were heavy as your smirked against his chest. He didn’t argue against you on it. Usually, he would tell you that he loved you most, but you never let him win that battle. But tonight, he didn’t say anything and you realized he was completely passed out. 

You kissed his chest and curled closer to him, letting the drowsiness drag you down into sleep. 

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.

- from “The Odyssey” by Homer

I hoped you liked this cute little one shot that was requested by an anon. I really loved writing this, fluff is literally my shit. I can’t wait to go home and finish up the next chapter of “There”! I hope you all have a lovely day, I’m so grateful for you all. xoxo



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Meeting the Archer [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Jason x reader where the reader meets Roy for the first time”

A/N: I love this idea! Love love love! <3 Hope you like it darlings!! ^_^


Today was the day, you’re meeting one of Jason’s ‘coworkers’ as he liked to call them. But you knew it was one of the other members of the Outlaws. Today you were meeting Roy Harper aka Arsenal.

And you were terrified! This is Jason’s best friend! What if he hates you? Or thinks you’re not good enough for him? So many things could go wrong!!

Jason had suggested that you should meet Roy first in order to ease you into this, saying, and I quote “An orange alien may be a bit overwhelming to start with” leaving you rather confused. 

But let’s focus on the problem at hand. You’re currently overthinking this, remember?

“[F/n] calm down, Roy’s going to love you.. Well maybe not ‘love,’ we’ll leave that to me.” Smirking as he lead you by the hand. Through the park, to a cafe you both enjoyed.

“I don’t know if I can do this Jay, what if he doesn’t like me?” Insecurities on full display at this point. Your hand gripping his slightly tighter, but enough for him to notice.

“He’s going to like you I promise” he stopped walking and turned to stand in front of you. Gluing his blue eyes to your [e/c] ones.

“What if he thinks I’m not good enough for you?” diverting your hues to your intertwined hands.

He shook his head, “That’s nonsense, if anything I’m not good enough for you. You’re beautiful, smart, kind, an amazing listener and person in general, shall I go on?” pulling you a bit closer to him.

“I’m flattered by the compliments Jay but I don’t think I’m ready” pulling your hand from his. Turning to retreat, but feelin a grip on your wrist.

You were tugged back and lifted over his shoulder, squealing “JASON!”

“Sorry babe, but Roy’s waiting and I’m not letting you chicken out. I’ll carry you the entire way if I have to” You could hear the blatant smirk in his tone. This boy.

“Jason I swear to all things holy, if you don’t put me down” Threatening in the most intimidating way you could, but in the current situation you were anything but intimidating.

You heard his chuckle, “You’re cute you know that” patting your ass in the process. You normally wouldn’t blush at the gesture, but he usually did it in private. And currently you weren’t in private, getting giggles and chuckles out of every person you passed.

Feeling your face heating up in the process. “FINE!” giving in, “I won’t run just put me down!”

“Magic words?” he stopped walking and smirked over his shoulder so you could see him. “Please” you smiled innocently at him.

“Not that magic word, the other ones” Giving him the ‘you’re joking, right?’ glare. “Say’em”

“Fine… Red Hood is better than Batman” muttering so only he could hear you. “And?” he lead on, “ and was the best Robin” you finished. He laughed before putting you down, “Damn straight”

“Let’s go before I change my mind” chuckling while tugging at his hand. Obeying he followed, making your way to lunch. 

It was a nice little cafe. Having outdoor seating on warm days like today. Making your way inside, you watched as Jason examined faces. He stopped on a man that matched Roy’s description.

Standing when Jason walked over to him. They did that bro hug thing that guys do with their buddies. Smiling you walked over to the pair, Jason wrapped an arm around you. “Roy this is [F/n], [F/n] meet Roy”

Shaking his hand he looked you over before allowing a large grin to make it’s way onto his features. “Ah, so this is the one true love. What the hell Jay I thought you were always talking about me?”

You laughed at the hurt expression and tone he used. Jason only shook his head chuckling. You both saw across from the red haired male, holding the others hand on the table.

“I never thought I’d see my jaybird falling in love” Roy wiped away a fake tear. You’re liking this guy.

After ordering a couple drinks, Roy began to dive into stories about Jason on missions. Highlighting his most ungraceful moments. Even making Jason’s cheeks flush from embarrassment.

“And then this one time, he was jumping rooftops with Kori and I. Though Kori doesn’t need to jump roofs. Anyways, Jason thought it would be fun to see who could do it the fastest, and we raced. He was about to win until he got cocky and misstepped. He ended up getting his foot caught on the ledge and he straight up face planted. He.. he” getting cut off with his own laughter. “He ended up breaking his nose and needed stitches on his forehead.” You were both laughing now.

“Oh man that’s nothing! On our one month anniversary..” You began but was cut off.

“Don’t you dare!” his tone darkened but you couldn’t help yourself. You only laughed it off, “Oh come on it’s funny. So anyway, he had called me earlier that day asking me to come over his place that night. He sounded super stressed and I knew he would be out. I went over before he would be home. Set up this whole elaborate relaxing night. Candles, his favorite take out, favorite whiskey, me~ if you’re catching my drift.” He nodded suppressing laughter, while Jason was hiding behind his hands. “So I’m waiting in his room for like an hour after he was supposed to get back, I get tired of it and walk out into the living room. To find he had eaten the food, drank the whiskey and passed out on the couch”

“Oh god no way” Roy laughed. “I’m dead serious. But I didn’t have the heart to wake him up. He felt so bad the next day.” Nudging Jason’s arm.

“I’m disowning both of you” he mumbled before lifting his head to look at you. “Aw but you love us” Roy jutted out his lower lip.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t dare disown me” Pecking his cheek after speaking. “Yeah you’re right I wouldn’t disown you” he pecked your lips, eliciting a teasing ‘aw’ from Roy. “But him!” pointing an accusing finger at the archer, “He started the embarrassing stories”

“But you still love me, right Jaybird?” You were beginning to love that nickname and were definitely going to use it.

Jason only rolled his eyes, “That’s ‘yes’ in Jason speak” Roy made you laugh once again.

Though your laughter was cut off by his phone ringing. “Sorry to cut this short love birds but Ollie needs me and duty calls” he said whilst reading the text.

Before he left they gave each other another bro hug. “It was so nice meeting you Roy, let’s all get together again soon” you hugged him. “You bet” he replied enthusiastically.

When he pulled away and went to leave he made sure to tell Jason, “Treat her right Jaybird, she’s a keeper” patting his shoulder before leaving.

After he left you and Jason followed suit soon after.

“And you were worried” he chuckled, walking through the park once again.

“I was but I’m glad you talked me into going. He’s a really good guy” you smiled, leaning into Jason. “I think I’m going to be the one worried to get you two together now, in order to save my dignity” he chuckled.

Laughing you kissed his cheek, “What dignity?”

“Ouch” he mocked offense, making you both chuckle. “What do you say we head back to my place and I make up for what happened on our anniversary?”

“Oo, someone’s eager” teasing laced in your voice, an amused grin on your face.

He tugged you back toward him throwing you over his shoulder again. “Very eager” he laughed before carrying you through the park.

“Goddammit Jason” yelling as he carried you.

Only getting laughs out of him, smirking he said “You shouldn’t have told that story.”

Sleepovers with NCT Dream

anon asked: Am I allowed to request sleepover/slumber parties with NCT Dream? Just somethin cute n fluffy

okay so i’m not sure if this is like each individual member or with the group as a whole so i did…both? 

uh for each of them the other members aren’t present because just…assume that the specific member kicked them out for the night or they dont wanna bother member/reader haha

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Becoming Friends with Connor Murphy

This is my first shot at a headcannon plz be gentle


• It definitely took you a long time to even get Connor to have an actual conversation with you

• You were the new student so the welcome committee had sent the m o s t preppy girl in school to show you around

• When you two were walking down the hall, you spot mister emo loner boy leaning against his locker

• Your first thought was ‘holy crap he’s a cutie’ so you asked Ms. Preppy who he was

• “That’s Connor Murphy, total physcopath, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead talking to him”

• So o f c the next day you approach him with a wide smile

• “Hi I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Connor right?”

