never make fun of the fat girl

Reblog if you think plus sized actors should be able to play characters other than the token fat friend, the chubby kid/adult everyone makes fun of, or literally any role that is centered around their weight.

It’s so discouraging as a bigger girl who wants to become an actress that plus sized actors are never cast as important parts or as love interests or anything except comedic relief based on our looks. We need more representation and I hope y’all agree with me. 

Controversial opinion incoming, but Pearl deserved better from the writers. They all did. Literally every single gem deserved better from the writers, but nobody ever talks about Pearl in a good light so here I go.

They could have kept Pearl’s slight arrogance and intelligence without turning her into a manipulative asshole who puts everyone down just to feel better about herself. They could’ve kept her precision and her ability to build all sorts of things because of that without making her all ‘look at meee i’m soooo smart.’
They could’ve kept her disagreeing with Amethyst and those two bickering a lot without it just being ‘Amethyst, shut up, I’m right.’ They could’ve had Amethyst love food and Pearl hate it, but make it clear that Pearl is perfectly comfortable with other people eating. She could cook meals for Amethyst and for Steven, she just personally doesn’t want any. They could’ve just made it clear that she doesn’t like the process of digestion, or the fact that Amethyst is a mess yeater rather than just ‘skinny white girl who hates food and makes fun of her fat not-white friend who eats everything’.

They could have let Pearl have flaws. Let her be hurt about Rose. Let her be sometimes a little too controlling. Let her fuck up, but make her apologise. Maybe she finds it hard to apologise, maybe that’s because Rose always told her she was perfect but never thought to let her know that nobody is truly perfect. Let her want to keep fusing with Garnet, but when Garnet finds out she gets rightfully mad and Pearl legitimately apologises. They have the whole Friend Ship thing, but Garnet is still mad. The next day, Pearl comes up to Garnet, sits her down and properly apologises. She says she has tried to before, but Garnet didn’t want to talk, and that’s okay, but now that she will at least listen to Pearl, she’d like to apologise. Garnet accepts her apology, but things are still a bit off for a while. Pearl is spending more time without Garnet, maybe hanging around with Amethyst more. As is Garnet, she’s not with Pearl as much. But over time, the two go back to normal.

They could’ve let her be so so painfully hurt by the loss of Rose because she was so madly in love with her, but she doesn’t take it out on other people. She gets sad, she gets angry. Rose’s Scabbard still happens, but when Steven nearly falls to his death, Pearl jumps down after him, and brings him back up with her. She apologises, and says that she was just upset and should’ve have lashed out at him. Steven asks Pearl to show him Rose, and so she shows the hologram. And let her have a FEW episodes about Rose, but let Garnet, Amethyst, and Greg have just as many too. It’s not all about her.

They could’ve let her be a proud lesbian woman and not turned her into a manipulative and controlling stereotype. Let her love Rose, but let her want Rose to be happy above all else. Yes, she’s upset about Greg, yes the two don’t get along, but Rose is happy and so Pearl is content.

Pearl had potential, just like all the others, and it was ruined.

Thought Wrong (Draco Malfoy x plus size reader)

Prompt; Draco Malfoy has always been trying to catch y/n’s attention. But she just thinks it’s another stupid joke for him and his friends to laugh about, but he proves her wrong.

Warnings; Cursing, plus size reader, body-shaming, cute shy and nervous Draco

l/n- last name y/h-your house

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You were walking down the hallway to your potions class, when you passed a group of slytherins, more importantly Draco and his friends. You noticed in the corner of your eye, that Crabbe nudged Draco’s shoulder and motioning towards you, as you passed by, causing Draco to shoot his head up and look at you smirking.

“Hey l/n!” Draco shouted and left his group of friends behind to walk with you.

“For the last time Draco my name isn’t l/n, it’s y/n.” You said as your turned your head towards him “And if you don’t mind I have to get to class.” You then began to walk faster away from him. You never really liked Draco, you always thought he was an asshole, and his efforts to get your attention was just a stupid joke with his friends. So you usually just came up with excuses to not talk to him.

Draco stopped walked and just watched you walk off and huffed “But I wanted to walk you to class.” he whispered to himself.

You got to your class a few minutes before it started. As you entered the classroom you saw your friend and walked over to the them. Then a couple minutes later Draco and his friends walked in. Draco sat at the table across from you, with Pansy.

Pansy began talking to Draco, but he ignored her and turned his head to look over at you sitting with your friend. He so badly wanted your attention but every time he tried to talk to you, you would just make an excuse up to leave. He was interrupted from his thoughts, by Professor Slughorn walking into the room.

“Good afternoon class, today we will be working in partners,” Everyone began to decide who they would work with but then Professor Slughorn interrupted “partners chosen by me.”  Professor Slughorn then began to call out names then he finally said yours “Mrs. L/n and umm,” Slughorn then began to look around the classroom to find you a partner, you also looked around the classroom to notice that only Hermione, Pansy, and Draco were the only ones left. Oh god please don’t be Draco you began to repeat in your head. “and Mr. Malfoy.”

