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The moment that the familiar green-clad Asgardian showed up in Avengers Tower, everybody was on high alert. Especially since Thor was not around currently.

Tony stepped ever so subtly in front of you, despite not being in his suit. The other Avengers looked around for their weapons, never taking their eyes off Loki for more than a split moment.

“Oh I love how I can just make all of you afraid just by showing up here,” Loki stated, a grin on his face. “But, the lot of you humiliated me. Stripped me of my divine right to rule, and for that, I’m going to take something precious from you.”

You thought you noticed his eyes land on you, which caused you to back up out of fear. However, you hit something. Or, rather, someone. Hands gripped your upper arms tightly, and you shouted in surprise. The Avengers turned to look as Loki vanished, evidently just an illusion. The real Loki was now behind you, pulling you towards the balcony.

“Dad!” You called out to Tony, trying to reach for him. However, Loki yanked your arm behind you, preventing you from reaching. You tried to kick, but the moment you tried, you were thrown off-balance, needing to plant both feet firmly to prevent hanging awkwardly by your arms in Loki’s grip.

“Let go of her!” Tony shouted to Loki in desperation. You could see tears forming in his eyes from worry.

“You should’ve let me rule,” Loki simply stated. “Instead you made my life miserable, so I’m returning the favor.” With that, Loki forced you out on the balcony, then jumped off of it, pulling you with him. You screamed in fear, looking up as the Avengers watched you fall. Tony looked like he was about to jump after you, suit or no suit, but Steve kept him from doing so.

You and Loki landed on some sort of sky-cycle, which Loki drove off.

Loki must’ve used some sort of sleeping spell on you, because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in some sort of abandoned warehouse, on a bare mattress sitting on the floor. Loki was in a chair nearby, watching you.

“For the daughter of an Avenger, you don’t put up much of a fight,” Loki commented.

“You DID take me by surprise,” you pointed out. “Why do you even have me here? Petty revenge?”

“Revenge is a powerful motivator,” Loki commented. “And clearly I can’t take this world by attacking it with an army. I need to work quietly, dismantle the defenses before they go up. And I could brush up on my knowledge of how systems on Midgard work.”

“You want me to teach you how to make Midgard fall from the inside,” you said, more of a statement than a question.

“You ARE smart,” Loki commented. He had an unusually gentle smile.

“No way am I going to help you take over my own world!” you said, crossing your arms.

“Well, then I’ll just have to keep you here, as my pet. Let’s hope I don’t forget to feed you.”

A couple days went by, and almost like clockwork, Loki visited several times a day, bringing you food that was surprisingly good. He even brought sweets once. You generally didn’t speak to him, other than to thank him for bringing you food. Though, three days after he kidnapped you, you were tired of the silence.

You put your plate down on the floor, done with your lunch. “I’m sorry,” you said.

“What?” Loki asked, looking at you in surprise. Clearly he didn’t expect an apology.

“I’m sorry the Avengers humiliated you,” you elaborated. You knew what the Avengers did was necessary, but you could ignore that to get on your captor’s good side. “And I’m sorry the universe has prevented you from being a king. If things had turned out differently, I’m sure you would’ve been a great ruler. Though, kidnapping innocents and killing hundreds of people isn’t exactly the best way of doing so.”

Loki glared and stepped to you. “That was the most pathetic attempt at pleading for freedom that I’ve ever heard,” he stated.

“Well, I figured if you were going to kill me, you would’ve done so already,” you stated, acting brave even though you were really nervous. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. But in all honesty, I don’t know much about your life. I know vaguely some of the stories that the old Norse people had about you and Thor, though I doubt the accuracy of some of them. But I can tell that you’ve had a rough life. And I feel sorry for you because of it.”

You watched Loki’s expression change from a glare to something unidentifiable, but softer. More genuine. He stepped closer to you, bending down so he was closer to your level, and put his hand under your chin to lift your head to look directly at him.

“You know nothing,” Loki hissed.

“I know being a shadow. Following an act that I feel like I can never beat. I am the child of genius, inventor, Avenger Tony Stark. When Tony was my age, he built his first AI. And I’m not dumb, but I don’t have an inventor’s mind,” you admitted. “I’m just an average person, with an average skill set, living with the best at what they do.”

Loki looked at you a moment, as if contemplating something. Suddenly he leaned in, kissing you on the lips. You were stunned, frozen. You didn’t know if this was a trick, or what the heck was going on.

After a moment, Loki pulled back. “You have more compassion than any of them,” he stated, pulling his hand away as well. “Treating me as a person, instead of a monster.”

Look who I just found somewhere in the background of CoS. Percy the Prefect, the one that never seems to laugh in fic, grinning and throwing his silly Hogwarts hat up in the air. :3

I could sit in this chair beside him forever and just watch how his hand moves as he writes. I could watch the veins beating beneath his skin, signalling life with every movement. I could watch how his eyelashes flutter as he stares at his page, I could watch how his forehead creases in concentration, how his mouth parts slightly in thought.I could tell you he shifts his weight to the left when he’s writing, I could tell you he shakes his leg when he’s nervous.
And yet I could never tell him all the things I notice. I could never look back into his brown eyes and tell him I’ve noticed and counted each freckle on his face just because I wanted to. I could never tell him I’ve spent exactly 284 days watching how he moves and in those 284 days somewhere along the line I fell in love. I could never tell him"

i accidentally paused on this and there are just so many important things happening here:

  1. shiro’s sassy hand-on-hip stance
  2. like you cant even see shiro’s face but you know he is the physical manifestation of sass right there
  3. hunk’s stubbornness about shay and the balmera
  4. hunk in general
  5. lance’s face. i have never seen a more beautiful face in my life
  6. he’s literally D:,’
  7. the mouse. look at it
  8. the fact that lance doesnt even notice that the mouse is eating his space goo
Prince Calum - PArt 2

Part 1

Calum was happy. It was such a simple statement but it was the truth. His hand holding yours as you led him around the town showing him everything there is to see. He had a constant faint blush on his cheeks that he hoped that you wouldn’t notice, along with the permanent soft smile that he couldn’t get rid of even if he tried, but he didn’t want to try. He knew that life outside the walls of the castle was different, but right now he hoped that he never had to go back if it meant that he could spend days out here…with you.

