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listen i’ve seen several weird claims being made about ships and sexualities in the hs fandom lately going from people believing rosemary wasn’t canon to others saying dave has never shown attraction to girls but. last week somebody sat down and typed with their own hands the words “actually kanaya used to have a crush on tavros” and. truly it’s haunting me. i don’t think they ever even interacted besides that time kanaya sawed his legs off? did you see that as romantic bc otherwise where would you get that wild idea from i don’t understand please i need to know i beg of y

Seventeen Reaction To Their GF Thinking She Is Not Good Enough And Distancing Herself

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Seungcheol: Jagi, you mean so much to me please never think otherwise! *So upset that she would ever think of herself as less that perfect*

Jeonghan: Jagi, you are my sun and my moon. nothing is the same without you my love!

Joshua: Jagi I love you so much please never leave me!

Jun: Baobi I love you so much so please don’t think you aren’t perfect!

Soonyoung: *Listens to her concerns and is super supportive and tells her how much he loves her&

Wonwoo: I don’t know what I can say to make you believe it jagi but you are so beautiful… *Honestly can’t put his love for her into words*

Jihoon: How do I put this Jagi? you are amazing…. *Doesn’t know how to put it but he loves her so much*

Seokmin: *whenever he has the chance Seokmin would bring her up and how amazing she is to prove that he loves her and only her*

Mingyu: *Listens to her even though he hates the fact she is so hard on herself*

Minghao: *gives her the ‘no’ look whenever she says something bad about herself*

Seungkwan: *sings a song about her beauty* and you’re talented and I love you~

Vernon: I only want you! *kisses her on the head*

Dino: Jagi please! you are so beautiful please don’t tell yourself otherwise!

when your dad is watching caesar salad’s show (prob just to bother me, he doesn’t otherwise) and you know you can’t say anything because he’ll start going on about how “every dog is different” and “the best training method is combining different ones”

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Favourite Anime/Manga:

  • Anime - Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Manga - Furuba

Favourite Video Games: Dishonored. I will fight anyone who says otherwise. This was also the game I reviewed for my application at work!

Favourite Books: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Arthas by Christie Golden, Paper Magician series by Charlie N. Holmberg, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Favourite TV Shows: The Walking Dead is usually a love-hate relationship. I’m also huge on House of Cards and Game of Thrones. I’m also a fan of reality tv but good luck trying to get me to name them.

Last Song I Listened to: Never Give Up, Sia

First Language: Spanish

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I can’t explain to you how it feels, no matter how much I want to. All I know is that I should have tried harder to listen to the warnings screaming inside my brain because now I can’t decide if what we had was ever real. I want to say it was love, it feels like love, it wouldn’t hurt this much otherwise. Yet, if it was, I wouldn’t sit here wishing you still felt the same. I’ve read it too many times, love is selfless, wanting you to still love me isn’t; it’s selfish and self centered. It means I want you to be unhappy but I can’t help it. I’m so fucking sorry, but god, I wish you still loved me. I wish you still wanted to.
—  tearstainsandspilledink - Desperate Words, Drunken Nights

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Don't listen to Mid you're my only dad, the only one I need. I definitely never offered to be his son so he would get me stuff. Do listen to a word that liar says u_u

Yes, I’m your only dad and anyone who says otherwise should be locked IN A HOOSEGOW.

But regardless, son, you’re becoming a fine Once-ler. I’m right proud of you for doing whatever it takes to get what you need


I guess you could say that meeting Annabeth was fate or destiny or whatever, but me? To me, it just never seemed that way. It was more like an accident, or a ‘wait shit I really shouldn’t have done that’ kind of thing. Looking back, I’m pretty glad I didn’t listen to dad.

“Annabeth, otherwise known as the tree you tried to vandalize.”

My part of the deal for the mini bang! I was illustrating When Friends Are Trees by @knaveofmogadore, and had a wonderful time! 

Exo Reactions To Finding Out You’re Depressed & Suicidal

Absolutely, my sweets. Here you go. xo

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Baekhyun: *listens to everything you have to say, silently interested in every word* “Well, you can always count on me to be here for you.” 

Chanyeol: *let’s you speak, then gives you a bright smile* “I know it’s hard, but you’ll pull through it. I believe in you.”

Chen: *manages to keep any sarcasm & jokes out of the conversation* “I’m always here for support.” /feat. CreeperSoo/

D.O.: *makes you a cup of tea & let’s you speak, never interrupting & always nodding to reassure you that he’s listening*

Kai: *somewhat surprised by what he’s hearing but listens to every word*

Kris: “Wow. It takes a strong person to admit all of those things out loud. Especially to someone else. I’m proud of you.”

Lay: *has the most understanding look in his eyes when he listens & the most genuine tone when he speaks* “I know what it’s like to feel like there are more bad days than good. I’ll always be here if you need someone to talk to.”

