never leave no matter what

NCT 127+Ten Reacting To Their S/O Having an Eating Disorder

Anon: Hey this is a sensitive topic so you don’t have to do it if it makes you uncomfortable or anything like that but if it doesn’t, can you do NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o opening up about their eating disorder and breaking down crying in front of them? Thanks ☺

A/N: I think this topic should be talked about more rather than it being ignored because people will get offended. So here it is. Enjoy xx


Taeyong would hear it all about it and would be glad that you opened up to him about a matter so personal. He’ll hug you and tell you it’s okay and let you cry in his arms as much as you want. “I will never leave you no matter what.” He stated when you told him about your fear of him finding out and abandoning you.

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Jaehyun would instantly dry your tears and smile at you, kissing your forehead and pulling you in a comfy hug. He would stroke your hair and let you let it all out. You ended up sleeping in his arms and he kept on checking on you through the night to see if you were okay.

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Doyoung would seriously hear you out and hold a tissue box. He’ll want you to cry till you feel better about it and then he’ll tell you its okay and that you both will get through it together.

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Taeil would hold you in his arms and stroke your hair. “I never knew how strong you were,” he’d say. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life y/n.” He could see your smile slowly creeping up on your soaking face. He kissed your lips and looked deep into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispered and kissed you again.

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Ten wouldn’t be able to see you cry and would break down as well. Before you know it you both are a weeping mess. He would hold your hands, sniffing and promise you he’ll help you through this and that you both were in this together.


Mark would be shocked for the first few seconds and then he’ll see breaking down into tears and snap out of his shock. He’ll have you sit down next to him and listen to you. He’ll hug you and kiss your forehead, wanting to stay like that until you feel better.

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Johnny would feel a pang of pain when he’d see you cry. He will instantly hold you in his arms and stroke your hair to make you feel better. He’ll try to soften your mood with his corny jokes and will try to make you feel better by watching movies and being two lil dorks.

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Yuta will try to be really gentle with you and will caress you with his sweet touches and he’ll smile bright at you telling you he’s always going to be by your side battling your demons with you. Just having him there makes you feel 100x better.

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Winwin would just listen to you and will be at a loss for words. He’ll want to say something but would be too scared to do so incase he offended you or hurt you in anyway.

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Haechan would hug you and bring out his ‘nice’ side. He’ll immediately feel guilty for roasting you all those times and promise you he’ll stop.”Please don’t cry Y/N,” he said sniffing.

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  • Gravity Falls Fandom: Yeah, and there's this one character, one of the main ones, whose name we never learn! The creator might tell us at some point but for now we don't know that one character's first name
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: ...
  • Les mis fandom: that's rough buddy
I found god at 2am outside the local gas station he looked a lot like you. He told me “an angel like you shouldn’t be out here alone” and I replied “so take me home” and I swear there’s no way he’ll be allowed back into heaven after that night. He told me that being good gets boring so I showed him how fun hell can be. He swore to me that he would protect me as the flames grew higher around us until they engulfed anything we hadn’t already burned down ourselves, and I swore to him that I’d never leave him no matter what the verdict of his crimes turned out to be. I swore I thought I knew what love felt like but I tasted it for the first time dripping off his tongue. And I swore I thought I knew what heartbreak felt like, but I’ve tasted it in the back of my throat ever since he left.
—  Even god will break your heart.

Time #354 in which Flint has a decision to make he knows will put him through hell. And does it anyway.   ̿ ̿ ̿'̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/‘̿'̿ ̿

Now let your spiritual practice be this: As you go about your life, don’t give 100 percent of your attention to the external world and to your mind. Keep some within. Feel the inner body even when engaged in everyday activities, especially when engaged in relationships or when you are relating with nature. Feel the stillness deep inside it. Keep the portal open. It is quite possible to be conscious of the Unmanifested throughout your life. You feel it as a deep sense of peace somewhere in the background, a stillness that never leaves you, no matter what happens out here. You become a bridge between the Unmanifested and the manifested, between God and the world. This is the state of connectedness with the Source that we call enlightenment.
—  Eckhart Tolle

We’ve always wanted to see Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare to be performed by Yuri and Victor, and it was delievered to us beautfully.
This truly was a beautiful scene.

I was reading the translation of the lyrics and the only thing I could think of is…

Victor, with all the fame and glory, felt lonely. Despite all the achievements he had gained he wasn’t truly happy with his life, he knew he was lacking something, and meeting Yuri filled the hole inside him. He realized that this was what he had been missing from his whole life… love. Someone who will stay by his side, no words needed, and will never leave him no matter what. He found that in Yuri. And, I think that’s beautiful.

