never over her voice

All of these characters have the same voice actress and I just realised that and now I feel foolish.


 Stefan Salvatore seeing his wife for the first time on their wedding day.

   [We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives. Done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going. Try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost.]

To be dazed

Title: To be dazed 

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker 

Summary: Y/N has lived next to Peter since the 3rd grade and since has fallen hard for him, but Y/N doesn’t know he’s fallen just as hard.

Word count: 2,084

Songs: Left hand free by alt-j

A/N: Hi! I hope you guys enjoy part 3! p.s sorry for all the typos and grammar mistakes, this is all raw 

Part 1: To be young

Part 2: To be foolish  

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“Peter where were you?!” You practically shriek at the boy who just disappeared and reappeared out of thin air. “What-What are you talking about?” He scratched his neck nervously, “What do you- ugh are you okay?” Your eyes scan his body for any sign of bruising or cuts.

Peter coughed slightly “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? You were just up there in the monument weren’t you?” Peters eyes scanned your own, you could tell he knew something you didn’t, or at least was hiding something. “No I-I was with Michelle on the ground.” You flail your hands in the air starting to get frustrated. You saw right through his lie.

“Peter tell the truth where we’re you and also can we talk about last night?” Peters eyes widened at the mention of the night before, “Um what ab- what do you mean?” He changed his question mid sentence, causing you to cock your eyebrow up, “what do I mean? Why were you on the-” Peters hand quickly covered you mouth and a guilty expression graced his face.

“Could we talk somewhere more ..” Peter paused removing his hand slowly away from your face “private?” You felt your face go hot, knowing very well that it was as red as a tomato. You two were currently in the hotel lobbies designated sitting area.

“Where would we go?” Silently praying that Peter wouldn’t suggest his room, “how about mine and Ned’s room?” Your heart skipped a beat at the thought of being alone with just Peter in his room, well his and Ned’s. “It won’t be very private if Ned’s there.” You decide to point out before Peter got the chance to turn around.

“Ned’s with everyone else at the restaurant, it’ll only be us.” Peter reassured you “ok fine, lead the way.” You sigh following Peter up to his hotel room.

You flop onto the bed closest to the door feeling more tired than anything at the moment, you heard Peter loudly sigh before speaking up “So you wanted to talk about..” he paused letting you fill in the gap, “about last night.” You sit up on the bed and stare straight at Peter who was pacing the room. “Why were you on the roof?” The boy stops, his back facing you “What? I-I wasn’t on the roof.” He concludes turning around to see your skeptical face. “Peter, yes you were.” you got up from the bed and slowly made your way towards the lying boy “What going on?” you stop just  a few feet in front of him “And can we please talk about what happened last weekend?” Peters eyes lock onto yours.

“Yeah, lets talk about last weekend.” He raked his hand through his fluffily mess of hair, you couldn’t help the swarm of butterflies that filled your stomach, he really wants to talk.

“Listen Y/N I-” Peter was stopped mid-sentence by the door of his room opening, “Yes exactly! Oh here they are!” Ned walked through the door way with Liz trailing right behind him. “Peter there you are!” Liz practically threw herself in Peters arms and of course Peter couldn’t hide the bush that rose on his cheeks.

“We were so worried, you just disappeared.” Liz spoke firmly while Peter never glanced back at you, you decided Peter didnt want to talk anymore because Liz was here. “I’m gonna head out, I’ll see ya later Pete.” you waved only get a small “yeah sure.” in return.

Why does Liz always seem to come around at the worst moments, she has to be tormenting me. You decided to just go back to your shared hotel room and vent out to Michelle about whats been happening, mainly about Peter.

“Hey dweeb.” Michelle nudged your shoulder slightly “Everything good now?” you sighed slightly at the question being asked, “define good.” You closed your locker and walked to class with Michelle by your side.

You never really got to speak to Peter the rest of the weekend and seeing him not really interested in talking anymore, you felt like giving up. “Hey Y/N.” you were knocked out of your thoughts by a voice that made your heart flutter in your chest. “Hey Peter.” you smiled falling right back into the dangerous loop that is your friendship. “I need to talk to you after school so could we meet in front of the gym?” you looked over to Michelle to get some kind of guidance but you got nothing but a shrug form your best friend. “Yeah sure-sure.” you stuttered out “Ok cool, see you in Spanish.”

“you’re blushing.” Michelle spoke “At least try to hide the fact that your hopelessly in love with him.” you sighed rolling your eyes at your best friends attitude, “Hey weren’t you the one who told me to go talk to him in the first place?” you shot back earning a laugh from her.

“Yeah yeah whatever.” The two of you walked into class just as the bell rang and got situated in your seats. You watch the clock eagerly waiting for the end of the day.

As the end of lunch rolled around you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, you slid it out of your small jean pocket and onto the lunch table.

You groaned angrily at the small notification that had popped up “Hey Y/N I’m really sorry I can’t meet up anymore.” Quickly you type out a reply ‘why?’ before smacking your head down onto the table. “Hey what’s up?” Ned ask a worried tone in his voice.

“Peter can’t meet up anymore.” You felt the table buzz causing your head to pop up and grab the phone “I got detention, could I stop by yours after maybe?” Butterflies filled your stomach again at the thought of Peter and you being alone.

“Yeah sure, my doors always open.” You couldn’t help it that you were hopelessly in love with the boy who only had eyes for another girl. The bell rang signaling the end of lunch, you and the small group of friends you had, minus Peter, made their way to the last classes of the day.

