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do u... have any tips for darkest dungeon. i’ve killed my first boss but uh... barely. im pretty new to it and pretty badddd

omg i LOVE this game, i’m so glad i caved and bought it a few weeks ago

you were fighting the necromancer apprentice, right? the trick to the necromancer is killing his goons. a crusader is good for this - you probably already have reynauld, and if he’s strong enough to smite a skeleton goon in one hit, that’s awesome. if you clear them that efficiently, the necromancer will stay in the second or third rank, which is a great time to blight him with the plague doctor or bleed him with the highwayman’s open vein. and of course, bring a healer. i never leave the house without a healer, especially not for a boss.

for the next guy, the prophet, i used a plague doctor, occultist, highwayman, and hellion. for most bosses, you’re going to want to bring people with skills that hit the back rank. the occultist’s weakening curse takes the edge off the rubble of ruin attack, plus his potentially-huge heals can help you bounce back from them. the other thing about the prophet is that he has low blight resistance, so the plague doctor is there to nail him to the wall with as much blight as you can. i recently beat his veteran version and it was hilarious, by the time he died he was taking like 30 blight damage per round.

my general strategy, because i’m playing on radiant mode, is to over-prepare as much as possible and over-level as much as i can. on radiant mode, you can go into easy dungeons until you’re level 5, so there’s no reason not to bring a team of level 4 heroes to wallop a level 1 boss. you also don’t have a time limit, so take as many weeks as you want to farm money and heirlooms to upgrade your equipment/skills. also, don’t be afraid to look up what the curios do! here’s the curio page on the wiki, if you need it.

if you want anything else, i’d be happy to tell you. hope it helps!

Pokemon Headcanons

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❤ Who was your starter Pokemon?
▲Who gave you your first Pokemon?
♤ What was the first Pokemon you ever caught? Are they still with you?
♕What determines whether or not a Pokemon you catch stays on the team or goes to a box/sent to a professor?
♦ Have you ever let go of a Pokemon before? Why?
☀ Where did you grow up?
✌ What is your favorite Pokemon type?
♱ If you were a Pokemon, what type would you be?
⚜ How would you describe your Pokemon training / battle style?
★ Who is a Pokemon professor/gym leader/etc. that you really admire?
ღ What gear do you never leave home without?
∞ How do you feel about (insert Pokemon NPC/Canon character here)?
◕ Who is your go-to Pokemon team?
₪ Which if your Pokemon do you travel on (as in Fly or Surf pr riding it, etc.) the most?
ϟ Which of your Pokemon are the infamous ‘HM Slave’ ?
∩ What is your favorite and least-favorite town/city?
β What is your favorite and least-favorite areas in the wilderness (forest, cave, mountain, etc.)?
Σ Are there any Pokemon you can’t stand?
ɯ Are there any Pokemon you raise multiples of?
Ξ Are there any Pokemon that creep you out/frighten you?
✿ You want to be the best there ever was. The very best what?

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Lust

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Is it really such a sin to admire the beauty the heavens have bestowed upon this vast expanse?

In my former position of exaltation, I’ve seen and known all things that have and will ever exist. Yet, in all my time I have yet to find anything quite as exquisite as the female form. Especially hers.

Sensual, delicate, soft. Lips that could drive any being to insanity, eyes you could drown in, and those curves… Those curves could send this angel straight to hell.

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Tyler Seguin - Angst

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Request: “  hiii (: could you write an tyler seguin one where you two obviously like each other but since tyler can be a jerk he avoids it and acts as if he doesn’t want a relationship but then gets jealous when another guy hits on you or something?? “

Hi yes I just had to do this one ASAP, I absolutely adore this request okay? okay.

Warning: (very)  Foul Language

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A Fight

You walked into the Batcave as always, holding a med-kit and excited to saw him after being separated for a few hours as always. You did everything as you always do with a happy smile on your face that would always bring him to smile even if he’s still in his cowl.

There you have it, your husbandwith a boy? That boy looks like him when he was little but the difference was he has a pair of beautiful emerald eyes.

“Hey, Bruce, a new guy I see?” You asked, walking towards them smile still on your face.

A smile that you didn’t know will fall when he opened his mouth to talk. But instead of him, it was the boy who opened his mouth.

“Damian Al-Ghul, you may call me Damian Wayne from now on.” He said politely.

But what he said next dropped your heart, shattering it to pieces.

“His blood-son, and you are?”

Your eyes widened, what was that supposed to mean? Did.. Did Bruce cheat on you? No, he would never do that… Wouldn’t he? He’s a playboy, after all, no he was a playboy he has you now. But he has that thing that will always make a girl swing and there is a lot of prettier girl outside. Your mind got clouded with every possibility you could think of, every ifs and but and it wasn’t a positive one either.

“I’m sorry?”

“You heard me, now answer my question.” The boy that you know his name is Damian demanded. You were trying to process what he said, what he told you.

“I - I’m his maid..” You mumbled trying to cover your wedding ring by hiding your hand behind your back, “…Yeah! I’m his maid! Nice to meet you, Master Damian.”

Lie. Wrong. You’re his wife, one and only. The one who he always cherished the most, the one who he always loved, the one who made him happy, the one who always there when he needed help. You’re his everything.

“You’re not my maid (Y/N).” Bruce chimed in, removing his cowl so you can see his face. “You’re--

“Then who the fuck am I, Bruce?!” You exclaimed cutting him off, your mind was clouded you couldn’t take it anymore. He cheated on you and brought his son to you, you always wanted one of your own but he said not now.

He said not now, it made you sad. But you pulled through and managed to say ‘Okay. I’ll wait until you’re ready.’ but now, he brought a boy and the boy is his son.

“You’re my wife for god sake!” He screamed at you, you flinched at his harsh tone but still stayed strong. Trying not to cry was hard but you knew you can’t just give up. “God just let me explain!” He continued not dropping his harsh tone, not even a bit.

You understood he was tired, you knew he needed to rest, you knew he has his reason. But you just couldn’t bear to hear it, you couldn’t bear to hear another word from him. The pain already got into your mind making it hard to think rationally.

“What do you want me to hear Bruce!?”

He walked towards you as soon as you finished talking, towering you. He used his intimidating stare towards you, but you still won’t move. No, you’re not scared.

“Just shut up! Stop being so sensitive and hear me out!” He blurted out without thinking.

That’s it, you broke down. But no tears were spilled nothing came out from your eyes, his words hurt you deeply. He never acts like this towards you no matter how mad he is. Bruce, on the other hand, seemed just realized what he has done to you.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

You shook your head, shoving the med-kit to him before turning around to leave the cave. He reached to grab your hand but you swiftly moved it away. You need to clear your head. You know you were wrong for not wanting to hear him out, but you also need this. You need to take a walk to cool your mind and your heart.

You bought a cup of hot cocoa, to help you clear your mind. Gotham was rather cold at night and you mentally scolded yourself for not bringing a coat since you were too caught up with your pain.

A sigh of relief left your lips as you took a sip of it, chocolate always calms you down. You sat down on a nearby bench, fiddling with your wedding ring.

“Should I go back and apologize?” You whispered to yourself, looking at the ring. Reaching your hand up as if you were about to grab the moon as the other held the cup.

Finally, a tear rolled down your cheek, then you cried your eyes out. Covering your mouth with a hand to muffle your sobs as you looked up to the night sky, it was beautiful a dozen of stars decorating the sky above you. You wanted to adore them but it just hurt so much. It hurts like a bitch, but you do realize it wasn’t his fault. If it was he would never bring his son back home to show you.

You made up your mind, you’ll come back home and talk this through like adults should. Before you could go far from your place a hand grabbed you, your cup fell and spilled all over the ground. The smell of alcohol filled up your nostrils, making you gag. You’ve never liked alcohol.

You turned around to see 3 thugs, they were wasted.

“What a pretty gal like you do at a beautiful night like this?” A guy said as the rest walked towards you to surround you.

“Oh did you cried? Did your boyfriend dumped you?” Another guy chimed in from your right.

“Let her go.” A gruff voice that you knew and love the most interrupted them before things go any further.

All of them looked towards your husband, instead of running for their pathetic lives they brought out a knife, the one that holds you pulled you closer and pointed the knife at you. Making you roll your eyes at them. Even though they couldn’t see it.

“If you move, she’ll die.” The thug said smugly. Ugh, he reeks of alcohol.

