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50 with Shawn gf and Aaliyah talking about boys and virginity / 50 & 54 / 50 + 53 💓 (I got four of these so I’m putting these together <3)

50 . “This is girl talk, so leave.” + 53. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?” + 54. “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.” (<- had to change this one a bit.)

You stayed at Mendes’ household for some time because 1) Shawn had asked for it, 2) Aaliyah needed help, 3) Karen & Manny wanted to spend great time with you, 4) Shawn was very needy. You weren’t against it at all, you loved spending time with them. Today, Aaliyah had asked if you could help her with some shopping tour and then after home to do something together. Aaliyah was  like a sister to you that you don’t have. You were living with three brothers before Shawn asked you to come and live with him.

Arriving back to their home, your legs were about to break from the tiredness. The same was with Aaliyah. 

“This was so much fun although now I feel like I have lost all of my energy,” Aaliyah laughed, crashing the bags on the floor.

“I agree,” you couldn’t help but smile and giggle too. Both of you rushed to her room where you both jumped into her bed. You both laughed like horses and snorted more than should have. You shuffled up to get into a comfort position. Aaliyah at the same time had went to the kitchen to get some snacks. She brought some good crisps, Coke and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. That girl knew what you both were craving for.

“Y/N, so, I wanted to talk you about something,” Aaliyah crossed her legs and laid down next to you on the bed.

“Fire up, darling.”

“So, I wanted to know, how do you feel love for somebody?” she bit her thumb nail. She seemed very inconfident about asking this.

“No need to be scared about asking this. It’s very okay and fun, haha,” you hugged her. “Well, when I fell in love with your dorky brother, my stomach and whole body was about to blow up. This feeling what was flowing inside me for him was something that only you will feel for some boy and only you know that. Is there a boy you have caught an eye on?”

Aaliyah laid down her head on your shoulder. “Well, maybe? I don’t know. But what about virginity?”

You rose your eyebrows, “Aaliyah? You okay?”

“Of course,” she smiled. “Just curious.”

“In your age, you are too young to lose it. I hate that people think it’s a topic to talk about when you are even 8 years old and tell speak to them to lose it at their age. Seriously, what the actual fuck, this is something what bothers me. And never ever have your first sex and the ones that you aren’t sure about without a condom, ALWAYS have it with condom, no matter what. I was 20 when I lost mine, blame Shawn in it. I just didn’t want to be in the “connection” with someone else because it didn’t felt right; I wasn’t ready; my virginity is mine and the most important thing is to trust yourself and not let people play with your mind. Be yourself, always. Never listen to somebody who forces you to lose virginity right now. Your virginity is yours.”

“So, I should just wait for the right time, right?”

“Yes, that was the whole point but do not rush.”

A cough from the hall side came, Shawn standing tall against the door wall. Aaliyah threw a pillow to push him away from the room.

“Go away! This is girl talk, so leave!” she tried to defend us, throwing another pillow at him.

Shawn evil laughed, making closer movements to her bedside. “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?” He came closer to you, his hands in a position like he’s about to tickle the shit out of you.

“You wish. We are not some kind of fragile things you can break. We are strong. You should be scared of us, troll,” you pushed him on the floor and stood up to hover his body with yours. 

“There’s an underaged girl behind you, miss. Mind being normal?” his daredavil grimaced didn’t leave his beautiful face.

“Never. She’s not your kid, back the fuck off,” you pressed your hands against his pumped chest and got your nails ready to scratch his torso. Shawn placed his hands at the back of your shirt and shoved you on the floor.

“And this is what you call love? You are literally children,” Aaliyah couldn’t stop bursting out the laugh and almost fell from her bed.

“Y/N? Leave, now.” You knew that he was only joking and you showed a tongue to him. “Aaliyah, sorry for the mess.”

“It’s okay, chill. I love seeing you happy. Y/N really makes you so happy, my brother.”

More Than a Woman (Original Version)
Static Major
More Than a Woman (Original Version)

External image

This is the original version of “More Than A Woman”

Aaliyah chose not to go with this version, but Statics second version, which is what we hear to day. Tim Barnett recalls the story of the making of “More than A Woman”

Tim Barnett: “One night, Static was vibing to the track and the following day he recorded the first version of “More than a Woman”. He went back and kept listening to it and didn’t like it and said ‘I can do something bigger and better to it’/ So he rewrote the whole record the next day. Which is the record we hear today. Aaliyah wasn’t at the studio at the time when Static did the first version, so she never got to hear it.”

What do you think of the original version? I like both personally.