He kept a constant look on the clock and noticed that his time was limited and going by quite fast, and seeing as how he had less than an hour to spend with you, he planned to make it worth it.

“Calum?” you voiced noticing your spaced look on his face, “If I’m boring you we could stop?”

“No you’re not boring me, I was just looking at the clock tower?” he said knowing that he was now blushing of embarrassment.

“Oh, do you have somewhere to be?” you asked not wanting to seem like you are taking up his time.

“Well sort of, but that isn’t until later”, he said, “so where to next?”

“Well I think that we looked at everything, so how about we take a bird’s eye view of the town?” you asked with a smirk. He didn’t understand what you meant that you let out a small giggle, “let’s go to the top of the clock tower, trust me everything just looks amazing from there”, you said tugging his hand and walked over to the clock tower.

“Is that even allowed?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but trust me it’s worth it”, you said as you were both approaching the tower.

You went inside the building and were greeted by the people that were there and no one seemed to stop you, so Calum felt relieved that neither of you would get in trouble, since he didn’t want anyone to go and call the knights who would easily recognize that he was the prince. You both began to walk up a few stairs.

“Do they just let you go up there whenever you want?” he asked

“Yea, I mean I usually clean the top of the tower as well as the clock, so they don’t mind”, you said still not noticing the fact that you two were still holding hands. When you did notice it however, you didn’t want to let go, it felt too nice to let go. Calum easily broke through your walls of your heart, and you let him inside, something that you rarely did, but he did so easily. You didn’t think that people could feel something for each other at first glance, but whatever occurred between you and Calum, it made you feel that maybe it could exist. Because how else were you going to explain what was occurring between you and him, you had barely met Calum, and yet, you just wanted to spend days with him, sure you didn’t love him yet, but there was something about him that you just knew you could love him.

You two approached stairs still holding hands along the way, neither of you wanting to let go. You were met with a door, and you reached for it and opened the door. Calum was somewhat blinded by the light from the outside, his eyes had gotten used to being inside, but he felt a gentle tug on his hand, pulling him outside.

Calum’s eyes squinted a bit, getting used to the light but the moment that he did, he was in awe. The scene that lay before him was breathtaking. The view from the top of the clock tower was magnificent, the way the shades of color were painted across the sky, like a giant canvas. Shades of blue, and hues of orange starting to fill it meaning that sunset was soon to be approaching, clouds painted across the sky that were just amazing, but what really made him know that this view was perfect, was there holding the rail was the very girl that showed him this breathtaking view.

You were holding the edge of the border that kept you from falling, the wind gently playing with your hair that show made you smile, the soft smile on your face as you looked out to the sky above. Everything just capturing you in a perfect light was what was taking Calum’s breath away.

There was something about you that he couldn’t place till now, he knew why he was drawn to you. he was drawn to you because behind the stone walls of his castle was no one like you, no one that took in the simple gifts of life, someone who was so modest and kind, having been surrounded by royalty from all over the land, he noticed that some of the royals would lack what you had. You took in the joy of life and shined with happiness, the princesses that he was introduced to growing up, lacked that, always wanting more riches and materials hoping it could make them happy, but seeing you, he knew that they wouldn’t ever find the happiness that you had. You were you, and that was exactly what Calum wanted in someone, he had found someone who he would be glad to rule with.

And he hoped that you would feel the same.

He was blushing as he approached you, “this is beautiful”, and he said standing next to you.

“Yep I don’t think even the king has a view like this”, you said with a smile.

“No he doesn’t”, he honestly admitted after spending so many hours exploring the walls, he knew no view compared to this one, “and you get to see this every day?”

“Yep, if I want to”, you said as you sat and looked through the bars of the wall, letting your feet dangle through the openings.

“I wish I could do this every day too”, he said as he sat down next to you.

“you can, I mean…” you said too quickly with a bit too much feeling, “you can see this for however long you plan to stay in our town, just say that (Y/N) sent you, and they’ll let you up here, plus I’m pretty sure if you go to your town’s clock tower to help clean it they wouldn’t mind and you will be able to see the view too, it may be even better than this one”, you said with a small blush on your cheeks.

It wouldn’t be better than this one, at least not to Calum, because he would to stay here with you, and no other view would be perfect it you weren’t there with him. You would need to be there with him, for him to think anything this perfect again. But he wouldn’t admit that to you. At least not yet.

“I guess, but I like where I am now”, he said sitting down next you, letting his shoulder brush against yours, making your blush darken at being this close to him, so close that your fingertips gently would brush against his.

“I like it here too”, you admitted shyly.

You felt Calum’s fingertips brush against yours for a bit before he placed his hand on top of yours, letting the warmth of his hand encase yours, tenderly holding it like it was something so precious and fragile. You felt your cheeks warm up a bit and knew that you couldn’t hide your blush even if you wanted to, you looked through the corner of your eye and noticed that Calum was looking down, looking at his hand on top of your own. You turned to face him, and he looked up to meet your eyes, you could see his cheeks were also pink with a blush, but still neither of you made an attempt to remove your hands from each other.

Calum stared at you.  Admiring the way the light bounced off your hair and how it softened your features, you really were something special and he was glad that he found you. He wanted to tell you his secret that he wasn’t some random traveler, but rather the prince and that he could spend every day with you, but he didn’t want to ruin this moment with words, he enjoyed this silence that he was sharing with you.

You were so…so you. That he couldn’t resist the urge to lean forward and taste your lips. He leaned in and so did you. Your lips were almost touching, both your eyes were staring into each other’s, both wanting to know that this was what you both wanted, and when Calum finally found that answer, he closed the space between your lips.