Your patience ran out, you elbowed his face and kicked him in the nuts emitting a scream of pain and agony left his filthy lips. He stumbled and fell onto the cold ground clutching his crotch.

“Bitch!” He cried out, you smacked his head onto the ground not too hard. But enough to make him pass out.

A grunt and groan were heard from behind you, then they stopped. Turning around only to see Batman standing between the unconscious thugs. Leaving you and him alone.

You stared at him and so did he, an awkward silence filled the air around you and him, you were just made up your mind to apologize. 'It wasn’t the time to chicken out!’ You mentally encouraged yourself.

“Bruce I” He cut you off by pulling you into his chest, covering you with his cape. He shook his head slowly.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He whispered into your ear in his regular voice.

“And I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to your explanation first before jumping into a conclusion.” You whispered back.

Realization hit you and him, laughing you pulled away from his hug hands still on his chest.

“I acted like a damn teenager.”

“And looks like one too.” He added, making you sent a playful glare at him.

“Let’s go back, you got a lot of explaining to do Batman.”

~.’s~ (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! This is my first imagine on Tumblr, I’m still learning, so I’m sorry if I do something wrong, but please inform me if I do! Thank you!

T/W: Periods, swearing, implied smut, hangovers/implied drinking

Prompt: Not sure if this necessarily counts but there was a Buzzfeed video on period horror stories and this happened to one girl. Watch it here!

The first thing you noticed when you woke up was that this was not your room.

Small green plants littered the side-table next to you, and the gentle hum of an air-conditioning unit filled the room. Framed Oakland shirts hung on the dark-blue walls surrounding you, and a large American flag hung on the wall opposite the bed.

You froze. Where the fuck were you, and why the fuck did you have such a mind-splitting headache?

The music in the bar was much too loud, and one too many sleazy guys had tried to buy you a drink. Your friends begged you to stay for just half-an-hour longer, but you declined, pretending you had somewhere to be.

You had gone out for a night with them, and you really did feel bad for leaving after only a few drinks, but it felt too suffocating to be in such a small bar, with so many drunk, horny strangers.

The Universe seemed to have separate plans, however, and as you turned to leave, you barreled straight into someone. Well, more like someone barreled straight into you.

“Ow! What the-” You didn’t even have time to register you were falling until you hit the ground. A sudden dampness fell over your shirt, and the sound of a cup hitting the ground followed.

“Oh! Oh, my God, I’m so, so sorry!” A man’s voice came from closer than you would’ve liked, and you looked up to find a mess of hair and worried eyes directly next to your hip. You were quick to try to shuffle away, but your mind was already too occupied with the bruise that you could feel forming on your back, where skin had collided with floor. “Oh shit, your shirt!”

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Samsara [Part I]

General Disclaimer

As a medic, Sakura is probably more prepared for the various symptoms of pregnancy than the average woman. She’s studied the theory, administered pre- and postnatal care, and has delivered more than a few babies; at first it was only under the watchful eye of her mentor, but since she and Sasuke have been travelling to more remote villages, it’s an occupational hazard.

So, her own first trimester is about what she expects – it’s actually easier.

Morning sickness isn’t as bad as she worried it would be – in fact, it’s not so much morning sickness as random-moments-in-the-day sickness. Even then, it’s more gentle queasiness than anything else. There are only two mornings she spends with her face buried in a nearby bush, while Sasuke holds back her hair.

There are a few of her favorite foods that she can’t even think about without feeling nauseous. Still others cause her bizarre, desperate cravings she’s never experienced before (tomatoes! She can’t get enough tomatoes!). She also has to pee a lot more often which Sasuke is equal parts amused and irritated by depending on how much it delays their travel plans. And, good gods, she thought she was done getting pimples!

But what she wasn’t expecting were the dreams.

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High Tensions - Eleven

I guess I should offer up a flood warning of sorts?

Reid x Reader

You led the way to your bedroom, still not feeling 100 percent sure about this. You trusted that Spencer wasn’t trying to trick you, but you didn’t trust yourself not to beg for him. Still, it was reaching the stage where you really didn’t think that was a bad thing. 

You’d already decided that you were giving yourself another two weeks to break him, and if you couldn’t then you were admitting defeat. It was too exhausting being this on edge around him all the time. 

And you wanted to try to progress your…. well whatever was going in between you two, and you couldn’t do that by constantly thinking about having his mouth between your legs evertime he licked his lips. And man, the boy did that a lot. 

“Problem,” you’d just had a thought. Sitting on your bed, you patted the space next to you. 


“Yep……  if you start touching me with that thing, I’m likely to try to touch either myself or you. And then I lose.” And you didn’t want to lose just yet. 

Spencer looked sheepish and you realised he’d bought his bag in with him. “I kinda already thought of that but I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

Raising your eyebrow at him you indicated for him to continue. He rummaged in his bag, pulling out two of his ties. 



“My this has all gone a little fifty shades all of a sudden,” you laughed trying to dispel the atmosphere that seemed to have surrounded you both. 

“It was just an idea. I also have this.” He pulled out a soft looking feather. 

“What’s that for?”

“Well I can’t exactly jumped straight in with the vibrator can I?”

No but you could jump straight in with your mouth?


“Good point. So then Mr Grey, how do you want me? Clothes on, off? Lying on my front or back?” You tried to look coy.

He gave you a look. “Don’t call me that. It was just a thought. And…… It’s up to you. However you’re comfortable. Also, just to clarify here; obviously I can’t touch your breasts or down there with my hands or mouth, but your neck, legs and tummy aren’t off limits right?“ 

“I guess not. This is your loophole Spence. You make the rules. Just…. I assume we’re not mentioning that this has happened to the others?”

“You assume c-correctly.” He seemed nervous, it was rare Spencer stuttered around you now. 

“Spencer, we definitely don’t have to do this you know? I can wait until you cave.”

“Then you’ll be waiting a long long time Y/N. I’ve got the patience of a saint. And I want to do it. I want to see the look in your eyes when you come without me actually touching you. I’ve just never done it this way before.”


You slipped out of your shorts and vest leaving yourself in your bra and panties. They didn’t match but who cared. You caught the look on Reids face as he quickly looked you up and down. His tongue poked out between his lips.

Leaning back on your bed you teased, “Sure you won’t be caving today Doctor?”

He groaned. “New rule… Don’t call me Doctor either. Not tonight at least. Now….” He waved the ties at you. “Are you going to keep your hands to yourself?”

“Probably not. Sooo, go for it. I trust you though Spencer, don’t abuse that trust.“ 

“Never Y/N. Never.”

And you believed him wholeheartedly. Spencer would never hurt you. Not unless you asked him to.

He reached for your arm and you made a snap decision quickly unhooking your bra as well. His breath hitched and his tongue flicked out over his lower lip. 

“Fuuuck, you’re beautiful Y/N." 

You smiled lying back down and watching as he raised your arm to the head of your bed, wrapping his tie around it and binding you, not to tight but not too loose either. He repeated the step with the other arm. 

"Okay?” he asked. You nodded, suddenly feeling very nervous yourself. 

“Can I light the candles on your bed side table instead?” You nodded, watching him light them and then turn the overhead light off, the room now bathed in a soft glow.

He lay next to you on your bed, propped up on his side. “I really didn’t think this through enough Y/N. Nearly naked, beautiful, sexy girl lying next to me. And tied up…..There’s a good chance you’ll be crowned winner tonight.” He tone had lowered into one you now recognised as signalling he was turned on. Quieter, slightly raspy. Sexy as fuck. 

He placed his hand on your tummy, just laying it flat and not moving it. Just the contact alone was enough to make you breathe in sharply. 

“If you want me to stop tell me. If you want me to do more, tell me. I’ll happily oblige, and if it means I win, then even better.”

“Okay. You won’t win though Spencer,” your voice was a whisper.

His hand started moving in small circles, tickling you, the tiny downy hairs on your body prickling up in anticipation. He expanded his circles and then bent his mouth to your arm, slowly kissing a line down the underside of it until he reached your torso. 

Your eyes involuntarily closed as his hand stopped shy of the edge of your underwear and then retracted from your body all together. You kept your eyes closed, knowing you’d struggle to watch him doing this to you without those words you couldn’t say slipping from your mouth. 