• He was not very happy about this

• Let me explain

• He had saw you the previous day talking and looking at him, and Connor being Connor, automatically asumed you were talking bad about him and making fun of him

• He responded to your introduction with a sharp glare and a

• “Fuck off”

• Then shoving past you and down the hall to his next class

•and you were like ????? what’s his problem

•But that didn’t stop you from approaching him again at lunch

•When he saw you walking over to his lunch table he literally rolled his eyes and then threw his head back with a groan when you sat down beside him

•“What the hell do you want now?”

•“A chance”

•Boy did that make him s h o o k because that’s all he ever wants, is someone to give him a chance

•He’s now a guilty boy

•So he shrugs and continues eating/picking at his lunch while you smile smuggly and try to make small talk

•But Connor only responds with one word answers and/or grunts

•Better than nothing my friend

•This goes on for about a week before Connor actually starts talking back with full sentences

•He doesn’t start conversations between you two until the third week, and that’s still only at lunch


•This boy has his walls up and they’re very secure

•Around the fifth week is when you spot him next to your locker waiting for you

•“I thought we could walk to lunch together, if you’re okay with that?”

•Spoiler Alert: You’re more than okay with that

•Then the following week you invite him over to your house to hang out bc you guys have no classes together and you want to spend time with him

•and he’s like !!!!!!!!!! on the inside bc lil Connor has developed a crush on you

•but the outside he just shrugs and shoves his hands in his pockets letting out a small “Sounds cool” before looking down at his shoes to hide his big ass smile

•So you guys walk to your house after school, just talking about what happened that day or your music tastes and stuff like that

•Time to cut to when you guys declare you are actually friends

•It’s his fourth time at your house, and you guys are sitting in your living room

•bc no boys allowed in your room Y/N

•anyways you’re both reading over a study guide for a test you have the next day when you out of the blue just spit the question out

•“Are we friends Connor?”

•“What the fuck Y/N?”

•He’s blushing really hard and avoiding eye contact like??? Oh shit this is either going to go good or bad

•You just chuckle and sit your papers on the table before facing him

•“Well? Answer my question Murphy, are you my friend are not?”

•Connor just gives you a half goofy smile, setting his papers beside yours

•“I would say I’m more of an acquaintance, but whatever will help you sleep at night” he joked with a laugh before smiling straight at you

•your heart m e l t e d

•You smiled and placed your hand on top of Connors and putting on your fakest serious voice

•“Well with that being said, I declare that today marks the day when Connor Murphy and Y/N Y/L/N became friends”

•Connor was a blushing mess oh my god

•You just make him feel so special

•Our dear Connor Murphy has a friend yall

•But what you don’t know is

•As soon as Connor got home he put the date in his calendar on his phone for.every.single.month so he’ll never forgot the exact day

•He labeled it “The day were everything is good”

•Precious boy

anonymous asked:

Can you write the RFA and minor trio reacting to MC's little brother (around 12) who is very attached to his older sister and does not like the RFA? (All men/women are wolves MC!) How would they win him over?

I’m so sorry this took so long, anon!! I hope you read it even though it’s been awhile since you asked;; It’s been in my drafts forever and I haven’t ever been able to write the minor trio for this request, and i’m so sorry for that!!! I might make a separate post for them later? I hope you like this.. -Green


-you brought up one day that you weren’t going to be really available because you were going to babysit your brother for the day

-he didn’t know you had a brother!

-he asks if he can join you, and of course you say yes.

-you two drive to your parents house and Yoosung briefly talks to them before they leave, and you two are alone.

-then suddenly you shout from the TOP OF YOUR L U NGS,


-yoosung is.

-he doesn’t even know.

-but suddenly your little brother is dashing downstairs and you guys are wrestling so???

-what does he do help him

-once you guys had your little. reunion? ??? yoosung still doesn’t know what happened but is too afraid to ask

-you tell both him and your little brother what you have in store for today so you all don’t get bored. You’ve planned a movie, arcade, and fast food for the night and Yoosung thinks it’s great!

-but he can’t help but notice your brother hasn’t said a word to him?? and won’t even look at him??

-o h  g  o d

-then he sees overall that your brother. does NOT appreciate him here

-Movie: he tried to run ahead with you in the dark theater so Yoosung couldn’t find you and had to sit alone

-I mean, it didn’t work, but what the F U Ck,

-Arcade? Your brother will not let him play any games with you and constantly hogs your attention and literally tries to get you to ditch him and go back home

-you don’t even NOTIC E?


-kind of takes it personally and is super done with this fucker by the end of the night

-when you go and tuck him in bed Yoosung just can’t wait to go home and cuddle with you, get back all the attention he lost today

-but then you come down stairs and you bring him to your old room and he’s like. what.

-”oh, did I not mention? we’re staying for another two days.”


-”I’m sorry I forgot to tell you! You can head back home if you want?”


-he’s not about to LOSE so easily.

-talking about losing, he hasn’t played LOLOL all day….

-he feels bad about asking to play but you’re chill with it so. you know.

-he plays literally all night

-and into the morning

-suddenly your coming out of the room to make breakfast ?/

-he sees your brother come down and he’s about to shut down the game before your brother D A S H ES FOR HIM

-Yoosung is ready to scream .

-before your bro stops and starts babbling nonsense about LOLOL and how



-oh y e s.

-yoosung is literally praying the Gods above as he shows your brother all his cool stuff

-after that, breakfast is super nice and now your brother won’t stop talking to Yoosung

-he thinks it’s amazing and is so happy he got your brother to like him even if he really didn’t even try


-It’s at a family reunion you practically beg Saeyoung to go to that he meets your brother

-right away Saeyoung is like


-he knows.

-he k n o w s


-all night. literally all night he is trying to trick Saeyoung and play pranks

-and he happily indulges in all of them, KNOWING that yes, a bug is in his drink

-but does he care? NO


-he knows your brother hates him and Saeyoung finds it hilarious

-and then randomly your brother takes his hand and looks him right in the eye and is like

-”you better not hurt her all right? you’re pretty stupid, but you shouldn’t be stupid enough to hurt MC!!!”

-fucker doesn’t even acknowledge him

-instead he brings out a DS and is like

-”i bet I can beat your ass in super smash bros”


-he was about to start crying from stress you have no idea


-family is important!!!! that saying is literally EMBEDDED into your brain

-so better believe your ENTIRE family is invited to the wedding

-which includes your brother

-and you have never been so nervous in your entire life

-Jaehee notices it at the wedding and thinks your having cold feet but then you just take her hands

-”you don’t understand. my brother. will r u in the wedding. he’s a little BRAT??? Jaehee please god help me

-at first she’s confused because like MC what

-but when she looks outside and sees your brother practically boiling in his seat she understands

-so instead of Jumin’s father walking you down the isle you have Jaehee

-you discussed it with Jumin’s father but not with your husband so when he sees this he is HIGH KEY STRESSED

-W H A T

-how D A RE,, his FATHEr???

-he makes a mental note to scREECH later

-now is not the time, Jumin

-you’re shaking like a leaf and holding onto Jaehee for dear life

-you almost want to make her stay with you as you exchange vows

-you almost do, she has to rip you off of her arm

-Jumin now sees how worried you are and the whole time he’s whispering to you not to worry and how happy he’ll make you


-finally the rings come out and you’re more relaxed now because your brother hasn’t been a BITCH so far

-but then you see him start to stand

-before Jumin can put the ring on you your brother yells


-are you serious



-you’re literally groaning and throwing your head back in agony, about to fall to your knees as your brother makes his speech that you are completely sure he was thinking of all day

-you can see Zen nodding his head and silently agreeing with your brother and you’re going to have to talk to him later oh my GOD

-once your bro is done you’re so humiliated like. p l ea se just put the ring on me and go

-but surprisingly Jumin is totally calm

-and gives the snarkiest and best reply ever to your brother and now you’re blushing because aww babe

-your brother never said anything bad about your marriage after that

-little brat you love him tho


-this one is a little more ,, tame

-your parents were actually coming to see the coffee shop you had made with Jaehee, and happened to bring your brother along.

