never leave each other's sides

‘I spent the majority of 2016 with one person’

aka I spent the past 7 years with the same awkward dork and we never leave each other’s sides for more than 2 seconds and we share every fraction of our lives we probably even share one toothbrush cause we’re one of those obnoxious lovey dovey couples that everyone aspires to be

Suho: has anyone seen baekhyun??

Lay: well hes probably with chanyeol you know they never leave each others side so I wouldn’t worry too much

Chanyeol: *turns corner* hey where is baek at?


Baekhyun: *walks in room* wtf I’ve been playing hide in seek for three hours and no one came to find me??

Lay: oh we were still playing that? lmao

Dating Harry Would Include..

• Fucking Jealously omg.

• “Stop hanging out with her!”

• “Who?”

• “Cho!”

• Being best friends with Ron & Hermione.

• Harry sharing his food with you.

• Harry teaching you how to play quidditch.

• (If Muggle born or half-blood) showing Harry all the new things from the Muggle world.

• (If Pureblood) showing Harry, what he doesn’t know.

• Never leaving each other side’s.

• Always Always Always comforting him after the battle of Hogwarts.

• “Do you need any tea?”

• “No love, I’m okay. Go tend to the baby.”

• Him holding the baby all. the. god. damn. time.

• Both of you being protective of your children.

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high school au where cassian keeps tryin to ask bodhi to prom but bodhi isn't getting the hints so he's just realy confused all the time so eventually cassian just sorta kisses him and explicitly asks him to go to prom and so of course bodhi says yes and they go to prom and slow dance and shit

Bodhi looks so surprised after the kiss and Cassian apologises because he thinks maybe Bodhi doesn’t like him back but Bodhi is just so surprised. he hadn’t even considered the possibility that Cassian liked him as more than a friend and he’s been crushing on him ages and suddenly he has all the feelings and can’t express them so just ends up making out with him for a solid minute. at prom they wear coordinated blue tuxedos and never leave each other’s sides.

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Can you do the blind HC but with V and Saeran in it too? I would love to see how they react!

So here’s the link to the rest of the HC, and I hope you enjoy~


-Kinda happy that there’s someone he can relate to about blindness

-Since he used to see, he can explain how certain things like flowers and nature look to her and it lowkey makes her cry cause it sounds so beautiful

-They decide to get a service dog to help them since they both can’t see

-They still act like a normal couple and go on dates and stuff

-Relating to being babied by society and make sure they show the world that they are boss and can do whatever they want

-Just enjoying the feeling of the other person’s presence is so comforting and because of that they never leave each other’s side


-Stops his angsty teen act to make sure she’s okay

-Very very overprotective and like baby proofs the house to make sure she doesn’t bump into anything or hurt herself

-”Saeran this is going overboard.”

“But I need you safe.”

“I’m not a baby I just can’t see.”

-Never ever leaves her side and as much as she loves him the over protectiveness gets annoying

-Always telling him that she’s okay, and that he can let her be by herself for 2 seconds

-But she still really loves when he tells her about the sky and the stars because they sound so pretty, especially when she hears the passion in his voice when he talks about it

After reading Sonic the Hedgehog 269 I wish Chip would never leave Knuckles’ side, they are a perfect for each other; Knuckles’ toughness makes Chip look even cuter by comparison and Chip’s cutesness makes Knuckles look even tougher. Their clashing personalities brings out the best in both, like a good moe couple. Match made in heaven.


We’re a perfect team aren’t we♡ We’re aways their for each other To pick the other one up when their down To be each others best supporter To never leave each others sides even when things are tough or rough To love each other and love the person you are♡

The Scientific Discoveries of Mars and Pluto: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I Don’t Want to Talk, I Just Want to Dance.

Word Count: 3,631

Playlist (here are some songs I listened to while writing/editing so if you want to give them a listen feel free): 
18 Years - Daughtry 
Lights Down Low - MAX
Armor - Landon Austin
Fools - Lauren Aquilina 
High Hopes - Kodaline
The Scientist - Boyce Avenue 
Favorite Colour - Carly Rae Jepsen
Blue - Troye Sivan
Crawling Back to You - Daughtry

Summary: Riley, Maya, and Farkle have spent their entire lives as best friends, never leaving each other’s side, but moving in together after high school is a different story, especially when Riley starts to fall in love with Farkle. Will Riley and Farkle’s paths intertwine? Or will the obstacles of jobs, other relationships, and friendships tear them apart?