“Y/N!” you heard your dad shout to you “someones at the door for you!” your heart jumped a little already knowing it was Peter you decide to quickly clean up your room before heading to the front door. “I’ll be right there!” you shout your reply while quickly shoving things under your bed and into the draws of your dresser.

After shoving the last item under your bed, you checked how you look in your body length mirror on the wall “Ok,” you let out a shaky breath “you can do this.” you made your way out of your room and to the front door.

“May?” you didn’t even try to hide the confusion in your voice “What ar- what are you doing here?” Peters aunt looked as though she was on the verge of tears “Have you talked to Peter at all today?” May’s voice was very shaky, you felt your eyebrows crease together.

“Just at school, he was suppose to come by but hasn’t..” you trailed off in thought “He hasn’t been home yet either, has he?” A knot twisted in your stomach hearing May’s reply “No he hasn’t, I-I-I got a call from the principal saying that he just left detention.” May looked into your eyes hoping that you would have an answer for any of this but you had no idea he’d even left detention.

“Here, let me grab my phone from my room and I’ll meet you in your living room.” May simply nodded heading back into her apartment while you ran and grabbed your phone. “I’m gonna hangout at May’s for a little!” You shouted letting your dad know you were leaving.

“Ok so you’ve tried calling him and Ned?” you huffed lightly at May while typing out a text to MJ asking about Peter. “Yes.” May sighed turning on the tv and switching it to a news channel “How long ago did the principal call you?” You turned your attention away from your phone and tot he worried woman “About two hours ago.” Your heart broke, Peter was always maticulous about keeping his aunt up to date on his whereabouts so she wouldn’t worry. something is defiantly wrong.

after 3 more hours, 4 calls to the police station and heading down to Peters favorite sandwich shop the door to May’s apartment slowly opened with a small creek. May immediately stood up and rushed over to the door, you couldn’t see anything that was happening but knew May had tears in her eyes from the shakiness in her voice “Peter where have you been? Ive been calling and calling..” May’s voice faded causing you to get up and slowly make your way over to the kitchen by the door. “Peter what happened?” there was a pause before the boy answered “Nothing May, you don’t need to be worried.” You could hear through the lies he was telling “I just,” you  heard Peter sigh deeply “I lost the Stark Internship.”

Peters face finally came into your view as you got closer to the edge of the kitchen and then you saw it, Peters eyes were a faded red and his face slightly puffy with a bruise that spread from his jaw to his temple. “oh honey I’m so sorry.” May pulled Peter in for a hug making Peters vision to switch from staring at the floor to in front of him or more specific behind May, right at you.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” May backed away from Peter slightly giving him room to walk around her “Y/N came over and helped me look for you, we called the police for god’s sake Peter.” You sensed the anger rise slightly in May with her growing voice. “And you never came over.” you tried to hide the sadness in your voice but failed, your eyes caught Peters and you felt your heart break staring into the saddest brown eyes you’ve ever come across. “Hey May would it be alright if i talk to Peter in his room?” May nodded slightly and you grabbed Peters arm dragging him into his room, he closed the door softly behind you.

“Peter what the hell is going on? you’ve evener done anything like that before! And why is your face so bruised.” the anger started rising in you before you could stop it, you knew you shouldn’t be this made but you were “What? Never done anything like what?” the panic in Peters eyes were very evident, he’s hiding something and you were going to find out what. “You always update May on where you are and what your doing if you don’t make it home after school,” you paused averting your eyes from Peters, you needed to look at anything but him the moment “You really worried her and me, you promised you’d stop by mine after detention but you never came, Peter please tell me whats going on?” The tension in Peters room was getting thicker and thicker by the minuet “You..” Peter exhaled loudly plopping down on his bed.

“You wouldn’t believe me if i told you.” a small sarcastic laugh escaped your lips “Peter you’re wearing Hello Kitty pants, skipped detention and lost an internship with Tony Stark, which i didn’t even know about by the way, so right now I’ll believe anything.”

Peter dragged his hands down his face and raked his finger through his hair before answering you “Fine, here it goes.” Peters head shot up attaching his gaze onto you “I’m-I’m Spider-Man.”

Your eyes went wide with shock.

“What?” you could barley speak. Peter? Spider-Man? Theres no way… “Ho-how?” was the last thing you could get in before May barged into the room “I’m assuming Y/N will be staying for dinner, so what do you kids want?” you couldn’t even think straight let alone speak properly.

“Could we just have some takeout?” Peter asked with his eyes still on you. “Sure, I’ll just order some chow-mein and a box of rice.” May closed the door and left you and Peter alone to talk. “Peter what?” your brain scrambled for anything else to say “I-I what do you mean your Spider-Man?!” your voice started getting louder with each word that came out of your mouth.

How could Peter your shy, dorky, adorable neighbor be Spider-Man.. It just didn’t make any sense.

Oxygen Limit

(I just really like Bellamy. I am completely inlove with him. If you would like to see imagines that are based off other than Bellamy, please request!)

Requested: nah.

Imagine: You’re Clarke’s sister, sent to the ground for being born. When Emerson comes back for a revenge on Clarke and Bellamy, your boyfriend, your his bait.

Warning: Angst. Blood and somewhat mental torture?

