never leave no matter what

the beautiful things the signs do
  • Aries: looks into your eyes and soul
  • Taurus: makes you laugh when you don't even want to smile
  • Gemini: makes you feel so beautiful
  • Cancer: loves you even more at your absolute worst
  • Leo: sticks with you through thick and thin
  • Virgo: worries and cares about more than you know
  • Libra: will buy you coffee and long drives
  • Scorpio: they love to get to know the real you
  • Sagittarius: they never leave you no matter what
  • Capricorn: takes care of everyone
  • Aquarius: has special relationship with everyone around them
  • Pisces: will go to dinner with you and talk about whatever you want and listens
Bruises On Another (part two)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

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You left you last class of the day as quickly as you could. It wasn’t that it was per-say a bad class, or that the entire day had been bad, but the people in the room itself made you uncomfortable and you’ve never been one for socializing. Not to mention you couldn’t shake the sight of that boy, who you’d learned was Steve when Mr. Jones had called on him, had the exact same bruise on the exact same eye as you.

It must of be coincidence. That was the only logical explanation but you’ve see the bruise on your eyes enough times to know that the bruise on that boys face was identical to yours. Not just in the same place, but where the bruise faded and where it begun was exactly the same. You’d never seen anything like it, and you just knew that avoiding Steve was your best case scenario. It wouldn’t be good to get involved with a boy and you knew your father wouldn’t like it.

Once you made your way outside of the classroom, your fingers found the same sheet of paper before and with delicate fingers you searched for your locker number. You soon enough found it and once you did, your eyes begun to glance around the halls for the matching locker. Surprisingly it seemed this time it didn’t take you as long to find what you were looking for and you mentally sighed in relief, the sooner you were able to put your books away the sooner you could get home and you knew that’s what your father liked best.

Dialling the code into the lock, it soon enough popped open and you swung open your locker. You didn’t dwell long at the sight of your very old and very ruined locker, opting instead for shoving your books inside and shutting it the minute you were done. Once the books were out of your hand, you glanced around the busy hallway for a moment and paused in thought. This was to be the rest of your year, spending half of it in this hellhole and the other half at home where it was hell.

Your hand found its way to your neck where you found a necklace, the necklace that never seemed to leave your neck no matter what. To bite down the sickness that welled within you, you gripped the necklace pendant; a gold bird with it’s wings spread and felt some of your anxiety lessen. 

Though as you stood there, your eyes met a familiar brown pair and you paused. There was a second that you just stared into his eyes before you shook your head and turned the other way. You were meant to stay away from him, not literally gaze into his eyes from afar like some romantic drama. So that’s what you did, and soon enough you found yourself on the path towards home, clutching your backpack strap nervously.

Your arm ached but you ignored the pain and instead focused on the peaceful walk home. This new path home seemed to be your only solace now as it gave you time to truly be alone and by yourself. And as you walked you let your mind wander over just exactly how your life had turned this way. You thought about your old life, in Florida and realized how much you truly missed it. Your father and you had moved to Hawkin’s so abruptly and quickly it’d never really given you the time to think about everything. And now that you were here, you realized you’d give anything to go back to the way the things were.

Though, as always, the peace never did quite last long and soon enough you found yourself in front of your front door, just staring at it. You couldn’t quite describe the feeling that welled within you, knowing what waited behind the door but you knew you couldn’t avoid it anymore.

It was inevitable.

So slowly you slid your house key into the deadbolt and unlocked the door. You’d done this for so many days, you’d expected to grow use to the feeling by now but still you couldn’t seem to get ride of the weighing feeling that fell upon your shoulders or the way your hands began to shake in dread. You swung the door open and were relieved to see no one else around, and taking a step in you slipped off your shoes.

“Father?” You called softly, your voice barely above a whisper; just like it had been for so long.

You thought for a moment that you were in luck and you made your way to the staircase in relief but then footsteps echoed and a hand caught your arm. You closed your eyes for a moment, before turning around and meeting the gaze of your father. “Father.” You repeated, this time as a statement and respectively smiled his way. 

