never loved you more

Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready. They can love you in a way you have never been loved and still not join you on the bridge. And whatever their reasons you must leave. Because you never ever have to inspire anyone to meet you on the bridge. You never ever have to convince someone to do the work to be ready. There is more extraordinary love, more love that you have never seen, out here in this wide and wild universe. And there is the love that will be ready.
—  Nayyirah Waheed

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FFXV AU and Goblin AU

A Dangerous Game {Chapter 11}

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Chapter 11 of A Dangerous Game

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

Your mouth hung slightly open at the tender sentiment. Could he really mean that? Was it crazy that every part of you wanted to say it back a hundred times over?

“I just needed you to know that. I don’t care how short our time has been together, I feel it with every breath I take. I love you,” he cooed.

Your heart pumped at the speed of light as his stare never wavered from you.

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Love, I will always want to share the bed with you not because of sex but because when my body is next to yours, everything feels so right. Like I can never ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold because your embrace is the warmest place here on Earth. I think I could hug you all night long. And I promise I will never stop longing for your heavenly embrace. Love, you are more than sex to me.
Manila Pavilion Hotel

February 17, 2017 / 9:36 AM

Im never quite sure who to do with relationships because I spent half of my life trying to let go of one that ended prematurely, another part of my life clinging to people because of the fear the first instilled in me and now I’m just … I wonder if I’m doing alright? I mean I know I am, but can I do better. I’ve yet to figure out what people need from me and what I need from people but there are definitely many friends I love.

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She looks around for a minute and spots him right away in front of the gates. He’s leaning against a beam breathing, drenched in sweat. She watches as he takes off his shirt, and wipes his forehead with a sigh. His arm muscles bulging in the sun. She watches as Miller says something that surprisingly makes him smile and shove Miller’s arm in response. Clarke can’t ignore the butterflies in her stomach, her heart racing, beating out of her chest-knowing that she has never loved a person more :)

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Omfg. This just made my heart explode with fluffy feelings, anon. It was so beautiful!!!! You’re sooo sweet!! Thank youuuu <3

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Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.