never leaves his phone alone

Mistakes (Jungkook)

Anon requested- “You look through jungkook’s phone and u find this photo of a noona with her boobs all over jungkook and u get upset about it. Fluff and angst scenario please ty!”

Okay so I’m gonna start off with this. I suck at angst like I honestly do, so this is me telling you right now so you won’t be disappointed. Other than that, I hope you enjoy.

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Jungkook never leaves his phone alone with you, and you decided to look through his phone. You’ve always heard people say don’t go searching for something because you may not like what you find, but right now you could care less. The relationship has been a bit rocky and you’re pretty sure he’s hiding something from you, you just don’t know what it is. The first thing you go through is his Facebook. Nothing there but a bunch of messages from old school friends. The next social app you look through is Instagram and jack freaking pot. There’s a photo from a woman you’ve seen before with her boobs all pushed up against him, and he seems pretty happy.

Anger begins to course through your body. How could he and why did he? You hear the shower cut off, and you hurry and clear all recent apps, before putting the phone back where it was. “Hey babe, what did you wanna eat?” It took a whole lot of strength for you to bite your tongue, so you just opted for shrugging your shoulders. “Well I’ll just order a pizza,” he says. A smile comes across your face before you nod your head okay. He looks at you weird and then he takes the seat next to you. He leans into you, but you lean away. “Okay. What’s wrong,” he asks.

You shake your head and just cross your arms. What was the meaning of that picture? Was he looking somewhere else? Did he not want you anymore? Was he not satisfied with what you were giving him? All these thoughts were coursing through your mind and you just wanted them to stop. After dinner, Jungkook had to head back to the dorms. He tries to give you a kiss, but you just avoid it and tell him bye. “I love you.” You just nod, before closing the door and locking it. You open up the Instagram app and you start going through the womans photos, comparing yourself to her. There was nothing particularly special about her,but of course you don’t see what other people see, but what you want to see.

Your phone starts to ring and it’s Jungkook. You answer and the tears just start to fall. “Jungkook? What’s going on with us?” He sighs through the phone. “What do you mean? We’re fine. Right?” You shake your head even though he can’t see you. “Why is she sending you pictures of her up against you like that and why are you even with her. You told me you stopped talking to her.” Your anger is now overpowering the sadness you feel inside. “…” A dark chuckle escapes your mouth. You should’ve known he’d have nothing to say. “Why are you with me? Why do you keep putting me through this? I deserve so much better that how you’re treating me.” He still says nothing. You’re about to hang up before you hear him sniffling.

“I messed up and I’m so sorry,” he cries. He begins to explain how the last argument caused him to drink and he ended up at her apartment building. “I honestly don’t even know why I was there. I guess I just wanted to make you angry.” You ended the call after an hour, going to bed with a heavy heart. You honestly didn’t know where you and Jungkook went wrong. Maybe it was all the tours and promotions he’s been doing that caused him to seek comfort somewhere else.

The next morning, there was a knock at your door that woke you up. Your head hurt from all the crying you did last night. You open the door to see Jungkook with his eyes all red and puffy. He comes in and wraps his arms around you and you wrap your arms around his neck. He starts crying and you begin to rub his back to calm down. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you! I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” You lead him to the couch and he curls up against you. He ends up falling asleep in your arms and you sigh. You look down at him and you could see the stress melt away, making him look like the young Jungkook you fell in love with. You don’t really know what will happen after this, but you do know that he’s someone who will always have a special place in your heart.

Alright y’all lay it on me! Was it good, was it bad? I don’t know!!! I hope you guys enjoyed it and like I said before I suck at angst!!

If You Think You Know Me

Genre: Chaptered (three parts). AU in which Phil is a police officer and Dan is an internet hacker

Summary: Fiction. Phil’s a police Sergeant. He’s been itching to get promoted to Inspector for ages, but to do so, he needs to crack his biggest case - famed internet hacker the Howler. Phil’s been after him for years, but he’d never managed to get even a hint towards his identity. When he meets a hot stranger in a bar one night, Phil thinks his luck might just be turning up. But maybe getting close to this particular stranger isn’t the best idea.