You huffed and looked over at Draco who wasn’t giving his usual smirk but looking down at his potions book, blushing. Draco then walked over to where you were sitting and took the empty seat next to you. He still had his head down and was fumbling his thumbs. ‘Come on Draco, you can do this you just talked to her like ten minutes ago’ he thought to himself.  

“So…..” You turned towards Draco and he became nervous as you looked him in the eyes “Umm…. I’ll go get the ingredients.” You nodded your head and looked back at him. After waiting Draco came back with the ingredients.

“Ok so let’s start.” You both started making the potion. You were the main one really speaking, while Draco just nodded and gave some commentary. You both finally finished the potion. Slughorn then checked your potion, and was impressed by it. You began to pack your things in your bag but then you noticed Draco staring at you again.

“Not so cocky while your friends are around?” Draco then scoffed and looked down at his hands. “Don’t want them to know you might be friendly with the fat y/h?”

Draco raised his head so he was looking directly in your eyes. “What?” he said furrowed his eyebrows. That’s how you thought of yourself? Fat? He didn’t understand, he loved you and your body.

“Never mind.’' You shook your head. 

’'No, what is it?”

“You know exactly what I mean, I always see you and your friends making fun of girls cause they’re ‘overweight’, I wouldn’t be surprised if after class you and you friends made jokes about me.” You snapped.

“My friends do that, I don’t. And I would never let them hurt you.” You rolled your eyes. Then you thought about he never seemed to join in when they would make fun of those girls. You also realized you were the only 'bigger’ girl they didn’t make fun of. You dismissed the thoughts as Slughorn announced that class was over. You quickly left the class hoping Draco wouldn’t catch up to you.

“Hey l/n, um I mean y/n, we never finished our conversation!” Draco yelled down the hallway. You then turned around and began walking backwards.

“There’s no need to finish it!” You yelled back.

It was dinner and you were sitting at the y/h table. Thinking about what Draco told you. 'I would never let them hurt you.’ Maybe he was telling the truth, none of his friends ever picked on you. Then maybe you thought that this was probably some joke. Get you to fall in love him, but then for it to only be a sick prank in the end.

You started to get tired, so you told your friend you were ging to head up to the common room. What you didn’t noticed was the stares from a certain slytherian. As Draco watched you leave the great hall, he also got up from his table and followed you.

“Y/n!” You rolled your eyes hearing Draco’s voice, and ignored him. He then ran up to you to catch up with you “Hey.” he breathed. You turned your head towards him and glared.

“What?” You snapped.

“Well, I was wondering if I could take you out, like the next Hogsmeade visit or something?” You looked him dead in the eyes.


“Oh great maybe I could pick you up- wait what?”

“I don’t feel like spending my free time with you.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause I know that this is some stupid joke with your stupid friends. Get the fat girl to go on a date with you and embarrass her.”

“Would you stop calling yourself that?” Draco slightly yelled, you looked at him kind of frightened. “Is that what you think of yourself? Fat?”

“No but I know that’s how you and your friends see me.”

“Well you’re wrong,” He looked into your eyes “I think beautiful.” He mumbled the last part, but you heard.

“Excuse, but am I hearing this correctly. Draco Malfoy calling someone beautiful, that isn’t himself. I’m shocked.” Draco just rolled his eyes at you.

“Well you are.”

“Thanks. So is that supposed to make me change my mind cause it totally” Draco smirked “doesn’t.” Draco’s smirk turned into a frown, and you then began to walk away and to your common room.

“Wait please, y/n. If the date sucks than you can leave but please give me a try. I’ll-I’ll do anything.”

You stopped walking and turned around. He looked at you hopefully. “Fine. I’ll go on a date with you, but you have to promise me you’ll stop being a grade A asshole.” He quickly nodded and ran up to you giving you a hug. “Ok, ok it’s not that big of a deal.” you said as you started pushing him off of you.

“Thank you y/n so much. I promise you won’t regret it.” He then began to run in the opposite direction as you. You watched as he left, “Dork” you mumbled to yourself.

It was the next Hogsmeade trip, which meant you had your date with Draco today. Draco actually did keep your promise, he wasn't actually an asshole most of the time. But either way you were still expecting this to be a prank by him and his friends, but you were actually excited about it. You saw Draco standing in the courtyard and you walked up to him.

“Hey y/n. You loo-k beautiful.” Draco nervously said.

“I’m just wearing a sweater and jeans but thanks.”

“Yea-a.” He started to blush “Well um shall we go?”

“Yes of course.” You both then walked to Hogsmeade. When you reached Hogsmeade, you both walked to the three broomsticks.

When you arrived you went over to a table and Draco politely pulled the seat out for you.


“Umm I’ll go get us some butterbeer for us. I mean unless you don’t want butterbeer. I shouldn’t have assumed you wanted butter-”

“Draco. Butterbeer is fine.”

“Yes umm right. I’ll be right back.” You watched as Draco leave to go get you a butterbeer.