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“I don’t take orders from you,” you spat. Staring up at you sister, Clarke, angrily. How dare she try to tell you what to do? After all that she had done. “I don’t take orders from the sister who left me.” You finished, turning around to walk off with Jasper. You didn’t necessarily want to separate, it probably wasn’t safe, but after being stuck in a car with the girl who had left you to die, you didn’t care too much. 

You shot a look to Jasper, who nodded back at you and you began to walk off before a hand grabbed your elbow. “Wait, Y/N.” Bellamy’s voice stopped you, making you loosen up and sigh. Turning to him, you gave him a soft smile. “Bell..” You started.

“We should stick together, it isn’t safe.” You felt immense guilt that you had even forgotten about how Bellamy would feel about you running off. You felt so bad for him, he made a stupid choice over the past view weeks but you knew he hadn’t only meant well when you’d nearly been killed by the grounders.

Now, his sister hated him. And there was nothing he could do because the truth was Lincoln had died because of him. But, you didn’t hate him. You’d stuck with him the entire time without ever actually doing anything, and every you had tried to convince him that he was on the wrong side until finally he believed you. It had clicked, and you’d forgiven him instantly.

Now, why couldn’t you do that with Clarke, you asked yourself. If you’d been able to forgive Bellamy after everything he’d done, why could you forgive Clarke. Then you reminded yourself that she had chosen to abandon you over the girl she fell in love with. Bellamy had done it for you.

“I know.” You sighed, shaking your head. “But, we also need to gather a lot of supplies in a short amount of time. It’ll get done quicker if we separate.” Bellamy’s eyes closed, seemingly thinking it over. “Then i’ll come with you.” He decided.

You laughed lightly, shaking your head. “Clarke needs you here, i’ll be fine Bellamy.” Turning, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ignored Clarke’s gaze on you as you caught up to Jasper.

You two talked about nothing, searching for anything that could help you uncover the secret to Alie’s coding. 

You’d noticed how Jasper kept throwing glances your way. He was painfully obvious and finally, after fifteen minutes of the awkward encounter, you stopped ruffling through bins and turned around to him. “What, Jasper?” You asked, placing your hand on your hip.

“How long are you gonna stay mad at Clarke for?” He asked, to which you immediately sighed. You were tired of that damn question.

“What, like you weren’t mad at her a few days ago?” You asked, your voice coming out ruder than you had intended. You felt guilty when Jasper’s expression went baffled and then dropped, and he turned. Angry at yourself, you shook your head. “Wait, Jasper.” he refocused on you, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well, it sure came out that way.” He mumbled. You cursed yourself, walking over to him and placing your hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It’s just i’m mad at her, why should I have to forgive her?”

Jasper shook his head, “you can’t stay mad at her forever.” He remarked.

“She left me!” You yelled, forgetting yourself. “She left me to die because she couldn’t live with herself, and then when I tried to bring her back, she chose a grounder over her own sister!” You hissed, feeling tears brimming at your eyes. It had been so long since you’d let your emotions out like than, there was never any time to be by yourself anymore and you had been bundling up everything. 

Jasper gave you a light, awkward hug. And you relaxed against the hug. “How did you forgive her?” You pondered, letting his warmth engulf you.

“I didn’t,” Jasper admitted. “I just accepted that she did what she thought was right. Like all of us.”

Pulling away from the hug, you turned to walk out of the room. “I don’t think I can.” You whispered.

“Where are you going?” Jasper yelled, and just as you opened your mouth to reply you felt something heavy smack you over the head. You wobbled, confused from where the hit came from in the pitch black darkness. You felt something start to drip down your face, and quickly you ran back to Jasper. 

When he saw you his mouth fell open. You hadn’t caught sight as to what hit you before you ran away and when Jasper asked what happened, another pain came over you. You felt your vision leave you, as you let your body crumble to the floor.

When you woke up, you felt your vision blocked by something and something wrapped tightly around your mouth. You immediately became panicked as you shifted around, you realized your wrists were tied together. You felt bare and cold, and realized that whoever had you had taken away your weapons and jacket. Leaving you in a beige tanktop and your jeans. 

You wiggled, trying to break free from your restraints. You didn’t know where you were but you could feel the dried blood on your forehead as your head ached immensely. 

“Come here, weapon free and by yourself.” A voice interrupted your thoughts, and the voice sounded oddly familiar. You shook your head, trying to shake the blind fold off.

“Where’s Y/N?” You heard Clarke’s voice over the radio, her voice staticky and you never thought you’d be relieved to hear a familiar voice. From what you remembered you had been hit by someone, and guessing whoever it was had probably taken Jasper as well.

You let out a muffled scream, trying to alert Clarke or whoever that you were in danger. You kept screaming, your voice becoming raw as suddenly light blinded you and the blindfold was ripped off.

You blinked, trying to clear your vision. When it cleared, you were shocked when Emerson’s face came before you, a cocky smirk on his face as he smiled down at you. When in Mount Weather, the guard had taken some kind of sick liking to you and always demanded your bone marrow, you were the reason he was able to stand here right now.

You felt a great amount of anger bubble within you, but fear overcame as you scooted back. Remembering the sick smile on his face as your bone marrow had been stolen from you.

“Hello, Y/N.” He greeted. You snarled before turning your head to the left when muffled voices caught your attention. Turning you saw everyone of your friends lined up in the floating room, you felt slight relief at knowing Bellamy wasn’t there but anger at seeing all your friends lined up.

You turned back to Emerson, facing him with a deathly glare. He smiled before taking off your gag, you spat at him. He snarled, wiping the spit off before grabbing you by your chin. “So nice to see you to.”