Seconds later you felt a feather light touch trailing over your body and you felt his weight shift on the bed. The feather trailed up and down your legs, causing you to shiver and a small whimper escaped your mouth. 

“God those noises you make are much sexier in real life than in my dreams, Y/N.”

The feather skimmed over your stomach, fluttering up to your breasts. He started to direct it in a circular motion above your breasts, the light breeze it made causing your nipples to harden. 

“Oh… Uh!”

You bit your lip trying to contain your excitement as the feather moved directly over your nipples, flicking at them gently. 

“I wonder what they taste like? They look so hard and pink Y/N." 

Please shut up Spencer, you thought. You definitely weren’t going to be able to handle this if he started talking dirty as well.

You sensed something else hovering above your left nipple and your eyes opened just in time to see Spencer’s mouth, only centimetres above it. You watched as he pursed his lips and then a trail of saliva left his mouth, hitting you directly on your sensitive bud. 

Fuck fuck fuck. The cold wet fluid making you clench your legs together. Just…. Ugh.

You needed friction, needed something down there. He smirked at you, seeing your legs clasped together as you moved gently on the bed, your wriggles pulling your underwear tighter against your centre. 

Spencer moved again, you now hearing the faintest buzzing. "You okay?" 

"Uh huh.”


You flinched as the vibrator made contact with your skin and you watched as he moved it slowly. The sensation going straight to your core even though he was no where near it. 


“You’re killing me here Y/N. You have no idea how sexy you look right now.”   

He began teasing you, moving the object all over your body, occasionally leaning forwards and and adding a kiss to the areas he was allowed to touch, his mouth warm and damp. He own breathing was ragged and you could tell he was finding this as much of a turn on as you were.  

When he brushed it against your chest, lightly tracing it against your nipples the feeling was indescribable, and you shuddered, bending your knees up and placing your feet flat on the bed. 


“More than…… Fuck Spencer.”

“Was that a fuck me Spencer?” He held it over your nipples again, moving it slightly and applying more pressure, making a flicking motion with it. Oh jeez, you juddered. If he kept that up, you’d be screaming his name in minutes.

“Stop…..stop trying to cheat…ugh.” Your moans were getting louder and you were desperate for him to move it lower, your hips now bucking off the bed, your body writhing. You were so glad to be restrained right now. If you weren’t, well you’d either be fucking yourself or fucking Spencer.

He fidgeting, groaning himself and adjusting his jeans. Sliding down the bed, he stopped when he was level with your hips. Moving the bullet lower, he traced it over your panties, gently pushing your legs apart with his hands. 

“Y/N,” his voice was gravelly. 

“Mmmmm?“ You were tense, anticipating him moving the object over your warm core. 

“You should see how wet you are. You have no idea how much seeing that dark patch on you underwear is turning me on.”

You couldn’t respond, you were too busy trying to stifle the loud groan building in your chest as he drew the tip of the bullet right down your centre.

“I bet if I licked this thing now, I could taste you.”

Oh my fucking God, if he licks it that’s it, it’s over.

He continued moving it up and down, you whimpering evertime it passed over your clit. 

“Panties on or off Y/N.”

“Huh?….. Whatever……. Just….Oh fuck.”

He paused his movements, reaching up and pulling your underwear down and off, the cold air feeling soothing against you. Pushing your legs back open, he placed the bullet directly against your clit. Your leg spasmed at the direct contact and you were suddenly scared you were going to kick him. 

You could hear him chuckling to himself and he pressed on your leg lightly, placing his arm over it to keep it from moving too much.

You were starting to feel light headed, the room now filled with the sounds of your panting as he pressed a bit harder with the vibrator, dragging it down your slit. The tip slipped inside you and you could could see Spencer biting his lip as he manoeuvred it. 

“Spencer…… Higher.” You didn’t want it in you. Not tonight. If anything was going in there, it was going to be him. 

He glanced up at you, his eyes dark as he slid it back up, pressing it to your sensitive bundle of nerves. You jolted again and he began moving it in small circles, his eyes flicking between your face and your clit, his tongue poking out between his lips as he concentrated. 

When he found the area that made your squirm the most he started to slide back up the bed, his hand maintaining it’s motions on you. As he slid, he kissed and licked his way up your tummy, pressing himself against your side as he did. The friction of him sliding up against you whilst in his jeans made him moan and you wished you could hear that sound on repeat. Constantly. All day, every day. 

He increased his pressure on your clit, sliding the bullet on to a higher setting making you almost lift off the bed. You pulled against the ties on your wrists as the quivers he was causing made you grind on the bed, almost as if you were trying to sink into the mattress. 

Spencer’s face was level with your’s now although he kept glancing down to watch his hand moving. He was so dangerously close to actually touching you and you were so dangerously close to begging him too. 

Your gasps were coming quick and fast and you could feel yourself slipping into oblivion, the throbbing in between your legs taking over your entire body. 

“Open your eyes Y/N, I want you looking at me when you come.”

You hadn’t even realised they’d close again, but you followed his command staring into his hazel eyes as his hand adjusted itself minutely and hitting something that sent you over the edge. 

“Spencer……  Oh fuck. I’m coming….. Oh… Ah.. Fuuuck.”

He didn’t smirk, didn’t even grin. He just watched you intensely, his own lips parting into an O, his eyes fascinated on you. His hand didn’t still until your gasps had slowed into pants and your shudders had turned into gentle trembles. 

You let your legs fall flat onto the bed and Spencer removed his hand, switching the vibrator off and tossing it over to his side of the bed. He reached up to your arms, moving to untie you, you presumed but then he stopped. 

His face hovering above yours, he moved one of his hands to your face, softly caressing your cheek. Leaning in, he brushed his lips against yours slowly, pulling away as quickly as he’d leant in leaving you feeling dazed and confused, wanting his lips back on yours so you could kiss him properly. 

He moved again tugging the ties loose and freeing your arms which you immediately bought close to your body, crossing them over yourself, suddenly conscious that you were naked. Reid seemed to sense this and grabbed the blanket that was folded at the foot of your bed, letting it float down over you and settling back down next to you. 

After a few minutes of silence, you not knowing what to say, Spencer spoke. 

“Was that okay?”

You swallowed hard. “Okay? Spence that was more than okay. I swear I saw fucking stars exploding and all that crap.” You tried to make a joke off it, but it seriously was one of the most intense orgasms you’d had.  And you knew it was because he was the one indirectly giving it to you. “Are you okay?”

He fidgeted. “Not really. That had to have been the most beautiful and sexiest thing I’ve witnessed Y/N. The noises you make, the way your lips part and your skin flushes.”

You could feel yourself blushing. You’d had the "fuck me you’re beautiful” line tons of times during sex, but never after. And this wasn’t even after actual  sex. 

“Is there something I can do for you? Aside from the obvious breaking of the rules.” You felt bad, you’d come. It was only fair he did. 

He shook his head, “It’ll go down in a minute.”

Raising your eyes brows at him you asked, “You’re still hard?”



“Take your jeans off Reid.”

“Huh?” He looked confused. 

“Just do it.”

He pulled a face but unbuttoned them and wriggled out. 

Emerald green boxer briefs were fitted snuggly around him, his hard bulge straining against the fabric. The fabric was slightly darker around where you estimated his tip to be. Pre cum. Well at least you weren’t the only one to get a bit messy. 

Sitting up, you leant over him grabbing the bullet, it still slick with your own juices. Wiping it on the sheets, you flicked it on. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” alarm penertrated his voice. 

“Just…. Trying something. I read about it once.” You bent closer to his groin, carefully pulling his briefs away from his body and having a quick peek before lowering the fabric again. 

“Like what you see?” He was trying to be cocky but you could still hear a note of worry in his voice, curious about what you were planning. 

“Uh huh,” you confirmed. Taking the vibrator you moved it to his bulge, pressing it against it and moving it up and down.

“Oh fuck!”

“Good or bad?”

“G-good…. Very good… Jeez.”

You played around, dragging it up and down the fabric covering his length, slowly moving it around where you knew his balls were, pressing lightly. His leg kicked against the bed when you ghosted it over the head, seeing the already damp patch grow bigger. 

“Fuck that’s good. Press harder and move it faster.” He groaned and you smirked following his instructions, hearing him start to pant quickly, his breath coming out in small whines. 

Moments later his hips bucked, once then twice and his hand grabbed at your wrist stilling you as a low guttural grunt left him. 