-he was pretty chill the entire time, but Jaehee noticed his little glares and snarky comments

-she didn’t really pay it any mind, because 12 year olds will be 12 year olds.

-but after awhile… it was really starting to get on her nerves how rude he was to her.

-she had asked you what your brother would like to eat or drink, and you gladly told her what his favorite snack and drink was

-it was so sweet of her to get something!!

-bitch u thought

-she did make the food, but didn’t offer it to him.

-she just sat it on the counter and waited for him to come to her.

-she had to wait practically an hour

-but eventually YES he did come up thank god

-”do you want a snack? your sister told me what you like.”

-she could see him trying to make a fuss. she could SEE it.. but he didn’t

-he tried to just grab it and leave

-nnooononono not in my house

-she literally grips his hand so tight that he lets out a little squeal

-”do you have a problem with me, little man?”

-he’s shaking his head so hard oh god please Jaehee don’t kill him

-she let’s him off with the food because Jaehee figures she’s scared him enough to leave her alone

-just kidding now he won’t leave her alone

-wants to know how she got so badass and cool

-she guesses… this is better than before

-not really the outcome she was looking for?? but okay??

-recommends her judo studio to him and the next time they come over to the shop he shows her his new moves

-now they’re judo buddies


-so you invite the family over for one of Zen’s performances! yaaayyy,,,


-your brother is just flat out complaining the whole time

-he reaaalllyyy does not want to see your boyfriend

-he also reaaaalllly does not want you to see your boyfriend

-you just grab his ear and tell him to shut up so he does

-you all go over to the performance and head backstage; you want to wish him luck!

-when Zen sees you all he politely introduces himself and gives your parents handshakes

-and when he sees your brother Zen kind of like… just knows

-silent agreement. All men are wolves. Instant respect

-which kind of throws your brother off with how cool Zen is him

-you all leave for your seats and your bro is still like. wut..,

-the play is amazing!! you weren’t expecting anything else!!

-you greet him after the show and he’s flooded with compliments from your parents which of course Zen totally gobbles up into his rat tail

-the more his ego grows the longer that fucking thing gets. 100% canon

-and then Zen straight up goes for a handshake with your brother with some kind of gay admiration in his eyes so your brother takes it feeling so conflicted because his performance was really great and he was actually pretty cute?

-oh god i think Zen made your brother gay

They Get Violent


I could tell that he was in a bad mood the minute he walked in. Whenever Chibs was like this an unpleasant tension would always followed him, like a thick fog which choked everyone around him. Chibs threw his keys on the kitchen table with a force shooting me a glare when I turned to greet him.

“Hey babe, bad dad?” I ask moving forward to give him a kiss but he moves out of the way before I can reach him.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m fine” he hissed with venom in his voice. I froze at this, whenever he had come home in a bad mood I could always put him in a better one but tonight I felt like an argument was going to present its self.

“You are not fine Fillip. I think by now I should know when you are and when you are not fine!” My voice raises slightly as the fog begins to work its magic. Fillip turned back to me a bitter laugh leaving him as he does.

“What after only being with each other for a few months ye think that ye know me lassie!” He was shouting now but I held my ground not flinching from the harshness of his voice. The one thing that I had been given advice on when I became an old lady is that you can’t let them walk all over you but at the same time you have to be clear on your boundaries. This piece of advice must have somehow slipped my mind as this argument escalated.

“We have known each other for years! And don’t come into our home and start taking out your frustration on me Fillip! I’m not the reason your in a mood oh but you know what I might as well be since you won’t bloody tell me what happen!” Their was fire burning in his eyes at my outburst which was growing in volume. He wasn’t used to me shouting like this and by the looks of it he didn’t like it.

“Awk, ye know what I’m going to go stay at the clubhouse tonight cause a canny be bothered with your shite tonight” Chibs accent grew thicker as his anger rose. He was the type to try and avoid fights with me and try to leave half way threw arguments where as I am in it to the bitter end. He tries to push past me to get to his keys but I quickly stop him.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me when you started this!” I say grabbing hold of his upper arm and without any thought he spins around and pushes my body with the full weight of his sending me flying backwards. My head hits off of the metal handle of the cabinet and then bounces off of the tiled kitchen floor. The pain is immediate and intense as I put my hands up to cradle the back of my head and to my horror when I bring my hand back to my face it is covered in a dark crimson colour. Blood. My face pales and I feel sick. I look up to Fillip and his face has gone whiter than mine as his face shows not other emotion than regret.

“Y/N-” he tries to speak but I cut him off

“Don’t” I whisper moving my body to sit up but begin to feel light headed as I do I hold on to the cabinet handle for support.

“Love, I didn’t mean to - you know I would never -” he can’t seem to find he words as he stands there looking helpless and sorry

“I know” I whisper yet again unable to find my voice, he moves closer to me and I flinch. Hurt is clear on his face.

“Baby I’m not going to hurt you-”

“But you did Fillip” he looks as if he’s about to answer but I cut him off again “just leave”


“GET OUT” I scream my voice breaking and he jumps at the sudden noise. Slowly he moves backwards towards the table and grabs his keys.

“I’m so sorry love” he says making no eye contact with his head down. I take the opportunity to let the tears which have been pooling in my eyes fall and stream down my face. Without another word he moves quickly down the hall and he is out the front door in seconds leaving me to cry alone on the kitchen floor.


I couldn’t get over it. He had done the one thing I always warned him of, the one thing he knew I wouldn’t take lying down. I felt the sting on my skin before I had realised what happened and I could feel the redness forming rapidly. The room grows tense and I am unable to comprehend what has just happened.

“Y/N” he whispers his voice breaking and I know he didn’t mean it, I know that he loves me and didn’t intentionally hurt me but that’s what the club does to pure hearted souls. It chews them up and spits them out.

“I warned you” is all I say as I keep my eyes fixated on the wall to my right where my head had uncontrollably turned on account of the impact from Alex’s hand. “I knew this would happen if you kept being in Clays pocket-”

“I am not in Clays pocket!” Now I turn to look at him my eyes full of sympathy and tears as I watch the man I love unable to come to terms with what he has become.

“Alex baby, you are and you know it. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have let Clay order you to kill a brother and went though with it blindly and as a readily you kill his wife instead” my voice rises with intensity as I become more emotional as I re-live Donna’s death “you killed my best friend and you sat with me night anger night as I cried and never told me what you did! You never told me that you killed her!”

“You would have never forgiven me” he says in a feeble attempt at defending himself. Scoffing I look to him in disbelief.

“You know that’s not true, I would have understood because I know you! Yes I would have been angry but I would have know that it wasn’t your fault and that Clay misused your loyalties with him!” Anger once again rose upon his face at the mention of Clays miss use of Tig’s loyalty which was what had gotten me the slowly forming bruise on my face in the first place.

“I already told you! I’m not in his fucking pocket so keep your god damn mouth shut about shit you don’t know anything about!” your left in shock as Alex screams at you. He had never done anything like this to you before and it left you mute. Realisation quickly flashes across his eyes as he takes in your destroyed expression.


“No Alex” you voice come out stern and strong “Get out before you do something else you regret and don’t come back until you have gotten rid of the poison that is Clay Morrow from your life”

You both stand their knowing that Tig may never be able to do that, knowing that this will stretch your relationship to its limit and that Alex may not choose you over the club - over Clay. The thought crushed you because this might be your last memory of you and Tig, you hated that it had to this one. One that left a bruise on the side of you face ensuring that you will have a constant reminder of this night for weeks to come. Without another word Alex leaves and you feel a relief wash over you from the thought of not fighting with him for the entire night, which had become a retune for you both. However you felt that tonight would be worse as you wouldn’t be making up with the love of your life and cuddeling in bed into the early hours of the morning rather, you will be crying yourself to sleep unable to think of anything else than that of the throbbing pain on your check and who left it there.


