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just popping in with a friendly reminder that

“(Having a friend) means you have someone who accepts you for you.

I learned that from Moana” 

is an honest to god direct canon quote from Maui in one of the Disney Storybooks

I’ve been playing Skyrim all night. Tried to avoid the Alik’r warriors because I don’t want to mess with that quest right now. One of them finally catches me, starts to do the normal quest lines, and then says he wants to give me something as a token of our friendship.

He gave me a bucket.


I woke up this morning, went to work, treated myself to a nice lunch and thought about what I was going to do later. I was going to post a new chapter of ‘Lockdown’ and my friends would come over. All in all I thought it was going to be a good day. 

Then the terror attack in Westminster happened. I was listening to the radio when a news bulletin was announced about sounds of gun fire near parliament. I checked BBC news and saw reports of a stabbing of a police officer and it all sunk in. 

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Sooooooo I kinda wanna make a discord for all of you Voltron peeps who like talking about Voltron and wanna scream about it with me

hmu and let me know if you wanna join because I need people to scream about Voltron with 


*Warning complaining ahead* This week hasn’t been the best. My anxiety is awful which makes sleep hard to come by, which makes my anxiety worse. Awesome sauce. I try to play some Overwatch, ya know, for fun (it’s a game it’s supposed to be fun people) I’m doing pretty well, gold medals and cards all around. So I think, Eh, one more game before my wrist starts to hurt (I am old) I don’t play great, but not exactly horrible either. We don’t win and then these two bitches (they were probably guys, but I’m sticking by my juvenile name) specifically call me out and blame me for the loss and then are real condescending dicks about it like they were playing great and I’m some infant mashing the keyboard with my fists. No one was playing great for the record. So yeah, thanks a-holes being publicly called out is great for my sleep deprived anxiety. I love it. Can’t get enough. I bet it made you feel like a big man. I hope you spill a glass of soda onto your keyboards and then step on some Legos. 

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Status Update

Slowly but surely writing this fic, I promise. I’ve actually written over 3k words today. And I did 1k on Sunday. So it’ll happen at some point. It’s over the halfway mark, at least. I’m even listening to classical music, so you know I’m serious about this endeavor.