As he ordered the butterbeers he couldn’t help but notice how sweaty and nervous he was. As the bartender gave Draco the butterbeers, he began to walk over to you. Right before he reached your table he gave himself a pep talk. 'Alright Draco you can do this. You’re a Malfoy, you’re a natural at this.’ He thought to himself.

“Alright, umm here’s your butterbeer.” Draco set the drink in front of you, and he sat opposite of you.


To say the date was going ok so far would be an understatement, it was terrible. You and Draco sat there in silence, only saying a couple of things to each other. You just kept your head down looking at your drink, while Draco just stared at you with doe eyes. He was so focused on how pretty he thought you looked he didn’t really realize how awkward the date really was.

Then if the date couldn’t get any worse it did. A few girls from your house walked threw the door. They always made fun of your weight, but you didn’t really pay them any mind, even though sometimes their words did hurt.

“Hey y/n.” One of them said as the rest of the girls laughed. You just ignored it, but Draco could sense the change in your eyes.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“Nope.” You smiled at Draco.

The group of girls stood right behind your table and you could hear them whispering. 'Omg you totally have to go over.’ 'He’ll totally forget about her once he sees you.’ When you heard those things you got nervous. What if one of them comes over here and he leaves you. Even if the date wasn’t going that great, you still didn’t want him to leave.

You watched as one of the girls of the group walk up to your table and sit next to Draco. You also watched as Draco didn’t even notice the girl sitting next to him, he was still staring at you. You all just sat there for an awkward second before the girl cleared her throat to get Draco attention. He looked over at her and then to you. You just rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“Ummm do I know you?” Draco asked the girl you let out a small chuckle.

“Well not really, but I wanted to get to know you.’' She flirted while undoing a button on her uniform, exposing more of her chest.

’'I didn’t know if you realized but we’re kind of on a date.” Draco then turned back towards you.

“Who? With this cow?” The girl laughed and you just looked back down at your drink.

“What did you call her?” Draco then stood up from his chair, the girl just looked up at Draco frightened.

“Draco just let it go.” You muttered trying to pull in down back in his seat by his shirt.

“No, no what did you call her?”

“A cow and you know it’s true.”

“Don’t call my girlfriend a cow you fucking bitch!” You looked up from your drink, eyes wide. You then saw Draco pick up his butterbeer and throw it in the girls face, then slamming the empty glass on the table. Your jaw dropped to the floor and you started laughing. Draco then took his jacket from the back of his chair, grabbed your hand and dragged you outside.

“That was fucking awesome!” Draco grinned and laughed.

“Thanks, she deserved it.” You realized you were still holding Draco’s hand, you were about to pull away from it, but then Draco pulled you into him.

You looked into his eyes as he looked into yours. “You know Malfoy I didn’t realize I was your girlfriend.” You raised your eyebrows.

“I just said that to make it more dramatic.” You laughed.

“Sure you did.” You then grabbed Draco’s collar and pulled him into a kiss. He pulled back from the kiss and he rested his forehead against yours.

“Listen I’m sorry this date sucked.” You looked at Draco.

“It was actually wasn’t that bad, you threw your butterbeer on some girl.” You both began to laugh “And don’t worry about, you just owe me a second date.” You said as you winked at him and began to walk up to the castle.


1. chub rub
2. people who see us as a fetish
3. cute clothes are never in our size
4. when clothes are our size, they never fit right 
5. boobs, belly, hip, but, ratio
6. people regularly call you “fat,” as if you never knew
7. “you can have the front seat” when traveling with friends & family
8. you can never find a towel that goes all the way around you 
9. people are surprised when you order a salad instead of a burger 
10. “oh honey, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful”
11. painting your toe nails
12. doing up shoes with the buckle on the sides
13. people who think fat girls don’t have sex
14. cute bra’s and panties in your size are impossible to find 
15. public transport at rush hour
16. fat girl clothes prices 
17. judged if you eat too much, judged if you eat too little
18. the crotch/in between the thighs if your trousers rip too often
19. “sore throat?” .. “Yeah…” …. “It’s because of your weight" 
20.  squeezing past people and still rubbing your body against them
21. body hair in places you never knew existed
22. "you’re so soft can i use you as a pillow?”
23. the stare of death you receive from other fat girls in public
24. “you’re so pretty for a fat girl”
25. no matter who you’re with in public you both get dirty looks
26. shopping with thin friends and only trying on shoes and jewellry
27. “would you like that meal as a large?”
28. stairs
29. the fact that it’s socially acceptable to make fun of fat people
30. booths in restaurants
31. your family automatically plate up XL portions of food for you
32. “have you put on weight?” at every family gathering
33. you can never find pretty bangles or rings that fit you
34. “you should go to the gym with me”
35. “you’d be so much prettier if you lost 100lbs”
36. irregular periods
37. we’re treated worse than murderers/rapists/pedophiles by society
38. people are shocked when they see you eat fruit
39. “fat girls have to try more with their personalities”
40. we’re made to feel like shit by society, and it’s fucking wrong. We are fucking beautiful. We have as much right to love ourselves and feel great, just like every other human being. Rock on fat girls. 