“You’re home late.” Was all your father said in a gruff voice.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and laughed lightly; “only a few minutes. And besides, it was the first day-” You stopped speaking the moment you felt his grip tighten, considerably, and bit your lip. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“How many times have I told you-” Your father began and you felt the sinking feeling within you grow as you knew that he wasn’t going to just let this pass. “I want you home before four thirty, no later. And I expect dinner to be ready by five.” 

“Yes,” was all you said.

Your father tugged you forward harshly, making you nearly trip over your own two feet as you narrowly missed falling down the stairs. Once your feet met solid ground, you straightened yourself out, trying to ignore the way your breath grew heavy and glanced back at your father nervously. You hated the way he glared at you, as if you’d actually done something wrong. Something more than arrive home a few minutes late.

“Dinner.” Your father ordered, letting go of your hand and you sighed in relief, the pain lessening considerably. “I expect it to be ready by five.” You nodded, knowing better than to speak and your father shoved in you in the direction of the kitchen harshly. This time you weren’t so lucky, and you tripped over your own feet and fell to the ground.

You let out a soft groan as your knees smacked against the hardwood and as you glanced behind you, you found your father already gone. Taking a deep breath, you ignored the pain in your knee and crawled up. With shame you made your way into the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter with a heavy sigh. You clenched your fists tightly, ignoring the way your nails dug into your palm and felt your body shake.

This was nothing new but yet every time it happened, it seemed to upset you more.

How was this fair?

Steve stood next to Nancy, leaning against the lockers with a distant look as he heard the chatter from the girls beside him. Normally, despite the sometimes girly talk, he was much more involved but ever since yesterday he couldn’t seem to get the image of you out of his head. The same day you appeared, bruises begun to appear on his arm and there was something about you yesterday; something that seemed off.

Mind you, he’d only seen you in one class and the only thing Steve knew about you was that you were a new student… but there was a feeling within Steve. He couldn’t describe it- but there was just something.

“Steve?” Nancy called, glancing over at her boyfriend in wonder. Furrowing her brows when the boy didn’t answer, she waved her hand in front of his face; “Steve?” That seemed to snap him out of whatever stupor he’d been in and blinking, he shifted his body to glance at Nancy with curiosity.

“Uh- what?”

Nancy laughed and a smile slipped over her friends face; “I asked you a question.”

Steve blinked again, feeling guilt well within him at the fact that he hadn’t been listening. Shaking his head lightly, he shifted his body so he was leaning towards Nancy and crossed his arms over his chest, letting a smile fall across his lips. “Sorry. What was it?”

Nancy shook her head in response, “it’s nothing.” She replied, waving it off and Steve nodded in response. Before he knew it he found himself glancing around the hallway in distant thought and Nancy pursed her lips, glancing over at her friend in question who only shrugged in response. “Hey.” Nancy called, setting a hand on Steve’s arm as his gaze fell to hers once again. “What’s wrong? You’ve seem odd ever since yesterday.”

Steve paused; “it’s nothing.” He shrugged, not wanting to worry Nancy. Pausing a moment, he decided to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind. “Hey, have you guys seen the new girl?”

“The one with the H/C hair?” Nancy’s friend questioned and Steve nodded in response.

“Yeah, I helped her find her class yesterday. I think she has english with you.” Nancy answered and Steve nodded in response, his eyes looking around in thought. 

“Yeah-” He nodded, “yeah she does.”


“Oh nothing.” Steve waved off, “she just seemed a bit off.”

“Well she was wearing that thick sweater in this heat, which I have no idea how she wasn’t dying.” Nancy commented, narrowing her eyes in what seemed like concern for a moment before looking over at her friend. “And she almost seemed jumpy. When I went to hand her back this piece of paper, she jumped as if i’d hurt her or something.”

