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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

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I died a bit when in The Bedroom Scene, Lance took a step back when Keith said he should stop worrying about who flies what and focus on his missions. Like keith my boy I know you are trying to be A Leader here but could you miss the point by another mile? don't blame him though, it isn't exactly his forte to do it.

that scene was very in character and wasn’t meant to solve all of lance’s issues right then and there (lance has been said to have a show spanning arc, after all) because keith doesn’t even KNOW the extent of said insecurities in the first place, since lance has never explained the root of them to anyone. we, as viewers, know the extent of it but no one on the team does. i feel like people forget that tbh because i’ve seen people shitting on the team, especially keith, for teasing lance and not getting the fact that he deals with a lot of self-worth issues. but the thing is, i’ve been over this in previous posts but… they don’t know their teasing is affecting him because of that confident exterior he puts up. they don’t know about his self-worth issues because he talks himself up all the time when he’s around people. friends tease each other and that is common knowledge, they are not doing it to be malicious. you can tell for them, it’s all in good fun. we know everyone cares about lance, values him and trusts his abilities and even though lance most likely knows they aren’t teasing him to intentionally hurt his feelings, it definitely still gets to him… which is why he really really needs to actually talk about this in depth with someone.

we can’t blame the team for not picking up on it because lance masks it extremely well and we can’t blame keith for not realizing the deeper meaning behind the whole conversation lance had with him in his room. as i’ve already talked about in previous responses and as we all already know, keith is a loner and is shown to not be good at social interaction, comforting people or picking up on things. basically, he’s not that good with stuff that involves other people, in general, because of his lone wolf nature, his past and how closed off he usually is. like you said, it isn’t his forte. so, of course, keith misunderstood… of course he didn’t pick up on it… first, because lance hasn’t really let his insecurities show until now, but even in this scene… lance doesn’t explicitly explain why exactly he’s feeling this way. lance knows keith is not good at this stuff because lance, himself, is good at this stuff… because it has been made a point in the show to show us how lance is very helpful to keith when he doesn’t understand things. lance knows keith did not get the point and that is why he did walk away from this interaction feeling a bit better than he did beforehand. he knows that, even though it was poorly executed, keith was trying to reassure him. he knows he was trying to cheer him up when he said “and lance, leave the math to pidge” and that is why he genuinely smiled back at him.

this scene played out EXACTLY how it should have given how these two are individually, and how their relationship is, at this point in the show. it would have been out of character for lance to voice the full extent and reasons behind his insecurities right away, i think… since lance does seem to try very hard to keep up his confident, happy-go-lucky exterior around others. the progress he has made with starting to somewhat talk about it is realistic and in character. it would have been extremely out of character for keith to be able to pick up on the deeper reason behind lance being worried about being left out… and it would have been extremely out of character if he was able to comfort lance better and reassure him better with words alone, because at this point… keith still isn’t that good at this, especially with words, but he tried and it helped a bit. he then proceeded to give up piloting red after saying “shiro” could pilot black just so lance didn’t have to be left out and not have a lion. those two scenes are obviously meant to tie in with each other. keith took what lance came to him about to heart and that is a big and important step for keith and his character. it didn’t end up mattering because “shiro” was denied by black, but still. we were able to see that keith was trying to make sure that lance’s worries were not realized.

some people are saying that keith unintentionally made lance’s insecurities worse and lance left his room feeling worse than before… but i don’t think that’s the case… because like i said, lance KNOWS that keith isn’t good at this stuff and he KNOWS he was trying his best. this didn’t resolve his insecurities, but it didn’t make them worse either. they’re going to get worse because lance keeps bottling them up, not because of this interaction. lance left keith’s room genuinely feeling at least a little better, the smile on his face was genuine. the new light in which lance was viewing keith was genuine and special. this interaction opens the way for them to have a BETTER, more personal interaction like this in the future. it’s a stepping stone on the path to them opening up to each other more, understanding each other better with lance actually explaining his insecurities in full to keith. once keith actually understands, he will be able to help more because he knows that lance is very skilled. keith knows lance is important and brings something to the team that no one else does. not to mention, lance is now the next person after shiro… that hasn’t given up on keith. he has stuck by his side and had his back basically all of season 3 and that is undeniably very important to keith. lance has become very important to him. keith even opened up and acknowledged his mistakes with lance. he never does that. he was extremely vulnerable in that situation and he sounded absolutely wrecked… that whole scene was just… very symbolic, beautiful and intimate. lance was able to bring him back up and get him back on track. i know lance has become extremely dear to keith, someone he now relies on and looks to in times of need. so, once he actually knows about the core of lance’s insecurities… i am certain he’s going to be there for him and reassure him about his importance on the team the best he can.

