never let go

Walking away from you was harder than I ever thought it would be. All I wanted to do was hold on to you and never let go. Sadly, I had no choice but to leave..
—  L.N. | losing you

Never let go

Things were hard for John since Martha’s dead.
He had his kids to look after, a business with his brothers to deal with and at times John felt really overwhelmed with everything.
His kids wanted and needed a mom but John didn’t want to marry any woman, he wanted a good woman so his kids were going to be raised and grow in a good way.

A couple of years have passed since you have moved to Birmingham with your 8 year old son named Logan.
You have had a bad divorce and it took all of your money to move and start a new life in a new town, your ex husband was abusive and a cheater and you had to leave everything behind, it hurt you to do it but you had to.

Since then you have met John shelby when you took the work as a bartender at garrisons, you two clicked from the beginning and even though you tried to not get involved with him, his charm, romance and kindness took the best of you.

You two started a beautiful romance a few months you started you job and everything was close to perfection.
He told you his life story, how he lost his wife and had to raise his kids by himself and you told him yours which made you two bound more than before.

When John knew how badly treated you were in the hands of your ex husband , he wanted to know him so he would make him pay for making you go trough hell, but at the same time he didn’t want to make anything because if that didn’t happen then you two wouldn’t have met and fallen so hard like you have.

You and John were like the final piece of the unfinished puzzle Called life.

3 years of dating and John had proposed to you. You knew what he did for living and you didn’t discrimated actually you understood but that made you fear for yours and your sons life.

“Y/n please babe, I promise that I won’t let anyone touch in you or logan, I would killed them if they tried. I will take care of all of us, just don’t leave me”

That is all it took, the desperation and love in his voice when talking to you was convincing enough to make you stay and try again with someone new who actually loved you and cherish you like you deserved always.

A couple of months passed and you were now a married woman, part of the shelby clan and everybody loved you.
You kepted John on his feet and he always bragged about how lucky he is to have you has his wife, everything was calm and finally your son had a true father figure to look up to and you couldn’t be more proud.

“John were are you going?”

John was getting ready to leave with his brothers and once he heard you, he looked at you and smiled before coming close to where you were standing wearing nothing but his shirt, he slide his hand under it letting rest on your hips, before kissing you lightly on your lips.

“ I have to do some work with Tommy but I’ll be back soon ok babe? I promise, and then I’m all yours to enjoy”

John smiled down at you cheekily and you nod at him pushing him lighty for his cheeky remark.

“You better be wearing nothing once I come back!”

He laughs before leaving you and the kids at home heading to Tommy’s house with arthur.

You got dressed and went downstairs to make dinner for all the kids, and that’s when you heard them fighting like always but this time you heard your son screaming and like he was ready to fight, you dropped everything and stopped the fight beetwen the brothers and push each one of them to different corners of the house so they could calm down.

“ No more fighting in this house are we clear?! ” You screamed looking at all of them as angry has you could.

“You are not my mother and he is not my brother so you two should just leave! He thinks because he his older that I’m going to respect him?! Fuck him!”

John was back and took the coat leaving on the table at the kitchen before he stepped in the fight.

“ You say that again and you will get you ass spanked are we clear? She is your mother and stop acting like a brat!”

“John don’t say that, just tell them there is no more fighting in the house ok? There is no need to be physical”

You said to him stepping up in you step son defense and John looks at you rather annoyed for being confronted with how he should raise his kids.

“ Listen y/n, they are my children and I will raise them like I think it’s better understood? You have your son to raise like you want and these are my kids not yours so fuck off!”

“ You don’t talk to my mother like the shit head!”

Your son stepped in front of you in your defense and you were shocked at first with what John said to you and with how your son reacted.

You pull your son back hugging him from behind while John looked at you surprised by his response, and in that moment the house was silent.

“ you’re right john, they are not my kids and I will continue to raise my son will love and respect, things a kid should grow up with, now I hope you are happy with your words and with a empty bed”

You turn your back pushing your son in front of you, you went upstairs to your room and locked the door so John wouldn’t enter and stop you.
You grabbed everything that was yours and putted on you suitcase, you turn to the door unlocking it ignoring John pleading and pushing him out of your way leaving that house with your son and moving in with Polly for a while.

“I’m so sorry to bother polly but I promise to find a place once I manage to get the money and thank you for your kindness”

You smiled trying not to cry from hurt and polly just hold you and your son welcoming you both like it was your own house.
The weeks that you were living in Polly house she always tried to reason with you about john, explaining how bad he was living without you and your son saying that he lost part of him in that night.

You explained your past to her so she would understand why you left after what John said and she was mortified.

“ Oh my angel, I didn’t knew about that! You know what I’ll make sure John will get his ass beating for talking like that to you!”

Polly sipped her tea angrily before hearing a knock on the door, your son was with you and was reading peacefully by the window before turning to you.