Riley and Farkle are about to realize just how much living together changes everything, and how much they mean to each other when other people come into the picture.

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I see it.

I see us getting married, moving in together, cuddling on the couch, waking up to the good morning kisses, having arguments, making up after, cooking our favorite foods, smiling for no reason, annoying each other when we’re bored, having the cutest little babies, watching them grow up, never leaving each other’s side.

I see us together.



-Admin Lolo


Your best friend Min Yoongi has known you since first grade. The way you got aquatinted was when he had spilled water paint on your dress and apologized profusely. After that you just spoke casually—including playing house together: him being the father and you being the mother. He was your first kiss, actually giving you a kiss when a fake one was planned. Although you were young, you still considered it as your first kiss. From your first year on, you were partners in crime, never leaving each other’s side even for just a moment. Now you’re in your second year of high school, not a bit has changed.

“Yoongi-ah~” you called him, lifting up your project, “Does this look creative enough?”

“It looks good to me.” He nodded.

“Thank you.” You smiled, leaving it out for the glue to dry. “So, are you doing anything after school?” You asked Yoongi.

“No, why?” He blew on a wooden popsicle stick to back the glue he applied tacky.

“I was wondering if you could come over.” You felt a little sense of risk when you asked, it made your heart skip a beat; you always got nervous when you were alone with Yoongi.

“U-Uh,” he stuttered, “yeah, I can.”

“Good,” you smiled, “my parents are out of town and you’re the only person I can have over.”

“Oh, I thought you just wanted to hang out…”

“I do, but it’s by choice—not because I’m lonely; I enjoy your company.”

There was a light pink brushed upon his cheeks and soon enough you felt your cheeks burning lightly, “Thanks.” he laughed, “Movies, video games, and pizza?”

“Only if there’s junk food.”

“Of course.” He nodded, “It wouldn’t be a sleep over without it.”

“I’ll meet you at the school gates?” You asked, noticing only a few minutes of class left.

He set his project to the side for Monday and gathered his things, “I need to get some clothes before I head over there, I’ll pick up the food on my way there too; just head home.”

“Okay,” You pulled your backpack on and opened your arms, “Bye, Yoongi.”

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and you both stood there for about a minute just holding each other closely, “Bye, (Y/N).” He mumbled in your hair.

As you began walking out a girl you casually talked to came behind you, “You and Yoongi are finally an item?!” She squealed, “You guys are so cute together!”

Before you could clear things up she ran over to her group of friends to gossip. Although Yoongi was a sweetheart with you, he was the most popular kid in your grade; ever since sixth grade, actually. Everyone questioned him why he would ever hang out with someone like you, not understanding the fact you two had known each other practically your whole lives and there was nothing in the world that could break you two apart. He’d smile and change the subject, knowing they would tell him to ignore you. You were the quiet and reserved person, the one that no one paid attention to and barely knew unless they asked Yoongi who you were but quickly forgot afterwards. You walked to your next class thinking about what that girl could have been telling her friends and how fast it would spread that Yoongi was your boyfriend.


Before Yoongi had gotten to your house you showered and got comfortable on the couch. There was a knock at your door; it was Yoongi. When you opened the door he was smiling his beautiful cave smile he was know for as he held something behind his back, “(Y/N)~” he sang, “I got you something.”

“What is it Yoongi?”

“Well, have you seen social media lately?” He asked as you went back to the couch and he closed the door.


“Check then, it’d be a lot better if you knew about what happening before hand.”

Yoongi’s attitude was extremely ecstatic, he was never this happy and confident before; it was adorable and a bit sexy. You grabbed your phone and began to scroll through the social media source most popular in your school: everywhere there was posts about you and Yoongi going out and how ‘cute’ you two were. “Oh…” You felt you cheeks burning up.

“So, I gotta ask…” He started, “Do you like me? Because I sure like you—for years, (Y/N).” He confessed, he sounded as if it was a weight lifted from his chest. “I really do,” he laughed, “I never thought I’d build up enough confidence to tell you, but now since this rumor is going around…” he knelt down on one knee in front of you, “(Y/N), why don’t we make the rumor true?” He pulled out a bouquet of roses from behind his back and held them out to you. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You felt the heat travel to your entire face rather than it just being focused on your cheeks now. “Y-Yes.”