The beautiful things the signs do

Aries: Looks into your eyes and soul
Taurus: Makes you laugh when you don’t even want to smile
Gemini: Makes you feel so beautiful
Cancer: Loves you even more at your absolute worst
Leo: Sticks with you through thick and thin
Virgo: Worries and cares about more than you know
Libra: Will buy you coffee and long drives
Scorpio: they love to get to know the real you
Sagittarius: they never leave you no matter what
Capricorn: Takes care of everyone
Aquarius: Has special relationship with everyone around them
Pisces: Will go to dinner with you and talk about whatever you want and Listens

don't let your girl slip away.

if she laughs when you tell her she’s beautiful, grab her hand and say “I mean it.” if she won’t hold your hand because you said something that pissed her off, grab her hand and don’t let go. pull her in and hug her. if you said something or did something that made her mad, listen to why it made her mad. and if she won’t tell you, MAKE her tell you. then apologize. immediately. don’t try to defend yourself. listen to her and try to understand that what you said or did maybe was wrong. if she pulls away from your kisses, grab the back of her head and pull her in. if she won’t accept any of your compliments, and talks herself down, keep complimenting her. don’t give up on her. and no matter what, never leave her for the wrong reason. people cheat on, lie to, and hurt girls all the time. don’t be that person. love your girl with everything in you. do not let her go. if she’s with you, she obviously cares about you. so care about her the same way. open up your eyes and realize that what you have is rare, and she’s yours.

Make me stay. Don’t just tell me that it’s okay and i can leave anytime i want. I want you to prove that you want me in your life. Make me stay and i will. I really want to stay but i want to know that you also want me to be part of your life. I don’t want to hear that it’s my choice if i want to leave because i will never leave no matter what happen. But the thing is, i also want to hear from you that you don’t want me to leave, that you want me to stay, that you want me in your life. For once, i want to hear that someone wants me in their life and they are afraid to lose me. Tell me that you want me to stay and i promise that i will.

i’m not sure how much the can of orange soda has in common with what you’d typically order at a soda fountain in 1910s-1920s- the (very) cursory research i’ve done seems to indicate that they’re rather different

it doesn’t matter anyway, wilson never leaves the house

(wickerbottom does know what it is, incidentally
TRINKET_13 = “A soda beverage can.”,
and so does walani
TRINKET_13 = “Slammable soda!”,
but WX does not
and Maxwell drinks seawater
TRINKET_13 = “A welcome change from seawater.”,
note: drinking seawater is not a good idea)

The Band Room

These four walls have seen me at my best and my worst. It was there through the tough times and has helped keep the happy moments happy. It’s seen me grow as not only a musician, but a person. Now I must leave it behind me, to achieve greater things. No matter what though, this room will never leave me.

How to make the signs stay
  • ☯ Use your Sun, Venus and Mars Signs ☯
  • Aries ♈: Follow them to the edge of the Earth. Kiss them hard, tell them you love them with a fire in your eyes. Love is like a drug to them, so get them high as fuck.
  • Taurus ♉: Give them your heart, show them that you want them softly and with care. Symbolize your love with a gift, something that represents your feelings in an abstract way.
  • Gemini ♊: Sing to them. Write them poetry and pour your heart poetry so they can render your love in an intellectual way. They want you to stimulate where they need the most care, take their pain away by caressing their mind.
  • Cancer ♋: Tell them you'll never leave. Hold their hand and never let it go. No matter what, reassure them that you'll stay. Devote your lips to them, and if they forget, show them it's theirs with a kiss.
  • Leo ♌: When you're with them alone, treat them like royalty. Give them your all, show them how much you love them physically. Close your eyes and whisper you want them weakly. They need your touch, they want you to channel your feelings into motion.
  • Virgo ♍: Become the eye to their storm. When they panic or in anxiety, kiss their forehead and tell them they'll be okay. Become their haven, their sanctuary. Hold them in your arms and make sure they feel safe. Repeat it again and again.
  • Libra ♎: Tease them. Caress both their mind and their soul. You have to give them the best of both worlds, and I promise you they'll return the same. Let yourself pour yourself into them, let your being melt and merge with theirs.
  • Scorpio ♏: Tell them you need them. Connect with them in a way that's not possible only through physically. When you touch them, it's not just about sex. This is a soul pact. You'll forever be intertwined with them and the love you two share will never be broken. This isn't just a partnership, there's something far deeper about this.
  • Sagittarius ♐: All or nothing. Pin them onto the bed and show them everything you got. Make them beg for you, scream their name. There's no room for child play. Make them force out what they've been hiding for so long. Give them the release that they long for.
  • Capricorn ♑: Tell them to stay, when they pull away grab their hand and hold them close. They might play games at times but they need to know that you're willing to keep trying. Hold them close and tell them you want them forever. Give them a reason to stick around for once; you're worth it.
  • Aquarius ♒: Don't let words lead you, let yourself lead the words. Speak with your eyes and let your soul do the talking. When they speak, watch their lips. focus yourself into every part of their being. Analyze their thoughts, understand them and they'll long for you always.
  • Pisces ♓: Treat them gently but passionately. There's a soft innocent aura to them but they want all of you; even the darkest parts of you. Tell them your pains, trust in them. This love you two share is a release, let yourselves free and embrace each other with everything you got.