“Fuck off, Emerson.” You snarled. Trying to shake from his grasp, he let you go as you slammed into the wall behind you.

“Yes,” he nodded, “anyways it’s time to get you up.”

“Why am I not with them?” You asked, gesturing over to your friends. You wondered why you weren’t lined up with them as well, and when your eye caught Jasper’s you cringed. You felt guilt that if maybe you had fought harder, him or none of them would be there now.

“Because your the bait for when Clarke doesn’t come here alone and unarmed.” Blinking, you cursed yourself. But, then again would she even care? She had left you once, so why would she care if you were in danger.

Emerson seemed to understand you, somehow. “Yes, she’ll care.” He smirked, “plus i’m betting on everything that Bellamy will be there.” Your eyes widened and you started struggling, this was bad. Bellamy, you knew, would do and give up himself immediately for you. 

“Please,” you begged. Staring up at the man who had tortured you with tears in your eyes. He shook his head before yanking you up. You wobbled, feeling weak in the legs as he gripped you around your upper arm.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, feigning guilt. “But, you and everyone else needs to pay for mass murdering my family.”

“Please,” you tried again. Turing to look at your friends who stared at you in pity, anger and fear. “Please, don’t do this. I’ll come with you. You can kill me. Whatever just don’t hurt them.”

“As tempting as that-”

“Don’t hurt him!” You nearly bellowed, scared as you heard footsteps. Emerson seemed to hear them as well as he grabbed your gag and put it around your mouth again. You mumbled something as you tried to wiggle around in your wrist restraints.

Then before you knew it Clarke came around the corner, her hands up in the air as you struggled against his grip. Her gaze faltered when she saw you and despite how mad you’d been at her, you looked at her pleadingly.

“I held up my part of the deal. Now it’s your turn,” she said, “let my friends go.”

You felt Emerson smirk from behind you, “tell Bellamy to show himself first.” You shook, moaning in pain and fear when you noticed the knife Emerson held beside you for the first time. “I don’t know what you’re talk-”

You grunted in pain when Emerson punched you in the stomach. You doubled over his arm around your waist in pain as you tried to regain yourself. You cursed yourself when Bellamy ran out, his gun at the ready. It felt so good to see him but you were still recovering from pain, and you knew that Emerson would only hurt him.

“no!” he yelled. You coughed when Emerson grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, placing the knife against your throat. You flinched, trying to move away from the knife and grab Emerson’s hands with your own tied ones. “Good,” you watched as Bellamy and Clarke shared a look. “Now take out the clip. And throw it across the hall. Put the gun on the ground. And get inside.”

You shook her head, trying to mumble a no when Emerson pressed the knife tighter against your neck. You knew Bellamy would do it.

“Please, you wanted me.” Clarke spoke up. “I’ll get inside. One you let them go.” She took a deep breath, “once you let her go.” You closed your eyes, shaking your head.

You felt Emerson shake his head, “I was talking to Bellamy.” You took a breath in, your breath leaving you as Emerson scraped the knife against your neck. Not deep enough to cause serious damage but it still hurt immensely, and you clenched your hands from the pain.

“Okay, Okay.” Bellamy said, letting go of the gun. “Just-Just stop!” You shook her head, “no….” You mumbled.

Clarke said something before the knife was pressed tighter against your throat. “g’uh.” You groaned, trying to keep your breathing steady. You closed your eyes in shame when Bellamy put down the gun, walking by you and into the room. As he walked by, you made eye contact and he gave you a soft look. You felt a tear drop as you were then led into the room yourself.

You whimpered, “those are yours.” Emerson ordered Bellamy. Still holding you. Once Bellamy had locked himself in, he placed you right beside him. “Since i like you.” He whispered in your ear, restraining your wrists into the next slot. Raven was inbetween you and Bellamy, but you didn’t focus on her, instead stared at Bellamy as he nodded at you.

“I love you.” He whispered. You gulped, shaking your head as your furrowed your eye brows.

Emerson pushed you into the wall, and then walked off, holding a gun at Clarke as he ordered her to get on her knees. You didn’t hear the rest, you only focused on Bellamy before you heard the slam of a button, the doors closing and suddenly the air left you.

“Bell..” You groaned, trying to breathe. He made eyes contact with you before you felt your vision blur. Hanging there with your hands in the cuffs above you, you hung there as your head fell against the wall.

When you woke up, your hands were free and your mouth didn’t feel restrained. You were being held by someone, and there was a pressure on your neck. Opening up your eyes, you saw Bellamy’s brown ones staring down at you and you immediately felt a wave of relief wash over you.

“Bell…” You whispered staring up at him. He smiled. Helping you up, you sat straight up, looking around you relieved to see all your friends fine and breathing. Bellamy asked if you were okay and you nodded. 

“Emerson…?” You whispered, the events from before rushing to you.

Bellamy nodded to behind you and you were shocked to see Emerson dead body laying only a few feet away from you. “Who…?”

“Clarke.” Bellamy answered, you moved to get up to which he instantly helped you. You held a hand to him as you caught sight of Clarke, giving him a soft smile you walked away from him. He nodded, understanding what you were doing.

When Clarke noticed you behind her, she turned around anxious. “Y/N… ho-” Only to be cut off when you embraced her. She held her hands awkwardly around you as you tightened your grip on her, glad to have your big sisters protection so close to you. 

