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I think shawol's are pretty much going to feel uneasy until we see all of them together and happy and smiling with each other. We need ourselves that ot5!

Calling a universal prayer circle for Shawols because it looks like we’re gonna have to be in this for the long haul. I’d say “patience little grasshoppers” but we’ve been pretty patient. gosh….the last ot5 event was smtown back in mid July. But…we’ve been in longer droughts so i think we can manage! we kind of have to. The true Shawols are gonna come out of this at the end shining almost brighter than SHINee themselves because having the strength to stick around in this mess…anyway, i think that whenever SHINee do come back, we’re gonna cherish it a lot more than we would’ve before. It’s gonna make an incredibly big impact… i mean it’s just gonna mean so much more than just being that 10th anniversary album. like if we weren’t emo already over that….jfc if i wasn’t a Shawol i wouldn’t want to be around Shawols whenever SHINee make their ot5 comeback.

Anyway, my point is that i don’t think we should worry too much. It’s inevitable that we feel sad and deprived and sad, but there’s nothing we can do but wait at this point! And like…to my MVPs man…my heart goes out to each and every one of you every single day. One of my best friends is an MVP and i see the wear. Hell, i get fucking emo whenever jjong goes a day without posting on Instagram! BUT AT LEAST I STILL HAVE THAT. like not to put salt into an open wound, but you guys are hanging on by sheer will, and really you’re the backbone of the fandom. Thank you for loving Jinki and sticking with him and crying for his return. You guys are the unsung heroes. 

I don’t know, ever since I met you, I just want more time, because it’s never enough.

I miss you as soon as you leave, I never want to let go of your embrace.

Thank you for being in my life as simple and complex as it may sound, you taught the value of a second and I am soaking every single one I get to spend with you.

—  Marie spear poetry

“Every woman I truly love dies.”
“All the more reason to stay away from the Queen.”

What the heart says at 12 in the night

Even though I cherish every moment we share to the best of my ability, it never feels like it’s enough. I always want more. I always miss you the second you’re gone. I always want one more minute together, one more tight hug, one more kiss. I crave you so much it physically hurts when I’m not with you. I love you so much it’s impossible to convey in mere words. Not a minute goes by that I don’t think of you, without me picturing your beautiful face and body in my head, without wondering what the next time we meet is gonna be like, what life has in store for us. Your well-being is my primary concern. But the thing is I can’t help it. These things are out of my control, even though I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re my favourite reason to stay up late and wonder. I’m addicted to you. Worse, I’m dependent. And I love it. I don’t ever want to lose you. I want you to be mine forever. It sounds like a lot of time, and it is, but I’ve made up my mind about it. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of time to think about it, it’s all I do when you’re not here. When I think about a future with you, all my negative thoughts go away. It’s all happiness. Nothing seems better than coming home to you. I’m absolutely convinced that whatever our future’s gonna be like, it’s gonna be good. Great in fact. Better, it’s gonna be perfect, just like it’s been so far. I know it. Only you can make me feel this way and only you have this kind of power over me. So do me a favour and please don’t hurt me. Even if you do, I’ll probably still blame myself. But it’ll never come to that. I know you. You’re too good. Too good for this world. You put angels to shame. You saved me after all. The least I can do is make you happy and make sure you’re healthy and safe. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. I need you. I want you. I love you. You’re my everything. Perhaps it’s been said one too many times already and it’s become a cliche, but it’s what I feel. If I could I’d rip my heart out if my chest and hand it to you, cause I know you’ll take good care of it. I trust you with my life. Never have I ever thought it’d come to this, not even in my best dreams. You make my life worth living. So thank you. For everything. For being you. And for existing at the same time as me and in relative close proximity to me. Thank you for loving me. Even though I don’t quite understand why. Regardless, I hope I’ll help you accomplish your dreams and I’ll be the reason for your happiness. You’ve shown me true love does indeed exist, at a time when I was doubting it. I guess I’ve said everything I could. Some of it you may have heard before, but you have to understand everything I feel is oh so intense. Now imagine I’ve had these thoughts everytime I’m not with you or at least talking with you. I hope you can understand. I hope you feel the same. I hope I make you feel the same way you make me feel. Perhaps this is all too much to take in at once so I’ll end it here. Tl; dr I love you more than I could have ever imagined was possible.