“I heard some girls saw her covering up a bruise yesterday in the bathroom.”

Steve paused, his face falling with realization and he glanced over at Nancy’s friend, who he’d never bothered to learn the name of and asked; “what?”

Nancy’s friend raised an eyebrow and blew a bubble with her bubblegum. “Yeah,” she shrugged, like it was no big deal which it really wasn’t. Wasn’t to everyone except Steve. “Apparently a huge bruise over her left eye, all purple and shit.” The girl explained, taking her hand to demonstrate further. Steve slumped against the locker in confusion- it must- it has be a coincidence.

“Much like your’s Steve.” Nancy commented off-handedly.

“Yeah…” He mumbled, not really thinking. He’d known something was off with you yesterday, especially when he’d met your eyes and you almost looked like you’d seen a ghost. A bruise… exactly on your left eye just like his and his own had appeared the same day you did. Steve shook his head, this was crazy. There was no possible way that you had something to do with the bruises appearing on his body…


“There she is now.” Nancy spoke up, pulling Steve from his thoughts as he peered up and found you. Though his face fell when he saw exactly who you were with.

“With Billy?”

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Things Not to Do to People with Service Dogs, Please, I’m Begging You
  • Immediately assume they are pets without looking
  • Pet them, ESPECIALLY without asking
  • Ask their owners to leave without checking to see if the dog is a service animal
  • Roll your eyes when the dog is a service animal
  • Ask whether the dog is a service animal when they are clearly wearing a service coat
  • stop????????????? questioning my wife’s fucking service dog
  • It doesn’t matter if “other people have tried to bring pets inside,” that doesn’t give you the right to ask illegal questions??
  • That’s like saying, “Someone hit me with a stick once, so no one can use a walking cane in my establishment because they might hit me with it.”
  • if you see a dog wearing all of these:

Helpful Facts About Service Dogs

  • They can be any breed.
  • They may even be other species, such as miniature horses.
  • They are allowed anywhere the human public is allowed, such as restaurants, stores, markets, hotels, bathrooms, etc.
  • You do not need to ask if a dog is a service dog, as long as the dog is wearing a clearly-visible jacket.
  • As an owner/employee of an establishment that someone brings a dog to, you are only entitled to ask two questions. You don’t NEED to ask any. You are allowed to ask two.
  • The first question: “Is the animal required because of a disability?” NOTE: If it is obvious what the dog does and why it is required, you ARE NOT allowed to ask this question (for example, if the handler is in a wheelchair or also using a red-tipped white cane).
  • The second question: “What task does this animal perform?” ALSO not required if it’s obvious.
  • That’s it.
  • Any more and you are violating the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), opening yourself and your business up for a hefty lawsuit.
  • There are two times you are allowed to ask a service animal to leave. You are NEVER allowed to ask the dog’s handler to leave, no matter what the animal is doing.
  • The first time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is not housebroken, and poses a sanitary risk.
  • The second time you are allowed to ask the animal to step outside: if it is acting aggressive towards or endangering other patrons.
  • That’s it.
  • You are only allowed to charge a cleaning fee if you would normally charge a human for the same fee. In other words, if the dog leaves hair on the floor and you wouldn’t charge a human for shedding on the floor, you can’t charge. If it’s a hotel and you wouldn’t charge a human for peeing in the tub, you cannot legally charge the dog for the same.
  • You are never allowed to ask for documentation that an animal is a legitimate service animal. This is in part to protect many people who don’t have access to medically-provided dogs, who have trained their own service dogs (perfectly legal and fine), or who can’t carry papers around with them at all times.
  • You may not ask that the animal perform their task for you. What the fuck, don’t do this. Think of allergy alert dogs–are you really going to wave an allergen in front of someone that might have a deadly allergy just to prove that the dog is “real?” congratulations, your ass is sued.

If you want more helpful facts please hit me up, I’m just really sick and tired of going places with my wife and her service dog only to get the message loud and clear that everyone is nervous and we’re unwelcome, when her dog is the most polite, well-trained, well-MARKED animal you’ve ever seen.