You let out a deep breath when she finally hugged you back. “Thank you.”

Hope you enjoyed!

Never over Shiro constantly fretting over Allura’s well being.

Never over Allura wanting to toss Ulaz into the void but even with the four paladins behind her she decided to take a huge risk personally and practically, because Shiro asked her too.

Never over the hand touch. Never.

Never over Shiro assuring Allura that it didn’t matter how Zarkon was tracking them because they were in this battle together.

Never over the way Allura assured Shiro he was the black paladin. Her voice was so soft.

Never over Shiro and Allura conversing during her departure with Keith but speaking as if the conversation was just the two of them

Never over what honestly looked like a little jealousy on Shiro’s part.

Never over Allura calling for Shiro when she thought Voltron had been severely damaged.

Never over Shiro screaming Allura when the particle beam struck the castle and being most effected by her possible death.

Never over the fact that the finale was very heavily about Shiro realizing the black lion’s true power and completing the bound with the final peice, the black bayard.

Never over the fact that the finale battle heavily relied on Allura realizing her own strength and magical capabilities by defeting Haggar. She proved she’s a natural leader. Not just for the paladins but any team that needs her.

they say it’s hard,
loving someone from
but it’s worth it
when you finally see

she loved you,
even when you
didn’t know who you were.
and when your gender
flowed and ebbed like a river,
day after day,
she was your constant.

and though you never
saw her face, only
heard her voice
over the static of a phone,
you always knew
she was your one and only.

now she’s standing there
face to face with you.
and she is just as
beautiful as you imagined.

because although the
distance between your bodies
had been closed,
there was never any distance
between your

—  A poem about a genderfluid person is in love with a girl and they’re in a long distance relationship and finally get to meet, for @gemini-galaxy.
Scandal re-watching : 106

30 sec into it and I’m already dead -again

How could people still not be convinced that they are endgame after this episode ??? I mean he almost got her pregnant by holding a baby in his arms and breathing a little too close to her in an elevator ?! 

anyway I don’t have words to describe the way they make me feel, so I’ll just be posting gifs : 

why are you here ? you can’t be here

ps I’M SO F GLAD YOU’RE HERE!!! despite everything that happened she trusts him and she needed to see him as much as he did 

this is why you fired me ?

he’s got something I could work with 


you’re gonna need to earn it 

sit there and watch me earn you  -oh boy :’) 

why didn’t I meet you sooner ? what kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up ?

Just go in your room and close the door and we pretend this never happened 

let’s be inappropriate 

Take of you cloths 

so far beyond the Governor Grant crap, indeed 

I’m a man in love with an incredible woman 

Just stand here with me for one minute. Let’s not go back in there and talk or think or - For one minute we just stand here and I’m not the candidate and you’re not the campaign fixer, we’re just us. For one minute. Just stand here with me. 


“One minute” 

I love how this became their thing and kept giving throughout the years 

Actually I’m gonna add some other cute quotes because this ep was a f Olitz-goldmine and I’ll never be over it 

you two seem to be doing much better -her voice being a tad too high-pitch   at the end lets out just how much she didn”t mean that^^

Fitz : “you take the opposition research and you put it in the garbage, we play the rest of the campaign above board, win or lose”

Olivia : *aroused* 

they’re so on the same page. #TeamOlitzagainsttherestoftheworld :’) 

“you two need to be a couple, believable, loving dedicated, couple” 

“I would eat breath and live Fitzgeranlt Grant every minute of every day”. well if that’s not dedication then i don’t know what is…

that’s all folk! feel free to add gifs and quotes from the trail because i don’t think any comment is necessary ! I’m gonna go roll in a corner listening to the light for the rest of the evening ;)

Land Next to Me: Chapter 3

A/N: Woah this was longer than I planned-way over. This is almost twice the amount of chapter one lmao but anyways, here you guys go!! We’re back to Lucy’s POV now and things are escalating quickly!! 

Thanks @canasexual for being a lovely beta for this!! Honestly made this chapter so much better! <3 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 4369

Pairings: Nalu, eventual Gajevy and Jerza

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits and each other. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

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Chapter 3: Revenge Isn’t Justice

“Levy, I don’t know what to do,” Lucy cried as she kicked her bed, frustrated. “Don’t the people deserve to know they’re going to die in three months?”

Lucy was fucking terrified. Old memories ate at her, her stomach in knots while the rest of her body felt numb. If she had just kept her mouth shut, then maybe Levy…


Broken. Bleeding. Dying.

Her breathing was haggard and heavy, her mind a jumbled mess with her thoughts disconnected and running rampant. They had somehow made it back to the camp, she surmised after looking up and seeing the dropship. She stumbled forward a few steps with tears freely flowing down her face, distorting her vision. She moved her hand to wipe the tears from her face and grimly realized that she was shaking.

A broken cry ripped from her throat as she hunched over as she felt her chest constrict. Her hands moved to grip her hair in an unsuccessful attempt to regain her composure, her thoughts and emotions completely overwhelmed by guilt and fear.

It was all her fault.

Levy was only on the ground because of her. Lucy had confided in her and told her about her mother’s plan to let the people of the Ark know that it was dying. She never even thought to consider the possibility someone could overhear them.

Lucy clutched the bracelet on her wrist, thoughts of her mother and her pointless death running through her mind as her stomach lurched up to her throat. Maybe if she tried to stop her mother, tried to convince her that she had been wrong, maybe she’d still be alive, maybe Levy and Lucy would still be in space where it was safe. At least, safer than the ground.

