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黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act
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sequel to i

Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a cracked jaw, opening before an endless, cavernous pit. Long John Silver is a monster’s right hand – black with viscera, white with bone. Long John Silver is a rabid dog, held on a short leash by dead tyrant’s skeletal fist. Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a man.

Toni Ipres from Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name

I havent thought abt Toni in regards to the fallout au. She’d look cool as hell though.

Day 5 of fake Inktober, using prompt list Post Apocalyptic Wanderers 

Highlights from the Feh Channel announcements:

- Feh is the cutest birb fight me
- CLIVE. I just wanted Clive honestly
- New arena for those hardcore people that doesn’t need a shitty ton of stamina to save my weak ass
- Tempest Trials can now host my sad looking level 7 heroes
- Bonus points for featured heroes even tho I never have those,,
- “there are over 150 heroes! But there are still over 200 different types of owls *phew* we’re still in the lead” CUTEST BIRD
- Happy Half-a-yeariversary
- Look! Cool shit!
- Summer will never end. *Glances at new gauntlet…* Ever.
- 4* and 3* rates switched for limited time hohoho
- First Summon of a new box is fREE??? HMU???
- This is all a giant trick to keep you and drag your friends into FE hell

[Vegebul Smutfest] (Day 1: Toys) “Show Me, Bulma”

Alright folks, here’s my submission for the smutfest.

By the way, this is my FIRST lemon EVER, so please be kind, it really is my first time… *wink*


Vegeta tossed and turned in bed in frustration.


This was his third sleepless night in a row and he couldn’t fucking take it anymore.

What the hell was that goddamned noise?

Whatever it was, he knew where it was coming from: Bulma’s room, and he also knew he was dangerously close to killing that annoying woman once and for all.

He finally got up, angrily picking up the boxers that lay on the ground. The Saiyan had spent his entire life sleeping naked, but ever since that time he’d made a late-night visit to the kitchen’s massive fridge and he’d gotten caught by a very embarrassed blue haired scientist, he’d made sure he was always dressed before leaving his bedroom.

The Prince walked through the corridor in the dark, running his hand through his wild mane and irritably cursing under his breath. Whatever experiment was taking place inside Bulma’s room was ending tonight. One way or another…

Once he reached the woman’s bedroom, he stopped, silently standing in front of the closed door.

There it was again.

That damned buzzing noise.  

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Darling, maybe attraction is more than the way skin protects bones, more than the words folding veins into sentences we practice until your name sounds right, more than the seasons we’re always behind because my lips can’t kiss your shadow and stretch your breath into sheets we never have to change, more than smiles feigning the weight of your eyes - an eternal void my pulse can’t regulate without pulling the sun out of warmth housing viable options, more than revered ground reciting how to walk away, more than scenarios I find in my coffee, more than books I’ll never finish because I know how we end - italics never looked good on you, more than sunrises wanting to feel the cool imprint of the moons hand, more than running a stoplight to catch your laugh run another block. I know that if you can love me through this, you can love me through anything, for love shouldn’t need any metaphors to matter -

(just your name).

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Destroy them with feminism! I love you so much! You just don’t know! I get tired of people using looks to attack women. It’s old and unimaginative. I haven’t been called ugly since middle school and if I were younger, this might have hurt my feelings. 

But I’m an adult. Like an adult adult. With a husband, a mortgage, and student loans. Anon can never hurt me as bad as medical bills and the monotony that comes with growing up.  And that, folks, is why I run a ninja blog.

it is the year 2016 can we PLEASE stop acting like cigarettes are sexy and fun they’re so gross and they kill people and how is that not like romanticizing an addiction??

today i got inspired by the glitchy effects on Jack’s twitter pic!

I met a guy at work today telling everyone about his three-year-old daughter who wants to be Chewbacca for Halloween

she’s never seen any of the Star Wars movies, she just thinks he looks cool, and honestly I have never related to anything more in my life

my first contribution to mobbu hell  [twitter] #redrawreigen

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misaru or sarumi

Eh, I don’t know if I would really say I prefer one over the oth–

…Okay maybe I have a slight preference.

Title: Running late
Prompt: Anniversary (Day 1) + Mission (Day 2)
Rating: K+
Comments: first nh month fic, and first 2016 fic, yay!!

He was not going to make it.

No matter how fast he ran, he just wasn’t. There was no way he could get to Konoha in less than an hour when he was just exiting Suna. He needed at least five extra hours to make this trip, and that only if he kept running at this speed, which was also practically impossible unless he wanted to pass out of exhaustion by the time he set foot inside Konoha.

Kurama, help me! he screamed in his mind as he dashed through the desert, ignoring the heat seeping through his jacket and the sand getting into his eyes.

What the hell do you want me to do, kid? the tailed beast within him asked with annoyance. This is your own  fault. You were the one who accepted this mission, knowing something important is happening tonight. If only you hadn’t been so dumb-

I was going to make it! I left at dawn, I got to Suna pretty early, and I was supposed to leave at midday but I got distracted and-

Well, see? You got distracted. So you fix it.

You damn old fox, I’m asking for a favor! Plus, I got distracted for a good reason. Gaara was having trouble with some villagers, and if I hadn’t done something, things would’ve gotten ugly.

Ugh. Alright. Here’s some chakra. But you’re still probably not gonna make it, you know?

Shut up! I’ll definitely make it!

However, he wasn’t so sure. The sun was about to set in the horizon, and the extra chakra surging through his body increased his speed plenty, but not enough. He would still be neededing at least three hours more. Otherwise, he would not make it on time to meet Hinata on their date to celebrate their fist anniversary. Or rather, he would be several hours late.

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