A typical conversation entering 2/3 businesses we went into today:

Person: Ma’am, you can’t have a pet in here. You have to leave.
Wife: She’s a service dog. She’s wearing her coat.
Person: Oh, sorry. We have to ask. People bring their pets in here sometimes, and we have to ask them to leave, because they’re not allowed.
Wife: She’s not a pet, she’s a service animal.

Please spread this. Some people just don’t know. Others think that if they can’t see a disability, it doesn’t exist or need treatment.

“For I am the LORD, I change not . . ” Malachi 3:6
Isn’t that comforting? With all the changes around us, there is one thing that cannot change – GOD. This includes His great love for us.
God is dependable. He has the power to keep His promises. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t change. What has God promised you? He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you, no matter what. Hebrews 13:5
So let the changes come. We will not walk in fear, but in faith! We will trust God with all the changes, and know that He is more than able to help us and that He even has plans to bless us.


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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

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The beautiful things the signs do

Aries: Looks into your eyes and soul
Taurus: Makes you laugh when you don’t even want to smile
Gemini: Makes you feel so beautiful
Cancer: Loves you even more at your absolute worst
Leo: Sticks with you through thick and thin
Virgo: Worries and cares about more than you know
Libra: Will buy you coffee and long drives
Scorpio: they love to get to know the real you
Sagittarius: they never leave you no matter what
Capricorn: Takes care of everyone
Aquarius: Has special relationship with everyone around them
Pisces: Will go to dinner with you and talk about whatever you want and Listens

Now let your spiritual practice be this: As you go about your life, don’t give 100 percent of your attention to the external world and to your mind. Keep some within. Feel the inner body even when engaged in everyday activities, especially when engaged in relationships or when you are relating with nature. Feel the stillness deep inside it. Keep the portal open. It is quite possible to be conscious of the Unmanifested throughout your life. You feel it as a deep sense of peace somewhere in the background, a stillness that never leaves you, no matter what happens out here. You become a bridge between the Unmanifested and the manifested, between God and the world. This is the state of connectedness with the Source that we call enlightenment.
—  Eckhart Tolle

mcenziehughes said: Will you please do a what dating Jasper Hale would be like? Please I’m sorry for bothering you.

A/N: Yes of course I’ll do this imagine for you, love. You’re not bothering me no matter what. Request as many imagines as you would like, you don’t bother me. That goes to anyone who ever requests or would like to speak to me, just ask anything, any request, message me anything and I won’t judge you or treat you without respect. I love basically everybody and I want you to know that you’re no bother whatsoever! Please enjoy the imagine!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Jasper Hale would include:

- Him always knowing what you’re feeling.

- Jasper always calming you down with his gift when you’re upset, angry, ect.

- Jasper loving you unconditionally and very passionately.

- Jasper always giving you that smile of his that let’s you know he’s absolutely invested in you.

- Being an adventurous couple in more than one way, if you get what I mean.

- Jasper always holding your hand because you soothe him.

- Slow long and loving kisses that lead to more.

- Both of you listening to country and folk music.

- Jasper telling you stories about the battles he has been in.

- You being totally lost in Jasper’s story telling.

- Jasper smiling at you because you get so lost in his words.

- “It’s only a story, (Y/N).

- “Yeah, but you lived that stuff. I’ve only lived in this modern era and it’s not exactly the most proudest era to live in other than the scientific and medical and technological advances we’ve made.

- “That’s a fair point, (Y/N), but your immortal life has almost begun and I’ll be lost in your stories.

- “You really think so, Jasper?

- “Absolutely.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Jasper.

- The two of you never leaving each other’s sides.

- Facing everything together.

- Supporting each other no matter what.

- Jasper getting awfully playful with you.

- You continually challenging him, - especially when you’re training for battles-.

- “Are you challenging me, (Y/N)?