But her mom wasn’t wrong. The people did deserve to know.

And they never would.

She could hear voices getting closer, her body still bent over with her hands on her knees as she  tried to catch her breath. She had to stay strong.

Or, at least, look it.

With great amount effort and the little energy she had left, Lucy stood up, back straight, wiping away the tears that still fell from her face.

“What the hell happened?”


She wanted to laugh. Of course Jellal would be the one doing the questioning. It was only natural for the kids to look up to him after all; he was technically an adult and they were just a bunch of adolescent criminals who were sent down to save the lives of the innocent.

“We’re not alone,” she breathed out, staring him dead on. She saw his eyes widen, shock and confusion appearing on his face. There were mutters coming from all around her at her words, and she could hear them try to figure out what she was talking about. “There are survivors. Levy, she…” she trailed off. She couldn’t say it. It would only make it too real—too painful.

“She got hit.” She heard Loke finish and she gave him a half smile out of thanks. Her breath hitched at the look on his face—eyes red and jaw tense. He was trying to be strong, but she could tell that he was breaking down just like the rest of them.  

Her ears picked up the sounds of whimpering and her heart broke as she turned her head to see Jet and Droy with tears running down their cheeks, staring at the ground with an arm wrapped around each other. She felt her tears come back—though she doubted they even stopped in the first place—at the sight. They loved Levy just as much as she did, maybe even more.

“We need to go back for her. She could still be alive.” It wasn’t a question—Lucy needed backup. It was true they didn’t know what was out there, but there was no way was she leaving Levy for dead. “You have to come with us, Jellal. You have to help us.” Her voice cracked at the end, her words filled with pleading and desperation.

Lucy hated to ask him, she really did.

But he had a gun, and Levy was more important than her personal feelings.

She could see the pain, the conflict, in his eyes. He didn’t know Levy, hell, he didn’t even really know her. There was no reason for him to help her. More importantly, they now had more life-threatening issues to worry about, like the fact that there are survivors who potentially wanted to kill them all. The crowd started to raise their voices and she could tell panic was starting to settle in with everyone and she was slightly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

“No,” Jellal stated, voice firm, “it’s a bad idea. We’d only get ourselves hurt—killed. We need a plan; you need to think this through, princess.” His eyes we’re focused on her as he crossed his arms in resolve.

It’s not like she expected him to say yes.

But it still hurt.

“We need to build a wall,” he shouted as he turned to the crowd of teens surrounding them, “make a defence to keep them out.” She wanted to yell, to scream at him to stop being such an idiot, but he wasn’t. A wall was a good idea. She could admit that. It would hopefully keep the grounders at bay, make it known they weren’t welcome. But right now, to her, it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered except saving her friend, and she’d be damned if she stayed to build a wall when she could be saving a life.

“What if it was Wendy?” she demanded, hands moving to her hips as she took a few determined steps forward, mustering up a look she hoped was intimidating. She had to look in control. His face contorted to one of complete shock and she saw his jaw clench, his hands curl into balls. His features changed to one of anger as he strode towards her, and for a moment, she was scared. She stood her ground, however, not backing down from his towering frame. She knew she made him think twice, that he might change his mind, because the reality of the situation started to sink in, she could see it in his expression, the way his body was tense.

She could only hope to God that he did, because she needed him.

“But it’s not,” his voice was low, tall frame looming over hers, “it’s not Wendy. I don’t know Levy, she’s not my only responsibility. And if I can save ninety-nine lives over one, I’m going to.” She crumpled at his words, shoulders shaking as she held back her tears.

Her teeth chewed the inside of her cheek, not knowing what to say. Because he was right, Levy was one life out of a hundred. She didn’t matter to him.

But Lucy couldn’t help but hate him for it anyway.

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Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: The company reaches Rivendell.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 4

Next Chapter: Chapter 6

It has to be the longest day ever, you decide.

First, you were captured by trolls and spent the night wide awake, tied in a sack. When you had finally gotten free, you were then forced to run away from orcs and wargs and had somehow found yourself in an underground cave. You just wanted to sleep.

You trudge through the path that Dwalin had found, accidently stepping on Frerin’s heel.

Frerin curses as he trips up and he turns to glare at you.

“I’m sorry, Frerin. I’m just so tired,” you groan, thumping your head on his shoulder. You continue to rest it there as you make your way down the path. He just shakes his head, turning to watch the path and trying to make sure you were as comfortable as possible.

Frerin knew that Thorin was glaring holes through his head, but he didn’t care. He hadn’t got to be this close to you in years and he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

Frerin stops, but you continue walking almost knocking him over in the process.

“Sorry little fer,” you apologize, straightening out.

Frerin, when you were children, had also insisted on a nickname since you always called Thorin, Rin. Little Fer was the best you could do and you were disappointed in it, but Frerin ate it up.

“I haven’t heard that in so long,” Frerin mumbles as you move to stand beside him.

“There are many things that I haven’t heard in so long that I miss every single day of my life,” you tell him, look around at the valley of Imladris. It was absolutely amazing.

You continue to ignore Gandalf as you walk to the ledge. You look down and wonder how this is all possible. How can this place be hidden so well?

There were gorgeous waterfalls streaming down off to the side and you were pretty sure there were littler ones decorating the path. The water falls were meeting at the river below and you were sure that the river stretched on for miles and miles. The trees were still starting to come back to life and they made the most amazing greens you had ever seen. You close your eyes for a bit, taking in the calming aura it was sending off.