“Really?” He stood up, “Thank you so much.” He held you tightly in an embrace, “It means the world to me that I finally get to be with you the way I’ve been thinking about you for so long.”

“I’ve liked you for a while too, Yoongi.”

He smiled and cupped your cheeks as he leaned in to give you a soft and sweet kiss upon your lips. It was like sugar, so sweet and so nice. He was now yours and you were now his: the most popular couple in school with a long history behind you two. Yoongi cuddled you the whole night and fell asleep spooning you as you watched a movie after you ate. There’s nothing like the warmth of the person you care for the most as you sleep; Yoongi was your cute teddy bear—a big, popular, and wise teddy bear that’s just perfect for you.

The internal battle of being a phangirl

My brain: Stop being so goddamn disrespectful and accept that it’s never gonna happen! They’re just two guys who are best friends, nothing more! Yes, they’ve been living together for ages and probably spend way too much time together, but it’s not exactly a rarity in friendships!

My heart: Of course they’re in love! “I’m actually gonna be living with Dan this year” turned into five years, they literally never leave each other’s sides and when they do they always text or Skype each other, they have so many domestic moments, and all the goddamn heart/love eyes! You can’t fake chemistry like that!

Me: *in a small voice* help

Never Meant To pt. 1 [Rap Monster Angst]

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“there’s a weird pleasure in loving someone that doesn’t love you”


You couldn’t breathe.


It hurt.


You could feel the blood taste.


Were they alright?


Was she okay?


Was he okay?

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The three of you had been best friends since kindergarten. You guys never stopped being friend like all the group of friends did when you started school. No, you went through the easiest of school together, as well as the hardest. Never leaving each other’s sides.

Until that day.

It was never good to fall in love with your best friend who was falling in love with your other best friend. It always got complicated and you always get hurt. That was why you tried to avoid him as much as possible. You tried to not think about him during day and night. You tried not to smile when he texted you just to ask about the smallest things. You tried not to care when he would ask how your day was even though your heart made a double beat. 

You tried not to fall any harder, but it was hard not to fall for someone like him.

His dimples would appear whenever he smiled that adorable smile of his. His tall frame that made you feel protected. The way he could casually throw his arm over your shoulder and show the world that you guys were that close. His absolutely speechless talents. His protective and heart warming personality.

How could you stop falling for all that and thousands of thousands more things about him?

Thinking like that made it easier for you to accept that she was the one he was in love with, just like you were in love with him. You understood how he felt because that was exactly how you felt. Crazy and madly in love.

You were both happy and broken when you saw them together. You were happy becuase she didn’t reject him and hurt his feelings. You were happy becuase he was happy. You were happy because of the way he smiled like never before around his new girlfriend. You were happy because he could finally call her his, and only his.

But at the same time, you were broken, destroyed, ruined and it hurt. It hurt so much everytime he called her by nicknames. It hurt everytime he kissed her cheek in front of everyone. It hurt everytime his eyes would shine with happiness. But worst of all, even if she was the one who made him like that, you wanted to be the reason he would smile without even having you around.

You wanted to shut your eyes everytime their lips would connect. You wanted to let them see your tears so bad, let them see your true feelings and how much they hurt you without having a clue about it. But you couldn’t, they were your best friends after all.

You couldn’t blame them. You couldn’t blame Namjoon for falling in love with her and not you. Her beauty was something no one could compare to. Her smile, her laugh, her manners, her personality, her body, her everything was perfect and flawless. Of course he would fall in love with her. They were a perfect match. Namjoon and Hani.

The day they announced their relationship was on your 20th birthday. Not to mention that it was the day you planned on confessing your feelings. Well, that didn’t go as planned. When you came out to the party that evening from your room, literally practicing over one hundred times on what you were going to say to him. What you didn’t expect was seeing them on the dance floor, his hands on the sides of her body och her arms around his neck. And what you didn’t expect after that was the kiss they shared. The first kiss you saw them sharing. With his eyes closed but the grin that never left his facesaid more than needed. The way his grip on her tightened and the way her body was pressed up against his made it hard for you to breathe properly.

From the night that was going to be the best of all your years, to the worst. A year you would always remember. Remember all the painfully aches that your heart went through. The way you saw nothing but black after that they broke their minutes-long kiss. When you walked into your room again and never left the room in days.