- “Probably.

- “Well I hope you’ve been listening, because I’m not that fair.

- “Oh I know!

- Jasper showing off the impress you.

- “Are you showing off again?

- “Possibly.

- “Stop showing off!

- “I don’t know what you mean.

- Being a playful yet loving couple.

- Jasper being scared of how angry you get so whenever he senses that you’re angry, he automatically uses his gift on you.

- “Stop using that on me!

- “It’s for your own good and my good.

- “Why your good?

- “Because you’re scary as hell when you’re mad.

- Falling in love with Jasper’s Southern twang and drawl in his voice.

- “Are you listening to me, (Y/N)?”

- “Uh what?

- “Lost in my voice and good looks again?

- “Don’t flatter yourself, Hale.

- “So am I right or am I wrong?

- “Right.

- “I thought so.

- Jasper’s sexy smirks.

- Jasper being incredibly protective over you.

- Jasper getting jealous when other men flirt with you.

- “Are you jealous, Jasper.

- “Possibly.

- You being incredibly protective over Jasper.

- You getting jealous whenever other women flirt with Jasper.

- “You’re jealous aren’t you?

- “No!

- “It’s bad enough that you lie about it to other people, but to me? Come on, I already knew the answer before you walked over here.

- “Shut up…”

- Jaspers arms wrapped around your waist from behind.

- “I love you so much.” he whispers in your ear.

- “I love you too.” you smile back.

- You always asking Jasper what he feels because you’re curious when you can’t read him.

- “Totally and utterly in love.

- “I’m the happiest immortal man on this earth.

- “I’m feeling very grateful.

- Jasper always flattering you with nice things and compliments.

- Jasper taking you to museums to help you get a better understanding of when he was a human being.

- Loving your immortal life because you have Jasper to be with forever.

- Learning Jasper’s real age.

- Jasper always trying to find out things about you.

- “So what was life like for you when you were growing up, (Y/N)?

- “Nothing interesting, I guess.

- “I doubt that. You’re lying. I can feel the discomfort in your system.

- “Why are you wondering?

- “Because I would like to know.

- “Curious are we?

- “Possibly?

- “Curiosity killed the cat, Jasper. Don’t be that cat.

- “Why not?

- “My past wasn’t a nice one, let’s put it like that.

- Jasper holding you tightly to him and playing with your hair or rubbing your back.

- You feeling warm to Jasper and vice verse because you’re both vampires.

- “There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for you, (Y/N).

- “Awe, the same goes to you, Jasper.

- “Good.

- Getting lost in his golden ochre eyes.

- Jasper getting lost in your burgundy eyes and loving how they turn more golden as time passes by that you diet more on animal blood.

- Supporting each other and helping each other with feeding on animal blood.

- Being the most supportive and loving couple on earth.

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Being Human

Characters: Castiel, Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned)

Pairing: Human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: Cas being a Grumpy Gus, major canon divergence as in human Cas lives in the Bunker with the boys and Y/N.   

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This one is written for @d-s-winchester’s Fall In Love With Fall Challenge and my picture prompt will be under the cut within the fic.

It is also my entry for @cass-trash 1000 follower challenge where my prompt was “Why are you staring at me like that?”

Thanks to the sweet, amazing @bkwrm523 for betaing this

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Being human seemed to make Cas was absolutely miserable. There were so much he had to adjust too and it made him whine about the smallest of things you had never perceived to be a problem before. At first you had found his complaining about about having to pee, being thirsty, being hungry or being tired adorable, but as time progressed his endless complaints had started to annoy you. So much so you actually found yourself avoiding spending time with your formerly angelic boyfriend.

You weren’t doing it on purpose. It was not like you were mad at him or wanted to punish him for how he’d been acting. You understood that it was a big change. Your mind had simply needed a break from his rather constant sulking.  You stood hidden between behind one of the shelves and you froze when you heard Cas’ words.  

“I think I should move out Dean.”

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