Luhan: *feels helpless thinking about you being so unhappy & that he can’t do anything for you*

Sehun: *tries his hardest to keep up but interrupts here & there to ask a question*

Suho: *immediately concerned & bombards you with hundreds of questions* 

Tao: *starts crying as soon as you open your mouth*

Xiumin: “Don’t worry. It’s not always going to be so tough. One day it’ll all get better; it’ll happen without you even noticing.”

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Dear Ones -

I was recently speaking at a public event, when a lovely 17-year-old girl stood up in the audience to ask me a question. She said, “What advice do you have for my generation? And where do you think we are going wrong?”

I looked at her sternly and said, “You know what’s wrong with your generation?”

She braced herself bravely and said, “Tell me.”

I replied, “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I love your generation. You guys are wonderful. And don’t listen to anybody who says otherwise.”

The relief on her face was instant and immeasurable. It was clear she had never yet heard a good thing said about her generation. 

But I meant it.

Today’s American teenagers are the most sensitive, least violent, least bullying, least racist, least homophobic, most globally-minded, most compassionate, most environmentally-conscious, least dogmatic, and overall kindest group of young people this country has ever known.

They were raised to be nice to each other. They have always been encouraged to be tolerant with each other. They weren’t allowed to hit each other in the sandbox while adults looked the other way and let them “work it out on their own”. They don’t smoke as much as my generation did, they don’t drink (or drink and drive) as much as my generation did, they don’t beat each other up as much as my generation did, and they aren’t as mean to each other as my generation was. They don’t even have as much sex as my generation did.

Are they a little bit coddled, a little bit “soft”? 

You bet. And I love then for that. This world could use more a bit more softness, and a lot less toughness. 

They’re gentler than we were at their age, truly.

So let’s be gentle with them, in return.

Let’s give them a break, and stop complaining about them.

Are they perfect? Of course not — they’re teenagers. Do they live on their cellphones, and say “like” too much? Do they have short attention spans? Sure, but was there ever a teenager who had a long attention span? Do they listen to music that offends and even scares you? Whatever. (In fact: whatevs. When I was a teenager, adults were terrified that Satanic music was going to destroy the souls of our entire generation, and that Madonna’s midriff would make us all grow up to be strippers —and is anybody worried now about the threat of Satanic music or Madonna’s midriff ? Trust me, Miley’s sexual provocations will someday seem just as quaint and harmless, in retrospect.) 

Are some kids today jerks? Sure, but show me a generation without jerks. I submit, in fact, that this is the least jerky generation yet. 

Do today’s teenagers seem somewhat less motivated and ambitious than generations in the past? Could that possibly be because they have watched their elders drive themselves into a frenzy of debt and depression through constant consumer striving? Could it be that maybe they are questioning the whole rat race? 

And are there perhaps better virtues to cultivate than mere ambition?

I think so.

Like consider this, for instance: I know a 17 year-old straight boy who recently took his gay 17 year-old neighbor (his childhood best friend) to the prom. The straight boy wanted his gay friend to enjoy the experience of prom, and the gay boy didn’t have a date, so the straight boy gallantly invited him. They rented tuxedos, a limo, took photos, danced, and had a ball. Nobody in their school batted an eye. And the real miracle is — the straight kid couldn’t even understand why i thought this was such a big deal. To his mind, it was simple: He loved his buddy, and saw no reason why they couldn’t go to the prom together as friends. Nothing about the situation made him feel threatened in the least. Nor did their classmates see it as strange. 

Such a scenario would have been unthinkable in my high school back in 1987, where kids who even seemed gay were routinely bullied — not only by their fellow students, but sometimes even by their teachers. And I went to school in the liberal Northeast. We considered ourselves PROGRESSIVE! 

Do we still have farther to go? Of course, but my hopes are that this generation will keep showing us the way to greater kindness.

If you have a teenager in your life, then, do try to appreciate him or her. I know they can be maddening, but they are also something quite special. (And as my 102 year-old grandmother once said to a room full of her descendants, who were complaining about KIDS THESE DAYS, “Hey! I knew ALL of you when you were 14, and you were all difficult. But you all turned out pretty good. These kids will turn out good, too.”)

In fact, I think they will turn out great.

And if you ARE a teenager (which I know is unlikely, because this is Facebook, not Instagram, or Snapchat) just know that I think you’re terrific. I admire your generation immensely. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that we were better than you were, back when we were your age. Trust me: we were not better. I was there. I remember. 

I can’t wait to see what this generation is going to make of the world, with such decency and such compassion bred into their bones.

It’s an exciting time in history, and a good time. Believe me.


–Elizabeth Gilbert


How Michonne/Richonne fans felt after the conversation.

Getting online to talk about it and finding out that it has been applied to Gleggie.

Then Caryl


Michonne and Andrea

Every character and ship in the Walking Dead universe

This isn’t to say that any of the other relationships don’t fit the pattern of two people meeting and becoming closer than they ever would have before because of the ZA (that’s practically what the whole show is about) BUT in THIS MOMENT with THIS CONVERSATION, this was about Michonne and Richonne.

