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A Little More Than Friends - Evan X Reader


Request: Can you do an imagine were you meet Evan on set of the newest movie XMEN APOCALYPSE. You guys become really close, always hanging out on set and outside of set, fool around and do what friends do. Since you guys always post pictures on Instagram together and the paps get pics people start to rumor you like each other or dating. Evan one day finally asks you out. Can you make this imagine kinda long. Thanks have fun making this:)


“Right this way Y/N” The director said as he led you into the set of the next movie you were starring in, “I know you haven’t met any of the cast yet but we’re all a very tight knit bunch so I’m sure you’ll fit in well here.”

As he walked you into the set you found yourself surrounded by trailers with actors coming out of every corner you could see. As he walked you to your tent you couldn’t help but get distracted by the view of everything and it was very easy for you to not watch where you were walking and that’s how you bumped into him.

“Ouch.” The man said and you had been paying so little attention that you thought you had run into the director until you looked up a saw a very handsome young man standing in front of you.

“I’m so sorry.” you quickly apologized, “I wasn’t even watching where I was going are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine,” he smirked, “My name’s Evan, sorry we had to meet like this but still, better now than never.”

“My name’s Y/N.” you said and he smirked.

“Pretty name for a pretty lady,” he said and you smirked back at him, “Well I think we are both due in the makeup tent so how about I show you where it is.”

Evan led you to the caravan where the makeup was done and you two talked the entire time your makeup was getting done which was a while considering you two were playing super heroes. Once they were done you two walked to the filming area together and had every scene for that day together. It was like it was meant to be. You hit it off with so many other actors that day but there was just something about Evan that made him stand out from the others and you just knew that you two were going to be great friends.


“So what made you want to join XMEN?” Evan asked as you two sat across the table from each other at a small café just walking distance from set.

“I wanted to try something different. The series is great and I thought it would be the perfect place to change up my acting career a bit.” You said and realized the way he smiled when you talked as you blushed.

Time was getting on and you two decided to walk back to set so you’re not late for filming which would probably go on all night. As you left the café you were blinded by the lights from cameras of the paparazzi that you hadn’t even realized were waiting for you two. Out of protectiveness Evan reached out and grabbed your hand as you two started walking in the direction of the set and that small action drove the paparazzi crazy.

“Evan are you and Y/N dating?” one press member called out as they all started to run after us asking the same question over and over again as we hurried back to set and the security guards stopped the press from pursuing us once we got there.

“That was weird. I’m not used to stuff like that.” You admitted and he nodded his head.

“You never get used to it.” He says and you realize how unhappy he is when he talks about the press so I quickly change the subject as we go to film some of our scenes. By the time we finish its 9am and we are all incredibly tired but the producer pulls us over before we all leave.

“We have a magazine reporter coming to do an interview with the entire cast tomorrow so make sure to be here on time.” He says and we all nod before exiting.


“I’m here with Y/N and Evan Peters from the upcoming XMEN Apocalypse to have a quick discussion about the new film.” The interviewer says to you two as you sit side by side with cameras in your faces answering questions until they started to get personal.

“So you two have been getting very close lately, can you confirm any of the dating rumors?” she asks as you two both grow increasingly uncomfortable.

“Is it that hard to be friends without people thinking we’re dating?” Evan says and you put your hand on his shoulder to calm him down. After a few more questions the interviewer dismisses you two and you both walk out slightly regretting agreeing to the interview.

There is no filming that night and as everything wraps up you feel Evan wrap an arm around your waist.

“Wanna go do something fun?” he asks and you nod smiling when you notice people staring at you two. You two had grown so close that even most of the cast and crew assumed you were dating as well.

You and Evan go to the parking lot as you both get into his car and he drives until you reach a small ice cream store and you both go and order. You get your ice creams and go across the road to walk through the park that’s adjacent the stores. As the two of you walk you feel like you’re being watched and turn to see a few men with cameras standing on the other side of the road and point them out to Evan as you both start walking a little faster. Before long you forget that the paparazzi are even there as you walk along goofing off and stop to take a few pictures for Instagram.

You both captured the picture ‘a great day with my favourite person.’ And within a few seconds they were exploding with comments of people asking if you were dating. You two kept reading the comments and laughing as you walked back to where Evan was staying whilst you two were filming the movie. You had all rented tiny apartments and houses instead of staying in hotels for four months and yours was only a few doors down from his so you two had been spending even more time with each other because of that fact.


The days went on and all you and Evan did was film and spend time together and the rumors were only getting more intense. From magazines to fans you two met in the street all anybody could ask you two was if you were dating even though the answer was always no.

There was only two weeks left in the filming off Apocalypse and everybody was beyond tired from working so hard but you and Evan always found time in every day for each other. Your most common activity was to watch movies in his rented house after filming. No matter how late it was you two would choose a movie and curl up on the couch together with a blanket and chat about anything and everything.

Today was the first day in two months that you two didn’t have any filming as you weren’t in the scenes so you decided to have a movie marathon and play some board games.

“Winner picks the next movie.” Evan suggests and you agree warily as you aren’t the best at board games.

Sure enough Evan successfully wins three rounds of random board games and you two watch some of his favourite movies until it gets to the next game and you successfully whoop his ass at scrabble.

“See I can win.” You joke poking your tongue out at him and he just laughs, “Now we get to watch a movie I like.”

“Come on you definitely liked the Terminator.” He defends and you nod that you did in fact like that movie. You scroll through Netflix until you find one of your favourite movies, 50 First Dates.

Halfway through the movie, Evan wraps an arm around your shoulder. Whilst this isn’t an irregular occurrence this time is make your stomach do flips. You shyly look up at him to find his eyes already on you. Slowly he starts to lean closer and when your noses are barely touching he stops.

“You know um… how we’re almost finished with the movie, well uh… what would you say about going with me to the premiere.” He says his voice becoming shakier with nerves every word.

“Like on a date?” You ask blushing and he nods timidly, almost as if he’s scared that you’re going to walk out the door. “Of course I’d love to.”

“Really?” He asks and you nod smiling as he starts to become noticeably calmer, “Then what would you say about going on a proper date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love that.” You say and he smiles wider than you’ve seen him smile in the four months that you’ve known him as he leans closer and this time before he can stop, you close the gap between you as you kiss the man who is now your beautiful boyfriend for the first time.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it I had so much fun thank you so much to the person who came up with this concept and remember that my requests are always open if you have something you want me to write :)