His lips pressed softly against yours, savoring the taste of your lips against his, and you did the same. The soft feeling of his lips against yours was something you couldn’t describe. But part of you wanted a bit more, and you slowly began to move your lips against his, and he soon responded, kissing you in return. Your heart began to race feeling his lips mold against yours. His hand slowly cupped your cheek, his thumb grazing your cheek and pulled your face even closer to his wanting to feel your lips even closer to his. The kiss was never lust filled, not rushed, it was gentle and soft, never asking for more than just his lips kissing yours, that it made your heart accelerate with how sweet this kiss was. You pressed your hand against his chest, over the area where his heart was, and you could have sworn that you felt his heart beating, a fast heart beat that almost matched yours. Each small kiss sending small tingles and small shivers throughout your body that felt so wonderful.

You finally felt your lungs ache for air, and knew that if you didn’t stop kissing him, you would have most likely would have fainted due to lack of air. You broke the kiss, his forehead leaning on yours, both of you not wanting to be separate after the kiss you both just shared. Both your warm breath intermingling, and fanning each other’s faces. Being this close it gave you both a clear look on each other’s rosy cheeks and glossed over eyes. He wanted to press his lips against yours again, wanting to feel your lips against his again, a feeling that he could get used to. But seeing you with your lips red from kissing him, and your cheeks with a beautiful blush and your eyes shining so bright, made up for his need to kiss you.

He was going to kiss you again but then he heard the clock tower ring, ruining the dream like feel shared between you two. He looked up at the clock above him, and noticed that it was 5 o’clock; he knew that he had to get back to the castle, before his parents would send the guards to look for him.

He immediately got up and it scared you.

“Calum where are you going?” you said not knowing what was going on.

“I have to go, I am so sorry (Y/N), but there is somewhere I need to be”, he said looking at the clock, wondering if maybe he got the time wrong.

“but… but…”, not knowing what to say, because you wanted him to stay and felt a pang of hurt at knowing that the boy that you just kissed was running away.

Calum looked over at you, seeing the look of hurt on your face and walked over to you, holding your face between his hands and tilting it up so you could look at him.

“(Y/N), please don’t think that I don’t want to be here, I want to stay, and I really wish I could, but I have to go”, he said hoping that you would believe him, but it was hard to. But then Calum had an idea, an idea that would solve everything, “you know that they are holding a royal ball two days from now”

You nodded, it was the talk of the town, a day in which the elite would gather at the castle in celebration of the prince’s birthday, a grand masquerade, a party that unfortunately you couldn’t go to since you weren’t of the upper class.

“Go to it, and I promise that I will be there”, he said with a smile on his face.

“I’m not invited”, you admitted.

“Just go, I promise I can put you on the list, just go and give them your name, and they will let you in”, he said knowing that no one would deny him of his wishes.

“But how will we know each other?” you asked.

Calum reached into his pockets and pulled out a necklace, his necklace that was given to him by his family. It was a family heirloom that was presented among the royals, a silver necklace, with a unique pendant that sparkled in the light with the small crystals that.

“Take this and wear it, and I know it will be you”, he said reaching for your hand and placing it in your palm and closing it and giving your hand a small kiss.

“But how will I recognize you?” you said with a whispered voice.

“Don’t worry, you’ll recognize me”, he said with a smirk.

He knew that he had to be getting back to his castle, he gave your hand one last squeeze and leaned in to steal a kiss from your lips before he walked away, leaving you a blushing mess.

“I’ll see you at the ball”, he shouted back to you, wishing that he could speed up time till he saw you again.



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PRINCE Michael || PRINCE Michael – PART 2

PRINCE ASHTON || Prince Calum

Prince Luke || PRINCE Luke – PART 2

Prince Calum




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Work stages on a variant cover I drew for the upcoming Marvel series Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos. More info about the project here:

I, uh, just noticed at this very moment that the FX overlay (image #3) I added to indicate Shiklah’s magical powers at work didn’t quite make it onto the final colors (image #5). We’ll fix that before publication, never fear! 

Is it just me, or does Lady Shiklah’s reptile buddy, Bug, have an oddly Kevin (Justice League International) Maguire-esque look to his face? If so, the effect was not intentional, I can assure you. Interesting, though unintentional.          

Notice me (Crowley x Reader)

Pairing(s): Crowley x Reader

Summary: The reader has had a crush on Crowley since forever, but he never seems to notice her. She finally snaps and confronts him.

Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1593
Warnings: Smut, Unprotected Sex (I don’t care if he’s the King of Hell, wear protection y’all!)


“Hello boys,”

“…and girl” You interject, without even looking up from the laptop. You silently hope that your jokey tone of voice covers the true agitation lying under the words.

“And girl.” Crowley confirms. You fight back the urge to mirror the smirk which surely must be plastered on his face. Bastard.

“What do you want, Crowley?” Dean asks, his voice laced with annoyance. If Crowley’s here, he wants something, and Dean wasn’t in the mood to do anything but eat pie and drink beer today.

“And how the hell do you keep showing up in this bunker?” Sam asked, methodically flipping through the pages of an old and thick leather bound book.

“Well maybe if you and Squirrel still kept all your wards intact this wouldn’t be a problem, would it Moose?”

You snorted. You couldn’t remember the last time that any of you had given them a repaint. Though they couldn’t say you hadn’t warned them plenty of times. You stopped typing and frowned to yourself. You and Squirrel? Crowley didn’t even mention you. You lived in this bunker too, you have done so for months, does he really hold that little regard for you?

You resumed typing, bashing the keyboard as hard as you possibly could without the risk of breaking the whole laptop. You left Dean, Sam and Crowley to talk business. Whatever he wanted he could get from them, as you obviously didn’t exist to him anyway.

You knew that you were being irrational, that the King of Hell probably hadn’t even noticed the way you blushed when he smirked at you, or the way you were always the first to greet him. How you were the first to laugh at his jokes and the way you hung on to his every word….

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, but is there a problem?” Crowley snapped. You lifted your head to meet his gaze for the first time since he arrived. You relished in the way his eyes widened when he saw the look of pure rage in your eyes. “Apart from the fact that I have been continuously flirting with you for the last five months and you have not done a single thing about it? I don’t think so.”