Fat girls, I love you. 

teslaoveredison replied to your post “anyway brooklyn 99′s blatant and disgusting fatphobia is not excusable…”

Hey, can you give an example of this? I’m not disagreeing, I just haven’t seen much of the show.

aside from the fact nearly every episode has fat jokes, the prime example would be the episode “M.E. Time”. the case is a dead man, who happens to be fat. they walk in and immediately the fat jokes start:

“This guy must have weighed 500 pounds. I think we have an idea what killed him. It wasn’t starvation.”

“Wife found him this morning and called it in. Any signs of forced entry or a struggle?”
“You sure about that? Looks like maybe his belt had a pretty epic struggle with his stomach.”

“All right I’m calling natural causes. We got heart medicine over here, home defibrillator. And a frequent customer gift basket from the cardiac wing of Brooklyn Methodist. This case is open and shut. Just like his mouth was, constantly.”

“I started cataloguing the contents of the fridge, but it turns out there’s not enough paper on earth.”

This is all 5 minutes into the episode. And later, when Boyle says he thinks the case might not be natural causes, but a murder, there’s this:

“We think it could be a murder.”
“Wait, like a murder-murder, or, like, his mouth murdered him by making him eat so much food that his heart exploded?”

And Jake doesn’t even believe that it could be a murder, and continues dehumanising and making light of this man’s death, and blaming him and his weight for it, until an autopsy confirms his wife poisoned him. And the autopsy scene is filled with fat jokes and prop-related jokes, such as the M.E. saying “here are the contents of his stomach” with an enourmous stuffed garbage bag that’s thrown offscreen.

First of all, the idea that fat people die more often, have more diseases -specifically heart diseases- and are all around sicker than thin people is bullshit.

Detectives walk into a crime scene and see a dead man, and immediately start 1) making fun of him, 2) blaming him for his own death, and 3) denying him any respect or humanity even in death.

It’s hard to find comedy TV that doesn’t disrespect one marginalised group or another. They all do it. The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, 2 Broke Girls, you name it. Parks and Rec’s fatphobia in particular was disgusting and a reason I didn’t finish that show either, but at least they had 2 fat main characters. But i have to say i think B99 and this episode is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve never felt so humiliated and insulted as I did watching this episode. The autopsy scene in particular almost brought tears to my eyes. As Andy Samberg is cracking his fat jokes, I don’t think the writers of the show realised that in this moment, I don’t identify with him. I don’t identify with Amy. I don’t even identify with Rosa, who tells Jake at least once to knock it off (not because she cares about fat people, but because it’s not Jake’s case and he should be more respectful of Boyle). No. I identify with the nameless, dead, fat person on the table, who can’t be handed even an inch of respect even as his murder is being investigated. I couldn’t finish it and I’m definitely not finishing the show.

But what hurts even more is how so many people champion this as a show that cares about marginalised people. A show that doesn’t resort to cheap bigoted jokes aimed to dehumanise people.

I guess even in leftist spaces, hatred of fat people is still acceptable. And everyone who says this show is diverse or progressive doesn’t have a problem with that.

And if anyone tries to tell me “It’s just a joke! It’s a comedy show! Get over it!”, it’s not acceptable when the Big Bang Theory makes sexist jokes. It’s not acceptable when How I Met Your Mother makes rape jokes. And it’s not acceptable when B99 makes fat jokes. These “jokes” contribute to real-life people, real-life consequences, real-life culture, and real-life deaths.

Marginalised people are not your punching bag.

Dear Stranger at the Gym

My words will pale in comparison to what you gave me last night. 

Gyms make me nervous; I don’t like being around people, especially beautiful, thin, fit, active people. I feel inadequate - an outsider. You are a beautiful person; when you approached me, I instantly went into panic mode. 

My heart rate accelerated. I looked at the exit, calculating how long it would take my fat ass to get there. My constant inner monologue roared and my head was filled with the voices from my past. 

You’re fat. You’re ugly. You don’t belong here. It’s funny that you’re fat and at a gym. Put down the Big Mac. Eat less. You take up too much space. Who are you kidding? Is this a joke? You don’t belong here. You don’t belong here. You don’t belong here. 

You opened your mouth. I braced myself for what was to come. 

“Can I say something? I just really want to tell you something.” 

Here it comes. I inhaled. Muscles tense. I’m 24. I’m not 10 anymore. I can take it. I’m not going to cry. I will not cry. I looked around - gauging the distance between me and other people. Would they hear? When they did, they always laughed. Or looked at me with pity. Or snickered with their friends. Do. Not. Cry. 

You are absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that. I’ve been watching you since you came in and you’re gorgeous.” 

Exhale. I looked around. Nobody was laughing. Nobody was by you. Your voice was strong with sincerity. I was dubious. I paused. Waited. I knew something would follow - a laugh, a snicker, a smirk. Something. 

Nothing followed. You were still smiling. Your eyes were kind. Inside, the inner monologue was confused. 

