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@ my dad I don’t appreciate you being drunk and making fun of the things I’m watching with my mans and then you forcing me to change it up.

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The way Elena talks about Dom these days makes me think that Dom was right to think that Elena disliked her. I've never seen anyone hold such a grudge over the betrayal of an alliance member. The funny thing is that Dom admitted to liking Elena when she got out of the house.

Dominique was evicted July 21st and Elena was still mocking her speech nearly a month later. Like sis let it go. 

I fail to understand how some people can measure love through no. of episodes aired ! For you, it was just 4 episodes, and for them? Eeerrr, who knows they must have been together at dragonstone for weeks and months! Show makers aren’t going show you every interaction or how many moments it took them to fall in love! It is for you to figure it out that they don’t own a time machine! Duh! Sansa even pointed out that Jon didn’t write to her for weeks! Funny as no one noticed that.

I started watching GOT almost a month back. I never had interest before my friend recommended it as she wanted a partner to marathon the seasons (LOL). I saw their parallel lives unfold in the 1st episode and so on, and realized that at one point of time they will come together. And no, I didn’t even stop to check online that they already met each other in season 7, so there was no way I could have shipped them from the start! Nearly choked myself when Melisandre asked Danerys to summon Jon!

At first, I was utterly shocked as to how some ardent GOT fans who have been watching & reading series from 7 years and 20 years (books) didn’t see this coming?!! Iam not mad anymore that they have haters (becoz haters are gonna hate) and call their chemistry forced but the fact that those ardent GOT fans didn’t realize that their  Ice & Fire are Jon & Danerys is really, really sad!

It is sad but does that give me the right to impose my views or my likes on them? No. I don’t want to do that.

Some speak about the lack of connection and chemistry? Ha, Of course, you can’t see it if you have never understood their parallel lives! *Sigh* Chemistry does have some contribution of actors but majorly it is your emotions, your connection with their story. I never shipped jonsa, dany/jorah/darrio or any other couple in GOT, but no it doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry/connection. We should not be thinking about your ship or vice versa because you and I should be busy loving our own even if they’re not together anymore. If you don’t agree… don’t ship. Simple. Why spend your time in our tags? Incest, forced chemistry, Mad queen, Cheater king, Intention of Allegiance, Sex is too early! Like…STOP! We know our ship better! Thank you very much!

Jonerys shipper, please don’t feel disheartened to see the hate! You should pat yourself because you chose to see their journey together despite never sharing the screen even once for 6 seasons! Even if they have a bittersweet ending, I don’t care because I just feel blessed to see them together as fire & ice and people will sing their song for years to come!  *Phew* I am done with all the hate!  

anon said: tbh when i see the new bon voyage clips we dont see naver showing footage of jikook sharing their bedroom and doing laundry together. like?? they show yoon/min sharing a room??? i think its kinda funny bc the recent behind cam clips show jm going through jks bag and jk showing the room they shared but thats all we get as jikook stans. LMAO is someone hiding some good jikook clips ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

please separate ship names so it doesn’t go in the other tag! thank u :)

honestly though, we didn’t even get jikook doing laundry, which makes their excuse seem that much less authentic. like, hmmmmmm. and then we never get to see their room, like the doors shut at all times. not to mention the fact that jk was shirtless in the kitchen, so he was probs shirtless in bed as well. like, i’m just saying but i love shipping jikook lmaooo. and omg we’re missing so many quality jikook clips. 

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Then I am sorry for thinking you blocked me. When I tried to go to your blog I got this "nice" Tumblr message in big letters stating that I wasn't allowed to because of some blocking thing. I had to write the direct askbox address so it worked, so again sorry for the confusion. Anyway I will never understand what you and some CC shippers/believers/supporters do with her. After Rio I was even more confused. D was not there but I read about her trip every single day in CC blogs. Why? I don't know.

Technology is funny that way.

As for the other.


I just know who isn’t together.

I do know about PR relationships (I was in one myself.). Difference is I knew my lane and how to stay in it. Hence why we are so close even to this day.

That being said, why would I speak on things when Amelia is off by herself? Well because this is so ridiculously obvious, and horribly scripted (its not but its like a bad d movie. Like killer bunnies from outer space). I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would believe any of it. So yeah imma talk about it.

Of course I am floored when folks just blindly look at stuff and know it doesn’t make sense but just go with it. I mean how in the world does that happen?

I mean I realize my upbringing is a bit different and that I obviously have experiences that many of you dont, but seriously? What part of this is remotely believable? I just refuse to believe folks are that naive.

