never make someone your priority

You’ll end up disappointed if you think people care for you the way you care for them, nobody has a heart like you do. The the best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone. Fall in love with actions, not words. Don’t fall in love with ideas and thoughts instead of reality, it will be the death of you. Don’t be that person to be nice and apologize when you did nothing wrong, never make unworthy people a priority in your life. You deserve someone who actually gives a fuck about you, because you’ve spent your whole like making other people happy when all they did was leave and nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the person you thought would never hurt you, it’s funny how we let 1 single person disappoint us 1000 times. It’s like we all have this perfect picture in our minds of how things are supposed to be and that’s why we all end up being disappointed.
—  I have to stop getting my hopes up for things that will never happen.
It’s better to accept the fact that you are not appreciated than to insist yourself on someone who never really sees your worth. Don’t make someone your priority, if you’re only their secondary option.

I. Never beg anyone to come back.

II. Never begged someone to stay.

III. Never said “sorry” when you should’ve said “goodbye”.

IV. Never let the person that hurt you make you miss out on someone that wants to love you.

V. Never make him your priority.

VI. Never put your happiness to anyone.

VII. Never beg for a relationship

VIII. Never beg someone for their attention.

—  It’s better to have nobody than to have someone who half in there or doesn’t want to be there // (s.)