never let you go


Long awaited and long overdue, UNDERSONG proudly presents our first big number, NEVER LET YOU GO!

Despite plenty of hiccups during the production, we are happy to deliver this number in proper fashion, with phenomenal singing talent and a 120+ panel fully-detailed and coloured animatic video!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the final preview track of UNDERSONG before the full show begins!


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He never really spoke about her, or them. Whenever her name popped up in a conversation, a look would cross his face and he held back whatever he wanted to say. It wasn’t that he was just heart broken, he missed the memories he’d made with that girl. And I couldn’t blame him. I’d loved him longer than I could ever remember, but.. he fell for someone else, and she replaced the gap I left. I wasn’t angry about this, I just regretted ever letting him go. And I hoped she did too.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#54)
Istnieje taki ból w twoim życiu, że kiedy go doświadczysz, jesteś wstrząśnięty do głębi, że cię nie zabił. Czujesz, że powinien cię zabić, że twoje serce powinno przestać bić i że twoje płuca powinny przestać oddychać i że twoje oczy powinny przestać widzieć. Wszystko powinno się po prostu… zatrzymać.
—  “Never Let You Go” Katy Regnery
Warum gibt mir Gott nur so viel Liebe für diesen einen Mann, wenn der es nicht erwidern will und auch nicht erwidern kann? Wieso tut Gott mir das an?
I want to wake up next to you, with our hands locked, your head on my chest, and you sleeping peacefully with a smile on your face. I want to see that beautiful smile every morning because seeing it will make me smile. I want to give you a gentle kiss and pull you closer, hold you tighter and never let go.
—  Leohearts