You couldn’t believe that he had done it. You had loved him since you where sixteen, followed him wherever he wanted to go and did nothing but support him when he joined the club - you did not deserve what had just happened to you. Juice had came home in a sate, he was muttering to himself and frantically walking around your apartment. Concerned you tried to calm him down but upon mentioning the club he lost it. Pushing you back against the wall making you hit the back of your head then proceeding to choke you. The bruising had started as soon as he had tightened his grip. You managed to somehow get him off of you and when you did you ran as fast as you could to your bedroom and quickly locked the door so no one could get in.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry” came the whimpering voice of Juan from the other side of the door and you closed you eyes knowing that if you listened to him you would end up opening the door, you couldn’t take the chance. You listened to his pleas silently from where you sat on the bed. When you caught sight of your phone , from where it lay on the bed, you quickly took a hold of it knowing exactly who to call as Juice continued his muttering from the other side of the door. Within two rings he had answered.

“Hiya love, everything okay?” The soothing voice of Fillip Telford came from the other end of the line. A voice of comfort that you had recently grown accustomed to.

“Fillip” It comes out shaky and a bit scratchy from how long you had been crying.

“What’s the matter love, what’s happened?” The frantic voice of the man that had been flirting with you for months behind Juices back said though the phone.

“He-e … Juice he los-st it and he em …” Its quiet on the other end the only thing that could be heard was Fillips breathing, ” he came-e ho-ome in a stat-te and he banged my head off-f of the w-wall and - and h-he choked me-e"

“Where are you right now y/n?” Despite how well he tied to hide it you could clearly hear the anger in his voice.

“I locked myself in-n the b-bedroom, he’s o-outside the door” you answer while trying to calm your breathing

Yea “I’m going to be there in 10 minutes, okay? Do not move” and with that he hung up the phone leaving you to make a difficult decision. You knew that if you didn’t tell Juice that Chibs was coming he would get a bad beating from the Scot and if you did tell him he could try and escape this mess he’s made for himself.

“Juicy?” You say softy and you know that he’ll hear.

“Y/N I’m so sorry-”

“Juice listen to me” you say cutting him off “you have to leave”

“Leave? What do you mean leave?” Moving closer to the door you rest your head against it salty tears once agin streaming down your face.

“I phoned Fillip…I told him what you did Juicy and if your here when he gets here - you might not walk out of this house alive baby” and just like that you forgive him. You know that you couldn’t be with him again - that you wouldn’t be able to trust him again but that didn’t change the love you have for him, the love that you knew would never go away.

“But what about you” his voice cracks mid sentence and your heart breaks

“After this Juan it wouldn’t ever work between us and once the guys find out about this - on top of everything else… they’ll kill you. I’ll be fine her the club will look after me I’ll give you whatever money you need but I can’t watch the only family I’ve got kill the man I love” you pause trying to calm down but it doesn’t work “please don’t make me watch you die baby” sobbing you shake your head trying not to picture what they would do to your childhood love.

It goes silent and you can her his ridged breathing from the other side of the door as he decides upon his fate. Finally he speaks. “I love you, and I’ll never stop loving you. Im sorry” and with that he’s gone. Leaving you alone with the club - the people who want the most important person in you life dead. As you waited for Fillip you came to terms with what had happened and what is going to happen. Juan was the man you loved but you would soon learn to love Fillip because in this life you have to adapt because if you don’t you’ll enough just like Juan.


Happy had never hurt you and he had always promised that he never would but as the pressure from the club grew on his shoulders he became more and more distant as time went on. He would usually be extremely affectionate towards you but he hadn’t come close to you in weeks, sleeping on the couch, leaving before you woke up, coming home after you had gone to sleep and staying out all weekend when he knew you where home all day from work. He was avoiding you so you decided to take matters into your own hands.

Driving into the lot you instantly lay your eyes on the man who had been avoiding you for weeks. Your not sure why but he’s the only one there, his bike sat alone and their was no other sign of his brothers. Good, at least you wouldn’t have an audience for this. Making your way towards him you notice Gemma in her office and she throws you a smile before turning back to the paper work she was hunched over. “Happy” it came out emotionless and he didn’t even acknowledge your presence. “Don’t ignore me”

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to little girl” it come out as a growl but at least he is talking to you, that’s a start.

“Oh finally he speaks” you usually know not to be snarky to him when your fighting but you just wanted a reaction from him. Anything something because you had gone far too long without looking into those brown eyes of his.

“Watch it girlie” he grumbles as he stands from his bent over position across a cars engine and for a minute your breathless. His dark and dangerous eyes stared straight into your soul and it made your pain even worse. It make you think of how much you had missed him and also how angry you where that he had practically abandoned you.

“Watch it girlie? I’ll do whatever the fuck I want little girl? Really, that’s all you have to say to me right now” your voice bitter and a scowl placed upon your face as you confronted Hap “not I’m sorry I’ve been a prick lately, and I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you and acting like I don’t love you anymore”

“What are you taking about?” He has a clear look of annoyance on his face. The way he said those words they make you sound as if your crazy, as if your a stupid fling trying to cling onto him.

“Are you serious right now? You’ve been avoiding me for almost a month now, sleeping on the couch, not coming home at the weekends and you haven’t came near me for even longer than that - what is it about you that is so repulsed by me that you can hardly even stand to look at me!” I am screams at this point and I can tell that he’s at breaking point but I don’t care I keep going because fuck him, I need to let off some steam “what the fuck is wrong with you? Why can you see that your tearing me apart! Why can you stop being a fucking asswhole-”

Then I was on the floor. It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened but the burning pain in my jaw confirmed that I haven’t imagined it. He had punched me. Without any hesitation or a second though he floured me. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and noise. Am scared to look back up at him but I give my self to, if only to let him see the damage he had cause.

“I…I” he is unable to form worlds as his eyes take in what he did. The door cone ring Gemma’s office to the garage opens and out come the queen with a stern face and an ice cold glare aimed at Happy. “I didn’t mean-”

“No but you did” the coldness in Gemma’s voice surprises both me and Happy as she comes to my aid. She kneels down in front of me and examines my face as she does so their is a rumble of bikes pulling into the lot, great the audience has arrived. “I think you’ve fractured your jaw sweetheart, you gotta get to a hospital” Gem helps me up and I let a few tears slip not only from the physical pain but the emotional pain which I had never experienced so intensely in my life.

As Gemma turns me to walk towards her car I am met with a group of worried faces, with one in particular standing out. Tig was in my face examining my entire body for anything other that the visual damage. When he’s satisfied his watering eyes bore into mine.

“Who the hell did this to you doll” and before I could answer my surrogate brother a deep yet shattered voice comes from behind us.

“I did” before I have time to react Tig has flung himself at Hap as I try to scream out as best I can as the while being forced away but not only Gemma but Chibs and Jax too. Then push me back towards the car as I watch Alex scram in Haps face before the punches begin. Happy doesn’t fight back, he takes it at one point dropping to his knees. The tears stream down my blood stained face because despite what he did I can’t help but love him.

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Cotillion (Jay x Reader)

Warnings; like one curse word

Notes; I just watched Descendants for the first time last night, and I’m totally in love with Jay so I decided to write this. Hope you enjoy.

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You and your friends, Carlos, Evie, Mal and Jay were walking around the campus.

“Hey Jay.” You heard many girls say, while as you walked. Of course they had all fallen for Jay, his charm, his looks, his confidence had them all won over. And if you were completely honest with yourself it won you over too but you never said anything not wanting your feelings to come.

“Hey do you torture them?” Carlos said as he nudged Jay in the shoulder. “Just pick someone to go to Cotillion already.”

“I’m going solo,” Jay replied “So I can dance with all of them.” Jay looked over at you to see your reaction, but you were to busy you looking at Chad, who had been weirdly staring at you the whole day.

“Y/n? Y/n?” You snapped our of your daydream as Evie waved your hand in your face. You looked over at her. “So who are you taking to the Cotillion?”

“Myself.” You smiled cheekily, Evie rolled her eyes.

“Y/n, I know these aren’t your type of thing, but come on having a da-”

“Hello ladies.” Evie was cut off by Chad. “May I steal y/n for a second?”

Evie smiled brightly “Of course.” As you walked away from her, she winked at you, which you rolled your eyes at.

Jay turned around to see you gone “Where did y/n go?”