“I don’t normally come that quick I swear.”

“Spencer as long as you make me come I don’t care if it takes you thirty seconds or thirty minutes.”

You flicked the bullet back off, pulling your pajamas on and curling up next to him. 


You handed him the box on your bedside table, averting your eyes as he slipped his hand inside his briefs to clean himself up. 

You lay there together, his hand searching on the bed and taking yours wordlesly. You felt relaxed right now. Sooo very relaxed. Your eyes started to close and before you knew it, you were both asleep.

When you awoke a few hours later the candles had burnt out and you were cold. Spencer was still next to you, snoring softly. 

You pushed down the covers on your side of the bed, him waking up as you were doing so. 

“Shit… Sorry. I’ll call a cab,” he whispered sleepily, his eyes half closed as he moved off the bed clumsily. 

“Spencer, just get back in bed. It’s late.”

“You sure?”

“Yes it’s fine.”

You both settled back in, getting comfy, you rolling onto your side. Moments later you felt him roll over behind you, his body so close you could feel the heat radiating from him. 

You inched backwards until you were flush against him, feeling him move his arm and wrap it around your torso. 

“Night Spencer.”

“Night Y/N.”

Snuggling into him, you fell fast asleep.

Dear Rosie

Her mother’s smiling face, which she has no living memory of ever seeing in real life, fills the screen, and Rosie hits the pause button, not ready to her mother’s words just yet. She’s so beautiful, with the same blue eyes and blonde hair that Rosamund Mary Watson has, although of course she feels her mother wears both features far better than she does. She’s thirteen and insecure about her looks no matter how many people try to reassure her that it’s just baby fat, that her nose isn’t too big (thanks, Dad, for THAT unfortunate gene-sharing), that she’s lovely and always has been. Even Uncle Sherlock, who normally isn’t one for cosseting her, has told her rather crossly that although beauty is a social convention, SHE happens to be the epitome of the Western World’s particular convention. Besides, she’s got far more important qualities - strength, intelligence, and charm, all acquired directly from her mother’s DNA.

But it’s not enough to hear it from family, not when you’re thirteen and have no mum to either fight with or run to with your problems, the way all of her friends do. Hell, her best friend Abigail has TWO mum’s, which right now just doesn’t seem fair.

But at least her own Mum put together these DVDs, antiquated tech though it is these days, but she stubbornly refuses to just download them onto her tablet. There’s a comforting ritual about sliding the disk into the machine and waiting for it to come up on her screen.

There are nineteen of them. She’s watched thirteen but no matter how much she begs her father refuses to let her see the rest. “One for each year, Rosie,” he admonishes her every time she asks. Even when he’s had a bit much to drink (usually on her Mum’s birthday and their wedding anniversary and on the day of her death, but sometimes when he and Uncle Sherlock have just been celebrating a particularly rousing case), he never caves. But she always tries, desperate for more of the mother who died when she was still too young to remember her.

He’s allowed her to see the disk he left for him and Uncle Sherlock, though, where her Mum tells them to just go off and be happy or some rubbish. She kind of hates that one; Mum doesn’t even talk about her, it’s as if she made that disk as if she thought Rosie might be dead, too, leaving Uncle Sherlock and Dad to go off on adventures without anyone holding them back. When she said that to him, the first time she watched it and tried not to cry (angry tears, hurt tears), he started to lose his temper, but Aunt Molly was there and gave him the same look she uses to keep Uncle Sherlock in line, and Dad calmed right down. Calmed down and tried to explain that this particular disk, like the one he’ll never ever show her (and won’t even tell her what it’s about), wasn’t meant for her. “It was meant for me and Uncle Sherlock, Rosie. She was just trying to let us know we’d be fine, eventually. The day after we watched it the first time, I got the larger packet in the mail, the one with your disks. I watched the first one - you know, the one where she starts off by telling me to stop watching…”

“’Right now, John Watson, unless Rosie is in your lap and she’s actually one year old!’” Rosie quoted, half-laughing and feeling somewhat better about herself.

That was last year, six months before her twelfth birthday. She hasn’t watched it since that first time, although she’s tried once in a while. It still doesn’t feel right to her, but that’s probably because Dad’s right (not that she’ll ever tell HIM that) and it’s just not meant for her. Maybe she’ll feel differently when she’s older, but not right now. Not on her thirteenth birthday when she feels like all the world hates her, that she’s fat and ugly and stupid and when will these god-awful braces come off her teeth??

She shakes her head, hard, blinking away sudden tears. Her mother’s DVDs always make her cry at first, and sometimes when she rewatches them, but usually she gets past the first few seconds before the tears spill.

With a deep, shuddering breath and an angry dash of her hand across her face, she hits the ‘play’ button and settles back on her bed, an ancient, faded elephant stuffie in her arms, the one her mother got her before she was born and that lives on the shelf above her bed. Except for DVD watching days, when it settles comfortably in her arms.

Dear Rosie,” her Mum’s recorded voice says, the same two words every DVD so far has started with. “I hope you don’t hate being called that yet, although I did when I was about your age. Then I loved it again and then - well, later it was just Mary, but I missed it so much I named you Rosamund just so I could hear your Dad and everyone else call you that.”

She already knows this; her Mum explained all that in the DVD for her sixth birthday, when she accurately predicted her daughter would start wondering why she’d been named after her. That was still something most people only did with boys. But she smiles anyway, happy to hear her mother’s voice, eager to find out if she’ll have anything to say that will make her feel a bit better about braces and boys not liking her yet (although she’s liked plenty of them ever since she was four and found out how differently they were put together from girls).

My darling girl, I know how hard it is to be a teenager, even if I’m just a silly grown-up who can’t possibly understand. At least, that’s how I felt about my Mum when I was your age. I’m positive that if I were there with you right now we’d probably hate each other a bit, every now and then - just like I’m sure you hate your Dad every now and then. Just like you feel you’re alone and unloved and misunderstood. But I hope you remember that those feelings are just part of growing up - and if you’re lucky enough not to have them, I’m so happy and so grateful.” Her smile deepened and she gave a little chuckle. “But I suspect I’m right about this, and I wish I could be there to console you and reassure you, to fight with you over your clothes and your chores and your homework. Oh, I’m sure your Dad is doing a fantastic job, but still…”

She falls silent for a moment, looking pensive, then gives a little shake, the smile returning to her lips. “The thing is, Rosie, that thirteen is a tough age, we both know it. Your body is changing - has Dad done The Talk with you yet? Have you had your first period, has he taken you shopping for your first bra, or has he shucked that responsibility off onto Mrs. Hudson or Molly Hooper? Has he forbade you to date yet, or is he saving that for when you’re a bit older, stubbornly clinging to the idea that you’ll always be his baby girl? If he is, if he’s been difficult about any of that, try to forgive him. Men can be rather dense about things, especially when it comes to their daughters.”

Rosie smiles at those words, remembering how embarrassed her Dad had been when she’d tearfully told him she needed to buy pads and panty liners, and how he’d taken her to Tesco’s but panically called Aunt Molly to help them while pretending it was just because he had no idea which brands were best. But he’d done well enough with the bra thing, sending her off with the lady to the dressing room to be measured and fitted, probably pretending he was just shopping for something to wear undercover for a case. Or so Aunt Molly had believed, the two of them giggling over it back at home while Dad and Uncle Sherlock were arguing in the kitchen over whether or not it was OK to keep spare body parts in the freezer. “Back at your own flat, yes, but not here!” Dad had shouted while she showed Aunt Molly the prettiest of the four bras she now owned.

Your Dad loves you, Rosie, so, so much,” her mother says when she rewinds the disk a bit to catch up on what she missed while lost in her memories. “So try to be patient with him, and try to be patient with yourself. Whatever you hate about yourself right now - and I’m sure there’s something, there always is, isn’t there? - try to listen when your Dad and everyone else try to reassure you. They’re not lying to you, and they’re not just being nice - especially Sherlock, pretty sure he’s never going to be the ‘just to be nice’ kind of person, no matter how much time passes!”

Rosie giggles; nope, Uncle Sherlock has never been that kind of person, even if he’s a bit better at it now than he used to be, or so Aunt Molly says. 

