never let me go jack


young black sails  — jack rackham

And calico disappears. And my father’s business, that he inherited from his father, and his father’s father, begins to wither and die. And my father suffers the compound shame of financial failure seen through the eyes of his son, and descended into drink. I’d sit beside him as a boy at the Sunday service as he shouted at the pastor, at the altar - at anyone who would listen, really - at the injustice of it all. […] So, I set to work, determined to rebuild what had been taken away. I was thirteen years old, but I was determined. Until a man arrived at my door, claiming to hold debts belonging to my father, debts accumulated as my father drank, debts he claimed that now belonged to me, debts I could not possibly hope to repay. Debts over which this man would have seen me imprisoned. Imprisoned in a place where the debts would have been discharged only through hard labour, hard labour and no wages. Working at - wait for it - the production of textiles.


….biggest fear boner ever lmao
No seriously though, The day dream I had the other day of imagining ashi as kratos from god of war was realized in tonights episode. From her literally using the leader as a battering ram, snapping the spears and a half and throwing them back, going all hand to hand, snapping one guy’s arm off ! And her war cry 😍so brutal and intense…. I was almost expecting her to whip out her kusarigama and perform a square, square, triangle combo lol…. if I seriously had my artistic talent from high school I would just draw stuff right now if I could. You got yourself quite the woman jack, never let her go you hear me

….your thoughts? lol

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“They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.” :))))))

“Robert, they are not your kids, so back the fuck off. Right?” Debbie snapped at him, scooping Jack up into her arms. 

“Debbie, come on - they’re Andy’s kids, I’ve got to look out for them.” Robert pleaded with her, his stomach twisting at the sad expression on Jack’s face. He’d just wanted to spend some time with his niece and nephew, and make up for the years he’d lost with them.

Debbie didn’t look impressed. “Since when were you so concerned about Andy? Just, stay away Robert.” 

Robert watched her walk away with Sarah and Jack in tow, embarrassed at the tears that welled up in his eyes as he was left standing alone in the middle of the village. 

Roughly wiping at his eyes, he started to quickly walk back toward the Mill, not expecting Aaron to be home so early. His husband was standing at the kitchen sink, filling the kettle.

“Hiya!” Aaron greeted brightly. “I was just going to make a cuppa, you want one?” 

Robert felt his tears overwhelm him as Aaron spoke, spilling down his cheeks.

“Hey, hey - what’s wrong?” 

“Debbie hates me and she’s never going to let me near Sarah and Jack again.” Robert choked out through his tears. “I just wanted to make up for their dad not being around, because it’s my fault, isn’t it? It’s my fault they’re growing up without their dad, and I just, I owe it to Andy to try and step up and be there for them and she won’t let me.”

“I’ll talk to her, okay? I’ll talk to her.” Aaron reassured, gathering Robert into his arms, hugging him close. 

“That’s not the point, Aaron. I’m useless, I’m a useless uncle, I’m a useless husband, I don’t know why anyone wants me around -”

“Robert.” Aaron interrupted, his voice firm. “You’re amazing. How many times do  I have to tell you that before you believe it? You’re amazing. You’ve done so much for me, and Liv, over the years, how can you ever think you’re useless?”

“I’m trying so hard to be good, Aaron.” Robert sobbed, clinging to his husband tightly.

Aaron tried to swallow his worries, his questions. Robert had been on edge for weeks now, and this was just another thing to add to the list of reasons why Aaron was about ten seconds from calling his counsellor and getting Robert an appointment of his own.

“You are good, Robert,” Aaron said quietly. “You’re the best person I know.”

KNK Reaction #4

Hi! Can you do a reaction for KNK when their short (well shorter than them) s/o back hugs them :) thanks!

Youjin: *huge smiles* “Ahhh, why are you doing this to me?? You’re so cute!”

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Seungjun: He’d lean back against you and place his hands on top of yours, taking in the moment…until he started joking around too much “Never let me go, Jack!”

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Heejun: “Yah~ Y/n, you scared me!! Omo, if you’re going to be cute, be a little less scary first!” *laughs*

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Inseong: *chuckles and entwines his fingers in yours* “Are you in the cuddly mood tonight Y/n?”

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Jihun: “Omo, you’re so short!! It’s so cute~” *teases you for a while*

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A/N: I really, really love KNK, however after this request (since it’s the last KNK request in my inbox) I will no longer be taking requests for this group. I barely get requests for them and I feel like I haven’t learned them well enough at the same time for what I have been getting requests for. Sorry to everyone who enjoys these requests!! Hopefully I’ll open them back up in the future, but for now, requests are closed for them.

My multicouple fanvideo {HERE}

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"i cant breathe i cant" raywood pls!!