Warnings: mentions of alcohol, one night stand/mentions of sex (no explicit smut though), inaccurate technology stuff because I’m not actually a hacker, swearing

Word Count: around 30k in total (in three parts)

A/N: Here’s the third and final part, I hope you like it! This AU has actually been very fun to write. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. <3

AO3 Link

Part 2 here


Several days went passed before Phil heard from Dan again.

To be precise, it was three days, four hours, and eleven minutes. Not that Phil was counting. In fact, he angrily told himself to get a grip, knowing that any word from Dan wouldn’t be something he could trust anymore. Not now that his suspicions were just getting stronger and stronger with every action Dan took.

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‘Who’s Your Secret Valentine?’ 2016 - White Day Edition - AkaKuro Event - “Ill people deserve treats”

For my Akashi, @kisumishigihoe! I loved your drawing of the Royal!AU! I chose to go for the College!AU for your returned gift, but I couldn’t add NSFW, sorry ^^”

Hope you’ll like it!


Ill people deserve treats

Akashi Seijuro was perfect.


Akashi Seijuro was a short, spoiled, pampered and always-complaining annoying brat. That was the truth, but one poor Nijimura Shuuzou found himself being the only one aware of such reality.

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A/N: Because The Strokes is life and this song is probably one of the mostly played on my phone at the moment.

Luke: “Oh you’re the prettiest, smartest captain of the team. I love you more than being seventeen…”

You were the youngest person to ever work at Capitol Records, the big record label. The reason why they decided to put you there was pretty obvious to everyone: you were extremely criative. One of a kind.  So that’s why you’ve been working with 5 Seconds of Summer, one of their biggest artists, for about four months now. Everyday you’d walk in the studio with a new idea - things that just came randomly to you. They were alreadu used to having you walking into the room exclaiming: “So, last night I was in the shower and it came up to me!”. Or: “I was laying in bed unable to sleep and I think I had a vision!”. And that was one of the thinigs that made Luke each and each time more attracted to you. You were beautiful, that’s no lie. He even arrisked to say that you were the prettiest of their whole team. And the way you could come up with mirabelous ideas so randomly and things so intelligents that no one could ever come up with. It just blew his mind away. You were the smartest of their whole team. At the same time, you were so sensitive. Whenever people were making fun of him for being the youngest, for being only seventeen. It was like you could feel him. Because you were also the youngest there, and your age was not so different from his. You would tell him: ‘I’m pretty sure being seventeen is a lot better: you can do pretty much everything you want and don’t have as many responsabilities as the others’. And he started to look at it that way, he started to love being seventeen. But not as much as he was starting to love you. So that’s why he went running up to you one day after your meetings. “(Y/N), hey”, he smiled, putting a hand on your shoulder. “Oh, hi Luke”, you smiled back, turning around to face him. “Great ideas you had”, he commented. “Oh, thanks”. “So, I was wondering”, he started to scratch the back of his neck, his shy side showing, “Would you wanna go out with me one of these days?”. You were shocked for a moment, you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t had a crush on Luke for a good time now. Even before you started working together. “Sure, I’d love to”, you smiled. “Good!”, he smiled as well, as if the weight of the world had just fell of his shoulders, “I’ll text you”.

Ashton: “They love you or they hate you, but they will never let you be…”

“Ashton, leave that alone”, you told him, snapping his phone from his hands and putting it in your back pocket. Usually, he’d say something between the lines of 'you know I’m perfectly fine with taking it back from where it is now’ or 'now that you’ve put it there I have an excuse for touching your bum’. But he set in silent, head down. He didn’t explain you why, just said that he was receiving a lot of hate. And no one seemed to care to tell you as well, everyone just repeated the same thing. “Look, no one will explain to me exactly why you’re receiving so much hate. But you gotta stop reading it”. “But many of them are my fans!”, he exclaimed. “Ashton, listen to me: it doesn’t matter whether they love you or they hate you, they will visualize you as whatever is missing on their lives. If it’s a reason to keep going, a friend, a boyfriend, someone to hate on - it doesn’t matter. What matter is: you’re their rock. So they will never leave you alone. They need you - some more than they’d like to admit. But they need you. And they need to know you’ll be there through everything”. “I know it’s just so hard”, he put his face in his hand. You carefully took them out, holding his hands - for the first time fragiles - in yours. “But we’ll make it through this. I promisse”, you kissed his hands, “Just stop reading it”. “What would I do without you, (Y/N)?”, he mumbled, tears falling down his cheek. “Eh, I don’t know. I’m the cute one in this relationship”, you joked and got a laugh from him. “Now turn that frown upside down”, you cupped his cheek, earning a smile from him. “I love you”, he told you. “I love you too”, you kissed him.