She’s lying. She’s making fun of you. This is an elaborate joke. Don’t get a big head. Don’t smile back. You’re not beautiful. You’re fat. You eat too much. Don’t forget who you are. 

I mustered a thank you and a half-smile. I didn’t mean to be rude. I was honestly in shock. You gave me something that nobody has ever given me. I’ve never been called beautiful - just beautiful - by anyone. 

It’s always You’d BE beautiful if….

So thank you. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

People would call me “pretty” and “nice” but then make fun of a fat, dark-skinned girl in the same breath. I would think to myself, “If you’re mocking someone for being ‘more black’ than me, how do you feel about MY blackness?” Why make fun of someone named Shaniqua but then tolerate a Cara who’s also a black girl? If you can’t accept a black girl who fits your idea of “complete blackness,” you can never appreciate me in my entirety. 

Yesterday was my birthday. We went out to dinner and while at dinner I saw the most godly long haired boy who was singing for open mic night. Me being the shy socially awkward little shit I am, couldn’t get the courage to give him my number so my roommate gave it to him for me.

I totally didn’t expect him to text me because in my head I’m still that unattractive, fat girl that no boy ever looked at without making fun of me art the same time… but he did. He said my name was beautiful and we’re going out for a drink when I get back from QLD.

I’m pretty stoked. I never take risks like that. It paid off. Hehe.

Alright so here it goes. I’m finally desperate. My schools prom is April 29th and I don’t have a date. I feel like I have to prove myself this year. It’s my senior year and I’ve never been asked to a dance or even on a fucking date. Like I get it. I’ve always been the fat girl. The girl that’s easy to make fun of. But for some reason I thought this year would be different. I finally got the lead in our school musical and for some stupid reason I expected that to change things. So…I just really want a prom date…that’s honestly truly all I ask. I swear what I have going on inside is better than the outside.

anonymous asked:

Skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming, not every skinny person is that way for vanity.I suffer from Chrohn's Disease and find it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy weight, because of the effects of the disease and am often told to eat a decent meal or stop being so desperate to look anorexic. So to see you making fun of the so called "Skinny" girls is disheartening to me as a fan of yours, its not nice to make fun of anyone's weight wether its too big or too small.

I wasn’t and would never make fun of someone’s weight. I was speaking about a thin woman who came into a space FOR FAT WOMEN to talk about how them speaking of their real problems and issues (specifically finding clothing) was somehow invalidating her experiences. She had no right, and believe me, her opinion was not needed bc we get unsolicited thin opinions and oppression olympics all the time.

Women get shit on because of their weight no matter what, but being fat is an entire other axis of oppression. If someone shits on you for being thin (too thin, whatever bullshit they make up), you have an entire society hell bent on proving that your body type is the ultimate. Fat people have diet culture, the media, movies, tv shows, books, magazines. All telling you how to ‘shed those pounds’ all praising people who have lost weight (when the statistic for those who lose a massive amount of weight and keep it off for more than 5 years is minimal and its shown that losing and gaining weight back is worse on your body than ever being fat at all) Telling you that this is somehow the norm, when the average american woman is in double digit sizes.

Fat people exist and they are HATED for it. How dare you be fat and exist, how dare you be fat and make me look at you. All the time, strangers on the internet an irl, feel the need to comment, whether blatant hatred or that garbage fake ‘concern for your health’. Fat people are turned away from medical care, told to 'lose weight’ no matter the circumstance of said weight, fear mongered by the media, by medical professionals, by everyone that if you don’t immediately lose weight you will die. And then there is just the idea, reinforced by every 'success’ story by every of the hundreds of weightloss commercials, that you aren’t a person, you aren’t living life, you aren’t worthy of happiness until you become thin (and thin. Perfect. They don’t even get into the loose skin you’ll have if you’re losing more than, what 20lbs?)

Fat people are expected to be thankful for the clothing we are offered. Which, I can say having been fat all my life, is only just in the last few years even beginning to be more diverse. If you have trouble finding small clothing, every single store carries clothes for thin people. And they are affordable, easy to find, and with a wide variety. Fat women have torrid, small plus size sections in select stores (usually with 90% grandma clothes), and online stores with all curvy small fat or just thin models, and it’s all ridiculously expensive. The whole 'more cloth is used so it should cost more’ outright LIE. And even then, not all fat people are tall, not all fat people are shaped the same way, not all fat people stop at size 18-22. There is a difference between your

And representation? Every fat person on tv or in movies is funny, the friend, the one obsessed either with food or dieting or just straight up the dumb fat fuck everyone gets to shit on bc lol they’re not human. We’re a joke. We’re just about the last group where it’s totally fine to make us a joke and no one  bats an eyelash. Because no one gives a shit.

When people talk about fatness, it’s the worst thing you can possibly be. Girls kill themselves to not be 'fat’. People talk about Trump’s weight in the same breath as his racism, sexism, etc, as if they’re an equivalent. Bad guys are drawn as fat. We teach our kids that foods are 'good or bad’ bc god forbid we have a child that makes us look bad. We tell girls they have to perform to some bullshit idea of small, petite, femininity to the point where we DELIBERATELY TELL LIES LIKE GROWING BOYS NEED MORE FOOD AND WITHHOLD FROM GIRLS. Fat, especially goddamn especially as a woman, might as well be a death sentence.