“I guess all I have left to say, Rosie, is that I love you, and I wish I was there for you. God, I already said that, didn’t I?” Her Mum’s smile is sad again. “I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at me repeating myself, but it’s true. I do love you, so much, and I do wish I was there right now. But I know you’re in good hands, with your Dad and Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson and Molly Hooper and Greg Lestrade…

Rosie pauses the disk, tears once again threatening. Mum isn’t a fortune teller, of course, no matter how much she wishes she had been; she couldn’t know about Papa Lestrade and the stupid drunken lorry driver. Maybe next year, when it’s been more than eleven months since he was taken from them, she won’t feel so badly at hearing his name from her Mum’s lips. For now, all she can do is grab a tissue and wipe her eyes as the tears fall, knowing that they’re not just for Papa Lestrade but for her Mum as well. 

She saves the rest of the disk for later, knowing by the way her Mum’s talking there isn’t much left to it. Maybe she’ll watch it from the start with her Dad, which will end the way it always does - the two of them pretending not to cry and Aunt Molly scolding them for it later when she asks if they did or not. “You don’t have to be so damned British all the time,” she’ll snap, exasperated, then pull them both in for warm hugs. If Uncle Sherlock is there he’ll pretend to be jealous and want in on the hugging and they’ll all four of them just huddle together for a bit. Then Aunt Molly and Uncle Sherlock will go make tea so she and Dad can have a bit of time together, but they’ll all be missing her Mum.

They’ll always be missing her, everyone who knew and loved her, but most especially Rosamund Mary Watson…who loves her, but never knew her.

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Wrong Decision

He never should’ve done it. 

He made a mistake. Ever since Lucifer was on the roam, Sam’s head was all over the place. 

This was Lucifer. The Devil. Satan. The one angel who was actually able to withstand the torment of the Cage. Even Michael couldn’t do that. 

The one who tortured Sam over and over and over. 

No…he couldn’t have you around. Not right now. 

So he did what the Winchester’s do best. Made the wrong choice, thinking it was for the best. 

He sent you away. You opposed. Dammit, did you fight to stay. 

But Dean agreed and so did Mary. You swore them, not caring about whether your words hurt them or not. 

You didn’t care one bit. All you cared about was being with Sam. But he sent you away. Told you to go and not come back. 

You caved when certain words were said by him. You knew in your head that he was saying it to get you to leave, but then he brought her up. Jess. The bitch who had his heart and hadn’t let it go, claiming you’d never replace her. Well, you broke. 

He did it. He finally got you to go, but at what cost?

Well, he found out a few weeks later. 

Lucifer had caught you. 

You weren’t an incompetent hunter. No…you were great. Amazing even. But there’s only so much you could do to protect yourself, without having an entire bunker full of materials to help. 

Days passed. Hell, it felt like years. 

You couldn’t help but wonder if this was what Sam went through. The cutting. The slicing. The stabbing. The healing. Only for the cycle to continue, over and over. 

The pain had made you wish it would end and unfortunately for you, it did. 

You heard Sam’s voice calling for you. 

As soon as you heard it, you felt the knife pierce your chest, deeper than before and hitting your heart. 

He planned this. What was the best way to hurt Sam? Kill the one he loved. 

Of course, you weren’t sure why Lucifer chose you. Sam had told you he didn’t love you. Not like he did Jess. 

So when he barged through the door, staring at you, his eyes wet and shining, you didn’t fight. 

No…Sam didn’t love you. What was the point of staying for him. The light was warm. Bright and soothing. You walked away from Sam, greeting the reaper happily as she took you away. 

Sam watched as the light left your eyes, Lucifer waving at him before fluttering off.

As your body slumped in the chair, Sam couldn’t bring himself to go to you. If he did, he’d have to accept you were dead. 

He sighed, trying to keep himself from breaking, knowing he’d made the wrong decision. Now you were gone, thinking he didn’t love you. 

He was wrong. So wrong. 

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anonymous asked:

This question have been bothering me in the show, and in nearly every fanfic (well there are few exeptions), after milleniums of gem monsters roaming the earth, even attaking populate areas like beach city, how not a single nation have tried to capture one of those creatures?, tried to study them or "experiment" with them? I bet that any militar powerhouse would want one, have thought of that?

Well, to begin with, ‘capturing’ a Gem monster simply wouldn’t have been an option. Humans would have had such low levels of technology that trying to deliberately seek out and capture one would have been foolhardy at best.

And then, there probably wouldn’t just have been an issue of practicality… but also respect.

That there is a totem pole from Greg’s garage. Cropped out of this image, at the top, is the bird monster from Giant Woman; below we see two fusions, the middle one with Rose’s shield and a sword. This is proof that at least one culture in SUverse worships Gems… and it seems likely that they were far from the only ones.

Imagine it. Every single culture in the world having variations of the myth of the Great War, where goddesses or spirits roamed across the land in pitched battles. A brilliant light in the sky, a terrible song, and those goddesses all transforming into dangerous monsters. Monsters that could create winds, or fires, or storms, who could go invisible or grow extra heads. Monsters who were fought off by a group of Four Warrior Goddesses, who all all remarkably common figures in stories across the world.

Oh, yes, whether worshipped or feared, Gem monsters would be highly respected. And you don’t tend to poke things that you respect with a stick.

As technology advanced and beliefs shifted, no doubt governments and private groups tried to research these monsters and use them. We’ve actually seen evidence of this in canon; in the ice caves in Monster Buddies there’s a skeleton of an explorer, and similar dead bodies are found in Attack the Light, if memory serves. Going into Gem ruins, which seem to be your best bet for finding Gem monsters or technology, is pretty close to a death sentence without super powers.

And hey, even if you do catch a monster and successfully contain it? Enjoy a visit from the Crystal Gems, who make it clear you should never do that again.

Eventually, everyone must have realized when to leave well enough alone. 

803: The Mole People

I hate this movie all out of proportion for how bad it is.  I mean, yeah, it sucks, but looking at it as objectively as possible, I’m not sure it merits the volcanic rage it inspires.  Maybe I just really, really despise John Agar.  Or maybe it’s the racism, or how it fails to tell us anything about the title creatures, or the shitty ending in which ‘happily ever after’ is snatched away at the last moment from the character who most deserved it.

Okay, maybe The Mole People really is totally loathsome.  Let’s examine this.

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A/N: hi chapter 16 is finally here pls tell me what you think ily

masterlist // TRS masterlist

Your thoughts are sprinting at a thousand miles per hour. Handling curiosity has never been a strong point for you, even on the Ark. But now it was worse. It’s so different here. Despite everything that you were told, there are people on the ground. In your head, you memorised the book you had seen amongst the clutter of the desk.

Lincolns gone again due to an ‘errand’ he had to complete. He said it was something important. You never took your eyes off of him as he picked up the book and left without another word.

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ffs I had to block that sled-dog-and-chicks comic because I couldn’t stand seeing the Worst Way Possible to bird proof a dog every stupid hour

y’all: one, don’t let dogs put their mouths on birds unless the birds are already dead and your dog is a gundog and you’re hunting game. we’ve been over this, the bacteria in their mouths can be difficult for birds to fight off. two, don’t put a live bird in front of a dog you know wants to murder it with no restraints or cages involved whatsoever. that’s how you get blood and feathers all over the carpet. and you sure as shit don’t reward them for just existing near them no matter how much they’re frothing, nor do you growl at them for showing interest in the birds.

blathering about safely birdproofing dogs below the cut. this is p. much what I did with Dan except there were no cages because it was wild birds he chased. please put your pet birds or livestock in cages.

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The 102- Part 8: Don’t You Dare Fall

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, Charlotte, the reader, mention of Luke and Stella
Warnings: angst, closed off!reader, swearing, acid fog 
Summary: The reader and Bellamy hide from the acid fog, and with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company they grow inevitably closer
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Small loose stones littered the floor of the cave, causing you to trip as you stumbled back in. As hard as you and Bellamy had tried, you couldn’t brave the acid fog and retrieve Atom without either dying or becoming horribly burned yourselves. So, hopeless and mourning the loss of your friend, you and Bellamy tumbled back into the mouth of the cave, coughing and sputtering from the fog, as you were enveloped in darkness. 

The little girl was waiting, huddled in a corner with her knees pulled up to her chest. She wasn’t crying though, not a single tear escaped those bewildered eyes of hers, she just sat there in silence. She was tough, there was no doubt about it, and reminded you a lot of yourself when you were her age. 

