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Top 3 Minor Characters the Anan staff wouldn’t like to be hugged by

1 – The Oil Magnate

Cruelly leading you on, then running off right before the crucial moment, the worst kind of guy. He said that Totoko reeks of fish, but wouldn’t he reek of oil pretty badly?

2 -   The Pitcher from the Fourth Galactic University Affiliated High School

To begin with, that shape, is he even a man… let’s put those doubts aside. Anyway, from a looks point of view, most girls would find it challenging.

3 – Man in Suit

One of the bosses at the Black Factory the brothers worked at after being introduced by Iyami. He doesn’t take any questions, but he looks like he’d be quite forceful in bed, so we’d pass.

Bonus Awards

No, because he seems annoying award  - Jiguzou

In addition to not being able to tell Osomatsu and the others apart, he asks very one sided questions.  Looking at the way he confronts them without any variation, we feel like he’d pester you incessantly about something pointless, so we’re kind of on the fence.

No, because they don’t seem like they have enough stamina award – Hijirisawa Shounosuke and Hatabou’s Elderly Secretary

No matter what they say, physical strength is important.  When it comes down to that, unfortunately, we have to start by removing the old people from our list of people we’d like to be hugged by. We’re sorry, old guys. Though it does seem like Hijirisawa has enough energy to run around…

No, because he seems too gaudy award – The God of Mixers

The mysterious god who appeared before Todomatsu as he was struggling with the choice of who to take with him to a mixer. He holds chopsticks in one hand, on permanent standby to play the Ousama Game (party game in which a “king” randomly selected with chopsticks issues orders to other players.) And the biggest issue is that sash. Is he planning on using them all in one night…? He’s nothing but a perverted hermit.