“This was your plan all along-,” you hear Thorin grumble and that interrupts your calm thoughts.

Had you realized he would turn out to be such a grump, you would’ve never left. You turn your body to look at him, but you panic as you feel something bump into you. You let out a little scream as you find yourself falling over the ledge. A hand reaches out to grab you and you clutch onto that hand for dear life. You are pulled back up and you bend over to rest on your knees, wondering who saved your life.

“You stupid woman! You know you are afraid of heights and yet you stand next to the ledge as if you are not!” Ah. That would be Thorin.

“You move fast brother,” you say, straightening out and ignoring the insult. Playing it off like it didn’t hurt seemed to always be the best option these days. You try to dust off imaginary dirt as Thorin’s glare intensifies.

“You’re lucky I have my eye on you at all times! You would’ve died if I hadn’t been here,” Thorin exclaims, voice cold Your heart soars just a little bit. It shows that he still cares about you even if it was a very, tiny bit.

“You are nothing, but a burden.”

And there goes your heart once again.

“Then you should’ve just let me die, Thorin. Like you should’ve all those years back,” you retort, stepping away from him and following the rocky path downwards.

To Thorin, that was like a slap in the face, but he schools his features and follows after everyone except for Frerin. Frerin waits patiently for his brother to catch up before also following the rest of the company.

“This – whatever – between the two of you is getting old, Thorin. Don’t you think it’s time to get over it?” Frerin asks.

“Get over it? I will never get over it, Frerin. Erebor was betrayed, twice, that day. Once by the elves and the other by it’s own princess. Do not think that I will forget so easily,” Thorin warns.

“Thorin. It’s obvious that she still cares about you. About us, but you cannot see it because you’ve got your head stuck up your-“

“I will never forgive her, Frerin! She betrayed our people, she betrayed our family. She left me! And I will never forgive her,” Thorin responds angrily, voice carrying over the entire company, including you and it hurt. So. Much.

You try to ignore the ache in your heart as the company comes to a halt on a landing.

You look around and you can see elves in the distance, watching you all. Some are whispering to each other while most are continuing their previous journey. The elf that catches your eye the most, however, is the one that was making his way down the stairs now.

“Mithrandir,” the elf says, holding his hand to his heart and extending it to gesture towards the wizard.

“Ah. Lindir,” Gandalf replies and that is when you lose track of the conversation. You decide to just look around and you contemplate on whether or not you should stay here. Sure, you had promised to help reclaim Erebor, but you did not know if you could handle Thorin hating you.

“I must speak to Lord Elrond,” Gandalf states and that gains your attention once again. “My Lord Elrond is not here,” Lindir replies and Gandalf looks at him confused.

“Where is he?”

Before Linidr can answer, you hear a horn sound in the distance. That must’ve answered the question because Gandalf doesn’t ask anymore.

You turn around as you hear horses coming towards you. There is a murmur going through the dwarves and suddenly, after hearing Thorin’s shout to close ranks, you are being thrust in the middle of a circle of dwarves.

You look over the heads of the dwarves and look at Gandalf, confused. He just shrugs as the horses come to a slow stop.

You look at the elves as they dismount. You realize that one is three heads shorter than the rest and you tilt your head to the side as you see his knees moving in the back of the horse.

Weren’t elves supposed to be taller than that?

“Gandalf,” another elf says and your attention is drawn from the peculiar elf to the other one as he draws Gandalf into a conversation. He turns to you all and Gandalf suggests that it might have been the company’s fault for driving the orcs so close. He looks you over first and then his eyes move over to Frerin and Thorin as the horses are led out.

“Y/n, Thorin and Frerin the children of Thrain. I was not expecting to by greeted by the house of Durin,” Lord Elrond states. 

You hear a curse in Khuzdul, but it’s not from your group of dwarves. You all turn towards the source and you see a very familiar dwarf looking back at you. A dwarf that you had not seen since the Battle of Azanulbizar. The one who had stolen your heart and broken it without even knowing it.

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Let it Happen (Sequel)

Idol: Sana (Twice)

Prompt: Can you please do a sequel to Twice Sana’s Let It Happen scenario? I really like it, and I wanna see what happens next~ 😆

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: Based on some things that have already happened to me this semester, like a ton of homework and a professor being missing the first day. Again, sorry this took so long, but I hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: There are some curse words and one innuendo. I think that’s really all.

Let it Happen

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here comes morning

we didn’t get an ending supercorp scene so- sorry idek what this is

Considering what just happened, the city seems strangely quiet.

There’s a hush, even as people mill about the street and cars go by. Lena leans back her head, squints up at the sky and she can barely see what’s left of the useless virus, a slight orange hue when the lights catch it just right.

She doesn’t know what she’s to do back at L-Corp. Her lobby is a mess and people are scared and it’s all because of her mother.

(Sometimes the word gets stuck in her throat, lodged between her head and her heart, because she wants so badly for it to be true, but then she will tell her things like I love you, holding out her hand not for Lena to take but for her to give, always giving something for nothing but false words in return.)

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Carmilla name theory.

I was thinking. Laura has to be used to calling Carmilla by that name right? So what happen’s when Laura grows older and Carmilla stays the same? Carmilla is used to changing her name every few decades of so, so people don’t recognize her. Right? 