Please don’t worry about me.
I’m just a little tired from being strong all the time…. Between dealing with all my own problems, pretending everything’s fine and helping other people with their problems – I sometimes feel like I have no energy left.
Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like to be taken care of… for someone to wrap me up in a blanket, hold me while I cry and tell me that they love me and that everything will be alright. But for some reason, whenever anyone asks me if I’m okay – I always say I’m fine!?
I think deep down I’m afraid…. Afraid that if I reach out for help, I might be let down… or afraid that if open up, all the pain I’ve been holding inside will come flooding out and I won’t be able to stop it.
I think that’s possibly the biggest paradox of having strength… that sometimes you spend so much of your energy being strong for yourself and others that it ultimately weakens you to the point where you feel you have nothing left to give… That’s how I’m feeling right now – but give me time and I know I’ll be okay.
I’ll push through like I always do… because I’m strong….
and I don’t know how to be any other way.

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Hiya how do you do perspective for environments/backgrounds so nicely?? I understand the basics of perspective but even then I can never seem to get the stuff right. If I try to be super meticulous about the lines matching up then the page gets messy with lines and I don't know what's what anymore. If not it just looks horrible. I also have trouble deciding how long an object should be after being turned. Do you have any tips? Your stuff is awesome and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the compliments!!

I know it’s not an easy, hard-and-fast fix, but just practicing and pumping out drawings even if they aren’t perfect is a really good way to develop your skill. Spend time trying to get each one as accurate as you can, but things like perspective come from presenting yourself with lots of different scenarios and objects, rather than perfecting it in one specific composition.

It’s different for every artist, and even then, every piece, but perspective doesn’t need to be perfect, it really just needs to be good enough

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ex.) I think I remember starting the sketch of this by making a blank wall, then adding the shelves, the couch, and then all the little details. Unless it’s brand new architecture, things are very rarely in a natural 90 degree angle! so it’s ok if it shifts a little, as long as it overall looks believable.

Instead of drawing a line from one edge of your object to a vanishing point for every object in your piece, try just establishing a horizon line and a general vanishing area. Instead of relying on the lines and guides, try just guessing.

perspective is a tool not a rule!!!

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The Little Sister (A Zach Herron Imagine) Pt. One


Why Don’t We Imagine

*As Requested by @daisy-hearts*

(so sorry that this took literally a million years to finish!)

Word Count: 3519

Have a lovely day!

Description: In which Logan Paul’s baby sister tags alone on his summer adventures with the WDW boys, falling for the youngest member in the process

Part One

      I took a deep breath, smiling as I took my first steps outside the LAX airport, the warm summer air hitting my face as I couldn’t help but break into a grin. Since I’d just turned 16, Mom finally agreed to let me spend the summer with my big brother, Logan, at his place in L.A. I’d been begging and nagging her for a couple years now, ever since Jake and him left Ohio to pursue acting, and finally that long-awaited day had come.

I scanned the crowd of people rushing from place to place, looking for that one familiar face. After a few minutes of searching, my eyes landed on the tall, muscular young man with blonde hair, and an American flag t-shirt draped across his chest. I broke into a smile, laughing as I sprinted towards him, his arms outstretched.

“Logan!” I screeched, giggling as he wrapped his arms around my waist, spinning me around in circles as I dropped my suitcase in the process.

“YO IT’S MY BABY SISTER!” He laughed, finally setting me down as I fixed my now windswept hair, giving him a playful shove.

“It’s been forever!” He grinned, stooping down to gather my things as I nodded, adjusting the straps on my Maverick backpack (he would’ve killed me if I hadn’t been wearing it).

“It’s been 2 years, but that’s basically forever.” I retorted as he smiled, walking my things over towards the Uber parked along the street right outside the entrance.

