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My first time working with clay, I finished this project 3 months ago and never got around to post him. This is Craig Tucker from @earily ’s oculus story. I’ve made art of her story before and basically dedicated all my art projects to this XD I don’t regret doing it though. It’s hard to see but his teeth are sharp and cut up, I also added paint splatters to his hat. I thought about adding mud but I didn’t want to over do it with the paint. Hope you like it eerie hah

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can a person be femme or masc aligned and still be maverique?

First of all, I know you sent this a month ago anon, but I’ve got to thank you because I really like this word and I had never heard it before. It sounds a lot like what me and another previous mod tried to do with aliagender, but I like maverique almost better… I’m going to start using it.

From where I stand, my rules are that we define labels, they do not define us. So I’m going to adapt the word into my life as a femme/woman-aligned person because it resonated with me and made me feel understood. In the original post, the coiner says:

It [their gender] is too unorthodox, too unconventional to be plotted as a point on a color spectrum illustrating colors (genders) between red (female) and blue (male) because it (my gender) has nothing to do with either of those at all, all while still not being an absence of color (gender).

I have long identified my own gender in terms of color saying that if men are blue and women are red, my gender is yellow - a primary color that exists independently from either of them in its own shades, hues, and brightness. 

The thing to remember here is that gender expression =/= gender identity. I express myself in feminine ways, but that doesn’t make my gender identity/my actual gender feminine or of “female” or “womanly” origins. It is independent from womanhood, but I express it femininely.

Another axis of this is political alignment. I identify as “woman aligned” because politically, I have more in common with the “woman” group of society than I do “man” and I find that term useful for that discussion. That also has no bearing on my actual identity and I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to.

So this is my own justification for using this term this way… I guess it just depends on if you feel like your gender exists completely independently from “man” and “woman” and the whole concept of a binary between them or not.

(I feel I should tag the coiner @queerascat since they are still active and it is their word. Thanks for coining it!)

- Mod Zoe Leo

So I really wanted to have a comic finished today, but I have one in the making that I’m really liking and didn’t wanna rush it, or separate it into parts. So have this Stardust Ruby Rose thing till I get back from vacation, and can upload a cute team STRQ comic!

Sidenote: Anyone think “Dust” in RWBY could be Star Dust? Idk what that would mean, but it sounds cute~!

Fanfic writer reactions

I’ve done one of these before, but felt like doing another today. :) Thanks to everyone who made the gifs. 

When you post a fic and wait for a response

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When your mutuals and buddies give it love

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When it didn’t get the response you expected

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When it gets more love than you expected

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When another writer you fangirl over likes or comments on your fic

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When a brand new person you have never interacted with likes or comments on your fic

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When you get a negative comment

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When someone tells you your story emotionally compromised them

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When your friends post their own new fic updates

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When someone leaves a negative comment on a work written by one of your friends

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When you finish reading one of your friends’ updates

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When someone leaves a long and detailed comment on one of your fics

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When someone includes your fic on a rec list

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hi so i saw your post about being shook over the fact that phillions and danosaurs actually happened and i wanted to share with you this time a few years ago when dnp lived in manchester and i got on the tube with my sister who was borrowing my danosaur shirt at the time because hers got soaked in pudding (long story) and dan saw us and actually rawred. like he legit made a claw and rawred at us before disappearing into a crowd of people. i will never forget that moment. i still cant believe it.

i knew that Dan in 2011-13 was cringey as hell but this, this is beyond my expectations and i am so sorry for you and your sister to have experienced that scarring moment in your lives

How to Create a Language Learning Schedule (+ Printable)

I recently set up a new language learning schedule for myself and I thought some of you might find my approach useful, so I decided to create a short guide and a printable (you can download it as a pdf here). Lots of people struggle with finding a way to study several languages at once (I do, too, as I’m currently learning 5 languages) and I think having a good plan is essential!

As you can see, it’s quite simple. Once you have downloaded the printable, you can create a perfect schedule for yourself in a few easy steps:

1. Define your goals

First of all, you should know why you need this schedule and for how long you want to stick with it. Do you want to plan your studies for next week, the next month or the entire term or (school) year? What exactly do you want to learn until the end of that time period? How many words, how many grammar topics, how many levels in your favorite language learning app? You need to answer these questions in order to be able to estimate how much time you should / can / want to spend on your target languages every day.