“I think she went to go find her prince charming.” Evie giggled as Jay stood there confused. “Ugh you’ll see what I mean soon.”

Chad dragged you away from your friends. “What do you want charming.” He smirked.

“I want you to be my date for Cotillion.” You looked over at him.

“I’m not buying that for a second, we all know you still aren’t over A-” Chad moved his hand to cover your mouth.

“Shh, don’t mention her name. And yes you’re right. I thought maybe you could help me, with a plan.”

“Oh god, not one of your ‘brilliant’ plans.”

“No listen, all you have to do is be my date, make Audrey jealous. Maybe kiss me, but that’s it. And what else do you have to loose, it’s not like you have a date anyway.”

“I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fine.”

“Thank you, ok so all you have to do for now is act like you’re super excited that I’m your date, like go around telling everybody.” You rolled your eyes “And try to act happy about it.”

“Ok.” You honestly didn’t know why you agreed to do it but whatever now you have a date.

After Chad pulled you over to talk to him, you went back to Carlos and Jay’s room. You knocked on the door of their room and you heard a come in.

“Hey guys.” You walked in with a shy smile on your face, trying to act as happy you could be with getting a 'date' to the dance.       

“Ohhh, I know that face. It’s the I got a date to Cotillion face.” You rolled your eyes at Evie.

“Well, maybe.” You watched as everyone’s facial expressions changed. Mal and Evie’s were excited, Carlos’s was surprised, and Jay’s was just blank. But then Carlos nudged him in the shoulder, causing him to put a fake smile on his face.

“Well who is it y/n?”

You covered your mouth with your hand “Chad.” You muffled into your hand so no one could hear you.

“Come on y/n there is no need to be embarrassed, tell us.”

“Chad.” You said quickly so you could get it over with. Evie clapped her hands excitedly.

“Look at you, finding your prince charming. Oh I have Chad’s fitting soon, I can see you guys together, so your dress matches him.”

“Ugh, really?”

“Yes of course, come on.” She pulled you out of the room. You took once last glance at everyone before you left. Jay was staring at you with an angry expression and watched you leave the room.

“What the hell?” Jay stood up angrily “Why is she going with that idiot?”

“Wo, chill Jay it’s not that big of a deal.” Mal said as she left the room too.

It was the night of the Cotillion and you were all ready. You had your hair and makeup done, by Evie of course. You wore a f/c dress. You met Chad outside of the boat then walked onto it.

Chad had dragged you over to some of his friends, which was really boring. He had a hand wrapped around your waist, you noticed Audrey look over in your direction angrily. You nudged Chad’s shoulder and motioned your head over to Audrey.

What you didn’t notice was another very anger stare, coming from the one and only, Jay. He watched as you laughed at something Chad said. He has made you laugh like that before right? He thought to himself. Then you smiled and looked at Chad sweetly. She never smiles at me like that he grumbled to himself.

“What Jay? What was that?” Evie asked.

“Nothing.” Jay grumbled back continuing to glare at you and Chad. Evie caught on pretty soon.

“You’re jealous?” Jay shook his head.

“What? Pfff no, I don’t get jealous.” He cockily said with a smirk.

“Ok, whatever you say.” Evie said as she walked off. After she left his smirk quickly turned into a frown as he continued to glare at you. Jay watched as Chad pulled you into his. Chad then quickly pulled you into a kiss. While kissing you, Chad slipped his hand on your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You whispered to Chad.

“Sh it’s working.” He said as he motioned over to Audrey. Before Audrey reached you two, someone else did. Jay roughly pulled Chad away from you.

“Hey get your hands off of her1” Jay yelled in Chad’s face.

“Jay no it’s fine.”

“Yea Jay. What I’m not allowed to touch my date, sorry I got to her before your scummy ass did.” Jay punched Chad causing Chad to hit the floor. Audrey quickly ran up to him, comforting him.

You looked down at Chad and then back at Jay with a shocked expression.

“Y/n I’m-m sorry-y.” He said before running off.

“No Jay wait.” You said but you were too late he was already gone. You look down at Chad and Audrey.

“Thanks y/n.” You smiled.

“Don’t mention it.” After you said that you went off to find Jay. You looked all over the ship until you found him sitting on the edge of the boat. You quietly walked up to him.

“Hey, can I join you?” You watched as he wiped his eyes.

“Sure-e.” He said, his noise stuffy. You both sat there looking out into the ocean. “Why did you go with him?”

“Who? Chad?” Jay slowly nodded. “He came up with his stupid plan to get Audrey jealous, by me going with him and it’s stupid but I agreed to it.” Jay perked up.

“Wait so is what your saying is that you didn’t actually go with him?” You nodded.

“Why do you care anyway?” Jay looked down at his hands “Wait were you-were you jealous?”

“Pff, no. Maybe just a little.” you laughed.

“Don’t worry Jay. I um like you too.” You mumbled the last time so he could barely hear.

“What? What was that? I didn’t hear it?” Jay cheekily smirked.

“Please save my face from getting any redder than it is now.” Jay laughed. And leaned into you. Your lips connected. This was by far your best Cotillion yet.

Dating V would include

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Kim Taehyung
- Okay this boy
- You’d never know what to expect
- One moment he’s there then the next you turn around and he’s gone???
- Where’d he go???
- You would steal his jackets and he wouldn’t even be mad because oh my gosh you’re wearing his clothes
- He could double as a pillow/ teddy bear while sleeping
- There would seriously never be a boring moment
- Ever
- Couples clothes
- Building forts together, esepcially in the colder months
- Lazy mornings
- Lying in bed together, cuddling while it rains
- Or playing in the rain, it varies
- Whispering in the dark to each other at night
- His precious square smile all the time
- Really deep voice omg
- You’d want him to sing you to sleep all the time
- And he’d happily do it
- If anyone makes you upset you know he’s ready to fight them
- But first he’s going to hug you and make sure you’re okay
- He’d probably rock back and forth and stroke your hair to calm you down
- Best friend couple tbh
- You trip each other and wrestle
- But it turns into laughing and cuddling and cute smooches
- He looks pure but he’s a sexy lil shit
- And he k n o w s it
- That tongue
- Frick
- You think you have a date with Taehyung
- But in reality you have a date with Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook
- You’re third wheeling on his dates with the maknae line
- Or even fourth wheeling
- Okay just putting this out there
- If you guys have kids
- He will be such a gREAT FATHER
- He’d just be so kind and loving and all tHIS WILL PROBABLY BE COVERED IN A LATER MORE IN DEPTH POST
- If you’re also weird and outgoing, Yoongi might cri bc he just wants to sleep
- But he cannot because you and Tae are just doing something
- God knows what
- Probably rapping Cypher together outside of Yoongi’s door
- While Yoongi is lying in bed with a pillow over his face
- You’ll be there for the day Tae finally gets to have his own Cypher
- (please let that day come)
- You’re really supportive him and he’s really supportive of you
- You honestly might come home to a pet goat one day
- “Tae.. what is this?”
- “A goat.”
- “Yeah but- you know what okay.”
- It’s better to not ask questions with him
- B A C K H U G S
- So much cuddling
- And snuggling
- So much skinship in general tbh
- He just wants to make you feel loved
- Have u seen his hands
- U get to hold those hands
- You’re just so lucky to have Taehyung be your boyfriend let alone be in your l i f e he’s just such a blessing
- Everyday will just be full of love with you two
- So much that the other boys will be sick of your love (secretly jealous)
- But like I said, it’s just such a loving relationship

Let Me Teach You A Lesson :: Eggsy Unwin Imagine

This took so long, I am so so so sorry! I hope you like it though! Requests and prompts are open!

Request: Love ur blog so much do u think u could maybe do an eggsy imagine where y/n is dancing with someone else and eggsy gets really jealous and Smut smut smut stuff and have a cute ending -Anon

Eggsy’s Point of View

I make my way over to the usual table on the patio at the coffee shop and plop down in the seat in front of the pretty (c/h) female. “Hey there (y/n),” I winked causing her to smile with a shake of her head, “Hi Eggsy.” I smile at her and nervously bit my lip, “What’s wrong?” she asks as I fiddle with the collar of my polo. “Well, remember I work at Kingsman?” I start and she nods, “Well the company is holding their annual ball this Friday…and I uh, was wondering if you could be my date. Only if you want to!” I quickly add in a slightly louder tone causing her to laugh. She nods quickly with a huge grin, “Yeah I’ll love to go with you!” “Really?” I blink in awe at her smiling and sipping away at her iced coffee, “Really!”