“Yeah, well, Mom always said you were the smart one.” He quipped. I laughed, shaking my head.

“What does that make you?” He smirked, opening the passengers door for me before sliding in himself.

“The talented one.” I rolled my eyes playfully, shaking my head.

“And Jake?” Logan laughed, buckling his seatbelt and giving directions to the Uber before turning towards me.

“The other one.” I laughed, shoving him slightly for his chiding comment. Logan smiled, only shrugging.

“Soooo, it’s your first official trip to L.A.! What'dya wanna do!?” He asked.

“Hey, technically I’ve been to L.A. before!” I defended. Logan shook his head, pulling a bottle of water out from his bag and handing it to me.

“The airport doesn’t count.” I pouted slightly as he rolled his eyes.

“What’s this for?” I gestured towards the water bottle now in my hands.

“This isn’t Ohio, kiddo- it gets hot as hell here sometimes. Need to stay hydrated.” He commented, pulling an even larger bottle out for himself. I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“Stop being such a dad.”

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  • Ahsoka: Obi-Wan's gonna be angry, we’re both gonna get punished, and I’m gonna die alone.
  • Anakin: Snips, why don't you just do the right thing and jump out a window? Obi-Wan will never punish me if he knows I'm mourning the death of my padawan.
  • Ahsoka: Or we could try Plan B and just fix it.
  • Anakin: You never even tried Plan A, though.
Viktor and his thoughts on Otabek
  • *Viktor sees Otayuri togther Angel Viktor and Demon Viktor appear on his shoulders*
  • Viktor: You're right!
  • Angel: But look how cute and happy Yurio looks!
  • Viktor: He never smiles like that at anyone...
  • Viktor: Yeah I mean he DID kidnap him hmm...
  • Angel: Oh please do you honestly think someone like him would hurt Yurio?
  • Demon: HE COULD!!!
  • Angel: But he doesn't! Sure when Yurio gets married and leaves us for him....
  • Angel: Please Viktor you know you want Yurio to be happy with him or else I wouldn't exist...
  • Angel: From what??? A loving relationship??? A happily ever after??? We didn't call him a Hero for nothing~
  • Demon: ...
  • Viktor: ...
  • Angel: ...
  • Demon: Can we at least act scary and threatening when he's around???
  • Viktor: Pleaseeeeee~ I like seeing him tremble at the sight of me!
  • Angel: Why not? Just make sure Yuuri is with you when you do??? I can only do so much to stop you from trying to kill him...
  • Jeongyeon: Nayeon this is bad. Jihyo's upset, JYP is gonna be angry. We're both gonna get fired and I'm gonna die alone.
  • Nayeon: Jeongyeon why don't you just do the right thing and jump out a window? JYP will never fire me if he knows I'm mourning the death of a close friend.
  • Jeongyeon: Or we could try Plan B and just fix it.
  • Nayeon: You never even tried Plan A though
Carry On and Recreation
  • Penny: How long have you been sleeping with Baz?
  • Simon: What? That's disgusting. And wrong.
  • Simon: I don't even get— why would I— I've never had sex with anyone anywhere.
  • Simon: It's none of your— You have h— the nerve, the audacity.
  • Simon: Baz is my nemesis, technically. And he is terrible, facewise.
  • Simon: And how— how do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are.
  • Simon: Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hm, check and mate.
  • Penny:
B.A.P - you are sad but don't wanna tell them why.

Request: BAP’s reaction to their girlfriend crying/being really sad, but not wanting to tell them why? Thank you~

Yongguk: "Princess… What’s wrong? You look so sad.“ He looked at you. "Nothing.” You tried to smile. “You don’t want to tell?” He asked and you nodded. “Okay… But if you want to tell me, I’m here.You know, right?” He smiled and winked at you, trying to cheer you up. “I know.” “Alright, come here.” He hugged you.

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Himchan: You were never a person that tell about your feelings. “Tell me, what happened, baby?” He insisted. “I don’t want to talk about that.” You said and pout. “Aw, baby… Do you want to cuddle?” He asked and you agreed. “Okay… Anything for my baby.” He smiled and snuggled in the bed with you.

