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honestly??? isak and even’s relationship is the DEFINITION of “i dont want a gay story i want a story with gay characters" 

because being gay in this day and age is obviously going to be an issue, and something to work through. but it was never what this particular story was about - it was never about isak being gay. this season is about him growing as a person, about his relationships with other people. being gay is just a character trait that affects his life and relationships, just like having a mentally ill mom and rough past is a character trait that affects his relationships.

even isnt there to be a part of a gay story - he’s a gay character who’s there, as all side characters are, to help the protagonist do what he needs to do. so even’s there not only to help isak get over his issues and open up to people, but also to give him a reason to not have stigma against the mentally ill, to give isak a reason to think about making up wtih this mother.

they’re gay characters, and it IS a gay story, and so so much of it is about hte romance -  but its so much more beyond that. its so so good because having good rep isn’t just taking a straight story and changing the gender of one of the characters. its aCKNOWLEDGING the issues with being gay and what comes with that but not have that be the ENTIRE story, or the ENTIRE plot, or the REASON the story is being told. and im so so grateful

“Listen to me,” she said, staring intently into my eyes, as I stared back at her as mine were now filling with tears.

“So what he opened your ‘i miss you’ text that you sent drunk at 3 in the morning and he didn’t respond? So what he stopped giving you that shy smile that he always used to send your way when you walked by each other in the hallways? So what his fingers are now intertwined with the hand of a girl that isn’t you? He is the one with a problem.”

“He clearly fails to see how utterly iridescent and beautiful and magnificent you are. Honestly, I feel bad for him. He’s pretty damn stupid if he can’t recognize the pure light that is bursting from your soul.”

“And I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to meet plenty of other stupid assholes in your lifetime- they’ll break your heart in more ways than one. The one thing you’ll need to remember though- always, always remember- tattoo it on your forehead if you have to, is this: his opinion does not define you. His inability to see and appreciate the fucking miracle of God that you are is not your fault. So stop putting the blame on you, and most importantly, stop letting the opinion of a boy who won’t matter in 6 months time effect how you see yourself. You are worth so much more than losing yourself over a boy who doesn’t care.”

“What matters is that you put your heart out on the line. Yeah, it was torn to pieces this time. But I absolutely promise you that one day, you’ll give your heart to somebody, and they won’t drop it. Instead, they’ll give theirs right back to you. And something so indescribably wonderful and magical will come out of it that this boy won’t even be a sliver of a thought in your mind. I promise.”

—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20
I guess I knew it wouldn’t last. People like us don’t do forever. We don’t even do for a while. We run from real life and tattoo meaningless words that mean everything to us on our arms. We change our clothes and our names every morning. We scream to the wind just because we can and we jump off cliffs to see if we can fly. We both burned too bright and too fast to make it last. And maybe that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be permanent to mean something.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2015

Nobody falls out of love overnight.

If one day you wake up and realise that you don’t love him any more. Look back.

All the things you loved about him; his over possessiveness, his smooth way with words, his cheeky smirk; slowly became the very things you now hate about him.

—  Things about him // excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

dying b/c this moment:

isn’t victor being self-absorbed or oblivious like it seems at first, HE’S PLAYFULLY TEASING YURI IN REGARDS TO ALL THE PHOTOS THEY TOOK TOGETHER THE NIGHT BEFORE 

He let her go but he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. Couldn’t stop wondering how she was doing and whether or not she was wondering about him too. “I want to hold her hand again,“ he muttered. "I just want to hold her freaking hand.
—  💜

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Okay, listen. Just listen. 

Damian and Tim have a complicated relationship, that’s for sure, but they’re brothers. It’s messy and tangled and not clear cut… but you have to admit, like Tim does not do right by Damian at the beginning of their relationship. This is complicated further by the fact that Damian did try to kill Tim when they first met. Yes, that is definitely Bad. But like… Damian was 10. Not only that but he was abused his whole life. That doesn’t make what he did excusable but it makes it understandable when he begins to change. Like Tim is almost and adult and he hurts a 10 year old out of spite even when it’s clear that the kid is changing.

It’s a complicated situation, but you have to stop pretending that Tim is your perfect little Angel Child and infantilzing him. There’s no Right or Wrong in this scenario, life doesn’t work like that. But Tim is capable of being cruel and he is cruel to Damian during their first years together.

I’m getting really tired of this Damian is A Monster Torturing My Perfect Angel Tim Drake rhetoric. Like Damian is a child and was abused and you need to start factoring that into the equation.

Sometimes you realize how lonely you are when its 2 a.m on a school night and you can’t stop crying over his favorite song. sometimes you realize this when its 4 p.m on a Sunday afternoon and your mother just baked you cookies and there is sunlight hitting the windows at just the right angle to warm your skin and you are smiling and laughing until suddenly there is a hole in your chest because the chocolate chips are the same color as his eyes.

you think you are over him until someone says his name and you are fourteen again, carrying your heart home in your backpack because he didn’t want it.

this kind of pain will always surprise you because it won’t always be there. you will get used to feeling alive until it comes back and you can’t quite remember how to deal with it.

i hope you remember how you felt alive before you met him.
i hope you feel that way again.

—  it won’t hurt like this forever– lily rain