Your hand flew to your mouth. Why the hell did you just say that out loud? It was straight up paper-bag grade embarrassing and you knew it.

Crowley’s face mirrored the look of shock that surely painted your own. “Bloody hell, Y/N, I mean I…”

He started towards you but had already slammed the laptop shut and were headed towards your room. It’s not often the red-eyed demon was lost for words and you felt kind of proud despite the situation. You threw one more disdainful look over your shoulder towards Crowley. Asshole.


“Hormones, man.” Dean shakes his head.

“She’s not hormonal, you moron.” Crowley sneers. He watched Moose throw his brother his signature bitchface before picking up his book and leaving the room. Any idiot could see that Y/N was head over heels for a certain red eyed demon, even Sam.

From day 1, he was day he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. And so it seems was she. He’d been rejecting her advances, ignoring her even. He didn’t care much for the wellbeing of other people but he couldn’t help feeling like Y/N deserved better. Better than him, that’s for sure.

“The nest…..?” Dean began, eyeing Crowley with a knowing look.

“Gank them. Torture them. Have Castiel blast them to bloody kingdom come. Hell, I don’t care.” Crowley snapped. “I think it’s time I showed Y/N some attention, don’t you?”


When you hear a knock on your bedroom door, you sigh in frustration. “Who’s there?”

“Room service,” Damn it. You could almost hear his smirk through the door.

You regained composure and scowled. You were supposed to be pissed at him after all. “I didn’t order anything.”

He chuckled. A low sound that left you melting into your bed sheets. “Funny. Because here I am: Freshly fried Crossroads demon! That is, if looks could kill.”

“If only,” You snapped, but you could already feel your icy demeanour start to slip. “Because at least then you wouldn’t be here.”

Crowley sounded unfazed, if not slightly amused. “So are you going to leave me standing here all night, darling?”

“Ideally,” You sighed, getting up and unlocking the door. “But you’d just zap yourself in here anyway.”

“Y/N” Crowley nodded at you as he slipped past into your room. You responded with a scowl.

“So you do know my name, huh?” You challenged, slamming the door behind him.

He cast you a bored look. “Barely.”

You could have screamed. “You can’t be serious.”

You looked him straight in eyes and he raised his eyebrows. The non-verbal challenge spoken loud and clear: TRY ME.

You felt the pent up rage and sexual frustration explode through your veins as you landed a thunderous slap on the side of Crowley’s face.

He turned to face you, eyes glowing dangerously red as he regarded you before him. With a growl he pinned you against the door. His once again brown eyes staring intensely into your own.

But you weren’t the kind of girl to shrink away from his touch and into the wall. Hell no. You held his gaze, sticking your chin out.

“So, Crowley.” You hissed. “What does a girl have to do around here to get the King of Hell to notice me?”

“Darling I notice you.” Crowley says, gripping your arms tighter in retaliation to your continuous struggling. “I notice you every time you walk in the room, I notice you every time you open your mouth, I notice you more than anybody else in a five mile bloody radius, I notice you..”

Crowley groans, pressing his hard on against your abdomen, making you gasp. “..every time you appear in every single one of my deepest, darkest dreams and fantasies.”

You fought back a groan as a flood of heat rushed to your core. “Then why didn’t you just do something about it?”

Crowley faltered. “I didn’t think that I deserved you. That I deserved this. But don’t you worry your pretty little head, for I am very much ready to…how did you put it? ‘Do something about it.’”

Crowley smashed his lips against yours and you moaned appreciatively, allowing him almost instant access to your mouth. He absentmindedly lets go of your wrists and you use the opportunity to run your fingers through his hair and pull him closer to you with a sharp yank of his tie.

His hands wander under your shirt to explore your breasts and you buck into his touch. You can feel that your panties are already soaked through, and after waiting so long your main priority is simply getting him inside of you.

“Bed!” You gasp as his mouth latches onto your neck. You feel him smirk against your skin as he lifts you up and carries you over. He drops you down and snaps his fingers cockily, relieving you both of your clothing before hovering over you. Crowley settles between your legs once more and looks up at you with a questioning look in his eyes. You nod wholeheartedly and groan as he begins to enter you slowly. God. Didn’t he think that he’d tortured you enough.

You gasped as he thrusted harshly, leaving himself sheathed fully inside you. You impatiently start to wiggle beneath him and try to grab his hips, just trying to get him to move. You desperately needed the friction.

“I know it might have been a while, Crowley. But you do realise that you need to move, right?”

He responds by growling, planting his hands into the curves of your hips and thrusting into you with a pace that leaves to struggling to breathe.

You’re so tightly wound that it doesn’t take long for your pleasure to reach painful levels of bliss. By this point you’re screaming at every little touch and chanting his name like a spell.

“Crowley, I’m close!” You pant, wrapping your legs around him and drawing him nearer.

You could tell from the way that his thrusts became shorter and more powerful that he was too. His lips found yours as you both neared your ends. He pulled away and his eyes met yours, broadcasting one command loud and clear: Come.

And you did, screaming incoherent words that sounded a lot like ‘Crowley’, ‘Shit’ and ‘Wow’. You didn’t even care if the whole bunker could hear. It felt like paradise.

Crowley came not long after his face nuzzled in your neck and his arms wrapped around you tightly. The feeling of his seed spilling inside you serving to prolong the intense shocks of pleasure that were still shaking through you.

You lay panting in Crowley’s arms, both of you recovering from the intensity of your orgasms. You felt relief flood through you, washing away all previous anger and sadness.

You smirked. “And there I thought you weren’t interested”

Crowely chuckled. He left the bed, snapping his fingers hastily. You pouted at the sight of him back in his trademark suit. “Leaving so soon?”

“Hello?” He gestured to himself, eyebrows raised. “King of Hell?”

You rolled your eyes, settling under the cheap covers. As you quickly drifted to sleep, you could have sworn you heard him whisper: “You will never go unnoticed again, not by me. I can promise you that.”