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Daehyun: You were very down the last few days and he noticed that. But he didn’t ask, because he knows you won’t want to talk about it. And he was right. “Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” He asked, looking at you. “Not now. Can we just watch this movie and cuddle, please?” “Of course, princess.If you need me, I’m here, okay?” “Okay” You smiled at him.

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Youngjae: He came into your apartment and found you crying in the bedroom. “Baby… What happened?” He asked worriedly. “Nothing you need to worry.” You smiled in tears. “Of course I should worry. You are my girlfriend and everything that involves you, I worry about.” He said and wiped some tears from your face. “I don’t want to talk about it, babe, please.” “It’s okay. I’m here for you, okay?” He smiled and hugged you.

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Jongup: "What happened?“ He asked immediately, when he noticed that you were sad. "How do you know something happened?” You asked, looking at him with sad eyes. “I know you, jagi… Do you want to talk about it?” He asked and you just denied it. “Okay. But if you want to tell me, I’m here. But what about having ice cream, hm?” “Yeah… That would be good.” You smiled and he smiled back, going to buy ice cream for you.

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Zelo: You had called him asking to come to your house and he immediately come. “What happened?” He asked, when he found you crying. “Just hug me.” You said and he did what you asked for. He hugged you, comforting you and saying sweet words. “I love you, baby, I’m here for you whenever you need me.”

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Quotes for the Signs: Part One
  • Aries: Respect yourself enough to know you deserve the very best.
  • Taurus: If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.
  • Gemini: It's okay to have a soft side.
  • Cancer: Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it.
  • Leo: Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
  • Virgo: Slipping backwards? You may be backing up to get a running start. Don't give up.
  • Libra: Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.
  • Scorpio: Keep your heels, head and standards high.
  • Sagittarius: Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be.
  • Capricorn: When you start to wonder whether you can trust someone or not, that is when you already know you don't.
  • Aquarius: Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.
  • Pisces: When someone isn't treating you right, no matter what how much you love them. you've got to love yourself more and walk away.
  • Note:
  • Quotes aren't mine.

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Dear Endling, I've been a huge fan since I saw your comics on Snafu. I'm struggling, and have been for awhile. Art is my passion, but I don't have the right education to pursue a career in it. I've been unable to find my style, and have been stuck for a year. Do you have any advice on where I can read/study to improve my skills to eventually, find my own style?

  This is a question I’ve been asked a lot, but to be honest it never really gets that much easier to answer. Every artist being an individual, it’s tough to find catch-alls that work for everyone, you know what I  mean? And hell, truth be told, I’m still trying to figure this stuff out for myself. :]

  Let me get this first bit out of the way, the bit nobody wants to hear: “Practice, practice, practice.” It’s the biggest, stinkiest old chestnut in the book, the one you’ve probably heard a million times before, but unfortunately, it is the most rock solid, time-tested advice any artist can swear by. Even when you feel down and out, even when things don’t look like they should. You keep on drawing, because art has a funny way of growing with you, even if you’re not aware of it. 

 But try different things. Some personal suggestions:

- Draw from life. Do figure studies. Your art will only go as far as the strong foundation you’ve built on. It can be arduous, but it is worth it. There is no way around this, much as many folks find this the token ‘boring’ advice.

- Look up light and color theory online. Nowadays there is a ridiculous amount of information on this subject on the internet. You could probably cobble together a near full education on the subject just from all the different people who have guides, examples, even youtube videos on the matter. It’s really amazing. There are tons of people out there trying to help young artists get on their feet, and they aren’t charging a thin dime. Take advantage of it. :]

- Warm up before you draw! Draw scribbles, cubes, shapes with some zing to them. Drawing can be a workout! So like any workout, warm up! Don’t dive right in and injure yourself. :] It’s a good way to stave off feeling discouraged because things  didn’t turn out looking brilliant right off the bat. 

- Try emulating a variety of other artists’ work. (With their consent if you’re posting it somewhere of course.) Sometimes when drawing in someone else’s style your own little mannerisms and stylistic influences tend to pop up in the result. This is more a fun exercise though, certainly not something to fall back on as a means to improve. You don’t want to end up relying on the same artistic 'shortcuts’ your chosen artists employ in their own work without a firm understanding of the basics yourself.