Normal Point of View

I twirl in front of the mirror as if I was a teenage girl all over again getting ready for prom. Which is kind of funny and nostalgic since Eggsy was also my prom date back when we were in high school. Although, we actually didn’t go to prom due to his financial issues, instead we dressed ‘pretty’ and went out to a diner and had a movie marathon back at my place. But honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more, it was perfect, and prom is totally overrated anyways. I scoff and look over to the cheap plastic crown sitting on top of my shelf, besides we won prom king and queen, I thought as a placed the dusty cheap plastic crown that Eggsy got from the dollar store on to my head. In all honesty it looked a little stupid, with the beautiful flowing (colour) dress and the perfect curls pulled over my left shoulder. Suddenly the doorbell rang, erupting me from my mirror daze. I carefully take off the plastic crown, setting it back to its original place before bounding down the stairs. I all too excitedly swing open the door to come face to face with the handsome Eggsy decked out with his fitted Kingsman suit, classically slicked back hair, topped off with those thick dark rimmed glasses he sometimes wear. “Well aren’t you handsome,” I shyly smile while pulling on my heels. The blonde flashes me his famous grin and winks, “I can say the same to you, gorgeous.” With that he swept me off my feet and escorted me to the Kingsman ball.


It was simply awful. I wish I never came.

Was I being a little dramatic? Why yes, maybe just a smidge I huff, taking yet another swig of alcohol. I down my third cup of the night and rest my chin in my hands, eyes never once leaving Eggsy’s tall stature on the dance floor. After entering the stupid ball never once had Eggsy looked my way, or yet even talked to me, hell he hasn’t even been in a 3 meters radius of me since we got here hours ago. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I drop my face into my hands, I should’ve seen this coming. But there I was hours ago thinking that maybe I would have a chance of Eggsy even thinking about maybe being more than friends, never have I felt this self conscious as I was now. I bitterly laugh at the pathetic being I was as I remember how incompetent I was compared to any other living female that walked this damned planet. Shaking my head to clear the on coming hot tears, I flag down the bartender for another drink. “I will die happy if I could unseen all the shit I’ve seen all night” I mumble to myself, chugging down my fourth drink angrily all the while watching Eggsy holding beautiful hot women close to him while dancing and smiling into their perfect soft locks of hair. It makes me sick, I jealously huff getting up to leave. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter if I was here or not I laugh, it’s not like he would realize that I left.

I spare one last glance at him in hopes to maybe catch him staring back, but it never came. Getting up from my stool at the open bar I make my way to the exit, but obviously being me, I never got far. “Hi there,” smiled a tall brunette, “Leaving so soon?” I blink up at him in slight confusion, was he talking to me? “Uh…yeah.” He frowned slightly before a smug smile stretched across his face, “Well that’s a shame, I was wondering if you would join me in one dance.” I laugh with a shake of my head causing a numb throb to resonate in my head, probably shouldn’t have drank that much and so fast in one sitting, “I guess one dance won’t hurt.” He grins and loops his arm around my shoulders leading me to the dancing crowd. I guess if he worked for Kingsman he wouldn’t be so bad, since Eggsy said that you needed to be a proper gentleman to actually work there. But then again, men still have needs, I conclude as I feel his hand travelling a little too south on my waist. I should’ve said something but I didn’t, maybe the alcohol didn’t help with my need for someone’s attention, or maybe it just slowed the hell out of my brain. I couldn’t even comprehend what happened as I felt a familiar hand rest on my shoulder, gently pulling me into a firm chest. “That’s enough Lucan, I think it’s my turn to dance with her.” I look over my shoulder and of course there stood Eggsy with his little smirk, even though I was slightly tipsy I couldn’t help but notice the dangerous glint in his olive green eyes. “As you wish, Galahad,” the brunette male bows, almost teasingly, placing a chaste kiss on the back of my hand before stepping away into the crowd. “What the hell was that?” Eggsy snapped quietly into my ear, quietly but surely angrily. “I was dancing?” I laugh scratching my cheek. The blonde pulls my hand away and rubbed away at the spot where the guy, apparently Lucan, kissed and added, “Anyone but him, okay.” I frown and pull away from him, “Why does it matter? I can dance with whoever I want Eggsy. Besides…it shouldn’t bother you, last time I checked you were the one that didn’t want to dance with me or heck, even being seen with me, okay? Can I please, please, just go home?” The male furrows his eyebrows together and shake his head, “That’s not true, far from the truth actually.” I look up into his deep green orbs and bit my lip as he continues, “Before you go, can you please just have one dance with me?” “Okay…” I shyly mumble looking at the glossy floor.

Eggsy’s strong arms encircles my waist and pulls me flush against his chest as my arms hesitantly wrap around his neck, holding him close as I bury my face into the crook of his neck. “Eggsy,” I mumble into his shoulder, “Why have you been avoiding me all night?” He chuckles, dipping his head near the shell of my ear and whispers huskily, “Cause, you drive me crazy. I can’t control myself when you look like that.” My cheeks warm and I timidly smile against his collar, “Really?” He nods and noses the shell of my ear, “Mhmm, when I look at you thoughts fill my head.” “What kind of thoughts?” “Dirty thoughts, really dirty thoughts,” he whispers lowly before licking the shell of my ear and nipping at the cartilage softly. A quiet moan escaped my parted lips, I dig my fingernails into his shoulder attempting to keep quiet as his lips travelled along my neck. “Eggsy, not here,” I heavily breathe, “Someone might see.” “What’s so wrong with that, you are my girlfriend,” he cheekily adds before sucking onto the supple skin on my neck, erupting a whimper from my throat. “G-Girlfriend?” I stutter out and he nods, “And I thought I was the tipsy one (y/n), tut tut, besides no one is going to notice.” He hums kissing my exposed chest, but of course leaving a few dark purple bruises on the swells of my breasts. “E-Eggsy, I swear to god!” I cry squeezing my eyes shut as his wet appendage plunged into the crack of my cleavage, “I…I can’t! Not here,” I sigh as I feel his fingers slide up and down the crack of my ass before his fingers push at the (f/c) fabric of my dress, allowing him a more direct access to finger me over the textile. His long index and middle finger presses small tight circles into my opening, it felt amazing yet foreign, no one has ever touched me down there before, let alone myself. I moan loudly into his blonde gelled tresses making odd strangled noises. “I can’t, Eggsy please!” I beg, clawing at his back relentlessly as his fingers attempt to plunge into my folds regardless of the fabric of my dress and underwear blocking his entrance. “Ahh, whatever you want princess,” he hums lifting his face away from my chest to sweetly kiss my lips. His fingers tug at the clingingly damp fabric away from my core to stroke my back lovingly, “Shall we continue back at the hotel?”


Thank gods for Kingsman to take precautions that there would be lots of celebration drinking and such, providing all the guests a room to stay at a high-end hotel nonetheless. I sigh contently as Eggsy lifts me onto the bed and hovering over me with his signature smirk, “Love that dress on ya princess, but it’s time for it to come off.” The blonde hums as he unzips the dress and pulls the long textile off my body, leaving me in just my lacy and embarrassingly damp (f/c) underwear. “Ah, aren’t you naughty, and soaking wet,” he chuckles deeply dipping down to kiss my lips again. But this time we would go on without trying to be discreet. I groan loudly as his pearly white teeth tugs at my bottom lip, forcing me to part my lips for him. He excitedly runs his tongue over the roof of my mouth before rolling his appendage against mine. I could tell that he was letting me be dominant over him as I easy pushed him onto his back, straddling him as I pushed my tongue into his warm cavern. He groans into my mouth as I tug at his blonde locks, easily dishevelling his previously perfect gelled back hair. I pull away to look down at a heaving Eggsy, who was surprisingly really submissive for the most part, until I moved my fingers away from his hair to slide off his glasses. Almost instantly a glint sparked in his eyes, he flips me over onto my back, “Do you understand that you can not dance with anyone but me now?” He teasing smirks, practically begging me to say no, so I did, “No Eggsy I do, not, understand” I smile as his widens, “Well then, let me teach you a lesson.”