“Hey, come here, you’re okay,” Bellamy instantly knelt by her side, pulling a protective arm around her shoulders. It was a side of him you’d only seen once before, when he united with Octavia for the first time in the dropship.  

You walked over to kneel beside him and ask the girl, “What’s your name?” 

She shied away and put her face in Bellamy’s chest, inching closer as if he was her father and you were the monster under the bed, “Charlotte, it’s okay, (Y/N)’s a friend.” Bellamy looked down to where her face was still hidden beneath the folds of his jacket, and made his voice softer than you’d ever heard it. The usual rough, gravelly edge to it was gone and replaced with a smooth lull, assuring the girl that she was okay. 

Your brow furrowed, “Wait, you know each other?” 

Charlotte looked up to you and nodded slowly, as if she was still figuring out whether to trust you or not. She was young, probably just above the 13 year old cut off for going to the ground, and she reminded you so much of Luke. Her scrawny, tanned face, matched with stick-straight blonde locks and a tough exterior, she was his female equivalent. 

“We met in the morning, just before I found you,” Bellamy looked up and hugged Charlotte closer to his chest, giving her what comfort he could being as she was still pretty shaken up. 

“Okay,” You breathed and looked to the mouth of the cave, trying to figure out what to do next. Your view of the outside was blocked by hanging vines and branches, but from what you could see it didn’t look like the fog was going to clear anytime soon. So the three of you were stuck there until further notice. 

“Okay,” Bellamy echoed as he let out a breath and got up from the ground, walking over to stand behind you.

His jacket swished as he raised his hand, and tentatively put it on your shoulder- an awkward attempt to provide comfort. But you didn’t flinch away or strain at his touch, you welcomed it. And it wasn’t something you had to think about when you lifted up your own arm and found his hand, interlocking them as one. 

After a moment you exhaled and let go, turning around to see how Charlotte was doing. But before the moment was over, it was perfect- given the circumstances. You felt yourself slipping, getting ready to break the pact you thought had been carved into stone: don’t fall for Bellamy Blake, don’t you goddamn do it. 

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Oliciters go online and praise Felicity for making shots at Oliver and Samantha for making decisions without consulting her, and I figured I would put what happened into perspective and use my own experience to explain it.

My parents go divorced years before I was born, they got back together, but my grandpa made my mom promise she wouldn’t marry him again. They had my sister and then me, then they broke up so I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t get remarried.

The point is, my parents haven’t truly been together in my life, so my situation can kind of relate to William’s.

Now Oliver and Felicity get together at the end of Season 3, as in the last episode. Then William gets kidnapped a little over halfway through season 4. So they had been dating for a little over half a year.

Also, when William gets kidnapped Felicity hasn’t met him yet. We don’t see them interact after he’s rescued, and William doesn’t know about Oliver being the Green Arrow, so he’s not likely to take him back to the Arrow Cave, and Felicity leaves when someone coughs at her wrong, so she probably wasn’t around to meet William. Felicity also never sees William on Lian Yu since Chase was keeping him on the boat.

So let’s put it this way… if my (in this situation) future step-mother we’re to go up to my mother and take shots about MY PARENTS making decisions about me WITHOUT CONSULTING HER when she hadn’t even been with my dad for a whole year AND BEFORE SHEHAD EVEN MET ME my mother would have slapped her so hard my step mom would have had to go to the next county over to pick up her teeth.

And wouldn’t Arrow be so much better if Samantha had done that?

No Matter What.

-Donghyuk x Reader

-Fluff, Romance, Vampire au, Vampire!Donghyuk

-Donghyuk prepares himself to reveal his most well kept secret to the love of his life but how will the conversation goes…

-Here’s a drabble nobody asked for while I delay the 10 posts everyone wants me to finish (:  I was inspired by a post I saw, which I will post a screenshot of at the end of the post. Read it before if you want to follow my train of thought or after if you’re curious. Or not at all, I don’t care (:

Also it’s not yet been proofread so I apologize any mistake.

Originally posted by donghyuks-thighs

“Y-You’re a what now?” A shiver shoots down your spine and you could feel the last drop of your blood curdle in fear. Instinctively, you back away from the man you had called yours for the good part of a year and a half. A sharp stab tears your heart watching the hurt in his eyes radiate from your reaction to him simply reaching out for your hands, something he always did not matter time of day.

“Please, love. I don’t mean you any harm.” Donghyuk whimpers out and you want nothing more to run over and encase him in your arms but your coward human nature wouldn’t let you.

“Say it again. I thought I heard you sa-” you bit your lips to stop the preposterous sentence from ending. “What?!”

“Baby, please…” He begs and with all his might hope to god you’d just forget the bomb he just dropped on you and go back to the nice dinner you were both having.

“NO! SAY IT!” You hadn’t intended to be so loud but somewhere in between convincing yourself you had heard wrong and the guilt of reacting in such horrid manner when he entrust you with his deepest secret, if what he said was true.

“I’m a vampire.” There he said it again, this time without the nervous wavering in his voice but rather calm and collect.

“You’re really not fucking with me… You’re completely serious.” You stammer, dinner push aside as you feel the souring of acid reflux traveling upward inside. You stand up, not wanting your body natural reaction to anxiety of vomiting everywhere to send the man of your heart the wrong message. At least you attempted to stand up until the blurring of the world and blanking of your own mind sending you tumbling in your spot, grasping blindly at the chair that had been supporting your weight for balance. Even before your synapses could even begin to release the neuron in your brain to make sense of what was happening, those comforting arms, that familiar scent were already catching you in his hold. Donghyuk whispers small reassuring words as he pulls you close into his chest, holding on tight because if he didn’t, he was sure you’ll pull away from him forever. You clutch onto his waist and it makes him smile to see you weren’t scare of him nor were you disgust at what he is. Your desperate touch remains the same as they were despite flinching away just a few moments ago.

“Let’s go lay down, hmm? Rest a bit. I swear I don’t even need to lay with you or, or be in the same room. Just let me wait in the living room so I know you’re okay.” His hands rubbing your shoulder gently, making you feel so small in his embrace, even more now that you had a small taste of his … power. Such a weird thing to say, your boyfriend has powers.

“I just stood up too fast, Donghyuk. I’m fine. You worry too much.” You grumble but that does nothing against your ever attentive man. Donghyuk would’ve carry you into the bedroom if he had his way but right now, he doesn’t want to scare you. He needs for you to know he’s the same as ever.  Tucking you in, he pulls the soft grey cashmere blanket over your body before hesitantly pressing a kiss onto your forehead. Normally, this would be when he crawls in right next to you but instead, with a sadden gaze he turns away and begin for the living room. For a split second you let him walk away before deciding against it reaching out to his hand. Donghyuk gasps when he felt your small hand in his, grasping on so tightly he nearly cry that you still wants him close. Happily obliging to his princess request, he peels back the cover and let himself sinks into the softness of the satin sheet and your warmth. He wraps his arm around your waist, face nuzzling deep in the crook of your neck. He loves cuddling with you, it’s the one thing he would never be busy for as you both snuggle close to each other in complete silent but today, today if he doesn’t say anything in the next second it’d be too late.

“Are you mad, baby?” Donghyuk tests the water, wondering if you’re just letting him close by fear or by love. 

“No, I’m not.” You reply curtly, pulling his arm tighter around your body.

“Are you scare?”

“No, I’m not… Just confuse.” You sigh, unsure of how to begin the process of understanding it all. A day ago if someone had told you your dear boyfriend is some immortal force of the supernatural world, you’d laugh until you pass out. Now, judging by the way he got from one side of the table to catching you neatly in his arms almost instantaneous, he’s a force to be reckon with. 

“I’m sorry I lied to you for so long… I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you because i know, I know once you learned the truth, there would be nothing to stop you from leaving me. I’ve never love another woman like you before, from the first moment I set eyes on you till now, all I want was to be near you and to know you want that to. Right now it’s not time for me to be selfish anymore and I’d understand if you feel betrayed, if you want to leave me…” Donghyuk tries his best to keep his emotion under wrap but how could he when matters of heart are at hands. He didn’t want him crying to affect your decision, to cloud your judgement but alas the tiny kitten liked sniffle couldn’t be stop. You push his arm off your body and he could feel his heart fragmenting. Yet against all his prediction, you roll around to face him with your hands around his cheeks.