When the first missile hit, Ryan was thankful that they were both already wearing parachutes. When the second one hit, however, realization dawned on him like a cruel sun that he was wearing the only parachute. Ray had insisted that he would be fine, that no one was going to blow the chopper out of the sky, that the LSPD didn’t have rocket launchers, that-

The second missile hit, seconds after the first. Ryan grunted and suddenly the helicopter was spinning out of control, an incessant beeping coming from the control panel. He didn’t hear Ray in the microphone, which was not a good sign. The kid screamed all the time, always yelling about something; he was silent when he was really scared.
Fuck!” Ryan snarled, undoing his seat belt and reaching over. In just a few seconds, he had removed Ray’s as well. The sniper’s eyes were shut, his face so pale it made him look sick. His knuckles were white on the sides of the seat, his body rigid while Ryan tore the seat belt off of him. In Ryan’s left ear, Geoff was yelling in the communicator. They were in the middle of a fucking heist and Geoff sounded panicked, telling them to get the hell out before the chopper exploded.

Ryan pounced, grabbing Ray in both arms. He wasn’t moving, panting weakly against Ryan’s chest. They had one chance.

Gripping Ray as tight as he could, Ryan kicked off the open door of the helicopter and sent them both careening into the open air above the ocean. A few miles away, the carnival was going on happily, mostly oblivious to what was happening to the R'n'R Connection. Ryan should pull the chute, but that would make them a bigger target, easier for the cops to shoot them out of the sky. The drop wasn’t terribly far, maybe fifty meters, they might survive if they could hit the water just right.
The decision came to him at the last moment, practically snarling as he grabbed the pull for the chute and yanked. Their bodies jerked hard and finally Ray made a sound, a terrified shout as he grabbed back to Ryan, arms wrapping around his shoulders.

“Hold on to me!” Ryan barked over the sound of the wind, the bullets that were screaming past their heads already. Ryan was thankful it was night; if they had been doing this with daylight surrounding them, they’d be dead by now.
Ryan had pulled the chute perhaps a hair too late, not doing much to slow their fall.
“Hold your breath,” Ryan shouted, and they hit the water hard. Ryan had sucked in as much air as he could before they went under, shutting his eyes when the salt from the sea burned them. One arm was around Ray, keeping him close, the other struggling to take the parachute off his body. Somehow he wrestled the harness off and let it start to sink, his body kicking against the pull of the sea trying to suck them down.

They were under the water for almost a full minute, Ryan’s lungs burning as he fought to the surface. When they broke, Ryan inhaled so hard it hurt. Ray was still there, gasping and choking. His glasses were gone, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He still wasn’t speaking.
“Ray, are you hurt? Ray?” Ryan looked at him nervously, treading water with one arm. He knew the sniper couldn’t swim.
“I-I can’t, I can’t breathe, I can’t-” Ray was coughing between rasping for air, shaking his head a little.
“Come on,” Ryan growled, mostly to himself. Ray was still holding onto him and Ryan pulled his arm back just long enough to strike Ray with his fist, hitting somewhere on his upper back to try and force the water out of him. It sort of worked and he grimaced when he felt Ray spill something from his mouth onto Ryan’s back, probably just seawater. Hopefully just seawater.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Ryan murmured, holding onto the lad once again, looking around. They had ended up maybe a mile from the shore, the helicopter having splashed down before they did, bits and pieces of it strewn about the surface of the water. They were safe, still alive and sort of breathing.
“What the fuck happened?” Ray choked, rubbing his eyes with his soaked sleeve, his vision blurry as sin.
“Chopper got shot,” Ryan said, still looking at the carnival, the ferriswheel slowly turning.

“Ryan! Ray! What the fuck, are you guys fucking alright!?”

Holy shit, the communicators were still working. Of all things, Ryan laughed, hand coming up and fingering the tiny device in his ear.
“Yeah, just barely,” Ryan said, voice gritty. “We’re about a mile from the shore, South from the carnival.
“God I fucking hate you two. Alright, shit, heist over, I’ll send Jack to come and get you. You guys are fucking assholes.”

Ryan sighed, forcing himself to stay afloat with the lad. Looking around, his face perked up just slightly.
“C'mon, we’re moving,” Ryan said, shifting. Ray followed suit and grabbed onto his back, kicking his feet in time with Ryan’s. They made it to a large chunk of shrapnel and Ryan assisted Ray to grab onto it. He was trembling again, his teeth chattering as he held onto the hunk of floating metal.
“Don’t freeze to death on me, kid.”
“I’ll n-never let g-g-go, Jack,” Ray deadpanned, struggling to keep his voice level as he shivered.
“You know, when Geoff watched that movie, he cried for two hours.”
“T-That’s hardly sur-surprising.”

Minutes passed, both of them clinging onto their life raft. After awhile, Ray spoke up. He sounded small.
“That w-was fucking scary, d-dude,” Ray said, frowning. Ryan looked over, the fear still heavy on his face. He could make jokes and laugh in the face of death all he wanted; Ryan had seen the horror on the sniper’s face, an image that would probably never leave him.
“I know,” Ryan said, reaching over and putting an arm around Ray, pulling him closer. “But you’re still here, okay? We both are.”
“Y-Yeah,” Ray breathed, tucking his head down a little below Ryan’s. His face paint had washed off, exposing his soft lips, the hard line of his jaw. Ray leaned up, kissing him there gently.
“L-L-Love you.”
“I luh-luh-love you too,” Ryan shot back, sniggering, even as Ray splashed him.