That being said, why did I talk about Rio? Because the excuse m/i/a/r/r/e/n/s tried to convince themselves with to make it work for them was just asinine. So yeah I’m going to comment on it. That and the rants and flip outs were just epic. 🤣😂🤣😂.

Okay I don’t know what just happened but today was fun! I have never gotten so much questions in my in box before. So yesterday I was thinking about doing an ask blog with all of the Hamilton squad so I have now decided that I will make a new Hamilton blog. Don’t worry lamsandmullettext blog is not going anywhere I will still be here making funny text posts for you all. This will be a side blog just for all of the Hamilton squad.

And am I the only one that thinks it’s funny he’s literally just done the exact same thing again? Seeing a girl from work and apparently spending all his time with her, going to and from work together, etc.. he used to fully gripe at me for that and tell me I was holding him back/he never had any time because of me and stopping him from doing things he wanted because we spent so much time together (mostly initiated by him).. he’s just living exactly the same still, but with a different girl?

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omfg wonho truly is the #1 kiho shipper. he was so bitter about not playing namjoo when he was originally supposed to, he just *had* to go spill the beans over on the fancafe asjashfkjsgfl he's just like "JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW I WAS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE THE MALE LEAD W MY BF KIHYUN" askhdlskahfsa no wonder he looked so disappointed when the parts were being read out

it’s funny because he can never keep things like that to himself. like that mbc thing “just so you know, that choreo others did was ours!” I like how he be starting his sentence with “just so you know” and then tea comes next.

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I hope this isn't against the rules abut could you do a Lance x reader where the reader tries to seduce Lance because she has a crush on him and is jealous of him flirting with other girls (*cough* Nyma *cough*) but fails. Can you make it sexy in the beginning but cute and funny at the end? If you don't feel comfortable writing this I can request something else.

It’s totally fine dear, I had so much fun writing this actually!!!!

You’ve had enough. Almost every mission Lance would flirt with any alien that moved, to the point where you couldn’t bear to go to a new planet. The way he looked at them drove you insane, using his stupid pick up lines that never failed to make you jealous. For the longest time you ached for those to be directed towards you, but not once has he so much as winked in your direction. He was completely oblivious to your crush on him, and to make it worse you were pretty much the only girl he wouldn’t flirt with. Talk about salt in the wound.

It was the last mission that really got you riled up. Of course, he found another alien girl to try and seduce. Fortunately for you Nyma’s returned flirtatiousness was only a decoy to get his lion, but the fact that he was all over her haunted your mind for the rest of the day. Just what would finally make him notice you as more than a pal from the garrison?

While everyone else was resting on the couch trying to relax from the long day, you approached Allura, explaining your plan to try and win him over. She seemed shocked, not understanding why you would go for Lance of all people, but agreed to help, leading you to her room under the guise of “girl bonding time”. Once there she gave you free reign to search through her closet, looking for anything revealing enough to get you noticed. The only garment you found suited for the task was an old shirt from her ‘rebellious phase’, a crop top that stopped just below the band of your bra.

You had to admit, it didn’t look half bad when you tried it on, Allura agreeing that it suited you far better than it did her. Pairing it with your trusty high waisted shorts, you were ready to go pay him a visit. Before you made it to the door however, you felt Allura’s hand pull your shoulder, sitting you down into a seat in front of her vanity.

“Allura, what-”

She pulled out a strange looking tube from the drawer next to her, “you can’t possibly woo a man if you don’t have a little bit of makeup. Now sit tight for a few minutes and then I’ll let you leave.”

You followed her orders, feeling her apply various products to your face and eyes. About fifteen minutes passed before she spun you around, allowing you to look in the mirror. She made you look absolutely gorgeous, with eyeliner so sharp it could rival Shiro’s. You bounced up, embracing her in gratitude, “I look amazing, thank you!”

“No problem, now go out there and show him what you’re made of!” she said, shooing you off with a hopeful expression.

As you walked down the halls you could feel yourself growing more and more nervous. What if he really doesn’t like you? What if he thinks you’re weird and never talks to you again? What if he doesn’t get the hint? So many negative thoughts filled your mind you almost turned back, but you had promised Allura you would do this, and you never break your promises.

Letting out a deep breath, you knocked on his door. A few seconds went by before it slid open revealing him standing in the doorway, Pidge’s headphones resting around his neck still blasting music. His eyes widened at your appearance, a slight blush showing across his cheeks, “(y/n), woah. What brings you here?”

“I was just bored and thought I’d stop by. You in the mood for hanging out?” you asked, twirling a strand of hair around your finger. God, you hated acting like this.