And this isn’t even GETTING into the race, class, and sexism aspects that play into fatphobia.  

I’ve been fat all my life. I was thin for about 2 years, and I can tell you, people treated me differently. I existed for once, as a human being where people didn’t judge me immediately upon look (bc I’m also white and I look young/nice) I was praised endlessly for losing 170lbs. No matter I went to the gym 6 days a week, even when I was sick, and ate only 1000 calories a day. That was fine, they didn’t care, as long as I was thin. Now that I’m fat, no psychiatrist I’ve met will take my eating disorder seriously, bc I’m fat, just stop eating.

So I’m sorry if my heart isn’t bleeding bc that woman opened her mouth in a conversation that had nothing to do with her.

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never trust a man who makes fun of other people for characteristics that you literally have. for example, i have short hair, and he literally made fun of a woman for her short hair in front of me. i weigh 120, and he made fun of another girl who weighed 120 and called her fat. wtf???

Dumping time!

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How did you started being ana?

In second grade i remember looking down (in line to the bathroom) at the girls legs infront of me. I started to tear up, my thighs were so much bigger then hers. I didnt know why i was so upset but i was and when my teacher asked me why i was crying i told her i had a stomach ache. The next day i went around taking pictures with my disposable camera of the girls in my class and put them on my wall, and looked in the mirror. Once again, i was sobbing and i never knew why. I hated myself. I told my other brother (who had custody of me his entire life) that i thought the other girls were smaller then me and he told me its because their parents are mean and wont let them drink chocolate milk. He tried to make it funny but honestly since that day i refused to drink or eat chocolate of any sort. I figured if chocolate milk made me bigger, so did other foods and drinks i liked. I started throwing out my lunches and my teachers told me i was going to get sick if i did that. I didnt understand calories or that i was fat, but i was determined to eat less. In 5th grade i finally learned about calories and metabolism. By this point, is been 3 years since ive eaten lunch but i never lost any of my fat. I decided i would stop eating breakfast and maybe this would make me skinny. The girls made fun of me and honestly i spent every social event or lunch in a bathroom stall crying. I started hearing voices when my brother died in 6th grade, and i have horrible schizophrenia that is so hard for me. and i figured if skipping breakfast and lunch helped, dinner was bad too. By 7th grade, i was over excercising. Going to the gym for hours a day because my foster family didnt care if i was alive. I became obsessed and it seems like every year got worse until i was living in a mental hospital. I felt so bad about food by 8th grade that i ended up getting tubed 3 times in the span of 2 years. By highschool, i was taking laxatives and smoking cigerettes and dope. I reached 73 lbs at one point and i still didnt have friends. I got bulimia real bad because my family was told they actually had to care if i ate, to the point i have heart problems now. I fainted constantly but i didnt want to get better because i felt so good being in control. And i never did get better, im 19 now and im worse then ever. 


My morning thoughts…. Fuck you and all your labels. I don’t trust you… You approach me as beautiful or sexy because I have hidden what you would deem ugly. I inspire you with my confidence and that I could possibly love myself. My values and spirit make me the “ideal wife candidate” so you save me for later, your not ready for me yet. My no make up and natural hair make you say finally “a real woman”. My head wrap makes you picture the perfect little “Afrocentric family”. It’s all so fucking ridiculous, but it’s BGAD so I’m going to talk about my body. You want the first picture I have created. The smoother picture formed with control tops and and push up bras and slimming leggings. They all dig into my skin if I lean the wrong way. And you may even want the second picture stating “I like a thick girl”. But I’m not just “thick” I’m fat and that isn’t something I should feel sorry about. I shouldn’t apologies for the space I take up. I shouldn’t have maps in my head of where I need to step lightly in a room so that I don’t rattle anything. Im happily single, creating the life I want. I move away from your touch bra use its uninvited on my body. I move away from your touch because what you think is smooth is filled with ripples of stretch marks, dips and rolls of fat. You make fun of girls bigger than me for things I’m insecure about; then you ask me to trust you with my naked body which houses my naked soul. I finally love me and you will not break me down. I fit into whatever you have created in your mind… But I have never fit anywhere and thats quite alright with me. All that to say for all those hating on the beautiful big bodies, fat bodies, thick bodies I see on my dash…

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Day 9

Did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

Ha. Do I really need to answer this one?

Ever since kindergarten i think. Aaaaallll through elementary school, there were these 2 little shits. They gave me so much shit about my weight. They constantly called me fat and gross. One of them literally farted in class one time and told the teacher i did it (”she’s fat it makes sense she’d fart) (that was in like 4th grade i think lmao little kids are horrible i hate all of them) Fun fact: I still go to school with that kid, we’re both sophomores. And he is now much fatter than i am. There was also a girl in like 5th grade i think. She was so annoying and rude no one wanted to be friends with her. And i never had any friends at all so of course the teachers forced us to be friends and i acted nice to her because i was just a polite kid. She called me fat and pregnant multiple times. 