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Sense8 AU || Closed


Tony jolts awake, sitting upright in the chair he’d fallen asleep in.  A piece of paper sticks to his face, but he hardly notices for a moment as he recalls his dream.  Never had he had such a vivid or memorable dream in his life.  The woman’s face sticks clear in his mind - radiant and beautiful and kind.  How does one look kind?  Tony doesn’t really know, but she did.

But so… so sad.

Tony snaps back to himself, pulling the paper from his face and… wiping away tears from his cheeks.  Crying in his sleep?  He’s only glad that he’s alone down here in the workshop.  Scrubbing a hand over his face, Tony tries to will the image of the woman from his mind.  It’s the second night he’s dreamed the same dream, and Tony isn’t a firm believer in coincidences, but dream stuff is just… silly.  Maybe his subconscious is trying to tell him something.  Maybe he’d seen the woman before.  Maybe it was something important.

He dismisses it, looking down at the paper he’d peeled from his face.  The schematics are all but gibberish with a couple hours of sleep under his belt, not the genius they had seemed last night (this morning?), but he files them away, for another time to decipher.  For now, he drags himself toward the coffee machine he felt it necessary to install down here, while trying to respond to the hundred emails he had missed while sleeping.  Taking over a nosediving company is exhausting, especially when he’d rather spend his time working in the lab, not cleaning up the messes left by daddy dearest.  He’s done it, though, somehow.  He saved SI and now he has to run it.

So, Tony is a little preoccupied.  Understandable.  Too preoccupied to notice that he is not, in fact, alone.  The first gulp of coffee is still burning its way down his throat when he nearly drops the mug.

He could be hallucinating.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

He’s pretty sure a few hours of sleep after none for three days isn’t nearly enough.  He could absolutely be hallucinating.  He downs the coffee.

  • (Inspired by empanadadooblez beautiful Underworld!AU)
  • Genos: *walks through the forest as flowers bloom as he passes* Hm? *notices a pair of odd curved branches sprouting from the ground* I do not remember these being here before *reaches down to brush one as a muffled sound comes from the soil*!!
  • Saitama: *pops his head out of the ground before looking up at Genos with an embarrassed look*
  • Genos: *chuckles softly as he kneels down by him* Oh my, what a handsome tree *dusts some dirt from Saitama's face*
  • Saitama: I may have lost focus when transporting to visit
  • Genos: *smiles* I would have never guessed *kisses his head*

And finally, here’s that humanized TMNT stuff I was talking about!  The Invasion episodes are some of my favorites, and these are my two favorite things about it: Leo taking on Shredder and all his minions, and the Raph-Mikey hug.  I didn’t have any ref though so I just worked from memory. ;v;

BTS Reaction to You Having Appendicitis (By Possible Admin)

This possible admin will be called P.A. Nu

-Admin Kat

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Jin wouldn’t even hide his concern for your health, worry etched at every corner of his being. As soon as you walked over to him after the doctor’s appointment, he’d hand you a cup of tea to soothe your rather sore muscles. When you told him of the results, he’d place his cup on the table so that he could cup your small cheeks with his hands, frowning even more when he realised that your face was thinner. The cheeks that he loved to kiss were never this slender looking and he would notice the bags that hung under your eyes. He’d kiss you on the forehead so that a little bit of comfort would spread and warm your body. 

“Wait here, baby. I’ll cook you some porridge. You’re getting too thin.” He’d caress your cheeks, sighing as he did so. However, you shook your head despite leaning further into his touch to calm your jittery nerves.

“The doctor said I can’t eat anything until after the surgery.” Jin would purse his lips, knowing he couldn’t question the instructions of a medical professional.

“Fine. But I’m going to cook you a feast tomorrow and you’re going to finish it.” Despite your tired state, you managed a weak laugh and that was all it took for Jin to enveloped you in an embrace.


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When you woke up to the excruciating pain that threatened to rip your insides, it was 3 in the morning. You knew Yoongi had just fallen asleep because he would never stop working until the clock foretells of the sun’s appearance in a matter of a few hours. Without trying to wake him up, you crawled your way to the bathroom at the side of the room. The biting of your lip wasn’t enough to keep the hisses and the groans from spewing out. When you finally collapsed onto the bathroom floor and started dry heaving. 

Apparently, Yoongi was too much of a light sleeper because he was by your side a minute later, lifting your hair and rubbing your back so that it would ease your discomfort by the smallest margin. He wouldn’t say a word once you’re done, passing you a cup of mouthwash to rinse your mouth. Once you’re done, he’d take you in his arms where you’d feel so secured and you almost forget the stinging pain in your abdomen area. You’d feel his lips on your temple and his soft murmur of, “We’ll go to the hospital first thing in the morning.”

You knew he had practice very early the next day and would’ve disagreed to his preposition. But with the pain thrumming in your abdomen along with the sore muscles due to you vomiting air, you decided to be selfish and merely nodded your head.


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When Namjoon saw you in a fetus position, all curled up on the couch, groaning, he merely dismissed it as one of those days your mother nature would visit to prepare for an offspring. He’d go to the kitchen, preparing you a cup of warm milk (because he read somewhere that tea would make it worse) and was puzzled when the food you cooked was left untouched. He took the cup of warm milk and walked to the living room, where you were still writhing in pain.

“Baby, you’re okay?” It was a redundant question, he knew that, but he has never seen you in tears because of your menstrual cramps before. You did say that they were uncomfortable but never to this point. Your whines were taken as a no and you peaked under the curtain of your hair to see your boyfriend taking a seat near you. He carded his fingers in your hair, hoping to alleviate your stress.

“Where does it hurt the most?” It was soft, but you replied with a breathy “right side,” as you pointed to your abdomen. He then took out his phone to search on the possible cause of your pain, hoping to ease it as fast as possible. When the results came up, the crevices of his frown got deeper and deeper.

He had red flags in his head and his heart was drumming against his ribcage but he ignored the adrenaline encouraging him to panic. Instead, he put down the cup of milk and pull you into a carry, your legs wrapped around his waist and his arms around yours.

“Come baby, we still have time to go to the doctor’s.”

The warm milk was left to cool.