“ It’s him mom, are you going to talk with him now? You know… I don’t think he meant to say what he said, I clearly was tired and angry at his own kids ”

Your son logan sighed going close to you taking a sit by your side, he hugged you and John was fighting with polly outside.

“ they are my wife and my son so let me see them Pol!”

“ No! You should have thought about sooner before you spoke the way you did to that woman! She did nothing to you to be spoken like she was nothing!”

Polly retaliated and John started to scream your name and you ignored for a while.

The screaming stop and Polly came back looking at you without saying a word, instead she started talking with logan about the book he was reading like she wanted his grandmother and you were more than happy that your son was having this family with him.

A couple of hours have passed and you hear someone singing outside of the house having no clue who might be so you ran to the window opening it only to be faced by John.

“ We say goodbye! But never let go! We live we die and never said enough, gotta take every chance to, say that I’ll never let you go!”

Right after he finished his singing (more like screaming) it started to rain and Tommy and Arthur were laughing at his brother failed attempt.

“ Fucking grate mate! You sing so well that you even made the skies cry!”

Arthur clapped by the car window laughing and Tommy couldn’t stop laughing even more, you giggled at this whole show and John was smiling at you wet from the rain.

“ please my beautiful wife! Come back to our home, we need you, our kids need their mother and I need my wife! Can you forgive a stupid man and his stupid brain?!” John screamed looking at you and polly was smiling like a siamese cat in the back seeing this scene happening.

“ shut the fuck up Arthur! It’s not like you are better then me singing!”

“ that’s why I take them to bed brother, I rather hear them singing my name loud then me” Arthur shout it and you couldn’t help but to fall more in love with John for trying to defend his romantic attempt.

You ran outside jumping into his arms kissing him passionate and smiling into the kiss while he had you wrapped in his arms safely not letting you go.

“ I won’t ever act like that again I’m so sorry and logan was right to defend you like he did, he has balls I must say”

John smiled at you after breaking the kiss and you smiled back kissing his nose.

“ I love you John but if it happens a second time there is no screaming on this planet that can make me come back”

You spoke half serious and half joking making him laugh.

“That wasn’t so bad, it was romantic and now let’s get warm clothes love, our home is waiting for us” John spoke wrapping an arm around your waist and you waved at Logan.

“ I’ll be here with grandma mom! Just make sure he doesn’t sing anymore! I don’t need to have nightmares, I’ll go back soon see ya!”

Logan and polly both shared a laugh before heading back inside letting you go with John to your love nest making up for the long time apart.


Titanic Parallels: Letting Go “pg. 30 vs pg. 90″ moments

“Pg.30″ The first time we hear the words, “let go” are when Rose exclaims, “No, stay where you are! I mean it, I’ll let go.” To which Jack responds, “No you wont.” It’s an audacious reply to someone attempting suicide, but in film world, it’s symbolic foreshadowing.

“Let go” has both literal and symbolic meanings. During her suicide attempt Rose threatens to let go of the railing if Jack comes any closer. The audience takes it more literally in this moment, without much thought to the symbolic meaning of it, as she would also be “letting go” of the life she desires to live. Despite her threat, he does approach her and she doesn’t let go. Moments later she slips and screams in peril; jolted in the present moment into realizing how valuable her life really is, she pleads with Jack to help her. Jack promises he wont let go. In so much, Jack is holding onto the value of Rose’s life (symbolically and literally on two occasions) from the moment he speaks to her, throughout the body, up until…

“Pg. 90″ Towards the end of the film, before Jack’s body gives into the icy waters, he places upon Rose the same responsibility he placed onto himself earlier in the film: for her to not let go of her life.

This time the audience takes it much more symbolically, despite it makes much more sense to be received as a literal meaning, given they are both inches from death in the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Jack makes his case by sacrificing his own life for hers, thus showing her exactly how much value he sees in her life. Alas, Rose literally let’s go of Jack in order to symbolically not let go of: the value of her life, and now, his with it.

Although many fans love to be mad at Rose for literally letting go of Jack, we have to remember that Rose kept her promise to him, and she never let go of fighting to lead the life she wanted. As hard as it may be, you can’t see Jack as just her love interest. If you do that, then I would argue you miss the primary emotional plot of the film: Rose’s journey to seeing that her life has value, and then fostering that value by making each day count. Jack Dawson is a literary device, a vehicle, if you will, to merely show Rose the value of her life. Once he does that, his journey is done. Leo makes it irresistibly hard for the audience not to fall in love with Jack, and ultimately we do; but it’s not Jack’s story. It’s the story of Rose realizing that her own life is valuable and can have meaning to it, so long as she never lets go of fighting for it.

People keep telling me you’re just a crush. No….god, no. I love you. I know that I love you. I feel that I love you. My every being loves you.
—  Unknown