Middle school. I actually don’t remember any specific people calling me fat. But I was definitely singled out and excluded from things because of it. This one kid in 6th grade. He didn’t say the words directly. But we were science partners and there was this one thing we had to do. Like lift out partner up using the wooden ramp thing (i dont even remember what the lesson was probably something about gravity idk) and he said without hesitation “if we gotta lift someone up, you’ve gotta lift me up because there’s no way i’m lifting you up”

I remember hearing a few other comments throughout the rest of middle school. Nothing too horrible. Nothing to my face. Heard other people talk about me. Heard rumors about me when my friends told me. I had more rumors spread about me being gay than anything about my weight in middle school tbh.

Not much in high school so far. Only things i’ve heard about my weight since i started high school have been from my mom. And i’m not about to go into that hahhahahahahh

i plan on keeping it this way. I plan on not ever getting any comments on my weight from anyone in high school. Or outside of school. From anyone. 

I’ll lose weight so fast people won’t be able to think of any fat comments fast enough. By the time they’re done thinking of one, i’ll be a size smaller and their comment would only backfire :))))))))

our troubles will be miles away

[So, this was supposed to be finished in time for Christmas, but I am often trash and don’t ever get anything done on time.  This piece could have gone in the drabbles, but instead I’ve written it as a little companion to Nothing I’m Running From, the Niall installment of my plus size pieces.  It’s not so much Christmas themed as it just takes place on Christmas… Anyhow, hope you’ll all enjoy!  Drop me a message if you do! - Tabby]

Christmas Eve, eve. 12PM, local time.

“Oh, just got word from your Uncle Ben, darling, he and your cousin will be here tomorrow night through Christmas morning.”

You nearly choke on your gum, where you’re sitting at the kitchen table, using the broad surface to roll out cookie dough and press Christmas shaped cookie cutters into it. Head jerking up as you cough the chewy substance back into the front of your mouth, you splutter.

“What? Alexis?” You groan, so unhappy you actually have to spit your gum out into a napkin and toss it, washing your hands in the kitchen sink before you settle back at the table.

Your mother gives you a strange look over her shoulder, where she’s preparing the filling for one of her family-famous, mouthwatering pies. “What’s wrong with Alexis?” she asks, but you think she should already know.

“Nothing,” you mumble instead. And therein lies the problem.

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Why do you hate the It movie? I haven't seen it yet.

the monster exists to prey on and eat children, there’s hinting (heavy hinting) to sexual abuse, there’s graphic animal death, there’s this really awkward scene where the kids are at the lake and they’re all in their underwear and there’s some awkward sexualization of the preteen girl, making fun of the fat kid, there’s racism, the list goes on. I’ve never read the book, but I don’t know if that really justifies all that. I don’t really see any excuse to add all that to a horror film that could have been done differently that would have worked better. Again, idk abt the original movie or the book, but I’m just really sick of media like this, esp when ppl in the theater are laughing abt some of it. it’s really grotesque, but not in the realm of horror.

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But why are you shitting on girls with anorexia

I have never ever made fun of anybody that struggles with disordered eating . I was pointing out that using “ WHY FOOD MAKES YOU FAT ” as your title for a video is a really bad kind of click bait , because it can be extremely upsetting and hurt people

im about to piss a bunch of people off right now but oh fucking well. I know what most if not all what your thinking eww that’s nasty shes gross that’s inappropriate she is too fat to be doing all this and some other bullshit I probably don’t care about but guess what. IM PROUD OF MY BODY. I’m proud of my rolls my fucking huge tummy my huge thighs my stretch marks. I was the talk of the town of schools of peoples little groups for a long time because i was so outrageous for showing the excess amount of skin as a fat girl and for just being fat. I will always be happy with myself of course ill have my off days but we all do but don’t let that phase you. you can make all your remarks you want . saying no wonder you haven’t had a boyfriend your ugly and fat.  guess what I don’t care. I refuse to be like most girls now a day who idolize body types rather than the confidence behind those girls. I will never deform my body to make any man happy. I will not deform my body to make anyone happy because I’m happy the way I am. and if the reason you don’t wanna date me is only because of my image please go exit through that shallow door because that’s what you are.  I’m here to say fuck you to everyone who constantly made fun of my fat on my body my boobs my ass my thighs or on what I wear . fuck you all because Im gonna rock my belly fat like any supermodel rocks her body. I may be a piece of shit to a lot of you but there are just as much of people who think I’m there insipration. and hell if i am not there insipration i know that i did make a big difference in someones life and that is my own 💖”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Learning from Tumblr.

I know Tumblr can have its faults, but this is what I learned from Tumblr and the respectful, sensible side of the site. 

The first is the news I’ve read from Tumblr which to my surprise was real. It wasn’t stuff I learned on TV and it was enlightening to say the least.