My theory is, Carmilla went by Mircalla from 1680-1872. I think the only reason she decided to start changing her name, was because the name ‘Mircalla’ became too hard for her to hear, not after Elle had said it with love in her voice. 

So Carmilla changed it and continued to do so, but never used Mircalla. So I’m thinking that Carmilla won’t change her name again. Not until she can no longer hear Laura said her name with love in her voice. 

Even after Laura’s dead and gone, I don’t think she would ever go back to the name ‘Carmilla’ maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, because that name once caused her pain to hear after Elle. But now it’s just a name. 

Where as ‘Carmilla’ That name means everything. That’s the name she used when she defeated her Mother. That’s the name she used when she went up against a God. That’s the name she used when she fell in love with Laura. That’s the name that Laura fell in love with. That name has power over her. 

So maybe she’ll go back to Mircalla, try to recapture part of that 17th century girl who was murdered. ‘Mircalla’ wouldn’t be painful to her anymore, but it would still hold significance to her. That’s her birth name. That’s the name Elle fell in love with. But it’s also a name she can use, without the heartbreak of not hearing Laura call her ‘Carmilla.’

Red Velvet Reaction to: Being on “Hello Baby”

mmm version; here

Irene: somehow gets stuck with the less fun aspects of child minding; cleaning/ironing clothes, cooking dinner, wiping snotty noses when they cry, etc. but she accepts this role without complaint. is occasionally childish so the child loves playing with her too & always listens to her orders. is still only second favourite though. joohyun is dubbed an “angel” by viewers, who are impressed not only with her motherly nature but her natural beauty as well

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Wendy: spoils the child & is overall just trash for them. anything they do makes her swoon & she does anything the child asks, even if they want to write ‘poop’ on her forehead. does all this in order to be the favourite but is never picked first. is always the child’s third fav

Originally posted by r-velvets

Seulgi: finds everything the child does super cute. is melting every moment she’s around the kid. can be a push over so doesn’t discipline enough. is super gentle & never raises her voice either. just like all the girls, she tries to be the first favourite. but never is

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Joy: is playful & warms up to the child easily. is good at the easy aspects of child raising, such as dressing them & playing. but has burnt everything she’s tried to cook them. & was given a task of taking them to the hair dresser. but she started watching Pororo the Little Penguin & forgot all about the appointment, only remembering when the girls came home to find the two glued to the tv

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Yeri: despite not helping out w the child as much as her unnies, is still somehow picked as the fav. she doesn’t do much for them, like making food or buying gifts. but cuddles them lots. & the others don’t know what they did wrong; “how is the maknae always the favourite?”

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anonymous asked:

I will never get over them singing GAABMH on The Voice. Her walking up to him was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen!!!🔥🔥🔥And then the looks❤️❤️❤️❤️

Her walking up to him was so sexy. And then the looks they gave each other. Just wow. 🔥 😍 💕

- B

Ghost Oneshot - Reconciliation

lettersfromthegreenroom grabbed the drabble request. Prompt: Ohh I’d love to see some hurt/comfort (more comfort than hurt!) from Vivi’s POV, some general reconciliation - coming to terms moment between Lewis and Arthur :) (setting, post-video)


            Something was in Vivi’s throat, and she found it hard to breathe. She didn’t understand. Why was this happening? Her best friend was facedown at the feet of a murderous ghost calling him by name, and she couldn’t budge her seatbelt!

            It had taken Arthur all of thirty seconds to change from peeling away from that mansion as fast as he could, to swinging the van around in the opposite direction. He hadn’t even stopped for the mansion’s vanishing door, plowing the van straight through as the whole building disappeared.

            But then, so did they. The mansion around them became completely solid, and the front end of the van crumpled up against the curved staircase. Arthur’s head hit the wheel and Vivi nearly choked on her seatbelt. Mystery thumped against the dash and whined, scrambling to get back to his seat.

            “What the fudgebucketing diplillies Arthur?” She sputtered.

            He lifted his head, slightly dazed, a cut on his forehead bleeding. “I can’t.” He said simply, before unbuckling and swinging the door open. “I can’t.” He repeated, walking out and around the wreck to the base of the stairs. He gazed up the length of the stairs, and she saw he was trembling.

            “What the fridge are you doing?” She hissed. “We don’t have the equipment to deal with this level of haunting right now, we have to go back and get our gear!”

            “Lewis!” Arthur shouted up the stairs. “I know you’re there. Lewis!”

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CS AU Week Day 4: Another Time
Emma is a colonial spy, sent to seduce British soldiers into spilling their secrets. But she doesn’t feel very hospitable tonight, and her sharp words get her in trouble.

She’s in no mood for the solicitations of the officers leaning up against the outside of the tavern this evening – not for the way their gazes train on the bare expanse of skin at her chest or the way they whisper amongst themselves as if she isn’t even in front of them. She had intentionally loosened the laces at her breast before she left her modest house on the edge of town - and while it’s all a part of the job (she is nothing if not a loyal Patriot), she finds herself lacking her usual determination this evening.  

“What’s this?” The one at the front swaggers forward, his steps sloppy and his hat tipping sideways off his head. The red of their coats is bright in the pale moonlight, and she has to fight not to cringe when he circles his fingers around her elbow.

But, she supposes, they always seem to like it a bit more when she fights.

He taps his finger against her forearm and smiles in what he must think is an alluring call to her feminine sensibilities. She almost laughs. “What is a woman such as yourself doing walking alone so late at night?”

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