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You didn’t want to tell your boyfriend of the news but that wouldn’t be fair, especially when he deliberately told you to call him anytime you were not feeling well. And that day, you were far from not feeling well. You were feeling fucking horrible.

So when you called your boyfriend telling him that you were in the hospital, you already expected the increase in his pitch while trying to ask you all questions. He got even worked up when you told him that you were up for a surgery in a matter of hours.

“It’s just an appendix surgery, Hobi-ah.”

“Aren’t they cutting you open?” You wanted to laugh at the irony: your boyfriend was more scared than you who was going for the surgery.

“Yes, they are.”

“Are they treating you fine? Are you going to be fine? I’m on my way there, so don’t do anything crazy.” You wanted to question your worrywart boyfriend as to how you were going to do anything remotely crazy when you were strapped with transparent tubes, ready to be whisked away into the surgical room.

You bid him a goodbye through the phone and went into the surgery with Hoseok’s voice running in your sedated mind, a place where you were laughing freely at his antics. When you opened your eyes, you were greeted with the same smile that haunted your very dreams but it was all good. It was more than good. It would be perfect if only you woke up in your own bed after a night full of sighs and your boyfriend by your side.

“You look tired.” You rolled your eyes at that comment.

“And you look scared shitless.”

“And you’re shit-less. Get it?” You blinked when he told you the pun but when you registered how you starved yourself for a few hours prior to the surgery, your frown stayed on your face for less than a few seconds before your laugh sputtered out from your lips.

“You’re so ridiculous.”

“Don’t laugh so hard.”  Despite his words, your laugh was warm as sugar in his ears and Hoseok leaned in to rest his forehead on yours to ease away his panic with the soothing skin to skin contact.

“I’m just glad you’re fine now.”


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Park Jimin being Park Jimin was already a perceptive human being as it is. What more when he was your significant other. So when he noticed you were not eating and the very fact that you were wincing every second, he was the one who persuaded you to go to the hospital even when you were sure that it wasn’t nothing to be worried about.

It was a good thing too because your appendix was so close to rupturing that it would be so much more complicated if you were to leave it alone. And being the kind boyfriend he was, he merely sighed and didn’t peg about how right he was.

When you finally gained consciousness, your boyfriend was sitting right beside you with his hand clasped in yours. Your voice was hoarse when you tried to speak, scratching against the walls of your trachea. Sensing your discomfort, Jimin immediately rose up to pour you a glass of water and he supported you as you tried to drink the water out of the straw. When you settled back down, he tucked the blanket and made sure you were comfortable.

“You were saying?” Honestly, you already had forgotten what you wanted to say. You stared at his eyes, so full of concern but brimmed with adoration and love.

“I love you.”


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(You are Jimin)

Taehyung was playing his video games when you went into the apartment with your body curled in as you cradled your torso as if it was an object that was meant to be protected. But you were in unbearable pain, where it was stinging at the right side of your abdomen.

You didn’t know that Taehyung was home on that day so you were surprised when you felt his arms around you, trying to support your body.

“What’s wrong?” He took you to the couch where he sat you down. He pushed the strand of hair that stuck on your sticky, sickly skin and when he saw you sweating despite the cool weather, he grew even more anxious.

“Why are you back so early?” Your voice was weak and your words were interlaced with painful exhales. Taehyung shook his head and disregarded your question, wanting to know why you were in pain.

“You’re running a fever.” You blinked, your vision dazed with the discomfort. You let Taehyung run and return with a thermometer that he placed in between your lips and a fever patch that he stuck on your forehead.

You giggled despite the ache and commented, “Tae, I don’t think that’s going to work.”

“It’s okay, it works for me so it should work somehow.” You smiled at how he nodded his head innocently, trying to convince you. He would want to take care of you with warm blankets and warm chocolate, but when he saw you hissing as another wave of pain hit you, he decided that it would be too painful to watch you go through whatever you were going through.

You let Taehyung wrapped you in a blanket and dropped down into a crouch with his back towards you.

“Climb up. I’m going to take you to the doctor.”

“On a piggyback ride?” When Tae turned to you, he gave you his familiar rectangle grin.

“Come on up, princess.”


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You told Jungkook of your appendicitis a few days prior to your surgery and while he was quiet afterwards, you knew he was worried for your health when he squeezed your interlaced hand. He took precautions to not aggravate your health, his doe eyes following your every move. He would help you in every smallest thing possible from fetching you a glass of water to pulling you to his side so that you could bury your face in his neck so that his smell would placate the discomfort that flowed in your veins. He’d constantly comfort you in a form of soothing songs to lull you to sleep.

When you opened your eyes, laced with sedatives. You could hardly lift your eyelids for more than a minute but when you caught sight of your boyfriend, you put in more effort to swim above the drugged haze.

“How are you feeling?” His thumb was caressing the back of your hand.

“High.” You were very out of it, Jungkook’s voice was wafting in your mind but never really registering. You, however, caught on to the chuckle that escaped his lips and that made you feel so much more at peace.

“Can you sing for me?” You didn’t know whether your drawl was comprehensible but Jungkook’s voice instantly quell your jittery nerves. You fell asleep with his voice floating in your mind, his hand tightly intertwined with yours and the last thing you did hear was, “Sleep, sweetheart.”

For Anon;

You squeaked as you were crushed into the middle of a group hug, initiated by one John Laurens. The other three had joined in, wrapping their arms around one another as well as you and John. You were so small; you disappeared immediately in the hug.

“See, isn’t that much better, (Y/N)–(Y/N)?” Hercules frowned as he noticed you seemed to be gone. He looked between his friends, concern showing up on his face. “Where did (Y/N) go?”

“Right here,” you squeaked, looking up at the others. John looked down at you, since he was the closest and then stifled a laugh.

“Mon ami, you’re so… petite!” Laf gasped. “Mon petite ami!”

“I never really realized how short you were,” Alexander added, looking at you. You pouted, clearly a little offended at being called tiny.

“I’m not small I’m fun-sized!”

Ok so.