Second is how I learned about having depression and anxiety, which came with my Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid(located in your neck) is not producing enough hormones. Causing you to have mood swings, manic emotions and depression. I do not take pills for it, as I have had a bad experience with them. (I had a panic attack and thoughts of suicide). I learned that I’m not a freak or get enraged for “no reason”. People have made lists of what depression and anxiety can do to your body and mind and I was experiencing all of it.

The third one is how much sexuality there is in the world and it’s all over the place. I imagine it like the tree from Avatar, where each sexuality is like a branch and lead off into smaller branches. I never even KNEW Asexuality was a thing until I got on Tumblr. I am still learning about all the flags, each sexuality and I will try my best to use the pronouns you want correctly. I’m always willing to learn on that subject for my friends.

Fourth, came from my low confidence and no self esteem. Going to Everett to see SPG was the first time for me cosplaying. I wanted to be Gaige, my mother and our friend helped me out in creating it. In between that time of creating it and the show, I would always say how I’m going to be a “fat” Gaige and I wasn’t skinny enough like her(Because I wasn’t running around and killing people, duh). My mom would tell me to shut up and say that I was going to be an awesome Gaige. My mom always tried to boost my confidence but it never came. The whole car ride I kept thinking how people would mock and laugh and those comics I saw about how guys approach chubby girls and make fun of them would become reality. It never happened, the completely opposite happened actually and total strangers were telling me how amazing my cosplay at the AFK. I go to have my sketchbook signed and David said I looked adorable. After the show, I went back on Tumblr and saw many different people of color cosplay characters who were white or hispanic and still looked awesome. I thank my friend ashle1 for telling me that my body weight didn’t matter for shit. <3 Loves for that girl.

Fifth one, Disney, Adventure Time, Cartoon Network, Everything that is holy and Lolita are not just meant for children. You can be 90 years old and still have a love for Mickey Mouse. If meeting the Mad Hatter makes you have giggle fits, who are you to judge on what makes another person happy? That character-ANY character- can stop someone from committing suicide or hurting themselves. If Donald Duck or Fiona and Cake stop you from having anxiety attacks, enjoy the shit out of it and not care what others think. 

Finally, All my friends I have met on Tumblr and the Cavalcadium- I’d like to thank you for following me and giving me the confidence and belief I’ve never had in my self before. I follow people on Tumblr that I respect and admire. Things could be rough on your end but sometimes you give me the greatest encouragement and confidence I ever needed. ohpierre and giraffesonparade are two people who I look up to the most. Thank you to both of you, my followers and friends who I have discovered in the SPG fandom.

I’m going to cry now, good bye.

The first time I was told I was fat was in kindergarten, and I was waiting for my turn on the swing so I can go up as high as the other kids, but when it finally came a boy sprung from behind me and slammed me on to the ground. He told me I would’ve broken the swing, he told me he actually heard some of my ribs crack like glass from all of my fat hitting them as I fell.

Second time I was 12 and had a huge crush on this boy at my summer camp who smiled at me like any other ‘normal sized’ girl. My friend Marie told me he wasn’t into ‘bigger girls’ and that he was such a jerk. They started dating the next day.

The third time I was 14 and felt like a lone wolf in my high school, just wandering around for a pack to fit into. I remember the movie Bring It On being my favorite as a child, so I went to join the cheerleading team. The teacher who supervises it laughed before I even uttered out a word.

Fourth time, I was 15 and went to visit my grandparents during the summer. One morning, I come downstairs in a XXL sweatshirt and the baggiest sweatpants I could find. My grandmother stares at me, then handing me a banana and explains to me that I would be prettier if I lost a few pounds.

The fifth time, I was 16 and was putting my clothes back on while a boy my age came out of the guest bathroom inside my house. I gave him the thing I held dearest to myself, I gave him a half hour of moans and sighs and hazy smiles and grins. I think I’m falling for him. He left me five minutes after saying that next time I had to face away from him so he didn’t have to see my ‘huge ass stomach.’ There never was a next time.

I am now 17 and there’s this boy who is buying me things and telling me things and comparing me to a summer’s day as if he were Shakespeare himself. After months of his teasing me, I yell at him for doing such a shitty thing! Making fun of the fat girl? How fucking original! He just smiles at me as if I said nothing and hands me a piece of paper with his name, ten digits, and a X and an O at the bottom.

The last time I was told I was fat, I was staring into a mirror with tears running down my face as the realization that my life has led up to this moment and once again, my weight is holding me back and that they were all right. All those people were right. My boyfriend comes from behind my naked body and asks why I’m crying like I just heard somebody I knew had died. He kisses my neck one, two, three times before his thin arms are wrapping themselves around my huge belly and he’s whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

When he asked what was wrong again, I just smiled and said nothing. I looked back at my reflection in the mirror to see myself as what I truly am, as what I have always been: beautiful.



Fuck all those people who thought I was too big to find myself a boyfriend, fuck all those people who said my curves made me ugly. I’m a size 18, but I’m still beautiful.

You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone else tell you you’re not.