Danai’s reactions as Michonne as she listened to the speech told us that this was something FOR HER.  To say otherwise is devaluing that whole moment for Michonne as a character.

The scene was about Michonne/Richonne.  Period.  And I don’t understand the need to apply this particular scene to other ships.  Why?  There has never been such a kerfuffle to claim that a scene that didn’t even feature some other characters was actually ABOUT those characters.  It’s all so weird to me.

Things I want to tell the signs in 2016

Aries - move on from 2015 you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time it’s usually not your fault.
Taurus - Make things right this year and dont make the same mistakes as last year. Do what you think is right and don’t listen to what others say.
Gemini- Just get away from me This year I don’t want to know anymore geminis. I’ve had such a bad experience with you lot over the past year. If your going to respect me I’ll respect you otherwise I don’t want anything to do with you (sorry if I’ve offended any geminis with the first bit). If your a friendly Gemini (I know some of you are out there) keep up the good work and don’t stop loving the people that are closest to you this year might be the year you need them the most for support in a new area maybe a new job or a a hobby.
Cancer - just stop being so emotional or/and moody. Smile once in a while and appreciate the people closest to you don’t push them away by accident with your unpredictable ways.
Leo - keep up the positivity. Never stop making people smile and always stay sure with yourself. Some people may not like it but if they don’t they aren’t worth it because although you can be sharp deep down your an amazing person through and through.
Virgo - let go this year, move on forward. Try something new. Maybe fall in love or gain a new obsession. Just don’t keep dwelling on the past otherwise your just going to get more and more depressed be positive and keep smiling because when you do smile it’s as though the sun is shining.
Libra - it’s great to know your improving your life now. Now you have found a new love or/ and are making progress with a person. You really deserve it and don’t give up yet. You never really know how close you are to something until you finally get it. Stay persistent.
Scorpio - Stop being so hard on yourself. Smile once in a while. Stay on par with your plans. Move on from the previous year and try to find something that will fill the empty hole you currently have in your dark soul. Then you will truely find happiness within.
Sagittarius- Keep on being positive and focus on your dreams now. Your so close to finally achieving your goals now. Keep on comforting the upset ones and always remember even if I don’t say it I still think your amazing.
Capricorn - Focus this year. Follow the new developed love you have and don’t let them go. Bond bond bond and don’t stop. You will get what u want. Show some charm and go along with that special person whether it be a close friend or a lover. Soon your relationship with that person could progress and that won’t only make you happy but me to because I know your have been through so much.
Aquarius - man I love you so much but I don’t understand why you keep distancing yourself from people. Be close to the ones you love otherwise they are going to worry about themselves and possibly push themselves away in the hope it makes you happy. Keep making everyone smile and inspiring me everyday. Never forget I will literally love you till the end your days.
Pisces - you are amazing and now I think I understand you so much more. People sometimes think your always to busy or can’t control your emotions but they couldn’t be more wrong. You know what’s up and what’s happening and all you need to do now is block out those haters. This is a new year keep the old you there but bring in a new you to help improve your weaknesses. And never forget you can do what you have always dreamt of.

C: I’m not Christian. I’m tired of having black people, especially black women say that I’m not really black because I’m not Christian. Or that I’m going to hell. As a matter of fact I’ve had better experiences with Muslims, Whites, and Satanists than I’ve ever had with a Christian. It’s gotten so bad, I think i might have Religious Trama Syndrome. It’s gotten to the point where when people try to invite me to their church or say they they are different, i say that i don’t care. I don’t want to know if you’re Christian. Continuously trying to convince me otherwise makes me distance myself from them. And guess what, they never listen.

I’ve spent an alarming amount of time listening to Les Miz, and there’s one bit that’s always confused me.

During “The First Attack,” Enjolras sings:

Courfeyrac you take the watch/They won’t attack until it’s light/Everybody stay awake/We must be ready for the fight/For the final fight/Let no one sleep tonight

Two issues I have with this:

1. I want my soldiers to be alert during their watch, so I’d never say “Don’t worry man, no one is coming tonight.” I’d at least leave open the possibility of an attack, otherwise my soldier wouldn’t pay much attention, and would probably spend the whole shift resenting me for making him sit in the cold if I’m positive no enemies are coming.

2. Why on earth would you want your soldiers to pull an all-nighter before a major battle?? Especially if you are positive no enemies are coming until morning! I mean, they tell you before the SAT to get a good night’s sleep, and if it applies to the SAT, it applies to a revolutionary student uprising. I mean, come morning, not only will your soldiers be sleep-deprived, but their morale will be low because they spent the last eight hours thinking about the coming battle and how they are probably going to die.

If I was leader, I would come out singing:

Courfeyrac you take the watch/They may sneak in before the light/Everybody go to sleep/We must be ready for the fight/For the final fight/So go sleep well tonight

And you know what, the battle might have gone better with my well-rested troops.

So when Marius come in a few minutes later, singing:

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I’d pop up suddenly and say:

“Yeah man, we’re not meeting here anymore because we won the war and moved our headquarters to a nicer cafe.”