He nodded, “yeah, yeah sure man. Come on in.”

You took in your surroundings. Sure, you’ve been in his room many times before, but today it felt like all new territory. He sat on the edge of his bed, patting the seat next to him for you to sit.

“So, what’s with the outfit?” he asked, motioning up and down to your apparel.

“What, this? I was just trying on some of Allura’s old clothes and she said I could keep this. Pretty cute, right?” you asked, bending forward slightly to expose your cleavage.

His gaze drifted down from your face, flushing from the view. He put a hand over his mouth, “Yeah, yeah it’s really… cute.”

You brought your finger up and trailed it down his arm, inching closer, “I think it really suits me… Allura says it really shows off my figure.” You pulled down the collar slightly with your other hand, trying to lower your voice to a more seductive tone, “She’s right, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” he mused, following your hands with his eyes.

“How does it make you feel?”


You couldn’t contain your laughter, breaking character and removing your hand from his arm to cover your face. He snapped out of his daze, laughing along with you. Once the two of you calmed down you let out a sigh, “Fuck, I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” he asked, wiping the corner of his eye.

“Try to seduce you. Look Lance, I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but I kinda really like you. Seeing you flirt with all those other girls made me feel really jealous, so I decided to see if this-” you motioned to your outfit “-would make you notice me. But this just isn’t me.”

“(y/n), you don’t have to change yourself to try and get me to notice you. I already do, probably a lot more than I should. I… I don’t flirt with you because I’m too afraid I’ll scare you away. The truth is, I really like you too, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants and a t shirt,” he explained, averting his eyes to the ground.

Your eyes lit up, “Really? You really mean that?”

“I wouldn’t lie about this, (y/n),” he said, flashing you a sincere smile.

Before he had time to react you launched forward, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and planting a chaste kiss on his lips, “You have no idea how happy I am right now.”

He hugged you back, “Same goes here, princess.”

You pulled away, pushing yourself up from the bed, “Okay, I’m going to change out of this and give it back to Allura. This shirt is way too exposing for my liking.”

“Why not just save it for later, babe?”

Okay, so if we never left the HYYH era and are not leaving the Wings era. Why did they do the final stage of wings then?!

@earl-of-221b your tags:  #he wh a t#he…didn’t use 俺#An/俺#so what did he refer to himself as#oh it says ‘wo’ like everybody else#wow#this is just like when I found out holmes didn’t say 'elementary my dear watson’#or if yoda didn’t actually talk 'like that’#I guess it’s collective headcanon then#lol#funny thing though - when I first started writing some jttw fanfic in the moment#I was like….what do I call sun wukong? I can’t call type sun wukong all the time that’s weird especially from his pov#because I had literally never in my life referred to him as 'wukong’#like#am I on first name basis with the great sage lol#no#but anyhow had to go with 'wukong’ for writing purposes#but that was weird at the start#jttw#I had no idea that there was no distinction between he/him before :O#cool facts#tell me more

Yeah! It’s crazy right!? LOL the “elementary my dear watson” is the perfect equivalent for this. Wukong always uses 俺 in operas/shows though! He tends to switch between the I pronouns. Maybe they thought  俺 would better showcase his personality than a regular “wo” XD

And since you brought up fanfics, you’re not alone haha. The Chinese fanfics seem to be the same way, so we have 4 groups of people: those who write out “Sun Wukong” consistently, those who just write “Wukong” (Ex. you and me LOL), those who write “Great Sage,” and the real MVPs, the guys who just call him “the monkey” through the whole fic.

We’re here on a first name basis with the Great Sage XD 

story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

[working out at the gym]

Tony, in very tight sweatpants: *bends over* 

T’Challa: *trips on the treadmill*

Bucky: *gets trapped under weights*

Steve: *nearly chokes tangled in ropes* 

Rhodey: *long suffering sigh* Clear out the board. We’re back to zero.

Sam: *solemnly writes zero in number of days without accidents* 


Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS

[1st attempt]

Peter: Hey, dad can we do this thing that you probably won’t approve of? 

Bucky: Ask your other dads. 

[2nd attempt]

Gwen: Hey, pop? Can we do this thing you most certainly won’t approve of? 

Steve: Ask your other dads. 

[3rd attempt]

Miles: Baba? Can we do this thing? 

T’Challa: Ask your other fathers.

[4th attempt]

Gwen, Peter & Miles: *collected the trio in frustration* Can we please do this? 

Steve, Bucky & T’Challa: Ask your mother. 

[final attempt]

Gwen, Peter & Miles: *surrendering* Can we -

Tony: No.