He tugs down my panties and continued on what he started at the ball without any barriers and restrictions. Eggsy once again slips his index and middle finger into my folds, massaging gently into the warm wet skin. When wet enough, his fingers slip into the folds and pump in and out at a steady and quick rhythm. A moan escapes my constricting throat while I claw at his still clothed back. “Wait…Eggsy your clothes,” I breathlessly say tugging at his tie and he smirks knowing my intention. He quickly sits up and threw off his suit into the unknown corner of the huge hotel room, then went his dress shirt, and his fitted trousers, everything but his crisp black tie. I giggle at his cute little kink and encouraged it by tugging at his loosened tie to bring his lips back onto mine. Eggsy falls back onto his knees and pulls me onto his lap, I gasp as I feel his clothed bulge press into my sensitive nub of nerves. A high pitched whine rips from my throat, racking my entire body as Eggsy thrusts and grinds his hardening bulge into my warmth. My grip on his tie tightens impeccably as I burry my face into his shoulder seeking for comfort, especially when one of his hands that were holding onto my hips slid up to cup my breast and kneading the soft globe. I hiccup into his collarbone and pant out, “P-Please Eggsy…stop teasing.” He hums and purses his lips in attempt to put on his thinking face, “Eggsy!” I pout and he laughs, “You got it darling.”

Eggsy’s strong arm curls around my torso to lift up my body from his lap, as his other hand tugged off his black boxer briefs. He gently settles me back onto his lap and I shyly glance down to take the sight of him in. Eggsy was huge, his long thick length stood tall with pre-cum at it’s tip, I gap at his lower region and he chuckles stroking my back comfortingly. “Are you ready?” he huskily breathes into my ear as he spreads my thighs open while lowering me slowly down onto his length. I nod while biting my lip as I feel his tip prodding into my folds, olive eyes make eye contact with mine in a silent gesture to make sure that I was okay. Nodding again for him to continue he embraces me tightly and lowers me slowly but surely onto his full length. A groan escapes both our lips simultaneously as he throbs inside me and I tightly pulse around him. “So tight,” he whimpers and I laugh, causing both of us a slight discomfort and a spark of arousal. We sat there holding each other in silence, embracing one another tightly and lovingly before we mutually decided to move. His large calloused hands rest on my hips guiding me to ride him, when steady pants left my body he decided that I was ready for him to start moving as well. Eggsy thrusts upwards causing an unreal friction to build between our bodies causing my head to toss back. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck, attempting to ground myself as I feel my body slip into euphoria. He slams his hard length into my core relentlessly as I fail to keep up with his strong complete thrusts. I call out his name as the knot in my stomach tightens considerably, tightening around his hot cock, and I cry out as I became undone all over his length. Eggsy cusses under his breath before he also becomes undone, filling up my entire core with his hot seed, “Fuck!” he groans riding out our organisms causing our juices to mix and leak all over his lap, seeping into the sheets. “And that’s lesson one,” the blonde pants with a huge grin as he pulls us both down to lay on our sides on the fluffy mattress. I laugh and hug him tightly as he reciprocates, “Don’t dance with any one but Eggsy. But honestly, if you are going to do this every time I do, I just might.” He scoffs and kisses my temple, “If you don’t I will reward you, princess.” “That sounds good too,” I smile, “I love you, by the way” I add with a soft laugh and his arms tighten around my body. “And I love you most, okay.” “I’m glad we finally got that out there, after how many years,” I yawn. He smiles and nods, “Me too,” he confesses before gently pulling out and pulling the covers over the both of us.

The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 36) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Hospital Clearance”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: The way I explained this to @maddie110201 was “if you have gone through a situation kind of like it, you will get the chapter and relate to it and be like yea, i know this feel. but if you haven’t, it’s like, this was the worst most pointless chapter she’s written yet, she needs to be stopped.” so take that how you will.

First Song: I’m not giving you a link. If you don’t know Whitney, we can’t be friends. #legend #rip

Second Song: Flood Pt. 2

y/f/i = your first initial, y/f/n = your full name, y/n/n = your nickname

Summary: Stiles gets his stitches out and goes to surprise Y/n, hoping to finally be able to have sex again, but when he gets to the Argent’s, Y/n has a meltdown and Stiles spends the rest of the night trying to find ways to distract her.

Chapter Thirty-Five - Chapter Thirty-Six - Chapter Thirty-Seven

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Stiles: Hey Al, are you home?

Allison: “Yeah, what’s up?

Stiles: “is Y/n home?

Allison: “She’s in her room playing guitar, why?

Stiles: “the front desk guy let me come up, can you let me in? I wanna surprise her.

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Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Two- Dean x Reader

Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Two- Dean x Reader

Rating: T

Summary: Dean Winchester cheated on you and you left without a word.  A case brings you back to him, but the story isn’t as simple as it seems.

Warnings: Some language.  Sexual references.  

Word Count: 1680

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

After the phone call with Sam, you had rechecked back into your room for a few nights.  You didn’t feel like going any place after the emotional morning you had and were now sitting at the same bar with Junie.  She was a nice lady who was pouring out life advice along with the drinks she served.  It was a nice distraction from your own mind and you had spilled your drunk guts to her.  You had told here about how you had been orphaned when you were six- raised by your half-crazy grandmother that was way to into hunting.  That you thought you had found a guy who was different and that even seemed to care about you.  

You glanced at your phone and noticed that you had a few messages from Garth. The crazy hunter guy that fancied himself some sort of shepherd for wayward hunters.  He was a nice guy, but he really wasn’t Bobby Singer.  You sighed as you tipped back your beer- Bobby had been friends with your grandmother.  You had only been seventeen when she had passed away and Bobby had given you shelter for a few months.  You had never gotten a chance to meet the Winchesters that he spoke so highly about until his death a little over a year ago.  You had come looking for him when news of his death had reached you.  That’s when you had met Dean and Sam.  

You shook your swimmy head and peered down at the messages.  They were a mass texts about a case he needed help with in Houston.  You raised your eyebrows and wonder what was going on in your home state.  You hadn’t been back there since you were very small.  You had always figured that it would bring back to many painful memories, but you couldn’t help but think it would be a good way to get out your own head space.

‘Hey Garth, this Y/N.  I’m in Villa Rica, Georgia.  I could be there in a few days.’  

You took a swig of your beer and waited for his response.  It didn’t take long and you glanced down at your phone when your text notification went off.

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anonymous asked:

hi, love your 3x20 meltdown! :) oh and how about their lips never parted with that flip!! but I just stared at the gifs of Felicity walking away in Nanda parbat and him looking destroyed af... so a prompt idea, in the lines of something like them now getting back together and Oliver saying to F. that he watched her walk away two times and he couldnt survive a third... well something like that, I'm sure you'd make it more interesting than me here :)

Last Moment (Olicity, 5x20 spec fic, Explicit)

Thank you, anon! And oh yes it absolutely kills me how their lips never parted. P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.

For the sake of this ficlet, let’s pretend there is going to be a parallel between 3x20 and 5x20 (*crosses fingers*) and instead of Nanda Parbat, it’s Russia. This includes Oliver/Susan of Season 5 paralleling Felicity/Ray of Season 3 (they break up). 

This is the morning after. (Slight Angst Warning)

Please see the end for my additional Olicity thoughts in Season 5 re: this ficlet.

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Oliver watched her.

Her movements were mechanical… no, they were methodical, each move planned with a deliberateness that he recognized all too well. There was nothing playful or bashful, nothing that spoke to what had just happened. Not that he expected it. Some part of him had known this was coming when he knocked on her door last night, when he saw the tiny crack in her facade, when he touched her cheek and she leaned into him, sighing with a heaviness he felt in his soul. He did the same thing when facing a moment that might be his last - compartmentalize, just to get through the next minute, and the next, and the next.