- Draw quickly, loosely, even carelessly. Less thought, more winging it. Fly by the seat of them pants. Have fun letting go! At least, for a practice run at first. While 'style’ is at best a nebulous concept, I’ve always found that if you draw speedily, you tend to put emphasis in certain areas, sort of feel your hand moving a particular way? If you don’t let too much thought get in the way, you can sometimes see the raw tendencies you have underneath the art. 

- Animation! Regarding stuff to read to improve your skills, there is no shortage of books available in places like Barnes & Noble. Entire sections on art. I recommend, personally, books on animation techniques. I was originally an animation major in college, and I think any artist can benefit greatly by studying it thoroughly. 

- Draw for yourself, not for the internet. This is a more fairly recent issue I’ve been seeing with some people, but there are folks out there who get a little too attached to the reception (or lack thereof) they receive for posting their work online, or worse still, seem to only draw with the specific intent of putting things online. While it’s all well and good to share your work with other people, please please please do not forget that you are drawing for yourself. You don’t have to post everything you make. Allow yourself plenty of time to make plenty of terrible drawings. Fall flat on your face. You can share the stuff you’d like, but you don’t have to feel compelled to share everything you do.

- Art blocks and burn out will happen. Don’t sweat 'being stuck’ so much. Don’t rush getting OUT of it either. Art blocks are kind of a way of telling you you’re running on empty in one way or another. I’ve gotten asked quite often what I do to get over an art block. The answer is really simple: wait. Haha. But you find things to do that get you feeling charged up again. I like listening to music and playing games. Games are what got me into art in the first place, so it’s kind of a back-and-forth process for me. But what I’m trying to say here is, art and your life are pretty much connected in every way. If your art just doesn’t want to come out easily on the page, maybe you should find something else to do that you enjoy. Refill, recharge, re-energize, but NOT just to get over an art block. Your daily life might be more attached to your work than you realize. Which brings me to my next point..

- Don’t look so hard for 'your style’. You need to grow as much as your artwork. As I said before, style is kind of a strange subject. To most people style is simply 'how your art looks’, what sets it apart from other folks. But if you ask me, style is whatever ignites your passion to create in the first place. Style can be influenced by other art, sure, but it can also be influenced by music, games, sports, books, your background, the things you enjoy, just the person you are from the ground up. Style comes from pouring yourself into your work. And you know what? You need to grow just as much as your artwork. If you put a piece of yourself into your art, it will undoubtedly be unique, because you’re a unique person yourself. Find something you want to say and let it come out through your art.

And yes, that’s about the floweriest answer I’ve ever given on the subject of style. I guess when it comes to the subject of art I can be a sappy sap. But DAMMIT I BELIEVE IN YOU. And anyone else reading this that might have been feeling the same way! And I really appreciate the question! Hell, I’m honored, and hope in any way at all I can help, because art is a beautiful thing to have in your life, and I wish you the absolute best of luck with it. 


Don’t tell me not to feel inadequate because I already do. I don’t want to expect too much from hopes that I shouldn’t be chasing because I’ve done this. I’ve done this all before. And it’s just when I’m beginning to love myself when something like this comes along, someone like you. And I get happy and hopeful, and the stars finally seem to be pointing me in the right direction but in the end it’s all worthless. I’m not all that special. I just happened to be here.
—  🖤
I love you more

It was quiet. So quiet. They didn’t need to look out to see that was late. Not a single noise. Even their breaths you couldn’t hear.

Remus was holding Sirius, so tight, like he was afraid, like he didn’t want the other to dissapear; like he could.

Sirius had his eyes closed, like if he opened the other would not exist anymore.

They were naked, to feel every single piece of skin they could, and even that wasn’t enough. Eskimo kisses. Lazy hands.

“I love you.” Said Remus, his voice so low that if it wasn’t that quiet Sirius wouldn’t ever listen.

“I Love you more.”

“Why must you turn everything into a competition?”

“It’s not a competition.”

They stayed in silence for a few seconds. Sirius opened his eyes to see a confused Remus.

“When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more that you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead us. I love you more that any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.”

Remus tried not to cry, but he couldn’t. And then he kissed Sirius, like never before.