2. List your languages and resources

Secondly, you should make a list in which you mention the resources, methods and tools you want to use for each language. It should look something like this (the more detailed, the better):

3. Divide your resources into categories

I put six categories on the printable. Use a color code to show which resource belongs in which category:

4. Almost there…

There are a few things you should consider before creating the actual schedule:

  • How much work and time do you need to put in to reach your goals?
  • How much time do you actually have in a normal week? When do you want to study?
  • Are all of your target languages equally important? How often do you want to study language 1,2,3,…?
  • Do you have any classes that you have to prepare for / do homework for? If yes, you can include that in your schedule!
  • Do you want to avoid studying two similar languages in one day?
  • Do you want to focus on a special skill?

5. Set up your schedule!

Goals, resources, time management - you’re ready to make a detailed plan! Here is a random example:

In case you were wondering “why do the whole coloring thing and list your resources and everything” - I think this is a way to avoid procrastination. Let’s say it’s Friday, so you should be learning French vocab (orange) and practise listening (green) in Spanish. Now, if you never made a list with all your resources, you might end up wasting your time on tumblr or google searching for “Spanish listening practice” and reading arbitrary posts or watching videos you already know without really doing anything because you just don’t know what to do. If you consider your list, you will know that for Spanish, you will either have to watch a movie or listen to some music, and for French, you will have to do either Memrise or Anki. As I said before, this gets easier if your list is more detailed. Actual tasks like “watch a movie on website x about y with subtitles in language z” will force you to work with what you’ve got and use the methods and resources you already know. I read so many posts like “I keep downloading textbooks for that language but I never use any of them, I just keep downloading more” and this won’t happen to you if you use the list!

I guess that’s pretty much it… I hope you like the printable, enjoy your studies!

Victor painting Yuri’s lips so he can kiss that gold

more cute boys in makeup 2k17 @therealpigfarts23

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i noticed kim kardshian posted an ig story and i never noticed her do that before, so i watch it and it’s mostly just her trying to sell her shitty merch, whatever. Then at the end it’s her recording a bunch of soul food being made (cause she’s obvi not cooking it) then i’m like 🤔🤔🤔. She proceeds to go “my Jamaican nanny taught me how to make jerk chicken, jerk pork and ox tails” that had me dead i was like wow whitest shit she’s ever said …..“ my jamaican nanny”

I’m pretty sure I’ve made a post about this before but I just want to reiterate that Naruto DEFINITELY made a speech at Shikamaru and Temari’s wedding where he was like “I just want it to be known that if I hadn’t pushed Shikamaru into the ring during the final round of the chunin exams this union never would have happened so y'all know who to thank, Naruto Uzumaki: matchmaker extraordinaire.“

Promise Of Tomorrow

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader (ish)

Warnings: Very dirty thoughts, Drunken confessions, Language, Shameless objectification of Jensen Ackles (and I am not even a little bit sorry!)    

Word count: 1400ish (not a drabble! Dammit Jensen!)

A/N: I blame @blacktithe7 for this! When you send her gifs of Jensen you get comments like: “He went from damn he’s good looking to OH MY GOD TAKE ME NOW!” and “Now I picture Jensen’s lips on my most sensitive spots before riding him like a pogo stick!”

I took both as prompts to do a drabble, but Kari can’t drabble so welcome to this little one shot ;) Oh and I made (she begged) Erin beta this too :D

Also Kari can’t remember so this one shot is 3 months old but never before posted so enjoy y’all.



You groaned. You had no idea why you had agreed to come to this party in the first place. Well, Misha and you had stayed close friends after your recurring role as an angel on Supernatural, back when it was still in it’s fourth season.

You had had a thing for the green eyed actor that played Dean Winchester back then too. You just never had the courage to tell him that. Years had passed, and the moment you had walked through the front door you knew that hadn’t changed. Your eyes landed on him standing in the corner of the room chatting with his co-star and tv brother, Jared Padalecki. Your heart practically jumped into your throat when you saw him. He hadn’t aged a day, but he had gotten all the more sexy. His freckles still enhanced his perfect facial features. His shoulders were still broad and his bowed legs perfect for you to fit in between. Not that you ever had, but a girl could dream right.

You shook your head, annoyed with yourself for letting these thoughts re-enter your mind. He was way out of your league, there was no way he would ever look twice at someone like you. Daydreaming of him was only going to end one way. In heartbreak. Yours.    

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Honestly? The weirdest part about having been in the check please fandom since 2015 is the sharp increase in the number of notes a post can have that I’ve never seen before. When I first made this blog, I guarantee you that I had seen every single check please post with 300 notes or more. Nowadays, I’ll come across a post with 2,000 notes and be like wow this is great but how have I never seen it