“Kim Donghyuk, I’ve never once said I would leave you. So stop being so stupid and say stupid things. I told you I’m not mad nor am I scare. Look me in the eyes right now and tell me, use those bat instinct of yours and tell me… Am I afraid?” He couldn’t help but chuckle at your strange reference to bat because quite honestly he hadn’t seen one since he was a child exploring caves for fun so many moons ago. You feel your bang being brush away from your forehead delicately before those beautiful eyes stare straight at yours without any hesitation.

“No” He smiles at his own answer.

“What do you see then…” You ask again, wanting nothing more to reassure him that there is no doubt within you.

“Love.” He presses a soft kiss on your lips before whispering softly again. “I love you so much.” 

“I love you, Donghyuk. I just have a lot of questions. I mean one second you’re just some rich dude I tried to con for a good life…” You pinch his cheeks and watch his eyes widen at the thought you can still joke at this second.

“Yah! How can you say you love me and something that crazy in one sentence.” He retorts, fighting off your teasing hands. You giggle, crawling closer in his embrace. “In all seriousness though, I- thank you, baby.”

“For what? I haven’t done anything.”

“For not turning away, for being with me.” 

He kisses you and it felt like the first time you kissed. There was a mixture of nervousness mix in with that gut churning, stomach full of butterflies feeling of being so close to someone you love. There was always something there that hold him back. You had thought it was because the different walks of life that you belong to, he a man of intellectual while you grew up on hard work. You had met when he was guest lecturing at a seminar you attended for work. From the first moment his piercing gaze met yours, your heart melted. It didn’t take long for you to fully submit to his love and by the 3rd month of being together, you both had said many “I love you”.

“I have so many questions.” 

“Ask away, baby. Anything you want.” He strokes your cheek, eyes so focus it seems they’re relearning your features in a different light.

“I don’t even know where to begin… Uhm, we took so many pictures together. I thought vampires aren’t suppose to show up in pictures?” You felt a bit stupid asking but Donghyuk goes against everything you’ve read about what vampires are suppose to be like. 

“It’s not that camera can’t capture us. If you simply look through the lense, of course we appear. Back in the day, when we develop photos, they use a process that involves silver thus eliminating us vamps out of photos.” A small kiss finds itself on your nose as he admires the way you’re listening so intently, so eager to learn. “Before you ask, same with mirror. Back then mirrors were made with silver, now they’re made with aluminum backing.”

“So silver still hurt you then?” You speak up suddenly, almost scaring the poor man.

“Yes, it does. However the sun doesn’t as I suspect that will be your next question. The original vampires were somewhat allergic to the sun but evolution process and what not, we can still have beach day whenever you want.” He answers then smiles bright when you mumble “mental note to throw all my silver jewelry away.” You shy away in embarrassment when you meet his eyes but your curiosity got the better of you.

“What about garlic. I love garlic and you always make me garlic steak. So it’s not poison to you then.”  

“That, back when we were still being hunted, our ancestors and yours made a peace treaty between our kinds. To convince the human of letting us assimilate, the ancestors agreed on a white lie, a sort of insurance policy to assure that there was nothing to worry about. So they told everyone garlic would hurt us as not everyone could afford to keep silver to protect themselves. It was a mean to ease in the treaty but somehow it took on a crazy life of its own. Honestly, my father told me they’d just pretend to faint or cry in pain whenever a human try to use garlic on him and his friends.” 

“But wouldn’t that bite them in the ass if there was evil vampires? Are there evil vampires?” You postulate, so excited in all the new information that you sit up, hands clasp together in anticipation.

“I never said it was smart. Of course there’s evil just as there’re criminals amongst normal human. We did have incidents of course, there was outrage but it died quick after the elders set up a knight force for lacks of a better term that keeps the rogue ones in check.” Donghyuk had also slowly rising from his spot, pulling you into his laps as you leans into his chest. “Anything else, love?”

“Oh my God. Do you go out each night when I fall asleep and like steal blood?” You yelp out loudly, this whole time, you bonded with Donghyuk over the amazing food he cooked and the food adventures you both take. Early on in the relationship, he had suggested twice a month, you both would go on a food date to a completely random restaurant, something out of both your comfort zones. Never once did you have someone to love food as much as you do, perhaps even more that was willingly open to try absolutely everything and anything. Donghyuk silenced for a second then burst out in laughter that rumbles your body.

“What do you think I am, love? I’m a vampire, not some sort of blood thief. Yes, I don’t sleep at night but I still stay next to you or do work in the office. Your imagination is too wild, little lady.” You could feel your cheeks burst out with heat and steam puffing out of your ears from embarrassment. You hadn’t exactly intended for those thought to come to light, let alone have Donghyuk heard it. “Modern vampires still rely on blood but not in the same manner old vampires did. We have big tech labs and corporations that manufacture blood that serve the same function without us having to kill poor animals. Of course there was a big uproar and a small faction of vampires that went rogue but the elders took care of it fast.” Sensing your mortification creeping up still, Donghyuk does what he does best and pressing kisses all along your cheek to sooth your heart. “Trust me when I say our food adventures and all the time we cooked and ate together, it was all real. I can still taste just as human do, enjoy the food you made me just as you enjoy mine. But survival wise, I still have to get nutrient from blood.” As if reading your mind, Donghyuk ended your worries even before you could voice it. You whisper a soft understanding “ah” before settling in, tearing your brain apart for any other queries. 

“So that time…” You muse suddenly and watch as Donghyuk bites his lips in a strange expression you couldn’t decipher. 

“I- About that. I did use my power to push you out of the way of that oncoming motorcycle. I couldn’t let you get hurt and honestly it didn’t hurt me that bad, or at all actually…” Donghyuk hesitantly recalling the event that if he had to pin point a place and time he had solidified your relationship, it was then. You had just gotten out on lunch break while he was already sipping an espresso from the cafe across the street. He knew exactly when and where you’d appear from so he waited, and waited until he saw you skipped your way down the cobblestone sidewalk. You were just in uniform, black slack and white blouse just as every other girl in the company but there’s something so lovely, so graceful about you. You were swaying gently side to side waiting for the green blinking man to appear when his eyes met yours and felt a gush of wind knocking him off his feet when you cracked a bright smile. You waved, then proceed to step onto the empty street as the blinking man signaled it was your turn except… Donghyuk could hear it. 

The revving of engine, screeching of rubber against the hot asphalt intensifying with every second. You couldn’t of course and it made sense now when you think about it with his power granting him extraordinary hearing. Before you could make sense of the situation, your body already hit the ground yet it was Donghyuk that took most of the impact as his body flung forward. You clambered off of the hot floor as you watch the motorcycle tear off into the distant without a second thought for the lifeless Donghyuk laying just a few feet away. You screamed, you didn’t know how long you screamed for but you just wanted for the man who just saved your life to open his eyes. His forehead bloody, clothes tattered but he still mumbled making sure you were alright. You blanked as he motioned to the cellphone in his pocket. You pulled him into your embrace before dialing the name he sluggishly pointed at. Not even five minutes later, a black car with a strange plate and near black tinted window pulled up and whisked you both away to a hospital you’ve never heard of. They took him away for how long you didn’t know but when the gentle nurse shook you awake, Donghyuk was already in his private room resting. You settled in, watching as the spikes of his EKG run across the screen. He slept for the rest of the night and when you awaken, a blanket draped over your curled up body in the chair right next to his bed, Donghyuk pressing a kiss to your forehead. He jerked away in fear and embarrassment. He was so adorable, to a point where you couldn’t help but giggled before grasping onto his hand. The rest of the week was spent that way. Despite being the one in the hospital bed, he was more concerned about the scratches on your arms and legs.

“So, you weren’t hurt?” 

“I-I was originally but we healed fast. I was already healed by that morning when i stole that kiss from you.” He sighed, fearful that the most wonderful week that helped bloom your mere crush into a full blown bloom of love was all a lie. “Please don’t be mad. I had no choice, I couldn’t let you know that I healed at a rate 100 times faster than human does. That and…” His voice trailed off, making you shift in your seat in anticipation.


“And I really wanted you for myself. I watched you for so long through all the speech I made, the classes I taught and I just want a chance to be close to you. I wanted to be selfish even if it was just a lie. I wanted, needed the attention you gave me. Please don’t be mad.” He turns you around gently with both hands on your shoulders, he peers into your eyes, trying to figure out if there was any sign of regret but instead, you smile to ease his worries.