She had to, for what she was walking into.

Acid burned in his chest, but he forced himself to stay quiet, wanting to just watch her for a little bit longer. He didn’t say anything as she pulled her pants on, buttoning them. Her bra was next, followed by her shirt and then her jacket.

She was leaving, like he knew would happen. And he knew he had to let her, but god, he didn’t want to.

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Reader in labor HC with Sincerely Three!

I’ve never done HC’s before so I apologize if this is crap but this is my first ever request!!! SO lets get started

Lets start with the meme boy Jared

- ok so jared n u have been together since ur senior year of high school

- you now live together in a cute little apartment

- I feel like jared would be the funny guy in an office job so that’s what he does

- he works in an office and you don’t work right now because YOURE REALLY PREGNANT

- As the days get closer to ur due date, Jared is like ’ hhhh maybe I should stay home with you today babe what if u go into labor AND IM NOT HERE’

- u make him go anyways

- but one day this actually happens n you go into labor while Jared is at work lke 30 minutes away so you call his mom first to have her come get you

- she rushes you to the hospital and once youre there, you finally call Jared and are like ‘ so uh remember how I kept telling you I wasn’t going to go into labor while u were at work? Sike, got u.”


- ‘waIT WHAT?!’ he screams so loudly his mom can faintly hear it across the room like this boy has a loud voice anyway but holy hell when he yells

- ‘ I TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU DIDNT I FUCKING TELL YOU’ Jared screamed and you could basically hear him running out of the office until he gets stopped by the lady at the front desk 

- ‘no i have to leave my partner is pushing a CHILD out right now. well Brenda i don’t care if ur son fell and broke his arm, my child is being BIRTHED.’

- even though he was 30 minutes away, he got to u in record time

- he basically kicked the door open and jumped into the room

- he is def doing a super man pose and winks at you

- you threaten to throw him out of the room before hes even sat down

- fast forward a little bit n your contractions have gotten pretty bad and youre laying on your side with your eyes closed, your hand gripping on the side of the bed so hard jared think you might break it

- ‘ babe ur joking to she hulk the bed and I CANNOT AFFORD THAT’

- you flip him off but go back to aggressively squeezing the bed until this contraction passed for a few moments and you were able to release the bed


- ‘youll break  my hand are you crazy I NEED THIS HAND TO DEFEAT ZOMBIES’

- you grab his hand anyways and squeeze it even harder than you had been the bed jut out of spite


- u look up at him with these deadly eyes and he instantly shuts up and is just like ‘ i love u (y/n) ‘

- a few hours later and it was time to push so u make sure that Jared’s hand is laced with yours and you squeeze it every time

- hes trying to say encouraging words but its more like ‘wow babe - ow - you’re doing so - fucking ow - wonderful - god my hand is going numb - just keep going babe!!!’

- about an hour later the doctor places a baby boy on your stomach and Jared literally fucking cheers

- the doctor has jared cut the chord and after that they take your son off to clean him up n stuff but the whole time jared sits by your side with that big goofy smile on his face as he tells you that he loves you


- Connor and u were sitting at home when you went into labor bc it was late at night

- ur watching some movie and u glanced up at connor and are like ‘ hhh either i just peed myself or my water just broke’

- the boy literally JUMPS up from where he was sitting and glances at you before he grabs your hands and pulls you up

-he tells you to go out to the ca so you do that while he gathers the bags that you two had spent the time making up in the previous weeks

-he walks outie trying to be as calm as he can but once he gets in the car he just glances over at you and says ‘holy fuck’ before he starts off towards the hospital

-at this point your contractions aren’t close together but when they do hit they fucking hurt like nothing you have ever experienced before so when the first big one hits you groan in pain and COnnor looks over at you all worried and is lik e

- ‘is everything ok, goddammit I’m going as fast as i can without being pulled over but all this fuCKING traffic is making it hard to get FUCKING anywhere.’

- you put your hand on his leg and are just like ‘connor stfu its fine i was having a contraction buts its passed right now so its fine ok’

- he eventually gets you to the hospital and you get into the bed with all the chords attached to your stomach

- i feel like connor has been super nervous for this because hes so scared that hes gonna be a bad dad that when he sits down next to you he just kind of like shuts down and starts to completely doubt himself

- but ofc you know whats going on so you just grab his hand and tell him its all gonna be ok bc obviously neither f you have any real idea how to be a parent yet and youll figure it out together

- he looks at you with those super pretty eyes and u just smile at him

- he loves u so much and he feels so lucky to have someone  like you who makes him feel like this is all going to be ok instead of the way his father had been making him feel by like teling him hes gonna be a bad dad

- a few hours later and its finally time to push and Connor lets you hold his hand the entire time and hes just completely ignoring the fact that youre basically breaking his hand and he just keeps telling u how great youre doing

- ‘youre doing great (y/n), squeeze my hand all you want. Take all the fucking anger out on my hand its fine’

- the doctor puts a little girl on your chest and you tear up as u look at her

- and so does connor because ike ffuck he has a daughter and someone who is going to love him and that he already loves so much?? like he didn’t think he could love anything this much other than u until he saw his daughter

- the doctor has connor cut the chord and he does it really slowly before the little girl is taken away to get cleaned up.

- connor sits down beside of you and he rubs your hair out of your face and kisses your forehead gently

- that boy loves u and his little family so much and he swears that he is going be ten times better than his family ever was to him


- SO LIKE- Evan and you go over to Heidi’s every Tuesday for taco Tuesday and game night right??- so you guys are sitting there eating and playing uno when suddenly you have this weird pain in your stomach and it’s not at all like when the baby kick so you just kind of pause and it’s your turn so Heidi and Evan both give you a confused look- ’ uh (y/n) are you ok?’

- you just nod your head and shrug your shoulders b are like ya just a pain but it’s gone now- so you start playing again- Until the pain comes back and it’s worst that before so you once again take a deep breath and just sit there for a moment and this is when evan starts like getting really nervous and yoy can tell because his starting to pull on the corner of his cards- Heidi asks you if you’re sure you’re ok and you just nod your head

- until ur water breaks and ur just sitting a small puddle of water in your seat-u don’t wanna freak out evan so u ask him to go get you a drink from the kitchen and once he leaves, u whisper to Heidi that u think ur water broke- AND SHE LIKE SQUEALS- Evan comes back in when he hears the squeal and is like ???? what??? -AND HEIDI IS LIKE “(Y/N) THINKS THEIR WATER BROKE”

-and evan drops the glass of water he had in his hands and it goes everywhere and u snicker- ‘now Evans water has broken’ and Evans eyes go wider than before- ‘this is uh no times for jokes!! we gotta go!!’ Evan says and you nod your head and get up-Heidi drives u to the hospital and drops you and evan off before she goes back to the your and Evans house to get the bags you had packed

- the doctor gets you all situated and checks you and is like ???- had u waited any longer to come in yoy might have been having the baby at home because you were like 8cm

- ur like ??? I barely feel anything what the fuck-the doctor shrugs and chuckled

-evan is sitting by your bed and he’s obviously an anxious mess- his leg is bouncing and his face is all red and his fidgeting with the bed sheets- bc like what if the baby doesn’t end up liking him and what if he’s a bad dad and messes up when it comes to taking care of the baby and goodness the boy is just a mess

- but u just smile at him and place hand on his and just whisper calming words to him- Heidi shows up with the bags you had packed and she just smiles at the scene of her son and the person he loves all lovey dovey and about to be parents-the doctor comes in like 20 minutes later and tells u that it’s time to push so you get all situated-evan grabs your hand and is squeezing it WAY tighter than you’re squeezing his and you can’t help but laugh

-it takes like 3-5 pushes and the doctor puts a little girl on your stomach and asks evan if he wants to cut the chord and he nods-but when the doctor puts the scissors in his hands and they’re shaking like crazy and he takes one step into doing it before- he passes out-like he drops to the floor and you burst out laughing because you knew he was nervous but not that nervous

-Heidi laughs and helps evan up and he cuts the chord with her help and he just keeps staring at the baby and he just can’t comprehend that he made that- he just loves you and his baby so much snd he’s so excited to be a dad now