It didn’t help when he came by the next day to ask if you were okay. Of course you couldn’t ignore him and let him stay out in the rain. So you let him in, which was the worst decision that you had ever made. Namjoon and you were really close best friends, probably closer than the friendship between you and Hani.

Namjoon was a guy who had trust in you, and you in him and it was expected that he was going to talk about her, in hours, at your place, visiting you. You didn’t do anything but nod and give him small smiles that never reached up to your eyes.

“And then we decided to go out anyway because I had already bought the tickets for the three of us and I think that was our first official date, just the two of us. You don’t have an idea how much of an asshole I was that night. I was so nervous so I forgot to be a gentleman” and so he kept on going. He talked and talked, and talked. Always about her, never about anything else.

What made you look up at him in surprise was when he mentioned your name for the first time in hours.

“She said no at first because she said something like in the line of ‘Y/N likes you and I don’t want to be the one that ruins our friendship and I just laughed, because I know that was just something she came up with”. What he didn’t know was that it was true. You liked him, if not loved him. You cared for him more than yourself and he was so blinded to not see it.

“Y/N?” Namjoon called out when he realized that you were zooming out.


“What’s with you today, you haven’t said a word since I started talking” he said confused because you were always the one to talk openly. He didn’t understand and he was getting a little annoyed. Namjoon thought that your reaction would be different. Perhaps happier and more… excited?

“Aren’t you happy for me?” Namjoon asked, looking right into your eyes and you wondered if he saw the pain in them. But he didn’t see anything and it made you realize that maybe, he didn’t know you like you thought.

I am” you were afraid your voice would crack and that you would burst out in tears so you didn’t say more than that. Which made him more annoyed.

“I don’t understand you sometimes, bye Y/N” and then he was standing up, leaving your apartment in the next seconds and you never had the chance to tell him the truth.

That day started just like any other. You woke up, got ready for work. You worked at the same company as Namjoon and Hani, as their stylist. It was normal that you would see them around a courner, away from the others during working hours. They were kissing, touching and probably saying nothing but sweet things to each other.

You always looked away before the tears could fall down your cheeks. It had almost been a routine and you knew at what time they would meet up for a make out session. You knew what time they went to eat lunch together and always made up excuses to not go along.

But that day, Namjoon decided that it was enough and he grabbed your hand the moment you were going to leave the company, dragged you to one of the dressing rooms and closed the door after him.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”, Namjoon was never one to use those kinds of words infront of you because he knew how much you hated it. But at that moment you knew that he didn’t care because he was pissed.

“Why are you like this Y/N? Since the day I came home to you, you have been acting strange. You don’t answer my calls or texts or when I talk to you. You ignore me, aren’t you? I really am starting to think that you hate me, Y/N” he said, clenching his fists. He hated the idea of you hating him. No matter how much he tried to figure out why, he hated it and it made him angry at himself.

“I don’t hate you, Namjoon” you said, looking away from him.

“Then what? You can’t even look at me in the eyes, Y/N. Look at me and say that”

“No, I can’t”

Look. At. Me. Y/N.

“Namjoon, stop”, you told him when he started to pull you towards him.

“Look at me.”


It felt like the time stopped and that nothing could be heard except for the heavy breaths coming from you and him. Your heart was racing faster and faster as the seconds went by.


“No, Namjoon. It doesn’t matter. We both know why I’m being like this and it’s nothing we can do about it. Just let me be alone” you said, avoiding his burning eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“You think I can tell you that I love you when I see how much you guys love each other? You really think that I have the heart to destroy your relationship. Namjoon, I see the way you look at her and I see the way she smiles at you. I’m not blind and I won’t be selfish and take away your happiness.”

You were at the door, ready to get out of there before any tears could leave your eyes, but you never had the chance to do anything with him around and in the next seconds, you were in his arms. You could feel his heart beating, his arms around you in a long, tight hug.

You wished the time had stayed till at that moment. You hoped that he could hold you like that for a long, long time.

You didn’t even hear the door open and the gasp coming from her. The only thing that you cared about was him and that you were by his side. You wanted to stay in that moment forever and in his arm.

“You-” It was Hani’s voice. 

“Hani, wait-” he called after her.

Everything happened so fast. You were running after her. Namjoon were running after the both of you. And Hani was running, faster than she had ever needed to. She was running, never stopping. Not even when the green light popped up and the strong lights from the cars were making the both of you blinded.