After my fifth viewing of the force awakens (sixth? I’ve lost count tbh) I have noticed even more, as one does.
And one thing I’ve noticed
Is how GENIUS the casting for hux is.
I mean, I can say that because I run a blog dedicated to the man, but seriously. Hux (Domhnall) is skinny as hell. He looks like a stiff wind would blow him over, especially compared to other leading men like Adam and John. I never really noticed, but even with hella shoulder pads Hux is still a fragile looking guy. Yet here he is, commanding the whole first order with as much composure and grace as one could. Even when starkiller is in imminent peril, he’s still got his back straight, face even, and his voice calm. The only time he raises it, really, is when he’s giving that intense (that’s an understatement) speech before they fire the weapon on the republic.
Then you’ve got Kylo, who matches Hux in stature only by height. Kylo, who screams a lot, and probably never keeps a straight face underneath that mask.
It’s classic brains vs brawn and I LOVE IT.

M'kay, so I noticed something interesting at the part with Hibiya, Hiyori, and Konoha in the opening with Konoha? It was in the first version as well I just never saw anyone talking about  so I just thought I’d talk about it here.

I just noticed that if you watch his face it’s almost as if he’s looking out of the screen at us as an audience?

Even as Kenjirou starts to shuffle them away he continues to look in that same direction

I don’t know I just thought that was pretty cool,


I love how these Yoshitaka Amano illustrations depict Squall and Seifer. 

Squall has these strange feline eyes and a blank cat-like stare. 

Seifer looks likes he’ll enthusiastically cut you up in training, but then he’s going to go pose for a magazine shoot later.

Oh and I never even noticed the reflections in their gunblades until LunaManar pointed it out.  I think I was mesmerized by their faces. 

I love Yoshitaka Amano!  I remember always trying to draw in his style and failing miserably.  Everything is so creepy and dreamlike.  Just felt like giving a little Amano appreciation here today!

It’s been 84 years...

But finally I got my RinHaru Mook!

And maybe I’m a little late to the party but I really want to share how perfect this mook is:

I’d never bought an official item like this one before, and I wish everyone could have gotten hold of one, because now that I have it in my hands I can say that IT’S NOT THE SAME just seeing scans here on tumblr, it’s just… not the same.

There’re a lot of details I haven’t noticed like the little scales Harus has in his face and shoulder (maybe I was just blind):

Or that the frames, the dolphin, the shark, and other details on the cover and the back are made with metallic tape (or smth similar) which makes it look more elegant:

And Haru’s face in the bite scene is more lewd now that I see it closely lol (I still can’t get over it not sorry):

And of course I can’t forget the beautiful bracelet, it’s so well made, delicate and detailed, like the dolphin and shark have stars for eyes:

So basically I’m just really happy to have it and I need to thank fencer-x for giving us the chance to buy it through her, and her hard work at ordering and shipping so many xD

I’ll let more pictures under the cut because it’s never enough:

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5SOS Preference- You're Interviewing Them and They Won't Stop Looking at Your Boobs *requested*

A/N: Sorry Luke and Ashton’s are shorter than Calum and Michael’s, I thought the preference was getting too long and also I was running out of ideas…

Michael- “Hello everyone, welcome back to the red carpet!” You smiled brightly and your partner started to explain who you both were. “And we are here with the world’s next big band, 5 Seconds of Summer!” You looked over the four smiling faces in front of you and see they’re all looking at you. “So how’re you feeling about your performance tonight?” You asked, holding your microphone up for the one standing closest to you, whose name you believed to be Michael. “We’re kinda nervous but we’re ready!” He said and as he was talking you noticed his eyes never once left your chest. You smirked, knowing exactly why that was, you were wearing a very low-cut dress that showed off your breasts very well. You decided to tease them for staring by standing up straight and sticking out your chest more. you immediately saw MIchael suck in a breathe and look away. “So that was it, thank you guys!” You said and the camera-man gave you the all clear sign. As soon as the filming stopped, Michael pulled you aside. “What the fuck was that?” He questioned you looked up at him with a confused expression on your face. “What ever do you mean?” He let out a frustrated growl, wanting so bad to kiss but knowing he can’t with all the press around. “I’ll tell you what, here’s my number. Call me after the show.” You smiled before walking back to your partner to interview another celebrity.


Calum- You and Calum have been dating for a few months now, but you haven’t announced it yet. Your career as an interviewer was just starting to take off, and you didn’t need any reason to receive hate. Today you were doing an interview with Calum’s band, and you were slightly nervous but you knew you had to play it off as if it was just another interview. You and Calum showed up at the studio and immediately  went your separate ways, so no one would be suspicious. You went to your dressing room and dressed in your favorite dress, hoping the familiar piece of clothing will help calm you down. It was low-cut and hugged all your curves, it made you feel confident. Your manager called into the room to let you know you were late and needed to start heading to the set. As you made your way on to the set, you see the four boys messing around with your co-host. “Look who finally made it!” your co-host joked and you giggled before sitting in your designated seat, which was ironically right next to Calum. “You look gorgeous, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear right before the cameras started rolling. As the interview went on, you noticed Calum’s eyes weren’t exactly looking into yours. “So, Luke, what can we expect…” Your co-host went on and you and Calum took the opportunity to have a little whispered chat. “You know what that dress does to me.” Calum whispered and you gave his  bewildered look. “I can’t stop staring at you.” He mumbled again before leaning in for a kiss, forgetting where you two were. “Whoa! Looks like Y/N and Calum are getting pretty close!” Michael exclaimed and everyone burst out laughing, except you and Calum, who were blushing profusely.


Luke- “What’s one material object you miss from back home?” you read out the fan question and they all gave their answers and when it came time for Luke to answer, you notice him, quite obviously staring down your low cut top. “My eyes are up here, Luke.” You smiled while motioning he look up. The other boys busted up laughing and you watched Luke’s face turn bright red. “I-I… It’s just.. you’re very beautiful..” He stuttered and you smiled at him. The interview continued and after it ended you pulled Luke aside to have a chat with him. “So about what you said… Do you really think I’m beautiful?” you asked biting your lip and he nodded vigorously, “Of course! Look at you!” He motioned his hands up and down to emphasize his point. “Well, you’re not bad yourself.” You smiled before leaning up and pressing your lips to his. “And to think this happened cause you snuck a peek at my boobs.” You giggled after pulling away, and he blushed.