Michael: “Go your separate way now, someday you’ll come back…”

“I-I think we should take a break”, you mumbled. You and Michael were sitting on the couch, one as far from the other as possible, after another one of your fights. He was leaving tomorrow, and you couldn’t remember why you started fighting in the first place, but it was bad. “This long distance relationship isn’t working for me right now”. You looked at him - he was crushed. For a moment, you swore you could see his eyes watering up. “O-Okay”, he fragiled said. “I still love you, Michael”, your voice started to crack up, “God, I love you so much words can not ever come close to this - and that’s why being apart from you hurts like fucking hell. This fight, tha pain I’m feeling from this fight is nothing compared to when I feel when I’m laying in bed alone, with nothing but your smell on the t-shirt I’m wearing. I don’t want us to break up forever, but just 'till our lives is more neated. Just until you’re not traveling around so much or I’m able to travel around with you”. At that point, the tears were already running down your cheeks - it was like they were racing ot see who could leave your eyes and reach your chin first. “Okay”, he said again, “I understand it”. Carefully, you felt two arms hug you like you were porcelain and he could break you. “But I’m only leaving tomorrow”, he whispered in your ear. So you cried all of youe fears in his shoulder, you apologized over and over again and he just replied with 'it’s okay’. You both knew this wasn’t the end for you, but going separate ways. Hell, how did it hurt. “We’ll go different ways, sure”, he mumbled in the morning against your lips when he was leaving, “But we’ll get back together someday”.

Calum: “Encourage and derange you, watch you walking scared alone. Despite intimidation, pleased to watch you dance alone…”

You weren’t the most popular girl in your school. In fact, you weren’t popular at all. But the popular kids - oh how they could break you down. Everyday you saw yourself facing the floor, walking scared and alone  to your locker. Not making eye contact with anyone. Only feeling safe when you reach your next class, where no one could harm you. If they were pleased to watch you walking alone everyday at school. Then this? This was probably a feist to them. Not that anyone expected you to go to prom with someone. Actually, not that anyone expected you to go to prom at all. In fact, not even you expected to go to prom. It was just a weird feeling you got after school that day - a feeling that you needed to go to proof that nothing could stop you. In your mind that sounded awessome, the begining of a revolution. But the moment you walked into the gym you imediatly regretted. That uncomfortable feeling got to you again and all your confidance vanished. You thought nothing could happen to make this night even worse. That’s it, until the slow dances started. Oh, that was when you wanted to dig a hole and hide yourself in it. You were the only person standing awkwardly with no pair. From the corner of your eye, you could see the popular girls giggling at you - and suddenly their expressions became confused. “Hey”, you heard a voice behind you. Abruptly you turned around, only to be faced with Calum Hood, one of the hottest guys in your year. “Uh, hi”, you replied. “Wanna dance?”, he looked from you to the dance floor and from the dance floor to you. “Is this a joke?”, you asked sarcastically, “'Cause if you were trying to imitate 'Carrie’, we should’ve been prom king and queen”. “No, this isn’t a joke”, he laughed such a nice laugh, “And I certainly do hope you don’t have powers and won’t torture me”. “Well, if I have I still didn’t find out”, you joked back. There was a moment of silence. “But really, why do you want to dance with me?”. “Look, I’m going to be honest, (Y/N). I never really noticed you before tonight. Sure, I heard my friends making fun of you, but I never really looked at you until tonight. And, wow. Not only you are stunning, but you have a hell of a personality and great taste for movies”, you both laughed, “So, yeah. I just thought it’d be cool to have someone who’s nice to you. "Well, thank you”, you said, feeling a little less tense, “But I’m pretty sure the dance’s already over”, you montioned to the couples breaking apart and suddenly an eletronic song made way to your ears. “Well, do you wanna ditch this and go eat junk food and talk about movies?”, he offered, looking down. “Sure”, you smiled.