“I love you, Donghyuk. It still doesn’t change the fact that you saved my life. You got hurt trying to protect me. I don’t care if you heal in a second or a year, I would’ve taken care of you just the same.” You dive into his arms to reassure him nothing had change, nothing will change.

“Any more questions?”

“How old are you?” You ask and hear a small knowing sigh.

“I knew that was coming. In term of vampire age, I’m still young, I guess I’d be consider the same as my human age. In term of human years, I’m somewhere in the 400.” He sighs once again as you eyes widen in shock, a small gasp escapes your lips simultaneously as the poking and prodding of your finger on his face begins.

“Woah, you’re like super old. I can’t believe it… I’m into old rich dude. Don’t worry, you’re still handsome. Hold up!”

“What, what is it?” Donghyuk had gotten into the rhythm of your conversation by now to suspect your sudden halt is anything bad.

“How many girls have you been with… and is that why you’re so good in the bedding department.” You wink teasingly, dragging your index lazily from his chest down his abs before getting caught squarely in his hand. 

“Okay missy, that’s good enough questions for tonight. Yes, I’ve dated many women but not in that way. Out of everyone, only a few ever really accepted me as I am. Back then, even with the integration of our species, love between the two kinds weren’t exactly welcome so for the good of the people I love, I gave up. I hurt a lot of people I cared for and it had been over a hundred years since I fell so deeply in love with anyone. Had it not been for that accident, I-”

“You would’ve never made a move on me…” You sigh onto his lips, head falling onto his shoulder almost dejectedly at the thought of a life without Donghyuk. The delight in learning about a whole new world suddenly being purged from your mind as the gut wrenching thought of the most wonderful man in the world sitting alone in this house with no one to share even just a simple meal with but the ghost of his past loves. 

“Baby… Believe me when I say this. I do not regret anything that had happened between us. I wanted to so many time to tell you but I didn’t want to hurt you. All my past relationship had either ended in heartbreak or something even worse that I couldn’t imagine putting you through the same thing. Even if it’s the modern day, even if half human half vampire baby aren’t anything new. I just couldn’t risk putting you through so much pain.” He lifts your chin up to view the face of the person he holds dear in his heart, the most important person in his life. A frown breaks on his soft lips as he realize the twinkles in your eyes weren’t the usual kind but tears. 

“I love you, Donghyuk. If you’d let me, I want to be with you till the day I die… When I, how would that work? I, I don’t want you to be alone again…” Panic stricken your mind as the thought of you aging while your ever ethereal boyfriend remains the same. The thought of him having to watch you die, bury you, going back to that life of having no one to love, it kills you.

“I’m not immortal, baby, my lifespan is just longer. Don’t worry about that part for now, okay? We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“How could I not. I don’t care if I die but I don’t want you to watch me die. I don’t want to leave you, all alone in this giant cold place…” A sob passes your lips and Donghyuk shushes you with soft stroke to your hair. 

“If you must know, my mother is human. My father is well over, God, I don’t even know how old he is anymore. they’re still living well and healthy into their 10 billionth year of marriage now. We have ways, but that’s story for another day. For now, just let the new information sink in.” Donghyuk pets your cheeks as he would always when you’re upset, a little trick he discovered early on that could still your nervous heart. His lips latch onto yours needfully as you cling onto his body, never wanting to let go. You both lay down, bodies flushing tight together letting the gentle pitter patter of fresh rain outside lull you both to sleep.

“Promise me there’s a way because I think I want to be with you for all eternity. Promise me, Donghyuk.” 

“I promise.” Donghyuk could feel his heart erratic from the thought that he too might be able to find forever love and happiness just as his parents did, still do. He didn’t think it was possible but the past two years of knowing you alone made the hundred years of loneliness before then so worth the wait. Watching the smile blooming so brightly on your sleepy features from his promise eases his weary mind as he laid there holding you in his arms, pressing soft kisses on your face just as he would every night when you sleep. For now, just knowing you want him just as much as he does you, willing to let him cuddle you tight even with the revelation of his hidden self awakening, pushing your relationship into a new light is good enough. Whatever happens now, Donghyuk trust you’ll always be in his corner, no more will he be lonely.

So I saw this post on facebook and I thought, why not? Let’s write something about this.


SummarySakura’s words die in her throat as the man’s eyes shoot open, and the coldest red irises she has ever seen meet hers. She is hit by a wave of terrifying certainty about two things right then – that she knows these eyes better than any other and that, if he wanted to, this man could stop her heart with just a look. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 7 – Prompt: “The Past”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be squished by a Susanoo wielding demi god if you are found plagiarizing.

Warning:Spoilersfor pretty much everything up to NarutoGaiden.

Canon-Compliance: Takes place during the Blank Period.

Fanon-Compliance: Takes place several years before An Inch ofGold and Unplanned.

AN: Better late than never! You guys can decide for yourselves how much if this short series is something that could have happened, and how much of is my personal head canon. Also, I kind of went to town with the SasuSaku bits here, because I firmly believe that they have a loving and active married life.

As a medic, Sakura is probably more prepared for the various symptoms of pregnancy than the average woman. She has studied the theory, administered prenatal and postnatal care, and has even delivered a few babies. At first it was only under the watchful eye of her mentor, but since she and Sasuke have been travelling to more remote villages, it’s an occupational hazard.

Her first trimester is about what she expects – it’s actually easier.

Morning sickness isn’t as bad as she worried it would be – in fact it’s not so much morning sickness as random-moments-in-the-day-sickness. Even then, it’s more gentle queasiness than anything else. There are only two mornings she spends with her face buried in a nearby bush, while Sasuke holds back her hair.

There are a few of her favorite foods that she can’t even think about without feeling nauseous. Still others cause her bizarre, desperate cravings she never experienced before. (Tomatoes! She can’t get enough tomatoes!) And she has to pee a lot more often, which Sasuke is equal parts amused and irritated by depending on how much it delays their travel plans.

And good gods, she thought she was done getting pimples!

But what she wasn’t expecting were the dreams.

From her studies and conversations with other expectant mothers, she’s come to anticipate the nonsensical, the silly or even highly sexual. What she ends up experiencing within days of confirming her condition is bleak, eerie and a little depressing.

In the beginning, her dreams have a reoccurring theme.

Whenever she closes her eyes, she finds herself walking along a beach. The tide is always out, leaving a vast and barren expanse of sand and shallow pools of water. The sky is always grey and foreboding, bracketed by cliffs in the distance. The detail in this place is staggering, despite the fact she’s never spent much time on this seashore.

Or any seashore, really.

Konoha is landlocked, and even her experiences during the war didn’t give her much time to enjoy the coastline. Travelling with Sasuke, they have occasionally been to places like Kumo where beaches are more common, but never with express recreational purpose.

If there had been, she would never choose such a grey and dismal one as the one that plagues her unconscious.

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anonymous asked:

UT, UF, and MT Sans are on a date with human S/O in public, and a human starts confronting Sans with remarks against monsters. But then he sees S/O on a date with them and starts telling her off too, and calls her nasty words like a traitor and a monster's wh**e and other terrible things. How would they react?


Sans is not at all happy with the racist remarks, but he ignores it to the best of his ability while also looking for a way to get out of the situation without drawing attention to himself, or to you. When the asshole starts degrading you, getting louder and louder and drawing the attention of more people, Sans is livid. There is nothing he wants more than to dunk on the racist calling you such disgusting names, but he’s wary and also doesn’t want to deal with other humans being cruel just because he defended you in a violent way, so instead he decides to just shortcut the both of you out of there. It’s gonna be a while before he takes you on a date outside of the house again.


You physically have to restrain him. Red’s not even gonna waste his magic on this asshole, he wants to feel the regret and pain as he bashes the fuckers face in. Call him what you want, but no one insults his datemate and lives. You have to call Edge before Red will stop trying to fight you. He still wants to watch the racist’s skull cave in under his fists, but he knows better than to ignore Edge when he’s being reasonable.

-Big Fella-

He’s as chill as ever, not even acknowledging the racist until they start on you. Then he’s taking careful notice of what this fucker looks like. Clearly they’re new if they don’t recognize just how dangerous it is to be doing what they’re doing.The two of you leave the area without incident, but you never do see the racist again after that…