Ashton- “Y/N, you need to stop being nervous, you’ll do great.” Ashton mused as he kissed your forehead, “and think of it this way, it’s just me and the boys, you talk to us all the time, just pretend it’s one of the conversations and it’s not being filmed.” He smiled to reassure you, it worked, slightly. “Alright.” You gave him a quick peck before walking to your dressing room and changing into a flowy white dress Ashton bought you. You left your dressing room and walked to where you’re meant to be interviewing the boys. As the interview started, you noticed them all staring at your chest, you instantly blushed but kept talking as if nothing was wrong. After a while, Ashton started to notice that he’s not the only one staring at you. After the interview ended, Ashton pulled you in for a passionate kiss, showing the boys who you belong to.

A/N: Once again I apologize for how short Lashton’s parts were, I suck. Also sorry that this isn’t very good, I tried… Hope you like it anyways :)

Dean held the video tape, staring at Sam with the most effective puppy eyes he could pull, but his brother wasn’t having it. -If Gabriel gave us that video with (Y/N)’s name on it, it can’t be anything good and she won’t like it.- Dean smirked, staring at the tape in his hands. -Exactly, Sam. Just imagine the possibilities!- for a second, Dean sees Sammy consider and he can clearly notice the doubt and temptation in his little brother’s face, but then it disappears again. -No, Dean, I ain’t watching that video.- The older brother looks at Sam for a second before sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV. -Well, I am.- Sam protested a little more before surrending and sitting down next to his brother. -She will hate us if it’s something embarrasing…- -She isn’t here. And she said she’ll be gone for another two hours. She will never know!- Dean said. The video was simple, yet shocking. A friend of (Y/N)’s, invisible because he was standing behind the camera, was filming her face and she was laughing. That was already odd. Even though Dean tried his best to make her laugh, (Y/N) didn’t laughed much. Both brothers loved the moments when they got to see her whole body moving because she was laughing so hard but, with the life they had, those moments were rare. (Y/N) was a badass hunter and the best of friends but not the happiest in the group. Could you blame any of them for not laughing much? I think not. After a few seconds of pure laughter, the camera focused on the TV where Dean, with a rather goofy face, was paused. -Oh, it’s that world where we’re actors…- Sam said, realising Gabriel’s first intentions. Dean told him to shut up as he watched (Y/N)’s laugh at his face on the TV. And then she started talking and both brothers went silent. “-Even with that freacking face he’s super gorgeous!!! Why!!?!? Did he made a pact with a demon or something!? I just don’t get it! I do that face and I look horrible. He does that face and I still want him to bang me against a wall!-” the friend filming (Y/N) laughed hard at her words in the video. In the tape, (Y/N) kept watching Supernatural, and reacting to it. Everytime Dean was close to her screen, she would just cover her face and started talking about how unfair his greatness was. Sam laughed at Dean’s shocked face until the (Y/N) in the video got to a part of the show where he took his shirt off. “-Sammy! Damn! Ok, yeah, I’m a Dean girl but for God’s sake, if you don’t put your shirt back on, I might be changing my mind!-” The video stopped then and Dean stared at the black screen in disbelieve. -That was…interesting…- Sam nodded, trying to controll the smile that was trying to show up in his face. Just as Dean was standing up to take the video out, (Y/N) entered the room with two bags of food. -I’m back, boys! And yes, Dean, I brought you pie… What? Why are you looking at me like that?- Dean’s smirk was obvious and (Y/N) was staring at him now, confused. -So…- Sam begged Dean mentally to not give anything away but it was too late. -…you’re a Dean girl, huh?-

for kero on twitter who requested, and i quote, “CAN U DO 22 AND IWAOI AND KICK MY ASS INTO SPACE PLEASE” so here goes

22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Tooru bows politely, wearing his appropriately sorry expression, perfectly mastered for the numerous occasions like this. The girl runs off with a red face, leaving him all alone behind the school building. He feels bad, but it’s not like he asked them to keep confessing. The only confession he wanted is the one he’ll never receive. 

He sighs. Practice was cancelled today because of renovations, so he can’t even spike his frustration out in the gym.

“How long are you going to stand there like an idiot?” Something smacks into his back, and he yelps.

“Iwa-chan! Where did you—” He narrows his eyes, pulling his lips up into a smirk. “Were you spying on me? Were you jealous that I got another confes—oomph!”

Looking satisfied, Iwaizumi steps back and brushes the crumbs off his hand. Tooru frowns at him, but the milk bread in his mouth is too distracting to stay annoyed at his best friend.

“Just because you’re popular with girls doesn’t mean anything.”

“What do you mean? I’m the amazing Oikawa Tooru!” He sweeps out his arms, turning his grin on Iwaizumi. He doesn’t allow his voice to shake when he says, “Don’t you want to date me?”

He expects Iwaizumi to roll his eyes and shove him into the bushes, he’s even prepared to dramatically fall while protecting his milk bread that Iwa-chan got for him, but instead, Iwaizumi just shrugs. 


“Y-You—wait, what?”

“On second thought, dating you might be more like babysitting you.” Iwaizumi ducks when Tooru swipes at him. “Seriously, though, we already spend most of our time together. And this way, you can stop being distracted by all these shoujo manga scenarios.”

“B-but—” Tooru laughs, a little bit nervously. “You know I’m joking, right?”

Iwaizumi stares at him. He steps forwards, and Tooru steps back. Tooru watches in horror as a smirk grows on Iwaizumi’s face. His best friend should not look that good with such an evil expression on his face, dammit.

There’s barely an inch between them when Iwaizumi stops advancing. He smiles up at Tooru, and they both ignore the way Tooru gulps at the close proximity. “I’m not stupid, Tooru. I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” 

He steps back, expression nonchalant as he turns towards the school gates. “Let’s go home, Idiotkawa.”

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