You remembered the pain. 

You remebered his shout for your name.

You remembered not being fast enough to take the hit for her.




Sooooooooooooooo hello my lovely friends! 

It has been almost 3 weeks since I updated and I really don’t have any interesting excuses beside school. It has been stressful and all I want to do after school is sleep and eat and sleep.

Also, I have a bad new and a good new for you guys.

We’ll start with the bad and save the good.

So, to my readers that have read “Leaving Her Behind”, you guys know that I said that it will be a part 2 for the oneshot. I’m not saying that it won’t be one, but I think it will have to wait for a while since I find it very hard to write a part 2.

I know I said I have things planned out, but smartyyyy me didn’t write it down so I forgot. Yey.

And so the good new. This new oneshot, called “Never Meant To” will be in three parts. This is the first, which was mostly about Y/N and their backgrouds. It was a lot of feelings related and a lot of thoughts that Y/N had in her mind.

This isn’t what I normally would write because if you’ve read my other works, you know that I’m more right to the point, like I don’t write about backgrounds. But I came up with this idea and told my closest friend and they said that I should write it down before I forgot, so I did.

I have to admit, it was hard to write this part because I’m not used to this. But it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it!

I need to shut my mouth now before I start talking about how much water I drank today and all kind of stuff that are TMI, lol.

I love you guys and thank you for reading.
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Short Angst

They had been traveling together for a while, they’d never leave each other’s side and if they did it was only for a short time.
Ven wasn’t expecting to lose him so quickly in a crowd, he thought he could stick by his side but he lost him. Even thought he had held onto his hand he still managed to lose his grip.

He looked around frantically for any sign of the skeleton even as he was pushed and shoved by the many people trying to make their way through the square. He tried to call out his name but his voice stayed put in his throat. He finally collapsed in on himself his mind going crazy, he couldn’t breathe. Tears poured from his eyes his voice finally coming back long enough to let out a scream.

The sea of people parted looking at him some worried some scared a crowd of people tried to comfort him while he shook and cried curled up on his knees. He felt a pair of familiar arms pull him into a hug.

“I’ve got you Ven it’s alright I’m here,” Ashe, Ven felt himself calm his body melted in the others arms.

(I’m sorry I had to)

Married Life With Taehyung

For the Anon who requested WGM scenario with Taehyung. This isn’t what you asked for, I’m sorry, I didn’t know exactly what you meant by that so I thought I’d write this, I hope it’s okay and you enjoy this anyway. :)

Being Taehyung’s Wife would include:

• him calling you wifey like all the time in your first months as a married couple
• you two being super clingy and never leaving each other’s side
• him not being over the fact that you are actually his wife
• changing the contact names to “husband” and “wifey”
• taking adorable post-wedding pictures and hanging them around your house
• Tae proudly telling everybody that you are married
• Him already beginning to think about kids but not directly telling you
• Instead he throws little hints here there, like saying how good of a mother you would be and casually telling you what names he would like if he had a child
• Then, when you would catch up on his intention, you would shoot him a glare that would have him pout: “but Jagiii~” “not yet Tae”
• After a year or two you would give in and agree to try to have a child
• He would be all excited and smiley and couldn’t believe it
• The babymaking would would be super sweet and romantic, he would take his time and be super caring, making this one time even more special by surprising you with flowers on the bed and a heart-shaped box of chocolate
• After the sexy time you would just lay in each other’s arms with your legs tangled and you would talk about names for the baby until the day after
• I think Tae would love a really special and uncommon name
• A few days after that, you would send him to buy a pregnancy test and while you are in the bathroom he would wait outside, all nervous and eager to find out if he’s going to be a dad or not
• When you come out he basically jumps on you and as soon he would see the little plus on the test he would lift you and spin you around while grinning like an idiot
• He would be extremely happy (you too of course) and constantly say how he’s going to be a dad
• Furniture and clothes shopping for the baby would be the best part because he pays attention to every little detail and wants everything to be perfect
• When in bed, he would protectively lay his hand on your swollen belly and caressing it
• He would totally talk with your belly and assuming it was a boy because “his gut tells him so”
• I think he would love taking like progress pictures of your belly growing
• And Tae would just be such an amazing dad honestly he’s so caring and sweet
• All in all married life with Taehyung would be an amazing journey and the one who gets to marry him will seriously be luckiest woman on this earth